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This was a lot of fun to write. What guy hasn't dreamed of impregnating boatloads of willing and anonymous women.

Of course life doesn't really work like that and I (author) have great respect for women as people as well as sexual beings.

Please check chapter 2 for a prominent female character, and a bit more sex.

PLEASE! If you vote negative leave a reason in the comments! It helps me improve future works.

Thanks for reading!
Title: My Alien Wormhole chapter 1

1. An unexpected visit

I woke suddenly, and was startled to see two slender grey figures standing in my bedroom next to me.

I could not move or speak. I just stared and panicked.

My name is Dan, I am 18, and I was a normal high school guy. The ‘normal’ part had just ended!

“Fuck, I hate sleep paralysis” I thought. Then I heard it speak. Well, it spoke in my head…his lips didn’t move.

“You have been ***********ed to help save your species. There will be a great illness in the future, and you are the only male with proper ‘IL4’ gene sequence, which will be required for future generations to survive. You must begin breeding immediately!” It was the left one speaking. I don’t know how I knew that. “You may speak now.”

“What!” I was relieved to regain my ability to speak “What the hell are you! What is this?”

“My name is Zargo. We are a race with limited time travel capability. We originated from your future. A future that is in jeopardy. We don’t have time to explain everything.”

“How am I supposed to ‘breed’, when I can’t even kiss a girl?”

He replied: “We had to act while you are still young to begin spreading your genes as early as possible. We understand your breeding potential is limited by society. We engineered a solution to this problem.

The second alien showed me a disk about the size of a drink coaster.

Zargo spoke again: “This is a portable spacial co-locator. It allows two bounded planes to be joined together in space.”

Now he showed me a second disk, and when he pushed a little button on the side, it triggered a flashing light on the first disk. The second alien pushed a little button on his disk, then stuck his long slender grey finger in the disk. His finger poked out from the other alien’s disk.

“Through our extensive genetic testing we have found several compatible women who require a sperm donor due to the infertility of their mate. We will visit them all in turn and give each a matching co-locator.”

A lightbulb was starting to glow in my head. I think I knew where this was going…

Alien #2 spoke for the first time in a monotone: “This is your wormhole”.

Zargo said “Gorlon is a student of human culture, and he thinks this is a funny human joke. Your worm goes in, the woman inserts in her hole. Wormhole”

Their faces were just as blank and creepy as ever, but I let out a brief explosive laugh: “Yes, it is actually quite funny. But I like to think of it as more of an anaconda than a worm…“

Gorlon said “Disparaging the penis size adds another layer to the earth joke, thus increasing the humor level”

Zargo noticed when I glanced at his smooth crotch and said “We are wearing a kind of clothing. We have sexual organs, but they are not like yours. We don’t have time to discuss it.”

Gorlon gave me the disk and I did a finger test.

Zargo said “be prepared to copulate when the light flashes.”

I said “Wait, how many women have a matching wormhole device?”

Zargo said “We have 54 women screened for venereal disease, physical health, and attractiveness. But we expect many of them will be unable to participate. We have studied your masturbation activities, so we know that you create great quantities of semen. And our medicine will help. We will visit the women soon and deliver the co-locator devices to the women who agree. We will provide an update tomorrow.”

Gorlon handed me a small bottle of pills.

Zargo said “Take one of these pills per day, and it will enhance your virility.”

“The co-locator device will allow you access to their vaginas from the privacies of your homes. Withdraw your penis if you hear an angry male on the other side.” He didn’t have to explain that!

“Are you willing to participate? We will remove your sexual organs and continue the project in vitro if you refuse.”

That’s an offer I cannot refuse: “Yes, I will participate. I will.”

Gorlon said “Good luck with your magic mayonnaise”

I replied with a smirk “Not funny Gorlon. Not enough layers”

“Affirmative. The error has been noted.” Gorlon said.

The strange pair then seemed to fade to nothing and I was left alone with the wormhole and pills.

2. Losing my virginity.

After the aliens left I was swimming in a sea of emotions. This can’t be real!

I would think I was dreaming except for the very real items they left behind.

I took one of the alien’s pills and tried to go back to sleep. After a couple hours I finally drifted off. I dreamed that Zargo loaded me in a big cannon like they have at the circus. I struggled but Zargo was just too strong, or I was too weak. All the while Gorlon was laughing hysterically. Zargo got me loaded in the cannon, and I could just see a disk of light out the barrel. When I looked back the cannon barrel had changed to the worm-hole device, and I was looking through to a group of strange women on the other side of the opening. There was a huge explosion, and just as I began shooting through the hole I woke with a start in a sweaty heap of blankets.

I gathered my senses and I noticed the light was blinking on the disk. I jolt of excitement ran through me, and my morning wood was at half mast.

This is the point in my morning where I would probably whack off, but this is it, a real pussy. I pressed the button.

I was standing beside my bed as I inserted my hard cock in the disk up to my balls. I felt a bit of rough friction like a hand tugging the skin, then the most awesome warm wet sensation.

As my knees weakened I slipped down to kneeling, then sitting on my bedroom carpet, making sure to keep my worm in the hole.

My first hot pussy felt so incredible my body took over and shot a load almost immediately. I didn’t even last one minute. But the orgasm was very intense. From my end it felt like I shot four big loads of cum in her pussy! I pulled my dick out of the device and turned it off.

Well, I guess that was a success, right? The faceless woman on the other side simply wanted sperm, and I certainly gave her that. I laughed out loud with joy mixed with euphoria. That was another of the many up sides to this arrangement. It’s anonymous, so I didn’t feel embarrassed at all about the quick orgasm.

I scooped some of the wetness off my dick and brought it to my nose. It smelled stinky in a good way. It was clean but funky. The kind of stinky that I wanted to keep sniffing again.

I stored the wormhole disk in my underwear drawer and went for a shower. I continued smiling as I imagined my future sex life.

3. Getting to work

I began settling in to a routine. I found that the wormhole disk would fit over my entire cock and balls. So that was mostly how I used it. I would lay back in my bed with my legs spread and put the disk down all the way, This gave the ladies access to my balls. Sometimes they would play with the balls, but usually not.

It just gave them a bit more length and a bit more flesh to enjoy.

With Gorlon’s pills I could cum up to three times in a row without stopping, and I could service about eight women per day, If I had the time.

The disk itself didn’t transfer any force, so when she pushed (or sat) on my dick she would have to brace her disk. For the woman it was almost exactly like a living dildo. A dildo that cums.

For me, it was completely effortless, like doing my laundry in a washing machine, but infinitely more fun. I would put the wormhole on, and lay back and wait for the load to finish!

I got so I could tell some of them apart by their style. Some liked to twist one way down, twist the other way up. Some fucked fast like a rabbit. One girl must have glued a big suction cup on the back because I could tell she wasn’t holding the base, and she could work my cock like nobody else.

I began saying hello sometimes. But I got the feeling that some of them were freaked out enough by the whole experience without having to speak to me.

I told a couple of the wilder ladies about the suction cup idea, and It was starting to catch on. I would mention it to Gorlon.

One problem was when I would get a screamer in a quiet setting.

One morning I decided to service a lady in my bedroom before school.

As put the wormhole over me I felt loving hands caress my limp cock. It felt so great I was hard in no time. The cries began as soon as she began fucking.

It started quiet “oh, oh, oh!” Then louder and louder.

My dad had already left for work, but my mom was puttering around the house somewhere.

I grabbed a pillow and straddled it like a woman humping her pillow. That worked well, but she was really wailing now “OH! OH! OH!”

It was hard to concentrate, and it took me about 10 minutes to cum.

Later that night my dad paid a visit “I know you are a young man now, Dan, and you have certain urges, but your mother has a delicate disposition. If you have to watch porn, please lower the volume. OK, son?”

One lady liked to dominate and talk dirty:

The wormhole began flashing at about 3:30PM. I answered and began lowering my jeans.

I heard a husky female voice from the other side “Come on space boy, get your pecker out!”

I replied “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, give me that cock!”

So I put the wormhole over my soft shaft and balls and she began the torment: “You call that a cock space boy? You better get that little pecker hard for me.” And she roughly grabbed my balls and engulfed my entire dick in her mouth.

She began with a sort of rhythmic sucking – pressure on, off, on, off. And that got me fully hard.

She pulled it out and shook it by the balls as it slapped her face. “Oh, there you go space boy, baby liked that, didn’t he! Well you’re going to have to keep that cock nice and hard for momma because I aint done with you!” Then she swallowed my cock down to the disk and I could see her lips almost coming through to my side.

She gave it a couple of strokes deep in her throat then pulled back and coughed. Then sucked about ½ way down and sucked hard and pulled. My cock made an audible ‘POP’ and I moaned in pleasure. I wasn’t sure if she was hurting me, or bringing me to heaven. It was a bit of both.

She kept doing the suction popping, then deep throat and when I was getting close she pulled out and said. “You better not come in my throat space boy, mamma needs your cum in her pussy! Do you think your cum is good enough for mommas pussy?”

I was getting caught up in her energy, and I went along without thinking “Yes, put it in your pussy!”

She said “Say ‘YES MOMMA’”!

I replied “Yes, Momma, put it in your pussy please!”

I felt the delicious warmth of her pussy as she took me all the way in one stroke. I was so slick from her throat there was no resistance at all. Then she settled into a fast rhythm. Pounding, pounding, pounding.

I was gritting my teeth and making gurgling noises as I came hard. I don’t think she even would have noticed I came except my cum began leaking out and dripping onto the wormhole.

She said “You better not have wasted any of that space cum! I’m ovulating, and I I’m going to make a whole house of little gray babies”

When I could finally breathe and speak I replied “You know I’m just a normal human!”

She said “Well, whatever the fuck you are, that cum is mine, and that cock is mine!”

I thought ‘yea, you and about 50 other women!’ but I didn’t say that because I wanted to keep my dick attached!

As I pulled out, she used her fingers to scoop the considerable mess off my cock. I didn’t ask what she would do with it. I didn’t know if she was married. If she was I didn’t know if I should envy the guy, or pity him. All that was not my problem!
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