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I get a sensual blowjob and get to eat a young pussy.
Chapter 32: Donna’s Nightmare

I slept in the next morning, waking up after 11. Made some coffee and got a bowl of fruit, retiring to the cockpit to wake up and assess my situation. It was another beautiful day, bright sunshine, a light breeze, glassy water. I had stumbled into a fantasy world. It seemed like such a panacea, a cornucopia of hedonistic impulses. A place that any sex starved or over sexed person would seek out.

If only it wasn’t illegal. I worried about the authorities sweeping in, shutting it all down and bringing criminal charges against everyone who participated. Thankfully, I had never participated in any of the “official” activities. I had never purchased a raffle ticket. I had never “bought” a sex slave for a week.

Now, in all honesty, I had been enjoying the sexual benefits that typically come with winning a raffle. Yet, each of my encounters had been consensual and not directly connected with the city-run raffle. And I had never paid to play, so to speak. If worse came to worst, I had two “outs”: I could feign ignorance or non-participation; or I could just weigh anchor and disappear. I decided to venture into town for a late lunch to ponder my next move.

The crowd at the diner was thinning out, the lunch rush now over. I found a stool at the end of the bar and settled in. A new bartender approached, someone I hadn’t seen there before, and asked for my order. “Where’s Carla?” I asked. “Oh, she’s got the day off today. I’m Donna. I fill in for her on her days off. What can I bring you?” “Oh, Hi, Donna. I’m Sailor. I’ll have a draft and a burger, please.” “Coming right up, Sailor!” she said as she started pouring my draft beer.

Donna was on the young side, barely out of high school. Her hair was short and she had a thin frame. She wore a tight top which revealed her A cup boobs. No bra evident so her nipples were in plain view. Her thin frame made her hips disappear although her short shorts revealed a nice tight little ass. It was fun to watch her gliding back and forth, serving the others at the bar.

Shortly, my food arrived. “Another draft, please, Donna.” When she placed it in front of me, she tilted her head, looking at me quizzically. “You new around her, Sailor? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.” “Well, I anchored in the harbor a couple of days ago. I’ve had a few meals in here but haven’t really gotten around much. What’s there to do around here?” “Ha, ha” she laughed.

“There’s not a whole hell of a lot happening around here. We’re known for our raffle and some of the locals from the neighboring towns come to play. Other than that … there’s little or nothing happening here.” “Yeah, I’ve heard about your raffle. What’s that all about, anyway? Can you explain it to me?” Donna blushed a bright red and looked at her feet. Then she scurried off to pour a beer for a guy down the bar.

When she returned, she looked at me with sorrowful eyes. “You buy a raffle ticket and get paired with someone for a week.” “Paired? Like in boyfriend-girlfriend? Like get married? What do you mean?” I was playing dumb, fishing for more information and she was hesitant.

“Well, it means that you get paired for sex.” “Paired for sex??!!” I acted ultimately surprised although she wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know. “So, do you participate in this raffle, Donna?” “You’re not allowed to participate until you’ve graduated from high school or turn 18. I just graduated last June and I’m beyond 18. When my folks got divorced my grades slipped. I had to repeat my sophomore year.” “Graduation was months ago, Donna. Are you involved in that now or not?”

Again, she blushed bright red and looked at her shoes. “After I graduated and was eligible, my boyfriend wouldn’t let me do it. But we broke up soon after that. I wasn’t very experienced, I had only had sex with him, so I thought ‘what the heck, I’ll try it and learn’.” “Ahhh. I see. So, how’d that go? Did you learn anything or was it horrible?” “A little of both. I’ve only done it three times; two were OK but one was a nightmare.” “Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear that. But I’m having a hard time imagining sex as a nightmare.”

“It was my third, and last, time. After that experience, I don’t think I’ll ever participate again.” “Well, Donna, if you don’t mind, can you explain how having your sexual needs fulfilled counts as a nightmare?” “It wasn’t my needs that became a nightmare. It was his needs that did it for me.” “So, what went wrong?” “Look. It’s kinda personal and I don’t like talking about others in a negative way in public. At least not in such a small town as this one. I get off soon. Maybe we can take this up then.” “Sure, if you don’t mind.”

I hung out at the bar, drinking draft beer, and generally wasting time, waiting for some sort of signal from Donna. As I surveyed the remaining patrons, everything seemed normal.

Then I spotted them. An older couple, easily taken for husband and wife, sitting at a table near the door. Their meal was finished and Donna cleared their table and gave them the check. As they each put their money on the table to cover their bill, the man stood up. He very casually stepped over next to his “wife” and unzipped his pants, pulling his dick out. She, likewise, very casually took it in her fingers and leaned forward. Right there, in front of God and everybody, she started giving him head. You could clearly see his dick get stiff and soon she was doing her best to please him. They were both older and she was obviously beyond her prime, only taking about half his six inches in her mouth. After about five minutes of this, he put his cock back in his pants, zipped up and she wiped the drool off her chin. Then she got up and they walked out as if nothing had happened. This place was clearly beyond belief.

Within a few minutes, Donna came out of the kitchen and stepped around the bar. “OK, Sailor. I’m off work now. You wanted to talk?” “Sure, if you’re willing. There’s no pressure, Donna. It’s just that I’m interested in how your nightmare unfolded so that I can avoid any type of similar situation. If you’re not comfortable, we can just go our separate ways.”

“Well, seeing as you’re an outsider and all, I don’t mind sharing some of my experience with you. As long as you promise not to tell anyone else.” “I promise, Donna. Cross my heart. Would you feel more comfortable talking on my boat? It’s private and no one will hear us.” “That would be fine.”

We left the bar and stopped at Timmy’s for some supplies. Timmy watched us intently, following our every move. He didn’t say a word but rang us up and put our supplies in a bag. Donna suddenly remembered something she forgot and stepped away to find it in the overstocked store. While she was away I made a clandestine purchase from Timmy and shoved it in my pocket. Donna returned with her “must have” item (a couple of candy bars), I paid the bill and we left.

We walked down the street toward the marina and created some small talk. It turns out that Donna was 19, no boyfriend, lived with her mom after her parents got divorced, and dreamed of going to fashion school. I gave her a thumbnail sketch of my world, finishing just as we arrived at the marina. We climbed into the dinghy and made our way to my boat. Once down below, I busied myself making drinks.

“What’ll it be, Donna?” “Oh, just about anything. I’m not too particular about how I escape reality.” I poured two very stiff drinks, then busied myself creating a coke tray, laying out lines for us to snort. When ready I suggested “Let’s do these lines down here, then take our drinks to the cockpit to enjoy the afternoon. How about it?”

She almost jumped at the coke tray. She took the rolled $100 bill and quickly snorted two lines, one up each nostril. Before she handed me the straw, she quickly snorted two more lines. My goodness!! Here was this barely out of high school girl sitting on my boat, desperate to escape reality, getting high as a kite and about to regale me with tales of nightmare sex. I took the $100 straw from her and pleased myself.

“Ready to go topside?” I asked. “Sure. But first I want you to kiss me, long and hard. I haven’t been kissed in a while and I miss it.” “But Donna, I’m not sure how I feel about that. You’re barely legal and I’d feel like I was taking advantage of you.” “Fuck you, Sailor! Just plant one on me and you’ll find out if you’re taking advantage of me or not.”

With that, she leaned in and started kissing me. She was primed and ready to go. She took over, aggressively kissing me, thrusting her tongue nearly down my throat. When we broke, she grabbed the $100 straw and snorted two more lines in rapid succession. She grabbed her drink and headed to the cockpit as if nothing had happened. I snorted two more lines and followed.

Once topside, she surveyed the situation. She looked all around to see who was close enough to overhear our conversation. Although there were other boats at anchor, they were all sufficiently distant and nobody was topside. Satisfied that we were, essentially, alone, she sat down and grabbed her drink. As she swallowed her first gulp, she couched and sputtered. “What the fuck is this and is it supposed to be so fucking strong?” she gasped.

I just chuckled and started my interrogation. “So tell me about your nightmare raffle adventure. I’ve never bought a raffle ticket so I’m kind of at a loss here. Fill me in on how it works.” “Okay. So you buy a raffle ticket. On Friday everyone holding a raffle ticket and all those who want to be included meet at the old movie theatre. Everyone gets raffled off, Partnering they call it. There are more men than women in town so some guys get partnered with other guys. Girl-girl partnering only happens by some mysterious pre-arrangement. Once partnered, the pair is duty bound to satisfy their partners every sexual desire, whenever, wherever. Typically, the requests go back and forth, each partner getting satisfied, then having to satisfy their partners request. It goes on for a week, ending at Thursday, midnight.”

“Wow. That’s quite a system. But what happens if one party to this arrangement either can’t perform or is otherwise unable to satisfy their partner’s request?” “Oh, you’re allowed to call in a surrogate.” “A surrogate? I don’t get it.” “If you’re unable to satisfy your partner’s needs, you can call in someone else to fulfill your obligation. Various people in town have their ‘specialties’, if you will. For example, Timmy, at the liquor store, is known for always being able to get it up and hard. Anytime. And Connie, with her Sherman Tank equipment, is known for satisfying those guys who want to fuck nonstop for hours on end. Then there’s Randy with his King Kong dick, very popular. There are others who have their own unique talents and specialties.”

“So, let me see if I’ve got this. Once you became eligible to participate, and after you broke up with your boyfriend, you joined the raffle. You said the first two were okay but the third time was a nightmare. What went wrong?”

She slugged down her drink and proffered her empty glass to me for a refill. As I went below to fill our glasses, she followed behind me. While I was busy mixing drinks, she attacked the coke tray, again, snorting three or four lines.

As I handed her drink to her, she took a big gulp, then said “Oh, geeze. It was awful. I got partnered with a really old man. He started out all wide eyed and excited. I mean, here’s an 80 year old guy partnered with me, a nubile teenager. His first request was that he wanted to fuck all three of my holes the first encounter. I reminded him of the rules: me satisfying three of his requests at once meant that he would have to satisfy my next three requests. He ignored me and, basically, raped me.”

She looked at her feet and started crying. “That’s awful, Donna. Did this continue all week? I mean, there must be some rules covering that, rape and all.” “I was pretty naïve and just thought that he would play by the rules for the rest of the week. When our first encounter was over, he just left and went back to his wife. When I felt the urge to have one of my requests satisfied, I called him but he never showed. He must have been hiding or purposefully avoiding me because I didn’t see him around town either. A couple of nights later when my mom was out satisfying her partner, the old guy came to my house. I didn’t want to let him in but he forced his way in and threw me on the bed, raping me again.”

She was sobbing now and paused to chug on her drink some more. I was kind of at a loss so I downed my newly poured drink and snorted a couple more lines. “That’s not right, Donna. Did you report him or isn’t there any ‘rules committee’?” “Oh, I reported him alright. I even got an audience with the mayor to complain. Absolutely nothing happened that I know of. Maybe they talked to him or something because he left me alone after that. I heard that he sold his house and moved. Never saw him again after that last encounter. And I never got my requests even acknowledged much less satisfied. It truly was a nightmare, at least for me.”

So here I was, sitting down below, all coked up, feeling the effects of the booze with an attractive 19-year-old girl. I wasn’t certain how to proceed. She obviously had a bad taste in her mouth as far as old guys go. And I was solidly in that category. But, she was attractive, she apparently liked consensual sex, and she was well on her way to escaping reality. She grabbed a Kleenex to blow her nose and wipe the remaining tears from her pretty eyes.

She then started working on her drink, occasionally turning her attention to me with an almost pleading look in her eyes, as if she wanted me to rescue her or comfort her. I chugged down the last of my drink, then lay on the bed on my back. “Why don’t you come lie next to me and snuggle for a minute. You look like you could use some snuggling.” She complied and sidled up to me, laying alongside me. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her in tight. Her body next to mine felt warm and what curves she had fit my physique like a glove.

Remembering her earlier complaint that she hadn’t been properly kissed recently, I rolled on my side and started kissing her. Soft, gentle kisses. She responded and started kissing me back, again, softly, gently. I reached my free hand over and found her breast, the nipple now hard and erect. I began teasing her nipple, rolling it between my fingers as I started kissing her harder. She moaned, then pushed my hand away and sat up.

“Wait, Sailor. Hold on a minute. I’m pretty well buzzed up and I need to piss.” “No problem, Donna. The head, uh … the bathroom is right there at the bottom of the stairs to the cockpit. Don’t put anything down the toilet except poop, pee and toilet paper. And the flush button is on the wall behind. Hold it to at least the count of five.” Donna seemed to take forever in the bathroom as I lay on the bed, stoned out of my mind and not quite sure what to do next.

When Donna reappeared, she looked more relaxed. We were both still fully clothed and I just lay on the bed, my legs dangling over the edge, wondering what would happen next. She stepped over, between my knees, pushing them apart with hers. Still standing at the edge of the bed, she reached down and unbuckled my belt. “Raise your hips, please.” As I did so, she pulled my pants down, being clever enough to hook her fingers into my boxer shorts waistband, pulling them down too.

My cock was being lazy, just lying there flaccid. She bent over and used her fingers to lift my soft dick to her mouth. She took the head between her lips and alternated between sucking my glans like a baby suckling on a breast and swirling her tongue around it. It was a very delicate blowjob and felt amazing. As she ringed my cock head with her tongue, she’d stop on the underside and rub her tongue in and out, massaging my clit. This was an exquisite technique, and my cock responded by standing straight up.

She continued her slow, sensual blowjob by carefully stroking my dick with her lips, going in and out, but just the top two or three inches of it. She kept her lips slightly parted and used her hot breath to warm him. This was a departure from the techniques that most women use and I found it irresistible.

I spread my legs and reached to put my hand on the back of her head. I was primed to start fucking her mouth. I envisioned holding her head as I thrust my cock deep into her mouth. Instead, she grabbed my wrist and removed my hand from her head. She simply continued her slow, sexy blowjob, taking everything at her pace, on her terms.

I just relaxed and let her do her thing. She didn’t speed up. She didn’t start going deeper. She merely kept up her gentle routine of alternating between sucking on my cock head, massaging my sensitive underbelly, and taking a few inches into her mouth. She was drooling now, her spit dripping down on my balls.

This seemed to go on for hours although the coke buzz made time irrelevant. The feelings on my dick were so pleasurable I didn’t want them to end.

But soon, that tingly feeling started rising from deep within. As if on cue, Donna started tickling my balls ever so lightly. I almost couldn’t feel her tickles but, oh, boy. That did the job. Within moments I arched my back and cried out “Oh, Jesus! Holy fuck! You’ve got me. You’ve got me, babe!”

With that I shot my load into her wet mouth. My orgasm lasted at least three spasms. Once I finished squirting my cum into her mouth, she slid it off my dick and let my cum juice dribble from her mouth onto my dick, groin and balls. I watched as she did this, a first for me. Once she had finished letting my cum drain from her mouth, she swallowed hard, licked her lips and gave me a glorious smile. “Success!” she said.

As I lay there, drained, she sat back on the settee and reached for her drink. “Hey, Sailor! How ‘bout another drink? I think it’s the least you could do for someone who just sucked your dick and made you cum!” “Oh, absolutely, Donna. Coming right up.” I rose from the bed, took her glass and poured another round of drinks. As I handed her drink to her I said “That was an amazing blowjob. Ranks in the top 10, for sure. Do you want to go topside to enjoy your drink?”

“Actually, Sailor, I have a different idea.” “Oh, and what’s your idea?” “I think that I need more repair, more back to normal after that nasty old fart abused and raped me. You let me cuddle with you and held me. You kissed me. You let me have my way with your dick. Those are more ‘normal’ things. They’re not like having an old guy force himself into all of my holes. What I’d like is for you to give me head. Do it gently, like I just did you. No hard thrashing, no invasive rods stuck up my pussy, ass or mouth. Just a leisurely, Sailor style, mouth job on my clit and pussy. Think you’re up to that, Sailor man?”

With that said, she stood up and pulled her tight little shorts down, including her thong undies. Her thin frame didn’t have much shape, no narrow waist and splayed hips. Just a straight torso, flat belly and a small triangle of thin hair covering her glory hole. “Can you do me a favor, Donna?” “Depends. What is it?” “Take your top off, too, please.” “Oh, sure. No problem.” She pulled her top over her head revealing the cutest little tits with somewhat large, dark areolas. Her breasts were a small A cup but the larger, darker areolas made them appear larger.

After she had shed her top, she lay on the bed. “Slide down so your pussy is at the edge of the bed, please.” She scrunched down and spread her legs. I got on my knees between her legs and began caressing her inner thighs, working my way up toward her pussy.

I used the same technique that I had used on Connie, massaging, tickling and kissing her inner thighs; rubbing her outer pussy lips and gently spreading them apart. Soon I had her outer pussy lips separated, exposing her labia shrouding her clit. I began gently licking her inner lips, from bottom to top, initially avoiding her clit.

Her pussy was still young and nubile, the pubic hair still soft and thin. The smell was delightful and I was thoroughly enjoying having my face buried in her young, tender crotch. I licked her slit, then shoved my hands beneath her tight little ass, lifting it up toward my mouth. My tongue found her tight little cunt hole and I pressed it in as far as it would go. She gave out a satisfied “Aaahhhh.”

I tongue fucked her cunt and rimmed her asshole. As my tongue tickled her asshole she continued to moan, even twitching her hips a bit. It seemed as if she was liking this. I used my tongue to part her inner lips at the bottom, sliding my tongue upwards to just below her clit. Then, just like with Connie, I very gently wrapped my lips around her now erect clit. As my lips encircled her clit, she gave a long moan, indicating the pleasure she was experiencing.

I slowly and gently worked on her clit with my lips, taking my time. She had requested a gentle head job so I refrained from finger fucking her pussy. I just concentrated on her clit, her pussy lips and rimming her asshole. Soon, I got her clit between my lips, and used my tongue to stimulate it, rubbing it hard, then soft, then circling it. I twiddled it back and forth, sometimes harder, sometimes softer. Judging by her moans and groans and the motion of her hips, she was enjoying this.

This went on for a good half hour when she started bucking her hips. She reached down and put her hand on the back of my head and pushed it down into her crotch forcefully. Then she erupted. She cried out “OH, SHIT. OH, SHIT. DON’T STOP. YES!! RIGHT THERE! OH MY GOD … I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!” With that her cunt sent a forceful squirt onto my face. Then another. I rubbed my face into her fuckbox to wipe it off but that only served to spread it all around. Her body gave a quick little quiver, then slumped down into total relaxation.

“Holy fuck, Sailor. Where’d you learn to do that? That was magnificent and exactly what I wanted and needed. Thank you, thank you.” “Donna, I assure you that the pleasure was all mine. I enjoyed doing that as much, if not more than, you did.”
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