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Max and Stella have a conversation about Stella's past as they walk to school.
“So are you forced to do anything I want?” I say as soon as the genie girl shows up again.

“Yes, genies don’t have free will in the same way as masters do.” she responds, walking alongside me in her normal-girl-clothes disguise.

“That must suck”

“I mean when you get a bad master it can. But most of the time I like it.”

“What does a bad master look like?” I ask nervously

Stella’s expression visibly changes to one of unease as she begins to recount her last master.

“Well. My last master kept me tied up in the lamp for 3454 years. He never let me out. And when he did he dismissed me as soon as he had exclaimed his wish.”

“Wow I can see how that would suck. Not being able to see the world and such.”

“Yeah… A Lot has changed. The last wish I granted was about something to do with bread, and feeding more people than you would think would be possible.”

“I’m going to be honest, I was imagining a lot worse when you said ‘bad master’.”

“How so?” Stella says intriguingly

“Well you know.” I being and then stammer “like rape”

“Oh” Stella responds with a bit of a shock. “Well actually… I don’t think it’s possible to rape a genie.”

“What.” I blurt out confused

“Well near the beginning, one of the first masters wished that genies would constantly be… well horny.”

My mouth dropped open. “So are you saying you are turned on right now.”

“I have been for the past 290,000 years”

“That must be torture!”

“It can be…” She says as she looks away towards the ground, “But most masters will fuck me atleast once” she adds meeting my still visibly shocked eyes.

I immediately blush. “Oh… well… Um why haven’t you… you know… asked?”

Stella suddenly with a big flirtatious grin says “Oh my apologies is that something you would like.”

“I’ve never… done…” I try to say. “Done… sex.”

“All you’d have to do is ask” She adds as she places a hand on my shoulder.

“No.” I say so assertively that I surprise myself and Stella. I step away from her hand and without looking at her add. “It’s for your benefit, please ask me.”

“I can’t… ” She says blankly

“What do you mean?”

“Genies aren’t really allowed to make requests.”

“Is that something a bad master wished for?”

“No it's just a rule I’ve known for as long as I can remember.”

“How about I wish for you to firstly not be constantly horny and also that you have permission to make requests.”

“Well the first part wouldn’t work because you’re not allowed to wish for something that is against what someone else has wished for. Oh there you go, that's one of the restrictions I mentioned that I would let you know when you hit.”

“I guess that makes sense. But what happens if I don’t know about someone else's wish. Or even if you don’t know?”

“I would attempt to grant it and it would just fail.”

“Ok. Then let's at least try the second bit. I wish that you were allowed to make your own requests.”

Stella then clicks her fingers.

“DId it work?” I ask

“I don’t know.”

“Well, ask me something.”

“Can I… Can I join you in person at your school?” As soon as Stella finishes speaking a smile explodes onto her face.

“It worked!” we both say at once

“Sure you can” I then added to answer her request.

Stella literally jumps up and down in excitement and for a moment my mind was sent back to my room as I saw her boobs bounce up and down in her shirt.

I snap out of it as she asks “Could I hug you master?”


We stop walking as we embrace for a few minutes. She is shorter than me by about half a head and she smells amazing.

After another 10 minutes of walking I ask “If I make a wish will anyone else know it’s happened?”

“Well they can hear you speaking and will notice if something is out of the ordinary, but of course you could just wish them to not… so it’s really up to you.”

“You know you are the first girl that hasn’t ignored me and walked off before.”

“Well I’m not a human girl, and physically can’t leave you… but you’re welcome!”

Thinking about how unpopular I generally was at school I came up with my first proper wish. “Ooh I know. I wish I had an athletically muscular body.”

“There you go.” she says with a click of her fingers.

Immediately my stomach became lighter and more toned. My arms swelled up with muscle and my shoulders broadened slightly. “Wow, I feel so different. Like I could jump higher, and run faster. My belly has turned to abs!”

“You're cute when you're excited.”

“What’s with all this cute stuff? It’s really making me feel slightly on edge.”

“I can stop if you’d like. A couple of masters ago someone wished for me to be flirty.”

“Maybe just tone the use of cute back a bit would you.”

“Sure thing”

“So I assume that means that everybody else just sees a normal girl walking beside me?”

“Yep exactly as you see me.”

“Can I hold your hand?”

“I am yours to command, remember. I cannot disobey.”

“Well would you act as my girlfriend. I’m sure this new body along with a girlfriend will make everybody at school think I’m more popular.”

“Of course I can act that way.”

With that she grabs my hand and steps slightly closer to me, bending one leg back as she plants a peck on my cheek. I grab her arm as she goes to move back pulling her into me again and kissing her on the lips, whilst admiring her face.

“Ok Stella, to be honest I thought about this situation of being able to have wishes for quite a while now, but never actually thought it would ever happen.”

“Most Masters are overwhelmed initially. So it’s alright if you’d like me to stay in the lamp for a while.”

“No, that's not what I am getting at. What I am saying is that I have quite the list of initall wishes that I want to go through. The first one of which is that I wish you won’t judge me for any action or wish I make after this.”

She clicked her fingers and said “done”

I relaxed a little after that. If only the world knew what I had in store for it now. I started to think about whether or not this would make me a bad person, then I dismissed the thoughts because at the end of the day I had complete control over the situation and could always reset everything to a time prior to my actions.

“I wish the lamp was the size and form of a keyring that I can attach to my set of keys.”


“I wish that I had the ability to teleport my set of keys to me simply by thinking about the action.”

“Right away”

“I also wish that we would teleport to outside the school right now so that we didn’t have to walk the rest of the way”

“Sure thing”


2024-05-21 21:40:41
I quite agree with you. If a story has a developing narrative that brings the characters into the perspective then it is far e the story more interesting to read. A good example of this is the 'Hobo' series where the unfolding of the main characters life with all of its ups and downs made it facinating reading for me.
I am trying to expand my story 'Elise' in th same vein even though it is partially ficticious but based on a factual core.

Waiting patiently for your part 3 and what adventures your characters get up to!


2024-05-15 23:18:24
This is brilliant! A really good setup for the first story, I love the creative way our hero protagonist has gotten into this situation and you've done a great job of exposition of the rules of this universe while moving the plot along.

I'm looking forward to future installments!


2024-05-11 17:55:34
Having read both parts posted so far this should turn into a very interesting saga.

Keep up the good work!


2024-05-05 07:42:33
I sense a great deal of mischievous wishes coming up. its a cute beginning to what one might assume to be a thrilling escapade of sexual exploration and romance? keep it up.


2024-05-05 07:12:45
Thanks. I plan to continue to write. I'm hoping I can find a balance between story telling and erotica writing so that my stories don't just turn into plotless porn like you see so much of these days.

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