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All characters are above the age of 18.
I head upstairs to go tell my twin boys it is almost time for dinner and to make sure they’ve been working on their homework. But when I get close to their cracked bedroom door I hear the unmistakeable sounds of porn. I peek through, watching it play on the TV, and it only takes a few minutes to realize they are watching incest porn, specifically a mother and her two sons.

I know that I shouldn’t stop and listen. I shouldn’t be turned on by the prospect of my sons fantasizing about their own mom. But I am. I can’t see either of my boys from my vantage point but I hear Trevor whisper, “Did you see mom’s boobs hanging out of her sports bra this morning? I wish I could see them totally naked.”

“I was more focused on her butt in those leggings. Mom is so hot.” Troy moans and I can hear faint sounds of them jerking off. “She’s definitely hotter than her for sure.”

“We should probably hurry, mom’s probably almost done with dinner”

“Shit, yeah. Alright, its your turn to pretend to be mom.”

“Fine, but I get to do you tonight before bed.”

“Deal, just hand me the lotion and bend over so I can see still.”

I can’t help myself anymore, my pussy juices have soaked through my leggings and I’m more turned on than I’ve ever been. I have to try and see them. I quickly switch where I’m standing and I can just barely make out their reflection in the mirror on the wall. Trevor is on all fours on his bend and Troy is behind him, stroking his cock against his asshole, getting ready to slide in.

Trevor bites down on his fist as Troy bottoms out in one thrust. “Sorry dude, gotta hurry.” Troy breathes out as he reaches around and starts stroking his brother’s cock. “I’ll make this good for you too.”

I cave in and slip my hand down the front of my leggings and a couple fingers into my pussy. I’m fingering myself to the same pace as Troy is fucking his brother.

“That feels good, keep going” Trevor whimpers.

“God, mommy your pussy is so tight. You feel so good.” I gasp a little, hearing Troy talk like that, and clamp my other hand over my mouth. I’m already so close to cumming but I want to hold out a little longer.

“Oh, mom, I’m gonna cum inside you. I’m cumming inside you mommy.” Troy jerks and thrusts deep into Trevor’s asshole, moaning quietly, still jerking his brother’s hard cock. A second later and Trevor’s moans join his as he shoots his cum all over the sheets and Troy’s hand. Time stops and I’m cumming harder than I have in years, shoving my fist in my mouth to keep myself from crying out.

“Dude, that was so good, thank you.” Troy whispered “We should hurry and clean up and go down before mom comes up here.” That snaps me out of it and I race downstairs and wash my hands so they hopefully don’t smell my pussy on them but I don’t have time to change my leggings. Luckily they are dark so you can only hardly make out the large wet spot on my crotch.

I’m dishing up everyone’s plates when I hear the boys barreling down the stairs, “smells delicious!” They both say in near unison.

“Well don’t you two look a little sweaty. What were you doing up there?” I say knowingly, a vision of Troy cumming deep in his brother’s ass while calling out for me flashing in my mind. I’m still so unbelievably wet and horny, my hard nipples straining against my thin sports bra.

“Oh, uh, you know mom, just horsing around.” Trevor stammers. I lean over and place his plate in front of him, giving him an eye full of my cleavage. I watch him stare down at my chest, my tits barely contained in my bra. He licks his lips and I can see a tent forming in his basketball shorts. I smile and pivot to place Troy’s plate down and catch him staring at my ass. He too has a little tent in his shorts. Man, I’m going to end up getting myself in trouble…

After dinner, the boys were very eager to get back upstairs. I waited a couple minutes before following them up and stopping outside their door. The door was barely cracked but I could still hear them. “Dang, bro, her boobs were right in my face! Did you see?? I almost busted right then. I want to touch them so bad!” Trevor said. “Okay, you said you would be mom after dinner. I need it now.”

“She looked sooo hot tonight!” I hear Troy. “Okay, fine, I’ll be her now. How do you want it?”

“Just lay down on your back on my bed. Legs up. Like that, yes.” I’m dying to see what’s happening. I barely toe open the door, slowly, and I’m able to see Trevor standing between Troy’s legs, rubbing his cock across his hole and sliding into him. Both boys moan as Trevor bottoms out. I can tell that Trevor has his eyes closed as he says, “Oh mom, yes, you feel so good.”

Trevor picks up speed as Troy is jerking himself off and, I never thought myself to be into guy on guy porn, but seeing my two boys making love to each other has me more turned on than I’ve ever been. My fingers are furiously moving against my clit, my other hand gripping the doorframe to keep myself upright.

“Oh mommy, I want to suck on your big tits.” Trevor continues “I want to cum on your big titties mommy.”

“Trev don’t stop.” Troy whispers as he pulls faster on his cock. He grunts as he sprays ropes of cum on his chest. I’m seconds from my own orgasm when Troy’s body shutters and he moans as he spills his load inside of his brother. I’m biting my lip so hard I taste blood to keep from moaning with him as I cum all over my own hand.

“Bro, that might be my best one yet.” Trevor says. “I was picturing mom’s boobs bouncing like they were while she was washing dishes tonight, except they were bouncing because I was having sex with her. It felt so good!” Cum spills from Troy’s ass as Trevor pulls out.

“Nice dude! Mine wasn’t as good as when I get to be on top but I was still picturing mom’s hand instead of mine and it still felt really good. Although I’m still feeling a little horny from how much mom kept bumping me with her butt in the kitchen after dinner. I even got to feel her against my penis for a second!”

“Are you still stiff?” Trevor asked. “You can probably do me again if you want to real fast.”

Troy stands up and is clearly still very hard, even after cumming twice already in the last few hours. But they are also still in that point of puberty where you get hard at the drop of a hat and are constantly horny. “That would be awesome. I want to pretend its mom bent over like she was in the kitchen trying to find the Tupperware.”

Trevor, still standing, bends over and braces himself on the bed. “Oh yeah bro, her ass looked so good in those leggings. And you could even see a little bit of her panties!” He said as he gets into position. Troy stands behind him, rubbing his cock before impaling his brother. I can hear their balls slapping together as Troy starts picking up speed.

“God mom. Your ass feels so good.” Troy moans, slapping and grabbing his brother’s ass. “I wanted to rip your leggings off and have sex with you right in the middle of the kitchen.” I inhale sharply, turned on thinking of being used that way by my son. Suddenly Trevor is putting his hand back against Troy’s chest.

“Oh hold on dude, I forgot to show you something I found in mom’s bathroom earlier today!” He sounds excited and I’m very curious. He gets up and heads towards the closet. “Turn around so it’s a surprise.”

“Okay…” Troy says a little hesitantly. “This better be good. I really want to cum”

“You’re gonna love it don’t worry. Okay turn around.” I can’t see what Trevor is showing him and I’m dying to know what he’s found in my bathroom.

“Dang bro. Are those her panties?!” Troy exclaims quietly. “They are so hot! And no lie, I think they look hot on you too.” No way. Trevor is wearing my panties? They must be the red, lacy ones I’d been wearing before I changed into my workout clothes. Now I really want to see what they look like on him! I can hear sounds of kissing.

“They feel amazing on my cock too. The fabric is so soft.” Trevor whispers.

“I want to feel.” They take a few steps towards the bed and I can see them now. Troy was right, they do look hot on Trevor too, his tight ass on display in the thong. Troy has pressed his cock against Trevor’s bulge and is now rubbing against him and moaning softly into his neck. “Dang. They do feel so good.”

Trevor runs his fingers through Troy’s hair. “That’s is baby. Do you like the feeling of mommy’s panties?” Trevor says, in a higher pitched, more feminine voice, clearly leaning in to playing my role.

“Oh. Yes. So much mom. Your panties feel so good. I can’t believe I actually get to feel them.” Troy whimpers. Trevor is squeezing his ass with each thrust against him now. I’m so captivated that I’m frozen in place, gaping, not even fingering myself though I’m beyond turned on.

“Mommy likes you feeling them too. You make mom feel so good, can you feel how horny I am for you? Don’t stop baby. Mommy is gonna cum.” Before I can catch myself I audibly moan, loud enough to be heard. I try and cover it up like I was just walking by but my feet get twisted but before I can catch myself I am falling through the door and barely catch myself on the boys’ dresser.

There’s a second frozen in time, the boys both making eye contact with me before we realize what’s happening. Then suddenly there’s a flurry of movement and shouts as the boys try covering up. “Oh. I’m sorry. Uh. Uhm.” I stammer out as I realize I should be shocked by what I see.

“Woah. Mom! Uh. You didn’t knock!”

“Sorry, mom!” Both boys have jumped under the covers of their respective beds and look terrified.

“Both of you get some clothes on and meet me in my room and we can talk about what just happened okay? You’re not in trouble, I just think there are some things we should talk about.” I say, not looking at either of my sons before promptly walking out. I pace around my room, trying to decide how to handle this conversation. I know what I should say. I should tell them that this is wrong and we should find different outlets for their curiosities. But I don’t want that. I want to explore this with them… it has been so long since their dad left us. And I haven’t dated in years since I’ve been so focused on raising them. I’m lonely and they are growing into men. Hot men.

Troy and Trevor knock hesitantly before opening the door. “Mom? Can we come in?”

“Yes, come in. Come sit with me on the bed.” I pat the bed next to me and they climb up and sit down. “Okay, so let’s have an open talk about what just happened. Again, you’re not in trouble. I just want to understand what’s going on. It looked like you guys were doing something sexual together. Is that right?” I look between them before Troy answers.

“Uh…. Yeah. Yeah we were.”

“Okay. Thank you for being honest. How long has that been going on?” They both look at each other.

“…a while. Since we first started getting stiffies really.” Trevor stammers, not making eye contact.

“I think it’s natural to want to explore with someone, especially someone who you trust and love, like your brother.” They just awkwardly look back at me. “But I could help but notice… Trevor, were you wearing my panties? And calling yourself mom?”

I’ve never seen Trevor blush so much. He looked like he was on the verge of tears. “Oh sweetheart, come here!” I reach out and pull him into a hug. “You don’t need to be ashamed. I just want to understand. It’s okay baby.” I rub his back gently.

With his face pressed against my chest, Trevor says, “Yeah… those were your panties. I’m sorry mom. I stole them from your bathroom earlier today. And, uh, Troy and I pretend to be you when we are playing. And it was my turn, so I was wearing your panties to make it feel more real. I’m sorry mom!” I feel tears on my chest as Trevor shakes gently.

“Oh baby, shhh. It’s okay. Mommy is flattered that you pretend to be me and you two are turned on by me. Mom doesn’t get to feel pretty very often and that makes me feel really pretty! And a lot of boys have those kind of thoughts about their moms.”

Both boys’ eyes shoot to mine. “Really??” They say together. “I always thought we were so weird!” Troy exclaims “But I liked it too much to stop.”

“So did I mom. It felt too good to stop.” Trevor said as he wiped his eyes.

“I’m sure it did! It seemed like you guys were having a lot of fun before I interrupted. Sex is meant to be fun and exciting. Your mom likes sex a lot too! I just don’t have anyone around to play with these days.”

“You like sex too?” Troy said, a little shocked.

“Well, of course I do! Who wouldn’t?” I say with a smile as I nudge him with my foot. “I know I’m old but it still feels good!” I laugh.

“I… We… just kind of thought you might not since you don’t date or hang out with guys or anything…” Troy trails off. “Its honestly a little hot that you like it mom.” He starts to blush and I can see a bulge forming in his basketball shorts. I have a hard time averting my eyes even though I know this is a slippery slope that I’m leading myself on.

“Does it turn you on, make you excited, that your mom is into sex, Troy?” I wink at him as he looks up at me and his eyes go wide. I rub my toes along his thigh lightly as he watches me.

“Oh, well, uh… uhm, yeah I guess.” He stammers. Trevor is looking between us, his jaw slack. A brief glance is all I need to confirm, he too is pitching a tent in his shorts. I’m beyond turned on and I can feel my heartbeat in my pussy. I know I’m blurring the lines and taking things further than I should because my mind is clouded but right now I don’t care.

“I see that it is.” I smirk and nod towards their concealed erections. They both move to cover themselves more but I block their arms. “No, don’t. Seeing that is turning mommy on too. I know I interrupted you earlier and you weren’t able to get off so it’s natural to be excited easily right now.”

“Honestly mom, I usually get a stiffy easily whenever I’m around you anyway, but… yeah, it’s definitely harder to ignore it right now.” Trevor said, gaining a little bit of confidence.

“Does it hurt baby? I don’t want you to be in any pain. Do you need to get a little relief?” I ask, stroking his hair.

“Well, I mean, I wouldn’t say no to cumming, especially right now.”

“Ditto. I feel like I’m dying over here.” Troy chimes in and we all laugh. “I don’t think my penis has ever been this hard. It is starting to hurt a little.”

“Oh sorry baby! Let’s do something about that then! Should you continue where you left off then? Since you seemed to be enjoying it so much.” I say, really just wanting a closer view of them grinding on each other. Both boys look at me with wide eyes. “What? Mommy wants to see how you make each other feel good while pretending to be me. I think that is pretty hot.” I smile.

“Okay, mom, if you really want us to, I guess we can.” Troy says as he stands and motions for Trevor to follow suit. They both start striping as if its no big deal, but I guess to them they see each other this way all the time. It’s just me that is having a totally new experience, although they do both seem a little nervous and keep glancing my way as they make to pull down their boxers. Once they’re both naked, they stand awkwardly, looking between each other and me.

“Look at my beautiful boys. Or should I say handsome now since you’re growing up?” I flash them a reassuring grin. “But I do think you’re missing an important piece. Trev, weren’t you wearing mommy’s panties earlier?”

“Oh… yeah I was. Do you want me to go put them on again?” He slowly starts stroking myself and its all I can do to not start drooling, especially as I see Troy join in.

“Yes, please!” I say enthusiastically. “I want to see you pretend to be mommy like you were earlier.” Trevor nods and hurries out of the room. Troy and I sit in awkward silence and he continues touching himself for the minute Trevor is gone.

“What do you think mom?” Trevor says as he strikes a pose coming back into the room wearing my red, lacy thong once again. He even turns around and jiggles his ass for us a bit and both Troy and I cat call at him.

“Well I think it is safe to say we both like it! Wouldn’t you agree, Troy?”

“Definitely!” Troy exclaims, gripping Trevor’s hips and pulling Trevor towards him until their dicks are pressed against each other. “You look so hot in mommy’s panties.” Troy starts grinding on Trevor, both close their eyes and tip back their heads, enjoying the feel of each other. I scoot back until I’m leaning on the headboard and I let my knees fall open and I can’t help but start rubbing myself through my leggings.

Trevor catches sight of me. “Oh, mom. That is so hot” Immediately Troy looks down at me and grinds into Trevor harder as he moans.

“Remember Trev, you are mommy right now. I’m just enjoying the show.” I press harder against my clit, desperate for more friction.

“Right.” He says before switching to his mommy impression voice. “Oh Troy, you make mommy feel so good. I love feeling you against me.” I’m imagining what it would feel like to have my son’s length pressed against my hot pussy and unconsciously I move my hand underneath my leggings, rubbing circles around my clit and dipping my fingers into my soaked pussy.

“Mommy, your pussy feels so good. I love humping you in your panties.” Troy whispers as he locks eyes with me. “I love feeling you against me mommy. I want to shoot my cum all over you.” My jaw is on the floor and I’m not sure I’ve ever been more turned on by anything a guy has ever said to me. “Can I shoot all over you mommy?” Troy is still looking right at me.

“Yes, yes please, come here baby.” I interrupt as Trevor goes to respond. “Come rub on mommy’s leggings and you can shoot all over me.” The words are out before I can even consider them and a breath later Troy is climbing on the bed, not giving me a chance to reconsider. He nudges my knees open and settles between them and as he lowers himself onto me I feel the head of his cock graze up my center and I gasp. We watch as Troy’s dick settles against me and he starts to grind against my, now very wet, leggings. I look over and see Trevor is rubbing his cock through my thong. I’m already at the brink of what I know will be a mind blowing orgasm.

“Oh god mommy, you feel better than I ever imagined.” Troy moans. “I’m going to shoot mommy. I’m going to cum all over you.” He thrusts against me in quick, short bursts and I feel his cum start to spray on my stomach and it careens me over the edge and I’m moaning, loudly, and gripping Troy’s back as my body shutters.

After a few seconds we start coming down from the high and Trevor chimes in, “Wow, that was so hot.” I look over and he is just standing there, with the panties pulled down across his thighs and his cock sticking straight out at us. “Can I have a turn?”

“Of course baby! Fair is fair, come here, let mommy take care of you.” Troy slides onto his back beside me as he brother takes his place between my legs. Trevor rubs his cock up and down, through Troy’s cum before pressing his weight onto me and grinding against my soiled leggings.

“I love feeling Troy’s cum. It feels even better when it’s on you mommy” Trevor grunts as he thrusts against me harder and faster.

“I agree baby, it does feel really nice on mommy, huh?” I smile

“Just wait until you feel what it’s like to shoot all over mom, Trev. It’s the best feeling ever!” Troy sighs and smiles and I can tell he is already reliving the feeling.

“I’m already close, get ready mommy.” Trevor pants “Oh mom, it feels so good. I’m going to cum. I’m cumming.” He jerks and I feel a small, hot load join Troy’s on my stomach. I wrap my legs around him and hold him until his body stills. “Wow, mom, that was amazing, Troy was totally right.” Trev rolls over to my other side and both boys rest their heads on my shoulder.

“That was amazing for me too, boys, thank you!! You made mommy feel so good!” I embrace them both “But maybe we could clean this up a bit before it makes too big of a mess?” We laugh and Troy gets up and grabs a towel and starts mopping up their cum. “As good as it felt for us all, I’m not sure we should keep doing this. Its not really what moms and sons are supposed to do.” I say, even though I already want to do it again.

“But mom!” They both say. “We won’t say anything, we promise, right Trev?” Troy begs.

“Of course, right, we wouldn’t say anything! Please let us do it again mom! Troy and I have been playing for years and no one knows about that!”

“Hmm, let me think about it. It felt so good but it’s technically wrong and we shouldn’t.” I say, mostly to make myself feel better because my body wants the opposite.

“Fine… but just know that we both want to and would never tell anyone, promise. We’ve been dreaming about this for too long to mess it up!” Trevor says as he cuddles up against me. “How could something that makes us feel so good be wrong mom?”

“Yeah, what he said.” Troy laughs and snuggles against my other side. I wrap my arms around them and pull them in close, their heads resting on my chest.

“I love you both and I’ll consider what you’ve said. I promise.”

“Okay mom.” They both whisper and shortly after that we all drift off to sleep, a tangled mess of limbs.
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