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….......Time to prove my power over Pari to you.

The smile doesn't leave my face as I let go of Pari's hand. 


You pump into her and now look into her gagged face. Her eyes widen in shock.

You see fear in that look, and it makes your beast furious. Your body tenses, and you continue to fuck her even though she starts to struggle and scream out of her mind. 

As if she had woken up from a dream and didn't know where she was. 

Her eyes widen, and she tries to escape from you.

Tears come into her eyes, which are wide with horror, and flow down the sides of her face. She screams into her gag and shakes her head left and right.

She tries to rise up under you to throw you off, but she has no chance.

She could just as easily try to pull the bed out from under her and put it somewhere else.

She has nothing to oppose your strength and mass.

This depraved little slut plays her role so well that even I briefly doubt whether you won't actually tear her little cunt apart with your huge cock.

If we were in my house, I could have done without the gag and enjoyed her panicked screams to the fullest. But here in the apartment, it would alert the neighbors.

Maybe we can repeat the performance again in the house. From the beginning, with tying her up, throwing her down, and raping her hard. I bet her performance would look even better then.  I will keep this great idea in my mind for later.


Your come explosively inside her, and the orgasm shakes your whole body. 

You know you are raping her but you don't care.

 It feels so good, so strong, and so intense. You can't stop, even if you wanted to. 

Your cock is still exploding inside her, and you can see how hot it makes me to see you like this. 

Finally exhausted,  you stop pumping your sperm into the screaming woman, and roll off her. She tries to kick you, and that makes you smile. You would take the kick with pleasure for the moments she gave you. 

She cries unrestrainedly and flinches as I bend over her and push her knees apart. You are exhausted, but watch greedily as your sperm mixed with blood runs out of Paris' violated vagina.

Then you see me grab her hand, and she calms down in my arms, crying.

Her tears are beautiful on her face as I remove her gag.

I turn her face toward me and kiss her lips. You want to go out, go to the bathroom,piss and then eat and sleep. But you can't leave us alone now. You can't fuck us now either. 

But your beast can. 

You watch as I undo the cuffs around Pari's wrists and pull her towards me. 

I lie down next to her and whisper something to her. 

She starts undressing me and stroking me. My hand wanders between her legs, and I stroke her pussy, which is wet from your cum. 

You could stop it, but you don't say a word. 

You want to see it, join in, but not now. Now you have to leave, but you can't leave us alone. You sit in the armchair and watch greedy.

Pari moans in pleasure as I put my fingers inside her, and redouble her efforts to undress me as quickly as possible. As she removes my bra and takes my nipple in her mouth, you feel the beast in your belly growl excited.

 I now move my fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster, and she gasps with pleasure.

She grabs my breast and puts it in her mouth to suck on it. 

Then she opens her legs and comes with my fingers in her pussy. She lets out sharp cries, and I enjoy the way her vagina clenches around my fingers. I push my fingers in even deeper, and she grabs my hand to hold it there while still cumming. I look into your eyes.

Breathing heavily, she turns her face towards me and kisses me wildly.

You can't possibly leave us alone together now. 

You want to see how she kisses me, how she licks me, and how she fingers me. 

The beast inside you no longer wants to join in, it wants to watch. It has a plan. 

Pari undresses me and sucks on my breasts. Then she kisses her way down and opens my legs. 

When I moan as her tongue licks my clitoris for the first time, I see it in your eyes.

 The incredible lust, greed, and cruelty of your beast.

In this state of mind, all you want to do is fuck, even if it kills you. You don't care who or what gets fucked, the main thing is that you get a hole. I see how you lick your teeth and feel how your beast wants to tear, bite, and hurt something. That's exactly the state I want to put you in. Not today; you're very tired, but we've made a start.   

I know what's about to happen, but I let Pari press her face into my wet pussy and stick her tongue inside me. She licks me, eats my pussy and I'm almost cumming.

You grab your cock and watch greedily as Paris' slender fingers disappear into my pussy. She sucks on my clit, and I moan loudly with pleasure. I can see how much you'd like to fuck me now, but your cock isn't ready yet. My triumph doesn't make me wait any longer. I come hard with Paris' pumping fingers and her sucking mouth.

When my body stops twitching uncontrollably and I can breathe again, I look at you.

You have fallen asleep.

Pari is still kneeling expectantly between my legs.

She can't see you and expects to be fucked by you again at any time.

I leave her in this position and enjoy the sight for almost a minute. The little whore loves to be fucked hard, and she loves not knowing what is about to happen.

She won't talk, and she won't turn around. Unless she misses the whip as a punishment for disobedience, but after tonight, I doubt it.

She got what she loves so much. She is grateful. I form "home." with my lips. 

Pari rises and crawls out of bed. Silently and gracefully. Then she gets dressed quietly because she knows by now that you're asleep.

I could let her take a shower, you have a deep sleep, and it wouldn't wake you up now. But I don't want to miss the sight of your cum still flowing out of her, which, together with her blood, immediately stains her white panties pink.

So beautiful, so seductive.

I let her out of the apartment so she can go home and get everything ready for the night. 




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Thank you for commenting:) I will publish the rest soon.

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Strange the system won't let me vote for it, good job can't wait for the next part

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