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This is part 2. Please read part 1 to understand the background!

This was a lot of fun to write. What guy hasn't dreamed of impregnating boatloads of willing and anonymous women.

Of course life doesn't really work like that and I (author) have great respect for women as people as well as sexual beings.

Is there more to come? Not sure... I think Ellie wants in on the action!

PLEASE! If you vote negative leave a reason in the comments! It helps me improve future works.

Thanks for reading!
1. History class

I sat in history class thinking about my latest experience with the wormhole device.

The woman ‘summoned me’ first thing after I woke. She pumped me for a few minutes. Just as I came she reached her finger through the hole and slid it up my ass. It must have been well lubricated because it went right in and sent my orgasm into overdrive.

After I recovered she left the finger in, and I was not going to stop her. She began wiggling her finger and moving it in and out. Soon I was rock hard again and she was fucking me full speed for a second orgasm. The second orgasm was just as electric and unstoppable as the first, but it left me completely drained.

I woke with a start just in time to stop my head from knocking the desk. I looked up and saw my science teacher, Mr Burke glaring at me through his bushy eyebrows.

“Am I boring you, Mr. Winslow? This material will be on the final exam!”

“No, Mr. Burke, I am just a bit tired.” I said.

I glanced at Ellie, two rows up, and she was peeking back and I could just see her eyes, but I could tell she was she was suppressing a laugh.

I sat up straight and tried to shake off the sleep.

After class, Ellie bounced up to me and said in a low, mocking voice : “Am I boring you, Mr. Winslow”?

“Yes!” I said “God yes! So much boredom I almost died!”

Ellie giggled and said “Well, we are almost done. Just a couple of weeks until summer”

In my best impression of my dad’s Boston accent I replied: “Yes! Summah! I con’t wait! Hawaiian shirts and manhattans on the veranda!” It was a ‘bit’ that never failed to get a smile out of Ellie, and her gorgeous tits shook gently under her blouse as she giggled.

Ellie was AWESOME! She was one of my best friends. But that was kind of the problem. How to get out of ‘friend zone’? I can’t exactly just lean in for a kiss in the middle of a conversation about history class!

I wouldn’t know what to do anyway. I was fucking anonymous women several times a day for the alien breeding project, but I’ve never kissed a girl before.

The world is jam packed with burly old dudes who would love to get their hands on a hot little teen. Why would Ellie want a kid like me?

2. Extracurricular activities

It was my first day with Gorlon’s new modifications. I asked him for a silent notification mode and he delivered.

I was in math class when I felt a light vibration in my pocket. I looked down to see the light flashing. I have used the wormhole a couple times in school, but only in the restroom. I couldn’t use it in class… hmmm.

I looked around to see that I was alone in the back of class. The teacher was facing the board, and he rarely checked up on the class.

I eased the disk out of my pocket and down my briefs and pushed the ‘join’ button.

I felt a rush of cool air and a feeling of freedom as my cock and balls burst out through the woman’s disk. I had a moment of panic imagining how I will manage to get the ‘genie back in the bottle’ in class.

I felt her soft lips as she began to coerce an erection from my flaccid dick.

I got harder and harder. A grin crept over my face as my pants remained completely flat. I thought ‘I bet women do this sometimes with a vibrator!’

I pictured Ellie struggling to keep her composure as her sweet young body convulsed and her pussy vibrated beyond her control.

That thought made me rock hard in seconds. Then the woman inserted my hard cock. It felt incredible to be fucking a wet pussy in math class! I even tried paying attention for a little while to try to delay my orgasm.

It worked a little bit as I thought about acute angles, and calculating the hypotenuse. Then I felt her insides quiver like she was cumming. Then the feeling mixed with a stronger jerking and I knew she was cumming. That was quick! I didn’t recognize this woman, but I like her!

I couldn’t take any more and just as her trembling slowed I lowered my head and covered my face with my hands as I blew several gobs in her hot pussy.

When I raised my head and looked around everything was fine! The lesson continued, and nobody stared. I kept my cock in the wormhole until it would fit back in my jeans.

3. Caught!

I was in Mr Burke’s History class when the wormhole summoned me again. Out of reflex I took it out and looked at it as I would a phone. I put it away and when I looked up I saw Ellie giving me a puzzled look.

After class she asked “What was that thing?”

“What thing?”

“Do you have a new phone? It looks really weird. Why is it round?”

“Yeah, well, no, it’s a really old phone actually” I hate lying to Ellie.

She said “Let me see it!”

I said “OK, it’s not a phone, and it’s kind of a secret.”

“Well, now I really need to see it, come on” and she poked my ribs and grabbed for my pocket.

“You asked for it!” I said. “I promise you won’t believe it.”

I brought her to a secluded spot by the auditorium where we could talk.

I pulled it out and showed her the wormhole. I glanced at it nervously to check if it was clean.

I told her the whole story of the aliens, and my mission to pass on my genes.

She began smirking throughout my story, and when I finished she laughed and laughed and said “Oh Jesus Dan, the way you said that with a straight face…”

“Well I said you wouldn’t believe me!”

We were just leaving when the wormhole buzzer went off. “Hold on Ellie, I will prove it!”

I connected the wormhole and spoke into it: “Sorry I can’t meet right now, maybe in two hours? I have a friend here who doesn’t believe me, could you stick a finger through?”

“Sure! I think two hours will work for me” was the disembodied female response, and a dainty woman’s finger poked through with bright red nail polish on.

“Thanks, See you later I hope!” and I disconnected as Ellie stared at me in shock with her jaw hanging open.

After a pause she said; “so really, you are serious? Aliens and everything?”

“Yep” I grinned.

“So… you are kind of like a super hero, but your super power is fucking!”

I replied; “I never thought of it that way, I guess so…”

She looked away and scratched under her boob absently. Her thumb rubbed her boob and lingered a bit too long and when she noticed she dropped her hand self-consciously, and looked back with a kind of dopy expression. “That’s fucking awesome.”

Ellie rarely swore, so hearing her say ‘fuck’ twice in a row like that had me anxious. “Are we OK?” I said.

“Sure” She said. “Are you OK? How are you handling all the … volume?”

“Yeah, it’s good. I was a virgin before this, and it just seems kind of… cold and detached.” I lied again. Oh, I hate lying to Ellie. But it’s not a big lie. The wormhole is AWESOME, but I did want something more. A personal connection. A girlfriend.

Ellie surprised me: “Maybe I could watch?” I thought I would choke in shock as she blushed and her eyes darted around.

“It’s kind of personal” I said. “Are you sure you want to?”

“Yeah, it’s like being a witness to history. We could invite Burke, because, history” and we both laughed.

She said “No really, I’ve seen it before. Remember when we were kids you would just pee in the yard? Is it still 1 inch long?” We laughed again, and I said “OK, but please don’t get me laughing, OK? There is a real woman on the other end who can hear, and she deserves some degree of privacy. Or at least no laughter”

“OK, it’s a deal!” She said. My belly fluttered “meet you after school at the gym.”

4. A Witness to History

Ellie arrived at the gym at 3:15. I knew the sports teams were all going to be headed from the locker rooms straight outside in the warm weather, and there was divider wall in the gym that had a cubby behind it when the divider door is closed.

We locked eyes we both giggled a bit. I wondered is this a normal reaction? I felt giddy like a date or something. Did Ellie feel the same, or was she like watching a freak show?

We made small talk about the wormhole; “Is it dangerous? Can you get cut?”

I said “No! Gorlon has my back. It’s all safe. The edges are all enclosed in the rounded edges of the wormhole, and when I turn it off it gently pops everything out to the proper side.”

She said “Oh, good.” I noticed she was standing a bit closer than normal and making a lot of eye contact. She squeezed my arm a couple of times. She made a joke about the alien’s names. God, I could drown in those big wet eyes.

The wormhole flashed and we exchanged a look as she bit her lower lip. The red nail polish woman was right on time.

I connected the wormhole as usual. I unzipped and lowered my jeans.

Ellie shifted her hips and bit the tip of her thumb as she watched me pull out my cock. Thanks to her presence it was engorged and growing fast. Her eyes widened when she saw it. I know Ellie hasn’t had a lot of experience. This might be the first (adult) cock she has seen. I shook it at her twice and smiled and did the “SSH” sign.

She winked and did the “SSH” sign as I inserted my cock in the wormhole as I held it in my hand. I left my balls out this time for Ellie’s viewing pleasure.

The woman on the other end of my wormhole wasted no time. I felt a cool squirt of lube, then it went in.

As always I got a bit weak in the knees. I dropped an inch or two and reflexively jutted my hips as I sunk into her pussy. Ellie’s face contorted momentarily, and I created a fantasy connection between us. When my cock dipped in the remote pussy I imagined Ellie taking it deeply. She seemed to respond too!

Ellie shifted her hips, opened her lips in a tortured pout and let out a slow breath. She moved her hands awkwardly like she didn’t know where to put them. I thought she might reach for her crotch, but instead she hugged her chest with both arms as her amazing boobs strained against the fabric over her arms.

A few strokes and my legs buckled and Ellie rushed in and cradled behind my shoulders as I sat on the varnished wooden floor. She backed off as she saw me seated, but her lips twitched and she knelt next to me as I fucked the wormhole.

She bent down and kissed me as I sat. I said quietly “That was my first kiss!”

On the other side the pumping stopped and I heard “What?”

I said louder toward the wormhole “Oh, yeah, you feel great baby!” and I made the ‘SSH” sign.

Ellie stifled a giggle and kissed me deeper as she grabbed my chest.

I had the wormhole in one hand and my other hand on the floor, so I couldn’t touch back.

Ellie opened my shirt and began sucking on one of my nipples. She seemed on fire as she switched to the other nipple. She kissed up and down my chest as she squatted over me. If only my hands were free I would grab that little girl and…

My body decided it was time to cum as I shot load after load into – I don’t know who…

I began to settle down and recover. Ellie touched the wormhole for the first time. She grabbed it and pulled it off my cock. She pushed the button to turn it off. She looked down at my cock and swallowed hard but didn’t touch it.

My cock was still twitching as Ellie became self-conscious. “Oh my god, I was just supposed to watch, I’m sorry!”

I said “It’s OK, I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time, but I couldn’t find the right time.”

The absurdity of the situation hit her “You mean you were never fucking a stranger through an alien teleportation device in front of me before?”

“Um…not that I can remember” I said with a smile and I leaned in for a quick but tender kiss.

As we composed ourselves, I said “please don’t tell our friends OK?” This will probably take a lot of my time this summer, and I don’t want weird vibes with them… Maybe if you were my girlfriend they would understand why we dropped off the map?”

Ellie paused for a moment, then replied; “I’ve always liked you, Dan. I know this is pretty weird, but in a way you are the perfect boyfriend.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, besides the fact that you are cute and funny, I want to keep my virginity for a while, and you certainly don’t need that from me! With most boys I would have to play goalie. We can go out together and fool around a bit. Maybe I can help you in your quest to save humanity! I’m not going to lie, that was kind of hot.”

I smiled “I know it’s kind of weird. Thanks for understanding”
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