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On hist 18th birthday, a man must fulfill the sacred task assigned to him: impregnate his own mother. All characters are 18+.
It is my 18th birthday. I enter the incense-filled room slowly, deliberately. I am naked, save only for the oils with which my sister-aunt anointed me as I was preparing for this moment. I’m already at full erection; my sister-aunt made sure of that as well. She is to be my wife, the Augurs say, provided I can fulfill the holy rite with which I am tasked this night.

My oil-slick cock is as thick as my wrist and nine inches long. Equally large testicles hang taut from my groin. They are bursting with seed I am desperate to expel. It was not always this way. But since the Haruspex ***********ed me for this most sacred of duties I have undergone months of preparation. With herbs and surgeries they remade my body to be a vessel for our Lord, Priapus Incestus, and now even my father-brother must admit that I am become their greatest work.

As my eyes adjust to the dimness of the smokey room I can make out a shape upon the altar. A woman, naked, writhing in arousal. Like me she has been anointed with the sacred oils. Like me she has taken the holy herbs. These ensure not just her fever pitch of arousal, but also her fertility.

“Who comes to this sanctum?” She begins the ritual call-and-response.

“A son.” I say.

“And why have you come?” she asks.

“To till the field from which I grew.” I say.

“On whose orders?” She asks.

“Our god, Priapus Incestus, who commands the tree be made straight and the line be untainted by outsiders.” I reply.

“Then may your return bear fruit!” She exclaims. She is rubbing her already slick thighs together and roughly teasing her nipples as she speaks in a husky voice. I approach the altar and the woman lying upon fully resolves in my thrumming, intoxicated vision.

It is my mother.

I have not been allowed to see her naked since I began training for this night. Her beauty once again stuns me. She is in her forties, and has borne numerous children in that time. She was first bred by her own father when she was just 18. Since then he, and my father-brother, and uncle-brothers have kept her constantly pregnant. The oldest male of my generation, it is now my duty to attempt the same.

Despite her age and relentless breeding, she is in incredible shape. She has been kept on a rigorous diet and exercise regimen her entire life, and it’s benefits show. Her skin is porcelain and without blemishes. Her breasts are heavy, yet only just beginning to be touched by gravity, with large pink nipples still pointing proudly ahead. Her waist is small, but hips broad, suggesting the fecundity of this marvelous woman. All of her body hair is gone, leaving her perfectly smooth and begging to be licked all over.

This same diet boosts her chances of conception, and like me she has spent the months since my initiation taking pills, hormones, and herbals to increase her fertility. Still, she has grown old enough that success in this endevour is not guaranteed. We will try our best.

I stand before her writhing nude figure, my erection throbbing in physical pain as it demands to return to the womb in which I grew. My mother moans incoherently, stimulating her erogenous zones. A sheen of sweat already covers her and I surmise that she has already made herself cum perhaps a dozen times while waiting her for me. But because of the cocktail of drugs she has taken in preparation for our copulation, she will not achieve complete satisfaction until my incestuous seed fills her vagina.

“Please, my son, my darling!” She says, “I need you so bad! I need to feel you inside me! I need your cum, I need to feel myself gravid with your inbred baby!”

I nod. As I stand between her legs, I place by swollen member on her mons. Laid flat against her, my tip extends up to her bellybutton. She groans again and reaching out begins rubbing my length up and down with her hands.

“Fuck you’re going to fill me up so good!” She says, “We bred you to be so fucking big, I can’t wait.”

I pull back and rest my engorged tip against her vulva. As I brush her clitoris she shudders and spasms. Fluid covers her sex, and I can see her hole clenching in hungry need to take me. Grabbing her hips, I push myself in.

It is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She takes me easily, her vagina wrapping me in a loving warm embrace. I can feel every ridge of her velvety textured insides grasping me. It feels perfect. Both of us yell in mutual pleasure.

She grabs the back of my head and pulls it down so our foreheads touch. Looking me dead in the eyes she says, “Congratulations, baby. How does it feel to lose your virginity to your fertile, ovulating mother?”

I can only groan. Suddenly, my cockhead is stopped by the firm nub of her cervix at the back of her pussy. Her walls clasp my dick tightly as it makes contact, and I cannot hold back. From the depths of my testes my orgasm bubbles up and I shoot an unbelievably thick blast of cum directly onto the doorway to her womb. As my dick throbs in release I feel her pussy begin to contract, milking it for it’s entire spend.

My mother screams in pleasure as I fill her up. Tears come to her eyes as she presses herself onto me, back arched, nipples in hand. It takes me more than a minute to finish unloading. Her orgasm lasts somewhat longer. When she’s done, she falls back exhausted. I, too, am breathing heavily, but despite the copious ejaculation I am still as hard as I’ve ever been in my entire life.

Her pussy gives my cock a squeeze. She knows I’m still fully erect. Looking at me through half-closed eyes beneath disheveled hair she speaks.

“Keep fucking me.” She says, “The more loads you give me, the more likely I am to get pregnant.”

I do not need to be told twice. Grabbing hold of her hips, I begin slamming into her. With a belly full of cum her orgasmic needs have now been met, but mine have only just begun. There is a fire in my loins. I need to fuck this woman, my own mother, as much as I possibly can to make sure my seed takes.

At first she tries to help me, moving her hips in time to my rhythm, wrapping her legs around me, stroking my face and chest with a mother’s love, whispering carnal encouragement. But as I keep relentlessly drilling her wet hole, the orgasms overtake her. I fill her a second time. She goes completely limp. My erection has not flagged so I do not stop.

I continue using her body. It suddenly strikes me how cute her face is when she is forced to cum past the point of coherence. It looks so much like my own. Generations of inbreeding have left us with such similar features. I think about what will happen if I succeed in impregnating my mother, about what those features will look like on my own daughter-sister. I think about how beautiful she will be, and what it will feel like when she turns 18 and I get to breed her virgin pussy for the first time, as is a father’s right.

My pounding at the doorway to my mother’s womb is incessant. Her cervix kisses my tip every time I thrust in to the hilt. Suddenly, my mother’s eyes shoot open and shit sits up, wrapping her arms around me. Thrusting her face into my neck, she lets out her most intense scream of the night. An orgasm unlike any of the others she’s had today rips through her body. Her pussy clamps down on me, rippling muscles pulling me deeper inside. I’m pressed hard against her cervix. It is now soft to the touch. Unexpectedly, it opens. I feel the head of my dick slide past it and into her very depths. Like a sphincter, I feel it clamp down just past the fullness of my dick’s corona. My mother is crying. Her the grip from her pussy is almost painful. I see stars.

I cum directly into her uterus.

I join my mother in screaming. It feels like my heavy balls are retracting up into my body as they discharge the last of their contents. I can feel each powerful blast of cum travel the length of my urethra as inseminate my mother at her source. I feel total satisfaction.

We remain there wrapped in eachother’s arms for I don’t know how long. After my last dribbling ejaculations my dick finally begins to deflate. My mother holds me close weeping into my chest, keeping us joined for as long as possible. First I fall out of her womb. Eventually I slip out of her entirely. I stroke her hair and attempt to soothe her. Finally she speaks.

“No one’s ever gotten that deep into mommy before, baby. I just know you made me pregnant. I can’t believe how good it felt.”

We spoon. Eventually, she curls up into a ball and falls asleep. I admire her for several minutes. Sexually spent with my, her own son’s, seed leaking out of her she looks unbelievably sexy. I start to get hard again. I contemplate sticking it in once more, but decide to let her rest. As quietly as I can I leave the sanctum.

My sister-aunt is waiting for me outside. She is nervous. She knows that if this doesn’t work, the Augurs may reevaluate whether or not we should be wed. I fuck her urgently behind the sanctum before she returns to the house where she raises her son-brothers. If we are to be separated, we will know each other completely beforehand.

She need not have worried. Within weeks it is confirmed that my mother is pregnant. The three of us are assigned a house together, and shortly thereafter my sister-aunt is pregnant as well.

We eagerly await the coming of a new generation to preserve the holy rites of Priapus Incestus.
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