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“I have a new assignment for you Michael, before you say yes, let me explain what my client wants and expects. Shay is a forty-something, business leader from overseas, in town to crunch some deals. Before she leaves for home she wants to have a sexual experience in our city. You know my agency caters for women who want their man to be part of their sexual experience. One of your specialties.
“Are you with me so far? Now listen closely. Shay has two men in toe, Kai and Ajax, just boys really, both in their early twenties, half her age, her Personal Assistants she told me, who she wants to include them in the arrangements. They are both pretty boys with good bodies, I just sent you some pics of them with Shay. I quoted her a fee two and a half times our usual rate.

“They make an impressive trio don’t they? Shay epitomises laid back feminine power, what a strong, forceful, powerful, kinky business leader should look like with her cropped blond hair, a statement hair do. Look at all of them naked together in the fourth pic.

“Her nude body is a turn on for me. She looks fuckable, very fuckable, trust me, you know I am a good judge. How about you Michael? She is taller than average, size-ten, modest tits, good legs, hips and ass. And look at the well hung boys, very well hung, with their shaved heads and their wonderful ass’s. Look at their body language, those boys appear to have a hold over her.

“Would you be comfortable having sex with Shay and her two boys this Friday night Michael? Yes? So pleased you agreed. So exciting for me, this is the first time I have organised a woman and two males for you, a four-way. I want you to tell me about it in detail the next day, you know I get a buzz hearing about your sexual exploits with our clients.”

I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body, and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock, ten-inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me when she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people, even famous people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

I quickly learnt my agent Ada has a niche clientele of older women who enjoy watching their toyboy, lover or husband giving a blowjob to a younger, well hung gigolo after they have watched her fucking him. It can be incredibly exciting for me if the woman is actively participating, a three-way, even more exciting if the woman has a sexy, chatty persona and a good body.

When I arrived at the suite of their five-star hotel Kai and Ajax greeted me effusively. They were both wearing short, hotel issue dressing gowns. “Before we leave for home Shay our Managing Director, wants to have a sexual experience in your city. She promised we could be part of her sexual experience,” they told me as they let their gowns fall to the floor.

They were both attractive boys with shaved heads, epicene, with characteristics of both sexes, almost clones of each other, their nationalities a mystery to me, as I watched them smearing fragrant oil over each other’s toned, six pack, almost naked bodies, their only clothing, identical tiny, black male thongs which failed to hide their oily ass cheeks.

“I am Shay, you must be Michael,” she announced as she made a dramatic entrance wearing killer heels and a short, black top with slits up the side to showcase her incredible legs and wonderful thighs. I couldn’t tell if she was naked underneath her top, it was just long enough for me to wonder and fantasise.

Exactly as Ada told me, she was very attractive in a kinky way, forty-something, taller than average, size-ten, modest tits, good legs, hips and ass, a very fuckable woman with a wonderful, refined English accent - with two boys in tow, who don’t appear to fit or comply with the corporate mould.

“Let’s cut to the chase. I am used to getting my way and calling the shots. I have a very generous expense account. Just as well Michael, your fee was in the super premium league. Though there are three of us tonight.

“I want to seduce you Michael while my boys watch, my very talented Personal Assistants, before I fuck you.” The way the fuck word rolled off her tongue in her wonderful, classy, refined English accent was a bonus turn on for me.

“The boys have talents none of my previous Personal Assistants ever had. If that is a little cryptic you will have the chance to learn how talented they can be later after we fuck.

“A special treat for them, and me. We rarely have the opportunity back in London. We are based in the City among a web of gossip mongers, always intent on bringing a major publicly listed company like ours, down with some sort of scandal or malicious gossip. London is notorious for sexual scandals.

“My boys have been looking forward to meeting you, almost as much as I have been, your reputation precedes you Michael. I promised them you are reputed to possess a big, thick cock, ten-inches when fully erect.

“Would you like my boys to undress you for me and them? Yes?”

That was a whole new and exciting situation for me. Two boys undressing me while their Managing Director watched and held my gaze. Shoes, shirt, slacks and finally my jock strap, while their soft hands teased my body. So pleased my naked body was the centre of attention for Shay and her boys.

Even more pleased and flattered when the three of them muttered, “Oh wow,” as I posed with my hands on my hips for them while flaunting my no longer flaccid cock for them.

“Would you like my boys to oil your body while I watch? Some foreplay for both of us? Yes? His torso first boys. Now his muscly ass. Now just a small amount of oil on his cock and balls, use your fingertips,” Shay instructed as she and me were passionately tongue kissing.

For me, there is nothing quite like the sensation of returning your lover’s passionate tongue kisses while a second person, or in this case a third person was sexually stimulating my naked body. The sensation was even more intense in the lead up to me fucking a new lover that night.

The boys quickly had me rock hard, both of them teasing my cock to a full erection. “Wow, oh fuck, look at that boys, he is huge, magnificent, just fucking magnificent and so thick. I promised you boys a thick, ten-inch erection. Now watch me fuck him. Which way would you prefer boys? Me on top, cowgirl style?”

I wasn’t at all surprised when Shay took control, after all she was the Managing Director of a major public company, cheating on her expense account and possibly a man, or even a woman back in London.

I have had others, males and females, watching me fucking a woman in the past, husbands, bi-sex women, lovers, toyboys, though I couldn’t recall two young boys, epicene, watching, and enjoying, both of them naked now with better than average erections.

The two boys did watch us fucking, while they sat on chairs just ten-feet away, the only sound from them the occasional soft, ‘wow, oh fuck he is huge, awesome, fucking awesome both of them, so good.’

I had Shay’s ass cheeks in my hands after she mounted me, manipulating her, sliding up and down my erection, She was almost oblivious to the two boys, as I was - almost, an extra turn on for me, turning on the two boys while their boss was fucking me. Urging both of us in her wonderful, refined English accent, losing control. “Fuck my cunt with your huge cock. Fuck me, fuck me, Fuckame, fuckame, harder, harder.”

I lost count of Shay’s orgasms while she manipulated her cunt along, over and around my erection, both of us making occasional eye contact with her boys as an extra turn on as she moaned, “fuckame, harder,” each time.

I always find it sexually exciting to orgasm while fucking with an extra person watching. Right then it was very exciting for me as I fought to hold back a huge orgasm with two mysterious and fascinating, young boys watching, who wanted to sexually pleasure me, and I wanted them to while Shay watched, after she had her way with me.

Shay took the initiative when she told me to reverse positions, so we could fuck missionary stye. “Fuck me, right up to your balls, fuckame, fuckame, I want you to orgasm, cum for my boys, and me.” she whispered as we fucked and tribbed simultaneously.

“Gunna cum. Shay, watch me cum. Gunna cum boys, watch me cum,” I groaned, as the boys watched wide eyed.

Shay was naked, sitting on a bathroom stool, watching me shower when the two naked boys joined me in the shower. “Now let’s see if Michael can get it up again boys, his agent promised he could. I have never watched my boys with a man your size. Would you like my boys to lick and suck your nipples? Yes? While the other boy licks and kisses your flaccid cock? Yes?”

A whole new and exciting experience for me. The boys had their hands all over my wet, naked body, one behind me, the other in front of me. “You like that don’t you? Your cock is responding. Would you like me to watch my boys suck you cock? Yes?,” Shay asked as one of the boys was licking and sucking my wet nipples while the other licked my cock.

Then one of them teasing my balls. Both of them directly comparing their wet erections to mine as our erections touched

“They are good aren’t they Michael? They used to work as escorts in Bangkok. The concierge of the hotel organised them for me. I couldn’t get enough of them for two nights. I offered them a job as interns back in London and had them trained as my Personal Assistants.

“So here we are. I do like to please them, and myself, sharing a man with them. Two of the people on the board of directors, a man and a woman, weren’t at all keen on them as interns and working as my PAs. Though after a night each with the boys they both changed their minds. They are good aren’t they Michael?”

“Extremely good,” I answered truthfully, as for the first time in my life two exciting, attractive boys, epicene, with characteristics of both sexes, almost clones of each other, their nationalities not a mystery to me any longer, wanted to give me sexual pleasure, fellatio a blow job, while their female boss watched.

“I do like to make a contribution,” Shay whispered, tongue kissing me, as one of the boys was softly cupping my balls in a hand while sucking just the tip of my erection while the other boy licked and sucked my nipples.

For the second time that day, one my special and exciting sexual pleasures, a boy bought me to orgasm, while another boy, and his sexy, kinky female managing director watched while alternating tongue kissing me.

“Tell me all about Shay and her two boys? I told you she looked fuckable. Was she?” my agent Ada asked next day.

“That woman was amazing Ada. After she had me, her two boys had me. And then she asked me to stay and watch her with the two boys.”

“Did you stay and watch Michael?”

“Yes, she sat on the face of one boy while she sucked the other boy’s erection.”

“Shay told me she was due back in a months time. She asked if I could organise you and another woman for her. After I emailed her some of my current, naked pics, I told her I would make a very rare exception and make myself available.

“You look more fuckable than ever Ada, she emailed back, I remember you when you were working solo and I was just an international sales manager with hardly any expense money.

“Remember the last time we worked as a team Michael?”
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