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Donna and Ginny let me have my way with them.
Chapter 33: Like Mother – Like Daughter

After Donna and I got ourselves rearranged, our clothes on, our drinks emptied and the coke gone, I suggested that I take her back to land. I had had fun with this teenage girl. I wanted more of what she had to offer but also understood that some distance might enhance those possibilities. She protested saying “But Sailor, I’m having such a good time here with you. I don’t want it to end. Ever. Can I stay overnight? Please. Please? I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll suck you again. I’ll make you happy, I promise.”

For some reason, she was pleading to stay, didn’t want to go back home. “Oh, Donna. What’s the matter? Why don’t you want to go back home?” “Lots of reasons. First, you’ve been really, really, ultra nice to me. You’ve tended to all my needs. You’ve shown me how real men should act, not like that old fart who took advantage of me. Plus, I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t have a ‘Partner’, all I have is my mom and she can be sort of mean to me sometimes. I don’t have to work tomorrow until late in the day. Please can I stay?”

“Donna, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. When you fail to show up at home, your mom will worry. Might even call the police. People saw us leaving the bar together, Timmy saw us together at his store. It won’t take people long to put two and two together. How will I explain having a beautiful, 19 year old nymph on my boat? All you have to do is tell the police that I kidnapped you and am holding you hostage or that I’m trying to make you my ‘Partner’ without buying a ticket. It’s just not a wise choice.”

Donna’s face fell and the look of rejection was sorrowful. “I understand what you’re saying but I AM 19, an adult in the eyes of the law. And, after the way you’ve treated and satisfied me today, there’s no way that I would throw you under the bus. I promise!” she said emphatically.

“Donna, I’m just not comfortable having you stay aboard overnight. I’ll admit that you’re very pretty and you do have a nice way with your mouth. And what I’ve seen and tasted of your pussy makes me want more. But my conscience, my morals plus my sexual appetite all point to ‘No’.”

“How does your sexual appetite influence your decision. Haven’t I satisfied you? I said I’d let you fuck me. Isn’t that enough?” “To be honest, Donna, I’d dearly love to fuck you. But being able to pound your nubile cunt or ram my cock deep into your ass are outweighed by the possible downside of getting arrested. I’ll feel more comfortable if I take you home.” “Whatever” she sighed, obviously disappointed.

As I drove her back to shore in the dinghy, she was talking on her phone. The outboard motor was too loud for me to hear what she was saying but when we got to the dinghy dock, she piped up. “How about this, Sailor. Walk me home. My mom’s there and she’ll cook dinner for us. It’s the least I can do for you after you’ve treated me so well today. What say?”

It was a tantalizing offer and I was hungry. And mom was divorced so that presented me with some possibilities. Yet I still had the whole ‘Authorities Crack Down on City Sponsored Sex Slavery’ headline screaming in my head. It was getting dark so I had to decide. Figuring that any authorities would pounce on a Friday, the raffle day, tipped me into agreement.

“OK, Donna. I’ll come have dinner at your house. But then I’m going back to my boat … alone. Got it?” Her face lit up in a broad smile and she said “Oh, thank you, Sailor. My mom’s a great cook. I know you won’t be disappointed.” With that said, we tied off to the dinghy dock and started walking toward town.

We arrived at her house, a small bungalow, and went inside. Sitting on the couch was Donna’s mom. “Mom, this is Sailor. Sailor, this is my mom, Ginny.” “Pleasure to meet you, Ginny. Thank you for having me in your home.” “It’s sort of an honor to have you visit, Sailor. There’s been lots of talk about you around town. I’ll be interested to get to know you.” She gave Donna a glance that I couldn’t quite interpret.

“Oh, what’s the town saying about me? I’d be interested to hear.” “Oh, nothing much. Just that you’re new to town, very pleasant and that you seem to fit right in. Can I get you a drink?” “Sure. Do you have any scotch or bourbon?” “Coming right up.”

Ginny got up from the couch and went to a cabinet in the corner. As she walked across the room, I sized her up. Ginny was younger than I imagined, maybe 40 years old at the most. She had long hair and had it in a thick braid going down the middle of her back. Her face was attractive but not overwhelmingly beautiful. Pleasant looking but not quite as cute as Donna. She had on an oversized, loose-fitting sweatshirt that fell to her mid-thigh. I couldn’t see any pants or shorts because her sweatshirt fell too low. Her legs were thin and had a bronze tone to them, just like her face, giving her a warm glow.

She clinked some ice in the glasses and poured three bourbons. She brought me one, kept one for herself and handed one to Donna. Ginny sat back down on the couch. I commandeered the wingback chair opposite and Donna joined her mom on the couch.

“So how was work today, Donna?” “Oh, just the usual. I work again tomorrow at 6, so don’t bother with dinner for me tomorrow. I’ll eat at the bar. How was your day, mom?” “Same old, same old. Not much exciting happens at my work.” Curious, I asked “What do you do, Ginny?” “I work at City Hall. I’m a secretary. Mostly just typing and filing. I support the City Council.” Whoa! This was an interesting tidbit. I might get some inside information about the city sponsored raffle.

I simply nodded and started working on my drink. Donna filled her mom in on the afternoon’s events. “Sailor came to the bar for lunch and we struck up a conversation. He wanted to know what there was to do around here. I told him about the weekly raffle and my bad experience with ‘you know who’. He lives on a boat and we went there to talk.”

Ginny looked at Donna and frowned; Donna gave her mom the most innocent look I’ve ever seen. “Mom, Sailor was a complete gentleman. He treated me with respect and comforted me when I told him about ‘you know who’.” Ginny seemed to relax a bit but you could tell that she wasn’t buying Donna’s story. She suspected, no, knew, that my “comforting” involved more than just a hug, a pat on the head and some kind words.

“Well, Sailor. Thank you for taking an interest in my daughter. She’s had kind of a tough go of it the past few years. And her raffle fiasco didn’t help.” I responded “Well, what she told me was quite alarming. Based on the little that I know, I’m surprised that ‘you know who’ seemed to get away with it.” “Not really, Sailor. The powers that be at City Hall basically ran him out of town. He no longer lives nearby. And he’s banned from participating in the raffle.” “Well, that’s good to hear.”

There was a lull in the conversation and I concentrated on my drink. That is, until Ginny twisted around on the couch so that she was facing me. She leaned forward to collect her drink and as she started sipping it, she fixed her eyes on me. Simultaneously, she parted her bronze legs, just enough for me to see that under her long sweatshirt she had nothing on. No shorts, no panties. Just a dark muff of pubic hair. She kept her gaze on me and parted them just a bit more. She was searching my face for any sign of interest, any sign that I even noticed her beaver on display.

I slugged down a big gulp of bourbon, glanced at the window and feebly said “Nice view you have” even though it was almost dark out now. Ginny gave me a wry grin. “Glad you like it. I’d show you around but dinner’s almost ready.”

With that, Ginny got up and sauntered into the kitchen. As we sat at the dinner table, Donna to my left and Ginny across from me, I suddenly felt Donna playing footsie with me. I gave her a quick wink but just then I felt Ginny put her foot in my crotch and start to rub my dick. There wasn’t much conversation, just a high level of sexual tension in the air. We all finished dinner rapidly.

Once we made our way back to the living room, Ginny offered an after dinner liqueur. She poured each of us a generous portion. As she settled in on the couch, she requested that I come sit between her and Donna. Not quite sure of what she or they had in mind, I complied. As I was sipping on my drink, I was aware that Donna and Ginny were having some sort of silent conversation, using head nods and eye glances as language.

Abruptly, Donna grabbed my head and started kissing me. As I was trying to pull away and protest, Ginny started on my belt buckle. Donna kept my mouth busy while Ginny succeeded in unfastening my belt. Then they switched. Ginny turned my head and started making out with me as Donna got on her knees and started pulling my pants down. I was overwhelmed and at a loss. Here was a mother-daughter ‘team’ that was pretty intent on having some fun.

I let reason vanish and lifted my hips so that Donna could get my pants down. Ginny continued to make out with me as Donna started work on my cock. Within moments it was rock hard and standing at attention. Then another switch. Donna got back on the couch and took over making out with me while Ginny straddled me, grabbed my cock and guided it to her pleasure hole. She was already wet and it slid in fairly easily.

Donna backed off and Ginny started riding me, going up and down on my stiff dick. She lifted up her sweatshirt and pushed her boob into my mouth. No question what to do now. I began sucking her boob as she continued her up and down motion on my dick. I came up for air and saw Donna, now buck naked, with a vibrator in her hand, going to town on her crotch.

After a few minutes of this, Ginny climbed off and Donna climbed on. Ginny took control of the vibrator and started working on herself. Donna reached between her legs and placed my dick head right where it wanted to be. Her tender slit was wet and my cock slid in easily. Donna’s cunt was smaller, younger than Ginny’s. It felt so good, it was tight, wet, warm.

She started bouncing up and down on my lap, my dick going all the way in, hitting her cervix. At the end of each down stroke she’d let out a soft moan. As she kept going, her moans got louder and louder. I had lost track of Ginny and she suddenly appeared again.

“Donna, let’s share, okay?” “Sure, mom.” Ginny barked out “Stand up, Sailor.” Once I was fully upright, Donna and Ginny got on their knees, bent over on the couch, side by side. “Now, look, Sailor. You’ve got 4 holes, side by side. Have at it and if you do a good job, we just might invite you back.”

I stood there, cock in my hand, giving it a slow rub. As I slowly stroked my dick, I concentrated on the feast before my eyes. Mom and daughter duo, doggy style, four holes! And they were inviting … no, ordering me to perform if I wanted a second invite. My hesitation was two-fold: first, could I maintain my erection long enough to enjoy all four holes, and second, why was this happening? Was this some sort of ‘challenge', maybe bragging rights around town? Or were Donna and Ginny just horny and needed to get fucked?
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