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An 18 year old high school boy named Max finds an old lamp on his way home. Giving it a rub in the morning sends him face first with the cute flirtatious genie named Stella.
It’s my last year of highschool and I am bursting with excitement for it to be over. So is everyone for that matter. This prison they call education is almost over and soon we will be able to go out into the world and decide for ourselves how we will spend our life.

My friends and I all recently turned 18 and have been enjoying the perks. The extra rights that come with age, something we all believe should’ve come much earlier, are finally upon us. On one particular night after a night of drinking at a friend’s house, I found myself walking home alone. It was a good night and even though I had my licence I knew I was a little too drunk to drive home so decided it would be better to walk. I don’t know if it was just because I was still a little buzzed but there was something more relaxing than usual about that evening.

It was probably around 10 pm when I left to go home. There was a cool breeze that was of a nice temperature to be refreshing. The lack of light made it a little difficult to see every now and then because the moon was concealed by clouds, but the occasional street lamp did its best to pierce the darkness. The corner of the street block I had been walking down soon became present at my feet and I stopped at the bus stop. I had caught this route many times before I got a car and was fairly familiar with the schedule. In about 2 minutes of me arriving at the stop the bus rushed around the corner and stopped for me to board. Looking around I noticed that I was the only other person on the bus, save the driver.

The rattling of the walls of the bus usually made me worry the whole thing was on the verge of falling apart, but tonight I must’ve been too drunk to notice. I took a seat facing forwards and tried my best to stay awake but I foolishly began to lean my head against the window. It must have only been a few moments of my eyes being closed before a sharp bump threw me back into the rattling vehicle. Quickly re-examining my surroundings I realised that I had passed my stop. It’s weird how observant of distance you become when you know you have to walk it back.

Weirdly as I was about to signal the driver the bus began to slow. Soon it had come to an abrupt stop. The doors began to open and I merely assumed it was a weird coincidence. In my haste to exit I quite miserably failed to see an old man in a brown coat beginning to board. My momentum made the collision very impactful. We both fell to the ground landing on our bums looking just as annoyed at each other.

The old man had immediately started yelling at me, firing off swears left, right and centre. I tried apologising profusely but the old man continued insulting me and my supposed lack of awareness. I was almost about to start insulting the man as well, when I was released from the encounter as the old man boarded the bus. The doors closed and the bus drove off.

I was about to turn to leave when I noticed a small, brass, antique oil lamp, lying in the tall grass off the sidewalk. Letting curiosity get the better of me I picked it up. The old man must’ve dropped it when I collided. Without any thought of returning it, especially after the old man was so unforgiving, I began to walk off still holding the lamp.

It was hard to make out much detail in the extremely low light but I could tell that there were intricate markings and flowing whisps covering the entire lamp. When I did finally get home the rest of my family were asleep so I just quietly made my way up to my room and decided I would examine the lamp more tomorrow. I dropped it on my dresser and stripped out of my clothes before collapsing onto the bed and passing out.

The next day I awoke to mom yelling at me. From somewhere down stairs came the order to start getting ready for school. Slowly I opened my eyes and let the sunlight from my window pierce my retina. I rolled off my bed, pulled myself up from the floor and slowly stumbled into the shower. Looking at myself in the mirror while I showered showed me my somewhat disappointing body. My legs were my main asset and when I flexed them they looked impressive. From the hips up it was a different story. My belly, although flexible, carried a bit of fat and was very unesthetic. And my arms. Oh my arms were probably the worst. I mean they were probably at the average for my school but the average was quite skinny. After my self examining session with the mirror I quickly finished washing myself in the shower. Stepping out I dried myself off with a towel and made my way back into my room. My hand got half way down to the drawer of my dresser, when it stopped because I noticed the lamp from last night. Now, in the bright sunlight, I could work out more detail that covered the outside brass. Stopping to look at it, I noticed that there was a bit of a smudge across the side closest to me. I picked it up and wiped the smudge away before almost dropping the lamp out of fright as it started to vibrate. Unsure of what to do, I initially placed the lamp back down on the dresser as the vibrations increased until the lamp was basically bouncing back and forth. I was sent into a panic when smoke began to pour out of the spout and swirl around the room. It made a hissing noise as it forced its way out of the tiny opening. I tried to remain calm and quickly began to move towards the window. Turning my back I brought my hands to the base of the window before stopping dead in my tracks.

“Cute bum” came from the voice of a young woman before being followed up with a small giggle.

I forced myself to turn around and face whatever intruder had managed to sneak into my room. A young 18 or 19 year old girl sat on the edge of my bed with her legs crossed over each other. Her small perky breasts showed through the few layers of red chiffon she wore as a top.

“What?- who?- when?-” I tried to begin but failed to finish.

Suddenly I remembered I was still naked from the shower and again I was struck with the feeling of fear, this time awkwardly served with a side of embarrassment. I quickly went to cover my penis with my hands.

“Huh. You don’t know who or what I am? Wow, it's been a while since I’ve had a newbee. This will be fun” Said the extremely cute and pretty girl that now sat in front of me. “Well my name is Stellmador but you cutie can call me Stella. I am a genie and am here to serve and grant your every wish.”

I stood there dumbfounded for a few moments both at what she was saying and at the nice pair of tits that were on display for me.

“Earth to master, are you still there?” prompted Stella.

“Sorry this is a lot to take in. Let me get this right. You're telling me that not only are genies real. But I’ve somehow lucked out and have one?!” I responded with building excitement.

“That’s right. I am all yours.” Stella said with a smile and a wink.

My penis, suddenly realising I was naked and in front of a very pretty girl who has her breasts on show, stood to attention. I am by no means big at 5” erect, but for some reason, at that moment it was a challenge to cover with just my hands. This obviously caused my cheeks to go bright red especially as I noticed Stella’s eyes drift down.

“I can change my outfit or even my body, if you are uncomfortable with my current appearance.”

“No, no you look good. I just wish I wasn’t so exposed.”

“Right away.” Stella quickly adds as she clicks her fingers together.

Next thing I knew I was fully dressed in my own clothes.

“What” I stammered

“Well that is what you wished for wasn’t it?”

“Oh I see”

I remembered thinking that I would have to be more careful in the future about how I worded things. I wouldn’t want to wish for something unintentionally.

“Wow! Thanks, I feel a little more comfortable now.” I said a little awkwardly

“No problem. Like I said, I am here to serve. I was enjoying the view tho” She adds at the end.

Her flirtatious nature was putting me a little on edge as up until now I had never had a girl in my room let alone one with her tits visible.

“Shit.” I just realised “I just used one of my only 3 wishes haven’t I?”

“Don’t worry.” Came the surprisingly calming voice of Stella. “The whole 3 wishes thing was made up a long time ago by people who didn’t want others to think they were constantly messing with reality. Honestly the sky's the limit.” “Well technically you could change that” she added at the end.

“So what. There are like no rules then?” I exclaim

“Well there are a few limitations but I’ll let you know if you ever hit them. And for rules. Well I have only one.” Stella narrows her eyes slightly before looking down towards my pants and then slowly back up to meet my gaze. “Don’t wish for something that I could have the pleasure of doing myself.”

I really was trying my hardest to look at Stella’s face and ignore her breasts as we talked. But thinking back now I definitely was glancing down very obviously and repetitively.

About to apologise I was interrupted before even beginning. Mum had begun yelling at me from down stairs again. “Go to school Max. You’re gonna be late.”

Turning back to Stella I said “I got to go to school. I wish there was a way you could come with me.”

“Sure thing!” responds Stella.

She clicked her fingers and disappeared momentarily before reappearing in a short white skirt, a tight pink sweater and a backpack on her back. “As long as you bring that lamp with you I can follow you anywhere.”

“Sweat!” I popped the lamp in my school bag and went to leave. “Are you able to sneak outside without mum seeing you?”

“Of course I’ll just go back inside the lamp and you can rub it again when you get outside.”

With that Stella disappeared and I closed the bedroom door before heading down stairs. Made a quick pit stop at the kitchen to load up on food for lunch and then I practically ran out the front door. As soon as I was out of the house and around the corner of the fence I brought the lamp out of my bag and gave it a rub.


2024-05-28 20:10:17
The starting premise is good, it will be the telling that determines how well this is accepted. Need to check spelling.


2024-05-05 07:32:31
it has promise, ill follow this tale to its end.

Douglas WiseReport 

2024-05-03 11:28:11
nice start looking forward to the net chapter

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