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Japanese sex slave meets a Master who gives her hope.
The twelve-by-twelve-foot room was windowless. Lightless too, except for the naked bulb which hovered from the concrete ceiling. An old, tattered mattress lay on the floor. Beside it lay two dog bowls, one filled with water and one with kernels of sweet corn… what passed for sustenance for the girl.

The 22-year-old girl was Japanese, 5’3, with a symmetrical heart-shaped face and the most vivid dark brown eyes. Her breasts were neither large nor small, but perky and medium-sized. The girl’s disheveled dark hair spilled to just below her shoulders on either side of a beautiful face. Her slender wrists were cuffed behind her back. Red circles around her wrists attested to the brutality of her captivity. She was naked – had been for as long as they’d kept her here. And she still had no idea who ‘they’ even were.

The last thing she remembered of her normal life was graduation day, then going to an underground party at Club Fae, accepting a drink from a random guy… and after that a gaping hole loomed in her memory before she had woken up here, in this room. Her prison.

Keiko Isekawa knew only one thing. Her role was to please whoever came through that door. She was a slave. Fuck-meat for whichever man wanted her. That was the entirety of her existence, of its purpose at least. When that heavy ironclad door opened, every time without fail the dread in her rose up. It squeezed her chest and left her throat constricted. No matter how many times they came for her, that visceral response never changed.

‘How long have I been here?’ She wondered that sometimes. Day and night had no meaning here. Nothing did. This ‘morning,’ if it even was morning, proved no different.

She had just awoken on the mattress and bent over, like an animal, drinking out of her dog bowl, when an abrupt squeal of hinges alerted her. Now the door to her prison opened and a man strode in. He was naked, muscular, handsome but in a harsh way, his nose and cheekbones angular. He had a head of golden hair and razor-focused glacier-blue eyes.

“Good morning, bitch. I paid good money for you. Let’s see if I can get my money’s worth. Come here and suck my dick.”

Without any further preamble, this was how most of the men treated her. She shuffled forward on her knees. The man’s tall, pulsing erection hovered above her face. She licked the tip, slobbered along the sides of it. She even leaned down, sucking on one of his testicles. Some of the men seemed to like that, she’d learned. She had also learned that taking the initiative, in these small ways, sometimes impressed a man. Sometimes that would make them treat her less harshly.

Sometimes. But now was not one of those times.

SLAP. The girl went reeling to the floor.

“Bitch, I said SUCK cock. Don’t nibble on my balls. Stupid whore.” He pulled her back up by the hair. The helpless girl engulfed the head of his shaft. Keiko began to suck, forming a tight seal with her lips. The nameless brute fisted one hand in her black hair. He let her set the pace of her mouth’s impalements at first. It didn’t last though. He began pumping his pelvis forward, helping his cock slide deeper into her throat. She slid her tongue out to cradle the underside of his cock. Soon she found her mouth bottoming out. Her nose and face pressed against his pelvis. The man’s odor filled her nostrils, his wiry pubic hair tickling her face.

It was so degrading, but she was used to it. She’d grown used to so much. Things that would have appalled most women had become part of Keiko’s everyday existence. The sexy Japanese girl could feel her current client’s cock straining in her throat as she pumped her face back and forth, back and forth.

“UHHHH!!!!” She heard his groan of mounting rapture. She felt his pre-cum dribble into her mouth. The saltiness of it lashed at her tastebuds as she continued to slurp and suck.

“AAAAHHH!!! You’ll learn to take me deep, bitch. Deeper, all the way and hold right there.”

With her mouth fully impaled, his hand came down to smack the back of her head. She saw stars for a moment. Disoriented, a blinding flash of pain – but it mercifully vanished a moment later. With her nose pressed against his body she could barely breathe. She felt his erection blocking her passageway, his balls pressed against her chin. Then he released her head and let her come up for air. Keiko was gasping, pre-cum leaking down her bottom lip and chin. Tears slid down her cheeks.

“You worthless slut. You call that SUCKING?” he asked, glaring. He slapped her again. “You want to suck on my balls? Fine, suck on them. Your cock-sucking skills aren’t worth half a nickel anyway.” He grabbed her by the hair and brought her face back toward his manhood. Keiko’s tongue slid out, licking at his wrinkled sac. She sucked on one testicle, then switched to the other. Back and forth she went, tenderly sucking on each of the man’s testicles as he stood there jerking his cock and staring down at her like a judge about to mete out the sentence of a doomed convict.

“OK, one more try. Then we’ll go on to the main event,” he growled. He stuffed her mouth one more time, fed her his cock. She looked up at him, eyes watering as he slid his shaft forward in a fast, brutal rhythm.

“GLG! GLG! GLG!!!!” The sounds of his saliva-coated cock raping her throat made squelchy-wet echoes in the forlorn and otherwise empty room. He was almost there. Would he come? Keiko hoped not.

That was the most appalling part of all of this. Part of her was actually turned on by this. By the humiliation. By the way these men controlled her. She didn’t know exactly when it had started. Perhaps the change had been a gradual one, more like an awakening than a switch being turned on. Whatever it was, Keiko Isekawa found that some part of her instinctual feminine libido thrilled to being dominated like this, to being so completely controlled. At first that had terrified her, made her loathe herself… but she was far beyond that now. She had learned to accept this darker hidden self that she suspected had been lurking inside her all along.

“AAAHHH! OK, that’s enough, stupid bitch. Don’t make me come yet.” He pulled out. He slapped her breasts and then her face again. Keiko stared at his glistening cock. The 9-inch behemoth of stiff, vein-coursing flesh loomed above her like a god.

The world spun as the man shoved her onto her back on the mattress. “Open those legs wide, bitch. It’s time to give your worthless pussy a good, hard fucking. You heard me, rapemeat. Open!” he shouted.

Keiko opened her thighs. The dark thatch of her sex and pubic muff lay bare before him. He stood there savoring the sight of his prey. A wave of dread surged through Keiko’s heart. Oddly and shamefully enough, though, so did a wave of something else. Anticipation.


‘Here it comes,’ she thought. ‘Another rape.’ Keiko’s gaze strayed now to one corner of the ceiling. There a camera perched, seeing all and recording all. She wondered who was watching. How many men saw her get raped every time someone fucked her? Did they record it for later or stream it live? These were the questions she had time to ponder while she lay alone in her prison.

“Look at me, cunt. What are you so distracted for?” The aggressive Nordic man slapped her again, then settled on top of her and plunged his cock between her legs. He didn’t care that she wasn’t fully wet yet, he just plowed into her. Fucking her. Raping her. Not caring how she felt – her naked body just a sheath for his cock. He pummeled her cunt with brutal thrusts, fucking her with deep, soul-searing plunges. His hands cupped her shoulders for leverage as he raped her. She looked up into his feral gaze and did the unthinkable. In what little way she could, she bucked her hips toward him. She cooperated in her own rape. Keiko shoved her pussy towards his punishing cock as if he was doing her a huge favor.

The assailant’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, little bitch, you move that pussy now, help me rape you. Good girl.” His balls flew back and forth, her silken heat feeling the tantalizing friction of his shaft. “Uhhh!!!! Yes, you cute whore, you may not know how to suck but you definitely know how to fuck,” he said with a grin of triumph.

Keiko waited for the inevitable with an appalling thrill of that same anticipation from before. Her hands clenched up behind her back. She used those hands to help shove her cunt forward to meet her tormentor’s ruthless fucks. Meanwhile his one hand now roamed downward to fondle, cup, and squeeze her breasts. Occasionally he would pinch her nipples.

‘Yes,’ Keiko thought. ‘Fuck me, you bastard. I’m your prisoner. Fuck me.’ She steeped herself in the fantasy. In the forbidden thrill of being fucked so hard and so helplessly. Her pussy’s fluids were flowing now, coating the man’s shaft as it raped her. She felt that traitorous arousal bubbling up in her, gushing up to the surface. She welcomed it. It made everything bearable. It gave her a reason to live.

Then it happened. The blond-haired brute on top of her threw his hips forward with a violent series of plunges. He shuddered, his cock spasming deep inside the tight squeeze of her sex. Her cunt took a full load of viscous spunk, the cock twitching and spurting and filling her completely. With a final shudder, the man stilled on top of her, his cock pumping out the last loads of life-giving sperm deep in her helpless twat.

Keiko had moaned at the consummation of the rape. Now she closed her eyes. She felt all that heat and stickiness inside her. She felt dirty. She felt soiled. She felt… alive.

The man above her was panting now. Their bodies still joined, he seemed to relish the feel of her snug sex around his softening prick. Finally done with her, he pulled out and stood up in one smooth motion. Without so much as another word he simply walked up to the door, banged on it. Unseen hands unlocked it. The golden-haired man strode out and the door shut behind him with finality.

That was that. He had used her. He was done with her. That was the simplicity of Keiko’s existence. She lay face-up on the mattress staring at the smooth concrete ceiling and cinderblock walls. The man’s seed slowly oozed down the slit of her sex until it seeped into the crack of her ass. Keiko Isewaka felt the taint spread to this new part of her body but she was so far beyond caring.

Instead, in an odd way, she savored the feeling. At least with cum inside of her, she knew she existed. This was her purpose, after all. A vessel for cum. For men’s desires. It was degrading, humiliating, soul-destroying, true. But the conflicting pain and the shameful libido it generated were the only things to remind her that she lived. They kept her sane.

Keiko closed her eyes and yearned for sleep. Sleep obliged and so did the merciful darkness.


Keiko awoke with a cock inside her. She had slept so heavily that she hadn’t heard a new client enter the room. Now, abruptly, she found a fat man between her legs, plowing her pussy with his hands cupping her shoulders. He had pig-like eyes, a bulbous nose, and a shaved head.

“AAAHHH!!! Good morning, sweetheart. I wasn’t sure when you’d come to. I thought a good hard cock might be the perfect wake-up call,” her newest client growled with a note of sadistic glee.

Keiko’s eyes widened a little as he dove for her mouth. He was a real kisser. His lips bruised her, his tongue diving deep to explore her taste. He kissed her forcefully and continuously as he rammed his cock into her already cum-tainted sex. This lasted for a good fifteen to twenty minutes before the man approached the precipice. Keiko kissed him back all the while, moaning and urging him on. This man would be a quickie, she realized. He didn’t have the stamina of some others. He kept pounding away at her. His cock stroked her insides and the way his fat belly pressed against her made it difficult to breathe. She managed it though. The slender Japanese girl played tongue hockey with her rapist as he neared the pinnacle of bliss.

But soon Keiko was right there with him. The angle of his fucks and the way his extraordinarily thick shaft lunged through her pussy, combined with the way his heaving crotch ground against her clit, sent shivers of sensations to her core. She moaned into his mouth. The moan became a high-pitched wail as she felt the orgasm pull her under. Sheer pleasure rippled through her – destroyed her, erased her. Then her consciousness reassembled itself just in time to feel the fat man stiffening on top of her.

“Shooting all my cum now, little fuck-toy. You take it. Yessss. UHHH!!!” His cock spewed its massive load. He pulled out right away, admiring the cream-pie he’d left glistening in her soft folds. Keiko panted, sated in the dazed aftermath of her own climax.

“Bye now,” the fat man said, nodding at his rapemeat. His now flaccid cock, shiny with her fluids, drooped contentedly. Just like the last man, he then banged on the door. It opened. He vanished. It shut behind him.

‘Rinse and repeat,’ Keiko thought. She closed her eyes and waited for the next man. For the next cock. For the next rape. More cum slid out of her pussy down to her ass crack. Keiko Isekawa stared at the ceiling and accepted her new life’s purpose…

And yet she had no idea that her next client would be unlike anyone she could have imagined. A man who wouldn’t just change her life. A man who would give her a future.


A new day dawned. Or night. She never knew which. Keiko had to pee again. She stood up and looked at the camera.

“I need to use the toilet.” About ten minutes passed. A man dressed all in black and wearing a mask opened the door. He tied a blindfold around her head and took her to take care of her business. Once she had done what she needed to do, he started to lead her back toward her prison. But something changed. She could sense it in the way he led her down different corridors. The texture of the concrete flooring felt different under her bare feet. The walk had taken longer too.

‘Where is he taking me?’ she thought. They never took her anywhere except to the toilets or the showers, and always blindfolded. The one-room prison was the only place in this entire complex that she had actually seen with her own two eyes.

She heard a door unlock. The guard ushered her into a room. For the first time her bare feet felt something soft beneath them. Carpeting?

“Keep your eyes closed,” the guard ordered. He undid the blindfold. She heard him leave.

‘Now what?’ she thought. Keiko didn’t dare disobey. The silence stretched. She got nervous. Then she heard a smooth, deep, and masculine voice.

“You may open your eyes, slave.”

Keiko opened them. What she saw almost made her gasp. She stood in a large banquet hall with plush red carpeting, twinkling chandeliers perched above. A black man with a shaved head, rugged face, and dark-rimmed glasses sat at a table with an immaculate cream-colored tablecloth. At least 11 different dishes were arrayed across the table. The food looked and smelled incredible. Keiko began to salivate.

“My name is Abdul. Abdul Hakeem. You may call me ‘Master.’ Do you have a name, slave?”

“K-Keiko,” the girl replied.

“Slave Keiko, would you like to join me?”

Keiko nodded. The man looked at her sternly, but there was a shocking kindness behind those eyes too.

“Very well. First you will have to earn your meal though. Come kneel between my legs and suck my cock. Once you have swallowed my cum, you may sit beside me and eat. Come.”

It shocked her, how matter-of-factly he spoke. He seemed so direct. So guileless yet forceful. As she approached the table, she realized that he was naked just like her. Not just that. She found herself immediately attracted to him. He had a hard, muscular body, almost like an athlete. His intelligent gaze missed nothing. He had the tiniest scar, shaped like a halfmoon, on his left cheek. He motioned at her to turn around.

“Let me take those cuffs off of you. We won’t be needing those here.” He produced a key and unlocked the handcuffs. Her throbbing wrists felt the joy of liberation as he threw the cuffs aside.

“Thank you.”

Abdul’s eyebrows arched. “Thank you…?” he prompted.

“Thank you, Master,” she corrected herself.

He gestured under the table. “You may now earn your meal, slave. Please begin.”

To her surprise, this Abdul actually kept eating his own meal while she worked on him. The girl knelt under the table. She licked up from the base of his cock, then smothered it between her lips. As Keiko sucked him, he continued to eat without the slightest concern. His discipline and stamina were both superhuman. Keiko began to fondle his testicles gently with her fingers. Meanwhile, the naked Japanese girl slurped lovingly on the bulbous crown of his cock. It grew and grew until it had stiffened at a gigantic 11 inches. This man was definitely freakishly endowed. Keiko continued to suck and slurp on the tip, only now she gripped the base of it with both hands and began to jerk him too.

Keiko admired the veins pulsing down the sides of Abdul’s fully erect black manhood. She alternated from sucking madly on the tip to licking and laving each side with loving strokes of her tongue. She found herself wondering how this cock would feel pummeling deep inside her pussy. Then she tucked the scandalous thought away.

Abdul continued eating. Now though, she sensed the telltale signs of the effect she was having on him. There was now a slight uptick in his breathing. Traces of pre-cum dribbled down the sides of his shaft and made her fingers sticky and wet. She pumped and sucked more fervently. His breathing quickened even more.

‘Almost there,’ she thought. ‘Come for me, Master. Please CUM,’ she thought to herself. She loved this tantalizing sense of control she had over him now. Somehow the way he was making her do this differed from all those other men. All those other men made her feel disempowered, even worthless, when they forced her to suck cock. This man, though, this Abdul… she couldn’t quite put her finger on it but there was definitely something different about him. He made her feel like she had a dignity, strangely enough, even while he debased her.

None of it made any sense, but she couldn’t ignore it. Her instincts had a mind of their own.

“Mmmm.” He let out an audible sound for the very first time since Keiko had started sucking his cock. Then that tall black shaft twitched and sprayed its cum. It hit the roof of her mouth and bathed her tongue. His copious spunk slid to the back of her throat. She swallowed it all and then wiped up the traces of his seed with the back of her hand. It tasted salty yet also sweet. Keiko realized how aroused she’d become. Her nipples were hard. She had slipped one hand down to her pussy, caressing herself.

“Well done, slave. Come up here and eat with me.”

Who was this guy? Why had he chosen her of all the possible captives? If he was a man of influence and importance, did he have the power to free her? Questions swirled through her brain. After the endless monotony of rapes, she felt the tiniest ember of hope flare to life. Something was about to change.




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I like it so far. This is a great start to this story. Keep writing it for you, not the people that vote for it. Too many people vote negatively on good stories and kill them for those of us, that like the stories. So many excellent writers have left this site for just that reason.

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