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Threesome (MMF). Uninhibited sex.
Chapter 24: Randy & Carla

After being in a large marina and finally getting some cleaning done on my boat, I decided to cast off once again. Although the pool of sex partners was large, I was driven to expand my horizons. My partners, although very willing and satisfying, were becoming too routine; things were getting a bit too predictable. So, I cast off for ports unknown.

After clearing the harbor and back in open water, I really didn’t have any specific destination in mind. So, I just sailed “to the wind" as we sailors say. Within hours the shoreline had disappeared. Nothing in any direction except water. Ahhhh….

Cruising in open water has both benefits and some drawbacks. One drawback, exacerbated by being alone, is the lack of sex. In a harbor or marina, there are always others around and hooking up can be pretty easy. Out on the water, alone, not so much.

So, I’d scan my instruments to see if there were any other boats nearby. If not, I’d turn on the autopilot, go below and jackoff. I needed that release often. Sometimes out of boredom; sometimes due to my memories of such fantastic fucking, sucking, and groping recently had. But usually, every hour or so. Sometimes I’d pull out my dildo and have fun fucking my own ass. I like doing that. Such intense feelings!

After being at sea for a couple of days, I studied my charts. Found a sheltered harbor not too far distant. It had a deep-water approach and was near a smallish town. Perfect! As I entered the harbor, I saw that the few boats that were there were all on anchor. No mooring balls. Also, the docks at the tiny marina were all full and appeared to be in shallow water. I dropped hook and dumped the dinghy to go ashore.

The office was empty and it took a while before anyone came to wait on me. A young guy, trim and fit, in his late 20s appeared. Amenities at the marina were few but the dockmaster gave me the lay of the land of the small village nearby. Decided to sample their wares so I walked the half mile to “town". Found the local pub and went in. It was mid-afternoon, the place was nearly empty, so I planted myself at the bar. A comely young lady, in her late 30s, early 40s approached.

“What’ll it be, Captain?” “A Bud and a menu, please.” She brought both and then leaned back, crossed her arms under her boobs, pushing them up as if advertising them, and began studying me. She stared at me intently, obviously making mental notes. I decided on a small pizza. As she took my order you could tell that she was a bit flustered. Maybe not flustered but clearly tweaked about something. She went to put my order in and I saw her on her cellphone, talking quietly, trying to be private. She began gesturing, animated, making a point.

When she brought my food and another Bud, she hesitated. She was staring intently at me again. Finally, she opened up. “Captain, I’m Carla" as she extended her hand. She was attractive, longer brown hair with bangs (oh, how I love bangs), rather large tits stretching to free themselves from her shirt and large, wide hips. She sent out that unmistakable “I want to fuck you and you’ll love it" vibe and I was hooked.

We tried some awkward small talk before she came on to me. “Look, Captain. We don’t get many like you around here. I feel your vibe, I love your look, and I’d like to take you home with me. I get off in a half hour. If you agree, there’s a surprise waiting at home for you.”

The look of astonishment on my face made her giggle. I wasn’t used to women coming on to me so bluntly. She leaned in close and purred in my ear “I can tell that you go for raunchy, no-holds-barred sex. I insist that you come home with me. You won’t regret it, I promise.”

I started pounding beers, unsure of what I was getting myself into. I followed her out of the bar and down the block, stopping only at the liquor store for supplies. We got to her place, a small single-family shack. Inside was clean and, as I settled on the couch, she poured drinks. We clinked glasses and downed a generous slug.

I hardly had my glass on the table when she basically attacked me, smothering me with kisses. She was a good kisser and we explored each other’s lips and tongues. When we broke, we each grabbed our drinks. As I swallowed my drink, a young guy suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Lo and behold, it was the buff dude from the marina!

Carla introduced him as Randy, her partner. It slowly dawned on me that the “surprise" Carla had for me was: a threesome! I had only had 2 women before – never with a guy. I stuttered and stammered “Uh, this is unexpected, never done this before, might need more alcohol.” Carla & Randy glanced at each other and laughed out loud. “Not to worry, Sailor. We’ve done this lots. We’ll go easy on you.”

With that said, Carla went to pour more drinks. Randy sat down next to me and gently grabbed my crotch, ostensibly to judge the size of my junk and whether I was hard or not. Satisfied, he let go and started rubbing himself through his pants. Carla reappeared and I couldn’t suck my drink down fast enough. This was a novel situation for me and I was nervous.

After another refill, Carla approached with a glint in her eye. “Maybe this will help" she said as she unbuckled Randy's pants. He stood up as they fell to the floor, as did his boxers. Whoa! This guy was hung like a racehorse. His cock, still limp, was dangling down several inches. Carla quickly dropped to her knees and took it into her mouth. With just a few strokes she had gotten him to full attention. Holy fuck! His cock was easily 9 inches, maybe more. She stopped for a moment, looked straight at me and with a smile and said “We’re gonna have fun, aren’t we?” All I could do was nod my head and mumble in agreement.

Before I knew what was happening, Carla was stark naked, had me standing and my pants on the floor. My dick was half hard so she again dropped to her knees and started sucking me. Once she got me fully hard, she pulled away and Randy took my cock in his mouth. It felt amazing but I was still getting past the fact that it was a guy blowing me.

He kept going, deeper and deeper and was even paying attention to the tender underside below my glans. I quickly got over the fact that it was a guy and started stroking my cock in and out of his mouth. After a few minutes of fucking his mouth, Carla suggested that we take our drinks to the bedroom.

Carla was obviously in charge, directing us. She wanted to start on her back with me servicing her ample boobs while Randy started fucking her missionary. I started sucking & nibbling on her tits as Randy worked into pounding her cunt. More than once she admonished me “Not so fucking soft dickwad! Harder! Bite my fucking nipples. Twist them, squeeze them, the harder the better. Bite them as hard as you want to pound my asshole! Do it! Do it now!!” Randy was now pounding away at her pussy almost violently.

Shortly Carla decided to switch things up. She lay on the bed on her back with her head at the edge, hanging over the side. She told me to straddle her and start fucking her throat while keeping my legs spread wide. I obliged and slipped my cock into her wet mouth.

Suddenly, Randy was behind me, grabbing my ass, clutching my balls, and lubing my asshole for some fun. He told me to reach around and spread my cheeks. Then, there it was: his 9-inch cock was pushing its way up my ass. It was a different feeling from my dildo, definitely better.

As I did my best to fuck Carla's mouth, Randy was doing the same with my asshole. These two feelings were unusual and I was warming up to it all. Randy got his mojo going, started wailing away at my now wide-open ass as I struggled to fill Carla's mouth.

Since I was having trouble fucking Carla’s mouth while Randy was pounding me from behind, I reached out and found her clit. At least I could contribute something! Her clit was on the large size so it was easy to play with. Again, she admonished me “Harder on my clit you pussy. You can’t hurt it. Harder. Harder. HARDER asshole.” After a few minutes of this, Randy grabbed my hips and shoved all 9 inches deep into my ass, held it there and shot his load. His moans let me know that he liked it as he pounded it deep with each cum spasm.

Spent for the moment, he pulled his cock out and started fondling my balls. With his cock out of my ass, it gave me the freedom to focus on Carla. I shoved my dick deep, in and out of Carla’s slobbery mouth. It was so very wet and warm; I couldn’t resist slamming my rod hard and fast down her throat. With Randy toying with my balls, Carla’s bottomless mouth and gobs of spit drooling, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I exploded deep in her throat, ramming it in with each spasm.

We all took a short break for drinks. Then Carla issued the next orders. “Randy, on the bed, on your back. Sailor, on your hands and knees between Randy’s legs, your asshole held up high. You ever sucked cock before, Sailor?” “Uh, well, uh, no, not exactly.” “What the fuck do you mean ‘not exactly'? Either you’ve had a dick in your mouth or you haven’t. Which is it?” “Well, honestly no. I’ve never sucked a cock."

By now Randy was flat on his back, his 9 inches standing erect again. I reluctantly climbed between his legs. Carla slapped my ass, “Hold your ass up high, Sailor, and put his dick in your mouth!” I leaned down, raised my hips, and slid his cock in my mouth. I started easy, as girls do with me. A couple inches in & out, then a couple more. In my mind I was reviewing the blowjob lessons I had given the naïve barmaid recently.

Having a cock in my mouth was not what I expected. It actually felt good. And knowing the feelings I was giving Randy made it only that much better. As I was sliding Randy’s dick in and out, he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. He was gentle, at first, slowly increasing both the speed and depth. Inevitably, he got it in as far as my deepthroat door. He stabbed at it a few times telling me what I’ve told others.

“Relax. Open your mouth. Relax your jaws. Let me fuck your mouth. Open up, let me have this.” Oddly, it seemed to work. As I relaxed some, he was able to force my head all the way down on his cock. All 9 inches were in my mouth, down my throat. I could feel his dick pop through my deepthroat door and, surprisingly, I didn’t puke. I gagged a lot, came up coughing and sputtering, drool flowing down my chin. “Good job, Sailor. Do it some more!” As I slid his dick back into my mouth, he resumed holding my head and fucking my open hole.

Suddenly, as I was working on Randy’s cock, Carla started fucking my asshole with a dildo. Even though my head was bobbing up and down as Randy slid his dick in and out of my mouth, Carla was dildo fucking my ass in near slow motion. The feelings were incredible.

Then Carla, one hand fucking my ass, used her other hand to work on my junk giving me a hand job. I realized that all my special spots were in action. A cock down my throat, a dildo up my ass, a hand jacking me off. This realization took over and I suddenly squirted cum juice all over. Carla cupped her hand to catch my sperm. When the last squirts finished, she eagerly licked her hand clean, swallowing my jism. I rolled over so she immediately started to suck Randy, knowing that he hadn’t cum in my mouth. She insisted on giving him release. Within moments, he let out a loud groan as his hips thrust up and down, shooting his load down her throat.

We all went back to the living room and poured more drinks. “Come over here, Sailor, and service my boobs some more.” As I bent over to suck her nipples between my lips, she spread her legs and guided my free hand to her pussy. “And while you’re at it, tweak my clit some more. I liked your technique.”

So, I started sucking and squeezing her tits while diddling her clit. I was enjoying having my mouth surround her areolas, biting her nipples. In moments, Randy came over, grabbed his dick, and forced it into her mouth. As he got more active, increasing his tempo, he was soon full on pounding her mouth. With Randy’s 9 inches down her throat, she barely noticed that I quit to go sit on the couch again.

This was all so novel for me. As I reviewed the afternoon’s events, I realized that they were both taking advantage of me. Sure, I had had my dick in both their mouths but only briefly with one orgasm down her throat; another small one while sucking off Randy. Other than that, Randy had fucked my ass and pounded my mouth. Carla had dildo fucked my ass and let me fuck her mouth. Other than shooting my load down Carla’s throat, my only other release had been a spontaneous orgasm driven by the situation rather than intense feelings in my private parts.

Once Randy was finished with Carla’s mouth, I indicated that I should go. “What’s the hurry, Sailor?” I told them what I was thinking and how I was feeling a bit short changed. “Ah, Sailor man. Not to worry. Randy & I apologize. You see, when we come across someone like you, we get too excited. I promise that if you join us again, we’ll let you be in charge. You can tell us to do anything your heart desires. We’ll satisfy you; I promise.”

With that, I wandered back to my boat. I reviewed my accomplishments (sucked a dick & had a guy fuck my ass and suck me briefly). I was disappointed that I didn’t get to enjoy more of Carla’s party parts, didn’t get to eat her pussy, didn’t get to fuck either asshole. Maybe another time.
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