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Cocktail hour with two hot and horny sluts.
Chapter 47:

Candy’s Cunt

After my morning ‘wake up’ sex with Liz, I went online and extended my reservation. Wouldn’t hurt to make myself available to such a hottie.

Shortly after lunchtime, I was sitting in the cockpit doing some day drinking. I had partaken in some weed thinking “What the heck? Why not?” As I sat there drinking my beer, lovely Liz sauntered down the dock. She had a friend in tow. When they got to my boat, I was waiting on the gunwale for them.

“Climb aboard, ladies. Welcome.” They climbed into the cockpit and Liz introduced her friend. “This is Candy. She works with me at the bar and wanted to meet you after I told her about you.” “Oh, my. Greetings, Candy, but forget everything Liz has told you. None of it’s true, I’m sure. But I’m glad to have you aboard, nonetheless.”

Candy was the cutest little thing. She reminded me of Trixie. No more than 5 feet tall, blonde with a ‘Dutch Boy’ haircut, the cutest smile, complete with dimples, and large expressive blue eyes. Her body was young and firm, her tits the perfect size, her nipples clearly evident underneath her tight-fitting top. She had on cute little short-shorts and her thighs and legs were buttery smooth. She was beyond cute – she was adorable.

“Hi, Sailor man! Thanks for having me aboard. Liz has told me all about you. Said she first met you at another marina and she’s thrilled that you’re here now. I can’t wait to get to know you.” As she said this she glanced at Liz, then shot an unmistakably inviting look at me. Her clear, blue eyes said it all. We were in for some pleasure today.

“As you can see, I’ve already started happy hour, a bit early. What can I get you ladies from the bar?” Liz asked for her usual rum on the rocks and Candy said “Surprise me, Sailor. I’m pretty easy to please.” As I fixed their drinks I wondered just how easy to please.

Once I had Liz’s rum, Candy’s bourbon and my scotch prepared, I called up to them to come below. “Why don’t you beauties come below. It’s more comfortable and much more, uhh, private.” They climbed down the steps and I handed them their drinks. They settled in, Liz on the settee, Candy on the bed.

We sat nursing our drinks for an awkward moment. Finally, I broke the ice. “Candy, Liz says she has some sort of ‘plan’ in mind. You know anything about that? And Liz, is introducing me to this tempting cutie all part of your plan?” Candy responded first. “I don’t know about any plan. But from what Liz has shared with me, I’m anxious to see if you’re as talented as she says you are.”

Candy did a bottoms up on her drink and leaned over and began kissing me. She grabbed the back of my neck and held my mouth to hers as her free hand found my crotch. She kissed me hard and passionately and reached her hand up my boxers, clutching my cock. I saw Liz, out of the corner of my eye, shedding her clothes.

When Candy came up for air, Liz took over, planting her wet lips on mine and finding my rapidly hardening dick. Candy got up and pulled her clothes off, then lay down on the bed. Liz broke her kiss and we both gasped for air as she slumped down on the settee.

Seeing my opportunity, I got on my knees between Candy’s legs and spread them apart with my hands. Her fuckbox was clean shaven and her pussy was a clean slit.

I started licking her cunt, spreading her lips open with my tongue. She was already wet from our kissing and I lapped up her pussy juices. Figuring I had a reputation to uphold, I dove right in.

My tongue quickly licked from bottom to top, ending on her now erect clit. I took it between my lips and circled it with my tongue. Her fuckbox had a delightful smell and her cunt juice tasted just as good. I started mashing my tongue on her clit and Candy started moaning “Oh my god, yes! That’s good, that’s good. Eat my pussy, suck my clit. I want to squirt my cum on your face. Yes! Just like that, keep going.”

Meanwhile, Liz had reached down and took ahold of my junk from behind. She was massaging my balls and giving me a handjob. Shortly, she took the lube and started finger fucking my ass. First one finger; then two. We went on like this, each of us enjoying the pleasures that sex brings. The feelings were intense and we all started breathing heavily.

As I continued to suck on Candy’s cunt, Liz got up and straddled her friend’s face. She positioned her own fuckbox right over Candy’s face and gently lowered herself down on it. Candy reached up and clutched Liz’s ass cheeks, guiding her and spreading them apart. With Liz’s asshole right in front of my face and held open by Candy, I’d alternate between giving Candy head and rimming Liz’s asshole. Back and forth I went, enjoying the feelings ever so much.

With Liz washing Candy’s face with her pussy, Candy was moaning louder and louder. I concentrated on Candy’s sweet twat, getting rougher and rougher on her clit. Within a few minutes of me sucking, nibbling, biting and massaging her clit, Candy turned her head away from Liz’s pussy and cried out “Fuck, Fuck, Yes, That’s It!!” She thrust up her hips and let out two big streams of piss, all over my face. Her hips still bucking, I buried my face back in her crotch and let her rub her delightful cunt up and down on my face.

Liz climbed off and rolled over onto her back next to Candy. We all lay there, panting and catching our breath for a moment. “Liz was right, Sailor. You do give good head.” “Well, my tiny concubine, I aim to please. And, besides, I enjoy sucking a cunt as luscious as yours. The pleasure’s all mine.”
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