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Cadwarra gets horny explaining The Joy of Shaving. Mostly normal sex although Llisanya and Cadwarra kiss and Diamander likes it.
As soon as she left the Cess Pool, Llisanya headed to South Qeynos and reviewed the tasks Vishra had just given her. The first couple of chores would be easy; she was to handle some money issues, relay some messages and pick up some items. A more difficult task would be later that night dealing with Amber Vishra. The last task was in a couple days and was most unpleasant.

She knocked on the door next to Cadwarra’s room. The High Elf opened it to find that big-eyed Half Elf sweetie standing there. “Hello, Cutie. I hope this is a social visit.” Without asking permission, she slid her hand under Llisanya’s blouse to cup her left breast.

Llisanya allowed herself to be fondled. It was obvious that this neighbour was spying on Cadwarra and Diamander for Vishra and she wanted to remain on good terms with her. Besides, that hand on her breast felt pleasant. Her nipples rose in approval of the touch of another woman.

“I am sorry, My Lady, but it’s business. Marshall Vishra wonders if you might drop by as soon as you can.”

The High Elf was disappointed not to be able to enjoy Llisanya’s caresses but was resigned to her other obligations. “Any idea what he would want?” Her finger and thumb playfully pulled Llisanya’s hard nipple.

“I assume he has your weekly fee and if I may warn you, I left him kinda horny. Have you enjoyed his attentions yet?

Her hand slid over to cup Llisanya’s other breast. She gently lifted it as if trying to guess how much it weighed. “I have not yet had the honour” she answered Llisanya while she squeezed the soft tit.

“He is rather large. At least for me. Other women do not seem to share my complaint.”

“I would certainly enjoy finding that out for myself.” She removed her hand from under Llisanya’s blouse and thoughtfully smoothed the material back down. She turned to grab a jacket. With a quick apology to Llisanya and a good-bye kiss she trotted down the stairs as if anxious to find out just how big Vishra really was. She feared she’d be disappointed. The Half Elf was so small, afterall, and might be misjudging his proportions. Surely he could not be as big as the Sergeant’s son.

Llisanya turned and knocked on Cadwarra’s door. From inside, a male and female voice called out in unison “It’s open!”

Cadwarra was standing topless in the middle of the room. Her bare boobs perched there on her chest, visible for whoever it turned out to be at the door. She stood next to a seated male, shaving cream lathered on his face. She held a straight razor in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. She was half way through the glass of wine and half way through shaving the male.

Cadwarra’s only piece of clothing was a pair of oversize pink silk pajama bottoms. The overly long legs were rolled up quite a bit so its barefoot wearer would not trip over the cuffs. Cadwarra had tried to cinch the pajama bottoms up around her small waist but they were so big on her that they had slipped low enough on her curving hips to reveal wisps of Cadwarra’s pubic hair below her beautiful, perfect tummy, flat but for a lovely hint of roundness. Her belly button was very cute. She looked adorable unabashedly standing there in that state of near undress.

Diamander, for Llisanya assumed it was Vishra’s nephew, sat in a chair with his face half shaved. He was covered by nothing but a towel. Rather than it being wrapped around his waist it was simply laid over his lap. Llisanya could see the outline of his soft penis just lying there under the thin cloth. He nodded politely at the pretty Half Elf, studying her, curious to know who she was.

His bare chest was very sexy. Aroused from the interrupted interlude that she and Vishra had had and further excited by the High Elf’s groping just now she found Cadwarra and Diamander made a very, very attractive couple.

Cadwarra made no attempt to cover her breasts nor throw a larger towel over her lover’s immodesty. She looked pleased to see the Half Elf. “Llisanya, so nice to have a visit from you.” She smiled and turned to Diamander. ”I told you about Llisanya, she got me out of jail.” She waved her razor at the chairs surrounding her simple dinner table. The movement made her beautiful breasts sway gently. “Please find a place to sit, Llisanya. Can we get you a glass of wine?”

She went back to shaving Diamander while she waited for Llisanya to choose a seat. She seemed to know what she was doing; the razor scraped expertly over Diamander’s face. “I’ll just be a minute with Diamander...”

Diamander gave Llisanya a warm smile between razor strokes. “Cadwarra, the shave can wait a few seconds. Do get her some wine.”

Cadwarra put down her razor and poured a glass while Diamander told Llisanya “it’s handy you’re here. You can settle an argument.”

Cadwarra handed a glass of wine to Llisanya who had not yet chosen a chair to sit in. The two girls leaned forward and kissed each other. It was a long lingering kiss. Diamander definitely caught a glimpse of his girl slipping her tongue into Llisanya’s mouth. He found the sight highly arousing. The soft penis under the towel hardened. “Kiss again, ladies” he told them as his hard-on lay under the towel full size. It made quite the tent.

Instead of kissing Llisanya again as requested, Cadwarra went over to Diamander and gave him an equally long kiss-with-tongue then gave him the last of her wine. “After our repeated lovemaking this morning, haven’t you had enough stimulation already?”

She ended her teasing by promising him “we can kiss for you later if you want us to.” She reached down and brushed his hard dick through the towel, not hiding the overtly sexual act from their guest.

Llisanya raised her goblet in a toast. “Here’s to kisses among friends.” She took a big gulp of the wine. It was quite good. It had a lovely nose plus a hint of pepper on the palate and a delightful finish. It had good legs. She was sure this was the same wine the lady bartender had given her the night before last in Fish’s Ale House.

Cadwarra picked her razor back up and resumed Diamander’s shave. “I better finish this shave while we chat.” She drew the razor expertly over Diamander’s cheek as she asked Llisanya “don’t you love shaving a man? There’s no better foreplay before sex.”

Llisanya had never shaved a man. “Well...I would not know about shaving being foreplay. I’ve never thought about it.” The only thing she found arousing about shaving a man was the thought of having a nice sharp straight razor so close to his jugular. Now that was a provocative image. “So, what does it do to you when you shave a man?” she asked Cadwarra, mostly to make conversation.

“It’s so stimulating. He is paying you to serve him and you are willingly performing that service. Yet you are in control. You feel the intimacy of being close to him. You touch his face and neck and hair. You must stand so very close to his body to make sure you’re shaving him well.” Cadwarra was smiling as she spoke. “...and he is paying you...” she repeated and looked at Llisanya, expecting her to understand.

Cadwrra made another expert sweep of the razor, speaking enthusiastically as she continued. “...But you have the power to excite him. Maybe your breast accidentally brushes his shoulder and now he knows how it feels as it touches him. You let him think you meant to brush your breast against him and maybe you did; he doesn’t know. There is the sexual tension of knowing that he felt your boob and you wonder if the tantalizing touch is misinterpreted by him as an invitation to reach out and feel you up without your consent. Partly, you hope he will even though you hope he won’t. If he does touch you, you have to let him know that that is not appropriate and you order him to remove his hand and he obeys you, but you wish he had not obeyed you...partly”

Cadwarra scraped the blade down Diamander’s left cheek again. She took a deep breath then resumed explaining, obviously becoming more aroused as she described the sexual subtlety of shaving “...You await his next move while you work. Will he try to feel you up or will he be a gentleman? It does not matter whether he grabs you or treats you respectfully, the fun is in the waiting to find out which. By then, you are fantasizing about how he would be if you offered to take him to your bed. He picks up on the sexual tension; long before your shave is done he has become rock hard.” As if in proof, Cadwarra unabashedly indicated Diamander’s erect cock under the towel. She laughed pleasantly to see it standing so high. Her bare breasts quivered.

She looked back up at Llisanya and smiled brightly as if she was having a secret mini-orgasm. Cadwarra’s areolas had contracted into crinkled circles half their normal size, the nipples risen long and thick as if straining to hear all that their owner might say about the erection she had just mentioned.

Unembarrassed by the way Llisanya was staring at her erect nipples, she concluded her long explanation by repeating for a third time “...And he is paying you...while you enjoy all that...”

Llisanya sat there, bemused by the cheap thrill Cadwarra derived from grooming a male. Cadwarra scraped her razor down Diamander’s cheek again as she opined “barbering is the most innocent form of prostitution and every female barber loves her profession because deep down inside she wishes she was a whore.”

Cadwarra expertly scraped her razor under Diamander’s chin, leaving another perfectly shaved swathe behind. “Have you ever had a secret fantasy of being a whore, Llisanya? To experience the wickedness of having a man pay you to spread your thighs and let him penetrate you with his lustful penis?”

Llisanya did not know what to tell Cadwarra. It was nice that Cadwarra assumed she was not a whore.

Cadwarra didn’t wait for Llisanya to answer. She wasn’t sure Llisanya understood the whole shaving thing, anyway. “Diamander, let me show Llisanya what I mean.”

Diamander looked at Cadwarra as puzzled as Llisanya was. This was the first he had heard her compare barber shops to brothels.

Cadwarra leaned closer to him, her breast momentarily brushed against his bare arm. It was a very light brush, almost imperceptible, as if the customer could not be sure if he had felt her breast touch him or was it his foolish, wistful imagination thinking it had happened at all.

Surprised, Diamander smiled at the experience then chuckled. Even though he had been playing with Cadwarra’s love bumps all morning, he had to agree that the momentary brush of boob was titillating. “She seems to be correct” he confirmed to Llisanya.

“See?” Cadwarra asked Llisanya, pleased with the success of her demonstration. “I mean, what’s not to enjoy in such an intimately subtle sexual activity as shaving?”

“Yes, I see.” Llisanya replied. She thought she might be beginning to understand. Of the seven men she had murdered on contract, four of them died on top of her in bed, their erections inside her as they died. Each of those four executions had reminded her of how it felt to murder Daddy while he, too, was on top of her, his erection iinside her. She was as aroused by each if those deaths as she was by Daddy’s death.

Llisanya suspected that there was an equally sexual incident in Cadwarra’s past such that her memory still associated a shave with sexual indulgence. Each subsequent act of shaving sexually aroused her as much as she had been sexually aroused by that first sexual shave. At least that is what Llisanya’s amateur psychiatric analysis had lead her to conclude about Cadwarra. Funny that both of them were perversely associating sharp blades with men’s sexual penetrations.

Cadwarra’s cheerful voice broke into Llisanya’s disturbed memory of that dagger slicing through Daddy’s stomach while his dick was still inside her. “Come try it, Llisanya. Come touch Diamander...‘accidentally’.“

Diamander was not objecting to Cadwarra offering him as a practical demonstration and Llisanya needed a distraction from her dark thoughts. Despite the silliness of the invitation...and finding Diamander quite good looking...she approached and, her breast covered by only the thin material of her third best blouse, lightly brushed it across his shoulder. Diamander smiled and laughed pleasantly at the feeling her soft touch induced.

“Oh, that is rather interesting” she agreed. She indeed found on a visceral level that she enjoyed the naughtiness of touching a man like that. She also felt that perverse thrill Cadwarra had described in response to the illogical fear that he might reach to grab her tit for a free feel. Though he did not, the tension was galvanizing. The fragrant scent of shaving soap heightened the titillation.

Would this work in a brothel, she pondered? Would men pay for a package deal where they got a sexually charged shave followed by a good fuck with their lady barber? She may have to pass this idea on to Fiona.

Pleased to have successfully demonstrated her point, Cadwarra turned to rinse her razor off then dry it and put it away, Llisanya was still standing beside Diamander, feeling very attracted to him. She reached up to stroke Diamander’s cheek and feel how smooth Cadwarra had shaved him. “Oh, she did a good job, Diamander.”

Llisanya had always appreciated when a client shaved just before coming to Fiona’s. She invariably felt an affection for those who extended her such courtesy prior to buying their pleasure from her. Maybe that’s why she foolishly leaned forward and kissed Diamander’s soapy lips. He kissed back.

It was a mad thing to do. Llisanya had seen girls in the taverns end up daggers drawn for less liberties taken with someone else’s male and that was a pretty sharp straight razor Cadwarra had.

To her relief, Cadwarra watched this ill-considered familiarity quite calmly. “He’s a good kisser, isn’t he” was all Cadwarra said to her guest as she came calmly back over to them, naked breasts bouncing again. Teasing Diamander she asked “how did you find Llisanya’s kiss? Is she better than me?” She looked down at his towel and quipped without a hint of jealousy “your penis seems to think so: that tent is big enough to sleep four.”

“You’re both good kissers” Diamander answered diplomatically. He noticed Llisanya’s eyes had followed Cadwarra’s gaze to his hard prick. He liked that both girls could see what they were doing to him.

Cadwarra refilled Llisanya’s empty wineglass then her own. She dutifully gave Diamander the first sip of hers. Still holding the glass, Cadwarra casually pulled the towel off of Diamander’s lap with one hand and used it to lovingly wipe the excess shaving cream from his cheeks and chin. Diamander made no sign he was embarrassed to be naked in front of Llisanya.

Llisanya took a good look at his lovely bare erection lying across his muscular thigh. Smaller than his uncle’s, it was still too much for Llisanya to comfortably accommodate in her vagina. Still, it was a nice looking one. She might like to kiss it and then maybe even suck on the big sperm-packed balls nestled there alongside it.

Cadwarra hung the towel to dry, unconcerned by the obvious way Llisanya was ogling Diamander’s genitals. She set down her wine glass and casually dripped a little aftershave in her hand and playfully slapped it on Diamander’s cheeks and chin then gave him a loving kiss on his lips.

“Can you stay and visit a bit longer, Llisanya?” Cadwarra asked as she put the cap back on the bottle of aftershave. “For an early dinner? We’ve been stuck in here for two days with no company. Do you mind vulrich stew?”

“Thank you” Llisanya answered. “I can stay. Vulrich stew sounds delicious. And maybe I have some news if you’re so bored. Marshall Vishra is working late tonight. He would like to have a training session with you if you can come at seven o’clock. I also have your fee for services completed.” She placed a large coin purse on Cadwarra’s small dinner table.

“Oh, thank you, I’m a little light of coin right now. You’re so kind to bring that. Is Diamander to come to the training session?”

“I am sorry, but Diamander and I have another assignment tonight. We need to meet the Marhall’s daughter, Amber, at eight o’clock at the Lion’s Mane Inn.” That wasn’t quite the truth but she did not want an innocent girl like Cadwarra to know that she and Diamander may be starting a brawl inside the Lion’s Mane tonight in defense of Amber’s long lost reputation.

Silently, Diamander wondered what he needed to meet his silly little cousin about. He was about to ask but Llisanya deliberately changed the subject so as to avoid more questions about the Lion’s Mane. ”So, what is the argument you two are having?”

“Oh....just a difference of opinion” Diamander answered. “Cadwarra wants me to get a new haircut. I’m happy as it is.”

“It’s too faggy.” Cadwarra asserted bluntly. “Now that he is fucking pussy he needs a more manly look. I can do it right now, right here. I have my combs and scissors. I just need a half hour.”

The thought of giving her man a haircut instantly made Cadwarra want to make love. She paused, staring down at Diamander’s erection. “ know...we can skip the haircut and look after his obviously ready manhood.” She reached down and gently ran the back of her hand over his handsome tumescence from its root to its tip and with a quavering voice asked “Llisanya, isn’t his lovely prick the perfect size?”

Llisanya was glad of the excuse to look at Diamander’s hard cock again. The thing had been laying there rock hard for half an hour, tantalizing her. Llisanya’s aroused gaze took in the thick girth of the shaft as it curved up to the big knob. His balls rested so elegantly at the base. “It’s beautiful” Llisanya assured them both, admiring it “but can you fit it all in you, Cadwarra?”

“Oh yes, Llisanya. Perfectly.” Cadwarra took hold of the base of his shaft and lifted it. It looked so big in her small hand. “Want to try him out yourself?”

Cadwarra waved Diamander’s cock about as if tempting Llisanya then realized her presumption and turned to Diamander “You don’t mind celebrating Tunare with our guest, do you, Sweetie? Maybe give me a rest?”

Diamander had certainly noticed Llisanya was a pretty thing. As soon as she had opened the door he had seen her nipples were hard and since her entrance he had kept looking at those big, enchanting eyes. He opened his mouth to voice enthusiasm for Cadwarra’s devout suggestion about celebrating Tunare but Llisanya was not waiting for Diamander’s assent. She was already on her knees, sucking that lovely erection before she got his permission. It was less than two hours ago she had been deepthroating Vishra’s cock and now she was deepthroating his nephew’s. The thought of sucking uncle and nephew on the same day turned her on as she crammed her craw full of his fuck muscle. You never cease to enjoy being a whore, she reflected.

Cadwarra watched, delighted that Diamander seemed to find Llisanya attractive. Vishra had still not released her from her possible ten plat fine and to see Diamander push his hardness willingly into Llisanya’s mouth evidenced a successful conversion from his homosexuality. She wondered if Llisanya could teach her how to take Diamander that far down her throat without gagging.

Cadwarra leaned over to kiss Diamander’s lips. “You like Llisanya, don’t you, Sweetie?” Her bare breasts brushed lightly across his chest. He reached up to grip both handfuls. She had such a huge amount of boob. While he squeezed her tits, Cadwarra looked down at Llisanya alternating between licking Diamander’s shaft and urgently devouring the head. Cadwarra knew they were both going to fuck him good. “By the time we are done with Diamander” she promised Llisanya “there will be nothing left in his balls.”

Llisanya nodded agreement at Cadwarra and took a break from her fellatio to pull off her top. She saw Diamander looking at her prized tits for the first time, liking how his eyes widened as she exposed them. She shifted her big, gorgeous eyes to look right at Cadwarra. The Wood Elf was so beautiful. “Come down and help me suck off your bed-mate, Cadwarra. He’s got enough cock to share.”

Cadwarra got down on her knees and swung Daimander’s cock over onto Llisanya’s cheek and put her lips onto Llisanya’s lips. Diamander watched the two girls softly kissing and gently biting lips. They started licking each other’s tongue. That sight was oddly erotic to watch. He thought how last week he never looked twice at girls. Now he found the two ladies unbelievably attractive. What was going on for him to suddenly be this way?

He did not ponder that question too long. Cadwarra’s grip slid down his penis to the base. She pulled Llisanya’s face close go it and rubbed his prick all over Llisanya’s chin and cheeks. Cadwarra sucked the cock periodically then went back to rubbing it on Llisanya’s face. A drop of pre-cum beaded on his tip and Cadwarra pushed his knob into Llisanya’s mouth for her to have a taste. “He has more cum for you...” Cadwarra told Llisanya “...if you honour Tunare with him deep inside you.”

The thought of her man fornicating with Llisanya in front of her was arousing. “I want to watch Diamander push it deep into you, Llisanya; I want him to please you as much as he pleases Tunare.”

Llisanya never thought much about pleasing Tunare or any other diety but she wanted to please Cadwarra. She rose and crawled up onto Diamander’s lap. “Cadwarra, guide him in, please.” Remembering her manners, Llisanya belatedly looked at Diamander. “I mean, with your permission...”

Diamander looked to Cadwarra and seeing she was seriously alright with Llisanya loving him he whispered earnestly “Yes. Please fuck me, Llisanya. Enjoy.”

He felt Cadwarra place the tip of his dick a little ways into Llisanya. Llisanya lowered herself and he felt only the second vagina of his life fully envelope his erection. The walls of her vadge glided along the length of his erect cock, molding around it. Her insides felt different from Cadwarra’s. He had no idea girls weren’t always identical inside. His cock bent slightly to accommodate her shape. He felt his tip push against the back of her pussy.

Llisanya began to move. Her back arched as she repeatedly drove her hips down onto his manhood. She felt how deep he was inside her but as long as she was on top and in control of Diamander’s penetration Llisanya was able to take his full length without too much trouble. There was still some discomfort but she told herself Diamander would not last so long that she would be too badly bruised. How could Cadwarra say this was a perfect size? Though enjoying Diamander’s big cock, she preferred smaller cocks, like Falco’s.

She liked how Cadwarra watched Diamander’s prick going in and out, disappearing on her downward stroke only to have its full shining length reveal itself as she rose for another plunge.

“Yes, Llisanya” Cadwarra told her “fuck my man hard.”

Hearing a pretty, innocently sweet Wood Elf talk dirty like that quickly pushed Llisanya to completion. Her climax was intensified by having Cadwarra watch her cum on Diamander’s prick. Her small body shook. In the throes of her ecstasy she gripped Diamander’s upper arms. She creamed Diamander’s lap as she desperately held onto him. Several orgasms followed that first one as she kept riding. Her breath came in ragged gasps. She dug her finger nails into him until he winced from the pain.

Her pleasure complete, there was a calm for a few minutes as Llisanya sat there straddling Diamander. He kissed Llisanya’s forehead. Cadwarra kissed her cheek. Then Diamander pushed his hips hard up into Llisanya. “I want to cum, too” he told Llisanya.

Diamander’s thrust was not cruel but it still sent a bolt of pain into Llisanya’s cervix. She realized that as her orgasm mounted she had been fucking his big, long prick too hard. Thinking she could handle his moderately large size, she had brought herself down onto it too hard too often.

Fortunately, before she could protest, Cadwarra saw her discomfort and told Diamander. “Don’t thrust, Sweetie! She needs to recover from your size.” Cadwarra moved to stand beside Llisanya. “Llisanya, move on over. Let him finish inside me.”

Gratefully, Llisanya dismounted. Diamander’s cock fell out of her and landed like a falling timber across his thigh, soaked from Llisanya’s juices, slathered in Diamander’s seed.

Cadwarra undid the silk pajama bottoms. They fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them then used one foot to flick them onto the small bed over in the corner. Naked, she swung her leg over Diamander’s lap. She pointed his pussy-drenched cock at her slit.

Diamander felt the familiar, comfortable feel of Cadwarra’s vagina around his cock as she slid it into her. He reached to fondle her breasts. He sighed contentedly as she coupled with him.

“It won’t be long before Diamander cums” she told Llisanya as she rode her male, tits bouncing for Llisanya’s view. “I know the signs.” She kissed Diamander as if it was a reward for being close to completion. Llisanya began to diddle herself casually and watched.

Diamander soon exploded inside Cadwarra, bucking and grunting as his jism filled her. Cadwarra simply cried out “Yes!” as she felt his hot sticky semen shooting into her. She kept fucking.

Llisanya started rubbing her clitoris faster. She had another climax as she watched Diamander’s throbbing, sperm-pulsing cock slide in and out of Cadwarra. Wafts of white, shining sperm flowed out of her, coating Diamander’s thick shaft as he kept pumping Cadwarra’s pussy.

When Diamander was at last done, Cadwarra slid off of him and down his legs while smiling a contented freshly-fucked smile. She landed softly on her butt on the floor with a pleased grin. She faced both of them as she drew up her knees and spread her thighs open to reveal most of Diamander’s sperm still deep inside her vagina. A few errant drops were sitting in her pubic curls.

Llisanya found Cadwarra’s pose irresistibly erotic. She dropped to her hands and knees, pushed her face into Cadwarra’s quim and started to lick. A lot of cum dripped from Cadwarra onto Llisanya’s tongue. Cadwarra pushed more out for Llisanya to eat.

Diamander could not believe how hot it was to watch Llisanya going down on Cadwarra’s spread pussy. “Oh, Ladies, you’re torturing me!” Incredibly, he became hard despite his orgasm of only a few minutes ago. He gripped his prick and started to pump furiously as he watched Llisanya lap up his semen from Cadwarra’s cunt.

Cadwarra giggled at him. “Don’t stand there whacking off, Diamander. Come lick me, too.” Llisanya moved aside and he tasted his own nut as he cleaned up everything that Llisanya had left.

After, they ate the last of the vulrich stew and polished off the bottle of wine while both ladies urged Diamander to consent to a hair cut.

As she poured out equal portions of the last few ounces, Llisanya suddenly noticed the price tag. The price, incredibly expensive, was handwritten in a distinctive scrawl. “Do you mind if I take the empty?” Llisanya asked “I would like to find some more of this vintage.”

“Certainly, please do” Cadwarra answered as her scissors moved expertly, clipping Diamander’s locks.

As Llisanya tucked the empty wine bottle into her pack Cadwarra chatted about how a barber could get better tips by rubbing your boobs on the male customers, showing no shame to admit she had done that. “My Mom was okay with it to a point, but she kept an eye on the men in case they tried to go too far. I was required to step away from the chair if they groped too aggressively.”

Cadwarra’s confession as to her naughty barbering services aroused Diamander as he sat there patiently waiting for Cadwarra to finish his cut. No one had not gotten dressed and Llisanya knelt in front of Diamander playing with his junk while everyone chatted. Hearing how Cadwarra let good looking men feel her up, Diamander’s penis hardened.

Llisanya saw no reason to waste a good erection. “Have you ever given a girl a pearl necklace” she asked him as she rose up onto her knees, leaned forward and squeezed his chubby between her tits. As firm as they looked they yielded easily around his cock. He was amazed that they were as soft as Cadwarra’s despite never seeming to quiver and jiggle as Cadwarra’s did.

Llisanya titfucked at a moderate speed, cock repeatedly poking out the top of her cleavage then vanishing again. Diamander soon shot another load. The girls squealed and giggled as his cum flew from his cock in several impressive spurts and landed in ropes all over Llisanya’s neck and shoulders. The stuff dripped down over her breasts.

Cadwarra bent forward and licked several globs of Diamander’s semen from Llisanya’s breasts. She swallowed. Diamander liked to see Llisanya’s boob yield softly under Cadwarra’s licking and kissing.

Standing back up, Cadwarra handed Llisanya a fresh towel to clean her glazed chest.

After wiping the last of Diamander’s cum off she dressed. She thanked her hosts for a lovely time and pleaded other chores she had to get done. She gave each a boob crushing goodbye hug, reminding Diamander of their later meeting at the Lion’s Mane. The sun was low in the sky when she left the building and picked up her pace; she had stayed much too long and still had tasks to complete.

Cadwarra finished cutting Diamander’s hair. He looked very handsome. Examining her work in the mirror, he gave Cadwarra a kiss. “You were right” he conceded. “I like it.”


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