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This is a fun commission from one of my fantastic Patrons. Standard disclaimer applies: this story contains graphic depictions of erotic scenarios, so act accordingly! All characters are over eighteen, all situations are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to any real-life individuals or situations is entirely coincidental. Copyright Fidget, 2024. All rights reserved. Enjoy!
LifeSim: Breeding Expansion

by Fidget

Chapter 5

"Oh wow, it really does make you charismatic." Isabel almost whimpered as she squeezed her thick thighs together in unexpected pleasure. "I wasn't prepared for that!" The musk suddenly permeating the car threatened to have her soaking her panties in seconds. "You, uh, did a really good job making yourself irresistible," Isabel said, blushing as she tucked a strand of dark brown hair behind her ear.

Kenneth felt himself getting dangerously turned on at her reaction and display of clear sexual interest. So much for Isabel being the levelheaded one. "This was a mistake. We should leave now before it's too late," he said, preparing to turn the car around.

"No, no, I'm fine," she sighed dreamily, still looking up at him with a charmed smile as the powerful thrum of his voice swept over her, leaving her crotch awash in tingles. Even his voice is sexier! "I can control it - I just wasn't expecting it, that's all. I can still help. I guess one upside is that I definitely want to do whatever I can to help you out now," she said, grinning at him but still blushing fiercely. Kenneth was so painfully masculine that she could barely stand to look at him, but it was even more impossible to look away.

"Anyway, like I said, I definitely believe you now," she repeated, shaking her head to try to clear it of her sudden, overwhelming physical attraction to her coworker. Her crush refused to go away, however, especially with how close they were to each other in the confines of the car. "I can't deny that it's affecting me," Isabel continued unnecessarily in a voice filled with quiet amazement, seemingly more to herself than to him in the face of the unreality of her situation. The dumpy, straightlaced nerd from accounting seemed so virile, so desirable all of a sudden, and Isabel could feel her body responding, urging her to act on those desires.

She realized she was arching her back, showing off her small B-cups as her attraction subconsciously compelled her to flirt with him. And why shouldn’t she? Isabel wanted Kenneth to look at her, to see her feminine body practically humming with pent-up sexual desire so he’d know she had become receptive to his advances. Isabel knew how dangerous this train of thought was, especially with what Kenneth had told her about his own sexual desire under the influence of the program, but she wanted to do it anyway, and couldn’t quite seem to make herself stop.

Kenneth watched, fascinated, as his coworker tried to fight her new infatuation with him. Even though Isabel was aware of what was happening to her, her involuntary physiological responses to being in his presence were so powerful that she literally couldn’t stop herself from advertising her growing sexual receptiveness.

For his part, Kenneth’s eyes greedily devoured the pleasant mounds jutting from her chest, and his lizard brain eagerly noted the arousal and eagerness of this new potential mate, whether he consciously wanted to or not. Looking over at her, feeling the way his gaze focused on the healthy sheen of her hair, the taper of her waist from her small breasts down to her wide thighs, Kenneth knew it was impossible for their relationship to remain platonic while they were in here. It was such an odd feeling - one moment he was perfectly normal and in control of himself sitting next to a coworker he viewed almost as a sister, and the next he was being bombarded with a relentless, deep-seated urge to pursue sexual intercourse with her, a desire he knew Isabel was now feeling just as strongly as he was, if not even moreso.

And, now that they were both under LifeSim’s influence, it was all the more likely that their hormones would run out of control and they’d do something they’d regret later. Kenneth knew that he should still just turn around and leave before he ruined his friend's life just as he had Linda and Kelly’s, but he really did need to get rid of LifeSim, and he couldn’t deny how good it felt to have a helplessly infatuated woman so close to him again after his long day at work, so he impulsively decided to stick it out. Watching Isabel get turned on just by being in his presence was incredibly addicting though, so he’d have to make sure he was extra careful not to accidentally cum inside her like he had the other women, especially now that his irresistible charisma was making Isabel’s curvy body crave sex with him just like theirs had.

Isabel finally spoke up again in her meek, bemused voice. "You said the women are ‘hyper-fertile’ in here, right?" Kenneth nodded. "Well, now that I’m being affected too," she began, her cheeks still bright red at the new, R-rated thoughts rushing through her head as she continued to gaze rapturously at Kenneth. "Do you think it's made me... y'know, fertile?" Isabel tried to ignore the flutter in her stomach as she said the words, glancing down at her soft torso and wondering if the game had really manipulated her body as easily as it had manipulated her mind. She fought a tingle of anticipation growing between her legs at the knowledge that Kenneth was following both her look and her thought process.

Her abdomen still looked and felt normal, but that didn't mean that whatever crazy virus Kenneth had on his computer hadn't turned the innocent little pussy she was hiding under her clothing into a turbocharged breeding machine without her knowledge or consent. Isabel was hit with a feeling of incredible vulnerability at the thought of the dangerous power that Kenneth's cock likely now wielded over her pregnable body and captivated mind; even so, however, she was surprised at how much she wanted it in her pussy anyway, at how her artificial infatuation with Kenneth was making her willing to do anything she could to give him pleasure, even (or, increasingly, “especially”) if that pleasure would more than likely cause his cock to flood her womb with his warm baby goo.

"It made the other women fertile, as you’ll probably see when we get home, but I, uh, I don't know if it affected you like that too," Kenneth lied, completely certain that LifeSim had, in fact, made Isabel just as fertile as the other women he’d knocked up. He tried to ignore the faraway look on her face as she fantasized about the lump forming in his pants from his hardening member. "We probably shouldn't think about it too much."

Kenneth tried to take his own advice and not to think about how a video game had made one of his female coworkers infatuated with him, all while making her body highly susceptible to his semen, just like all of the other women in the neighborhood, and how it had made giving in to his urge to fill them with that semen the literal goal of his life. Instead, he focused on the fact that he could have sex with Becca again as soon as he got home, which succeeded somewhat in taking the edge off his need.

"You’re probably right," Isabel said, also trying to think about anything other than her overpowering desire for her coworker's cock, and the fact that if she gave in to the temptation and let herself act on her feelings, she would almost definitely be impregnated. But would that be so bad? she was horrified to hear herself think in a moment of appealing, instinctive femininity before forcing the thought out of her head as they finally pulled into Kenneth’s driveway.

"Hi Kenny!" Kelly and Linda both chimed in unison as they chatted by Linda’s mailbox, and the significance of their matching bumps was immediately and emphatically apparent to Isabel in her current condition as she got out of the car.

"Your handiwork, I assume?" she asked, giving him an accusatory look that she didn't really feel as Kenneth sheepishly waved back. To her infatuated mind it seemed only natural that a virile male like Kenneth would want to spread his seed as widely as possible, and that any woman would instinctively want those high value genes for themselves. It was no wonder that these two had allowed themselves to be impregnated, and Isabel couldn’t help but feel a bit envious toward them for having succeeded in doing so. It worried her how appealing the idea of carrying Kenneth’s child felt all of a sudden, so she quickly changed the subject to distract herself. "How long has this been going on again?"

"Only over the weekend. I mentioned that there's a fast-forward button that seems to make pregnancies jump ahead without actually elapsing any time."

“Oh yeah.” That was nonsense. This whole situation was nonsense. Still, Isabel couldn’t deny her own feelings and behavior, and now she also had the evidence of the other women of the neighborhood staring rapturously at Kenneth from their porches. She drifted a bit closer to him as they walked up the path to his front door, as though her body were magnetically attracted to his instead of merely sexually, until she was finally rewarded with the sensation of the naked skin of her arm brushing against him, and a tingle of electric arousal flew between the two coworkers at the touch. Kenneth showed no reaction to what she’d done, but he also didn’t make her pull away.

Isabel noted how the other women eyed her with jealousy, and tried not to feel lucky as they reached the door, still awash with the addicting feeling of her arm touching his. There’s nothing to feel lucky about - I’m just here to fix a friend’s computer

As they entered the house the pair was greeted by Becca, whom Isabel recognized from company events over the years. Isabel noted Becca’s abdomen swelling as well, confirming the text she had seen earlier, and she was once more made aware of the severity of the danger she was in. Honestly though, it didn’t feel like danger so much as an opportunity to get Kenneth alone so he could finally bury his cock in her needy pussy.

"Oh, Kenny, you've brought a visitor! Hi Isabel, it’s so good to see you again! You look positively radiant!" the very pregnant Becca gushed happily.

"Hi Becca! I'm just here to look at Kenneth’s computer," Isabel responded in what she hoped was an innocent voice.

"Oh, I’m sure, dear," Becca said reassuringly. She rubbed her protruding stomach as she gave the two uncomfortably aroused coworkers a wink, drawing attention to the obvious reproductive tension hanging thickly between them. "Have a good time!"

Isabel tried to ignore how simultaneously ominous and exciting that sounded. She was suddenly very aware of her body, of just how turned on she was; it made her want to do very unwise things with Kenneth. She drifted even closer as they walked to the office, this time feeling her torso brush against his, and then she felt his arm wrap around her hips, grabbing her waist and abruptly pulling her close, almost possessively. She felt herself go weak in the knees, and had to be half-dragged into the room.

As soon as the door to Kenneth’s office was safely closed behind them, the horny couple immediately pressed their bodies tightly against one another, and their lips met in a reckless, unwise kiss.

Sparks flew in Isabel’s mind as she melted against this irresistibly sexy man, and she could feel her legs spreading as her body opened to his, already fully willing to let him do whatever he wanted with her now that she could finally feel Kenneth’s cock twitching against her torso through his pants.

Just then, however, with a gargantuan effort, Kenneth pulled his face away from hers.

“I should show you the computer,” he muttered gruffly.

“You could, or you could show me something else,” Isabel responded breathlessly, still lost in the sensations running through her body from their kiss and fully swept up in her desire to go further as his voice pounded and thrummed through her. She had already begun instinctively thrusting her hips against his, her mind free of all thought except her need to have sex with this man, her vagina fully lubricated and her egg waiting eagerly deep inside her womb for fertilization. “I’m ready.”

Kenneth had only been able to hold himself back this long by lying to himself, taking advantage of his impulsiveness by forcing himself to think that this was all a waste of his time, that every second spent here engaging in boring foreplay with tech support was a second that he wasn’t actively balls deep in his wife, as he’d intended. He tore his gaze away from his coworker even as she quivered with arousal before him.

"I should leave." He needed to have sex, right now, and he firmly told himself that the only way he could do that was to go find Becca.

"No, don't leave! ...Ok, maybe you should leave." Isabel moaned in horny, confused anguish. "I just don't know anymore! I know my feelings are being manipulated, and that I can't trust them, but I really don't want you to go! But it's for all of the wrong reasons, and if you stay here we’ll… I’ll…" She sighed as she stood next to him, still burning with unfulfilled desire as she looked up into his dreamy face. If he made a move, she knew that she wouldn't be able to resist. Hopefully he would just kiss her again and that would be that.

Instead, Kenneth practically flew out of the room, his heavy footsteps making the floor reverberate as he searched for his wife. He found her in the bedroom, gasping with need as she fucked herself with a vibrator. Unable to spare enough attention to be take aback by the unexpected sight, he ripped his pants off, yanked the vibrator out of his wife’s glistening cunt, and slammed himself up to the hilt as his heavily pregnant wife moaned encouragingly, and he was immediately rewarded with that familiar sensation of happiness and purpose at finally having sex once more.

Now that his sensitive cock was wrapped in pussy Kenneth had completely forgotten about Isabel’s existence, but the same could not be said of her. She had seated herself in front of his computer, trying to focus through the considerable distraction of her still-burning arousal as she began to familiarize herself with LifeSim. Isabel had no choice but to do as Kenneth had asked, driven by her need to please him, but try as she might she couldn’t ignore the sounds of Kenneth's deep, satisfied grunts reverberating through her body from the next room, and listening to Becca's high-pitched squeaks and sighs of sexual bliss soon drove her to stick a hand down her slacks and start stroking herself as she explored the game’s interface.

As she stimulated her needy little nub, however, she slowly found herself forgetting about working on the program as she succumbed more and more to the vicarious pleasure of watching Kenneth and Becca’s avatars writhe under the sheets in the bedroom of Kenneth’s digital house, all the while imagining that her low-poly avatar was getting fucked instead.

Kenneth was just so much more desirable than she had ever thought that anyone could possibly be, and even though she knew her feelings weren’t her own, that they were solely due to the game's influence over her, that hadn’t made it any easier to resist when she’d thrown herself at him just minutes before. As soon as Isabel had first felt the program’s wonderful effects on her body, it was a foregone conclusion that she’d let Kenneth do whatever he wanted to her. At this point it was just a matter of time.

Isabel completely understood why the other women had given in so fast and been so easily impregnated - any girl not aware that their overwhelming new feelings were artificial would see no reason whatsoever not to coax Kenneth into filling her with cum as soon as possible. Heck, Isabel was aware, and she had still been unable to resist the urge.

As she jilled herself while watching the avatar of her coworker fuck his pregnant wife on the screen in front of her, she noticed how his happiness was slowly increasing, coming ever closer to the end of the bar above his head. It struck her how unfair it was that only Kenneth could accumulate happiness points toward changing his traits and life goals - as strange as it was to think about, Isabel was now just an NPC in someone else's game, able to be modified at will and helpless to resist the effects of that modification, with no recourse whatsoever. Kenneth had made his avatar irresistible to the NPC women in his neighborhood, and so, now that Isabel was a woman in his neighborhood, she couldn’t help but be obsessed with having sex with him. There was nothing she could do.

How much she wanted to feel Kenneth’s hard cock sliding between her thighs wasn’t actually the problem, of course; his sexy, throbbing meatrod was perfectly safe in a vacuum. The problem was the two large, virile testicles dangling innocuously between his legs that were directly connected to that erect, eager phallus. Isabel imagined them practically sloshing with the potent semen they were constantly producing, ensuring that sex with Kenneth would inevitably fertilize his endless supply of willing mates. And Isabel was feeling very willing at the moment.

Why does sex have to be tied to reproduction? she lamented. Why wasn’t Kenneth’s tasty cock just a solid dildo of throbbing muscle that she could use to take the edge off her constant, inescapable attraction to him? Why did that tempting dick have to come with a hollow shaft that would directly connect those heavy balls to the depths of her womb? She needed to bring Kenneth to a sexy, satisfying orgasm deep inside her, but she knew that she couldn’t do that without also causing cum to gush through his cock, and that would drown her receptive, impressionable egg in a welcome sea of compelling male genetic information.

For that matter, why couldn’t she just be a sterile cocksleeve for Kenneth? Why did her flirty little vagina have to be so damn fertile? Why couldn’t she just enjoy the feeling of his sexy cum flooding into her from his big, manly balls, filling her up to the brim with the essence of his masculinity, without that semen invariably kindling her womb into life?

After all, Isabel’s desires really had nothing to do with reproduction (ok, she confessed to herself, that’s not quite true, but still), so why did that have to be the unavoidable outcome? Isabel should be allowed to have some innocent, meaningless sexual fun with her coworker if she wanted to - sure it was a bit awkward socially, but it shouldn't have permanent, life-changing consequences! And the more pressing issue: why weren’t those consequences more worrisome to her? Why was the thought of getting bred by Kenneth so damn appealing all of a sudden?

The overarching problem was that, in this neighborhood, sexual intercourse had been effectively returned to a state of nature. Indulging in some appealing casual sex with Kenneth would normally be fine, but now that all of the women in the neighborhood were constantly fertile - including me, Isabel thought wistfully - her powerful need to feel Kenneth’s cock stimulating itself inside her tingly vagina was unfortunately no longer just an anachronistic instinct that, thanks to modern methods of contraception, could be safely indulged in to her heart’s content; it had reverted to its original purpose, an emotion designed to overpower reason and persuade men and women to engage in pleasurable coupling so that their genes would perpetuate themselves.

Well, maybe it’s time I started thinking about the next generation After all, Isabel’s body was designed to be impregnated - LifeSim was just making sure she did what came naturally. Intellectually, Isabel knew that she would never be thinking like this if she weren’t under the effects of the program, and she’d never really wanted to have children in the first place, but she couldn’t deny that she’d probably never meet a person that she wanted to produce offspring with as much as she did with Kenneth, right now. Sure that was LifeSim talking, but the fact remained: if she were ever going to get herself knocked up, now was the time, and Kenneth was the ideal mate.

It really wasn't fair - she hadn't asked for any of this, but it was all happening to her anyway, just like it had to Kelly and Linda and Becca. All she’d wanted was to help her friend, but now she was stuck also wanting to fuck him and carry his child, and she wanted it very badly.

The worst part was how good it all sounded to her now that LifeSim’s influence and Kenneth’s charisma had infected her mind. It just felt so nice to be near Kenneth, to bask in the intoxicating pleasure of their mutual attraction - would it really be so bad if something happened between them? Isabel realized that dwelling on these thoughts was dangerous, and she knew that the entire point of these feelings was to convince her to allow herself to be bred, but that didn't make her want to do it any less.

Even worse, she knew how much Kenneth wanted to give in as well, and she could feel her new compulsion to please her masculine coworker pounding inside her body and mind. That was the diabolical perfection of the game - everyone involved wanted to participate. He needed to spread his seed just as much as she needed to receive it. And it would be so easy for both of them to just go along with what felt good and natural and let themselves reproduce like bunnies.

Isabel’s attention was drawn back to Becca’s avatar's tinny voice coming through the speakers as the sounds began to ramp up in intensity, and the horny Latina knew that it wouldn’t be long before the feminine moans coming through the wall next to her would grow louder and more euphoric as the pregnant housewife came all over her husband’s cock. In a brief flash of jealousy, Isabel decided that she should be the one moaning in release like that, not Becca. She knew how utterly ridiculous it was to be jealous under the current circumstances, especially of Kenneth’s actual wife, and she knew instinctually that a man like Kenneth was more than entitled to screw whoever he wanted, but even so she couldn't help the way she felt.

She looked back at the screen, burning with envy, determined to find something in the game that could rectify the situation and get her the cock that she deserved before he wasted all of that potent cum on an already pregnant Becca. Isabel’s eyes briefly hovered over the heart prominently displayed above her avatar’s head, the evidence that her current feelings and actions were being strongly influenced by her infatuation with Kenneth. And she knew that it was true; she could feel her yearning for his body, her eagerness to let him have his way with her. It wasn't even something she could fight - it just was. Isabel wanted Kenneth to fuck her, regardless of the consequences. It was that simple.

There was an audible ding as Kenneth finally finished filling his happiness meter and unlocked his first free trait. Isabel saw that Kenneth hadn’t cum yet, and so she opened his traits menu, knowing the entire time what a horrible idea this was, how badly she would regret this decision in just a few short hours when she was no longer under the game's spell, but she also happily recognized that she was now too deeply under the effects of her own infatuation to care. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

She scrolled through the options until she saw exactly what she wanted. "Wild Oats". Player character has a powerful urge to boinkboink unimpregnated partners. Intercourse with impregnated partners results in significantly reduced enjoyment and lower happiness point boosts for relevant traits and life goals.

Isabel’s finger twitched above the mouse in a final moment of pregnant indecision…

Kenneth heard the buzz of his phone at the edge of his consciousness while he was busy fucking Becca, but he was more than happy to ignore it since he was just beginning to feel that addictive tightening sensation at the base of his cock that meant he’d soon be safely dumping yet another load into his swollen wife, and not into yet another of the fertile, infatuated housewives in his neighborhood.

All of a sudden, however, even though he could still feel the urge to cum building inside him, Kenneth realized that he didn’t really want to want to keep fucking Becca for some reason. He soon became antsy, and his thrusts began to falter as his mind turned to all of the unbred pussy nearby that he could be fucking instead. He absentmindedly glanced over at his phone in his distraction, and was very confused to see the message "Thank you for redeeming your Level 1 Life Goal reward trait: Wild Oats!" flashing across the screen.

Becca was understandably just as confused by Kenneth’s sudden lack of interest as he was - this new, improved Kenny didn't just stop in the middle of sex.

"Everything ok dear?"

"I, uh, sorry, but I think I need to go check on Isabel in the office," Kenneth blurted distractedly as he loosely threw a robe over his naked body. His erect cock stood out proudly through the flaps of his robe, still visibly purple and throbbing with his insistent, unrelieved need to cum as he rushed from the room. "Something's wrong.”

Yeah I bet I know what's wrong, Becca thought to herself. Still, she couldn't be too mad at Kenny - men like him had needs, and it wasn't like Becca didn't also find it super hot that her virile man was about to go impregnate a coworker. Why can’t he just make up his mind though? she asked herself with a longsuffering smile, but then her artificial arousal at the thought of Kenny with Isabel overcame her once more, and her vibrator quickly found its way back between her legs.

Kenneth hurried back into his office next door, his naked cock still aching for release as it bounced between the flapping tails of his robe. With a head still fuzzy with pent-up desire that demanded an outlet, his gaze fell upon Isabel’s curves where she sat at his computer.

Her eyes were similarly wild with arousal, glued to the computer screen where their two digital avatars could be clearly seen fucking with abandon on his desk while her hand worked furiously between her legs. She spun to meet him as he burst in, but her hand didn’t stop.

“Isabel! What did you do?!”

Isabel took one last, lingering look at the digital avatars fucking on the desk before she stood up and began making her way over to him with her pants still unzipped. A tuft of dark pubic hair peeked out from above her nude-colored underwear. “You were having sex with her, when you should have been having sex with me,” she said accusatorily. “So, I made it so that you’d want to have sex with me instead. And,” she gestured back at the PC, “it looks like it worked.”

She was right; that was exactly what Kenneth wanted. Even now he was admiring her slim torso and wide hips, imagining how good it would feel to slide himself between her thighs and let himself fill her up with his cum. It wouldn’t even take much - all he needed was a few good thrusts…

He saw her eyes lock onto his cock as it twitched at the prospect. God, he was so close. Still, he had to try one more time.

"Isabel," he growled as she shivered with renewed need at the sound of his voice. "That's what the game wants us to do. It's trying to get us to breed," he pleaded, even as the hypnotic bouncing of his eager cock belied his protestations. Isabel knew perfectly well that the new trait she’d given him was making the prospect of sowing his seed in her unbred pussy that much more appealing.

He saw her eyes dropping even further, to the balls hanging low and full between his legs, tucked away under his rigid mast, heavy with the genes that his hormones and instincts were urging him to spread yet again. The pre-cum leaking from his twitching member was already cloudy from how close he had come to cumming in Becca, full of baby juice waiting to surge into Isabel at the first opportunity. "Isabel," he said again, trying to keep his eagerness out of his voice. "If we have sex, you'll get pregnant."

"Promises, promises," Isabel teased as she let her pants fall to her ankles, revealing her furry pussy to him before finally pulling his naked torso tightly against her. God, he feels sooo good. Her small hand made its way down to his cock, still slick with Becca’s juices, and Kenneth moaned in defeat as she began alternately stroking him and pulling him over toward the desk.

She let him go once she finally reached it, jumping up onto the broad wooden surface just like her avatar on the screen next to her had prophetically done only a few minutes before. She opened her legs wide to show him her eager hole, the bright, glistening pink of her tempting depths peeking out through the darker skin of her mound.

It was more than Kenneth could take. He immediately lined his cock up with her beckoning entrance and squeezed himself inside, aware of his balls clenching as they slapped against her ass, ready for the impending nerve signal that would compel them to release their catalyzing messengers. His hard, oozing dick slid fully into her soaked depths on the first thrust, jerking strongly with the sensation after having already built up so much tension inside Becca, before Isabel and LifeSim had stolen his interest in her.

The enhanced excitement of being inside a new, unbred pussy was like nothing Kenneth had ever felt before. It added a whole new level of euphoria to the deep feeling of personal fulfillment Kenenth was forced to experience when having sex, and he knew he was no longer capable of pulling out of Isabel before he lost control. Still, that almost seemed appropriate. Isabel had done this to him, after all. She had not only made her own fertile pussy even more desirable to him than it had been minutes before, but she had also made it that much harder for him to resist all of the other unimpregnated women in the neighborhood in the process. And, with how good it felt to fuck under the influence of “Wild Oats”, Kenneth wasn’t sure how much he even wanted to resist filling them all up with his cum anymore.

Plus, Isabel had gotten rid of his hack of exclusively having sex with Becca, and so Kenneth figured it was only fair to embrace the uncontrollable urge slowly building up inside him once again and give her what she so clearly wanted.

That was perfectly fine with Isabel. She knew his sperm was waiting impatiently at the base of his cock, wanting to be inside her where it could fertilize her; that was what she wanted too, and it felt so good to give in to what her body wanted. She ran her hands up and down her torso, pulling up her shirt in the process so she could feel her skin against Kenneth’s now that his robe had come fully open. Kenneth appreciated the view as her small breasts with their dark brown nipples came into view, but he found his gaze being drawn lower, down to the smooth olive skin of her abdomen flexing with exertion. Isabel followed his gaze, and the thought of how he was about to make that taut abdomen swell caused her to redouble her efforts, slamming her pussy onto his cock with even more intensity to force him to fill her up.

Thanks to his edging with Becca, after just a few deep, satisfying strokes Kenneth abruptly felt it happening to him, the familiar tingle at the base of his spine that meant Isabel’s stimulating pussy had overwhelmed his sensitive cock and triggered his orgasm reflex. Kenneth was going to cum inside Isabel, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

"Ok, you wanted it, you're getting it," he growled, and he felt her body seize up with her own ecstasy at hearing the words. "You've done this to me and I can't hold back any longer. You're about to get what you deserve."

"Oh god, yes Kenny! Give me what I deserve! Fill my fertile body up! Breed meeee!" Isabel felt Kenneth growing thicker and harder inside her until his heavy balls finally clenched, forcing all of that built-up semen down his shaft and indiscriminately out into yet another receptive vagina.

Isabel screamed when she finally felt his torrent let loose inside of her, quickly coating her womb with powerful spurts of his thick jizz. Overwhelmed with sensation, she pressed herself fully against her mate, sinking him up to the hilt inside her reproductive tract as his rhythmic spasms continued to fill it. Isabel just sat there in the meantime, her vagina clenching uncontrollably around his cock as she felt each jet of his semen against her cervix, loving the fact that she was guaranteed to get pregnant now that Kenneth’s compelling essence was pooling deep inside her curious, impressionable babymaker.

As his twitches finally began to weaken Isabel began to ride him once more, coaxing as much spooge into her tight receptacle as she could, even though they both knew that the damage had already been done. Thanks to the hyperfertility LifeSim had forced upon her as soon as she entered the neighborhood, the bottom-heavy Latina knew that, just like Linda, Kelly, and Becca, she had successfully gotten herself bred. And, just like Linda, Kelly, and Becca, Isabel had never been happier.

Kenneth too was riding waves of euphoria as his orgasm trailed off, driven to new heights by the knowledge that he'd successfully impregnated yet another willing female.

"Well, that wasn't supposed to happen," he said resignedly, unable to keep his involuntary happiness out of his voice as he slid himself out of Isabel’s inseminated pussy and helped her off the desk.

“Oh god that was so good! It was so worth it!” she panted, knowing that his swimmers were already hard at work inside her body. Her crotch was still twitching as she lowered her outstretched legs to clamber down from her perch, and she had to lean against the desk for support as her satisfyingly full pussy continued to quiver, sending globs of excess cum sliding down her legs.

"I know it wasn’t supposed to happen, but I'm so glad it did!" she continued, gazing up at him with those same lovestruck brown eyes before pulling him into a tight hug. Isabel was relieved to discover that she relished the feeling of his virile body against hers just as much as she ever had, and holding him like this it was almost like she could still feel him inside her, pounding wave after wave of pleasure into her body as his cock filled her with gooey cum.

Kenneth couldn’t help but be glad too, of course, now that the deed was done. Thanks to Isabel’s rash decision, there was now no better feeling in the world than that of sowing his wild oats deep inside yet another fertile field where his seed was guaranteed to take root and grow. Still, he knew that giving in to the game's temptations like both of them had today would have permanent consequences, especially for Isabel, and he also knew that both of them would regret it horribly as soon as they left the neighborhood.

"You won't feel that way once you leave.”

"I don't care! I feel that way now! Your cum is inside me now, making me pregnant now, and that's all that matters! Ooh, I can practically feel it happening!" she cooed into his chest as her naked, dripping mound continued to twitch against his leg with the aftershocks of her pleasure, her reproductive organs still rewarding her for indulging in her urge to breed. "I know you warned me that this would happen, and I know I should have been more careful, but you were just so sexy and you smelled so good And now it’s too late; your sperm is inside me, fertilizing me, forcing me to have your baby..."

Kenneth watched as his lovestruck coworker trailed off, her long lashes half-closed in bliss as she rode out the final few pulses lingering from their lovemaking against his hip.

"We can go by a pharmacy and pick up some Plan B once we leave," he said matter-of-factly. As soon as he did so, however, he suddenly found himself feeling slightly sadder, almost as though he were disappointed that Isabel wouldn't be knocked up for much longer. Apparently “Wild Oats” came with a bit of a breeding fetish. Great, just what I needed

"Yeah, I guess I can let future me make that decision at least," Isabel said sheepishly as she finally started to recover from her daze. "Would you mind stepping out for a bit? I need to compose myself before heading back." She pointedly gestured down between her legs to her used pussy that was still fully on display, slowly oozing copious amounts of the semen their coupling had recklessly crammed up inside her.

"Oh, sure, no problem," he said, suddenly feeling embarrassed in spite of the intimacy of what they had just shared together, and so he quietly left the room.

As soon as she was sure he was gone, Isabel quickly sat down at his office chair once more, enjoying the feeling of his thick seed draining out of her onto the expensive leather, and turned her attention back to the game. She would have to act fast.

She checked her profile, and found it a bit surreal to see the "Pregnant" icon now flashing above her own head in addition to the heart that indicated her ongoing infatuation with Kenneth. She'd actually done it - she'd given in to LifeSim's temptations and let Kenneth impregnate her. Made Kenneth impregnate her.

It was so weird to already be aware that she was pregnant, to know that even though she didn’t look any different, her body had nonetheless undergone a fundamental change as a direct result of her actions. The genetic material that Kenneth hadn’t wanted to release, but nonetheless hadn’t been able to prevent himself from ejaculating into her had already overpowered and penetrated her egg. Her genes had gladly mingled with his, and now left to its own devices her body would inevitably swell with her own unique take on Kenneth's seed, just like all of the other women in his life. It still didn’t feel real, and yet Isabel couldn’t be happier to be just the latest addition to Kenneth’s growing stable of impregnated NPC broodmares.

In the same way, it was odd to be intellectually aware of what the game had done to her while simultaneously still being so deeply under its effects. As cautious as he had been, Kenneth had still somehow woefully undersold them - Isabel’s new desires were completely irresistible, and she wanted nothing more than to have his baby now that she had his cum inside her. She couldn't help it.

And yet she was also so happy about it! Whether her feelings were fake or not didn’t matter - she'd do anything to keep feeling this way, to keep the product of hers and Kenny's loins safe, to keep that wonderful pregnancy icon blinking over her head.

And so, as she had planned all along, Isabel made her second bad decision that afternoon.

As soon as Kenneth saw Becca in the kitchen, he knew that something was different. His first thought was how good her slim waist and wide hips looked, and he also noticed that her boobs somehow looked even larger and more appetizing than usual, her sideboob now visible around both sides of her body with her back to him as she did the dishes. His next thought was that familiar, deep-seated desire to grab her hips, bend her over the sink, and fuck a baby into her. But, now that he had the “Wild Oats” trait, that should only be possible if…

In a flash he realized the difference - Isabel somehow wasn't pregnant anymore! But how could that be possible?

Regardless of how it had happened, now that Kenneth’s libido had noticed that Becca was ripe and ready to be bred once more, he found himself filled with the urge to feel his dick losing control inside her soft, fertile body once again even as he realized what must have happened.

"So how was she?" Becca asked, turning around to reveal cheeks still pink with arousal above her swollen, leaky teats and slim waist.

“Becca, I didn’t mean to…”

“Yes, you did. I knew as soon as you got out of bed that there was only one pussy on your mind, and it wasn’t mine.” Becca’s breathing began to deepen as her compulsion to get turned on by Kenneth having sex with other women began to have its predictable effect on the new mother.

Now that his infatuated wife was getting turned on, Kenneth’s cock somehow began to rise to the occasion yet again, and his gaze dropped back to her slim waist as images of filling up her torso with his jizz flooded his mind.

Becca was immediately aware of his thoughts. "Anytime, lover," she purred, wrapping her arms around him and enjoying the feel of his large cock growing against her abdomen, knowing exactly what it could do to her body now that her womb was empty again. "I figured that now that Aiden was born, you might start feeling the urge again. Well, I'm more than ready for you to knock me up again whenever you like!"

Kenneth tried to think through the cloud of lust her words were filling him with. I just finished fucking Isabel, game, Jesus! Wait, what? "Since Aiden was born?"

"Yes? Aiden, you know, your son? Well, your first son anyway," she said with a naughty twinkle in her lovestruck eyes as she snaked a hand down to stroke his cock, which was still a bit oversensitive from the intensity of the orgasm that had dumped his load into Isabel.

Just at that moment, however, Isabel herself walked out of the office, beaming with happiness. One look at the olive skin of her swollen abdomen bulging out beneath her suddenly-ill-fitting work blouse confirmed what Kenneth had begun to suspect - even though he had inseminated her soft feminine body only a few minutes before, in the time he had left her alone with LifeSim Isabel had hit fast forward, and was now heavily pregnant.

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2024-05-07 23:41:29
That was absolutely, fucking amazing. Isabel using the computer program for her benefit and pleasure, even while under the influence of the program. Making Kenneth want to mostly have sex with non pregnant females was a brilliant turn. Now Linda, Becca, Kelly and all of the unbred females are again fair game. Get to breeding Kenneth, get your cock into as many as you possibly can. Multiples each day now that you also have the “Wild Oats” trait. Get to breeding. Can’t wait for the next installment of this story. I’ve been checking back very often, hoping for just such an addition in Kenneth’s unfortunate predicament. Keep them coming.


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