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A stranger is rude to Ana after nearly hitting her with his car. Chris uses his powers to teach him a lesson.
In the previous part of this story, Chris went to the mall where he met Ana and used his powers to fuck her in a sex shop and then take her home with him.

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The story picks up where we left off: I'd just been to the mall, where I'd met the beautiful Ana and used my power to make her obey my every command. We'd gone shopping for some new sexy outfits and toys for her, and now she was driving me home.

On the way back, I asked her to pull into a café so that we could get some coffee - I was feeling pretty tired after all the action of the day so far. As we were walking from Ana's car to the cafe, a car screeched to a halt, nearly hitting Ana! "Watch it, you stupid bitch!" shouted a man out of the window. Ana looked hurt, and I was mad. While previously I might have let this slide, I definitely wasn't going to now that I had my new powers.

I walked up the side of his car and looked in through the window. There were two people in the car - a chubby man in a suit, and in the passenger seat, a younger looking woman in slightly more casual wear. I stared down the angry man. "Apologise!" I demanded.

"Fuck you, the stupid bitch should have been looking where she was going", he said.

"You use language like that in front of your daughter?" I countered.

"Fuck you! That's my wife." I looked over at her. She was wearing long black stockings and a short grey skirts, revealing perfect long, and a white blouse with a couple buttons undone, revealing her full cleavage and the bottom of her green bra. She was clearly quite a few years younger than her husband, and was way out of his league. "Keep your eyes off her", the driver warned.

Then I had an idea to get back at him for being rude to Ana.

I wish he wouldn't be able to leave the car. I wish she would be really turned on by me and do anything I tell her to do..

"What's your name, cutie?" I said to her. The driver turned an angry shade of red and fumbled with the door handle, but couldn't open it.

"Veronica", she replied, smiling. Her voice was smooth and cute.

"Why don't you take off your panties and hand me them through this window."

"You dare talk to her like that?!" shouted the driver, and then, as he noticed her putting her fingers up her skirt, grabbing the elastic of her panties, and pulling them down over her long legs, "what the fuck Vee?"

I smiled as I took the panties off her. "Step out of the car for me."

She opened the door of the car, stepped out, and I closed it behind her. Her husband tried to grab her and pull her back in, but it was too late - she was already out of the car and he couldn't reach her.

I walked Veronica around to the front of the car, and leaned her against the hood, and kissed her deeply on the lips. She reached her arms around me and kissed me back - I could tell she was enjoying it.

A scream of rage came from inside the car. "What the fuck are you doing with this piece of shit Vee? Get back in the car!" She ignored him, and we continued to make out, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. I reached up and undid the remaining buttons of her blouse, pulling it off over her shoulders and revealing her green bra, which I grabbed, feeling her large tits through it. They felt amazing: big enough that they could have been fake, but they felt real to me. I kissed down her neck, and as I kissed down her chest I unclasped her bra and let it drop down, exposing her tits to both me and the few people who had gathered around us in the car park to see what was going on.

Her husband had gone quiet, I think from the surprise, and as I continued kissing down her chest I made eye contact with him, before taking her nipples into my mouth one by one and gently kissing and sucking on them. His face was red with rage, and his eyes looked like the were about to bulge out of his face as I gorged on his lovely wife's tits! That'd teach him to call a woman as beautiful as Ana a stupid bitch.

As I kissed and sucked on Veronica's tits, I could hear her breathe getting heavier, until a small moan escaped her mouth. I decided it was time to escalate things further, and pushed my hand up her skirt. Her pussy was soaking wet, clearly turned on by what we were doing and the small crowd that had gathered to watch. I pushed a finger inside her to the delight of the people around us, and started to finger her.

One observer wasn't so delighted, and her husband found his voice again and started yelling again. As much as I liked seeing him suffer this humiliation, I had to admit he was ruining the vibe with his yelling. I wish he'd close the windows and put on some loud music, I thought. He immediately complied, which first muffled his yelling and then drowned it out entirely.

I pushed another finger into Veronica's pussy, finger fucking her in earnest now, and felt her undoing the clasp of my belt. She reached her hand into my pants and grabbed my once-again hard cock, before starting to move her hand up and down with the same rhythm I was playing with her pussy with. Both of us were moaning now, and I kissed her again, moaning into each other's mouths.

As I fingered her, I felt her skirt riding up, and with my other hand I yanked it, pulling it up around her waist and exposing both her ass and pussy. She stood with not a care in the world before the people watching us, now fully exposed but for her stockings and the skirt around her waist - which really didn't cover anything anymore.

I stopped kissing her and pulled away, before bending her over the trunk of the car, exposing her pussy to me. Her large tits were resting against the windscreen of the car, and her husband could only watch from inside as I pushed my cock into her pussy.

Her pussy was tight, but she was so wet that there wasn't any resistance. I pulled my cock out of her, and then pushed it back in, and then started fucking her, her tits bouncing against the car window. There was actually a cheer from the crowd of observers!

She locked eyes with her husband and moaned, visibly enjoying the feeling of me fucking her from behind, not caring that her angry husband was watching. Her wet pussy felt amazing around my cock as I pushed it in and out of her, and I reached around her to play with her large tits as they bounced from the movement.

I looked around at the people watching us fuck. The crowd had probably grown to 20 to 30 people, some of them with their phones out taking photos or videos. Many of the men had bulges in their pants, and I noticed one young couple in particular, the woman rubbing the guy's cock through his pants as they both watched. I slapped Veronica's ass a couple times while making eye contact with them, and the guy slipped a hand inside the women's top, starting to play with her nipples.

I considered wishing that they'd do more or maybe even join us at the car, but then I noticed a man dressed in a high vis jacket followed by an angry looking woman heading towards us from the direction of the cafe. Uh oh - I guess someone had got upset and called security. As he approached us he opened his mouth to speak, but then I had an idea. I wish Veronica would really want to suck the security guard's cock, and I wish he'd want to let her. I wish the woman who fetched security would get really turned on by this, get naked, and masturbate on the car.

The security guard walked up to us and said "Guys, I haven't phoned the cops yet, but if you don't move on immediately, I'm afraid I'll have to." Veronica responded by grabbing his trousers, undoing them and pulling them straight down, and taking his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth. She started sucking it straight away, matching the rhythm of my cock inside her. The security guard seemed very satisfied with the arrangement and immediately put his phone back into his pocket.

The woman who had fetched security, no longer looking angry, started to strip. She did it in a way to put on a show for the crowd around us, teasing as she first slipped off her jeans, bending over to show off her shapely ass, then her shirt one button at a time before sliding it off and dropping it to the ground. Her bra was next - she unclasped it and slid the straps over her shoulders, teasing taking it off without quite doing it yet, before letting it drop to the ground and covering her tits with her hands. Then, she moved her hands and started pinching and tweaking her nipples, her tits now fully on display for the crowd. She crawled up the trunk of the car on her hands and knees before crawling onto the roof, then she sat on it with her legs spread wide, starting to play with herself through her panties. Finally, she slid her panties off leaving herself sat on the car fully naked, and started playing with herself in earnest.

I half watched the show taking place on the car next to me, but was mostly focusing on fucking Veronica. I was fucking her hard now and she moaned loudly around the security guard's dick, which was now fully hard. She gagged on it and spit dribbled down her chin landing on her tits.

I looked over at the driver of the car to see what he was making of it. He was fuming and still shouting, but I couldn't hear any of it. From his point of view, all he could see was his wife with two cocks inside her, and neither of them were his. He couldn't even see the woman fingering herself as she was on the roof of his car! I made eye contact with him and slapped Veronica on the ass a couple times.

"Do that again and I'll cum!" moaned the woman on the roof of the car. I guess she liked that. I spanked Veronica once, twice, three more times, watching the other woman bite her lip as she played with her pussy harder now, her fingers deep inside her. I'd never seen someone finger fuck themselves so hard before! I slapped Veronica's ass one more time, and the other woman screamed "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" and started to convulse, liquid spraying out of her pussy and all over the car she was sat on. Shit, I guess she was a squirter! The sight of this was enough to push me over the edge, and I started to cum, pulling Veronica into me and cumming deep inside her pussy. She wailed in pleasure, pushing back against me, ensuring every drop of my cum ended up inside her.

I pulled my dripping cock out her pussy, and she took the security guard's cock out of her mouth, taking my cock into her mouth and sucking it clean. Then she did something I wasn't expecting - she raised her ass to the security guard indicating that he should fuck her too. He didn't need any convincing, and immediately pushed his cock into her spoiled pussy and started fucking her. I hadn't told her to do that, I guess she really was just a slut!

I decided it was time for me to leave. I'd enjoyed fucking Veronica in front of her angry husband, but it was time to get back to Ana, who had been watching the scene with curiosity from a distance...


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Very hot. Great writing.

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