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We didn't shower together.

Firstly, because I wanted to give him time for a few flashbacks so that he would realize how great the sex had just been, and secondly, because I had to call Pari.

Her afternoon off had just been canceled. 

I was happy to give her free time so she could read, study, dance, and do whatever. I didn't care as long as she fulfilled her duties to me flawlessly.

And she does that flawlessly. 

She is like a puppy who is the happiest when her mistress is happy.

I just thought about her tongue and remembered that I hadn't had a dog for a very long time. I should call Linda. Her dog is incomparable at licking.

If Pari watched closely, maybe even joined in, she would certainly learn something. 

But now was not the time for dog fantasies. I would visit Linda as soon as the opportunity arose. 

I instructed Pari exactly how to behave and what I expected of her.

She wasn't doing it for the first time, so she was prepared. She would play her role perfectly. 

We walk slowly around the park near the university. 

The day is pleasantly cool, and I walk by your side with my hand in the crook of your arm. Your gaze wanders over the students sitting on the benches or in the grass, studying or talking.

"Shall I bring you one of them?" I ask quietly, and you smile your wolfish smile. 

I can see it working in your head. I'm sure you're thinking you'll pick one, and I'll dress like her and act like her later. 

"Choose one, please and I'll bring her to you. Then you can do whatever you want with her." I breathe hotly into your ear. 

You've never shied away from a challenge before, so you take a closer look at the young women we pass. 

As if I had known you would choose this one, your gaze lingers on a slender black-haired woman. Her hair is straight, and she's wearing a long skirt, boots and a long-sleeved blouse. You must like her glasses and want to see me in them.  

"That one. I want her. Bring her to me," you say calmly and look at me challengingly.

 "Wait a minute, please." 

I walk slowly towards the woman. 

She's sitting on a bench about 20 meters away from us, reading. You pretend to be watching children play nearby and smile. 

You're sure I want to get a feeling for the woman so I can play her later. You watch us unobtrusively. 

I talk to her, and she looks at me seriously. Then she looks at you and then back at me. I talk to her. She smiles. Then she smiles even wider, and I grab her by the hands. 

At first, it looks like she's pulling her hands away, but then her posture relaxes. I let go of one of her hands and wave to you. She waves to you too. 

You're sure we don't know each other, but we seem like friends. Our body language is relaxed, and I'm holding her hand and sitting very close to her now. Our bodies are touching. 

She looks at you several times and smiles. You are now watching us openly and wondering what I am telling her. 

After a long minute, I stand up and pull her up with me. We walk towards you. I put her hand in the crook of my arm, just as I had mine in yours before. 

As we stand in front of you, she looks at you openly and smiles as if it were the most natural thing in the world. 

"This is Pari, my love. She will come home with us, and you can have sex with her," I say calmly, and neither of us seems to find anything unusual in it. 

You stare at us in disbelief. 

Like a brief shadow, anger flits in your eyes, and I know you are thinking this is a kind of a joke. 

You turn your gaze away from Pari and look me in the face. I smile triumphantly at you.  

Your reason tells you that you should demand an explanation from me and that you should by no means engage in this obvious joke at your expense. But the voice of your reason is only a whisper. 

Your beast is wide awake and hungry for fresh meat. 

"Will she?" you say, and your tone is not even friendly. I can feel the anger in you, and I know your cock is already hard. 

"She will. She hasn't had sex for weeks. You're going to have fun with her." 

Pari smiles at you as if the conversation is about a new type of tea. The beast in you has already captured everything about her. Her figure, her clothes, her breasts, and her lips. She's pretty, and you want to fuck her. 

"Shall we go then? If you don't like her, I'll get you another one." Pari looks at you disappointed. As if she were in fear that you don't want to fuck her. 

"Let's go," you say, and the three of us go home. 

Images of you and Pari, and how you would fuck her helpless body flood your mind.

You try to control yourself, but you're as hot as red-hot iron. 

You will fuck both of us until we scream. 

The beast inside you celebrates.

When you get home, you can hardly wait to get your hands on both of us. 

You notice that I never let go of Pari's hand. Our bodies are always touching, even if only a little. That means something, but you'll ask me about it later, when I'm screaming underneath you. 

I've been keeping you in a permanent state of arousal since yesterday.

Your willingness to use violence and the fact that your violent fantasies are fulfilled just like that switch off your rational thinking.

So now, instead of seeing that everything here is just an act, you think that I exert some kind of power over Pari with my touch.

You want to fuck her, so you accept what you see without questioning. Good.

We stand in our bedroom, and I stand behind Pari. 

"I'll undress her for you so you can look at her, honey."  

From behind, I place my hands on Pari's breasts and then I slowly unbutton her blouse. She lets it happen to her and smiles kindly at you. 

I look into your eyes over Pari's shoulders and see how impatient you are. I unbutton her blouse even more slowly. There will be repercussions for me. 

I take off her blouse, and she stands in front of you in just her bra, skirt and shoes.

 Your beast roars with impatience. 

I undo her bra and let it fall forward. My hands caress her shapely breasts. I know you won't be waiting much longer, and I get wet when I see your excitement. 

"Open his pants, Pari," I say to the girl, and she opens your belt as if she does it every day.

I unzip her skirt at the back and let it fall down. You eat her up with your eyes. Then I pull her slip down, and you hear my fingernails scratching her skin. 

On the way to the bed, Pari kicks off her shoes, and I lay her down. You watch as I stroke her snaking body. As you take off your pants, you watch as I tie her wrists to the bedposts. 

She smiles and looks at your body. I whisper something in her ear, and she opens her legs for you. 

Her pussy is clean-shaven, but there is a black strip of hair on top that looks like a line. You kneel down between her legs, and look at me as your cock sinks into her wet pussy.

 It makes you incredibly hot to see me still holding her hand, and your beast lets you fuck her hard and fast. Her breasts bounce up and down, and she puts her feet on either side of your legs to take you in deeper. 

I am proud of my little bitch.

It's hot, very hot, and you're just wondering how long you can fuck her like this when you notice a strange smile on my face. 

Yes, you're going to fuck me today too. Until I beg for mercy. Your gaze wanders to my other hand, which is now holding a gag. 

I hold it in front of Pari's face, and she opens her mouth with a smile. I put it on her.

 It's the same gag I always wear when you let scream as loud as I want without the neighbors calling the police. I like wearing it. Pari seems to like it too. 

You don't understand why I put it on her, she obviously enjoys the way you fuck her, but you let me do it. 

Time to prove my power over Pari to you.

The smile doesn't leave my face as I let go of Pari's hand. 
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