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When a stray dog follows Lisa home, the young woman has no idea that the animal intends to make her his personal bitch. This is a book by Rachael Ross
My life changed on a Friday, just after I'd turned eighteen and recently moved into a new life. That's how I liked to think of it. After leaving the modest village where I'd grown up, I'd moved to the modest town where I'd be attending community college. I wanted to be a graphic artist or something, I wasn't really sure, but I liked art and I was kind of good at it anyway. So those were the kind of classes I took while I worked part-time at Sears, dressing mannequins and putting up decorations and displays, stuff like that.

It wasn't a bad job, even if it only paid for my rent and just enough food to keep me from starving. My parents sent me a little every month and I'd be okay, except I was lonely. I mean, it was a new town and I didn't really know anyone except my landlady. She was an older woman, divorced, and renting out the small apartment above her garage. It wasn't much, but I could afford it and the hard part had been convincing her to let me have the place.

"You're not a hussy, are you?" she'd asked me, and I'd blinked and reddened and wondered how anyone could be that rude.

"N-No ma'am," I stammered. "I'm, uh ... I've never ... I don't..."

"Hmph," she snorted, looking me up and down.

I found myself wishing I'd worn something other than my ragged cut-offs and the little pink t-shirt that showed off my belly button. This had been during the summer though, the dog days of August, and just standing in the shade of her front porch had been hot enough to make me sweat. I sure wasn't going to walk around town dressed in my Sunday best and it wasn't my fault that I'd grown up to be more than a little attractive to most folks. My landlady, the Widow Perkins, was the sort of old woman who found that suspicious, like beautiful was just trouble waiting to happen.

"I'm a virgin," I'd confessed later that long afternoon, blushing all the more because a thing like that wasn't anyone's business but my own. "I don't even have a boyfriend anymore."

"What happened to him?" the Widow asked, peering down her nose with cold, grey eyes like I might have buried him in my backyard.

"He joined the army," I answered, quite truthfully. "They closed the mill and there aren't a lot of jobs back home, so..."

"You look like a hussy to me," she declared. "I'm not surprised the boy run off."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am." I looked down and frowned at my rather large, firm breasts and kicked myself mentally for not wearing a bra at least. "I guess I'll be going and, um ... Thank you for the lemonade and everything."

"Hold on now, Missy..." The old women had changed her mind, perhaps realizing that I really wasn't any sort of hussy at all, but only a girl fresh out of high school looking for a chance.

"Thank you so much." I smiled and signed the simple rental agreement half an hour later, giving Mrs. Perkins very nearly all the cash I'd brought with me. I wouldn't be moving in yet, I'd go back home and get my things first, but I was moving for sure and I felt pretty nervous and somewhat relieved.

"I'll be keeping an eye on you," she warned me. "And you'd best keep an eye on some of the boys around here."


"You might want to cover yourself up some," the Widow said with a cluck of her tongue, looking up and down my long legs which just as tanned and toned as the rest of me.

"Yes, Ma'am." I nodded seriously, pulling some blonde hair out of my blue eyes.

I won't pretend any false modesty because I know what I look like, but I'd learned to deal with boys and even full grown men. My old boyfriend, the one in the army, had tried hard and often to get into my panties, but I'd managed to fend him off. A little kissing was nice and occasionally his hands would wander to find my breasts, but that was as far as we'd gone for the two years we'd dated. My sex drive had never been much to brag about, unlike some of the girls I'd known in school. Doing more than kissing just didn't interest me a whole lot, although I'd been sorely tempted to give my boyfriend a little more than that as he'd gotten closer to shipping off for boot camp.

I'd ended up giving him a hand job in the backseat of his daddy's car. That had been the first and only time I'd seen an erection in my life, and certainly the only time I'd ever touched one! I hadn't done a very good job of jerking him off probably, but he hadn't complained and I did kiss him nice and let him play with my tits through my sweater. When he started cumming it had surprised me, just because I'd had no idea what to expect really. It had seemed kind of disgusting and I'd wiped that stuff off my fingers in a hurry.

That was the full extent of my sexual expertise as I walked home from work late one Friday evening.

"Oh!" I stopped walking as a shadowy figure crossed the sidewalk in front of me.

It was a dog, I realized, and a large one too, although I couldn't say for certain what breed it might have been. I'd never owned a dog, but of course I knew people who did and I wasn't afraid of them or anything. At least, not the nice ones, you know. This dog seemed nice enough, since he was largely ignoring me. He'd crossed the path in front of me and found an old maple tree, sniffing around it while I watched and then relieving himself the way dogs do.

I stood there for a moment and then started walking again. I'd seen several dogs around the neighborhood in the few weeks I'd been living there, but I didn't remember seeing this one before. Not that I should have, I mean. He was just a dog. So long as he wasn't rabid or anything, I felt pretty content to let him go his way while I walked the last couple blocks to my apartment above the Widow's garage.

"Nice doggy," I said, feeling suddenly nervous as he approached me. "Good boy. Uh ... Go home now. Go on."

When I'd started walking, he'd lifted his head at the clicking of my heels on the sidewalk. Even though I was just an assistant in the Sears art department, I still had to wear the uniform that all the sales girls wore in case a customer happened to see me. That wasn't so bad anyway, being a modest blue skirt and matching blazer with a white blouse. I thought it looked kind of nice and I wore a pair of sheer pantyhose and my underwear too, of course. And close-toed shoes, cheap ones from Pay-Less in black leather with two inch heels. I had my purse and being early autumn, the evenings were wonderfully cool, but hardly cold.

Anyway, the dog had noticed me and then he'd come walking over as I'd stopped once again. I seemed to remember hearing that you shouldn't run from a dog for some reason, or maybe that's bears, but either way I'd stopped moving. I remained very still and when he came close enough I extended my left hand slowly, trying not to show any fear. He was a big dog though, as I said, his shoulders reached my hips and his head nearly to my breasts as he stood there. His legs were thick and he looked healthy, very strong and muscular beneath his dark fur, and his eyes seemed to glow amber beneath the streetlights.

"Nice doggy," I repeated as he bent his nose to my fingers, sniffing at them and even giving my hand a cautious lick. I swallowed hard as I saw his teeth, long and sharp as his rough, wet tongue slipped between them.

After a few seconds of that, he stepped even closer and I felt a small jolt of adrenaline, a shot of genuine fear as the dog pressed his nose to my left leg just below the knee. He sniffed me there and lifted his head, dragging his nose up my stocking until he reached the hem of my skirt.

"Stop," I said, but not forcefully. I cleared my throat as his nose went under my skirt, actually lifting it slightly as the animal continued to explore my leg.

"No!" I said, taking a step backward and then another as he stood there. "Go home!"

He ignored that and I looked over my shoulder as the animal circled me slowly. He sniffed at the back of my knees and the under my skirt again, with his snout reaching for my butt, and I swatted at him nervously. I started walking away and the dog watched me for a moment, and then turned his head as if looking around. The night was very quiet though; except for me, there was little to occupy his attention. He started following, not quickly, but matching my pace and staying perhaps a dozen feet behind me all the way to my apartment.

Naturally, I felt pretty nervous by then. A strange dog had followed me home, a very large one, and I wasn't sure why. I'd never been the sort of girl who collected pets or anything. I'd had a cat, but she hadn't been much of a pet. Cats rarely are, in my opinion. I'd had a goldfish too, but there isn't a lot you can do with a fish, except forget to feed it once too often and then give it a tearful burial down the toilet. So this was a new experience, being followed by a dog. I felt nervous and even a little frightened perhaps, but at the same time, I think most people would understand when I say that seeing a stray pet tugs at the heart strings.

I mean, there's a natural affinity between humans and certain animals, like dogs, for example. I suspected that he was probably lonely, and hungry too, and maybe lost. A large dog like that must belong to someone, even without a collar to prove it. He certainly looked healthy enough and didn't stink of garbage or anything like that. The dog was reasonably clean and well groomed. So I figured someone must be missing him and he hadn't barked at me, or even growled. I wouldn't say he acted overly friendly, definitely not playful or whatever, but he wasn't being mean either.

So, I did what most people would do under the circumstances. I climbed the stairs to my apartment, unlocked my door, and looked down to see the dog sitting patiently on the paved driveway staring up at me. He even wagged his tail when he saw my face, I swear. Just a little wag, nothing too enthusiastic, but I had to smile at that. He seemed to smile back at me, but of course he didn't. That would only be my own loneliness asserting itself, because it had turned out to be a bit harder living alone in a strange, new town than I'd expected.

"Okay." I patted my thigh. "You want something to eat?"

That invitation seemed to be all the dog was waiting for and he climbed the stairs slowly, bobbing his head up and down and wagging his tail from side to side. He seemed to be pretty well-trained, I thought, or maybe well-mannered is a better way to say it. Do dogs have manners? I guess they do, judging from the way this one was acting. He didn't run or bark, and I was glad of that because I wasn't entirely sure if I could have a dog in my apartment or not. I'd have to check my lease, but I wasn't keeping him anyway. This would be a one night deal and then I'd find his owner and get him back to where he belonged.

That was my plan anyway.

"You're going to be a good dog, right?" I asked him, closing the door after he'd walked into the apartment.

He wagged his tail and looked around, sniffing the air.

I had a small place, no doubt about it. Just inside the front, and only, door was the living room, which was also my dining room and bedroom all in one. The apartment had come furnished with old, but comfortable furniture. I slept on a hide-away sofa, except it had become kind of annoying to pull the bed out and put it back everyday, so mostly I slept on the sofa and left the bed folded up inside it. I had a couple end tables with lamps, a coffee table that I used for a dining table since I was using that for a desk and all my homework sat on it. A small television on a small stand and a bookcase with old, worn paperbacks and magazines from twenty years before I'd been born completed the room.

Surprisingly, my landlady had installed a full bathroom with a real bathtub, which seemed to waste a lot of space, but I was glad to have it. I've always liked taking baths more than showers. And I had a kitchen crowded with a refrigerator and a two burner stove, and just enough counter space for my toaster oven. It had been a present from my only brother. A toaster oven. I guess it was probably a good idea, and I did use it a lot, but that had been about the last thing I'd ever expected to get for my eighteenth birthday the previous June.

"No collar, huh?" I frowned at the dog as I kicked off my shoes. "Okay, let's see what we've got. Are you hungry?"

That was a silly question. All dogs are hungry, right? I felt kind of hungry myself and I didn't have a whole lot of food in my refrigerator, but I had some pot pies in the freezer. I figured one of those would probably make him happy. They aren't really that tasty, but they are cheap, and so I turned on the oven to preheat it and that would take ten minutes or so.

"Hey! Uh ... Okay, nice dog..." I blinked over my shoulder as the animal startled me, pushing his nose once more to the back of my knee.

He gave my leg a lick through the sheer panty hose I wore and then surprised me with a soft growl. I frowned and turned around to face him. He really was very large and his presence made the kitchen seem even smaller than it was. I felt my heart picking up speed and I hitched a sharp breath as the dog's nose pushed its way between my thighs and up, under my skirt.

"Stop that!" I told him, scolding the animal and reluctantly pushing my hands against his thick neck. "Be nice! Good doggy, remember?"

I really hoped he wouldn't bite me or something. I didn't try to grab him, but only pushed the dog back. He surprised me by not resisting at all. He let me push him away, giving me his amber eyes and a curious cock of his head. He licked his lips, or whatever dogs have, and stood there while I tried to figure out what I was going to do with a dog that was nearly as big as I was. Actually, the dog was probably bigger than me, if you think about it in practical terms.

He must have weighed somewhere around 125 pounds, maybe even more than that, while I was all of 110 soaking wet. If he'd stood on his hind legs, the dog probably could have looked me in the eyes, or close to it. I'm about 5'6" barefoot and just because I stood on two feet instead of four, I didn't feel superior to the animal. Not at all.

I was rather intimidated by him actually, simply because he was large and plainly very muscular, very athletic, if you can imagine such a thing. I could see his muscles ripple beneath his short, black fur when he moved and I imagined this was the sort of dog that had been bred for hunting or something like that. He didn't seem to be the sort of pet who would be content to lie down all day at his owner's feet, put it that way. And not only because he was so strong, but the look on his face, the steady gaze of his amber eyes ... He had some strange confidence, it seemed to me. The dog wasn't afraid of me, he wasn't intimidated, and I got the impression that he was just kind of observing me, you know? Like maybe he was trying to figure out what to do with me.

But that didn't make any sense and I dismissed my thoughts immediately, walking around him and out of the kitchen. I wanted to change clothes as I'd been wearing my Sears outfit for some six hours already, and my bra was annoying and my feet hurt, and I really wanted to take a bath. Once I got the pot pies in the oven I'd have forty minutes to relax in the tub and then we could eat and watch some television maybe and just go to sleep. That seemed like a good idea to me anyway.

"What's your name, boy?" I wondered, looking at the dog as he sat down on the thin carpet, content to watch me as I removed my blazer. "I have to call you something, huh?"

He just looked at me, his heavy tail thumping on the floor as I spoke. He seemed to like the attention, as anyone would, I supposed.

"How about Jack?" I wondered with a smile. "You're black anyway."

The dog didn't seem to care and I draped my blazer over the sofa and started unbuttoning my blouse.

"I guess it doesn't matter, does it?" I said. "We'll get you home tomorrow."

The next day, Saturday, was a day off for me. I didn't have school or work on the weekends and that would have been nice, but for the fact that I really had nothing better to do. Weekends, at least my first few in that new town, were rather boring. I guess that's obvious though, since I was spending my Friday night cooking chicken pot pies and talking to a dog. Too much of that, I thought, and I'd be ready for the funny farm.

"Don't look, okay?" I laughed lightly, getting another wag as I removed my blouse from my slender shoulders.

He did look though, and strange as it may seem, I felt somewhat self-conscious standing there in my bra. I still had my skirt on, of course, and my pantyhose, but from the waist up I wore only the thin white lace of my bra and the dog was staring at me with his curious amber eyes. Intelligent eyes, I thought for no particular reason, except he reminded me somehow of the men back home who'd stared at me as I'd walk by. I'd never been comfortable with that sort of attention. The hungry, desperate gaze of the boys in school, and even some of their fathers as I walked around town, had always made me feel small and vulnerable.

The dog reminded me of them, but I didn't know why. I tried to laugh it off. He was only a dog, an animal, and perhaps he wanted some dinner and a scratch behind the ears later, a warm place to sleep on the floor. But he was only a dog and I felt silly worrying over his watchful interest. I reached behind me to find the clasp of my bra and undid it easily, so that the shoulder straps were immediately loose and the cups only barely covered my breasts.

He licked across his sharp teeth and cocked his head in that curious way I'd seen before, and I realized his eyes weren't on my face any longer. They had been, while I'd spoken to him, but now he was looking lower, staring at my partially exposed breasts. With my naturally thin build they look larger than they really are. My breasts are firm too, proud and topped with dark nipples that could be difficult to hide at times. My boobs had certainly earned me more attention than I'd been comfortable with back home. Even now, around college and at the store where I worked. I'd gotten some long, lingering looks from strangers and I'd ignored them, but I couldn't have expected such a thing from a dog!

He was looking at my tits, I was sure of it, and I had no idea why. I'll admit I'm no expert on dogs, but I'm no dummy either. Perhaps it was just my bra, the way it fell loose and probably looked odd to the animal. The movement probably caught his attention, I thought, but even so I felt myself warming all over. I turned my back to him without really thinking about it, except no man had ever seen my breasts naked. He wasn't a man though, I reminded myself, just a dog. All the same, I felt very shy suddenly and I didn't like his eyes on me, so I turned and considered undressing in the bathroom.

The silliness of my mood is what stopped me. It's one thing to be embarrassed, but quite another to have no reason for it. I felt kind of stupid actually and I rolled my eyes at myself. The dog was looking at me, so what? Was I some sort of male-phobe, or whatever the correct word for being afraid of males might be, did I fear men so much that it extended to dogs? No. I wasn't afraid of men. I merely had little interest in them, aside from my boyfriend, and he'd been ... What?

"Expected," I sighed, trying to forget the dog behind me as I pulled my bra off my arms.

"You're the prettiest girl in school," my mom had told me more than once. "I don't know what's wrong with you."

"When are you going to get a boyfriend?" my dad wondered, having mixed feelings on the subject. He didn't want me to have one, but he wanted me to want one, you know?

He'd been happy enough that I'd shown no interest in dating, until it became peculiar. People wondered about me, being sixteen and very pretty and without so much as a single date to my name. And so I'd gotten a boyfriend, a nice one, and a boy I knew to be harmless. It had been fun and I'd enjoyed our two years together, our junior and senior years in high school, but I'd kept him at an arm's length all the while. He'd talked of marriage just before leaving for the army and I'd shaken my head at that.

Someday, sure. I wanted a husband and children, but not yet. I didn't know what I wanted. I had to figure out who I was first, that's what I was thinking, and why I'd left home and found my own place. My own job and a new school. I didn't feel like an adult, you know? I was still waiting for the lightning to strike, the big idea that would tell me who I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do with my life. The waiting was the hard part, the frustrating part, and I shook my head as I reached for the clasp of my skirt.

Silly me.

I unzipped my blue skirt, stepping out of it and folding it carefully so I could wear it again on Monday. I only had the one outfit and I needed to buy another one, but even with my associate's discount, the skirt and blazer were sort of expensive. Sears had docked my first paycheck to cover the clothes and I still frowned at that, as did most of the employees I'd met.

"Woof!" The dog spoke up for the first time since I'd met him and I looked over my shoulder.

"What's the matter?" I asked, standing now in pantyhose and nothing else.

He merely wagged his tail, watching me from his spot on the floor.

My pantyhose were of a cheap sort, hardly fancy, and if you've seen one pair, you've seen them all. The waistband was rather tight, but otherwise they were comfortable enough. They were sheer enough that my receding tan could easily be seen. I liked wearing shorts during the summer and so my legs were bronzed up to a point on my thighs just a few inches shy of my butt. The color gave way gradually to my normal pale skin tone and then I was brown again on my tummy and back and shoulders, except where my bikini top had covered my breasts. The bottom of my swimsuit I'd always covered with shorts, but the top was alright and I'd done most of my sunbathing in the privacy of our backyard anyway.

The pantyhose had a cotton panel, of course, and I didn't wear panties with it. There was no reason to and so my butt was completely exposed through the thin nylon with only a long, dark seam running along the center of my ass, up the crease between my cheeks to the waistband. I felt vaguely uncomfortable then, showing the dog my butt like that, and his mouth was open, his long pink tongue lolling between sharp, white teeth as he stared at me.


His bark confused me and I wasn't sure what it meant.

Approval? I giggled at that idea, but that's the thought that crossed my mind for some reason. I'd removed my skirt and bent over to remove it, showing the animal my pert, round butt and he'd barked then. It seemed very strange and I honestly didn't know what to think of it. A dog couldn't possibly care about my butt, no more than he could about my breasts or anything else. He just wanted attention, I was sure. I'd been looking the other way, turned around and ignoring him, and the dog just wanted to remind me that he was still there. That he was hungry and waiting patiently for his dinner, that's all.

"Let's check that oven," I suggested, leaving my pantyhose on and just running a thumb along the inside of the waistband. I had a little ring around my waist, a pink indentation that itched the way such things inevitably do. But I wasn't going to get completely naked in front of him; silly or not, I just wasn't comfortable with that idea for some reason.

He followed me and I paid the dog little mind as I saw the tiny red light was off, the oven warmed up to 350 degrees. I got the pot pies and found an old cookie sheet, long blackened by use, but clean enough anyway. It was a simple task, not really cooking at all. I opened the oven, bending over to slide the cookie sheet inside with two pot pies on it, you know, when I suddenly felt something poking me in the butt.

"Hey!" I shoved the cookie sheet inside and closed the oven quickly before turning around. "Stop that!"

The dog had pressed his nose low between my butt cheeks, against the cotton liner that covered my sex and little else. I turned around, finding him right there, and he immediately shoved his snout between my thighs, sniffing at my crotch as I tried to push him away.

"Bad dog!" I scolded him, sidestepping and pushing at his neck with my hands. "Don't do that!"

I left the kitchen, looking over my shoulder as I moved towards the bathroom, and he followed me closely. The dog still tried to sniff my butt and I kind of slapped at him, but not hard or anything. I walked quickly to the bathroom, closing the door in the dog's face and taking a deep breath. I hadn't been frightened, not really, but just annoyed and I thought it was probably because he was hungry and I'd gotten a bit sweaty after a long day of school and work. I didn't think I smelled bad or anything, but dogs have much better noses, right? So he probably smelled the salt on my skin or something and that's what caught his attention.

"Arf!" he barked loudly, in a different way than before, I noticed. "Arf! Arf! Arf!" His claws scratched the door and I frowned.

"Shhh! Stop!" I told him through the closed door. "Be quiet!"

"Arf! Arf!" he replied, and the dog wasn't going to stop as he scratched the heck out of the bathroom door.

"Great," I sighed.

His bark seemed very loud and Mrs. Perkins would doubtless hear him soon. I didn't imagine she'd be too happy to find out I had a big dog in my apartment, not without checking with her first. Especially if he destroyed the door. How would I ever be able to afford buying a new one?

I had little choice but to open the door and as soon as I did the dog stopped barking.

"What do you want?" I asked him. "Go lay down or something. I want to take a bath."

Instead of obeying me, the animal went right back to sniffing my crotch. He pushed his nose against the panel covering my pussy so hard that I had to take a step back as I tried to deflect him with my hands.

"Grrrr..." He actually growled as I struggled to push the dog's face away and that made me blink.

"Stop! Shoo! Go away!" I said, wondering if the dog would really bite me and afraid to find out. "Hey! No!"

I felt a knot of fear growing in my tummy as the dog did bite me! Or not me, exactly, but rather he was biting my pantyhose. He grabbed the nylon in his teeth and I could feel those sharp canines as they moved across my barely covered skin. It frightened me terribly and only his deliberate and surprisingly gentle efforts kept the dog from hurting me. I didn't realize it at the time, but plainly the animal didn't mean to cause me any harm, he just didn't like my pantyhose for some reason.

He had the nylon in his teeth and he shook his head, ripping into it and yanking me forward as he pushed himself back. I gasped and nearly lost my balance. and kept telling him "No!" and "Stop!" in a loud, trembling voice, but he paid me no attention. The dog kept pulling, and while the nylon had ripped, and some of the cotton liner as well, it turned out to be amazingly strong stuff. I soon found myself being dragged out of the bathroom by my hips.

To say I felt confused and nervous would be an understatement. My heart was pounding and I could barely breathe. I had an idea to somehow fight him off, but even if I'd been brave enough to try it, and I wasn't, there was little chance of that as I struggled just to stay on my feet! Once he had us in the living room, where there was substantially more space than what he'd had in the bathroom, the dog really gave my pantyhose a good tug!

"Ohhh!" I gasped as I lost my balance completely, the huge dog literally pulling my hips out from under me so that I fell heavily onto my butt.

At that point I started kicking at him, out of instinct more than anything else. I'd been lucky not to crack my head on something, and I was laying on my back for the moment, kicking uselessly and trying to push myself back up with my arms. The dog ignored my protests, however, and shook his head back and forth vigorously, tearing into my pantyhose so that they surrendered much more easily. Within seconds the dog had exposed my pussy completely, with the nylon and cotton hanging ragged around my exposed sex.

"No! Stop! Please!" I said loudly, scrambling backwards like a crab on my heels, but he had no intention of letting me go so easily.

The dog pressed his body between my legs even as I tried to close them. His nose went to my vulva and I clamped my thighs to his head in an effort to keep him from getting any closer to what was undoubtedly my most private and sensitive place. All I could imagine was his sharp teeth biting into my pussy and that painful vision proved quite enough to push me over the edge into a blind panic!

"Grrrr..." he growled unhappily as I squeezed his great head between my legs, and the sound terrified me.

I felt his teeth digging at me, moving against my soft skin. He wasn't actually biting me, it felt more like fingernails scratching at the swell of my mound. The dog was telling me to relax my thighs and let him go, I dimly realized, but being frightened, that was no easy thing for me to do. I'd become afraid to hold him and afraid to let him go, but more than anything else, I was afraid of his teeth!

"Ohhhh ... Please!" I whimpered, spreading my thighs and putting myself at the dog's mercy.

I didn't know what to expect. If he would bite me or simply smell my raw, uncovered sex and satisfy his curiosity. Whatever he would do, I knew I couldn't stop him. I felt helpless. The entire episode had happened so quickly that I felt overwhelmed by it. Everything between opening the bathroom door for the dog and finally surrendering as I opened my legs seemed like a blur. It had only taken a few seconds, half a minute perhaps, and I found myself completely dominated by the animal somehow.

There was no reasoning with him. I couldn't ask why or make any appeal to his better nature, just as the dog couldn't explain what he wanted from me. Everything had become physical, even my emotions. The fear was in my blood as much as my mind. My body trembled and I fought for every breath I could muster beneath my heaving breasts. My fingers scratched at the carpet nervously and my eyes were wide, my nostrils dilated as I could smell the dog's musk. It was an odor I hadn't noticed before, but now the scent of him seemed to fill my nose and mouth so that I could even taste it. A strange flavor fell upon my thick tongue and I realized my mouth was dry and I licked my lips as I watched and felt the dog's tongue slip from his terrible jaws.

"Ahhh..." I shivered as his tongue found my sex, taking a long lick from the bottom of my virgin slit to the very top.

There was no pleasure in it for me. My pussy was dry with fear and my tummy knotted up with almost painful cramps. I forgot to breathe as he licked me again and despite my dread, I pushed myself away from him.

"Grrrrr ... Arf!" he growled and barked, but a different sort than before. Like when he'd been frustrated by the bathroom door? This bark, too, had a different meaning and I froze, blinking into the animal's unwavering stare.

"Okay," I whispered, understanding that he'd just warned me not to move. One sort of bark, the lazy woof sound, meant he wanted my attention. The other kind meant he wanted me to open the door, or maybe just ... come? And now this other kind demanded obedience. Submission? It wasn't a request, it was a command, and I understood that plain as day.

After a long three or four seconds, I lowered my gaze. I was afraid to stare into those intelligent amber eyes and I swallowed hard, knowing instinctively that there was something submissive about it. The simple act of lowering my head, of not challenging his authority over me, is as old as nature itself and we're all born with an understanding of it. I was giving myself to him, struggling to control the fight or flight instinct that filled me. I couldn't fight him. I'd lose, it was as simple as that. I had no weapons, no skills at such a thing, and he'd hurt me if I tried. Likewise I had no chance of escape. I was slow and clumsy by comparison and he'd be on me in an instant.

I had to lay there and control my fear, and hope that he'd be reasonable with me. That he'd be gentle and explore my body or whatever it was he wanted to do, and then leave me alone once he'd satisfied his curiosity. What else could he possibly want with me? I was a human, a girl, and he was an animal. I had nothing he could want but food and shelter, and I was more than willing to give him those. The pot pies were cooking. I'd invited him into my apartment. If only I could explain that to him, I thought. If only he could tell me why he wanted to inspect my naked body.

"Uh-hmmm..." I whimpered and closed my eyes as the dog went back to licking my sex.

He seemed to enjoy that for some reason. That's the only explanation my confused mind could conjure. Pure enjoyment. The animal liked to lick me, but I had no idea why. My pussy was dry. Whatever flavor my skin might have had from sweating must have been quickly removed by his long, rough tongue. But still he licked me, dragging his tongue up my slit over and over. I could feel him getting deeper, slowly and gradually splitting my labia and the tip of his tongue would curl at the top, flicking over my hidden clitoris.

What was he doing? I tried to ignore the sensations, the feel of his tongue moving across my skin like wet sandpaper. The experience was new for me, completely new as I'd never allowed anyone to touch me there. I'd never even touched myself down there for any reason except to wash myself. I'd felt pleasure before, or something like it, but not by design. Never intentionally. But this was different and despite my fear, maybe even because of it, I found myself growing warm inside.

"Mmmm..." I groaned softly as my pussy seemed to come alive, slowly but surely being awakened beneath the animal's endless attentions.

He seemed tireless and patient and oblivious to my discomfort. The dog lapped at my sex with a measured pace born of a calculated and deliberate intent, it seemed to me. His tongue slipped between my labia easily as his saliva covered my tender flesh. My pussy lips were swollen and darker than their usual pink color. I stared at them, as if seeing my sex for the very first time, and my glistening lips seemed to cling to the dog's tongue as he worked the tip against my hymen.

My tummy was still tight, but for a different reason altogether. My breasts ached the way they hadn't since I'd started puberty. My nipples had grown stiff, I realized, and they seemed to burn with a cold fire. I shivered and spread my legs even wider without conscious effort. My clitoris had grown stiff as well and I could see it swollen and pink as the wrinkled hood gave way. Every touch of the dog's tongue seemed a delicious torture and I felt an electric jolt as he'd flick across my clit, coaxing it to throbbing life.

I didn't want this! I felt confused, almost dizzy with disbelief as my body betrayed me. I couldn't possibly enjoy what the animal was doing. It wasn't right. It was unnatural to be aroused by a dog, to shiver with unmistakable pleasure beneath his instinctual attentions. It had to be instinct and nothing more, I thought. He could taste me now. The dog could smell my arousal, the tang of it had become strong enough even for my poor human senses to detect. He tasted something new, something interesting, and he was licking me for no other reason than he was a dog.

But what was my excuse? I moaned and found my breasts with my hands. I had no choice. I squeezed my tits and felt my swollen nipples against my palms. I hated myself for that, for feeling good and allowing some part of me to enjoy what was happening. This was a dog! He was licking my virgin sex, making me hot and tight and almost desperate in ways I'd never imagined possible. It was disgusting to be aroused by a dirty animal. What kind of woman would allow such a thing? Why wasn't I fighting him. Why wasn't I trying to get away from the beast?

"Ohhhh God!" I gasped loudly, arching my back as my thighs closed once more. I couldn't help it. Something was happening and I didn't know what it could be.

My first orgasm ever, the very first of my life, exploded deep in my belly with a pleasure that seemed nearly unbearable. I had no way of expecting it. The signs that I'd been getting close meant nothing to my inexperienced body, or my confused and innocent mind. My orgasm simply happened as if I'd been struck by lightning out of a clear blue sky and I very nearly sobbed beneath the glorious weight of it. My ass came off the carpet as I clamped my thighs to the dog's head. His muzzle and teeth and tongue were trapped beneath the flood of girl juice erupting from my sex.

The walls of my pussy seemed to spasm with sharp, rapid contractions. I'd never felt empty before, but it was there like a shadow deep in my belly. I wanted something inside me, something long and thick that my hungry sex could hold onto while I came. I pinched my nipples hard, heedless of the pain because it felt so wonderful. I needed to pinch and pull them, to fight the pleasure with something else, and it seemed as if I burned everywhere. My body grew flushed and damp with perspiration. I had no idea how long my orgasm lasted. A few seconds or minutes or hours, it was all the same to me. A brief eternity lost in the ecstasy of my first orgasm.

"Ohhhh no ... Oh..." I blinked at the tears in my eyes and giggled stupidly.

I felt drunk and giddy as I relaxed my thighs, spreading my legs to let the dog go. He'd been growling softly, but that's all, and perhaps he somehow understood that I'd been helpless to do anything but cum. He was looking at me as I lay on the floor, licking his chops and staring at my face. I looked back at him, but I couldn't meet his eyes and I didn't even try. As my orgasm fell slowly away, I felt something like guilt taking its place.

I'd just had an orgasm. I'd had sex with a dog and I'd cum. Not real sex, I told myself, but some kind of sex. It made me blush, it really did. Even though we were alone in my apartment, I felt a deep sense of humiliation and shame. A dog had licked my pussy and made me cum, and that seemed so completely wrong. Nobody could ever know! I decided on that immediately and it wasn't a hard decision to make. I'd never speak of it, never even think of it. I had to forget it had ever happened and ... I needed a bath.

The dog's saliva was on my skin. His mouth had been on my sex and I felt suddenly dirty. The worst sort of dirty too, as if I'd never be clean again. This was bad and I felt like I was going to throw up. A wave of nausea filled me and I gagged on the bile in my throat. I coughed and rolled over, getting on my hands and knees and ready to retch on the caret if I had to. I needed the bathroom. I had to try and clean myself. I couldn't believe I'd actually cum and all those good feelings were gone as if I'd only dreamt them. I felt disgusted with myself and I prayed that nobody would see my face and somehow know that I'd had sex with a dog.

"Uggh ... Wha ... No!" I gasped and groaned and protested loudly as the dog suddenly mounted me.

I'd gotten on my hands and knees, wondering if I wasn't going to puke at the thought of what I'd just done with that dog, when he pushed himself up and wrapped his powerful forelegs around my waist. I felt something sharp jabbing at the back of my thighs, jabbing at my butt and finally my sex. I knew what it was, what it had to be, and I tried to get away. I groaned and started crawling, twisting my hips and shoulders as I tried to dislodge the animal. He felt impossibly heavy. My body sagged beneath his weight even as I squirmed and bucked my hips, but the animal only held me tighter.

"Get off!" I yelled. "Get off me! No! Noooo!"

But it was useless. The dog weighed more than I did, and when I was on my hands and knees like that, he really was bigger than me. His front legs were strong, too strong, and he held me in a tight hug. His claws burned into my soft skin and I felt the pain of them scratching me low on my belly. His chest lay across my back, warm and soft with his black fur, and his bony chin pressed into my shoulder as he dropped his head. I could smell his breath and feel it on my face as we were nearly cheek to cheek that way.

He growled softly and I sobbed, my eyes filling with tears as I knew what he intended. I struggled, I swear I did, but there was nothing I could do, no place to go. He was too big and too heavy; I strained with every muscle in my body just to hold myself up beneath his weight. I wanted to drop to the floor and just lay there, but then I'd have had no chance at all. At least on my hands and knees I might crawl away, but no, that was a complete lie. I screamed when I felt the animal's penis splitting the fat lips of my cum soaked pussy.

He must have felt it too because in that instant the dog lunged forward with his hips. His cock found my hymen, the thin membrane protecting the virgin channel leading to my womb, and tore through it easily. The pain was sharp and burning, but only for a second, I confess. I wanted it to hurt more than it did and I fully expected it would, but the truth is that it was rather like pricking my finger. A sharp "Ouch!" and then the much worse sensation of my pussy being stretched around a cock for the very first time.

"No! Oh No! No! No..." I cried over and over, repeating it like a mantra as the dog raped me with powerful, rapid strokes.

There was nothing gentle about the experience and it didn't last very long. I'd always imagined that sex would take a long time, at least between a man and woman, and maybe it does. But a dog isn't a man and he fucked me hard and fast for a minute, maybe even less than that, before I became aware of a growing discomfort. I was already in some pain. My pussy was being stretched around the dog's cock, being pushed and forced to open in unfamiliar ways as the dog filled my innocent pussy.

I felt the tip of his penis driving into my guts like jackhammer, over and over, stabbing into the very bottom of my sex until I could take him completely. He'd made me deeper somehow, elongated my vagina with his prick, it seemed, and now there was something else coming. My whole body jerked with the dog's violent motion, my breasts practically bouncing as they hung hot and heavy from my body. I braced myself with my arms straight and my elbows locked, pushing myself back just to keep the dog from driving me across the floor and into the wall a few feet in front of me.

But my pussy suddenly ached as something even bigger than the dog's cock was thrust inside me and a second later yanked back out. It gave me a spasm of pleasure that I didn't understand or want. I tried to fight it. The sensation of being raped by a dog. Of being fucked by a long, thick cock. My pussy could take him now, not easily perhaps, but willingly nonetheless. My orgasm had seen to that, the earlier betrayal of my body easing the animal's efforts to plunder my clasping sex. My clit thrummed and then screamed as the dog's knot was forced inside my pussy again. At the time I'd had no idea about such things, but that's what it was. A bulb of muscle at the base of his prick, stretching my pussy as the dog shoved it inside my cunt and then pulled it out.

A half-dozen times he did that, maybe more, and finally it was too big. The knot was inside me and as the dog tried to pull it back out, I gasped and shuddered with a heady mixture of pain and pleasure. He was locked inside me. The knot was lodged just inside my pussy and it continued to grow. It became even larger as the dog whined in my ear. He tested it several times, driving into me with his hips and pulling back, but the bulb refused to come loose. Perhaps if I pushed myself forward at the same time ... But no, I didn't want to hurt myself, did I?

I didn't know what I wanted because I was too busy cumming. My body had surrendered completely and the pain and discomfort of my first ever fuck had melted beneath an avalanche of pleasure. My body shook and I became too weak to hold us up. My arms collapsed and I fell onto the carpet with my ass high and my head down, whimpering and moaning, lost to the intensity of my second orgasm of the evening. My pussy spasmed with contractions and this time it was even better than before because I had something inside me. My cunt squeezed the dog's prick, massaging it like a buttery fist, and I felt it. Whatever the dog might have felt, I was feeling wonderful. My pussy seemed to ripple with pleasure, the waves of ecstasy washing through my body.

He'd raped me and now that we were locked with his knot firmly planted inside my cunt, the dog pushed himself off my back and turned around. We were butt to butt and I barely knew it. I had one orgasm after another. They didn't stop and I had no way of telling them apart. My pussy throbbed and I felt as if I had a bowling ball stuffed inside me, but there wasn't any pain. It was all fireworks and cotton candy and my skin itched all over. My hair seemed to stand on end and my toes curled.

It was insane and so was I, driven mad by the knowledge that a dog had fucked me. An animal had taken the virginity I'd so carefully saved and now I had his cum inside me. I could feel it like a warm, indistinct stain spreading through my pussy, through my belly perhaps. The dog was cumming while he stood there and his knot kept all of our juices bottled up inside me. We were mixed now, his cum and mine, and I was too lost to feel disgusted by it. Too caught up in the raw joy of multiple orgasms to understand what had happened. My mind was no longer rational and there was only what I could feel. Nothing else mattered.

"Ohhh ow! Ow! Nyuuh!" I winced and gasped, and shut my eyes tightly as the dog pulled himself free some while later.

It felt uncomfortable as the bulb was still large, but not so big as it must have been a few minutes before. Still, the dog dragged me behind him for a few steps until the knot pulled free of my pussy with an audible, wet plop sound and a wash of thin juices that spilled down my thighs and onto the carpet. The smell of it immediately assaulted my nose. A rich, musky smell of dog and girl cum mixed together. I shook my head as if to clear it and my pussy ached at the sudden emptiness I felt. There was pain then, the burning of my muscles as they tried to remember their original shape and place inside my well-fucked vagina.

I ignored it as best I could and just collapsed onto the floor, closing my eyes and trying to understand what had happened to me.

Perhaps fifteen minutes later the timer on the stove went off and I'd completely forgotten all about the pot pies. All of that had happened in less than forty minutes? Not even thirty, really, because I'd been laying there for quite a while. I'd been licked to orgasm and then had my cherry popped by a dog in less time than it takes to cook a pot pie. There was something wrong with that and I giggled as if I'd gone crazy and who knows, maybe I had. I stood up weakly, feeling sore between my thighs, and made my way on rubbery legs into the kitchen to turn off the oven and get the pot pies out.

My pantyhose were torn, shredded as they barely covered my legs and hung like rags around my waist. I took them off, leaving dinner to cool on the stove and not feeling very hungry anyway. I threw my pantyhose away and looked at the dog. He sat on the floor looking at me, not the least bit shy or embarrassed or guilty about what he'd done. I frowned at him and dropped my eyes. He'd fucked me. Raped me. And his cum was still leaking from my pussy. I touched myself there gently, feeling my sex swollen and bruised. I thought he must have hurt me inside, torn something, and there was some blood, but only from my broken hymen, that's all. The rest of me seemed realtively fine as far as I could tell, but I was afraid to push a finger inside my sex and make sure.

"I'm going to take a bath," I said to him, and the dog stared at me. "Okay?"

Don't ask me why I asked, but I did. It was silly and he couldn't possibly understand what I was saying. I did it though and I walked slowly, knowing he was following me as I went to the bathroom. I started closing the door, but he growled softly and I nodded. He wanted me to leave the door open and I did. I ran water in the tub and looked at my reflection in the mirror above the sink. That's what a girl looks like after she's lost her virginity, I thought, looking into my clear blue eyes. That's what a girl who's been raped looks like. A girl who's been fucked by a dog and had an orgasm on his cock. A lot of orgasms, I reminded myself, because I knew there'd been more than just a few.

I couldn't look into my eyes very long and opened the medicine cabinet to find some Tylenol. I sat in the bathtub before it was full, letting the hot water run over my feet as I leaned back against the cool porcelain. The dog watched me, sitting nearby as I soaked, and every now and then I'd glance at him, but that was all. I washed myself slowly, my body first and finally my sex. I did it without looking, exploring my vagina beneath the soothing water and finding that I was soft inside and full of cum. The stuff flowed out of me in pale globs that didn't float or sink, but only drifted lazily in the clear water.

When my bath ended, the water grown tepid, I stood up and stepped out, reaching for a towel. Before I could dry myself off, however, the dog pushed his face against my pussy and this time I just stood there and let him do it. I burned with humiliation, but I can't say why. He was a dog, an animal, but he'd fucked me. He'd put his cock inside me and then his cum. He'd taken my virginity and I was still afraid of him. Not that he'd hurt me, but something else. He made me nervous and I didn't want to anger him.

He took three or four licks and then sat back down, keeping his amber eyes on my face while I dried my body. When I started to tie the towel around my breasts so that it covered my body down to my thighs, he barked sharply. I slowly removed it again and his tail slapped the floor. He didn't want me to cover my body at all and I walked out of the bathroom naked with the dog following me.

I thought perhaps he'd let me wear something else and I opened the closet near the door, the only closet I had, and found a folded t-shirt and a pair of panties. He looked at me, cocking his head, but as soon as I started to put a foot in the panties, he barked sharply once more. No panties. Same with the t-shirt. The dog wanted me naked and I nodded my head, putting my clothes back where I'd gotten them.

"Woof!" he barked, standing between me and the kitchen and I thought that meant he was hungry.

"I know," I said. "I'll get it."

"Woof!" The dog moved to cut me off. He didn't want me to go into the kitchen and I swallowed hard.

"What?" I asked him.

"Woof!" he barked again, and I looked around, wondering what he could possibly want. Maybe he needed to go outside and that idea excited me. I'd let him out and lock the door behind him. I'd call the dog catcher in the morning and...

"Okay, um..." I closed the door again. He didn't want to go out.

I got the idea soon enough when the dog finally lost his patience. He moved behind me as I stood in the middle of the living room and pushed himself up, wrapping his paws around my waist and using his considerable weight to pull me down to the floor.

"No! Please ... Not again!" I begged him, but he wasn't listening and I shut my eyes as the dog mounted me once more.

Woof meant fuck.

I groaned beneath him, forced to support the animal as he stabbed blindly at my sex and quickly found it with the tapered head of his penis. The breath I'd been holding exploded from my lungs with a sharp gasp and my already tender sex burned as the dog slammed the full length of his prick inside me. I hadn't seen his unsheathed penis yet, but I knew it had to be very large. The head found the bottom of my sex, just as it had before, and pain jerked my head upward as I arched my back against the sensation. I moaned loudly and tried to jerk away from it, to free myself from the canine cock upon which I was impaled.

"Grrrrr..." he warned, tightening his grip around my waist. When I continued to struggle, the dog nipped me on the shoulder with his sharp teeth.

I sobbed then, feeling the flash of pain and the thin rivulet of blood running down my pale skin. He'd actually bitten me and that realization ended whatever resistance I might have had. He was going to fuck me and I had to let him or he'd hurt me. I bowed my head submissively and the dog rewarded me with a quick lick of his tongue along my neck and cheek before pressing his hard jaw against my wounded shoulder.

The animal's cock pistoned in and out of my sex and I might have been surprised by how quickly I became wet for him. Of course, his cock must have spilled precum steadily as he fucked me, easing the passage of his thick penis, but my cunt was becoming moist as well. I could feel the euphoria starting once more, despite my fear and loathing, my disgust at being used like a bitch and raped for an animal's pleasure. My body was eager no matter what I thought or felt in my heart. My pussy couldn't help but respond and the familiar contractions began, the supple spasms of my vagina grappling with the cock that stretched it.

The pain was soon lost, within a minute or two at the most, leaving behind only the misery of knowing I had to surrender. I couldn't resist the pressure building in my gut for release. The adrenaline and endorphins that polluted my blood with the energy I needed to accept the dog's swollen cock and push myself backward to meet it. I was fucking him this time, I dimly realized, grabbing the carpet with my fists and thrusting with my hips to take even more of the animal's rigid penis.

The knot was there. I took it inside me and as before, the bulbous muscle quickly growing until it was too large to be pulled from my pussy. My entire body seemed to be wrapped around it and my cunt fell swollen and throbbed the way a finger will after being hit with a hammer. I was too small for the beast, and yet I wasn't. I had him inside me and I was cumming. I wept with shame and humiliation and gave myself to the dog with my orgasm raging in my belly. I rolled my hips and worked my ass to feel his cock touching every part of me inside and I knew he was cumming as well.

I had several cums while we were locked together, much like before, and every now and again the dog would tug at our union, testing it to see if he could pull out. I would groan then, and gasp, and reach back blindly to keep him from moving. His cock felt so good inside me, like a steel rod stretching my trembling cunt. And just inside the mouth of my quivering sex, the knot dammed our fluids completely. It was the best. Even more than being fucked, the afterwards when we were joined and unmoving was the part I found myself enjoying most.

I reached between my thighs to feel my vulva stretched around the bulb hidden inside. I was hot and wet, and my pussy felt alien beneath my fingers. My clit had grown stiff and throbbing. I rubbed it with my fingertips, biting my lip to keep from screaming with raw ecstasy. I came again and dropped my face to the floor, drinking cool air and rubbing my burning nipples across the carpet. I was helpless that way. The dog dominated me physically and then sexually, and finally emotionally as I brought myself off with selfish lust.

He was changing me.

When the dog pulled out of my sex after some ten minutes of waiting, a fresh flood of pungent fuck juice stained the carpet. It seemed to pour out of me, as much of our mixed cum as I'd spilled before, and this time I saw his cock when it came free. It was huge! Wet and light in color, but marbled with red and blue veins. It must have been ten inches long, I thought, and at the widest point I imagined it was as thick as my wrist. I couldn't believe I'd taken it inside me, but I had. Every last inch of it, plus the knot which had shrunk down to something roughly the size of a lemon. That's after it had been pulled free with a sharp, uncomfortable tug. How much larger had it been inside me? I'd be afraid to guess.

We ate then, as the dog didn't want me to clean myself up. I'd tried to walk unsteadily to the bathroom, but he'd bared his teeth and growled at me. The kitchen was where he wanted me and we ate our pot pies in silence. I sat on the floor and used a fork, eating off a plate, while he ate his out of the tin foil it had baked in. By the time I'd finished my dinner, I had a pool of thin, milky cum on the linoleum between my thighs.


"Ohhh ... Again?" I frowned, but there was no fight left in me.


He took me there, in the kitchen as soon as I'd finished eating. At least he'd been that considerate, having finished his dinner before me. I knew now what that particular bark meant and I slowly got on my hands and knees, presenting the dog with my vulnerable sex, and he mounted me easily. His cock found my hole immediately and beyond the tenderness of being recently deflowered, there was no pain at all this time. He pushed all of his penis inside me and pumped me for a long while, at least compared to our previous fucks. It took almost five minutes this time before he locked me up with the knot, and I'd already cum twice by then.

He rewarded me afterwards, as I lay exhausted in a puddle of our cum. The dog nudged me with his nose, giving me a bark different from the others, and I spread my legs for him. Evidently that was exactly what he wanted and I was soon lost to the unimaginable pleasure of having my bruised sex licked clean by the animal's long tongue. The sensations were even better than the first time he'd done that for me and I had one orgasm after another until exhaustion overtook pleasure and I could stand no more.

I came one last time on his tongue and then I fell asleep, naked and flushed and stained inside and out with the hot semen of the dog who owned me.


2024-05-22 02:14:49
I had the same feeling of shame the first time I had k9 sex


2024-05-18 02:04:44
What a great story, vivid and sexy all the way through. I can only imagine what it’s like to be fucked by a dog. Women who have that opportunity must be so appreciative. Well done thank you


2024-05-18 02:03:58
What a great story, vivid and sexy all the way through. I can only imagine what it’s like to be fucked by a dog. Women who have that opportunity must be so appreciative. Well done thank you


2024-05-17 19:30:09
Iiii that was hot you are lucky to have an owner Fg


2024-05-16 08:24:33
Great story, which I didn't have yet from miss Ross, although I plundered her website when she announced her unforseen 'retirement'. Thank you.

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