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Chris goes to the mall to use his powers to get his very own sex slave
A short while later, I made it to the mall, where the first of my plans would take place.

I wish any wealthy women in the mall would introduce themselves to me and tell me how much they earn, I thought. Two women walked up to me smiling. The first woman had a nice enough but plain face, with shoulder length brown hair. She was about my height, was a bit chubby but not quite fat, with her large tits hidden by an oversized sweater. "Hi there, this is a bit weird, but I felt the urge to talk to you and tell you about myself. My name is Mary, I work in finance, and I earn $200,000 a year." That was quite lot for someone in my city! "Thank you Mary, it's nice to meet you" I said, and turned to the other woman. She was shorter than Mary, with long blonde hair and a beautiful smile. She was wearing a casual dress that showed off her slim body, but without revealing too much. She spoke with a faint accent: "My name is Anastasia, and I don't work as such, but my husband works in property and he provides me with a generous allowance." Perfect. I wish Anastasia would do anything I tell her to do, and enjoy doing it. "Nice to meet you Ana, let's go shopping". She smiled and linked arms with me, walking with me towards our first destination - a small sex shop in a corner of the mall.

As we walked in to the shop, I saw her eyes move across the shelves of lingerie and other sexy outfits. "Would you like some new outfits today?" I asked. She smiled and nodded yes.

I wish the staff would close the shop for us, I thought. The two staff members, a guy who looked in his late 20s and a girl with red hair who looked to be in her early 20s, got up, locked the door, and closed the shutters.

"Find a few outfits you like and model them for me", I told Ana. She browsed the shelves for a few minutes, chose a few outfits, and headed into the changing room. I heard the rustling of her clothes as she stripped out of her dress and into the first outfit she'd picked up.

She stepped out of the changing room and my mouth fell open. She'd chosen a sheer dress with a black thong underneath, the dress being low enough to show her ample cleavage and short enough to show off her long smooth legs. She looked stunning - classy, but sexy and hinting at what lay beneath. I saw the staff were looking over at her and thinking the same thing.

The next time she came out of the changing room, she was wearing a matching set of lingerie - purple and lacy, showing off her body in the perfect way, making her tits look incredible. I couldn't wait to see what her next outfit was.

The final outfit was the polar opposite of the first. It wasn't classy at all, just slutty and sexy. She wore a skirt which was so short that you could clearly see her hairless pussy, with a harness that left her tits fully visible. It was my first time seeing her naked body and I struggled to restrain myself from walking straight up to her and running my hands all over her. All in good time. She woke a collar that matched the harness, and to top it off, a ball gag in her mouth. She spun around and bent over, revealing that she was also wearing a sparkly butt plug. It was an amazing outfit, she looked like a goddess of sex.

"Good. Keep that one on and let's try some toys", I said.

I called over the girl at the counter. "We'd like to buy some toys today, could you help us choose something?" The girl giggled and smiled. "Of course! My name is Chloe and I'd be happy to help you today. What kind of thing are you looking for?"

After I explained my requirements, she walked us to some shelving on the other side of the store. "First in terms of rope, I'd recommend this one. It's comfy yet secure, I actually have some at home that I use myself sometimes with my partners." I was surprised at how open Chloe was to talk about her sex life with strangers. "I've never tied someone up before, would you be able tie up my wife to show me how it's done?" I said. Chloe gave a nervous giggle and looked to Ana for permission. She nodded, and Chloe moved behind her, pulling Ana's arms behind her back and binding them together, explaining everything she was doing so that I'd be able to do it myself in the future. When she was fully tied up, she looked incredible - her arms being tied behind her made her tits pop out, and she looked submissive and docile. As Chloe walked away to get something else, I reached over to Ana and pinched her nipples, enjoying the feeling that she was powerless to stop me.

Chloe returned from another part of the store with a small box, which she opened. "This is my favourite brand of vibrator. They're very reliable, the battery life is great, and you can pair it with an app on your phone to be controlled remotely." She pushed a button on the side and it I heard it start to vibrate, pulsing on and off. "Could Ana try it out?" I asked. "Umm we don't usually allow people to try out toys before buying due to hygeine concerns, sorry." I pulled a wad of cash out of Ana's purse and showed it to her. "Okay sir, I guess we can make an exception this one time. As she's still tied up, you'll need to do it for her."

As she tried to hand me the vibrator I objected: "No, I think we'd like it if you did it for her, not me." Chloe giggled nervously again and said "I'm not sure..." She turned towards the counter her colleague was behind - he clearly wasn't paying attention. Hesitantly, Chloe held the vibrator against Ana's exposed pussy. Ana immediately started moaning through her gag and Chloe smiled. "She loves it!" She carried on using it on Ana for a couple more second, bit her lip, and then flushed and pulled the vibrator away. "So will you be taking that sir?" She said."Yes, I will. Onto the next item now please".

The next item she came back with was a paddle. "This is my favourite type of paddle. It's layered so that it stings a bit but doesn't hurt too much, and makes a loud satisfying sound." She tapped it against her leg to demonstrate. I wish Ana would get on her hands and knees with her ass towards Chloe, I thought. She did, and Chloe blushed. "Umm, I really can't paddle your wife in the shop sir, sorry. That's a step too far. She's beautiful and if I wasn't at work I'd be tempted, but well..." She ended her sentence with a glance towards her colleague.

I wish he'd take a break, I though. Immediately, he stood up. "I'm going to take a break Chloe, I'll be back in a bit. Hope you've got everything under control with these clients!" And with that, he left the room. Chloe looked a bit confused, but then excited as she came to the realisation of what that meant. Ana pushed her bare ass towards her, and Chloe gave her cute nervous giggle again. "Okay, I'll do it" she said, "but you'd better leave a good tip!"

She kneeled next to Ana, and brought the paddle down sharply. It made a loud smacking sound, and left a small red mark on Ana's ass. She brought the paddle down again. SMACK. Ana cried out in pain but pushed her ass back for more. SMACK. "Perhaps we could try another one as well?" I suggested. "Certainly sir, I'll be right back" came the reply. Shortly she came back with another thinner but heavier looking paddle. "She seems to enjoy the pain, so let's try ramping it up a notch". She brought the paddle down: SMACK. Ana cried out again and her eyes filled with tears. SMACK. SMACK - two more times, three. I could see Chloe getting flustered as she was paddling Ana, and she reached a hand under, feeling Ana's pussy. "Well, she's certainly enjoying that one" she said, and put her finger in her mouth, licking off Ana's juices. "Perfect, we'll purchase that one then" I said.

At this point, my cock was so hard that I was sure it was going to burst through my shorts. I started undoing my belt and Chloe looked up in surprise. "Umm sir that's way over the line of what's allowed here, please keep your shorts on in here." I wish she'd lose all her inhibitions about sex in the workplace, I thought, and pulled down my shorts. My cock sprung free and Chloe's eyes lit up in surprise. I definitely didn't have the biggest cock in the world, but it was plenty above average. Chloe bit her lip as she watched me line up my cock with Ana's pussy and push myself inside her. Her pussy felt incredible, and just what I needed right now. I started fucking her hard, pulling her hair and slapping her ass. She moaned loudly into her ball gag, clearly loving the feeling of being fucked while someone watched.

"You can play with yourself if you want" I said to Chloe, aware of how much this must be turning her on. "Umm no sir, that would be very inappropriate" she said. No matter. I wish she'd want to play with herself when watching people fuck at work, I thought. Without any more hesitation, she pushed her hand down her pants and began to finger herself while she watched me pound Ana's pussy. Ana's tits were swinging back and forth as I fucked her, the loud slapping sound of my cock slamming into her echoing around the store. Both Ana and Chloe were moaning now, and I noticed that Chloe had pulled down her pants, exposing her pussy to us as she masturbated. I watched the circular motion of her fingers and it only made my cock more erect and made me fuck Ana even harder.

Finally, it felt like it was time for me to cum. I slammed my cock deep into Ana's pussy one last time, and pulled her hair hard to keep myself inside her. I felt my cum start to pump spurts of cum deep inside her, and at the same time Chloe started to cum too, writhing in pleasure as she watched me cum inside Ana.

Once I finished cumming, I decided I had one last wish for Chloe. I wish she'd clean up my cum with her mouth. Chloe immediately crawled over to me and put my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking my cum and Ana's pussy juices of it. Then when it was clean she did something I hadn't intended - she pushed her tongue into Ana's pussy and started licking my cum out of it. It definitely wasn't what I meant in my wish, but both of them seemed to be enjoying it. After what didn't seem like much time, Ana started to cum, the pleasure of Chloe's tongue being enough to push her over the edge.

We all lay there for a while catching our breath, until I started to put my clothes on. I untied Ana and helped her back into the dress she'd been wearing when I met her in the morning, while Chloe rang up the items for us to pay. After I paid with a very generous tip (using Ana's husband's money, of course), Chloe came back round to our side of the counter, kissed first Ana and then me on the lips, and then we said goodbye and left the store.

We bought a few other supplies in the mall, then we headed to Ana's car and I told her to drive us to my house. While we were driving, I decided to start thinking about what my next adventure would be...
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