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Janie was tasked by the Godess Babalon to test her new curse on uncouth, mysoginist men.
“Steven, hey babe,” Janie answered her phone.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had an STD‽”

“Because I don’t.”

“Uh-huh, so my dicks bleeding for nothing?”

“You’re the one that gets around, master key of the locks.”

“No, nobody else I’ve been with has anything.”

“And I don’t either, so don’t blame me. It might not even be that, it could be just a UTI, anybody can get those.”

“Yeah and you can get those from people too!”

“I didn’t give you anything. I don’t have an STD, and if I had a UTI, then I’d be pissing fire blood, too.”

“How do I know you’re not?”

“Just listen, then.”

He heard the distinct sound of her peeing in a toilet, then a flush.

“Hear that; comfortable, regular, pain free pee.”


“You were with me last night, don’t you think you’d notice something?”

“I barely remember last night.”

“Oh, damn shame. Would you like a redo? I enjoyed it.”

“You’re asking me that after I got this STD from you? No. Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t fuck bitches with diseases. Plus I know you did, I got good dick.”

“Mmm… not really, but it’s been a while for me. It was better than nothing.”

“You shouldn’t be talking, you’re not much to look at!”

“Did I strike a nerve?” She chuckled. “You wanted me after all, and for a long time.”

“And I got you, didn’t I!”

“Because I allowed it to happen. Men like you think you have it all down packed, but a woman has to be welcoming to you, much like a woman wouldn’t have their way with you, unless you allowed it. So yes, I let you have me. Hope it was worth it.”

“I’ll let you know if I can remember, which already might be your answer.”

“Well if you can figure it out, let me know. I’m not in a hurry. Besides… it’s getting late and I know you probably have some whoring to do. Good night.” She hung up.


“That bitch, I shoulda known! I swear I—”

It had gotten late, late enough to set the sun and rise the moon. The light outside from it grown bright on him, he choked as the pain intensified. Steven fell to the floor and dropped his phone, clutched his stomach.

“Fuck! What the fuck,” he cried out.

His chest hurt and made it hard to breath, he struggles to go after the Pamperin bottle on the coffee table, hand shook as he grabbed it and fought with the top, breath heavy and haggard. He spilled the pills, cursing, his vocal chords hurt and felt tighter, bones felt like they were being beaten and smashed, head itchy as hair grew longer. He fell on his chest and received great pain concentrated on his nipples, yelled with a lighter voice, noticed the pain spread oddly, it grew while everywhere else felt like it was tightening under pressure, making it painful to move, his breast expanded under him. He went to get up to relieve the pressure, yet as their heft pulled down, there was no relief, it was compounded by his lighter, weaker body, nearly throwing him off balance as he stood, stumbled.

“My, you’re right, Babs… this is entertaining!”

“This is glorious, Janie. I was so curious to how this would turn out.”

They watch unseen from his living room, sat upon Trihexia

“Thank you Babalon, may I ask who are your friends?”

“I’m the Goddess Hecate.”

“Goddess Lilith.”

“I didn’t know you were a Goddess. Everything speaks of you as a demon.”

“If I’m not a Goddess, I may as well be. I’m much more than a demon, I promise you.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“No, you didn’t. I assume most people don’t know about me since I’m not a true Goddess.”

“Oh look,” one of Hecate’s heads spoke.

They saw him struggling with his pants as they had started to fall off, yet caught by his expanding hips and butt, adding pressure to the pain, he crashed into a wall, fighting the zipper and button.

“Now I’m rather jealous.” Janie scowled.

“The women in his line must’ve been well endowed. Never concern yourself of others and be proud of oneself,” Hecate said.

He whined and yelled in the voice of a woman, as his penis seemed to pull into itself, yanked those pants off, with boxers left on, grabbed and tugged to stop it, cried when the balls squeezed inside, reconstituting to female innards. They watched him struggle to stand, staggered about, eyesight blurry and breath heavy, shambled towards the door in boxers, socks, and t-shirt.

“The real show begins,” Babalon growled.

“Let’s see what Stephanie gets into,” Janie said.


Stephanie drifted outside, her head searched and scanned while she touched herself and moaned loudly. She wandered towards a direction and they followed in the sky, she aimed towards town, found herself near three homeless men and walked up to them.

“Damn, you look out if it, lady.”

She was in a daze, incredibly horny.

“She looks good, though, kinda slutty, bet she could use some dick,” another said.

She walked up to him eagerly.

“That what you want?”

She reached in her boxers, rubbed herself and moaned. “I… need it, please.”

“Ah dunno about this,” the third stated.

“Ah… all of… you.”

“Ya hear that‽ All of us! Run a train on this chick,” the second said.

“Anything,” she begged.

“Such a slutty zombie.” Janie laughed.

“So we can fuck your ass, right?”

“Any… thing.”

“Fine. Suck this dick,” the first ordered.

Stephanie quickly dropped to her knees and went for his pants, the whole time Steven felt like he’s in a dreamscape watching it all happen, watching what should be his hands, shaking, unzip this smelly homeless mans khakis, terrified at what’s to happen. He can taste the tongue licking and sucking, the musk filling his nose, his body on autopilot.

“I hope you’re taking notes, Babs.” Lilith watched.

Steven felt so disconnected to his body, only the senses and sensations shared, aware of the extreme horniness, then concretes pain on his knees.

“Should we… have condoms,” the third asked.

Steven wanted to scream “yes” so bad, while his head shook “no”.

“She said ‘no’, fellas!”

“Got no diseases!”

“She shook her again.

“Good. Suck me real quick, so I can fuck that ass of yours.”

Stephanie switched her mouth to his and stroked the other, he watched himself happily and hungrily switch back and fourth. Once the other was ready and went to pull down her boxers, she instinctively stood up.

“Damn she got a big ass!” He smacked it.

He forced himself inside her tight waiting hole, all the way to the hilt. Steven screamed, yet the only thing coming from her mouth was a squeal that turned into a deep moan of pleasure. He was not gentle with her, delivered his cock with vigor. The one who’s cock she was sucking, pulled out and directed her to their waiting friend, she willingly sucked.

“Damn this ass is tight!”

He pounded her hard as he could, she wailed, trying to suck that cock. He gripped her hips hard, gave a few heavy shoves that caused her to choke on it, and came in her. Steven yelled when he yanked it out, and the one he was sucking, moved behind her.

“No, no, no, no, no! Please,” he begged.

The man pushed in her virgin vagina, Steven felt like he was being ripped open a second time, yelled internally and mewled around a cock to everybody else, when the pain was replaced with pleasure that was hard to ignore, especially when she started to climax, he felt something he never felt before, how it built up and surged over what little consciousness he had.

“Looks like she loves it,” Lilith grinned.

“Oh yeah, I think little Stephanie is going to be a perfect little cock hungry slut,” Janie cheered.

“I agree, or go mad… who’s to say,” Babalon added.

“Who’s to care,” Janie retorted.

“We like her,” Hecate said.

“She’s mine[i/], ladies.”

The one who made good use of her mouth was ready to release himself in her mouth, grunted and pumped in her mouth and down her throat, jarred him with the tangy taste.

“All yours, Jimmy!”

He pushed her to lean over the table they were at, with her mouth free, she wailed until one covered her mouth. He thought Jimmy was taking a running start with each stroke, the way he was slamming inside her.

“I’m about to bust hard.”

Two more violent thrust and he held deep, unloading inside. She was out of breath, tried to stand and collapses to be caught by two of them and sat down.

“You might wanna relax a bit,” one said.

“Lemme get your underwear back on,” another said, grabbed her boxers. “So was all that what you wanted?”

“No! None of that,” he yelled, but she said, “yeah, thank you.”

“We missed out on the tits,” one complained.

She lifted her shirt to show her big tits.

“Damn I wanna cum on those.” The one who gave her anal handled them.

She shook her head. “Holes… only.”

“That was great,” Babalon said.

“She’s on the move.”

Stephanie once again shambled off in search to be used again.

“So… horny… so… horny… fuck me, please… anybody.”

His consciousness fades in and out as Stephanie wanders.

“I’m still sensing a faint male energy,” Hecate explained.

“Odd. But with such a taste, her lust should consume her entirely. I imagine he held on best he could. She’s going to be a feral whore now or soon enough, until she gets her fill. If he’s still in there, it makes it all the better! Imagine the inner turmoil!” Babalon laughed.

“Uh-oh,” Janie gasped.

“The poor girl has ran into… a guardsman. Right,” Hecate asked.

“Constable,” Lilith corrected.

“Police officer,” Janie corrected. “She could get arrested.”

“The way you humans separate female and male criminals; I would love to be in that cell when she turned back,” Babalon laughed.

The others agreed.

“Excuse me, but are you okay,” The cop asked her.

“N-no… I’m not.”

“What can I help you with?”

“To take me.”

“Help me,” his voice faintly yelled.

“Take you where?”

“Just… take me.”

“Where, though?”

She firmly squeezed a breast and her crotch. “[I]Take me… please
,” she begged.

He looked around. “Are you a prostitute, or on drugs?”

She shook her head. “Please. Do you want?” She lifted her shirt.

He quickly stopped her, feeling how soft her breast were.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Touch and take me.”

He ushered her out of view and sat her on the hood of his car, saw the anticipation and desire on her face, when he reached for her chest again. She lifted her shirt and displayed her large, heavy breast, nipples so erect, they looked in pain. His hands pressed deep, she sucked air.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“You like that?”

“There’s nothing I don’t… except wasted cum.”

He continued massaging her breast, she ground her hips on the hood, mouth agape. She bit her lower lip and gave a weak smile when he tugged on her nipples, the more he tugged, the more she moaned. She looked at his erect cock and started drooling.

“You want this dick?”

She nodded, not taking her eyes away. He let go long enough to free himself.

“Can I be rough?”


He pulled her by her nipples until her mouth was inches away.

“Nice fucking tits.”

“Thank you,” she said before her mouth was filled.

He tugged and firmly squeezed her breast while she sucked and moaned hungrily. He pulled her off by her hair and buried his cock between her breast, she held them together and gave him a tit job.

“This is as good as the alternative,” Babalon watched on.

“I do love it rough,” Lilith added.

He shoved her down and looked at her helpless face stare at his cock.

“You’re a cock hungry whore, ain’t you?”

“I am.”

He pulled her boxers off, pressed his cock inside her and lavished licking and sucking her breast, legs splayed open at near limit.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she panted.

She cried out when he bit her nipples and climaxed.

“The long dick of the law,” Janie joked.

Stephanie mewled and mewled.

“I can’t get enough of those tits of yours… you’re the best thing to happen on a twilight shift.”

“Thank you,” she whimpered.

“No, thank you.”

He sat up, held her neck with one hand and sped up his thrust, her breathing started getting ragged while he had his fun, Stephanie had just as much fun getting pounded and choked, her face started turning blue and she climaxed hard. It was her gasping voice that made him let go.

“Sorry I got carried away.”

“I… came… any… way.”

He lifted her legs up together, held to his chest and grunted until he finished in her, then took a step back, let her legs fall.

“That… was… great, she panted.

Stephanie managed to sit up, she looked pleasingly at the bruises, noticed a wet spot between her legs, eased off the hood and licked it up. She picked up her boxers to put on.

He was still baffled about her licking his car, but managed to ask; “what’s your name?”

“Stephanie and thank you for using me.”

“You seem a bit better.”

“I’m… getting there.”

“I wouldn’t mind a round two, Steph.”

“Me either.” She went to walk away.

“Heading home?”

“Need more.”


“This was absolutely entertaining, I’m surprised her stomach isn’t engorged. I must be going. Well met, Janie.”

“Good bye, Hecate,” she replied.

“Babs, I love that curse! Absolutely devious. I must retire myself,” Lilith stated.

Hecate left in a gust of leaves, Lilith in black smoke.

“Wish I could just teleport,” Janie yawned.

“It is convenient. I’m surprised at the number of men she managed to get. They really will do anything. This is where our night ends, however. Maybe not hers, but ours.”

Babalon took Janie back home, where she couldn’t wait to get to bed.

“I had been thinking about the blessing you offered.”

“I’ve gotten to know you enough to have figured something out.” She had a devious grin. “I’ve got it.”

With that, she and Trihexia vanished. Janie wondered what she was going to do for her blessing. Stephanie was tired and still not satiated, currently getting done hard in a park. On the ground, on her side, she was pounded hard, voice nearly hoarse, breathing heavy and weak yelping. Steve was long gone, the fresh transformation was hard on the body and mind. Her leg lifted, he gripped her thigh, she played with her own breast, the guy uses her tight asshole to get him close enough, switched back to her equally tight pussy that started clenching like mad.

“Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes,” she tried to yell.

The man was ready to release in her, gave her one good thrust and held deep, and grunted. Pulled out, cleaned his cock, with her boxers, left without a word. She was left by herself, dirty, bruised, tired. Stephanie managed to get her boxers back on, tried to stand with a struggle, body exhausted, she couldn’t pick herself up and crawled until her arms shook, legs gave out. Without even the strength to drag herself, she stared desperately in the direction she wanted to go, breathing like a fish out of water, until she passed out.


Sometime in the morning, Steven was woken up by a parks worker.

“Hey buddy! Buddy! What are you doing out here?”

Stevens groaned and sat up. “What times it!” He held his head.

“It’s ten a.m.”

“Wait… where… who are you? Where am I?”

“You’re in Lantis Park, buddy.”

“Shit!” He jumped to his feet. “How did I get here‽”

“I dunno. You were already here.”

“Shit. Shit! Shit! Th-thanks for waking me… I gotta get home!” He ran off.


“So… I’m curious… how did it go last night,” Vix asked.

“Fucking great. He was like a horny zombie. From a group of homeless men, a cop, a taxi driver, like… eight… nine people before we stopped following.” Janie slowly rode his cock.

“I wish I ran across him.”

His fingers brushed over her nipple under her shirt, other hand rubbed her clit.

“Just get out at night, you’ll see Stephanie wandering around -unngh- cock hungry. She apparently has no limits—that cop… he was so rough, I almost felt sorry, if it wasn’t so fun to watch.”

“I just might go on a stroll tonight.”

Janie started to climax, she leaned into him and jerked her hips. Once it passed, she leaned forward and braced herself on his desk. Vix grabbed her by the hips and used her to jack himself off until he came, himself.

“So… how… many girls… see…”

“The real me? Not many. It’s nice to be myself.”

“There’s not a… single… human dick—oh fuck I’m cumming again?”

He just chuckled, growled, slammed her on his cock and climaxed. Carefully he laid her back on his chest and kissed her neck.”

“Ya know… you seem too horny and even tempered to be a possible danger. I suppose it’s best not to be on that side.”

“Not too different than humans. I have my moments.” He licked her neck to her chin. “You’re a svelte little minx.”

“Pfft. Don’t tell me you don’t prefer the other girls around here. I know who you feed on.”

“I have no preferences, every body catches my eye in one way or another. You might not like how you look, but I do. I like that Rachel has big tits, and I like that you have none.”

“What‽ They’re there!”

He laughed at her. “They’re small and they suit you just fine. We know peoples urges and desires… some of the men who check you out, really do have a thing for your body as it is.”

“I bet you only say that because you demons will fuck anything.”

“You’d be surprised. Incubus and succubus can be pretty picky, more so with our own kind, where love is involved.”

“So it’s just you?”

Vix laughed. “Given our design, is it really that bad?”

“No… more men—demon or human, should be like you.”

“Let you women tell it; every man will fuck anything that walks.”

This time Janie laughed.

“If you did alter your body, then you’d still have people not find you attractive, you know that, right?”

“Yeah.” She sighed.

“Don’t get all gloomy on me.”

“I’m not. Hey, do you have a girlfriend, or wife?”


“I suppose you’d have time to find one, living thousands of years,” she mused.



“What happened to you?”

“Ah dunno! One moment I was at home, arguing with Janie, next thing I know, I woke up in a park!”

“The boss was looking for you. Woke up in a park‽”


“Does this hafta do with what was happening yesterday?”

“It might.”

“How is that, did you find out what it was?”

He thought and realized that he was actually fine, like it never happened.

“It was a… uti.”

“Aye… coulda been worse.”


“Where you drinking last night?”

“Not that I remember. I was talking to Janie about maybe catching something from her, like we talked about. Everything kinda hazy and… I woke up in a park.”

Steven purposely left out the transforming into a woman and having sex, which he wasn’t too sure it actually happened, anyway.

“That don’t make any sense,” Calvin replied.

“I know it doesn’t. I wish I had a better answer. I do feel like she’s behind it, though.”

Steve talked to his boss, who told him it was probably stress from working, and suggested he take a few mental health days. He agreed that he would, if only to give him more time to figure things out. He was told to do what he can and leave during lunch.

He stopped at a fast food place on his way home. While he ate, he jotted down what he could remember since having sex with Janie, just thinking about it all made his head hurt, those flashes of memories, he kept pushing through, making vague notes to piece together. Janie dumping something in a candle, words she was saying, she rubbed something on him.

“Thank, damn you, thank!”

He jotted down more notes and looked them over; it wasn’t until they moved from the living room, that things got hazy, he wanted to keep kissing her and do her right in the kitchen. They made it to her bedroom and she was sucking him, he undressed her, scowling at the thought of her naked and liking it. Steven held his head and went to get some aspirin from the bathroom. He took two, looked in the vanity and briefly saw a woman staring back at him, when he shut it. Squeezed his eyes shut, squinted and saw the woman, but once he opened his eyes fully, she was gone. He took four more aspirin, just in case.

His friends stopped by with beer to check up on him a little while after getting off work.

“How you feeling, Steve-o?”

“Other than a headache, not bad, Drew.”

“We got beer with us, brother!” Calvin walked in.

“So, what’s this chicken scratch?”

“I’ve been trying to remember shit since that night with Janie.”

“Figure out that waking in a park thing, yet?”

“Getting there.”

“You woke up in a park‽ Are you on drugs?”

“No. Last night I was arguing with Janie, and then I woke up in a park.”

“Hmm… maybe she did it somehow. What if… hey, maybe she hypnotized you!”

Calvin snapped his fingers. “We didn’t think of that.”

“I guess that’s possible.” He grabbed a beer.

“This sez she rubbed something on you, you know what it was,” Drew looked at the notebook.

Steve tried to think about it, he saw her on top of him with the cotton ball, he remembered seeing it in a bowl of what looked like water. “It was clear, like water.”

“Coulda been a drug, like MDMA. They say that shit can kick in any time after you take it.”

“We got all day to figure this out, fellas. Get some beer in us first,” Calvin suggested.

“You feel okay, now, though? Other than the headache,” Drew asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.”

They had a few beers in them, playing the GameStation.

“So, what does that Janie chick look like,” Drew asked.

“Bro… not even worth it! No tits, no ass, no curves. Man, she’s like a plank of wood—don’t even shave her pussy, bro.”

“You were going crazy over that?”

“I thought she at least had some curves and a B at the smallest. After all that work, yeah I was going to hit it, and move on. I can’t be with a broad like that. At least have a nice ass, if you don’t have tits. She… she had this…” He tried to think back. “This lingerie that was so skimpy and… only covered her nipples and kinda disappeared in her bush, like some shaved weasel.”

They laughed at him.

“I was more turned on, than I shoulda been.”

“Was the sex at least good,” Calvin asked.

He thought back again, pushed himself, saw the moment he ravished her with his mouth, she wanted him to break her, she sucked his cock, he penetrated her and enjoyed her breast, the memories came easier, she dumped a bowl of flowers in the candle and he remembers swimming in his head, how now, that his desire seemed fake and he shouldn’t have been so into her. He remembered the first time he saw her naked, he had thought of just leaving, but his body and a part of his head wanted her. After what looked like a fireball, he gave in and accepted it. Her words started getting clearer.

“Boom! Gotcha,” Drew yelled.

“It… umm… wasn’t as good as I thought it was.”

“You always cheat with Marshall Law! What do you mean not as you thought it was?”

“I mean... I think you’re right; she might’ve used drugs.”

They both looked at him.

“What kind,” Calvin asked.

“She took what looked like dried flowers and shit, and put them in a candle. There was already something in the air, from that weird looking candle. The thing looked like it had a woman’s face and breast, and the face had horns. She… she…”

“Write this down,” Drew said.

Calvin grabbed the notebook and pen.

“Put those flowers in it and another smell just rushed in the room—both of us seemed to get high. The candle… it… it didn’t seem to bother her. She was fine until those flowers.”

“A break through! See? Beer!” Drew exclaimed.

“Yeah, I think the beers helping.”

“Takes a drug to fight a drug!”

“I don’t think it works like that?” Calvin was unsure.

“Let’s get some pizza!” Drew grabbed his phone.

They were all in a good mood, eating pizza and going rounds on Tekken.

“Man… we should get some bitches over here,” Calvin said.

“Yeah… I could get laid by some real females,” Steven added.

“I can call Chrissy if yall got the money,” Drew said.

“My man needs something good and quick for his recovery,” Calvin agreed.

“Fuck! I need to get laid, let’s get laid boys,” Steven yelled.


Chapter 4

“Okay, I’ll call her and see if she’s up for it.” Drew grabbed his phone.

“We’re about to get it, boys!”

“Yep.” Steven opened another beer and took a good sip.

He didn’t realize how late it had gotten late enough the sun set.

“Shit… okay, that’s cool.” He hung up. “She can’t come tonight.”

“Damn,” Calvin said.

Steven choked on his beer and dropped it.

“Steve-o it’s not that serious,” Drew said.

“N-no.” He coughed.

His body convulsed and he grunted.

“Hey, hey! Steve! What’s going on‽” Calvin grabbed him.


“It’s a little after seven, why, what’s happening,” Drew answered.

Steve yelled. “Again‽”

“This happened before,” Drew asked.

The familiar pain of his body changing, his breathing struggled, heart raced, he grunted in severe pain as his balls and penis retreated inside, held his crotch.

“Lay him down, lay him down,” Calvin yelled.

They laid him on the couch, as his body writhed.

“I’ll call the—what’s happening to his chest‽ What’s your chest doing?” Drew watched.

They stared as he grunted through gritted teeth as his breast grew, hair grew, lips filled. They were in awe of what they were seeing. Steven was in a cold sweat.

“P-pants! Pants, pants,” he strained as his voice changed.

“Pants,” Calvin repeated.

“Think he wants you to take’em off.”

“Whoa, we boys, but not like that! Not trying to see your junk.”

“Hurts! It hurts… fast!” She tried to pull them down.

‘Dude just fucking do it!”


Calvin unbuttoned and zipped her pants, they watched her hips swell, her breathing relaxed while she took deep breaths, chest rose and fell. They looked at each other.

“Th-thank you,” she whispered.

Calvin waved Drew away from the couch.

“Are you seeing that? Did Steve just really…”

“Turn into a hot, big titty bitch, with glass cutting nipples?”

He slapped his chest.

“What‽ He… she… is hot.”

“Dude! That’s Steve, man.”

“Steve’s got pretty hot, though.”

“C’mon man.”

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t think that’s sexy.”

Calvin just looked at him and walked over to her.

“Oh, hey.” She gave him a flirty smile.

“Umm… that you Steve?” Drew looked her up and down.

“No… Stephanie.”

“Do you remember who we are,” Drew asked.

“Yes. Drew and Calvin… my… horny… friends.” She licked her lips.

“How did this happen, was it because we were horny and he couldn’t get Chrissy over? We’re not this desperate,” Calvin said.

She looked confused.

“I don’t think she knows what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t call him a she, Steve’s not a bitch!”

“Not… Steve… am bitch.”

“Umm… Steph—can I call you that,” Drew asked.

She nodded.

“Cool. So what do you remember—what else?”

“You’re horny… Cal… horny… my house, so perfect.”

Drew looked at Calvin.

“I’m horny.” She stuck her fingers in her boxers and moaned.

“Bro, what even is this‽ What are we gonna do,” Calvin asked.

“Fuck me,” she panted and reached for his crotch.

“Hey!” He jumped back. “I don’t fuck dudes!”

“I’m whore.” She lifted her shirt.

“Holy shit, those are big,” Drew yelled.

“Don’t you touch him!”

“Not him,” she whined and turned to Drew. “Please touch.”

He looked at Calvin who judged him with a look.

“She asked nice, man. Okay, just a touch.”

Drew grabbed her breast, lifted and squeezed, she hummed with pleasure.

“Dude… her tits are really soft.”

“Noooo! Drew you man whore, don’t you fuck me. Why’s this happening to me,” Steve yelled in his head.

“That’s just wrong!”

“Exactly! Yes, Cal, yes!”

She pulled Drew in for a kiss.

“Okay, okay, that’s too much.” Calvin pulled them apart.

“Sex now,” she asked.

“No, we’re not having sex with you! Is this what that Janie bitch did to you‽”

“Is it because I bought Bud Light?”

“It’s not the damn beer! This is some fucked up shit, I bet that Janie chick did this, somehow.”

“No… sex?”

“No! Just have a beer and a slice, chill.”

“Dude… Calvin. Say she did do this, how would she even do it? I don’t think that trans shit works like this.”

Stephanie got up, walked out of her pants and shambled towards the door.

“What are you doing, Steven,” Calvin asked.

Stephanie, dude!”

“Need… sex.”

“Aye, you can’t leave like that.” Calvin rushed over to her.

“Mmm… then you, yes?” She reached for his cock and held him.

“Not me, I can’t fuck my friend.” He gently removed her hand.

She tried to go around him. “Need sex.”

“Nu-huh, we’re gonna wait this out.” He ushered her to the couch.

“Need sex… filled… please!”

“Nope. You need to change back.”

“Please!” She struggled. “Need filled! Need… filled… please… please fill me.”

Calvin sat her down on the couch and stopped her from getting up as she continued to whine and beg.

“Can you hold her while I take a piss? And don’t fuck her!”

“Man, I got this.”

Calvin went to the bathroom, she turned to Drew with begging eyes and rested a hand on his crotch.

“Please… Drew.”

“Umm… would it make you feel better?”

She nodded.

He sighed. “You are pretty hot. And… you’re cute. I guess it couldn’t hurt if you sucked my dick, would you like that?”

“Any… thing… for cum.”

He looked towards the hall and quickly pulled his cock out. “Quick.”

Stephanie hungrily took it in her mouth.

“Oh fuck, that’s good right off the start. Did you mean I could do anything to you?”

She looked up at him. “Anything.”

“We’ll talk later.” He pushed her head back down.

He noticed her wide, plump butt was sticking up and reached to grab it.

“Are you fucking serious, right now,” Calvin yelled.

“Dude! She likes it, it keeps her quiet. And… she’s fucking good at it, god damn!”

“Are you stupid‽”

“Look man, she was determined to get some dick. We might as well give it to her! All she’s going to do is keep fighting to leave, crying and shit.”

“Let her cry, then!”

“I’m not trying to deal with that all night. If she wants to get laid, better us, than some rando outside.”

He just stared at him.

“Would you turn away some chick walking around begging for dick?”

“I’m doing it now!”

“Ooo Steph, good girl. Look; I don’t want some rando taking advantage of her, like some unwashed hobo fucking her on a park bench. What if she tries a cop and gets arrested? At least she’s safe here and we’re clean.”

“C’mon… even Steve has some scruples.”

“Hey Steph.” He lifted her head. “You want dick, right?”

“Yes… to be filled.”

“Would you fuck anybody?”


“Okay, you can go back to sucking.”

“Thank you.”

“See? She’ll fuck anything walking.”

Calvin looked around. “What the fuck is happening right now‽”

“We’re helping a bro in need. A sis-bro.”

“At least go in the bedroom, I guess,” he said with reluctance.

“Cool. C’mon Steph, to the bedroom.”

She sat up, Drew stood and helped her up. Calvin looked away from his exposed cock. He took her in the bedroom.

“Maybe once she has sex, she’ll change back,” he yelled from the room.

Calvin sat on the couch and grabbed a beer with a heavy sigh.


The two went in the bedroom and he shut the door.

“Okay… Steph, you ready?”

She nodded.

“I hope you don’t remember this when you turn back.”

“You man whore bastard,” Steve yelled.

Drew pulled her shirt off and kissed her, pulled his shirt off and stripped the rest of his clothes off, then grabbed her breast again.

“Damn you’re sexy as fuck.”

“Thank you.”

“If you never change back, can you be my girlfriend?”

“Not girlfriend… am whore.”

“Then can we fuck a lot?”

“Of course.” She smiled.

“Better than nothing.”

Drew sat her on the bed and sat next to her.

“I admit this is kinda weird, I mean… we’re best friends. Do you remember we’re friends?”

“I do.”

“Do you remember anything else, anything?”

She just looked at him.

“Okay… what’s one plus one?”

She looked confused.

“How do you remember us?”

“Not sure.”

“So do you remember anybody else in your life?”

“Mom… dad… family… people at… at… work?”

“Good, good. What about that Janie woman?”


“Do you know if she did this to you?”

“Did what?”

He sighed. Do you at least remember having sex with her?”

“Don’t like women… no cum.”

“No cum… got it. So you remember her name and what she looks like?”


“Is that it?”


“Okay.” He nodded with approval. “Just checking to see if something up there is working.”

“Thank you for… caring, Drew.”

He hugged her. “We’re best friends. My best friend I’m gonna dick down real good.”

He let go and kissed her again, laid her down with him on the bed, groped her breast while she moaned and reached for his cock to stroke. He rolled her on her back and sucked her nipples, still amazed at how soft her breast were, kneading them, she was moaning and breathing heavy.

“Drew,” she moaned.

He tore himself from her breast, went to pull her boxers down, revealing her wet, hungry pussy, he thought she smelled good, opened her legs and gave her a lick, she was wetter than he thought. Drew tugged on her labia with his teeth and she groaned, tongue breeched inside her, licked her juices, she moaned deeper, Drew started licking inside her and sucking her lips, she yelped. Calvin could hear her noises and scowled in disgust at what they were doing, and drunk another beer.

“Yes! Yes, Drew,” she cried out.

Drew was sucking and licking her clit, she started to chitter and climax. He mounted her and kissed her, she was tight, squinted when he was fully inside and gasped.

“Doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“Don’t matter.”

“It does matter.”

She shook her head. “Don’t mind… you can.”

“I don’t wanna hurt my friend.”

She smiled and kissed him, he pushed deeper and pulled out a little, slowly pushed back in, they both hummed into their kiss, she held him and wrapped her thick thighs around him. Stephanie broke the kiss when she started to mewl. Drew looked at her face and thought she was beautiful and nearly too tight, when her muscles clamped down on his cock, it felt like he couldn’t pull out.

Steve once again was suffering, thinking this was the worst thing to happen was his friends taking advantage of him, and actually waited for the solace of fading away, so he couldn’t witness anymore, along with hoping Drew wasn’t falling in love with him.

Drew wasn’t in a hurry, he was enjoying it, to him, she was one of his better lays. He sucked her earlobe and she gasped with a moan. One thing was sure, he wasn’t going to be rough with her, his thrust were slow and easy, she looked so weak under him, other than her eyes seemingly staring off to nothing if not looking at him, although he wondered if she was looking at him or through him.

“Hey, do you wanna try something else?”

As if she was brought back to earth, her eyes focused on him. “what?”

“I was thinking about if you wanted to ride me.”

“Do what you… wanna do.”

He blinked. “Umm… okay. Get on top.”

She let go of him and he rolled to his back.

“I guess you’re the submissive type, huh?”

“Yes.” She climbed on top. “Pick hole. You pick.”

“Back in your pussy.”

She smiled and guided his cock inside as she sat down. Her eyes rolled back and she yelled once fully seated. Drew held her fat ass, watched her stare off while she slowly slide back and fourth. To him there was too much of her to enjoy in one sitting, his hands left her ass, traveled to her hips, up her sides and to her breast that were swaying. He pushed his hands feeling them give under pressure, rubbed her nipples with his thumbs, eliciting a coo from her.

There was a heavy knock on the door. “Yall about done‽”

“Almost! Don’t be a buzzkill!”

Drew looked up at her and the intrusion didn’t phase her. He pulled her down until her breast hovered over his face, threatening to smother him, face right at the canyon entrance. He let her go and she held herself there. He rubbed his face between them as they swung, reached to feel her thighs and gripped her ass again. He grabbed one of her firm nipples in his teeth, so he could suck it, then pulled and pushed on her ass to increase her stroke, the rest of her breast rolled and pushed on his face. Stephanie started to moan each time she went down, he went for the other nipple.

“Damn, now I’m horny, too. But I can’t—no, no,” Calvin muttered, gotten a nice buzz going.

Stephanie panted hard as she thrust herself down the length of his shaft, mouth agape, Drew realized she was drooling a little, her arms shook as she did her best to hold as placed.

“Arms gettin’ tired, Steph?”


Realizing she only does as told, he said to “lay down.”

She placed her arms around his head and their lips met, just brushing on each other.

“Let’s get this done before he starts really complaining.”

Drew kissed her again, the kisses were sloppy and he sucked on her lips. His legs drawn in, he pushed his hips on her aft rock, a hand on her back, she started to whimper in his mouth, his assist pushed them further. Closer he got, she was closer, her whimpering turned to soft moans, a few abrupt yelps, she clenched tight.

“Should… should I pull out?”

“No,” she wailed.

Calvin could hear her loudly, Stephanie wailed and groaned, her body shook when she climaxed.

“We have so much in common and you being a woman is perfect… I think… I think I wish you could be mine.”

“Sorry,” she stuttered, her mouth chattered when the peak passed.

“Speed it up, some… that’s it.”

He felt her ass rocking off rhythm, with a guttural moan he released in her, slowed her down and held her tight as his peak passed. They lay there a moment to catch their breath, he shard a few more kisses with her.

“Th-thank… you.”

“No, thank you, Steph.”

He nudged her gently to roll off and just soaked her in, until he could gather himself to somewhat get dressed. Calvin heard the door open, Drew walked to the living room.

“You’re turn, bud.”

“No, I just can’t do that to her.”

“Cal… please,” Stephanie begged.

“No, and don’t you need to rest?”

She shook her head. “Please?”

“I know it’s weird, but just do it. She’s just going to try and leave again,” he argued.

“Fine,” he barked. “I’ll do it, but I won’t like it.”

“Yeah ya will.” Drew kissed her one last time.

Calvin got up, swayed a bit, and meandered to her and to the bedroom. “Good thing I gotta condom.”

“No,” she whined.

“Gotta be raw, bud, she wants the cum outta ya.”

Calvin sighed.


She watched while he undressed, when his cock sprang free, she couldn’t pull her eyes away.

“Okay so… what do you wanna do?”

“Anything you want.”

“I guess suck it.”

Stephanie got on her knees, hungrily took his cock in her mouth, twisted her head while she bobbed her head. He watched her soft lips glide up and down, the way her head twisted to an unknown rhythm was nearly hypnotic in his buzzed state.

“That’s actually pretty good. I like sloppy and deeper, though.”

She pushed her mouth deep as she could, he felt himself enter her throat, she gasped after she came up with a loud slurp. Stephanie dragged her lips ever so loosely and that familiar sound of her throat getting blocked by his thick head, with loud slurping.

“Fuck, I hope I’m too drunk to remember this.” He held her shoulders, exhaled heavy. “Feels so good… Stephanie, was it?”

“Mm-hmm,” she happily hummed.

She was like a machine, slurping on his cock, left it coated in thick phlegm, as much as he enjoyed it, he still felt uneasy knowing who she was, it was no going back now, if there was an ounce of his friend still in there, backing out now wouldn’t change anything.

“You’re too good at this. Might as well get this over with, I guess… get on the bed… but don’t look at me.”

Stephanie slowly stood while doing her best to look away, her heavy breast rose past his face, he had to, he reached up and grabbed them out of curiosity, then gave both nipples a pinch.

“Okay, on the bed, doggy style.”

She climbed up, he turned to see her butt and thighs jiggle while she crawled and positioned herself.

“Okay. Gonna be easy, okay? It just doesn’t feel right, going at it all hard and rough.”

“Don’t mind it.”

“I do, though. Bad enough we’re even doing it at all.”

He gazed at her curves, slowly held the sides of her butt and followed the contour, then spread it, revealing both holes, he watched his cock push through her bush, past those lips, she grunted meekly and cooed once he was all the way inside, and gave him a clench.

“You’re tight… damn.”

Calvin backed out some and pushed back in, shuddered at the sensation, did his best to be gingerly with his strokes.

“You’re like a vise grip,” he muttered.

Calvin slowly dragged his cock in and out of her, with a grip on her butt and couldn’t take his eyes away, a mix in intrigue and habit. Her breath level, a whimper here and there, Stephanie tightened and made it hard for him, the increased sensation made his body ripple with pleasure, and his push and pull was more forceful than he intended, especially trying to keep from being pushed out. She gasped when he pushed a bit too hard, a moan followed. Calvin admitted to himself that she was indeed sexy and looked like those women they follow on Instagram, some of which paid for the look.

“Cal… mmmm.”

Her insides felt good, he did think she grabbed too hard when she did it, to the point it almost hurt, yet the complaint wasn’t very serious, figured with more oomph, it might be even less. Of course, he really did like blondes, so Stephen as Stephanie was his weakness—that there he didn’t like.

“Cl-close,” she moaned.

He realized his musings were getting a bit distracting and he did just want to get it over with and speak very little about this odd unavoidable situation. She did say she didn’t mind it rough, he thought, so he gave her a little more push, and a sluggish pull, Stephanie made a noise he couldn’t discern and dropped to her forearms. Calvin moved his hands to her hips, started pulling her into his thrust, she started making a noise like a cat in heat, flexing around him, it was easier for him to push against her vaginal grip and he figured she was having an orgasm, which she was.

“You cum pretty easy, huh?”

“I do,” she managed to say with heavy breath.

The rest of her was too tempting, even if he really didn’t want to look at her, the rest was literally at his finger tips. Calvin reached for her heavy breast, his weight baring on her vagina, she started to mewl with his constant depth inside her and her breast fondled. The way they gave in his hands, her thighs and butt pressed against him, trapped between his legs, her rising body heat, the less he thought about who she was supposed to be. She couldn’t hold his weight anymore and her limbs gave, he guided her down on their sides, his arm under her moved to press her close by her stomach. His thrust were harder to push past her butt, there was no more resisting her, his mind told him as long as she wasn’t hurt, it was all fine. Especially the way she mewled and whimpered.

Stephanie swung her left leg over his to spread herself open more and cried out. The scent of her hair filled his nose—Stevens shampoo, he watched in the moon casted night, her thigh jiggled by his own thrust, propped up on his leg. In this position where she was in his embrace, it him in an uneasy lustful desire for his friend, thoughts rushed through his head of having her at his disposal, mentally cursed himself at the very idea, tried to push the thoughts from his head and remember who his friend is, or was, given they’re currently having sex. Stephanie brought him back when she wailed his name.

“I need to hurry up,” he huffed and picked up his pace.

Calvin eventually felt himself rushing closer and closer to his climax, she held both his hands and squeezed them as she climaxed, he let loose inside her shortly after, felt himself pump his load deep as he could inside of her. She didn’t let go, he didn’t move, simply squeezed her tight to him as they caught their breath.

“Thank you,” she finally spoke.

“I don’t… I don’t know how this happened to you, but I’m sorry it did.”


Calvin sighed.
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