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This has been sitting on my hard drive waiting too long for me to post. Enjoy.
Moving back in with my mom had never been part of my plan, but sometimes life throws curveballs. The pandemic happened, I got laid off, my girlfriend dumped me and went back east to stay with her family during quarantine. I tried to find a job and make it without any help, but finally realized I was broke. My mom was the one who suggested I move back home, because she had been finding the pandemic to be lonely, too.

In the first few weeks after my girlfriend left, before my money ran out, my mother and I had taken to texting or calling almost every night. I wasn’t a child anymore, I was 23, and my mom was 42. My dad was out of the picture, and my younger sister was working on an internship at a German energy company in Berlin. So my mom and I actually were able to talk grown-up to grown-up. It was nice. She became my friend and confidant.

In hind sight, I realize that I should have expected what was waiting for me when I got home. She dropped some hints. But I was still to blinded by the loss of my girlfriend to read my mom’s signals from long distance – things like selfies taken when she was lying in bed, or sitting outside in a swimsuit sunning herself. She was my mom, it all went right over my head. So when I started getting the signals up-close, it was a bit of a system shock.

My mom lives in Arizona where it’s hot. When she came to the airport to pick me up, she was wearing a sports bra and some khaki shorts that weren’t quite booty shorts but were damn close. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with her wearing that. It just caught me by surprise. But I shrugged it off and she and I settled in for the hour-long ride home.

The car-ride was pretty much just catch-up time, and we chatted during the drive. I mostly looked out the front window as I rode along, but I have to admit that I did take a few glances at my mom’s – um – assets – a couple times during the ride. She has a classic mom-bod, so the relatively thin white fabric of the sports bra wasn’t doing a good job of holding it in. Her nipples were clearly visible under the light fabric, and the cool air flowing from the car’s A/C made them stand up nice and straight. And when I glanced down at her thighs I would have sworn I could see the edge of her labia peaking out of the legs of her super-short shorts.

I wouldn’t say I was aroused by her, but I was definitely distracted.

Back home, as we sat eating carry-out dinner, I caught her looking at me with a smile on her face.

“What?” I said.

“It’s just amazing,” my mom said.

“Amazing? What’s amazing?” I asked.

“You being here. Us being here. You being all grown up. You’ve gotten to be so handsome.”

That was awkward. I just shrugged. Of course she thought I was handsome. She was my mom.

“Thanks mom,” I said, fiddling with the food on my plate. I suddenly felt a queasy feeling in my stomach and my appetite was disappearing. I could see her sports bra out of the corner of my eye and her hard, dark nipples underneath were a distraction. The room was actually a tad warm, so her hard tits didn’t seem to be justified by the temperature. I wondered why they were hard. I felt a blush creep up my neck and tried to fight it down.

“We’re grown ups now,” my mom said. “You don’t need to call me mom anymore. You can call my by my real name.”

“Um...okay,” I said, looking down.

“Say my name,” my mom insisted. She reached out and put a hand on my arm. Her hands were soft, very soft. My arm tingled where her hand touched it.

“Okay...Paula,” I said, still looking down at the food.

“That’s better,” she said. “We’re both grown ups here, so we can go by first names now.”

“Um...okay,” I said again. I didn’t know where this was going, but I felt like I wanted to change the subject. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of another topic to change it to.

“Thanks,” my mom said. She leaned over and planted a quick peck on the edge of my cheek – almost onto my neck. As she did so, she pressed her heavy, pendulous breasts against my body. I could feel her hard nipples through the thin sports bra. It caught me by surprise and I stifled a gasp.

My mom didn’t seem to think it anything out of the ordinary.

“I’m going up to take a quick shower,” she said. “We can watch a movie afterwards.”

I nodded glumly, still trying to sort out my own thoughts from the conversation we had just had. My mom started up the stairs, then paused and turned back.

“While I’m in the shower, could you look at my computer? I’ve been having a problem with my browser. Videos won’t start.”

My mom often called me with her computer problems, this was nothing new. I nodded.

“Sure thing mom,” I said.


“I mean Paula.”

My mom headed up the stairs, and I found myself watching her as she went. Her mom bod had narrow waist but wide hips and a broad ass that quivered as she swayed it up the stairs. Her shorts had ridden up her cheeks and were pressed against her labia. I could see the outline of her slit. I could have sworn she was walking slowly and adding extra motion just for my benefit. At the top of the stairs she paused, then swiveled her head around. I looked away quickly but I am pretty sure she caught me staring at her ass.


I brought myself up short. Not cool to be lusting after mom. But that conversation we had just had was a little odd. What the hell had just happened?

To make matters worse, when I got up, I realized that my cock was rock-hard in my shorts.

This wasn’t cool either.

I grabbed my mom’s laptop and opened it up. I knew her password and a second later I had her Windows desktop in front of me. Firefox was already opened but minimized so I clicked on it to maximize it. Then my jaw hit the floor.

The browser was open to a porn site, which was in the middle of playing a video. The still frame of the paused video showed two women, one had her ass facing the camera, while the other was spreading the first woman’s cheeks and asshole apart.

But what really caught my eye was what was coming out of the second woman’s asshole. It looked like a huge pink bulb with a rose at the end. It wasn’t a toy, it was flesh.

What the fuck.

I noted the title of the video “Prolapse Sweethearts”. I had heard the word “prolapse” before, but had never seen it in videos or in real life. This was...weird. And even weirder that it was on my mom’s computer.

I clicked the video and ran it for about ten seconds, just to confirm that the video was working in the browser, then I minimized it again, closed the laptop and went into the living room. The combination of my mom’s behavior and seeing that video had me in an emotional tizzy and I was beginning to question my decision to move back home. My cock was threatening to get hard again – no, check that, my cock was most definitely hard again.

I flipped on Wheel of Fortune and sat their, miserable, waiting for my mom to come back down.

She seemed to take forever in the bathroom, doing what I didn’t know. Eventually. the shower came on upstairs.

Wheel finished and Jeopardy began. Finally, about halfway through the double jeopardy round, I heard my mom start down the stairs.

“Did you fix my laptop browser?” she asked.

I turned to her to tell her there was nothing wrong with her computer, and stopped cold. After her shower she had pulled on a lightweight almost translucent robe but didn’t appear to be wearing anything else underneath. Her big mommy tits were clearly outlined against the fabric, and her wide, long nipples appeared to be partially erect. The material was flimsy enough that I could see the brown of her wide aureoles and the dark of a narrow landing strip of pubic hair above the pussy perched between her wide, thick hips. Between her hips, there was the shadow of heavy, thick labia hanging down.

I gulped.

“Jesus mom,” I said. “Put on some clothes.”

“It’s Paula,” my mom said. “If you insist on calling me mom, call me mommy, it’s a lot sexier. And don’t be a prude. I know you saw that girlfriend of yours wearing a lot less. It’s warm, I wanted to be cool.”

“True, but she wasn’t my…my mommy.” I said, my cheeks burning red.

“So did you fix my laptop?” my mother asked, changing the subject.

“There was nothing wrong with your laptop,” I said. “Your browser seemed to be fine.”

“The videos don’t play,” she said. “I left one queued up, did you play it?”

I gulped. “The video looked a I clicked it and ran it just a second or two to make sure it worked, then closed down the laptop.”


“You know, prolapses and all that are a fetish. It’s kind of weird.”

“Did that girlfriend of yours ever let you fuck hers?” my mom asked.

“Jesus, mom…I mean Paula...I mean, she didn’t. She didn’t even prolapse her asshole.”

“What about her vagina.”

“No...come on, can we talk about something else please?”

“Then how do you know it’s weird?”

As we talked, the opening in the front of my mom’s robe had slid down so it was down to about bellybutton level. The gap revealed the gracious curves of my mother’s tits and, as it gapped even wider, the edges of her brown aureoles.

I had to admit it, I was turned on. I was turned on by my mother. And I was also angry that she was doing this to me. It was weird. I needed a pause.

“Time out,” I said. “Forget the movie. I’m just going to go up, take a shower, and go to bed. I’m tired. It’s been a long day.”

She started to say something, but I ignored her and went up to my room, grabbed a pair of cotton shorts then headed to the bathroom.

My cock was rock hard, but the idea of masturbating over my mother made me feel uncomfortable. I turned on the cold shower tap and climbed inside, letting the water chill me from the heat – both the kind from the desert and the kind induced by my suddenly-lecherous mother. My erection finally started to lose some tone and soften up. Thank God.

What the hell? Why was my mother doing these things? Had the pandemic isolation finally gotten to her? It was frustrating.

But a thought intruded that scared me. That thought was this: if a woman who looked like her came on to me like this – and she wasn’t my mom – I would be down there with my cock inside her rather than up here in a cold shower.

If she wasn’t my mother, this whole prolapse thing would be a lot more...interesting.

Did her being my mom make that much of a difference? What if she could push out her flesh like that woman in the video. What if I could ram my cock into my mother’s domed hole? What if I could hold her pink flesh and stroke my meat in and out, gaping her wide, using her anal tissue like some kind of bizarre sex toy. That would be so fucking hot. I could just imagine fucking my Mommy’s prolapsed asshole.

My Mommy’s deep, gaping, pink, prolapsed asshole...

Jesus, what was I thinking?

Those thoughts undid all the work the cold shower had accomplished. My cock rose back up to full attention.


I climbed out of the shower and toweled off, pulling on my shorts. I made my way to my bedroom and pulled the door open, but before I could duck inside I heard my mother calling me from downstairs.

“What?” I called back.

“Can you come down, just for a minute before you go to bed?”

I didn’t want to go down there.

“Can’t it wait until morning?” I said.

“I’d rather not. It will only take a sec.”

I cursed under my breath and peered down the stairs. My mother was standing at the bottom. The robe was only very loosely tied and hanging off her left shoulder. Her left breast was completely free, revealing her big brown nipple, and her landing strip and thick labia were completely visible.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the wall. My cock was about to explode from my shorts. At that moment, everything came together in my mind – our conversations over the past few weeks, the pictures she had texted me, and now this.

I had been blind.

I opened my eyes and looked down at my mother, standing at the foot of the stairs half-naked and looking oh-so-fuckable.

Fuck it. Despite that she was my mom – or maybe because she was my mom - I wanted my cock inside her ASAP. If she wanted me to fuck her prolapse, then I would. Honestly, I was so angry-horny that I wanted to ram my meat into every hole she had. Maybe it was wrong, but that made it incredibly right. So if she wanted to come on strong, so could I.

I pulled off my shorts and let my cock stand up free. I wasn’t exactly small, I rocked a solid nine inches. My mother gasped, then smiled as I gave my meat a couple of hard strokes, then started walking naked down the stairs toward her, my immense rock-hard shaft swinging side to side.

“What is this all about?” I said, meeting her eyes squarely when I got to the bottom of the stairs. I stood so that her breasts were only an inch or two from my chest and the tip of my cock was almost brushing the narrow strip of fur above her heavy labia. For a moment, I think she was taken aback, but she recovered quickly and started talking.

“It’s just that, I’ve been thinking about your growing up, and how your father and I seemed to always be fighting, and then he took off when you were in your early teens. I struggled for awhile after that, so you never really had a safe, stable home until you were almost ready to go off to college. You’re single now, and I’m single, and we’re both attractive adults, I just thought I might be able to make things up to you. I know your childhood wasn’t the greatest, and I feel bad. So I’m willing to do anything I can to make it up to you.”

“Anything?” I asked.

“Anything at all,” she said. “I’m yours.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s a whole lot to process.”

“Are you, you know, open to the idea? Do you find me attractive? Despite my weird fetish? Will you let me try to make you happy?”

“You are incredibly desirable,” I said. “In fact you are downright hot. And maybe it’s not weird. Maybe I only think this prolapse thing is weird because I never been with a woman who was into it. If you weren’t Mommy I probably would have been less put off.”

“Exactly,” my mom said. “And I wasn’t into it either until that surgery a couple years ago. It altered some of my plumbing, and one day I discovered I could do...this. Will you let me try to make you happy?” my mother repeated.

I slowly nodded, then reached down and gave my cock a couple more light strokes.

“I’ve been staring at your mom tits ever since you met me at the airport,” I said. “Let’s start with those…Mommy...”

The tension in the room had reached a boiling point and now that the thought was out there we could not get it back into Pandora’s box. She leaned forward and we kissed, our tongues intertwining. She cupped my cock and balls as I pulled her robe apart and grabbed her gargantuan mommy tits. They were soft, abundant and delicious as I pulled them up to my mouth and sucked on her huge erect nipples. She moaned and closed her eyes as I worked my tongue around her pebbled aureoles and teased the hard points of my mother’s hard, pointed nipples. She begged me to suck her tits, and she squeezed her mounds hard, pushing them into my face as I devoured my Mommy’s breasts.

After a moment, she disengaged my mouth from her tits and knelt down in front of me, running her tongue up and down the long shaft of my cock and deep-throating my meat expertly. She gagged gently as she pulled the entire length of my cock down her throat, then pulled back, letting long streamers of throat slime run down my shaft.

“Fuck Mommy’s mouth,” she whispered, pulling my hand up to her hair and pushing her throat back down my cock.

Who was I to argue with my nasty little Mommy?

I took her hair in my hand and pushed my monster cock into my Mommy’s mouth, pressing all the way in until my balls hit her chin. I could feel the tip of my meat deep into her throat. I slid back out, then pushed in again, then again, feeling thick throat slime billow from my mother’s mouth around my meat, running down her chin, sticking to my balls, pooling on her gargantuan tits.

Mommy took it like a pro, just opening her throat and letting my immense meat slide in and out, occasionally gagging a little. Her little throat contractions sent shivers up my spine.

Finally, I pulled back and a thick rivulet of throat slime slid off my cock and down Mommy’s tits. She slid my meat between her monstrous tits, slowly tit fucking it while I watched.

“Have you ever felt a prolapse?” she asked, continuing to slide her big, soft mommy tits up and down my cock.

“Until I saw that video, I had never even seen one, let alone felt one,” I said. “What do I do?”

“Which prolapse do you want first?” she purred. “Mommy’s cunt or mommy’s asshole?”

“I’m a beginner,” I said. “Let’s start with Mommy’s cunt.”

“I love it when you call me Mommy…”

“I love to call you Mommy and I can’t wait to fuck Mommy’s prolapse. I want to fuck every hole you have. I want to be inside you more than you can imagine.”

“That’s Mommy’s little boy...”

Mommy laid back on the couch and spread her legs. As she did so, her labia naturally parted, gaping and showing some of the pink flesh beyond. Grool dribbled from the opening and a lobe of heavy flesh hovered just inside her vagina.

“So first you fuck it, then you fist it, then it prolapses,” she said. “Easy.”

I had never seen my mother’s pussy before. And right now, looking down at her naturally gaping snatch, my cock was harder than I think it had ever been. Not even my girlfriend had gotten me this aroused. I wanted my cock inside Mommy more than I had ever wanted it inside any woman before.

And I wanted her prolapses more than I had ever wanted any woman’s ass or cunt. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I whatever it was, if it was my Mommy’s body I wanted inside of it.

She slid three fingers into her cunt and lifted upwards, gaping it even wider, revealing the cavern inside. It looked hot, wet, inviting.

A rivulet of pre-come trickled from the tip of my cock. I reached down and coated my purple, pulsating meat with the thick fluid assaying from my mother’s gaping cunt. I let my mother give my throbbing cock several strokes before I slid it into her wide open snatch.

I started out being gentle, but my mother egged me on.

“You don’t think my cunnie got that way by me being gentle, do you?” she asked. “Ram that fucking thing home. Fuck mommy’s cunt.”

Any inhibition I had felt about fucking my mother pretty much evaporated at that point. I drove my mammoth cock all the way into her cavernous snatch. My balls bumped against her asshole and her tits shook with the impact. I pulled back and did it again. And again.

“Are you my nasty little Mommy?” I said as I pounded her.

“Fuck yeah,” my mom moaned. “I’m your nasty little Mommy, now and forever. Fuck mommy’s cunt. Fuck it harder. I want to feel the end of your cock pounding Mommy’s cervix.”

Her intonations, her nasty language, her moans, her jiggling tits, and her deep, soft, warm cunt drove me to distraction. I cranked up the pace, pistoning my cock in and out of my mother’s stretched pussy. I reached down and squeezed her mommy tits hard, then leaned down and sucked the long, hard nipples in my mouth. My mother moaned again, squeezing her own tits and pressing them into my face. I rammed my cock back into her. As she had hoped, I felt my cockhead bottom out against the ring of her cervix. She moaned. I slammed my cock against her cervix again and again, driving her to a frenzy of moans and almost-screams.

I felt my balls tighten. I didn’t want to come yet, did I? I started to pull out, but my mother grabbed me.

“Come inside Mommy’s cunt. I want your semen in my body, in my cunt, on my cervix.”

Her dirty talk drove me mad, and I drove my thick meat into her gaping Mommy-cunt again. She squeezed her cunt and that was all it took. Gushes of my thick seed dumped into my Mommy’s gaping hole as my balls pumped their love into her body. Pulse after pulse of my pearly come filled my mother’s body.

I thought I would start losing interest now that I had come, but my cock stayed hard as shot after shot of come poured into my Mommy’s snatch.

“Fuck yeah,” she said, between moans. “Now pull out and fist me. And don’t be gentle.”

As I slipped my meat from her cavernous cunt I tilted it forward, stretching her even wider. As the head of my still-pumping cock rode down the back side of her vag, her asshole beneath gaped open and a tiny bit of pink popped out for a second before the well-used sphincter slammed shut.

I knelt down between her knees and slipped three fingers inside her her thick, gushing, slit.

“I said fist me, not finger me,” my mother said. “I want both fists inside my cunt.”

I pulled open my mother’s labia, revealing the gaping cunt beyond. She was so hot she was practically pouring her juices mixed with my own jizz. I looked up at her mountainous tits and could see her nipples were hard as nails. She pulled one of her soft, gigantic tits up to her lips and sucked it.

I had never fisted a girl before, so I was going on instinct. I slipped a couple fingers from each hand into my mother’s cunt and pulled her thick lips apart. More grool and my semen poured out. The pink, wet, gaping hole beyond begged to be fisted, and I slid my right hand inside between the heavy cushions of pink flesh that led to her cervix. My mother moaned.

“Both hands,” she murmured. I slid my other hand into her slit. She moaned again. I could feel the ribbed muscles of her vagina walls quivering against my forearm.

My mother slid a hand down her stomach and used two fingers to pull back the hood on her clitoris. The little man in the boat stood tall and thick. It had to be two inches long at least. I leaned down and licked the underside of my mother’s clit, then pulled the entire little member into my mouth and sucked. She moaned again and grabbed my hair, pulling my face harder against the end of her cunt. I sucked and gently nibbled her clit as she moaned again and a fresh load of grool and my jizz flushed from my mother’s gaping snatch around my arms.

“Fist me deeper,” my mother said.

The fact that this was my Mommy made the situation even hotter. I pushed my arms deeper into her cunt, feeling her birth canal stretch around me, opening up effortlessly to allow my forearms inside. Eventually, when I was about halfway to my elbow, I felt my fingers bump up against the muscular, fleshy ring that made up her cervix.

I ran my fingers around her cervix and teased the opening a bit with my pinky. My mother’s back arched as she came – not for the first time – and her cunt filled up with more of her juices and what was left of my jizz.

Suddenly I felt her cervix pressing against my hands and muscles squeezing against my arms from above and below. Somehow I knew it was time. I began sliding my hands out of my Mommy’s cunt and could feel her cervix keeping pace with me as I slid inch-by-inch out of her her gaping slit.

My hands popped free. I used four fingers from each hand to pull my mother’s labia wide, and she reached down and slid another two in from the top. A thick lobe of flesh erupted from her cunt below her prolapsing cervix.

My mother’s pink, pulsating cervix slid several inches out beyond her cunt lips. Grool dripped off the fleshy ring and across the pink ribbed lobe beneath it. I had pulled her pussy painfully wide, but it didn’t seem to bother her. My mother moaned again.

“Lick mommy’s cervix,” she said.

I pressed my tongue against her dripping cervix, tasting her pussy juice and my own come as I licked.

Almost immediately I felt her body tighten with a fresh orgasm. Her cervix slipped partially back into her vagina, then she pushed it back out again. I closed my mouth around the pink mound surrounding her cervix and tongued the hole. Another orgasm washed through my mother as her vaginal prolapse tried to slide back into her cunt, but instead I locked my lips around and held onto it, sucking at the flesh to keep in I place. I could only hold on for a second before the slick, prolapsed pussy flesh slipped from my lips, but it was enough to elicit an “Oh God!” from my Mommy.

I thought Mommy would be ready for a break, but I was wrong. She rolled over on all fours, knelt on the couch and pulled a bottle of lube out, dropping a thick glob onto her asshole. Then she reached three fingers from each hand into her asshole and stretched it apart.

Inside, I could see pink crumpled folds of my mother’s ass flesh.

“Fuck mommy’s asshole,” she said. “Fuck it hard.”

A light dribble of jizz was still sliding from the end of my still-hard cock as I pressed the head against my mother’s pink, puckered asshole and began sliding in.

“Push your cock into mommy’s asshole all the way.”

She squeezed her sphincter as I pushed inside, making me feel every inch of my mother’s gaping asshole. About halfway in, I paused and slid back out an inch, causing her ass flesh to grab my meat and slide out with it. Then I continued pressing deeper and deeper until my balls bumped into my mother’s cunt.

“Hard and fast,” she said. “Pound mommy’s asshole.”

I was so aroused by this point I would have done anything she said. I pulled back and began reaming my mother’s ass, the impact of my stomach on her thick hips made the flesh quiver with each stroke. I reached up, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. She just moaned and egged me on to go even harder, shaking her thick hips and squeezing her asshole even tighter. My cock ripped in and out of my mother’s asshole hard enough I was afraid I was going to hurt her, but she kept pushing me to go harder and faster.

I reached around and squeezed her tits, then slid my hand down and felt her cunt. The pressure from my cock inside her asshole had prolapsed her cunt back out and her fleshy lobes and cervix hovered at the entrance to her pussy.

My mother leaned back and put a hand on my chest.

“Pull out,” she said. “It’s time for you to see mommy’s asshole prolapse.”

Lube trickled off the end of my cock when it finally popped free of my mother’s pink, gaping asshole above her extended cervix.

She leaned back and used three fingers from each hand to stretch her asshole wide.

I had seen the image from the video that showed a decent sized prolapse, so I had an idea of what it would look like. But what suddenly popped from my own mother’s asshole was amazing. It had to have been almost a foot long and several inches in diameter. It was pink and muscly and dripping lube. And at the end was an aperture.

“Oh my God” I said, staring in amazement at the mass of pink flesh hanging out of my mother’s prolapsed asshole. It was beautiful. It was hot. It was amazing.

I ran my tongue over the pinkish-red mound of flesh and muscle, feeling the soft-but-firm tissue. In a way it felt kind of like a third boob, except it was pink, covered with lube, and had a hole at the end. I opened my lips wide and pulled the first four or five inches into my mouth, tasting my mother’s unbelievably clean, pink ass flesh.

My mother was moaning softly as a I pulled her prolapse out of my mouth and I slid a couple of fingers inside the tip, stretching her prolapse wider. The tissue yielded readily to my hands and my mother moaned.

“Fuck it,” my Mommy said. “Fuck mommy’s asshole prolapse.”

I squirted some lube on my cock, then as gently as I could, I seized the thick, muscly tissue in my hands, and guided my cock to the tight hole at the end. I had fucked my girlfriend’s asshole a couple of times, but that was nothing like this.

I gently began sliding my cock into the pink mountain in my hands, but my mother interrupted me.

“Fuck Mommy hard, don’t be gentle. Grab that thing and pound it.” As if to accentuate that fact, Mommy reached down and squeezed her prolapse, pressing it hard against my cock and eliciting a moan of pleasure from me. Though I had already come, my cock had been begging me for fresh release the moment it touched her prolapsed asshole. I felt like I was ready to burst.

“Now get fucking busy,” she said.

I didn’t need any more motivation. I seized my mother’s pink prolapse and started pistoning in and out of it as hard as a I could while still holding on to it. Mommy came again.

I don’t know how long I lasted, but it couldn’t be very long. I really didn’t care. My mom had been popping orgasms one after the other, and I had only come once. I was ready. I pounded Mommy’s pink pulsating anal prolapse with everything I had, sliding my cock in and out of her ass flesh, my balls slapping against her cervix that still hung at the entrance to her gaping cunt. It was a feeling unlike anything I had ever felt before.

My balls tightened and I groaned as a huge load of semen rocketed from the end of my gargantuan meat into my mother’s now-immense gaping asshole prolapse. I think she moaned again. I don’t know. Things got hazy for a moment as such a huge release of sexual energy poured from my cock into my mother’s inside-out anus. Endless loads of jizz sluiced out of my cock and into my mother’s bottomless asshole. It was incredible. Sweat poured off my my body and my mother’s as well. I leaned down and hugged her from behind as I came into her prolapsed asshole, squeezing her tits from behind. Our slick bodies slid against each other. She tilted her head back and we kissed as more and more of my seed emptied into her waiting asshole and her gaping prolapse slowly slid back inside her gaped sphincter, drawing still more come from my cock.

“So...was that good?” my mother asked. I lay back on the couch, soaked in sweat, and my mother slipped to her knees in front of me, slowly stroking my still-gushing cock, as if she was begging it to get hard again. She slid her mouth down the cock that had just seconds previous been deep in her asshole and gave it a gentle suck. My cock convulsed and shot yet another squirt into her mouth.

I took her hair and forced her mouth up and down my meat, making sure she swallowed every inch of the cock that had just come out of her ass. She didn’t argue, sucking lube and come from my shaft.

“That was...incredible…” I said, finally letting her pull back.

“Anytime you want more,” she said, smiling. “ Just say the word. Mommy’s titties, cunt and asshole are always yours anytime you want…”

I smiled and leaned forward. I reached past her shoulders and slid three fingers into her anus, pulling up hard. A heavy lobe of pink flesh tumbled out.

“Now…” I whispered, stretching mommy’s waiting, begging, gaping, prolapsing asshole and sliding in three fingers.

My mom turned her head to the side and kissed me as I slid a fourth finger into her stretched, gaping, overused asshole. Our tongues intertwined as I grabbed her soft, heavy tit with my other hand and squeezed her big, hard nipple. She stroked my erection, sliding her hand up and down the pulsating shaft still slick with semen, lube, and saliva.

That’s when her phone rang.

“Leave it,” I whispered, trying to keep my lips locked on hers as she pulled back. “Call them back tomorrow, I want more of Mommy’s sweet inside-out body.”

“That’s your sister’s ring, I need to answer it,” she replied, pulling away and scurrying naked into the kitchen to grab her phone.

“Hi honey,” she answered, walking back into the room. I watched her walk to the couch, hips and breasts swaying gently as she walked. She sat and I leaned over to try to suck on her tits but she batted me away playfully and held up a finger as if to say “wait until I finish”.

“You’re what?” my mother was saying to my sister. “Really? That’s fabulous. You must be excited…Of course...Yes, he’s right here with me now...Your room is still here...It will be great having you here...All three of us, just like old times...Definitely...When is your flight?”

My mother leaned forward and scribbled a flight number and a date and time on the back of an envelope. She wrapped up the conversation and hung up the phone.

“Amelia is coming home. Her internship has been terminated because they offered her a permanent position. She’s going to be working remotely from here, at least for the time being.”

A ton of emotions rolled through my body. I was excited to see my sister, and the idea of living with her and my mom again was neat. But what would that mean for the budding physical relationship between my mother and I…?

My mother was leaning back on the couch, a distant look on her face. I could tell she was thinking more about the joy of having her kids at home and less about the new aspect of our relationship. I suddenly felt really, really selfish. Of course, this strange sexual relationship between my mother and I was way less important than the relationship she had – we both had – with my sister. I was thinking only of myself. I had to put that aside and focus on how happy my mom would be. At least we had a very special hour or two together that I would cherish for the rest of my life.

I sighed, then forced myself to smile.

“Well, I guess I’ll head up to bed,” I said. “Thank you for a wonderful evening.”

My mother came out of her reverie. “That sounded like the end of a bad date,” she said. “Did tonight mean nothing to you? I thought I told you that I wanted to make things up to you?”

“But if Amelia is coming to live here, we can’t go having sex in front of her, and I don’t think she’s interested in incest.”

“It depends on how we play things. You know, a year ago she had the same surgery I had. She didn’t want to wait as long as I did and suffer the pain I did, so she just went ahead and had it done as a preventative measure.”

“Really?” I said. “Does she turn herself inside-out like you?”

“I think so, but I don’t know all the details. She called me shortly after she had the surgery because her vagina prolapsed and she wanted to know if that had happened to me. I told her about my experiences in a very clinical way, I didn’t sexualize anything beside hinting that it was kind of fun. She sounded curious, but never brought it up again and I didn’t push it. I wanted her to find her own way, she at least knew she could call me if she had questions. Honestly, I was hoping I could bring her into our little love-fest once she got home, if she was interested.”

“She’s straight, right?” I asked.

“She’s bi. She discovered that she liked girls too a year or so ago. It was all over her Facebook posts. Wow, it really has been awhile since the two of you saw each other in person, hasn’t it?”

I blushed. I guess I had kind of lost track of my sister. “So do you have a plan?”

“I’m formulating one.”

“When does her flight come in?”

“The day after tomorrow at 3:00. We have just under 40 hours to get things in motion. Tomorrow we go to one of our parks around here and do some sunbathing. We can send her some pictures like I did you.”

“She’s a girl,” I added, morosely. “Women don’t necessarily get as keyed up as guys do about that sort of thing.”

“I think she will if we play it right,” my mother said. “I follow her on Facebook and see the things she posts. She had friends who were twins in a somewhat nonstandard sibling relationship and she supported them. She’s told me several times how beautiful she thinks I am – even mentioned it a couple times in our phone call a minute ago. I think she has a little bit of a mommy issue going on, and that she would be interested a three-way relationship with us, if we do this right. But really, I just want her to be happy, I will not force anything on her without making sure she really wanted it. So if she doesn’t buy in, then we need to regroup. Her happiness is important to me, just like yours is.”

“Of course,” I said glumly.

“Don’t be so down,” she said.

“Sorry, it’s like I just met the woman of my dreams and now she is at risk of being snatched away.”

“I promise you, I am not going to let our relationship suffer, we will figure something out,” she leaned over and kissed me on the lips then leaned forward and pulled my hand towards her asshole. “So where were we?”

My head was a swirl of emotions. The past few hours had been insane. I had no idea how this was going to turn out okay. In fact, just the opposite. If this didn’t work out, I could see this destroying my relationships with both my mother and my sister. When my mother reached down and stroked my cock, there wasn’t energy there.

“Sorry,” I said. “I love you, but I think I’m out of kick for the evening. I’m headed to bed.”

“No problem,” my mother said, kissing me again. “If you change your mind, I’m here for your happiness, 24x7. Just find me, gape me, and fuck me.”

I went upstairs, crawled into bed, and killed the light. My head was swirling so hard I just lay in the dark unable to get to sleep. I was staring glumly at the ceiling when my phone beeped. It was a text from my sister.

‘hi bro’ she texted.

‘hi sis’ I replied.

‘u excited to see me?’


‘me 2! hows mom doing?’

‘shes good’ I replied. ‘she is excited to have us both home again’

‘is she recovered from that surgery she had?’

Alarm bells were going off – both alarms of danger and of opportunity. I considered my words carefully.

‘far as I know, why?’

‘this is so weird to tell my brother, but here goes. I had the same surgery she did, and now I can turn parts of my body inside-out. I think she can do the same. I talked to her about it awhile back but then never mentioned it again.’

‘what do you mean by turn yourself inside-out?’ I texted back, playing dumb. I realized I was surfing the very edge of a dangerous cliff.

There was a long pause.

‘u still there?’ I texted.

A picture came through of my sister’s asshole, a huge pink, crinkly mound sticking out. It wasn’t quite as big as my mom’s but it was big.

My cock rocketed to attention at the sight of my sister’s prolapsed asshole. I was shocked she was so frank when I hadn’t talked to her in awhile.

‘I can do my pussy too,’ she texted. ‘mom talked about being able to do this awhile back but I never followed up, now I feel strange to bring it back up, and I hate to come to her house without her knowing. There are certain things you need to do to take care of yourself when you can do this, and I don’t want to surprise her.’

‘wow, I’m pretty sure she will be happy enough to see you that this wont matter, especially if you did talk to her once’

‘I have some really big toys’ she added. ‘I need them’

Another picture came through of a bunch of immense dongs laying on her bed.

A fresh idea ran through my head, so I called my mother up and showed her the texts. We went into her bedroom and pulled out several huge dildos of her own, laying them on her bed. I took a picture then texted Amelia.

‘shes downstairs watching tv so I snuck into her room, look at these babies, lol’

‘whoa bro you are evil and awesome all at once, my moms got a better toy collection than me lol’

I thought that was going to be the end of the conversation, but a second later she texted me again. It was a picture of her in bra and thong. She wasn’t fat, but she was definitely curvy with big tits, a narrow waist, and a nice ass. She clearly was her mother’s daughter.

‘can you handle being in a house with two hot women who can turn themselves inside out?’ she asked.

‘lol I can handle both of you without any trouble at all’

‘bravado bro, not attractive lol’

‘you haven’t seen what I got going on’

‘prove it’

‘most girls I know don’t like dick pics’

‘this is for science not thrills, so put up or shut up’

‘prove you can turn your pussy inside out and maybe I will’

There was another long pause, then a second photo came from my sister. Her thong was gone and a tidy patch of fur lay above meaty cunt lips that were pulled wide. Her pink cervix was sticking out several inches.

My mom stroked my nine-inch cock and helped me bring it to attention (not that I needed help) and got a nice, thin streamer of pre-come sliding down the shaft. I took a dick pic and texted it to my sister.

‘well?’ I texted along with the pic.

‘wow, nice bro, you need to let me borrow that thing sometime’

‘anytime you want, ass or pussy’

‘I will definitely take you up on that offer as soon as I get there,’ my sister shot back. ‘I need the real thing instead of the artificial substitutes’

I turned to my mom – my Mommy – who was standing beside me watching this exchange.

“Holy shit,” I said. “She’s almost in our back pocket.”

“I knew she would be,” my mom replied. “I think she wanted this from the start.”

My phone dinged with another text from my sister. ‘this is so hot and intense, do you think mom would be willing to, you know, like get with us…she’s so beautiful the idea of being with her and you together just makes me crazy, especially if she can turn herself inside-out too’

‘she wants to make us happy – both of us – so I think if we try to bring her along she’ll be willing’

‘oh god, thats awesome, I can’t wait until my flight arrives, I am fucking soaked’

‘im hard as a rock, wish you were here so I could hammer that inside-out asshole of yours’

‘god me too, probably need to get some sleep’

‘yeah, thanks for the sweet dreams tty tomorrow’

‘tx l8r’

My cock was pulsating with the thought of a threesome between me, my mom, and my sister. I laid back on my mom’s bed next to the pile of her dildos, she sat cross-legged next to me. My meat was sticking up in the air and slowly pulsating.

“So are we still making that trip to the park tomorrow?” I asked her. “It sounds like we have her in hand.”

“You better believe we are,” my mom said. “We need to seal the deal before she gets here.”

She leaned over and ran her hand up the shaft of my cock. “You still not in the mood?”

I looked over at my mom. My sister was right, she was beautiful and sexy. I wanted her, but I hesitated.

“There are a thousand ways we could still fuck this up,” I said. “I really want to hold off until Amelia gets here and we’re all in agreement and open going forward.”

“Suit yourself. If you change your mind, let me know.”

I went to my bedroom, but tossed and turned much of the night. Towards dawn I managed a few hours sleep finally. I woke up sleepy but full of nervous energy the next day.

Arizona has a few river beaches, and if you get out in the desert a little ways and know where to go, there are places you can spread out and seek the total tan. We drove about ninety minutes outside the city to a spot my mom knew off the beaten path along a river. We had the place to ourselves. It was perfect.

The “beach” if you could call it that was just a sandy strip along a desert river. It wasn’t much but it was enough for our purposes.

My mom – my Mommy – was wearing a string bikini top that barely contained her tits. The top edges of her aureoles showed, and her nipples were clearly visible standing up erect under the thin yellow fabric. Her thong definitely did not contain her pussy and the cord disappeared between her substantial ass cheeks.

My mom ducked into the river to get her suit wet, then she laid down on the towel, pulled off her top and slightly prolapsed her cunt. Her heavy tits spread out across her chest and her wide aureoles and erect nipples perched at the very top, looking delicious. Her labia gaped open and the meaty ring of her cervix hung out behind the thin cord of the thong. Below, she let her asshole slip open a tad, revealing the crumpled pink beyond, bisected by the thong cord.

My mom closed her eyes and tried to look asleep and I snapped a picture and texted my sister.

‘holy shit, sis, look at this,’ I texted, sending her a copy of the photo. ‘guess that answers that question huh’

‘omfg, that is so hot, I want to eat that pussy, I want to lick that asshole’ she replied.

‘I am so hard, I wonder what she would do if I just went up and started sucking her nipples’

‘don’t you dare! wait for me you horndog!’ my sister shot back.

‘okay, I guess, but it’s tough,’

‘just one more day, then we can see if she’s willing’

‘I hope she is’ I said. ‘wear something sexy tomorrow, maybe it will help get her keyed up’

‘I will, you do to!’

I showed my mom the exchange. She smiled and I noticed that her cervix slid a little further out of her slit.

“How about some sex on the beach?” she asked. I looked at her, so desirable, so beautiful, but shook my head.

“Once Amelia is here and is 100% onboard, then I am going to drill my Mommy, but until then I want to hold back.”

“Okay, but you need to do something with that thing or you’re going to hurt yourself.”

I looked down at my swim trunks. The tent was huge, my cock was begging to be released so bad it actually hurt. Since we were alone I pushed my shorts to the ground and let my cock pop free. I lay back on a towel and stared up at the desert sky, willing my cock to shrivel, begging it to go down, but instead thoughts of driving it into my sister and my mother dominated my brain. It refused to go down, standing up above me in the sun, slowly pulsating with my heartbeat.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you with that?” my mom asked. “I can at least give you something to look at while you stroke one out…”

I glanced over at her. She was naked and had spread her hips wide, pointing her cunt at me and pushing her cervix five or six inches out and was stroking it like it was a weird little cock. That was just about all I could take. Just a couple of strokes and I exploded so hard I hit my forehead with my first blast, then coated my stomach. As my ardor cooled, the main thought going through me was the unrelenting anxiety that this could destroy my relationship with both my sister and my mother.

I cleaned off, then we lay on the shore for a while longer. As the sun sank, we finally piled back into the car and headed for home. The rest of the night was surprisingly sedate.

The next day was showtime. I got a text from my sister first thing in the morning. She was showing off her outfit for the plane ride. She had on a sundress that she had unbuttoned dangerously low. She sent a second picture of her dress pulled up. She had no thong and her anal rosebud was poking out. She looked gorgeous and sexy.

My mom wore an outfit like she wore when she picked me up, except she swapped out the khaki shorts for a pair of yoga shorts that were even shorter than the khakis she had worn when she picked me up. And the bra she pulled on was even thinner and skimpier than the one she wore a few days before. She “accidentally” bent over and pressed her cervix against the fabric and I took a “secret” picture I sent my sister. She sent me back a ‘gasp’.

At my mom’s insistence, I wore a pair of cargo shorts with no underwear, and a button-up shirt, unbuttoned halfway. The first pair of shorts I had ***********ed my mother rejected because the fabric was too thick. She had me swap them for a pair that was lighter and breezier.

When we got to the airport, my mother parked in the short term parking.

“Aren’t we going to wait in the pickup lot?” I asked.

“Nope, we’re going inside.”

I looked at my mother. The outfit she was wearing was tiny and barely contained her curves. Her aureoles peeked out of the top. She was probably violating public decency statutes. I just shook my head.

“As you wish,” I said. “Mommy knows best...I hope.”

“Trust me,” she said.

We made our way into the airport and found a waiting area outside the security zone. We sat down and I tried really hard not to keep focusing on my mom’s amazing body that was now on display for the entire airport. The shorts she made me wear were way too light, and every time I looked at her I had to fight down the tent my cock was making against the light fabric.

Unfortunately, my sister’s flight was delayed at the last interim stop for almost ninety minutes, so my mom and I sat in the waiting area cooling our heels. The sexual tension was overwhelming and my cock kept rising to attention and I would have to fight it back down.

Finally my sister texted she was on the ground but there was another delay getting to the gate, so we waited some more.

I took a picture of my mom and texted it to my sister.

‘since when does she dress like this?’ my sister texted back.

‘not that I’ve seen, it must be totally for your benefit,’ I texted her back. ‘I think she’s thinking the same thing we are, you should text her and tell her I sent you a photo, then complement her, see what happens’

‘seriously? Isnt that bold?’

‘the outfit she is wearing for your benefit is pretty bold’

‘you’re right, oh god, I’m so nervous, what if she gets offended?’ my sister asked.

‘have you ever gotten offended when someone complements your looks? I don’t think she would have dressed like this for you if she wasn’t thinking the same things you and I were’ I sent back.

‘good point’

There was a long pause, then my mom’s phone beeped. She showed me the text.

‘Mom, my brother just sent me a picture of you, I forgot how beautiful you were.’

‘thank you, you’re quite beautiful yourself and I can’t wait to see you in person,’ my mom sent back.

‘maybe, but not as beautiful as you, you are just amazing. I mean look at you…’ There was a long pause, then my sister boldly texted ‘I could kiss every inch of you’

My mother smiled. At that moment I knew everything would be okay.

‘I would love you to kiss every inch of me,’ she replied. ‘And I would die to lick your pussy and suck your brother’s cock.’

The floodgates were open.

There was a long pause, then my sister sent back an almost stream-of-consciousness text.

‘Mom, I want you so bad. I’ve always wanted you so bad, but it was only since I discovered I was bi that I realized that fact. I want my brother too, I saw a picture of his cock and it’s amazing. Can you still turn yourself inside out? I can, and it’s insanely hot. Can we three be, like, a thing? That’s wrong, it’s incest, I know, but still, can we? God help me but right now I want nothing more than to suck my brother’s seed out of my mother’s inside-out asshole. I am so fucking horny I am going to die right here sitting on the tarmac.’

My mother leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

“See, I told you it would work out okay,” she said as she leaned back, unobtrusively sliding her hand up my cock under my tented shorts.

‘I’m soaked through my tights and your brother’s cock is about to tear free of his shorts, does that answer your question?’ my mom texted back.

‘oh god yes, thank you, I am so ready,’

My mother texted my sister a photo of my shorts that were about ready to explode, then my sister texted back her opened top and bulbous tits, adding the passengers were about to de-plane.

My mom and I moved to the entryway from the security zone, watching for my sister. My mom turned and showed me her ass, and squished against her tight yoga shorts were several inches of prolapsed ass flesh. Any chance I had of concealing my erection vanished at that point and I just tried to look unobtrusive as we watched the first trickle of passengers emerge.

We didn’t have too long to wait before I spotted my sister. The sundress she wore only had two or three buttons buttoned. Her breasts swayed as she walked, threatening to slide completely free of the light fabric that was open to her navel. A couple of buttons were attached at her waist, but below that it was unbuttoned again, and every few steps her dress would slip to the side and I could see her tidy little bush and her gaped thick labia, a small pink lobe pressing out an inch or so. She spotted us and came to us almost at a run, wrapping her arms around our mother and pressing her body against her. Completely disregarding that we were in a public place, she pressed her lips against her mother’s and they kissed, their bodies hard against each other.

The kiss lasted a long time, but finally she disengaged. Then my sister turned to me. She embraced me, kissed me, and slid her tongue into my mouth. She managed to slide one side of her dress open and my shirt open as well, pressing one of her breasts against my bare chest. Simultaneously she straddled the erection in my tented shorts. I felt the ring of her cervix press down on my pulsating cock through the thin layer of fabric. Her cunt was drenched, soaking the front of my shorts. When she finally pulled back my shorts were wet and pasted against my throbbing erection.

Several people had taken note of our little reunion and were watching the three of us with either interest or disdain.

My sister stepped back and I think another one of her buttons had come undone, but she didn’t seem to care. She kissed my mother again, then kissed me again.

“So…” I said. “I guess you’re happy to see us?” Everyone giggled.

My mother pulled my sister with her into the restroom with the bag she had brought. They came out about fifteen minutes later, still barely dressed, then we started towards the baggage claim.

The walk through the airport was surreal. I know most people were focused on their own reunions with loved ones, but it felt like every eye was on us. When we finally made it back to the car, I was relieved.

I climbed into the back, allowing my sister to ride shotgun, but instead she climbed in the back next to me. At first I was puzzled, but that lasted exactly three seconds. We hadn’t even cleared the parking garage before she had unzipped my pants and pulled out my meat, running her hand up and down the shaft. I immediately rocketed to full attention and a dribble of pre-come ran down the shaft.

Her lips were poised above the tip of my cock, but my mother spoke up.

“Stop,” she said. “Not in the car, this has to wait.”

“What?” my sister and I said simultaneously. She added “I need some cock or some cunt right now or I’m going to die.”

“You’ll have to wait,” my mother shot back. “Putting aside the fact that you both need to put on seat belts, you said in your text you wanted to suck you brother’s come from my asshole, right?”

“Yeah,” my sister said. “But he’s a big boy, he’s got plenty to spare.”

“But don’t you want to spoil that, do you? I mean yeah, he’s got plenty to go around, but he’s got a nice big load waiting for you to suck from my ass. You wouldn’t want to spoil that, would you?”

My sister suddenly looked hesitant.

“There’s something we need to tell you,” my mom said. “I would have told you before but we had to know you were for real, because if you weren’t it could have destroyed our relationship.”

“Wait,” my sister said, turning back to me, realization dawning in her eyes. “You fucking horndog. How long has this been going on?”

“Barely 48 hours,” I said.

“…” my sister said. “This is incredible. This is hot. I am so turned on right now.”

“I just want you two to be happy,” my mom said. “Your brother was distraught over his breakup, and you had been a loner your whole life. So it made sense. I just want us all to be happy, and this is a way to do that.”

“Which brings me to one point I want to make,” I said. “This has been bothering me ever since I fucked our mother the first time. We’re all adults here, and we’ve all lived on our own, and now we’re going to be living together again. I just want to make sure that everyone is okay with this, and that if someone changes their mind later, or just moves on, there will be no hard feelings. We are all doing this of our own free will, and everyone agrees to this, right?”

“Absolutely,” my mother said.

“You bet,” my sister said.

“Great. Oh, by the way, from now on you have to either call her by her Paula or Mommy,” I added. “Those are the rules.”

“Paula or Mommy?” Amelia said.

“Those are the rules,” my mom...our Mommy...agreed.

Amelia leaned over the seat and gently squeezed one of our Mommy’s tits, then kissed her ear.

“God I am so wet right now,” my little sister said. She reluctantly sat back in her seat and pulled on her seatbelt.

“So if you’re Mommy, what am I? What’s my brother?” she asked.

“What do you want to be?” I asked.

“I’m the Baby sister or Baby girl or just Baby because I’m the youngest,” she said. “And you’re big bro or big or bro, because you’re my big brother and you’re so...big.”

“Sure, Baby sis,” I said.

“Thanks Big bro,” she replied. She leaned back in her seat and stared out the window, adding “God, I am going to die of horniness before we get home.”

“We wouldn’t want that to happen,” my mother said. “Which is why I got us a suite at a hotel near the airport. We’re almost there.”

“What?” I said. “You have more tricks up your sleeve…”

Mommy just winked at me in the rear view as she pulled off the airport ramp into a hotel parking lot.

We climbed out of the car. Mommy still had several inches of her prolapse poked out of her asshole and pressed against the thin fabric of her tight shorts. Baby sis still only had the one button of her dress buttoned, showing her ample cleavage and flashes of her hard nipples, above her cervix poking out from between her thick lobes, visible as she walked. My cock, which had started to come down finally, shot back up.

Mommy pulled out a couple of bags from the back of the car and we made our way into the hotel. The lobby was beautiful.

“This must have cost a fortune,” I said.

“For one night it was worth it,” Mommy said as she got into the check in line. Baby sis pulled me to a pair of chairs that sat along the side. I sat down, thinking she was going to sit in the other, but instead she sat in my lap, pulling her dress back so her thighs were wrapped around my cock. I could feel her cunt lips and her prolapsed cervix pressed against my meat. The top of Baby’s dress was wide open in front of me. I slid a hand inside and squeezed one of her heavy tits. She leaned down and kissed me, out tongues intertwining. She pulsated her hips around my cock and pressed her cervix against the shaft through my shorts. A fresh load of pre-come shot into my shorts that were already soaked with Baby sis’s cunt juice.

I looked over at Mommy and could see her watching us out of the corner of her eyes. I let my eyes roam down over Mommy’s body. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and practically carving their way out of her thin bra. As I watched she slipped a couple more inches of prolapse out of her asshole, stretching the fabric of her tights even further outwards behind her.

I pointed Mommy’s asshole out to Baby. Baby sis squealed loud enough that the entire lobby turned and looked at her. Leaping up from my lap – leaving my thin shorts soaked and pasted to my pulsating cock, she ran to Mommy. Baby sis wrapped her arms around Mommy’s waist, pulling apart her dress and pressing her cunt against Mommy’s extended prolapse, clearly sliding the prolapse inside her. I saw Mommy’s eyes close for a second and I think she might have had an orgasm, then Baby sis pulled back and the rear of Mommy’s tights were even more soaking wet, completely turning invisible and revealing her massive prolapse to anyone who happened to look in that direction. Realizing that the game was up, Mommy shrugged and pushed several more inches of her monster prolapse out of her asshole.

At this point, Mommy’s prolapse was incredibly obvious, and the hole at the tip was slightly gaped. It stuck seven or eight inches out from her asshole and was pressed hard against the thin, wet fabric of her tights. She was amazingly beautiful and hot. I thought I would come just looking at her and my sister, standing there side-by-side, knowing that in just a few more minutes I would be inside them.

Mommy was next in line at the counter, thankfully. The lady behind the counter gave a knowing smile when she saw Mommy and Baby, and a moment later we were in the elevator.

The suite was almost at the top of the hotel, and the ride up the mirrored elevator was excruciating. My cock was almost tearing my shorts apart, Baby had her dress completely unbuttoned and was rubbing her clit and cervix, masturbating frantically, and Mommy had pushed her anal prolapse out to its full extent, close to a foot, stretching the fabric of her tights almost to the limit. When the elevator finally stopped and the door popped open, we leapt out, unlocked the door to our room, and tumbled inside.

Clothes went everywhere and a lot of things happened at once.

Baby sis pulled off her already-open dress and threw it on the floor. Her heavy, pendulous tits swung free, revealing her tightened aureoles and upturned nipples. Her waist was narrower, and her hips flared. Between her hips her meaty labia were still parted and her cervix hung out, a thick thread of grool hanging off.

Baby sis dropped to her knees, pulled my shorts to the floor, and wrapped her lips around my pulsating cock. I moaned as she ran her tongue down the underside of my meat, teasing the sensitive spot under the helmet. She traced the outlines of the pumping veins along my purple throbbing shaft with her tongue, then slid her mouth all the way down, pushing the end of my cock deep into her throat. I groaned and grabbed her hair as Baby sis bounced her mouth up and down my meat.

Mommy stripped and pressed her gargantuan mammaries against my chest, kissing me. Our tongues intertwined. I moaned again.

This was the moment I had been fantasizing about, dreaming about, for the past 48 hours. The moment when I would be making love with Mommy and Baby sis. The moment when I would be penetrating their cunts, sucking their cervixes, coming into their pink prolapsed assholes. This was it. The moment of truth. God it was sweet. I pulled Mommy’s gigantic tits up to my face. Her long nipple was hard and erect, the aureole – normally wide – was tight and pebbled. I licked around the nipple, tasting the sweat on her breast, it tasted delicious, her entire body was delicious, every square inch of Mommy’s sweet body.

I pressed my lips against her nipple and sucked. Mommy grabbed her breast and squeezed and suddenly a thin trickle of milk came into my mouth.

“Whoa,” I said, pulling back.

“Don’t you like it?” Mommy said. “I’ve been stimulating them for weeks, preparing for this moment.”

Baby sis looked up from my cock and saw the trickle of milk. “Oh fuck yeah,” she said and stood up, pulling Mommy’s other tit into her mouth and sucking. A second later a thin stream of milk came from that breast as well. Baby sis sucked down Mommy’s milk voraciously, covering her chin with the sweet, creamy fluid.

I latched my lips back on Mommy’s tit, sucking down her milk, then looked up at Mommy’s face. It glowed, having her two children sucking milk from her engorged heavy milk machines. She closed her eyes. I slid my hand around Mommy’s back and felt her prolapse. It was still sticking out around a foot from her asshole. I slid my fingers inside for a moment.

I turned to Baby sis. There was a bottle of lube and a bunch of toys Mommy had brought spread out on the table. I dumped a thick dollop on Baby’s asshole, coated my hands, and used three fingers from each hand to pull Baby sis’s asshole open. The crumpled pink flesh inside fell out readily in a wrinkly rosebud, then pushed out further, forming a huge crumpled dome. I licked the perimeter of the flesh, teasing the sphincter.

I pressed my fingers of one of my hands against the crinkly dome in the center. The rosebud sucked back into my sister’s asshole. She reached her hand around and used four fingers to pull it open even wider.

“Fist me, Big bro,” Baby whispered. I slipped my hand inside.

Baby sis moaned as my fingers and then my entire hand pressed into her asshole. I paused when my wrist pressed against the edge of her asshole, but she reached back and grabbed my elbow, pushing my arm deeper and deeper into her ass. She slipped past my wrist and down my forearm towards my elbow. Her wrinkly asshole gaped easily, stretching to accommodate my arm. She moaned again and my mother pulled Baby’s mouth back against her milky mammary as my elbow bumped into Baby’s asshole.

“Deeper?” I asked, and licked my baby sister’s sphincter.

“God yes,” she murmured around a mouthful of Mommy’s milk.

I pressed my arm deeper into her asshole, my elbow popping inside her sphincter. She reached around again and slid three fingers from each hand into her ass next to my arm, stretching her asshole insanely wide. Her cunt gaped and her cervix tumbled out from the pressure. She moaned again. When I got about four inches past my elbow she grabbed my arm, telling me to stop.

She reached her hand down and was masturbating frantically as I ran my tongue around her asshole and slid my arm in and out slowly. Mommy knelt down and kissed Baby on the lips, caressing her tits. I felt an orgasm rock through my baby sister, followed quickly by another.

I slowly slid my arm out of her stretched asshole. As I slid inch by inch out of her hole, her flesh grabbed my arm and slipped out as well. By the time I was halfway between my elbow and wrist, there were five or six inches of pink ass flesh hanging out of Baby’s asshole pressed against my arm like a sheath. I kept sliding out until my fingers slipped free and her flesh slipped back into a sagging rosebud that hung several inches out of her gaped asshole, dripping lube.

Baby rolled over on her back and stared up at Mommy and I.

“God, I needed that,” she said, still rubbing her prolapsed cunt and fingering her cervix. “When do I get to suck Big bro’s come from Mommy’s asshole like you promised?”

“As soon as your Big bro gets in my asshole,” my mother said, pressing her lips against mine. We kissed, our tongues intertwining, breathing in each other’s hot exhalations. I ran my hands up her beautiful, sexy body, amazed that this gorgeous woman – who happened to be my mother – and this other gorgeous woman – who happened to be my sister – were my lovers. I was the happiest, luckiest man on the planet.

My cock, which, so far that day, had been the source of a lot of teasing but not much satisfaction, was pulsating and throbbing. Mommy wrapped her hips around it as we kissed and her cunt juice coated it, while her extended cervix and prolapsed asshole pressed against it. I could feel the pulsation of my blood through the thick veins along the rock hard shaft. The feel of her anal prolapse against the end of my meat made me mad with need.

I pulled back from our kiss. “Is Mommy ready to have me fill her asshole with her Big Boy’s come?”

“How about if instead of Big boy I call you Daddy?” my Mommy said.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Baby sis intoned, sliding the tip of her finger in and out of her cervix. “Call him Daddy. That’s fucking hot. I want to see Daddy fuck Mommy’s inside-out asshole. I want to suck Daddy’s come out of Mommy’s asshole.”

“Jeez,” I said. It gave me pause for a moment, but then Mommy pressed her tits against my chest again.

“Can Daddy handle it?” she purred.

I slipped my hand into her hair and pulled her head back. “Can Mommy handle Daddy’s cock up her prolapsed asshole?”

“Mommy can handle Daddy’s cock, Daddy’s fist, Daddy’s other fist, and anything else Daddy wants to slide in. That is if Daddy ever decides to finally put something inside Mommy.”

Still holding onto her hair I pushed Mommy down onto all fours, then slapped her ass cheeks several times, turning them bright red. Her asshole prolapse was fully extended close to a foot out. She had already lubed it and the goop was dribbling off the end. She reached around and used three fingers from each hand to pull the gaping end of her prolapse open, then slid a fist inside.

Baby moaned as she watched, still fingering herself slowly. I stroked my cock and coated it with lube. Mommy slid her hand out of her prolapse, causing another inch or two of pink flesh to slide out, then pulled it open with four fingers from each hand.

“Are you going to fuck that thing, Daddy, or just watch me play with it?” Mommy purred.

I slapped one of her substantial cheeks, then slapped the other cheek. Mommy shook her head and murmured a “lame,” so I slapped both her cheeks hard enough to turn them even redder. This time I got a couple squeals and a “that’s more like it” out of her this time. Stroking my cock, I grabbed her huge, pink prolapse. The tip was gaped open, pink and pulsating, begging for my meat and dribbling lube. My cock was rock hard, the veins standing out, the shaft purple, the head huge, the tip gaped open.

I pulled her prolapse open even wider, gaping her pink mountain, then slid my throbbing cock inside my Mommy’s inside-out asshole.

When I had fucked her two nights before I had been timid, still learning the ropes. This time I knew what I was doing and I was more aggressive. I slipped my cock into her immense flesh tunnel, feeling every muscle, every inch of flesh, as it slid down my 9-inch shaft. The ribs of my meat rubbed up against her extruded anus, feeling both soft and firm as I pushed inside. I pushed all the way in and pressed her prolapsed flesh against her cheeks, pushing inside her as deep as I could without her sucking her flesh back in. I reached around and massaged her tits, feeling more dribbles of milk assay from her breasts, then I leaned forward and pressed my stomach against her back, my chin against her shoulder. The sweat on our skin mingled. I could feel her hair against my neck as I licked her ear, ran my tongue down her neck, and kissed her shoulder.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I whispered in her ear.

“I do,” she whispered back.

“Do you want Daddy to fuck Mommy’s inside-out asshole?”

“Oh God, yes Daddy. Fuck Mommy’s gaped prolapsed asshole. Fuck it now. Fuck it hard. Please…”

I began pistoning my cock in and and out of Mommy’s anal prolapse, as she bore down with her muscles, making me feel every inch. The ribs of my cock rubbed against the ribs of her muscles and felt incredible. My mother’s prolapse pressed against the base of my cock with each stroke, compressing and squishing outwards. My stomach bumped up against her large but perfectly shaped ass that shook and quivered with each pump.

My sister had been watching this and masturbating her exposed cervix and clitoris. Now she reached for the pile of dildos our mother had brought. ***********ing a huge sixteen-inch long, super-size, lizard-shaped dong, she lubed it up, dumped more lube into her asshole, and began sliding her gaped, crinkled, well-used sphincter down the toy as she watched me ream out our mother’s stretched, inside-out asshole.

I felt another orgasm wash through Mommy and I realized I was the only person who hadn’t come yet. I badly needed to fix that. I picked up the pace, ripping my cock in and out of Mommy’s asshole. I had thought she had reached the maximum extension of her anal meat, but I was wrong. My mother squeezed with her muscles and her asshole gripped my cock with each stroke, pulling another inch or so out of her ass.

My balls were hard against my body, throbbing, ready to explode. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I glanced over at Baby. The huge lizard dong was now completely inside her asshole, including the base, with only a circle about an inch wide visible inside my sister’s bottomless ass. She was stroking her clitoris and cervix frantically as she watched me fuck our mother.

I leaned against my mother’s back, our skin sweaty and slick against each other. She leaned her head back and we kissed, our tongues intertwined. I ran my fingers through her hair and gently tugged it, then we kissed again, a frantic, needful kiss.

The thought came into my head that this...this was what life was going to be like from now on. Fucking my hot mom. Fucking my hot sister. Inside-out cunts and assholes. Freaky toys at freaky depths. This was going to be my life.

My hot, sexy, gaping, prolapsed life...

That thought took me to the edge. My balls were a tight packet against my body, waiting for the right moment to unleash their burden. Suddenly my mother sucked her anal prolapse back into her sphincter, quickly sliding the pink, lubed flesh along my cock and sucking my meat even deeper into her asshole. The sensation was unbelievable. That was it. I moaned as I felt my balls tighten and a second later the first shot of my thick load of hot semen dumped into Mommy’s well-used, raggedy, begging asshole.

I groaned as I finally released the load that had been building all day, as my cock was teased by Mommy and Baby. I had been waiting for this second, and the moment was worth the wait as my body shook and pump after pump of my steamy creamy juice poured into my mother’s asshole. One of us moaned, I wasn’t sure which of us. I leaned forward and hugged her from behind. We kissed, our slick sweaty bodies sliding against each other. My juice gushed into her deep asshole even as I continued to slide my cock in and out, load after load of my seed dumping inside my mother’s bottomless anus.

I could have kept fucking and coming into my mother’s gaping asshole forever, but Baby spoke up.

“Move over Daddy, because you promised Baby sis could suck your come out of Mommy’s asshole.”

I gave my mother a couple of additional pumps into her asshole, then slapped her ass and slid my still-pulsating cock out. As I pulled out, Mommy pushed her asshole back out, prolapsing her pink ass flesh in front of my sister. Her pinkish-red inflamed tissue stuck out of her asshole almost a foot and a thick droplet of lube and come hung off the domed end.

Baby sis, the huge lizard dong still fully inside her asshole, got down on all fours and pressed her lips against the huge dome coming out of our mother’s asshole. She licked the pink flesh, running her tongue down the sides and around Mommy’s well-used sphincter. Finally, she began sucking the aperture at the very end of the prolapse like she was sucking our mother’s tits. Mommy squeezed and pushed thick, soupy loads of come and lube out of her prolapse and into her daughter’s mouth, who sucked and swallowed, begging for more. The excess ran down her chin and dripped across her pendulous breasts and erect nipples.

I thought I would have run out of steam at this point, but even though my cock was still pumping out semen, it refused to lose tone and I still felt almost as aroused as I had before.

With Baby on all fours sucking Mommy’s asshole, her own ass was stuck up in the air. I pulled her cheeks apart. Below her gaped sphincter, her cervix hung out of her cunt, and she was fingering the opening with her pinky.

I slid several fingers into her asshole and pulled out the weird lizard dong. Her asshole slid out in a big slick rosebud – bigger than I had seen from her yet, almost as big as Mommy’s. I slid my fingers inside and gaped it, bringing a moan from my sister and an injunction to fuck her ass.

I gave my still-throbbing cock a few strokes, and slid it into my baby sister’s pink, gaping, prolapsed asshole.

Baby moaned but didn’t stop sucking my semen out of our mother’s bottomless anus. I closed my eyes and just began pounding my cock in and out of my sister’s ass. The entire scene was just too much and I felt as if every nerve in my body was on fire with need. I’m not sure my cock knew if it was coming or going. All I knew was the feel of my cock sliding in and out of Baby’s asshole. One stroke, then another, then another, as I heard her sucking and licking at our mother’s domed prolapse. I was still trickling jizz from my previous orgasm, but I was rock hard as I pounded Baby’s stretched asshole.

I just pumped. I don’t know how long I was at it before I heard the sucking sound from my sister stop. I opened my eyes. Mommy and Baby were kissing and rubbing their hands up and down each other’s bodies. They could have been sisters rather than mother and daughter, their bodies and faces were so similar. It was incredibly hot and I felt another shiver roll down my body as I kept pistoning my throbbing meat in and out of my sister’s ass.

My mother disengaged and came to me, kissing me and pressing her tits against my side. She leaned her lips against my ear and whispered.

“Lean back,” she said.


“Lean back, let your sister ride you.”

I wasn’t sure what they had in mind, but I did as ordered. Baby and I managed to shift from a doggy style to a forward-cowgirl without losing cock-to-ass contact. I have no idea how. Baby knelt over my cock, rotating her hips and making her monstrous tits shake with each move as she slid her asshole up and down my throbbing purple meat.

Mommy had moved to kneel next to Baby. She ran her hand down Baby’s chest and stomach, then pulled her daughter’s cunt open, pushing Baby’s prolapsed cervix back inside, then sliding her hand in after it.

I could feel my mother’s hand inside Baby’s cunt right next to where my cock was inside Baby’s asshole. Mommy ran her hand up the shaft of my cock, with just the thin walls of Baby’s vagina and anus between them. I moaned and closed my eyes as my mother stroked and masturbated my cock inside my sister’s body.

It really was too much. I reached up with one hand and squeezed my mother’s breast, and squeezed my sister’s with the other. My sister had stopped moving and was moaning softly as Mommy slid her hand up and down my meat, stroking off both Baby and I with one smooth motion.

I felt Baby quiver as an orgasm overtook her, but I was slower to come and my mother kept up her motions. Baby reached down as if to slow Mommy down or remove her hand, but Mommy slapped her hand away and kept stroking her hand in and out of her daughter’s gaping cunt, stroking off my cock.

“Oh god,” Baby moaned and another quiver shot through her. A pink lobe of flesh prolapsed from her cunt beside Mommy’s hand, stretching her cunt lips even wider and gripping Mommy’s arm as she slid in and out.. Still Mommy stroked. I felt my balls finally tighten against my body again, and knew it was time. As another orgasm rocked through Baby, my balls unleashed again, this time into my sister’s stretched gaping asshole.

Baby screamed and would have fallen backwards if Mommy hadn’t grabbed her. Our mother slid her hand out of Baby’s cunt and eased her back, letting my cock pop free of her daughter’s asshole. Baby’s pink ass flesh hung out of her gaped anus, dribbling come and lube.

Mommy slid her mouth down my pulsating meat expertly, sucking down my come, then switching the Baby’s asshole and sucking out the residual semen and lube from that. Then she switched back to my cock and held it in her throat until it stopped pumping juice.

I lay my head back on the hotel room bed. I was spent.

Mommy lay down beside me, then Baby lay on the other side of me. I was sandwiched between the two most amazing women I knew.

“That was absolutely fucking awesome,” Baby said. “I haven’t come like that ever.”

“Me neither,” I said.

“Me neither,” Mommy added. “When I made up my mind to see if you two would be interested in something like this, I hadn’t imagined it would be this amazing.”

“Thank you for taking that risk,” I said, kissing her cheek.

“Yeah, thank you,” Baby said, leaning across me and kissing her cheek as well.

We lay in the quiet for several moments, basking in the afterglow. Then Baby rolled over onto her knees and broke the silence.

“Oh shit,” she said.

“What?” Mommy and I said almost simultaneously. Baby just pointed.

We followed her gaze. We had been so focused on each other when we tumbled into the hotel room we hadn’t even looked around. A few feet from the bed, a picture window lay, with the curtains wide open. Beyond the window was another hotel just across a very narrow alleyway, and in several windows we could see people watching us. They were less than than ten feet away.

“Oh fuck,” I murmured, but Mommy was unfazed. She rolled onto her back, spread her legs and gaped her cunt, pushing her prolapsed cervix out at the spectators and gaping the muscular ring.

“Okay guys,” she said to my sister and I. “Break’s over, time for round two.”

THE END (for now)
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