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Nine inches up my ass and my dick sucked.
Chapter 26: Another 9 Inches

When I woke after my nap, it was late afternoon. I decided to return to Carla’s pub for some food. So, I dinked into shore. Randy was in the tiny marina office and broke into a wide smile upon seeing me. “Hey Sailor! What’s up? Gotta tell you how much I enjoyed having you fuck my mouth this morning. You did a really good job and set me off for the day. I can only hope that you’ll either do it again or that you’ll fuck my ass the same way. Just let me know when you’re ready.”

“Yeah, Randy. It was great. I enjoyed it too. I must admit though, that you are the first guy I’ve ever been sexual with.” “Bullshit! Don’t believe it. You acted like a pro.” “Well, it’s true. But I must honestly say that I’d like to fuck your ass. Also, I’m really impressed with your cock. It’s pretty damn big. I’d really like to try it up my ass again without distractions. Maybe even try sucking you again.”

“Sailor, all you have to do is ask. I’m ready for anything whenever you are.” “Gee, such an offer. How can I refuse? I was just going into the village for some food.” “Let me fuck your ass first" he said, almost pleading with me. “My cock is aching to plow your tight asshole” he said.

“Here and now? We’re in the marina office for Christ's sake. There’s no privacy here.” “Oh Sailor. You haven’t caught on. This is a very small village. Absolutely no one cares. Everybody has sex whenever, wherever. So why don’t you step around the counter and drop your drawers. You afraid of my monster cock?”

I stepped around the counter and complied. Dropped my pants and boxers. There was a chair there so I kneeled on the chair as Randy got some lube. When he returned, he first positioned himself facing me as I was on my knees in the chair. I could see his marvelous 9 inches hanging limp, his hand trying to stroke it up. “Suck me up, get me hard, Sailor.”

Still very new to sucking cock, I tentatively took it in my hand and stroked it a bit, jacking him off. I then put my lips around his dick head and started with my tongue. It didn’t take long before he was standing at attention.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped behind me. He spread my ass cheeks and delivered a wad of KY to my tiny puckered hole. He spread it around and slipped one finger into my hole. He got more lube, then pushed two fingers in and started finger fucking my ass. It was feeling good but I was torn. I really wanted his big cock in there but we were in the fucking office in broad daylight! What if someone came in?

As if he was reading my mind, he finally guided his rod to my asshole. There was enough lube so it slipped right in. Shit! This was feeling good, especially in broad daylight and with the excitement of possibly getting caught.

He didn’t waste any time. As soon as his cock entered my anus, he just forced it in, all of it, in one push. It took my breath away and I gasped loudly, more of a satisfied moan, really. Then he started fucking my ass hard. He grabbed my hips and started slamming all 9 inches in and out, going to his nuts each time. It was feeling so damn good! He plowed my ass really hard, his balls slapping against mine for a good 10 or 15 minutes. The thought of getting caught vanished. I was in heaven having a big cock deep in my ass.

Then he started moaning and I knew he was close. I reached between my legs and found his ball sack, swinging wildly back and forth as he pounded my ass. I clutched his nuts and just let the thrusting be the stimulus. It had it’s intended effect as his pounding got even more intense, his breath quickened, and he finally shouted “Oh, shit! Here it comes! Here it comes!!” As encouragement I replied “Bring it on big boy. Shoot your load deep in me. Fuck me, fuck my ass! Give it to me now, all of it. I want you to fill my ass with cum!”

With that he unloaded. With each cum spasm he’d shove his dick all the way in and squirt. All 9 inches up my ass squirting his semen deep in me. When he was finished shooting his jism up my ass, he continued to gently stroke his big cock in and out, slowly. He slowly gentle fucked my asshole for several minutes before pulling it out. When he did so, my ass muscles contracted and I could feel his cum load dribble out and down my balls.

My mind was kinda numb after having such an ass fucking. Next thing I clearly remember, I was walking toward town. To calm myself, I pulled out a joint and fired it up.

When I arrived at the pub, I was feeling no pain. I settled in at the bar, looking for Carla. Didn’t see her right away. The pub was about half full, not overly busy. Shortly a burly dude came to take my order. Once I ordered I asked if Carla was working today. He absently nodded towards the corner booth.

I turned and looked but the lights were dim. Suddenly it came into focus. In the corner booth was an older guy and Carla was sitting next to him, bent over, giving him head. Right there, bar half full of people. No one seemed to mind or care. You could clearly see her head in his lap, bobbing up and down but no one was watching. No one cared. What kind of crazy town had I stumbled into?

My food arrived and as I busied myself eating, Carla reappeared, slipping behind the bar. She approached me with “Well, howdy Sailor! Didn’t expect to see you here. Thought Randy and I scared you away yesterday.” “Nope, not yet anyway. Actually, I had some fun with Randy this morning. And again, just before coming here.”

“Yeah, Randy told me about this morning with you. We both felt bad about last night. He insisted on doing something. He told me how you gave him a Grade A mouth fucking this morning. He said he really enjoyed it. Now, what’s this ‘again’, just before coming here? Is there something I missed?”

“Uh, well, I was impressed with his jumbo cock last night. When he ass fucked me last night, I was trying to fuck your mouth. I couldn’t really enjoy what he was doing. So, when I saw him in the office this afternoon, he offered more sex. His eyes lit up when I mentioned that I wanted his huge cock rammed up my ass some more. That was all it took. He gave my tiny asshole a real workout. Loved every inch of his big dick pounding me back there.”

“Oh, good. I’m glad you two get along. He's coming to my place later. Do you want to join us again?” I sucked on my beer as I pondered my response. “Well, Carla, honestly, I’d much rather have you solo. I’d really like to fuck your ass if I could.” She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “Really? That’s it? Just fuck me in the ass?” “Yup. For now, anyway.” “Follow me" she ordered.

She led me into the kitchen and sent the burly guy out to tend house. There were a few others around, probably dishwashers, busboys, a cook or two. She led me to a corner by the stock room, still in plain view of the kitchen. There she had an ‘ass fucking' station set up. Kind of a low, padded bench thing to kneel on and a back piece to lean forward against. She pulled off her bottoms and handed me a jar of lube, then assumed her position on all fours. I looked around. We were in the corner of the kitchen with other people around. What was she doing?

“Uh, Carla. There are others who can see us.” “So, what’s your point, Sailor? You never seen anyone have sex before?” “Well, honestly, not like this. You sure there’s nowhere private we can go?” “Fuck it, Sailor. Do you want my ass or not. Time's a wasting. But make it quick. I’ve got other customers to tend to.”

I just stood there, kind of dumbfounded for a moment. I noticed that the other guys in the kitchen had kinda stopped work and were watching to see what I’d do. I looked back at Carla. She was on all fours, her butt raised up in fucking position. She had reached around to spread her ass cheeks so that I could see her tiny asshole, all puckered up, seemingly begging to get fucked. I was in a real quandary. I had requested this, here it was offered to me, but it was public. There were others watching. My dick wasn’t even hard.

“What the fuck's the holdup, Sailor? I’ve got better things to do than to wait while you figure out which hole to plow. Get a move on, Sailor, before it’s too late.” I was uber self-conscious, confused, distressed at my limp dick. I gained a new respect for porn stars who had to perform with others watching, filming, barking orders. “I just can’t right now, Carla. I’m sorry but it’s just not happening for me now. Gonna have to be another time, Sweetie.” “Holy fuck, Sailor. What gives? Thought you wanted my ass.” “Oh, I do, I do. I’m just not feeling it at the moment. Maybe later.”

After my humbling and humiliating experience in the kitchen, I walked back to the marina. It was dark by now; the office was closed and Randy was nowhere in sight. When I got to the end of the building, headed toward the docks, I passed the small Tiki hut patio at the back of the marina building. It was a small patio with a thatched roof, several tables and chairs and a couple of BBQ grills. The lights were off so I was startled when Randy spoke up. I hadn’t seen him sitting there. Then the smell of his joint hit me.

“Hey there, Sailor! Want a toke?” “Oh, shit!! You scared the piss out of me. Didn’t see you sitting there.” “Just chilling, getting a buzz on before I go pull a train at the club. Afterwards I’m gonna stop by Carla’s. Wanna join me?”

He offered me the joint and I took it, pulling deeply on it for several hits. I passed it back to him and said “I think I’ll pass on going out tonight. But would you do me a favor?” “Sure thing, Sailor. Name it.” “I want my cock in your mouth again.” He laughed. “Is that it? That’s all? That’s easy. Pull him out and bring it on. It’ll get me warmed up for the club tonight.”

I extricated my manhood from my shorts and stepped towards him. He leaned forward and reached around my butt, pulling me closer as his lips found their target. His mouth was soft, warm, and wet. His tongue started working it’s magic on my cock and it responded accordingly. Within moments I was hard so I grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth.

Here again, we were basically in public on an outside patio, potentially visible to anyone who walked by. All we had was the cover of darkness, nothing more. I hadn’t cum since the morning so I figured I wouldn’t last long. I held his head and pushed my hard cock in and out, gaining speed with each stroke.

Within moments I was thrusting my dick all the way in, hard and fast. It didn’t take long before I unloaded both balls down his throat. I held my dick deep in his mouth till the cum spasms quit, then slowly slid him out. Randy swallowed hard, then gently kissed the head of my dick, and suckled the last few drops of cum from my rod. It was a quick but very satisfying mouth fuck.

As I caught my breath, Randy thanked me. Told me that he liked the way I fucked his mouth and how it got him psyched for his visit to his “boy toys" as he called them. With that, he pulled out another joint, lit it, took two or three deep drags on it, and passed it to me. Then he was gone.
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