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After discovering his powers, Chris spies his next door neighbour's daughter sunbathing in the back garden and decides he needs to see more...
In part one of this story, our narrator, Chris, realised he had the power to control people by wishing what he wanted to do. After making his bitch boss suck his cock, he heads home…

You can find part one here:

Beyond the premise of the story and anothet recurring character which will be introduced in part three, each part of this story works relatively standalone and will explore different ideas and themes. Some of them will be more extreme than others.


As I arrived home, my head was full of ideas for what to do next. I could live wherever I wanted, get people to give me whatever I wanted, or fuck anyone I wanted. My life was now full of opportunities.

I looked out of the back window and to my surprise, saw a girl sunbathing in a bikini in the garden next door. It was Charlie, my neighbour’s daughter. She had earphones in and her eyes closed as she lay there, her blue bikini barely covering her skinny teen body. I'd never seen this much of her body before - I guess she only sunbathed when she thought everyone was at work so nobody would see.

She was lying on her back, her arms lying beside her and her long legs slightly spread to allow more of the sun to catch them. She was slightly tanned, but still quite pale - it was quite early in the year still. Her body was stunning. She usually wore baggy clothes when I'd seen her before, which as I looked at her, I realised was a waste. Her body was worth showing off. Maybe I could fix that later.

For now though, it looked like I'd found my next target.

I wish she'd want to make herself cum right there in the garden, I thought. At first, there was no reaction. Then, she moved a hand, reaching down and gently stroking herself through her bikini bottoms, her fingers rubbing herself through the thin fabric. I wish she'd want to get naked and not care about anyone seeing her. With a couple pulls on the small straps, her bikini sprung away, revealing her full body to me. Her tits were large for her age, and her pussy was completely shaved. She started rubbing her pussy again, stifling a moan and arching her back as she made small circular movements with her fingers. I could see how wet she was from my window, and felt my cock start to get hard for the second time that day. She reached up with her other hand and started rubbing her nipples, and this time she couldn't keep her moans quiet - I clearly heard her moan from my window. She started rubbing her pussy faster while playing with her tits, her moans getting louder too. I was playing with my own cock by then too, entranced by the sight of my neighbour's teenage daughter pleasuring herself in full view of myself and all the other neighbours.

Suddenly, she pushed one finger deep into her pussy, and then two. She arched her back and cried out in pleasure as she started fingering herself deep and hard, pushing her pussy forward harder into her hand.

Suddenly, I heard a shout from the direction of the house. "What the fuck, Charlie?" I saw her father, Stan, angrily walking towards her. "What the fuck are you doing?" he shouted. She looked up at him, but carried on fingering herself with full force.

Oops, I guess I made my wish about her not caring who saw too general. I didn't realise her father was in and I didn't realise my wish would mean that she wouldn't care about him seeing her masturbate! As he strode up towards her, she made eye contact with him, bit her lip, and carried on playing with her pussy in full sight of her own dad.

Then, I had an idea. I wish he'd want to help make her cum and I wish she'd want to let him, I thought. Instantly, the anger disappeared from his face. "Do you need a hand sweetie?" he asked, and I saw her nod as she looked back at him. He got down on his knees between her open legs, moved her hands away, and started to lick her pussy. She moaned, "yes daddy, just like that", clearly loving the feeling of his tongue. He pushed his fingers into her pussy as he ate her out, and started fingering her hard, holding her legs as she bucked underneath him, moaning loudly, being driven crazy by what he was doing to her.

Finally, after a few more minutes, she shouted "I'm cumming daddy! Oh god I'm cumming!" and with a high pitched scream of pleasure, she began to cum, wrapping her legs around his head and pulling him in. After what seemed like an eternity, she released him from her grip and lay back panting, her naked body wet with sweat and her juices.

I wish she'd want to return the favour, I thought. As she pulled her father's shorts down and took his small cock into her mouth, I decided it was time to leave them to it. I had a lot of plans for the day and I didn’t want to spend the entire day just watching - I wanted to get some action of my own.


Hope you enjoyed this slightly shorter part - the next part is longer and more hardcore. If you have any requests for stuff for Chris to do, let me know and I'll try to include it!
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