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I wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Pari is a jewel.

The perfect housekeeper, the perfect slave, the perfect maid, the perfect secretary. And she can lick like Lessie.

Life can be so beautiful.

The coffee is already waiting at my desk.

"Call Joel and Amir. Tell them to be here with hard cocks at 3. I have to be home by 5," I say to the waiting Pari and look at the monitor with the different windows showing my prisoner.

I don't have to ask if Pari had cleaned her up and let her use the toilet. That's part of her job, and I can rely on her.

It may have been unnecessary to hose her down first, but it's unpleasant and humiliating, so I think it's appropriate. She wanted it that way.

Pari obviously let her take a shower too. That's good. The guys who are going to fuck her shouldn't be disgusted by her. It's enough for her to be disgusted with herself. It won't be an easy task in her case. She's pretty narcissistic.

"How did she react to the video?" I ask Pari, and she shows me the recording.

The little slut goes wild. She rattles the bars of the cage, screams at the top of her lungs, and wants to talk to me and her boyfriend immediately. She babbles about breaking the contract and uses swear words that make me smile.

Good. When she's angry, she lasts longer. She hasn't even seen the video of her boyfriend's first task.

When she was asked what her absolute veto would be and why, she chose sex with animals. She finds it absolutely disgusting and perverted if an animal is even in the room when she or someone else is having sex.

She considers being mounted by a dog to be the height of perversion, and people who do it to be deviant. When asked if she would suck a dog's cock, she replied that she would rather puke her guts out than do something so perverse.

Thank you, little whore.

You've described the task for your friend pretty well.

I'll watch the recording over coffee.

The boyfriend has either been well instructed or he doesn't mind much. At least he looks pretty excited at the end and seems to be enjoying it.

I'll have to ask my work colleague later how he managed to make it look so real.

The naked man in the video waits on all fours as the dog is led in. He lets the dog sniff him, and the Labrador licks his ass and balls. Then a command is given, and the dog moves forward to lick the man's face.

"Open your mouth." I hear a loudspeaker voice in the background.

The man obeys, and the dog licks his palate and tongue extensively. Meanwhile, the man hesitantly grabs the dog's cock and starts massaging it. The dog is well-trained and hardly wriggles.

"Get him wet so he can fuck you," comes out of the speaker again, and the man pulls the dog towards him. He's obviously been told what's coming because he doesn't seem surprised.

He licks the red tip of the dog's tail to get it as wet as possible. You can see that his own cock is increasing in volume.

He enjoys it. How interesting.

Did she enjoy the video too? I dare to doubt that.

Someone says something in the background, and the dog reacts immediately.

It rests its paws on the man's back and tries to mount him.

Practiced hands appear in the picture and help the dog, which is fucking the air, into the man's ass. The victim's face contorts in pain, and you can see him trying to relax. The close-up of his own cock shows that he is hard.

He likes it; he enjoys it.

The longer the dog fucks him, the more excited the man moans. He doesn't have to play anything here. The dog pumps like crazy, and the man tries to touch his own cock, which is immediately prevented.

He is allowed to enjoy the fucking, but he is not allowed to come.

Yes, my colleague knows his trade.


My cellar guest sits motionless in the corner. I ring the bell. She rises immediately and assumes her position. Good, she's still playing along.

"I've invited two friends who will be here soon. They will use you, cunt. It will be hard, brutal, and painful, and you will convince me how much you enjoy it. I want to hear it from you. I want you to beg them to stick their cocks in your holes. You like fucking so much. Then you'll get the chance soon." She remains silent.

I let her sit like that for another 10 minutes before I ring the bell twice.

Of course, she's already had sex with two men at once. But not with my friends.

Joel has a big cock that he likes to ram it into asses. He likes it when it really hurts. He fucks their asses and then comes into their mouths. A real little piglet.

Amir likes to humiliate his whores. He can come very often, and after a round with him, his partner is usually covered all over with cum. There was a time when I let him fuck me hard after his performances here. I was so aroused that I needed it.

He's good, really good, and you don't easily forget his cock in your pussy. I can feel myself getting wet at the memory of him.

I wonder how long it will take to train my husband to be as hard a fucker as Amir is.

When the men arrive, I'm still busy with a few e-mails. Joel gives me a kiss and looks around for Pari. I don't allow him to fuck her with his big cock, but sometimes she sucks his cock. He likes it, and she likes doing it. Amir pulls me close and kisses me tenderly on the lips. He's a handsome man with mediterranean features. I can't control myself and reach into his crotch. His cock is nice and hard, and I feel it through his pants. He moans into my mouth, and I know I have to stop or let him fuck me. He's not one of those men who has much patience. Paris moaning in the background tells me she's choking on Joel's cock right now. The men can use my slave whenever they feel like it; only her ass is taboo for Joel.

Paris's choking distracted me, and I missed the moment when I could have stepped back. Amir's hands reach under my ass, and he lifts me up. I wrap my legs around him, and he brings me into the room so we can watch Joel fuck Paris's mouth.

It looks so good. We watch for a few seconds with Amir before he hugs me to the couch and lays me on my sore back. Yes, that's so good. I moan in pain.

"Long time no fuck?" he asks as he unzips his pants.

"Not from you," I reply, taking off my skirt and thong.

I want it inside, I have to have it in.

Amir's cock is like a trip to another world.

Paris's spit-covered face turns slightly red as Joel's thick cock constricts her air, and I almost envy her.

I briefly think about calling Joel over to me so he can fuck my mouth, but Amir's hard thrusts distract me.

He fucks me as if he's been in prison for 10 years and now has to make up for it. The whole couch moves with him.

With one leg on the floor, one knee on the couch, and my leg on his shoulder, he has the perfect stance. My back hurts as he rams my whole body into the couch.

It's fantastic.

"You're still so tight, how do you do it?" He gasps between thrusts.

I grin. "Come now, I want you to swallow too."

That breaks the spell.

My pussy reacts immediately, and I come explosively. I milk his cock and look at Pari, who is now watching me too. The orgasm shakes my body, and I try to keep Amir's cock in when I realize he's pulling out. But he's quicker. I hurry to open my mouth as he pulls my head towards him, and pulls me into a sitting position.

His cock is hard, long, and tastes like me.

My pussy is still contracting as his cum pours into my mouth.

I suck and swallow quickly as he pushes my head into his balls.

This is exactly how I like it the best.

I keep sucking until he grabs me by the hair and pulls my head away. Then he leans forward and kisses me again.

It used to be our greeting ritual. How nice that Amir hasn't forgotten.
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