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I enter my house and look into the beaming face of my beautiful slave. I don't greet her; she doesn't talk unless she's asked or there's something to report to me.

I don't have to ask if my breakfast is ready.

Even if I don't come home, she has to make sure that everything is ready for me. I could congratulate her for yesterday, but she knows how good she was. Unnecessary chit-chat with my property is not my thing.

"How is our visitor? Report."

"Yes, mistress. She was instructed to take her position at the sound of the bell or when the door opens." By this, Pari means that the woman in the cage in my cellar gets down on her knees, sits on her heels with her legs wide apart and her hands clasped behind her head.

"She has to hold this position until either the bell rings twice or she is alone in the room again."

"Show me the videos of her first task. Was she very reluctant?"

"No, mistress, she seemed to enjoy it," says Pari, and gets up to fetch the laptop.

The woman in my basement has requested my services. She is here voluntarily, and thinks she knows what to expect. Of course, I want to keep her in this belief for the time being.

She and her boyfriend have already tried just about everything in terms of alcohol, drugs and sex. They want more. And that's where I come in.

You can book various services with me. Including a challenge, as the two of them have come up with.

They both put themselves in the hands of strangers for 3 days. It's completely up to me what I do with them. Permanent damage or lasting traces, are of course, excluded. Both will be kept separate and have the option of breaking off the adventure in the evening.

But if they don't, it will continue for another 24 hours, no matter what happens. It is not possible to stop in between.

They're not good people. Just spoiled rich kids looking for a thrill. Better I torment them than they torment others, which they have done many times. I did my research on them and I did it very thoroughly.

They bet against each other and put each other at the mercy of their tormentors. I and the one who has her boyfriend are supposed to make it really hard for the couple. Humiliation, rape and pain. Everything is allowed and desired. Both hope that the other will collapse and give up. Both are confident of victory, and the win must really be something very special because they both want it badly.

It's too good to be true.

What they don't know is that the man who has my little prisoner's boyfriend is a professional colleague and friend of mine, and that we both made a little deal when I took the job for us.

We will break both of them and force them to give up. But not today, of course.

My colleague likes his victim just as much as I like mine. We've agreed on tomorrow evening. They have to break it off by midnight, or it goes into extra time. The little bitch downstairs thinks the show has already started. She's wrong.

"Has she been asleep?"

"Yes, mistress. She still had alcohol and drugs in her system. The cold floor didn't seem to bother her much."

"Good, take her the bowl."

"Yes, mistress."

The bowl is one of the easiest exercises, but it is hard if you do it sober, not aroused, and without a partner. My basement, of course, has a PA system that relays my commands.

Pari goes downstairs, and I see her on one of the windows broadcasting the video surveillance. As she enters the cellar, our guest gets up on all fours and assumes the requested position.

She looks down at the ground, as is expected of her.

Pari is wearing gloves and a cute butterfly mask that covers her face. The couple doesn't know where they are or who we really are. Everything was done over the internet.

She is carrying a flat, wide glass casserole dish, which she places between my captive's legs. I can see on the video that she briefly touches the woman's pussy when she puts it down.

The idea itself is good, the woman's body also reacts with a slight flinch. I will adopt the idea for the future.

I see Pari closing the cage again and heading for the exit.

As the door is about to close, I ring the bell. The woman was about to stand up but obediently remains in position.

"I hope you like it here," I say into the microphone. My voice comes out tinny and unpleasantly distorted at the other end. Just right. The woman flinches. No one has spoken to her yet after explaining her only task.

I don't wait for an answer.

"You're going to urinate in the bowl now. Then you'll squat over it and satisfy yourself. I want you to come over the bowl. Once you have come, you will bend down and drink. Like a dog. I want to see your tongue dip into your piss and see you smile as you drink. Your boyfriend has already completed this task and is waiting for the video of you doing it. You'll get his video too. Maybe you'll add it to your drinks menu later. You have 30 minutes, the clock is ticking"

The powerful lights above the cage come on, and the woman is well lit. Even in the artificial light, I can see that she is getting slightly paler.

It's working in her head. Her boyfriend has already done it, so she can do it too. She would do it, it's cool, but drinking from it afterward? How did he do it? Did he have to cum in his own pee too and then slurp it down? Just as the beginning of the task sounded fun, the end no longer sounds so easy.

I see how she positions herself over the bowl and finally pees.

That's the easy part.

But with that, she has accepted the task and will try to do her best.

As she starts to massage her pussy, she realizes that it's not possible without putting her hand in the piss. Yes, that's exactly why the bowl is so wide and the position so chosen.

"The other hand over your head," I say into the microphone. It's hilarious to watch what she's doing. Her boyfriend had it easier. He only had his balls hanging in his piss. But he had to lick his sperm together with his piss afterward. Compensatory justice.

I watch for a moment as she maltreats her pussy and know that it's going to take a while. Not even the horniest slut can come quickly in this position without a vibrator.

Pari is back.

"I really like your idea of fingering her cunt," I say without turning away from the screen. The woman just realizes that she might not be able to come.

"Bring me my whip and bare your back." Pari doesn't hesitate for a second. She knows what she has done. It was a good idea, but she should have asked me. Shortly afterwards, she puts the whip on the table and stands a little further away to take off her outer clothing. Then she puts her hands behind her head and waits.

I finish my cheese roll, take a sip of coffee, and get up.

The whip feels good in my hand. I look at Pari for a few seconds and then walk towards her. I don't yet know how many strokes it will take to punish her. When I start, I sometimes find it hard to stop.

"What's the first one for? " I ask Pari.

"For making you get up because of me, Mistress," Pari says tightly, knowing that the pain is already on its way.

The whip cuts the air with a wonderful sound. I take a strong swing, and it hits with pinpoint accuracy.

Pari screams out in pain.

Seven pretty red welts instantly appear on her back. Like a drawing coming to life.

"Thank you, mistress," she says softly. She knows she doesn't need to apologize. I don't need apologies, I punish. I admire my work for a moment. The welts adorn Paris' back diagonally from right to left. Good work. I'm getting better every time. It excites me. I lash out again, and the whip makes Pari howl in pain. I walk around her and look into her face. Pretty tears roll down her face. I reach out with my index finger and catch a tear with my fingertip to lick it away. Pari tries not to cry and succeeds quite well. Then I hand her the whip. She backs away.

I can see the panic in her eyes. Now the tears are really running. Little rivulets that wet her pretty face. She is beautiful. I look at her reprovingly, but she is sobbing uncontrollably now. Slowly, she gets down on her knees and looks up at me.

"Please don't. Please mistress. don't do this." I look down at her and I almost feel sorry for her. But she won't learn any other way.

I slowly unbutton my blouse. Pari has folded her hands together as if in prayer and cries in resignation. She knows I will do it and it will hurt her much more than her burning back. I take off my blouse and my bra. Both items of clothing fall to the floor.

"Four.", I say coldly into her pleading face.

"Please Mistress." She tries again, but I turn away from her. Her failure is also my failure.

If I had trained her better, she wouldn't have made mistakes.

I place my hands on the back of my head and wait for the first blow. It will be strong and decisive. That's what I demand.

If Paris's blows don't make my skin burn at least as much as hers, then we'll start all over again. She knows that.

I hear the whip sing behind me before the burning begins.

The 7 straps hit my shoulder and upper arm and then cut down my back. She struck well. The burning takes my breath away, and the pain makes me wet. She won't wait and think like me. I can already hear her lunging behind me again. On the other side, the same searing pain.

Fuck how I love it!!!

Not the pain itself, but the anticipation, the knowledge that it's about to hurt like hell and that I can endure it. Endure it until it turns into pleasure. The next blow has me clawing my fingers into my hair.

By now, I'm holding my breath to keep from screaming.

My pussy would be dripping if I wasn't wearing underwear. The next two strokes are lost in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I just feel my pussy contracting in anticipation of an orgasm. If I had a cock in me right now, I would come like a rocket. I'm enjoying this moment and this idea. The excitement is almost at its peak when Pari drops the whip and runs into the bathroom. She moistens a cold towel and comes back to put it on my back.

I stand there with my eyes closed and taste my pain like good, sweet wine.

Pari only sees my pain and my bravery. She doesn't know that my pussy almost exploded and that I can always revive the feeling by leaning my sore back against the nearest wall.

She won't make a mistake any time soon. Her tears are even more beautiful than before.
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