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Ever since I met Cynthia and we decided to share extra sexual partners, females and males, Sunday afternoon has been our traditional time for sharing our extra partners.
“This month I want us to share two boys or men, and two women or girls on alternate Sundays,” my lady Cynthia told me late in the preceding month. “Or perhaps a man and boy and a woman and a girl. If you organise the males I will organise the females.”

Cynthia and I are gender fluid, just past forty, both of us with strong sexual appetites. Sunday afternoons are our favourite time for entertaining and enjoying new sexual partners. We both insist on outer sex, oral sex only, no fucking, though that does leave many exciting opportunities, very exciting with the right vibe.

In the past I have sourced boys from my local gym for our joint sexual pleasure. We commenced with one boy for Cynthia. She expected the boy to tongue fuck her while I watched and masturbated. If the boy satisfied her to her expectations she would give him fellatio, a blow job while I watched and masturbated. After a while we both learnt it was incredibly exciting tongue kissing each other while a boy was tongue fucking her.

Then it became obvious some of the boys were attracted to my thick, nine-inch erection. An extra buzz for both of us while Cynthia watched the boy giving me fellatio, incredibly exciting tongue kissing each other while a boy was giving me a blow job.

In due course two boys from the gym I had carefully groomed became the norm. Sometimes we would stand against a wall, close enough to tongue kiss each other while we were each being sexually pleasured by a boy, while watching in the wall mirror opposite.

We are both sexual exhibitionists and discovered many ways to turn the boys on, and ourselves when they arrived. A favourite was each of us naked under a short, black silk dressing gown, no belts, our sex on display for them. Another was for me to greet the boys at the door, then take them into our sex room where Cynthia would be laying face down on a day bed, with her magnificent, big naked ass on show. Then oiling her back and ass while she talked to the boys, teasing them, while they ogled her twenty-year older body.

On the first Sunday afternoon of that month just as Cynthia had requested, I had organised a man and a boy from the gym for our joint sexual pleasure,. “Do these two males appeal to you?,” I asked as I showed her some pics of them on my phone. One around thirty, with a toned six pack, gym body, and a large erection. The other a boy around twenty, with a toned six pack, gym body, and an impressive erection, standing alongside him.

Just before they arrived Cynthia teased me while we tongue kissed when she asked, “Will you be comfortable watching a new man tongue fucking me? Will it be exciting for you? I want you to wear your black jock strap, you know the one I like, for the two men.” It was all I had intended wearing for them, my exhibitionist streak in full play.

“You know it will be exciting for me, your sexual pleasure is my sexual pleasure, always, today a new sexual partner for each of us,” I told her as she ran a hand over my skin tight black jock strap and already engorged cock poking against it.

When the two men arrived Cynthia was dressed as if she was going to a cocktail party, beautifully made up, ultra feminine in heels, and her favourite above the knee, black, backless cocktail dress.

She was the centre of attention, legs spread, resting against a heavy table when she told the two men, “You are here for our sexual pleasure. Get naked for us, show us both your naked bodies. Wow, I am impressed, so is my man, even better than your pics.”

Just as I had anticipated, and expected, the boy had little interest in Cynthia while the man, Toby, made it obvious to Cynthia he wanted to have her, tongue fuck her, as their eyes locked and he licked his lips.

“Your man has told me lots about you. You are more than ten-years older than me. Is it true you love being licked and teased? If so, I would love to lick and tease you before I tongue fuck you,” Toby told her.

“It is true, show me how good you are,” Cynthia replied, playing the moment to perfection.

“Wow, magnificent thighs,” Toby moaned as he slowly lifted her short dress. “And I love the exciting black triangle above your legs.” I had an absolute boner as Cynthia and I tongue kissed passionately with the tips of our tongues as Toby commenced licking my lady’s cunt lips.

Then just as I had anticipated, and expected, the boy slid my jock strap below my balls and teased my erection with his fingertips as he licked my nipples while Cynthia and I were still tongue kissing.

Later Cynthia told me: “That was an exquisite way to spend a Sunday afternoon, so good, a new, ten-years younger man, tongue fucking me while you watched and I watched a boy, around twenty-years younger, with a large erection bringing you off. You really made him work hard for you, telling him what you wanted with two hands on his head. Tell me, how did you organise those two men for us?”

On the second Sunday afternoon, just as she had promised, Cynthia organised a woman and a girl for us. Before they arrived I had no idea exactly what she had organised. A little later than we were expecting them, a woman and a girl arrived, both immediately sexually attractive to us.

The golden blond woman, Yvonne, mid-thirties, with a very feminine demeanour dressed to impress in heels, cut off denim shorts, and a white blouse, at Cynthia’s request she told me later, pandering to my fetish for women and girls with wonderful thighs in cut off shorts. The blond girl, Suzie, around twenty, with a curvy body, also in heels, cut off denim shorts, and a white blouse standing alongside her.

“Nice of you ladies to join us,” Cynthia told them already in full control as it became obvious she wanted to have Suzie, the young, blond girl and the girl wanted to have her as they tongue kissed.

I have an incredibly strong fetish for girls and women with wonderful thighs in heels and cut off shorts. My fetish at that moment became overpowering sexual desire as I looked closely at Yvonne’s broad hips, and her ass cheeks spilling out of her skin tight shorts.

“Forty-one inches,” she told me as we tongue kissed, with my hand on her ass. “Tell me what what you want from me? Let me guess? You want to worship my big ass, lick and kiss it? Before you tongue fuck me? Yes? And so you shall. In return I want to give you a blow job. Cynthia told me you have a large, thick cock, I want to have it. Do you want her to watch?”

Over the time I have known Cynthia she has often confided, “I would love to seduce a young girl, around twenty-years younger, kiss her, lick her, suck her, make her moan with sexual pleasure, bring her to orgasm with my tongue. And I would love you to watch.

“Are you watching baby? My fantasy, I am seducing Suzie, a gorgeous, young girl, twenty-years younger than me, kissing her, licking her, sucking her, with my hands holding her ass. Watch me bring her to orgasm with my tongue.”

“I want to worship your big ass Yvonne, lick and kiss it, before I tongue fuck you.”

“And so you shall,” Yvonne whispered as I watched her drop her shorts to her ankles, flaunting her naked. big ass for me. In return I am to give you a blow job, Cynthia told me you have a large, thick cock, she was correct,” Yvonne smiled as she watched me worship her ass, my hands grasping her hips while Cynthia and Susie watched.

“Are you watching baby? My fantasy in reverse, I am being seduced by Suzie, a gorgeous, young girl, twenty-years younger than me, she is kissing me, licking me, sucking me, with her hands holding my ass. Watch her bring me to orgasm with her tongue. So good, so good.”

“You wanted to worship my big ass, lick and kiss it, before you tongue fucked me, And so you did, wonderful foreplay. In return I promised to give you a blow job. You told me he has a large, thick cock Cynthia. I want to have it. May I while you and Suzie watch?”

A wonderful way to finish the day, a blow job from a woman almost ten—years younger than me while Suzie, her curvy naked, twenty-year old accomplice watched along with my lady.

“Tell me, how did you organise those two women for us?”

On the third Sunday afternoon it was my turn to organise. Determined to provide my lady, and myself, new levels of sexual pleasure. I spent more time than usual in the gym and gym showers, subtly grooming men and boys while explaining what we had to offer them and expected from them, though some of then already knew what we had to offer.

“I might be able to assist you in your quest,” Barclay, a real silver fox of a man a little older than me, told me when I showed him some pics of Cynthia and me being pleasured by two young males. “See if these young men appeal to you?,” he asked as he showed me some pics on the iPad he took out of his locker.

“They are a pair of studs, epicene, bi-sex studs, with characteristics of both sexes, they owe me a favour. I can organise them for you if you wish. My price or stipulation? I want to watch,” he told me while he transferred the pics to my phone. “You have probably heard lots of rumours and innuendo about me, most of it is probably true, you know why.

“Would you like a pic of me to show your lady?,” he asked before he took a series of pics of us naked together, his hand on my ass. with his phone on a selfie stick.

“Next Sunday is organised for us Cynthia,” I told her later that day, pleased with my arrangements. “According to Barclay, these young men are a pair of studs, bi-sex studs,” I told her as I scrolled through the pics.

“The young men have my attention and approval. Who is he? He looks like a real silver fox,” Cynthia asked as the pics of Barclay and I came up.

“Barclay told me he could organise the two bi-sex studs for us. His price or stipulation? He wants to watch, are you fine those arrangements? You will have the chance to be the centre of attention for four men.”

“Bring it on, now show me the pics of the bi-sex studs again. Now Barclay the silver fox again? He exudes charisma and sex appeal, why did a man older than you have his hand on your ass? He is a very interesting man, wonderful body and an impressive cock. I like the way he shaves around it, almost bald, just as the boys are.”

Barclay arrived on Sunday as arranged with the two young men in toe, we never did learn their names, another huge sexual frisson, sex with anonymous people. “Would you like me to undress the boys for you Cynthia? Yes?,” Barclay teased as Cynthia made it obvious she had more interest in Barclay than the boys, as she gave him a finger to suck while she removed his shirt.

The two boys and Barclay had amazing chemistry, his control over them obvious, as he stood behind them while Cynthia and I watched as he quickly had them naked; his hands all over them.

“Would you like me to undress your man for the boys Cynthia?,” Barclay teased as Cynthia and I ogled the naked bi-sex studs, both with all over tans, and gym toned six-pack bodies.

I couldn’t recall a man older than me undressing me, a real sexual frisson with the two naked boys and Cynthia watching, all of us anticipating sexual pleasure with new partners. Even better, flaunting my erection for a silver fox of a man.

“Would you like me to undress you for the two boys while your man watches Cynthia?,” Barclay teased as he had Cynthia hanging on to his every word. Yes?”

“Yes, you know I would,” she whispered as Barclay stood behind her and slowly lifted her short dress over her ass cheeks, his hands all over her ass, before she helped him remove it, leaving her naked apart from her heels and black g-string.

“I have an extra request Cynthia? I told your man my price or stipulation for arranging the two bi-sex studs, was I wanted to watch you and your man with my boys. Now that I have sited your magnificent, big ass, I want to worship it. May I? Please?”

“Your magnificent, big ass is to die for Cynthia,” he whispered as he undid the clip at the side of her g-string, before it dropped to her ankles. Cynthia and I were tongue kissing, the tips of our tongues our only contact points, as he licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

The two boys confirmed they were bi-sexual while they enjoyed watching Barclay licking and kissing my lady’s ass, worshiping it, with full on erections, just as I did.

“I want to tongue fuck you while you sit on my face Cynthia, with your big ass in my hands,” Barclay told her as he settled on his back on the carpeted floor. “While one of my boys sucks my erection, while the other boy sucks your man’s erection,” he told us, totally in control as Cynthia sat on his face, looking down on his huge, thick erection before the boy did exactly as Barclay wanted.

New levels of sexual pleasure as the second boy went to work on my erection, while watching Barclay sliding my lady’s cunt lips along his tongue, lapping her, her big ass in his hands, while she alternated watching one of the boys sucking his cock and the other boy sucking mine, both of the boys with similar, expert techniques.

“Tell me, how did you organise those three men for us? I was expecting Barclay to watch only, a voyeur for us. You set him up for me, didn’t you?,” Cynthia asked. “So pleased you did, a silver fox for me, he was very good.”

On the fourth Sunday afternoon it was Cynthia’s turn to organise. “I told you this month I wanted us to share two boys or men and two women or girls on alternate Sundays, this will be the fourth Sunday,” she reminded me.

“I told you I will organise the females. My predilection this Sunday is for two young girls. I don’t think you have ever had a young girl, twenty-years old? You couldn’t keep your eyes off the naked young girl I had two weeks ago. Would you like to have a young girl, tongue fuck her, while she looks down on your erection? One girl for me, one for you?

“Have a look at these pics? Nice? These two girls are friends Suzie, the girl I had two weeks ago. Imagine them standing naked, legs spread, holding hands, leaning against the wall as you tongue fuck one of them while I tongue fuck the other, our hands on their gorgeous asses. Have a look at these pics? Nice? Tell me yes? Yes? You can fantasise about them until Sunday. And talk to me about them while you fuck me, twice before then.”

The two blond girls, Elsa and Nova, were a little tense when they arrived as we helped them alight from the Uber Cynthia had organised for them, both wearing heels short, tight black dresses with thin, shoulder straps and long zippers down the back. They were sitting with their legs crossed as we helped them loosen up and become more comfortable when we asked them about themselves.

They were both trainee models we learnt, though we never did learn what it was they modelled. Their names Elsa and Nova were names they had chosen for their modelling careers, they told us. Cynthia really broke the ice when she compared notes about the boutiques she shops at and the brands she wears.

We had the girls complete attention, both of them with broad smiles, when Cynthia told them we were gender fluid, and wanted to give them cunnilingus, a tongue fuck while they stood, naked, legs spread, holding hands, leaning against the wall as she tongue fucked one of them while I tongue fucked the other, with our hands on their gorgeous asses.

Cynthia was in total control as she tongue kissed each of the girls in turn and helped them remove their dresses, both of them now naked apart from their tiny, black thong, no bras to hide their wonderful, perky tits.

“Do you want my man and I naked while we tongue fuck you girls?,” Cynthia asked, full of nervous energy

“Of course, Suzie told us you were exhibitionists and she spoke highly of your naked bodies,” they replied in unison, before they watched Cynthia and me undress each other, both of them drinking in our naked bodies. “Suzie was correct, impressive naked bodies, both of you. And you have a very impressive erection.”

The two girls were holding hands. their backs against the wall, legs spread, looking at their naked bodies in the mirror opposite as Cynthia and I tongue kissed the girl of our choice, Elsa for her, Nova for me and they returned our kisses. We were emulating each other as we licked and sucked their nipples, then licked our way down past their belly button, over their wonderful flat stomachs, to their almost bald cunt lips.

Cynthia and I were both determined to show the two girls, less than half our age what we could do for their oral sexual pleasure. “We want to give you a tongue fuck to remember,” Cynthia whispered, her hands grasping Elsa’s ass, as she arched her body toward her to soak up the pleasure of her tongue flicking her clit.

We were both so pleased with ourselves when the girls started moaning to us. “Oh wow, I like that, that is so good.”

“Is there anything special we can do for you and your man Cynthia? A golden shower perhaps?,” Nova asked as Elsa held her hand, both of them smiling wickedly.

“Yes? Then stand with your backs to the shower wall, both of you and enjoy.”

We did enjoy, even more enjoyable when they alternated.

“Did you realise there are five Sundays this month,” Cynthia asked me the next day. “We did make an agreement this month we wanted to share two boys or men, and two women or girls on alternate Sundays. What would you like for your sexual pleasure next Sunday? I know what I want. Can you guess what I want?”

“You want to have Barclay the silver fox again?”

“Yes I do, there is something sexually perverse about that man that appeals to me. I want him to tongue fuck me again before I give him a blow job. Can you organise him for me, or us? What or who would you like next Sunday?”

I decided to leverage my hold over Barclay, the silver fox. “Cynthia wants to invite you around again next Sunday afternoon,” I told him as his eyes lit up. “She wants you to tongue fuck her again before she gives you a blow job. That’s all fine by me, though I expect a contra deal. What can you organise for me, for my sexual pleasure while you have my lady?”

“How perverse do you want,” Barclay asked as he went to his locker and scrolled through a range of pics of naked women, girls, and young and older men. “I think you might like her, Mandy is a married woman. As you can see she has a wonderful slim body, mid-thirties.

“Who is she married to?.” I asked naively.

“She is married to me. I told her all about you and Cynthia and she has been hoping she would get a chance to meet you both.”

On the fifth Sunday Barclay arrived right on time holding hands with Mandy, his wife. The vibe between Cynthia and Barclay was electric, when without a word spoken Cynthia turned her back and Barclay watched his wife slide down the zipper at the back of Mandy’s short dress before he helped her step out of it.

Even from behind, her almost naked body looked wonderful in heels, a skimpy sexy, matching black bra and thong. “My husband told me all about you Cynthia. We have an agreement that I can share his partners, if I so desire. And I desire you Cynthia, very much so,” she whispered as Barclay and I watched them kissing like teenagers.

“So good Mandy, so good. A tongue fuck is in the upper echelon of sex acts for me, being eaten out by a man or a woman. Such an intimate act, one of the most intimate things I can have. Your husband knows I love receiving cunnilingus, simply because it feels awesome,” Cynthia whispered to Mandy while her husband Barclay, the silver fox was kissing and licking her ass cheeks. “Awesome, so good, so fucking good,” she groaned as she orgasmed.

“Your magnificent, big ass is to die for Cynthia. I know you love receiving cunnilingus, simply because it feels awesome. You told us a tongue fuck is in the upper echelon of sex acts for you, being eaten out by a man or a woman. Today you can have both a woman and a man, Barclay told her as he replaced his wife. “Tell me how awesome do you want Sarah?

“My wife Mandy has a thing about watching me tongue fucking a woman older than her while that lady’s man is tongue fucking her. Even better when she is giving fellatio, a blow job to that lady’s man while I receive a blow job from that lady.”

“I know how you organised Barclay, tell me, how did you organise his wife for both of us?”
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