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Is she married to a monster, or is she the monster?
You are married for a couple of weeks now, and it is wonderful.

You have nice sex with your wife, and all is well. Of course, you feel it growing inside of you. You don't care too much, you can control it. 

Yes, tonight it went a little too far as you bit her shoulder a little too hard and tasted blood on your tongue, but it was not that bad. Next time, you will be more careful.

On the other hand, she has not complained, and you came like hell. In fact, you're almost sure she was biting her lip to keep from moaning.

Win, win. Nothing happened. 

I chose you because I saw it. The dark side of you that fits so well with my preferences.

You are strong, charismatic, and dominant. Exactly what you need to be to satisfy me.

I will awaken all the fires in you that you are so desperately trying to extinguish.

For now, we'll live in your apartment because I pretend that my house urgently needs to be renovated. I can't let you in there yet.

You'll have to see what you're capable of first.

And I also want to see first whether the dark side of you is strong enough for what awaits you there.

The Morning

You drink your coffee and wonder why your wife is still not up. Did you make it so good for her, that she has to sleep longer? Your cock is reacting to the memories, and you lick your lips at the memory of her skin under your teeth.  

You hear me coming into the kitchen, and you still smile a little at your fading memories as you look at me. I wear a long white shirt and smile at you. You could fuck me again immediately.

But you will control yourself after this night. 

You don't want it to wake up inside you again so quickly. In the deepest part of your mind you know it will.

But then you will be prepared, stronger and able to deal with it. I turn around to make myself tea and pull my hair to one side.

And now you see it. 

There is something dark under my shirt on my shoulder. Can it be blood? Did you bite me that hard?

You stand up to bring your mug to the sink, and you think about touching me and testing if I am naked and how my pussy feels, but you know, you have an appointment and have to leave soon.

I feel your inner conflict, and it makes me hot. You make the right decision and turn around to leave the kitchen and go to your appointment. I move.

You feel me behind you, and I whisper into your ear

 "I want to suck you." Your eyes widen in surprise, but i can't see it. 


You don't have much time but you're not an idiot. 

You turn around, and I kiss you greedy, and then press, my body at yours. You touch my butt and feel that I am not wearing anything under my shirt, and you are getting hard.  

But I already flow down your body and take your pants with me. 

The images of last night floating in your mind, and you feel it moving deep in your belly. 

The last thought of stopping now crosses your mind, but it is too late. 

You already feel my lips around your cock, and my tongue is playing in the sensitive tip of it. I look at you and take you into my mouth, balls deep, to let you out slowly almost stopping, until you feel the need to push your cock inside my mouth as hard as you wanted to fuck me tonight. 

I play with you and you know it. 

The next time, as I suck you really hard and you feel your balls harden, you grip my shoulder. I gasp out of pain but don't stop. 

You need to fuck me now! The hunger is big inside you, and growing, and your grip around my shoulder is getting stronger. You feel my nails at your balls, and my hand hard around your cock, while I suck you faster and faster. 

I won't let you think about why I don't wince in pain, and why the pain in your balls only makes it better and better.

When it becomes almost unbearable, you come so hard that you struggle to stay on your feet.

You will come in pain many more times and learn to enjoy it more and more.

Through the fog of your exhaustion you see me swallowing again and again and looking up to you. 

You have to push me back slowly or i wouldn't stop sucking you. 

I lick my lips, swallow again, grin at you, and leave the kitchen.

You want to go after me, but you really don't have so much time now.  You have to go.

As soon as you leave the apartment, I get dressed quickly and drive to my house. I know my guests are well looked after, but I like to check for myself. 

When I open the door, I have to smile. Pari is there, my servant. She has heard me in the driveway and is waiting for me on her knees with her hands behind her head. I love the sight of her. She is as pretty, as delicate, and as fairylike as her name promises. The love in her eyes warms my heart. I nod. Pari stands up and waits for instructions. 

"Are you all right?" She looks at me because I just love looking into her big, dark eyes. 

"Yes, mistress."

"The inmates?"

"Calm and submissive, mistress."


"None Mistress." As always, my beautiful pearl has everything under control. 

I love her gorgeous face with her full lips and finely arched eyebrows. I don't know whether she has Indian or Malaysian blood in her, but the mixture is simply stunning. 

"Do you want to lick my pussy?" Her eyes become even bigger and shinier, her full mouth curls into a charming smile, and her face lights up with joy as if Christmas and Easter were on the same day. 

"Yes, Mistress," she says so quickly, as if she's afraid I'll change my mind. She's right, I do that sometimes. 

She knows the difference between eating and licking and will do it brilliantly. As always.

On the way to my couch in the reception room, I drop the skirt I've just put on for the drive. There was no need for underwear.

I think about lying down on the bed and letting her spoil me extensively, but what do I have a husband for? He'll be home soon and do what he's there for.

Pari, my fairy, follows me quietly.

I sit down on the edge of the couch and spread my legs wide. Then I nod.

She rushes towards me like a little dog, and my body twitches at the first touch of her nimble tongue. She is so good. So experienced. So totally attuned to me.

If I ever had to sell her, I would be very sorry.

Her hands are on the floor; she is not allowed to touch me. Unless I order her to. She licks me with practiced quick movements, and my body relaxes visibly.

When I start to moan, she redoubles her efforts and looks up at me so I can see her beautiful eyes.

My orgasm comes strong and full, and at the climax, Pari sucks in my clit and quickly plays with it with her tongue.

I jerk in waves of ecstasy and press her full mouth completely into my hot, wet pussy. 

"Yes, just like that. Yes." I hear myself moan and know how happy I'm making her with these words.

I look at her wet mouth and the black hair tousled by my hand. 

"Take the rest of the day off. I won't be coming home today. Take care of our guests for the night."

She doesn't wipe her face or lick her lips. She knows I like to look at her like that. Full of my juice. 

"Yes Mistress," she says, making room for me to stand up. I quickly check my e-mails and take a look at the cameras showing my basement. Everything is in perfect order. I can go back to my beloved husband. 
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