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Isabella gets her 2nd task from Professor Yahaira. For the latest challenge, Isabella will need some new hardware and study hard. So hard in fact that, she on her own accord will stay after the class.

It was 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon when someone knocked on the door to my dorm room. I was not expecting anyone so I got immediately curious about the visitor. "Who could it be? Is there a dorm-wide party happening which I don't know about or something?", I wondered when I put down my schoolwork. My room is quite small, as all the one-person rooms are in the university so it only took me a few seconds to reach the handle of the door.

When I opened the door, an older man greeted me, 'Good afternoon. I am looking for Isabella Thompson. Am I at the correct place?'. I answered while being slightly confused, 'Hi! Yes, I am Isabella. What is this concerning?'. 'We have a work order to install the media equipment regarding your assignment for... Professor Yahaira's class. We were told that 3 pm would work for you.'.

"Media equipment? Microphones? Cameras? In my dorm room? Is she really expecting that this is ok?", I was furious. But I could not say no either. The danger of expulsion was glooming in my mind when I replied as calmly as I could, 'Of course. Come on in. Did my professor give any instructions on how to utilize the equipment? It seems that she forgot to give me that information in the class.'. The technician smiled and replied, 'Yes, of course, I will give you quick training about the equipment and applications that you need to use to manage this tech. Would it be all right if I installed the hardware and then showed you the ropes? It will only take an hour.'. I wanted to say "HELL NO!", but I sucked it up and replied, 'Yes, please go ahead.'.

His estimation was quite accurate. After 50 minutes I was the proud "owner" of 6 high-tech cameras with connected audio. 4 of the cameras were installed in each corner of my dorm room just below the ceiling, 1 of them was installed at the wall which showed most of the room and 1 was on a pedestal that could be moved however I wanted. So sufficient to say, those cameras were able to show every square meter of my room. "Yay....", I thought ironically.

The application was quite simple to use and the technician was very helpful. Only two accounts were set up in the application, one for me and another for my professor. I could disable the cameras but I did not have full control of the accounts in the application. For example, I could not delete Professor Yahaira's account even if I wanted to. But I did not expect it either. Last but not least, to further violate my privacy, the technician gave me an expensive wristwatch. The kind that would record e.g. my heartbeat or general well-being, and show the info in the application. 'This is a brand new feature which has been requested by many who do presentations online to give audience the full transparency.', the technician advertised the solution. He continued, 'And of course, you can use that great watch without utilizing your cameras. It is all up to you.'. "If you would only know...", I thought.

I thanked the tech guy and he left with his tools. And in no time at all, I received a simple text message from Professor Yahaira, 'Open your cameras.'. "Here we go Isabella.", I thought to myself while opening a connection through the application. I saw that my professor was online and a few seconds later, I could see myself through the most cameras in the application. I was nervous to let someone see my room, but I had very little choice in the matter. I had made the deal and now I gotta live by it. A new text message came, 'Good. You may close the connection. You will receive your task for tomorrow soon. Please prepare yourself as per instructions.'. I could hardly even think, "Prepare what?", before another longer message came to my screen.

'Go to the adult store at the corner of 4th Street and Allings, and purchase the following objects:

- Lubrication

- Dildo of your choosing

- Black mini-skirt

- Egg vibrator with application

- Vibrating anal beads

- Chastity belt

- Ball gag

Remember to tip the lady behind the counter. You will be compensated for the purchases. Please note that you will need these items tomorrow, so I suggest you handle the shopping list today.'

I gasped when I saw the whole list. She was not messing around. Every item on the list had a component code number except the first two. I could not fathom what Professor Yahaira had reserved in her mind for all of these toys. The longer I thought about it, the more blushed I got. I became especially flustrated when I thought about having the anal beads inserted into my ass. I was filled with a sensation of nervous excitement. It felt embarrassing that I had to go and buy a backpack full of sex toys, but the idea that I was being forced to do so made me slightly hot and moist. Empowered by those sensations I left the dorm room to get the tools of the trade which I had been ordered to get.

I returned home at 7 pm and I immediately informed that I was ready for tomorrow. The reply went straight to the point; 'Excellent Isabella. Please make sure that your new toys are ready to be used today. And please give "master" rights regarding the egg vibrator for user 7153239, so we can test that toy together.'. "Well, that makes sense. She wants to have a piece of action as well.", I told to myself. I was kinda expecting something like this when I saw the list of toys. I thus complied with her requests and started to unwrap all the packages. After I was done with the task, I washed all the toys, put batteries in, and took care of the application for the egg vibrator. I did not think she would make me use all of them tomorrow, but the possibility kept me on edge for the whole evening.

Thursday arrived and I went to my morning classes. I had only a few classes in the morning, then a long lunch, and one class in the afternoon. The whole morning I kept thinking about what she would make me do in front of the cameras. I was so focused on the concept of performing a naughty deed in front of cameras, that I had completely excluded other options. That is why I was quite surprised by the instructions that I received during my lunch. 'Your task starts this afternoon during your final class of the day, but preparations start right now. Please exit the college grounds and visit your dorm room during the skip class. Open the cameras at 12:30 pm. Disrobe and show me how you insert the egg vibrator inside of your vagina. After that put on the chastity belt and black mini skirt that you also purchased yesterday. Leave the key of the chastity belt at your home desk, leave your cameras up, and return to your final class while also wearing the new wristwatch you received. Stay calm and please enjoy the rest of your day Isabella.'.

After I finished reading the text, I turned as red as I humanly could. I believe "carnal red" describes the color on my face quite well. I was "almost" mentally prepared to show my body in the privacy of my room, but never had I expected the professor to humiliate me outside. I escaped from the cafeteria quickly before any of my classmates could ask why my face looked like a ripe tomato. I was hoping to walk around the campus area to calm myself, but it was already noon so I had no choice but hurry to home. In a sense, I could still technically decline the task, but in my mind, I had already made my bed with my choices.

I got to my dorm room just in time, 12:25 pm. I gathered the needed hardware quickly and opened the cameras right before the allotted time. The application showed me that one user was watching the show. I assumed the user to be the professor, but there was no way of knowing. Before I started taking my pants off, I moved the moveable camera right next to my bed and I saw a heart emote popping from the application. "What a pervert.", I thought. Then I slowly removed my jeans and panties. I felt embarrassed when the application clearly showed my shaved pussy at least from two cameras. But I swallowed those feelings and proceeded with the task.

The smooth surface of the egg vibrator touched my labia and all of a sudden I felt very hot. The egg was not very big so I knew that it would slide right in. With my left hand, I spread myself a bit and with my right hand, I moved the vibrator up and down my pussy lips to gather the moistness for the insertion. It must've looked like I was playing with myself since the application gave a notification for additional likes. With only a little effort, I pushed the vibrator inside of my pussy. The latex string was left outside to ease me to remove the toy later. I touched myself gently and tugged the string to make sure that everything was ok. It did not feel bad at all. When I reached for the chastity belt, the vibrator woke up for a second and I shrieked from the surprise. The sensations and a few more heart emotes indicated to me that the professor had just successfully tested the application. I gave an obvious fake smile to the camera next to me while thinking, "Wow... That felt dangerously good right there.".

Next up was the chastity belt. It was nothing complicated. There was a metal-like belt part going around my waist. And from my back, there was another belt going between my legs and then back up to a heart-shaped lock / buckle at the front. The lock at the front kept everything tied together. I did not bother leaving my panties on. In the best-case scenario, the panties would not help me at all, at the worst-case scenario they might look weird if seen under the belt part. I sighed and threw them into my bag, just in case I needed them. I locked the chastity belt and left the key on the table. I saw myself in the mirror and I looked like I had diaper on. I giggled nervously, but in reality, I really did not want anyone to see me like this. And thus I was quite happy that the black skirt I had been ordered to wear, hid my embarrassment perfectly. I was able to put on the black skirt just in time before I had to start moving towards my class.

Every step I took on the campus reminded me of the foreign object which was inside my vagina. The sensations were not unwelcome, but this was not the time or place where I normally explore such feelings. I am sure that I was blushing like a mad person throughout the whole trip. I sighed in relief when I was finally able to sit down on the wooden seat in the auditorium. Now that I was able to stay put, the egg could no longer wiggle inside of me and cause me to squirm.

I heard how the professor of this class closed the doors to the auditorium and started his monologue. "Alright Isabella, only 45 minutes, and then you dash back to the dorm room. Piece of cake.", I thought in my head. Of course, I knew it was not going to be that easy, but the girl can always hope.

As you might've guessed, I had a hard time keeping up with the class. I kept stressing over at what point would the egg start vibrating inside of my pussy. I knew that this class would be a waste of time for me and I simply had to ask for notes from someone later today. "Wait... What is the point of me being even in the class? I cannot focus anyway, so I might as well leave.", I told myself. But when I tried to get up, my professor directed his words at me, 'Oh that's right. Miss Thomson, I have some good news from Professor Yahaira. She asked me to let you know, that she does not need your assistance as you originally agreed. So, you are free to stay with us.'. "Well, that sucked.", I thought but I replied while smiling, 'That's great. I am so glad to stay here then professor.'. Before I had been able to sit down again, the vibrator inside of me was activated.

'Ugh...', I grunted. This was the moment I was dreading. The tiny, mostly harmless, sex toy started to work its magic on me and it was just as bad as I had thought. I could have sworn that everyone in the class could hear the steady buzzing coming in between my legs. But most likely I was simply imagining it. I was trying to find a more comfortable position so I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs. But like I already knew, there was no escaping the vibrating toy. I was forced to stay as still and as quiet as possible through the remaining 30 minutes of the class. I just had to hope that no one was going to pay attention to my fidgeting.

In no time at all, my nether regions were soaking wet. If I had worn panties, they would have been ruined just about now. I knew that if I did not calm down soon, my pussy juices would be trickling down my legs. "How the fuck am I supposed to calm down?", I asked rhetorically in my mind. I tried to think about the boring class but my mind kept going into gutters. Quite soon I was thinking how the male professor would ravage me on top of his desk while the rest of the auditorium would cheer us on. I would scream from the ecstasy when his hard cock would impale me... I woke from my daydream when an involuntary moan escaped from my mouth, 'Aaah...'. 'What was that Miss Thompson? Did you try to ask something?', asked the professor. Terrified of what had happened, I calmed my voice and replied, 'I am terribly sorry professor, I simply got excited when I realized a detail about the subject material. Could you please continue? I will stay quiet.'. Professor nodded and continued. "That was close. I must be more careful", I sighed in silence.

But staying silent was more difficult than I had anticipated. My breathing had become heavy from the constant stimulus. And including that, I was feeling quite hot. I would not mind cool autumn weather right about now. The sweat started to flow down at the back of my head while my face started to change bright red. If this was some cute guy's apartment, I would be expecting to be mounted right... about... now. My legs started to tremble when I felt an orgasm erupting unannounced. The wave took me by surprise and the only thing I could think of was to stop breathing. I could not show my face in school if anyone noticed that I was climaxing during the class. Instictively I also tried to push my hands between my legs, but the chastity belt made sure that I could not reach the vibrator. If I was not so desperate, I would have used a few seconds to appreciate the clever design. But as it was one of the main reasons why I was convulsing in the mercy of a forced orgasm, I could not find myself praising the belt.

"Help me...", I prayed when I felt that I could no longer prevent myself from screaming. And miraculously, the gods answered. Right then the toy inside of me stopped buzzing. It had taken Professor Yahaira less than 10 minutes to make me cum in one of the least erotic locations in the town. A few drops of drool were escaping from my mouth and I could feel the wooden seat under me being quite moist from my pussy juices. I tried to wipe the area where I was sitting, but it would have been difficult to hide what I was doing so I stopped. While I was recovering from the humiliating experience, I noticed a message being delivered to my wristwatch. Clicking the display opened the message and revealed an emote of a giant heart. Professor Yahaira must've kept her eye on my vitals when I had cummed. When the emotes cleared, a timer going down from 3 minutes popped up. I did not need to think twice to understand what was going to happen when the timer reached zero.

There was not much I could do to prepare for the 2nd round. At the beginning. I thought that I'd feel slightly more relaxed now that I knew when the action was about to start, but seeing the seconds going down just amped the anxiety inside of me. Even though I knew it was hopeless, I tried to remove the toy from my love canal by the side of the belt... but no cigar. There was no way of forcing my fingers into my vagina from the side of the belt. The next torturous vibrating wave was an inevitability.

I hardened myself when the clock was winding down. 3, 2, 1... and buzzing resumed. To my surprise, Professor Yahaira changed the "game" for the 2nd round. Instead of steady vibrations, I could sense how the toy started slowly and then intensified within 3 seconds while stopping altogether for maybe half a second. The teasing sensation was a different kind of roller coaster than I was expecting and I could not agree if it was good or bad. I knew that I was able to hold out longer because of the cadence of vibrations. However, not being able to cum easily just meant that build-up would result in something bigger down the line. And I still had roughly 20 minutes to go.

The sensations that were radiating from my hot and wet passage reminded me of the oral sex I received from my old boyfriend. He licked me slowly starting from my taint and ending at the top of my sensitive clitoris. The moment of pause and repeat from the beginning. He kept it up until I was moaning from pleasure and thrusting my loins against his face. I imagined how I grabbed him behind his head and pulled him harder against my labia. I simply had to have his flexible tongue penetrating my pussy and having him take my body closer and closer to the edge. 'Yes baby, that's the spot...', I whimpered. 'Yes, Miss Thompson. Can I please help you with something?', an agitated professor suddenly asked me. 'Aah... Uuum... Sorry professor. No professor.', I stuttered when I realized how close I had become to exposing myself again. 'Then please stay quiet so everyone can focus on the lecture Miss Thompson. I will not repeat myself again.', the professor said. I had no idea that I had let out sound at all. I looked around and most people focused on their own stuff, but few gave odd looks which made me wonder if they knew something. I was blushing, but there was nothing I could do than hope that they had no idea of the mess I was in right now.

I was fidgeting in my seat. The vibrator was making me insane. It should have been obvious to me that I could not avoid its sensations by moving my body. But each time the buzzing ended for a brief moment, I tried to find a position where it did not hit me so hard. But since the toy was securely inside of me, there was no escape. I soon noticed how my vaginal muscles were trying to squeeze the foreign object inside of me. I tried to relax, but I could not stop myself. My body had a mind of its own when I was falling deeper into a pleasurable abyss.

Professor Yahaira was playing with my vulnerable body. After 10 minutes of this torture, I made an observation of how the breaks between the vibrations had become longer. The breaks were no longer roughly half of a second, they must've been closer to 3 seconds. "She does not want me to climax yet... She is edging me!", I thought while becoming more desperate. I had tried edging myself in the past to enhance the orgasm and I found the experience... interesting. Although it was somewhat pain in the ass to repeatedly push your body to the brink of climax just to stop, the final payout was something mind-blowing. By timing the vibrations carefully, Professor Yahaira was able to keep me in that sweet spot where the pressure keeps building up but it is not allowed to be released... until she says so.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. She will blow me up at the worst possible moment!", I screamed in my mind. I glanced at the clock and I saw how the class was almost done, only a few more minutes. "Could I hold it in until I was able to leave the auditorium?", I asked myself. I probably could. But I could not hide the fact how wet I was from my peers if I got up and left. The skirt was completely damp from the nectar that my sweet pussy was producing. If I wanted to keep my arousal a secret, I needed to be the last person to leave. There was no other way to survive with humiliation.

When the class professor was explaining what we should read for the next session, the toy inside of me was cranked up to 100%. My eyes were shot wide open and tears ran down my face when I realized that Professor Yahaira was not giving me any chance of survival here. For the last 20 minutes, she had been pushing me towards this moment. I closed my eyes and did my best to focus on everything else than to waves of pleasure that were forcing me to submit. Blinded, I could only hear when students started to gather their things and get up from their seats. I slowly opened my eyes and forced my pen to write something in my notebook. 'Miss Thompson, do you have additional questions I could help you with?', asked the class professor when he noticed that I had no intention of leaving with the rest of the people. I had difficulties breathing, let alone speaking, but I did my best when I replied, 'No professor, thank you. *Sigh!* I am just taking the final notes. I was a bit distracted a moment ago. Sorry.'. Professor waited for a moment and spoke 'Yes, I saw that. But that's alright Miss Thompson. Please close the door when you are done.'. Then he started to move towards the faculty entrance. And not a moment too soon.

I felt how my body was preparing to shatter my mind. But I was not ready yet. I knew that even with doors closed, my screams would be heard outside of the auditorium. There was no way that I could contain myself when the waves of pleasure struck me. Someone would investigate the lewd noises and I would be the laughing stock of the entire school. "The girl who fucked herself in the class" they would say. On the verge of orgasm, I was holding a hand over my mouth to suppress my moans. Knowing fully well that it would not be enough, I was using my other hand going through my bag to find something to use as a silencer. My fingers touched the used underwear that I had thrown into my bag. And without thinking about it further, I stuffed those panties into my mouth to muffle the scream that exited my lungs only a moment later.

I had done everything I could. I had held the tingling sensations as long as I could. Now that I had dirty panties in my mouth and I was sure that no one could hear or see anymore, I could not restrain myself any longer. The vibrations from the tiny sex toy triggered a massive multi-layered orgasm within me. 'UGH! MGH! MMM! MMM! MMM!', I moaned when fireworks erupted in my cunt. The forced orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave. The wooden seat and floor underneath became even more wet when female ejaculation was shot from inside of me. I squirted like there was no tomorrow and it all trickled down from the side of the chastity belt.

The climax which resulted from the edging made me involuntarily spasm. I lost control of my body. I did not even notice that I had raised my ass from the seat and arced my back. I tried to regain some balance by holding to the back of the chair, but I could not find the strength to stay up. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss ravaged my body and I kept thrusting my loins in the air. Tears and sweat ran down my face when I was trying to hold to my sanity.

"DEAR GOD! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!", I screamed in my mind when I was about to black out from the pleasure. But there was no respite just yet, the vibrations inside of me did not yield. I kept squeezing the toy inside of my moist canal. My broken mind tried to crush the source of this torturous pleasure with willpower. Pointless, yes. But I simply could not help myself. However, the more I "milked" the vibrator, the deeper into me it slipped. And the deeper it was being pulled, the wilder my ride became.

'UUUM! MMMM! AAAAM! NNMMM!', I whimpered. I was nearing the end of the line. The buzzing and the vibration filled my senses when the biggest climax of my life was about to force me on my knees. I had just suffered through multiple lesser orgasms and all of it left me vulnerable to one massive explosion. My whimpers transformed into screams of pleasure and I fell from the chair when the final explosion hit me. If I did not have the panties in my mouth, the whole school would be running to the auditorium to find the source of the loud moans. I was trashing my body on the floor to escape the neverending climax I had to endure. My clothes were getting damp from the puddle of my pussy juices, but I could not care less. Professor Yahaira had shattered my pride, at least momentarily. For now, I cared only about surviving this moment. And then... the moment was gone. I felt how my body turned limp and my eyelids finally closed. My mind finally logged out.

*DING* *DONG* bells rang to indicate the start of the next session. I woke up from the floor. Maybe saying that "I woke up" was a little farfetched. I don't think I had lost consciousness, but instead, I had been slightly off for a while after I stopped convulsing from pleasure. At least I'm quite sure of it... Anyway, the sex toy that was still inside of me had ceased its movements. "Thank god for that", I thought. I probably would be cumming nonstop until the end of my life, if that torture device was still active. Just when I pulled the panties from my mouth, I heard how the doors started to open and people walked into the auditorium. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!", I swore when I rushed to get up from the floor. There was no way that I could clean the mess I made, so I had to leave right now before anyone paid attention to me.

I was soiled by my own pussy juices, but I did not have time to clean myself up either. I gathered my things and I darted towards the mass of people. If I hurried, I could still hide in the group of people. I felt the sex toy lodged inside of me with every step I took. The session that Professor Yahaira had arranged for me, had made me weak and sensitive. But with some focus, I was able to manage the situation. When I had just reached the end of the row, I heard the voice of my professor, 'Miss Thompson? Are you still here? It's already 4 pm.'. That piece of information hit me like a sledgehammer. "I had been lying on the floor for at least 2 hours!", I shouted in my mind. I replied to the professor very sheepishly, 'Uuum. Yes, professor. This area was empty and peaceful so I continued studying there... and I lost track of time. I hope that was okay.'. The professor was confused for a moment but then smiled, 'Yes, Miss Thompson. I am happy to hear that some of you students still value your studies.'. Then he continued even louder, 'Did you hear that class? When it comes to your education, please follow the footsteps of Miss Thompson.'.

I was embarrassed and blushed when I thanked the professor. "If he only knew how much I valued the experience...", I thought. I escaped the auditorium before anyone sat close to the area where I had been cumming like a slut. As it seemed, I had not been able to leave the hall without being noticed, but I don't think anyone knew where I sat... except the professor. But it was doubtful that he would investigate wet spots in a row of wooden seats.

I wanted to get home as soon as I could, but I had to stop by the women's bathroom. I had to clean myself up before I left. Fortunately, I was able to find an empty bathroom. It was already quite late and the final classes were in session, so it was not a surprise that there were only a few people at the college anymore. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was not glad that I wore a white shirt when I left for my class. There were stains all over my shirt, but maybe those would not be noticeable if I went straight home. I also noticed that I did not smell very good. I stunk of pussy and sex, which wasn't really odd after everything. But if I could notice it, everyone in a few-meter radius would notice it as well. My legs and thighs were covered with my own discharge and no amount of hand towels would be able to clean them up. I needed a shower.

When I was about to finish up and leave, a brief vibration from the sex toy shocked me. "What the hell!?! No more!", I thought slightly angry. The agreed time had long passed for this week and I should be free from Professor Yahaira for now. But I was alarmed for "no reason". She simply wanted me to pay attention to my electrical devices. There were +100 heart emojis in my wristwatch. Most of them were timestamped when I was cumming on the floor of the auditorium. I checked my phone and there was a long text message from the unknown number which just arrived. 'Thank you Miss Thompson for the lovely show. You have such a rare talent for this. It has been a long time since I was excited and entertained like this. Bravo! When we first met, I promised you that exceeding my expectations would be rewarded. Your prize for today is the highest grade for any single course you have this semester. Name the class and it is done. Good night Miss Thompson, let's continue this next week.'.

I read the message a few times to make sure I got it right. "So basically 5 for any class I want? Well, that might be useful... and fair.", I thought. I spoke sarcastically by myself, 'For rewards like these, it is nothing sort of miracle that not everyone is doing it.'. It took me a few more minutes to tidy myself up and then I left to my dorm. Although the journey back to my home was uneventful, the toy inside of me rubbed me all the way. By the time I got to my room and was finally able to remove the chastity belt, I was already soaking wet. The 2nd task had been quite thrilling but exhausting. "I wonder what Professor Yahaira has for me next week?", I asked while thinking of all the toys I now had. Although I was being coerced, I felt excitement that I could not deny.
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