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“Do you remember Lori, an English business woman her forties? You seem to really hit it off with English business women. She had your services last time she was in town around a year ago, she wants to have you again,” my agent Ada told me over the phone. Are you free Friday night?”
I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock, ten-inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people, even famous people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

I quickly learnt agent Ada has a niche clientele of older women who enjoy watching their toyboy, lover or husband giving a blowjob to a younger well hung gigolo after they have watched her fucking him. It can be incredibly exciting for me if the woman is actively participating, a three-way, even more exciting if the woman has a sexy persona and a good body

On the Friday night, just as I vaguely remember Lori is a very attractive size 12-14 brunette wearing heels, a very short black silk dressing gown that displays her wonderful well-formed thighs to perfection, and apparently little else.

“Hello Michael, do you recall the last time I was in town, a little over a year ago I told you I wanted to reward my twenty-five year old PA. You were very obliging. I have a new PA this time, whom I want to reward, a very talented one. We have been in town for a week on business and my PA helped me complete some very satisfactory deals.

“And I almost forgot to mention, I want a really good fuck before we return home.

“Just as last time, you are here today to provide sexual pleasure for two people, highly paid sexual pleasure, I had to get that in for Julian, absolute sexual pleasure we hope,” Lori tells me as she opened her gown to reveal her body.

“Come and meet Michael, Julian, Did I forget to mention Julian was my male PA? I find male PA’s are far more reliable and less emotional than female ones,” Lori tells me as my surprise is obvious.

Julian is a slim, mid-twenties, well built, very good looking blond man with an all over suntan, almost naked apart from a tiny white g-string, with a huge bulge in the front of it, as Lori is rubbing oil all over his body as he stands in front of a wall-length mirror.

“Julian is gay and he is missing his boyfriend. He told me he loves blowing his boyfriend after his boyfriend oils his naked body, so I promised I would organize a really well hung man for him, us actually, as stress relief after a hard week. Part of the deal is I want to enjoy watch him give you fellatio before I have you.

“Do you like the man I organized for you Julian? His bio says he is capable of a thick, ten-inch erection.” Lori teases as she slowly undoes my shirt, and rubs her oily hands all over my chest as she tongue kisses me.

“Take his trousers off Julian and show both of us what he has for us,” Lori tells him as he does just that, though I notice his hands are shaking a little in obvious excitement.

He has my trousers and briefs off in a flash leaving me wearing just a tiny crotch-less jock strap as I enjoy flaunting my semi-erection for an older woman and a younger man for their sexual pleasure – and mine.

“Wow, you are hung and thick,” they both exclaim as Lori feels the weight of my cock, runs her hands along it as I achieve a full erection.

“And love the way you shave around your cock, with just a tuft of hair above it.”

The anticipation of an attractive younger gay man blowing me while his older female employer watches is very exciting for me as Julian fondles and licks the full length my erection. I love flaunting my naked body and my large thick cock for a male and a female at the same time and the sexual tension is exquisite.

“Is that huge cock for me?” Julian smiles as I enjoy him licking and kissing it, teasing it, while Lori watches attentively.

To heighten the tension I take my jock strap off and slowly slide a rubber cock ring onto my cock and clip the strap under my balls as I tease and flaunt my erection with one finger for both of them as they watch attentively, then pose with my hands on my hips in front of Julian who quickly takes my cock between his eager lips.

“I love watching a well hung man having his cock sucked by another man, it’s an absolute turn on for me. Especially when I expect him to fuck me afterwards,” Lori smiles as she shrugs off her very short black silk dressing gown.

A wonderful taut body, small firm tits, wonderful thighs, trimmed pubic hair and a glorious very well formed, dimple free ass. A huge turn on for me ogling her naked body while a younger gay man is feasting on my very erect cock

“Hold back, don’t cum too soon, make him work for it,” Lori is whispering to me as she tongue kisses me while we both stand with Julian kneeling in front of us with my cock in his mouth with one of his hands wrapped around my balls.

“I wish I could suck cock like him, he is very good."

“Yes, he really is good, very, very good,” I moan with my hands behind my head, soaking the pleasure of a talented, younger gay man working on my erection while I ogle Lori’s naked body in the wall mirrors.

Lori moves a bar stool so I can lean on it with Julian kneeling in front of it while I enjoy watching him pleasuring my raging erection as Lori stands behind me with her oily hands on my chest as she offers encouragement for both men.

Julian has adjusted his g-string so his large, roaring erection is hanging out of it. Good for my ego to know I can give another man a roaring erection while he is pleasuring me.

Julian’s is obviously very experienced at cock sucking with a wonderful technique. Lips, tongue, lick, suck, blow, squeeze and twist with one hand while teasing and scratching my balls very lightly.

“I love a challenge and your big, thick cock really is a challenge,” Julian tells me as he licks and blows on it.

“Are you enjoying Julian sucking your cock while I watch?” Lori teases as she tongue kisses me and teases my nipples.

“You really are hung and thick. I love watching Julian sucking your big cock. And I am looking forward to you fucking me with it when he has finished with you.

“What can I do to heighten your pleasure while Julian is blowing you?”

“Put some ice in your mouth and lick my nipples.”

Lori brings an ice bucket over, puts some ice cubes in her mouth and some in her hands. The sensation of her ice cold tongue licking my nipples in turn as she rubs ice on the other nipple while a man is sucking my cock is exquisite sexual pleasure.

Then Julian puts some ice in his mouth and some in one hand, and rubs ice along my erection, then some on my balls. More than exquisite, this boy is so good. Then he sucks my cock with ice in his mouth.

“Like that big boy, hot and cold on your big cock? Are you ready to cum for me? Or do you want me to tease you some more?” Julian asks as he slides his thumb and a finger along my very wet and throbbing erection.

Exquisite sexual pleasure for me as Julian has me close to orgasm while I enjoy looking at Lori’s naked body. He really is very incredibly good I muse, a man understands the nuances of blow jobs far better than a woman.

“Keep going Julian, show us both how good you are. Make it really good,” Lori urges as she tongue kisses me.

“Love your big cock and you are getting close for me, you are breathing very heavily,” Julian tells me as he alternates sliding ice on my erection, then sucking and blowing on it.

“Now stand up and fuck my mouth like you would a cunt,” he whispered before he muttered, purple, purple, purple forming his lips into the perfect shape for fellatio.

I do as he asks and feed at least half of my cock into his wet and eager lips he has pursed into an O-shape while I lean on his shoulders for support.

“Watching you two men performing is a huge turn on for me, huge. You have been at it for twenty minutes. Wonderful foreplay for me and my turn soon,” Lori is moaning as she has her hands on my ass cheeks urging my cock into Julian’s mouth.

“Don’t hold back, fuck him harder for me. I love watching two men having sex.”

“Fuck me harder, harder,” Julian is almost shouting as the immense pleasure he has given me comes to a climax and he swallows my load.

“How long do you need to recover?” Lori asks wearing nothing but heels as she watches me shower after I take a little colored pill.

“I told you I wanted a really good fuck before Julian and me return home. After watching you two men I am really hanging out for it.

“How about a golden shower to excite you some more? A speciality of mine, do you remember the one I gave you last time? I do, you didn’t want me to stop. Lay on your back on the shower floor for me. Would you like to watch Julian?”

I do as she asks and watch fascinated in anticipation as she kneels with her legs apart over my groin with her hands on her hips as Julian watches on.

Looking at Lori’s magnificent thighs, erect nipples and beautifully trimmed pubic hair is turning me on as she instructs, “Count to three for me.”

“One, two, three.”

“Enjoy boys, enjoy,” Lori groans as she releases in a slow trickle, then a torrent.

“I can see you liked that, look at the size of your cock now,” she smiles as I shower again.

“I am hanging out for a really good fuck, really good. Which way would you like to fuck me?” Lori asks as she leans over the dining table with her legs wide apart in heels with a huge smile on her face, making it obvious which way she wants me to fuck her.

“Kiss my ass, then fuck me from behind. Fill me up with your magnificent cock.”

“I love a good ass and yours is really something,” I tell her as I enjoy her reaction as I kiss it.

“Forty- inches as you asked. Are you watching Julian?I promised you could watch. Do you mind if he watches Roger? No? Good, show him how a real man fucks.

“Now fuck me and make it good, really good.”

To heighten the sexual tension and mutual pleasure I smear oil over her ass cheeks then rub the insides of her thighs with my oily hands before I reach between her legs and tease her wet cunt lips with a finger.

“That is a real turn on for me, so good. Now fuck me and make it good, really good,” she repeats.

“So good, so fucking good, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt,” she moans as I slowly slide my erection into her with my hands holding her ass cheeks.

I thought Julian had excused himself, but out of the corner of my eye I can see him, though he is out of site to Lori as he is masturbating his very erect cock.

He is obviously very turned on watching me fucking his very attractive boss with her glorious ass cheeks in my hands while I watch him pleasuring himself, and I must admit my perverse and heightened sexual pleasure at the situation.

“You are very good big boy, fuck me harder,” Lori is moaning fifteen minutes later as I quicken my long strokes as I slap into her ass cheeks while I enjoy Julian watching and masturbating.

“So good, so fucking good the way you are fucking me, you are sex machine, a well hung, fucking sex machine,” Lori is almost screaming as I feel her squirting in long, small bursts.

“Now cum for me, let me finish you off. Do you want me to swallow?," Lori asks as she kneels in front of me and licks and kisses my roaring erection.

“This is for both of you, watch and enjoy,” Lori smiles as I realize she was aware of Julian watching the whole time.

“Like that baby? My specialty bringing a man off,” she asks rhetorically as she strokes the full length of my cock with her thumb and forefinger with the tip of my cock in her mouth.

By now Julian is in frenzy as he increases his tempo.

“Watching another man masturbate while a woman is sucking my cock is mind blowing,” I tell both of them.

“Absolutely fucking mind blowing, watch me cum, watch me cum,” I groan in ecstasy as Julian and I cum simultaneously.
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