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Three hussies visit for mind blowing sex.
Chapter 27: Welcome Committee Visits

When I woke up the next morning, my rock-hard erection could not be ignored. As I started stroking him, my mind reviewed the events of the last couple of days. Mouth fucking, ass fucking, cum juice dribbling everywhere, sex with a guy, sex in public. My mind flitted among so many images, it was difficult to focus on just one.

Oddly, it was the image of Carla, on her ass fucking rig, in the restaurant kitchen, bent over with her whole fuckbox glistening wet and waiting to be ravished that did it. In real life I had been unwilling or unable to perform with kitchen help watching. Not this morning. My mind saw me drop my drawers and pull out my dick, now half hard from the visage of her hairy fuckbox.

In my fantasy, I grabbed some lube and started greasing my cock which brought him to attention. He found her tiny, puckered asshole and forced his way in. Not a peep from Carla. I kept pushing as my stiff rod stretched her tight anus, getting deeper with each stroke. Still, no sound from Carla.

I inched forward and grabbed her hips tightly as I bent over and started ramming my whole cock into her ass like a pile driver. I was fucking her ass like one dog fucks another. I could feel my balls smacking against her pussy.

By now she was moaning, telling me to keep going, just like that, fuck my ass, just pound me, dump your cum load deep in my nasty ass. This mental image and my fist stroking my dick did it. I shot a wild squirt of cum up my belly, hitting me in the face. The next spasms squirted on my belly and felt just as good.

With that out of the way, I made coffee and climbed into the cockpit to contemplate my next move. I had stumbled upon a small marina, in a small town that seemed to have no rules about sex. What’s wrong with that? I asked myself.

Too limited a pool of partners. But now you’ve had a guy, doubling your ‘pool.’ Yeah, but I don’t know the others, I might not get along – and I just feel like I want something different. The argument in my head went on, back and forth, for what seemed like hours. I had the proverbial devil on one shoulder, angel on the other, both making valid arguments.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a dinghy pulled alongside. It startled me, as I hadn’t heard it coming. “Ahoy, Sailor! Permission to come aboard?” To my surprise, it was Carla, together with two of the most attractive females on the planet! “Permission Granted! Even encouraged" I shouted as I beckoned them aboard. As these three beauties settled themselves into the cockpit, I went below getting coffee for all. At the last second, my eye caught sight of my virgin bottle of Kahlua. It came with me to the cockpit.

As I prepared coffee and Kahlua, we introduced ourselves. Carla went first. “Everyone knows me, but I want to introduce you to Sailor, new to the marina and very talented, if you know what I mean.” All three girls giggled and shot those “knowing" glances at each other.

Crystal went next. She was no taller than 5’3”, short Pixie cut in shades of blonde, white, gray hair sitting atop a round, almost chubby, face. Her makeup was flawless and her low-cut tank top showed enough to want to see more. She was awfully cute, like a Cherub. Her voice was soothing, reassuring as she said “Hi, Sailor. I’m Crystal, I’m 35 and I’m here to make your stay as comfortable as possible. If there’s anything, I really mean anything, you want or desire, just ask. I can make it happen. Honest.” She gave me a little wink and started drinking her coffee.

Finally came Abby. She paused before speaking to drain her coffee cup, holding it out for more. Abby was taller and thinner but one of her striking features was that she didn’t shave; anywhere, it turns out. She had on a loose-fitting spaghetti strap top and tiny shorts which put her decision not to shave on full public display. My heart skipped a beat. She had long, slender legs. The kind that just don’t seem to quit. Her brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, reaching down to the middle of her back.

As I poured her coffee and Kahlua (half & half, my usual) she said, in a deep, sexy voice “Well, I’m Abby. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’re glad you’re here and, from the gossip I’m hearing, we’re all wondering just how talented you are.” With that, the three beauties raised their cups in unison: “To Sailor!”

Dumbfounded and caught completely off guard, I simply raised my cup in honor, then drained it, as did the ladies. I busied myself pouring another round of drinks as my mind raced as to what to do next. This last round had emptied the Kahlua bottle and I had a good buzz going.

The ladies must have gotten buzzed, too, as they started scheming, right in front of me. “Do you think he’d be good for Tammy? Wonder if he likes fat girls? Does he do guys? We can introduce him to the gang. Wonder if he can top Chet's record? I want to find out if he gives good head!”

“Whoa! Hang on Nellie!” I cried out. “I’m right here, I can hear everything you’re saying and you’re making it sound like I’m the new boy toy to be passed around for everyone’s pleasure. First, I’m older, nearly twice y’all’s age. Second, I can’t perform like I did a dozen years ago. Third, I don’t know how long I’m staying here. And last (as I held up the empty Kahlua bottle), we’re out of Kahlua. Now, normally, I’d suggest we switch to Bloody Mary’s and have some fun. But, honestly, ladies, I took jack by the handle and uncorked him just before you arrived.”

The girls instantly huddled and chattered at each other for a moment. Then Carla cleared her throat and announced “Well, Sailor. Here’s the plan. We’ve got a good buzz on and we all want to hang with you today. It’s early yet so we figured we could go below for a Bloody Mary, see what comes up (sending a wink to her co-conspirators) and then pop out for lunch.” As if on cue, all three of them stood up and headed below. Apparently, it was 3 to 1 and I had no say in the matter.

Once below, Crystal took over finding and assembling the ingredients for Bloody Mary’s as the others arranged my bedclothes to make a more receptive lounge. As soon as they had the bed arranged, they both took off their tops and shorts. Only their dainty undies remained.

My buzzed mind was reeling as I viewed these two beauties reclined on my bed. Carla, with her cute brown bangs, her ample boobs set free and her broad hips. Abby, with her hair pulled back, showing off her thin face, and the soft brown hair covering her legs and peeking out from her thong undies.

As I stared at them in disbelief, they embraced. Their mouths locked on one another, their hands stroking and petting their boobs, their hips grinding against each other. They were putting on an exquisite show of passion and foreplay when Crystal chimed in “Drinks everybody!” As soon as Crystal had passed out the drinks, she, too, stripped down to her undies. With drinks in hand the girls all raised their glasses in toast “To Sailor and good times!”

As we all sipped at our drinks, my mind was still trying to figure out what was happening. How did I get here, how do I get out, do I want to get out? The girls were all on my bed and I was slouched on the settee opposite them. An awkward moment passed as we all gulped down our drinks.

“Another round, Crystal. Male mine a double; I need to make sure I’m lubed up enough for the squirt fest I feel coming on" Abby said in her low sultry voice. “And who’s going to volunteer to get me there? Is it you Carla, or Mr. Sailor there?” As she said this, she leveled her eyes, looking straight at me with a riveting stare. She then slid her hand down the front of her barely there panties and started rubbing her pussy.

Not quite knowing what to do, I blurted out “Why don’t you do yourself and let us watch?” I leaned forward and hooked my fingers to her dainties and slid them off. Her groin was a mass of brown bushy hair. She instantly spread her legs wide to give me a better view and to have better access to her crotch. It was a beautiful and erotic sight. She got both hands working, one dedicated to her clit, the other began working her pussy.

Within moments, Carla leaned over and started mouthing Abby's clit. You could see her expert lips enveloping Abby's clit, sucking and nibbling. Then her tongue masterfully massaging that erect clit.

Abby was in full swing now, her fingers furiously attacking her cunt, Carla sucking on her clit. She began moaning, writhing in pleasure. Then “Oh, fuck! There it is! There it is! I feel it. It’s cumming ….” Before she could finish, she started shooting her cum juice all over. Her hips were bucking and her squirts were streaming endlessly from her pussy. She moaned a big sigh of relief as she relaxed, slumping on the bed as she took her fresh Bloody Mary from Crystal.

Having just watched an attractive unshaved woman give herself a raunchy hand job and squirt like a firehose, my little guy was erect. All I had on were my boxers and a tee shirt. My hard cock was clearly visible as it pushed to be freed from my shorts. There was even a small wet spot of pre-cum where the head was. “Oh! Look at Sailor. Appears as if he’s ready to join our good times,” said Crystal.

My senses were now under control of the alcohol and I hardly noticed that Crystal had gotten on her knees and freed my dick from its confines. She swallowed my dick whole. No foreplay kisses, no shallow warm ups. She just slid my entire cock all the way down her throat in one fluid motion. With it fully down her throat, she would slightly bob her head up and down, sending intense feelings of pleasure throughout my body. She’d pull her mouth off, reset, then just slide her mouth down to my pubes, stopping to bob ever so gently. The feelings were so damn good, I didn’t want it to end.

As Crystal was fucking me with her mouth, I managed to crack an eye open. In my mostly drunken haze, I saw Abby had rolled on her side, Carla on her back, legs spread wide. Abby was going to town finger fucking Carla’s pussy. Abby had Carla’s clit firmly between her teeth and was making Carla writhe and moan. Carla had her hand on Abby’s head, holding it firmly on her crotch.

Meanwhile, Crystal was bound and determined to make me cum. She quickened her pace, still taking my whole cock down her throat. Soon she used one hand to start tickling my balls, ever so gently. She’d deviate with one finger to tickle my asshole, then back to my balls. Finally, she brought her finger to her mouth, wet the whole thing, and moved it back to my anus. My dick was sliding down her throat and now her finger was up my ass.

Seeing her head between my legs, mouth fucking me, her mouth sliding deep onto my cock and her finger up my asshole set me off. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down on my dick hard as I thrust my hips upward. I held her head there as I shot a large load of jism in her throat. One spasm, a second squirt, with the third squirt I lost control.

I started ramming my cock into her mouth very fast, very hard. I pounded her mouth like there was no tomorrow. Crystal didn’t flinch or pull away. Like a gentle little Cherub, she just let me annihilate her mouth. When I finished with Crystal, I looked over to see Abby, like a mother cat, licking Carla’s cunt clean, slurping up all those tasty pussy juices.

It took nearly a half hour for us to settle down and regain our senses. I finally broke the silence “Seems like everybody got their rocks off except Crystal.” Crystal immediately replied “Wrong, Mr. Sailor. Having your stiff dick down my throat and letting you fuck my mouth so hard, so fast, so long made me cum.”

With that, she spread her legs and showed us her undies. They were drenched as if she had peed her pants. Then she pointed to the floor beneath where her equipment had been when she was sucking me off. There was a tidy little pool of cum juice there, too. “See Sailor man? I got my rocks off too!! But now I’m hungry. Let’s all go to the bar for some lunch.”
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