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How to describe Elise? Read on!
This is a work of partial fiction but based mainly on truth.

Elise does exist but under another name as do I. She is exactly as described, there is no fantasy de***********ion of her and she is all that I have described here and more.

It takes place in the latter half of the nineties and spans a period of years.

Some of the chapters/parts can be quite long and have a lot of dialogue and de***********ive background that is essential to the story.


We were watching tv, my partner, Julie and a friend of hers called Elise and it was Guns & Roses performing at the Freddy Mercury tribute concert that was on screen. I was familiar with the music and there were a few tracks I liked, one of them being a version of Knocking On Heaven's Door. The camera was giving some attention to the backing singers, Tracy and Roberta, with great views of their asses which prompted me to remark they had no underwear on. Elise said they were wearing thongs and they did not give panty lines.

Dumb me!

Anyway I was enjoying the camera shots of their tight asses and getting a slight boner, luckily it went unnoticed.

I should describe her friend, Elise, as she was totally unlike my partner, Julie, in appearance. Elise was about 5'7", dark auburn hair that hung well past her shoulders with a cute, slightly almond shaped face. I’m guessing some Oriental genes somewhere in her family background, quite slim and had what looked to be a nice pair of smallish breasts with protruding nipples under her t-shirt. I guessed maybe around 32-34B. Julie on the other hand was 5'11", and had a fuller body with 36C tits and long legs. Chalk and cheese comparing them.

A couple of weeks went by and Elise called to see Julie while she was out so I invited her in for coffee as she would be back soon. She was wearing a leather biker jacket over a tight t-shirt and skin tight leggings with quarter boots. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail showing her cute face with brown eyes. Very attractive in a kind of biker girl way. Somehow the chit-chat got around to G&R and the tribute concert. She said that nearly all women that wore skin tight leggings wore thongs to avoid panty lines even though they were the most uncomfortable thing to wear as they went up your ass crack. She stood up and turned her ass to me and raised the back of her jacket and showed me her ass. “Look, no lines to be seen even if I bend down.” and she did. I could feel my cock stirring in my jeans at the sight of her tight ass covered in the black lycra leggings she was wearing. Dropping the jacket she sat down again and drank some of her coffee and started talking about rock music again as if nothing had happened. Julie arrived and the two of them started talking. I got up and said I would leave them to it as I needed to get my case ready for a trip north.

As I sorted out my clothes I kept thinking about her ass and my cock started swelling again. I went to the second bathroom and dropped my jeans and shorts and took my cock in my hand and stroked it to full hardness. As I kept stroking my cock I was thinking of pulling down those leggings and pulling her thong to the side and sinking my rock hard cock into her pussy from behind and fucking her hard. I wondered if she would be tight and moist as I thrust into her. It was not long before I shot a heavy load of cum into the wash basin with my legs shaking as my cock still jerked and spurted the last of my cum.

WTF? I thought, I had just jacked off at the sight of an ass covered in lycra and I started to feel ashamed as I had a great relationship and sex life with Julie. I cleaned up and washed my shrinking cock and went back to finish packing.

I didn't see her friend much when I was around the house as they usually met for a drink together. I worked away from home a fair bit as a senior commissioning engineer and never strayed in regards to Julie even though I got a few come ons in the hotel bars. I was quite happy to talk to some of them but that was as far as it went.

Back home after one trip a year later Julie wanted to talk about us so I settled down with a drink as she started to talk. She said that our relationship was fading and she wanted to separate.

I sat there wondering if I had heard her right and asked her to repeat what she said. She did and I heard her right just like the first time.

I was dumbfounded and could not speak as my chest tightened and my throat closed up. I took a mouthful of my scotch and let the shock ease off. She was going on about how she felt stifled and needed to get herself out of our relationship and live again.

I dimly heard her say that she was moving in with her sister for a bit and that she would get the rest of her stuff out of the house in the next week. It appears that she had already moved most of her clothes and personal stuff while I had been away. Her cold clinical demeanour made the situation worse and I was just so numbed by the whole thing I didn't say a word.

She got up and told me that she was going to her sister's right away and she would call to get the rest of her things. I just sat there paralyzed and watched her leave.

The next week passed in a haze, I should have been filled with anger at the cold delivery of the end of our partnership. Three years together and discarded like a used tissue by her. She phoned to say she was coming round to get the rest of her stuff. I didn't want to be there as I would lose it with her and see red. I don't anger easily but if pushed I can get riled but not resort to anything physical, only verbal and I was not giving her the chance to do so.

A good few months passed with me going through the motions of existing and starting to get too familiar with scotch. I decided to snap out of it and get my head into a good place. Visits to the gym and long runs got me fitter and things were looking better. Work was good, my lawyer was good and I was starting to feel good despite the ongoing legal issues in regards to the ‘palimony’ claim she was making against me.

About a year passed and one night I got in my car and drove to a small rock bar that I had heard about. I arrived there to find the parking lot quite busy and managed to find a safe spot for my car, more about that later. I entered the bar passing the security guys at the door to find it extremely busy, this is a good sign as it must be popular. I managed to squeeze through to the bar and somehow got a stool there. I was sitting at the bar nursing a straight scotch and looking at myself in the mirror behind the bottles. My reflection stared back from that of other patrons of the bar and looked lost. I looked at my scotch and decided one wasn't enough, gulped it down and raised my glass to the girl behind the bar for another. She came down the bar and picked up the bottle of the single malt I was drinking and refilled my glass. She stayed in front of me and smiled. I looked at her and she seemed familiar. She had heavy eye make-up, her long dark auburn hair in plaits, a Led Zeppelin t-shirt stretched over her very obviously braless breasts and a short black skirt with a studded belt over skin tight semi opaque blue leggings. What struck me was she had intense green eyes that sparkled with mischief I thought.

“You don't remember me, do you, Ger?”

“I'm sorry but you look a little bit familiar but I can't put a name to you.”

“I'm Elise, I used to be a friend of Julie's until she dropped me like a hot potato when she left the area. Does Guns & Roses ring a bell with you?”

The reference to G&R eluded me as did the name and I muttered, “Sorry, I'm not quite with it.”

“How about thongs then?”

The penny dropped and the rush of the memory of me jerking off to her ass made me redden.

“I remember you now,” I said, “you enlightened me about visible panty lines.”

She laughed and said, “You got it!”

“I thought you had brown eyes.”

“Nope, I wear colored contacts quite often as folks stare at my eyes.”

“No wonder, they are eye-catching.”

She let out a small laugh, “As if I have never heard that one before.”

“Sorry,” I replied, humbled.

“Nevermind, what brings you in here?” She asked.

“I heard about this bar and needed a place to get away from things and not think.”

“You won't get much thinking done here as it is going to get a hell of a lot loud when the band starts up and it will get a lot busier so if I were you I would hold onto that seat if you intend to stay.”

“OK, I'll take your advice.”

“Talk laters, I have thirsty people to take care of.” And with that she moved down the bar to a couple just in.

This chance encounter brightened my mood a bit and I decided to lay off the scotch and switch to beer. I ordered a beer from one of the other bartenders as she was busy pouring a line of shots for a bunch of guys who were lined along that bit of the bar eyeing her up as she poured.

I was thinking that this had to be a chance in a million. Going to an unknown bar and seeing someone I barely knew.

The small stage was filling with 5 guys who were picking up their instruments and tuning up. A couple of minutes of this and a tall thin guy with a black Gibson SG stepped up to one of the mikes.

“How you all doing?

We're called Jake's Trunk and we hope you like what you hear.”

The drummer clicked his sticks 3 times and the band kicked off with Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll.

I have heard a few bands cover this with varying results but these guys were tight and doing a good job of it. Nobody could match Bonzo's drumming though but it was close enough.

Elise came back up the bar and leaned over close to speak above the noise of the bar and band.

“Told ya it would get loud!”

It was hard not to look at her breasts pushing forwards as she leaned over. Her nipples were very distinct under that t-shirt. I looked at her face and said that they sounded ok.

“Yeah, they are pretty good as a cover band goes as they play a range of styles.”

I was struggling to keep looking at her face but it was a cute face and she was quite friendly. I thought that she would get a lot of attention due to her looks and body from the customers in the bar.

“Hold on, be back in a bit” as she spotted people raising their glasses for attention.

I watched her as she moved up and down the bar dispensing booze and pushing change. Quite often she was dropping notes into a big tip jar next to the till. I had to smile when I saw the label written with a sharpie, Elise's Harley Fund, give generously!

The band was now playing a song I had not heard for years and was doing a good version of it, Cream's Politician. Surprised me to hear it as it was out before any of the band existed by the look of them.

She came back to where I was and put a beer in front of me.

“On the house, “she said, ”You looked as though you were ready for another.”

“Thanks,” I said, “I'll savor this one.”

She smiled and with the combination of her eye make-up and startling eyes looked a bit like a pixie, a damned sexy pixie at that. Her face got a bit serious looking and she leant closer over the bar.

“Tell me to shut it if I am out of line. I think what Julie did to you was really dirty and you didn't deserve shit like that.”

I was taken aback at her directness and her knowledge of my situation. I was about to reply when she moved down the bar to serve more customers. She came back and I asked her how she knew about my personal life.

“I'm sorry but Julie told me she was going to leave you before she did and it was not long after she left you that she cold shouldered a lot of people that were her friends, me included.”

It was hard to understand that I had been set up and people knew before I did about what was to happen.

“Can you tell me the details? I need to know what was going on as it was totally out of the blue for me and she is claiming for palimony.”

Elise's face was one of concern as she said.

“Look, I should have kept my big mouth shut and said nothing. If you are still here at closing I will, otherwise I can meet you tomorrow as I am off.”

“OK, I don't think it will be tonight but how about I meet you for coffee or something tomorrow?”

“You know the Cracked Pot on Main Street? Around 3 pm would do as I am here until the doors lock.”

“I think I do, ok, tomorrow then at 3.”

I wasn't in the mood for any more drinking and cleared my tab with the other bartender.

I left my car in the lot and got a taxi home.

As I lay in bed my head was spinning with what Elise had said. Julie had planned to leave me long before she dropped the bomb on me. Eventually I dropped off and had a troubled night's sleep.

The way I felt in the morning was not much better but at least it was better.

About 11am I called a taxi to take me back to my car and I drove back to my house and hung around a bit to kill time before going to the Cracked Pot.

I ordered coffee and a couple of donuts and sat in one of the booths waiting to see if Elise was going to show.

It was just after 3 when she arrived wearing a similar outfit but without the darkened eye make-up. In fact she had no make-up on at all and still looked gorgeous.

She slid into the booth facing me and was about to speak as the waitress arrived.

“Apricot Danish and lemon tea please.”

The waitress left and Elise said she was sorry that she was out of line and that she screwed up my night.

“Don't apologize as I knew there had to be more to it than what I first learned. She had been cooling towards me for a while before and at the time I didn't really notice.”

“You're a nice guy and to be honest, Julie could be a real bitch at times. She would flirt with guys when a few of us were out together and I wondered why as it seemed she had a great relationship with you from what she said. A few times she would make the excuse that she was going home early and thought nothing of it until I saw her getting into a car one time and kissing a guy. It was not long after that when she decided to leave you and I was not in a position to say anything to you about it. I’m really sorry Ger that you had to find out after the fact.”

This was all new to me and obviously I had been blind as to what went on behind my back.

“Oh good, breakfast at last” she said as the waitress brought her order to the booth. She promptly took a big bite of the Danish and got flakes of pastry stuck to her lips and some fell onto her breasts. Chewing away she casually brushed the flakes from her braless tits and they sprang back to their pert looking position.

I didn't want to dwell on the subject of Julie but I tucked away what Elise had told me as I would be seeing my lawyer and informing him about it.

To change the subject I asked her about the tip jar. She swallowed her bit of Danish and wiped her mouth, smiling she said.

“Elise’s Harley, ha! Can you imagine me riding a Harley? My feet probably wouldn’t touch the ground and besides they are heavy fuckers too. No, the label just gets folks to be a bit more generous with their tips. The tips go into the staff bonus and it helps a lot. Maybe a bit of a scam but doesn’t hurt anyone. Besides, I like Triumphs as my dad had a Bonneville and used to ride with me on the back. Maybe I’ll go for one of the new ones as they are lighter than Harleys.”

I looked at her and said, “You are not going to believe this but I have a T140 Bonneville in my garage.”

“No fucking way! Oh man, I love those bikes! The sound of that engine gives me shivers all over, My dad would run it up the gears and it would roar. If that bike had been a man, I’d have fucked it.”

I laughed at her comment and she joined in.

“Maybe I can take you out on it someday."

“Really? I’m off on Sunday and have my own lid that my dad gave me. That would be something.”

“OK, Sunday morning 11 o’clock, I’ll pick you up, where?”

“Get me at the front of the bar and I’ll be waiting. Oh god, a Bonneville!”

I looked at my watch and said, “I’m sorry but I have to go as I have a meeting at work. I’ll see you on Sunday then.”

“You bet you will. That’s going to be a great day.”

I paid the tab for both of us and left her to finish her food. I headed for my car thinking about Elise with her arms around me as the bike covered miles of road.

I spent Saturday polishing the Bonnie until it looked like a showroom bike, polished my half dome and checked the fluids on the bike. Anticipation of meeting Elise again had given me a fitful night's sleep and I woke refreshed. A shower and shave then on with the Levis, a Primal Scream t-shirt, my old, second hand highway patrol boots and a black hide bike jacket. Picked up my helmet and went into the garage for the bike.

Sitting astride it brought back memories of Julie as a pillion passenger but I pushed them aside and keyed the garage door opener. As I waited on it opening I stuck on a pair of aviator sunglasses and fastened my helmet. When it was open I turned the key on the bike and pressed the starter. The Bonnie growled into life and a quick blip of the throttle made it roar. I toed the gears and pressed the closer as I rolled out the garage, opened the throttle and I was off on my way to the bar.

Traffic was light and the bike made short time in getting to the bar. I could see Elise in the doorway as I pulled up. Kicking out the stand and cutting the engine, I got off the bike and took my helmet and shades off.

Elise came towards the bike and I could see the excitement in her face. She had quarter boots on into which were tucked her jeans, a Sex Pistols God Save the Queen t-shirt and a well-worn and abused looking biker jacket. Hanging by the strap from her hand was a grey ¾ bowl helmet with a curved visor. She walked around the bike stroking the tank and the seat before saying

“She's fucking gorgeous! A bit bigger than my dad's old one but fuck, what a bike!”

“Any place in mind that you want to go to, Elise? The coastal road is good for cruising.”

“The coastal road? That's for pussies, the valley road is so much better for biking, let's go there.”

I knew what she meant, the road twisted and turned along the side of the valley and had some great bends that could be taken at speed.

“OK the Valley road it is then.”

I got astride the bike and flipped the stand up as she put her helmet on. She then put her right foot on the rear peg and her hand on my shoulder and nimbly swung herself on. As I pulled away from the curb she brought her arms around and grabbed the side adjusters on my jacket. She was no stranger to riding pillion I could tell.

Getting out of town to the valley road took best part of half an hour. The start of the valley road is quite gentle with not much need to bank the bike much for corners. That changed after a few miles as the bend got tighter and as they did Elise shifted her hold to her palms on my chest and pulled herself tight into me. The thick hide of my jacket prevented me feeling her breasts on my back but the warmth of the inside of her thighs against the outside of mine soon had my cock swelling.

As the road got more torturous she pressed harder against me and her hands moved down to my stomach. More turns and banking of the bike and I felt her right hand at the top of my thigh as she squeezed even more into my back. The deep growl of the bike kept changing as I shifted gears. Her hand was now against my hardening cock and she could not fail to feel it through my jeans. I knew she could tell I was hard as her fingers started to slide up and down the bulge of my cock. The feeling was intense as it had been a long time since I had had any sexual relationship. I gunned the engine and she had to put her hand back on my stomach to keep from sliding back on the seat. The road evened out and I pulled into the side of a tree lined parking area and switched off the engine. Elise got off the bike and removed her helmet as I stood it on its stand. I took my helmet and sunglasses off and set them on the tank, she put hers on the seat and moved towards me.

”That has made me as horny as fuck, my pussy is soaking wet from the vibration of that motor. I want you to fuck me right here and now.”

She pressed herself against me and I felt her hard nipples against my chest.

I could hardly believe what my ears were hearing. Here was a woman that I barely knew telling me she wanted me to fuck her. I wasn't about to pass up on her offer.

I pulled her close to me and our mouths met. Her tongue was ravenous in my mouth as she ground her crotch against me rubbing her mound against my bulging cock. My hands went to her cute ass and drew her into me tighter. Elise was tugging at my jacket and trying to shed hers at the same time. I eased back and helped her get mine off.

“Well that is certainly a statement.”

She said looking at the writing on my t shirt that said, ‘Kill all Hippies’ in block print.

She pushed my t shirt up and dug her nails into my chest while still grinding her crotch against me. I lifted hers up to see those beautiful breasts with hard nipples surrounded by pale areola. They were firm and evenly tanned, I lowered my head to them as she leant back in my arms. As soon as my lips touched her nipple she moaned with pleasure. I sucked it into my mouth and teased it with my tongue bringing more moans from her. I moved to her other breast and did the same. Her moans got louder and I felt her hands tugging at the buttons of my jeans. I was going commando and she released my dick into the air wrapping her fingers around my shaft as her thumb smeared my pre cum over its head.

Not to be outdone I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zip. Pushing my hand down I encountered a thong covering a small patch of her pubic hair and beyond that a soaking wet pussy with a swollen clitoris. My fingers pressed against her sex and she shuddered squeezing my cock hard.

I wanted to have my cock in her and the idea of fucking in the open was making it more intense but risky. I backed us up to a bench and sat against the top rail. Elise guessed my intentions and kicked off her boots and pulled one leg out of her jeans before pulling her thong down as well and then tugged mine down to my knees.

"I want you inside of me and to fuck me hard. That bike ride just got me wet as fuck and feeling your cock made it wetter."

My cock was sticking straight out and she put one foot on the seat as she climbed astride me. When she had her other foot secure she reached for my dick and lowered herself on to it.

I had my arms around her back supporting her. The feel of her wet pussy touching the head of my cock was incredible. She lowered herself a bit more making the head of my dick push open her pussy lips. Her eyes were closed as she slowly took in the whole length of me. She was hot, wet and tight just resting there. I kissed her hard and our tongues fought with each other as she grabbed my neck and mashed her mouth onto mine.

Elise slowly raised herself and I felt the air on my wet shaft, she teased her pussy lips around the head of my cock before dropping down and impaling herself on me. It took me by surprise as I could feel the swollen head of my dick part her wet hole with the muscles squeezing inwards along my shaft. She moaned loudly and then started to fuck me hard, her pussy lips and clit mashing wetly against the root of my raging cock.

Elise was very vocal, between moans and gasps of pleasure as her head hung back. I shifted my hands so they were under the soft mounds of her ass and stood up still inside her. I lifted her up and down on my dick burying deep into her on the down stroke. This was enough to send her over the edge and she let out a small scream as she orgasmed. Her cunt gripped my cock like a vice and her whole body shook hard. Her breath was ragged and I could see her heart pounding under her gorgeous breasts. I could feel her vaginal juices running down my thighs as she buried her head into my neck panting heavily.

I didn't move inside her as her cunt fluttering against my dick gradually calming down.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! I've never cum as hard as that ever, I thought I was going to pass out. Did you come too? I couldn't tell if you did.”

“I didn't as you were enjoying yourself so much.”

“I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you unload in me but not like this. Can you let me down before I get cramp?”

I gently pulled out of her and more of her juices slipped out of her gaping wet hole and dripped to the ground.

“Change places” she said and she leant against the top rail pushing her beautiful ass out. "Take me from behind. I want to feel your balls hitting my thighs."

I was astounded and couldn’t believe her directness.

She parted her legs and I moved up against her with my boner sticking out. I guided it to her wet lips and pushed against them. I slid into her wet hole easily as it was still full of her juices. I held her hips and started a slow rhythm admiring her butt cheeks.

Elise started to moan again as the head of my cock brushed over her g spot on every stroke.

“I don't care if I don't cum, I just want to feel you cumming inside me.”

I increased the speed of my strokes and her moans increased. I covered her breasts with my hands and tweaked her nipples, bringing on more moans.

“I'm going to cum again. Oh my god! Fuck me harder!”

I needed no more encouragement. I thrust as hard as I could and felt my balls beginning to boil.

“Fuck! I' m cummingggg!” She shouted

I shoved my dick in as far as it could go and felt the surge of my cum shoot out into her quivering pussy. Spurt after spurt left my cock and flooded her cunt to mix with her juices.

“Holy fuck! I felt you fill me as I came.”

My knees were trembling and my cock was shrinking. It flopped out of her cunt along with mixture of my spunk and her own cum which fell to the ground. I turned Elise around and kissed her deeply.

Breathless I held her face and looked into her eyes. They were glowing bright green with flecks of gold.

“You are incredible,” I said, “absolutely incredible.”

“I can say the same for you, nobody has ever made me cum like that before let alone doing it twice. My pussy is still tingling away despite getting drowned!”

“I suppose we had better make ourselves look presentable” and I pulled my Levis up over my shrunken cock.

Elise gave her pussy a wipe with some tissues she had in her jacket pocket and got her thong and jeans back on. She was just pulling on her boots when a highway patrol car came around the bend and the officer inside took a look at us and smiled as if he knew what we had been doing.

“That was a close call! Don't really fancy having a public indecency charge against me.”

Elise laughed and said "It would be something for the local rag's front page. 'Biker orgy on highway.' "

I took Elise in my arms and gently kissed her as she put hers around my neck.

She pulled back and said,” I'm famished now, sex makes me hungry.”

“Me too,” I told her. “There is a roadside place a couple of miles up the road. It’s supposed to do good burgers.”

“That will do. Come on, take me there.”

We got back on the Bonnie and took it easy with Elise melded into me and her right hand gently stroking my dick through my jeans as the bikes exhaust noise filled the air as we rode along the road.

Pulling up at the roadside stop there were a couple of Harleys, A well-kept old BMW flat twin and a few large engined Japanese bikes parked outside the place. Entering I gave a nod to the easily recognisable Harley riders who had watched me park the bike and the mature couple wearing matching outfits who obviously owned the Beemer. The full race suit riders I gave a nod to as well but just out of politeness as riders.

Elise got appreciative looks from them as we slid into a booth at the windows and a cheery waitress came up to take our orders.

“You folks having a good day so far?”

“A hell of lot better than expected.” Elise smiled as she said this.

“Now what would you like?”

I let Elise order first and she asked for burgers with fries with a Coke and I settled for the same but with coffee.

“Won’t take long folks.” The waitress said. I thanked her and she went to the counter and put our order in.

Here was I sitting across from a beautiful and horny, cute faced creature and it could not feel any better. Fucking in the open air like animals and having an intense orgasm was incredible.

Elise spoke,” I have never had the urge to be fucked like that ever before. I want more of it from you.”

I was taken aback at her directness.

“I'm not wanting a relationship, Ger, We can have fun and screw each other without going down that path.”

I thought about what she was saying and replied that I wasn't looking for that as I still felt pain from what Julie did to me and it would be a while before I could let myself get serious again.

Looking at Elise made me realize that I could enjoy her body whenever she was with me but at the same time there was a tinge of concern about doing so.

“What I mean,” said Elise, “we can be fuck buddies without the mess that relationships have. A lot of couples go from being sex crazed, constantly fucking and end up with grass cutting on a Sunday as the washing dries on the line with the 2.4 screaming in the yard. I'm not ready for that crap as there is so much I still want to do with my life. You work and travel, I tend bar and between that we can fuck each other whenever. Don't you agree?”

Her directness was astonishing but I had to agree with what she was saying.

“That's ok but one thing though.”

“What's that Ger?”

“When we get back to town I want to have you properly in a bed.”

“I thought you were never going to ask. You think two orgasms are enough for one day? You don't know me at all.”

“You're right, I don't but I am going to find out for sure.”

Elise grinned like the Cheshire cat. “You will!”

The waitress returned with our order and we started in on the burgers. They were full and on the edge of being bloody, just right.

We ate and finished up. Elise went to the washroom and I called for the tab. Elise came back to the booth and we picked up our helmets and went to the door.

One of the Harley riders spoke and said, “Nice wheels, man. You don’t see too many of them here.”

I turned and looked at him and smiling said “Thanks, it does what it’s made for even though it is getting a bit long in the tooth. Have a good one.”

As we left the waitress said, “Come back real soon, folks!” I had left her a $10 tip.

We got back in town around 9 pm and I rode us up to my house. Parked the bike in the garage and entered the house through the garage access.

“I need a shower and so do you” Elise said “so come on and get naked with me.” She kicked off her boots and draped her jacket on the back of a chair. Pulled her t shirt over her head and dropped her jeans and stepped out of them, pulling off her soaking wet thong.

I looked at her body from head to toe and it was so desirable. Her skin was tanned all over and seemed to glow, her breasts stood proud and firm on her chest. The little tuft of pubic hair above her clit was neat and her pussy lips protruded slightly.

“If you are finished gawking at me get naked.”

I was naked in seconds and my cock was starting to rise. I took her in my arms and held her gently as I kissed her neck. She gave a small moan and twisted her head to plant her lips on mine. Gone was the savagery of the afternoon, replaced by tenderness. My cock pressed against her belly as her breasts flattened on my chest. I was wanting to make love to her right there and then when a small sharp slap on my butt broke the reverie.

“Shower first and then we can start afresh.”

Getting into the shower together I opened the tap and a gush of cold water engulfed us.

Elise squealed in shock at the sudden chill and tensed against me. I moved the lever to warm and she relaxed. As the water cascaded over us I lathered the sponge and gently washed her back as she twined her arms around the back of my neck and nuzzled her face into the front kissing it.

“That feels so good, nothing better than having someone other than yourself wash you.”

"It's a pleasure," I replied. It really was.

Elise pulled her long hair over her shoulder and I bathed all of her back. When I reached her cute ass I dropped the sponge and took a cheek in each hand and gently kneaded them with the last of the suds.

“OK, turn around, front side now.”

Elise turned and pressed her ass against my hard on and reached up with her arms to encircle my neck again. This stretched her breasts taut and her nipples stood erect. No sponge as I poured shower gel into my hand and spread it over her breasts. Using both hands I worked over those firm globes and used my finger tips to tease her nipples. This brought a moan of pleasure from Elise and she pushed her ass harder against me. I moved my hands over her flat belly and let my finger tips graze her little bush. More moans of pleasure and I traced over her clit hood. Elise squirmed against my crotch making my rigid cock throb.

“There, there please. Don't make me beg for it, Ger.”

I obliged her by pressing gently on it and slipping my middle finger along her swollen cunt lips. I could feel her lubrication and the warmth of them.

By now Elise was groaning with pleasure so slid my finger inside her as my thumb rubbed over her clit.

“Yes! Yes!” She cried out and pulled harder on my neck bringing my head down to her own neck. I kissed it all over as my fingers were giving her intense pleasure.

A few more strokes and Elise orgasmed, crushing my face into her neck. My arms encircled her waist as she sagged from the intensity and held her tight against me savoring the feel of her butt pushed against my hard cock.

“Oh Jesus! My legs are not working, they are still shaking from cumming. Hold me more Ger until I can stand. “

A few more moments with her in my arms and she turned around and kissed me deeply.

“You make me cum unbelievably, it is so intense. Three orgasms today that felt like Christmas had come early!”

“The pleasure was all mine,” I said and meant it.

Elise was like a gift from above with her intensity and straight talking. I had never met any woman who was so open with her mind and so sexy.

“Your turn, you grubby biker.” Saying this she got behind me in the shower and started sponging my back.

“That's one cool tat you have there.” She was referring to the twin dragon heads on my upper back that glared at each other through clouds.

“I'm too much of a wimp to have one and if I could stand it I would want angel wings on mine.”

Elise pressed her gorgeous breasts against my back and slipped her hands onto my chest. She toyed with my nipples before sliding them onto my belly. My cock was rigid in anticipation for the feel of her hands on it. I was not disappointed as she took it in both hands and bit me gently on the shoulder. She pulled my foreskin back and washed the swollen head and then cupped my balls in both hands gently manipulating them. I wanted her right then and turned to take her in my arms.

“Easy, Ger, no need to rush things as I want you to bed me and make it unforgettable, not a rush job in the shower.”

“I'm not going to rush anything with you, Elise, I want to explore every part of you and make it something I'll never forget.”

“That is what I want so how about we get out of here first”.

I shut off the shower and wrapped her in a thick towel drying her off.

“You got a hair dryer? I don't like my hair being wet.”

“There is one in the vanity unit you can use. It has been a while since it was used.”

“Oh, Julie's. Sorry Ger.”

“No need to apologize,” it doesn't matter.

I watched her as she sat on the stool in front of the mirror and teased her hair as she dried it and I toweled myself dry. As I leant with my butt against the hand basin and watched her I could not but admire her well-shaped body. Her breasts had no sag and her belly was as flat as a pancake. Her legs were crossed at the ankles and her well-formed thighs were together hiding her sex.

I wanted her in the fullest sense, I wanted to lay her on my bed and kiss her from her toes to the top of her head.

I have had a few women before Julie but Elise was someone totally different from them all. What was it? Was it her no crap straight forward talking? Was it her captivating eyes or was it her perfectly formed body? I had fucked an angel with green eyes and was going to fuck her again.



“You seemed to be someplace else instead of here.”

“I was just thinking about earlier and how incredible it was with you.”

“Well stop thinking now and take me to your bed and find out again.”

She rose from the stool and put her arms around my neck. This got my dick hardening again and Elise pressed herself against me.

“I want you, all of you and for you to make me feel it all.”

My cock stiffened harder and rested on her belly. I took her face in both hands and gently kissed her mouth. I parted her lips to find her tongue eager meet mine and they slowly danced between our mouths. My hands left her face and slowly slid down her back until I felt her taut butt cheeks fill them.

I pulled her tight against my throbbing hard dick and ground against her.

Her nipples were pressing hard on my chest and I could feel her heartbeat as her breasts mashed against my chest.

Elise broke the kiss and said, “Bed, now!”

We managed to get to my bed and I lowered Elise onto it.

She spread her arms and legs wide and smiled with those eyes sparkling.

“Eat me,” she said, "eat my pussy and suck my nipples before you do anything else.”

I was a bit stunned by her demand and got on the bed by her side and buried my head into her neck. I kissed and licked drawing contented sounds from Elise.

I held her arms in place and worked my way onto the flesh of her firm breasts. I avoided her nipples and licked her areola. This was making her squirm beneath me.

"Suck them, suck my fucking nipples now! Please, Ger, please!”

I resisted her pleas for a few moments before I covered her left nipple with my mouth. It was hard and extended about half an inch. I sucked greedily on it and lashed with my tongue.

“Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

Elise writhed on the bed as my tongue circled her erect nipple.

My mouth moved onto the right one leaving the other wet with saliva. It got the same treatment which made her arch her back and try to force her nipple further into my mouth. I gently gripped it with my teeth and pulled it.

“Oh fuck! You are going to make me cum,” panted Elise, “Fuck! Not yet”

As soon as she said that I released it and her arms as I worked my kisses onto her belly. My tongue teased her belly button which had her trying to push my head away.

“No, that tickles too much, please don't.”

I obeyed her wish and I let my tongue trace a line into her little tuft and onto the hood of her protruding clit.

The sound Elise made was unintelligible when I did that. My tongue tasted the sweet emissions from her pussy. I lapped them up as my tongue slid between those swollen lips and then I brushed it up against her clitoris.

Elise's hands grabbed my hair and she mashed my face between her thighs and my mouth hard against her sex as she raised her hips as she panted heavily.

“Make me cum, make me cum. Make me cum!”

I needed no more encouragement and my tongue lashed between her swollen lips and up to her clitoris. I kept this up as Elise's body arched violently and her hands left my head to grip the sheet as an almost animal sound left her lips. I pushed my tongue between her swollen lips into the warm flesh of her pussy and wriggled it inside her. I sucked on her whole sex as my teeth gently grazed her clit. Elise let out a sharp cry and her whole body shook violently and my mouth was flooded by the gush from inside her delicious pussy. I sucked it all in and licked her clean.

I looked up from her pussy and Elise was still shaking like a tree in a storm and her eyes were squeezed shut. Her breath was ragged and I could see her heart pounding beneath her breasts.

I took my mouth away from her hot and wet sex and moved up the bed to hold her. She was like a rag doll in my arms and it was a little while before she opened her eyes. They actually blazed with gold flecks that outshone that beautiful green that they normally were.

The flecks died away leaving her eyes in their natural state.



“What the fuck happened? I was coming like never before and it felt like I left my body and saw you eating my pussy. I could see you and feel you at the same time and then I was me again. I must be going mad.”

“I have no idea but it sounds like you came really hard and your mind took you somewhere else.”

“I have never cum like that ever before. It was just so powerful that I must have blacked out. II just have no idea about it.”

I took her in my arms and held her close, kissing her face to reassure her.

Her face had lost the pent up tension of her orgasm and she snuggled into me and started to kiss my neck.

“I only did what you asked me to do, you can’t blame me!”

“I think I need to be more careful in what I ask for in the future!” She giggled.

My dick had lost some of its hardness but was responding to her kisses. I felt her hand slide over my belly and her fingers found my hardening shaft.

Elise was so gentle pulling back my foreskin before sliding it back over the engorged head which was leaking precum profusely. She was watching the head of my cock appear and disappear as it was covered by my foreskin with more precum oozing out the slit.

I could have lain there forever feeling her hand just move back and forth but Elise had other ideas. She moved down my body until her face was level with my throbbing hard on while still sliding my foreskin back and forth. She moved her head closer and extended her tongue to touch a globule that was emerging from my slit. As her tongue retracted it made a thin string of precum linking my cock to her tongue. It broke as she closed her mouth and sampled it.

She put her lips against the purple head and slowly slipped them over it holding my foreskin back.

I could feel the warmth of her mouth and the sensation of her tongue circling the head, it was incredible. I could not be any harder by now if I tried. Her hand was still around my shaft and I could feel her other hand reach behind my balls. What came next I did not expect. Elise slowly raked her finger nail from my asshole to the back of my balls causing my cock to jerk in her mouth. Had she not had her hand around my shaft I would have thrust into her mouth but she controlled my cock and it stayed where it was.

Her tongue was still encircling the head and the sensations were building up. Her mouth took in more of me and she slowly bobbed her head up and down, taking a little more each time.

I don't boast about the size of my dick. It is average at a little over six and a half inches and does what it does. Elise by now had half of my length in her mouth and was alternatively sucking and licking while cupping my balls with her other hand.

“Elise, I am going to cum soon.”

Elise took her mouth off my cock and said, "That is the idea" and took me back in her mouth and became more vigorous in her actions.

Her hand was still sliding my foreskin up and down and her other was playing on my balls. I felt her finger against my asshole again but this time it was just pressing it in time with her other attentions to my dick. This was too much.

I felt my balls tighten and pushed my hips upwards. Elise just rode with them and kept up her sucking and licking.

I cried out as I felt the surge from my balls race up my cock and into her mouth. Elise kept sucking on my dick as my load filled her mouth but she took it all and swallowed it. I was surprised that I came so much after this afternoon.

She looked at me with those eyes and I felt her swallow the rest of my load. She let my cock slip from her mouth and it fell onto my thigh. Elise crawled up the bed and kissed me. I tasted myself on her tongue as it probed my mouth. Her right breast was against my chest and her leg was bent over mine.

“I hope you still have some gas left on the tank because you still have to go the distance.” She said after breaking the kiss.

“I think there is some in reserve” I said as I toyed with her nipple making it harden and she giggled.

“There had better be” and she reached for my limp cock and flopped it from thigh to thigh.

I pulled her closer and started kissing her face.

Soft kisses all over it and she closed her beautiful eyes and I kissed them both.

I reversed our positions trapping my cock between her thigh and mine as I caressed the firm mounds of her breasts. Her skin was so soft on them and the pale areola, topped with the erect dark pink nipples, stippled with arousal. They were begging to be sucked and licked so I moved my head to take them in my mouth.

Elise let out soft moans as I sucked first her right one then the left, grazing them with my teeth. She reached for my now hardening cock and pulled my foreskin back and smeared the little amount of precum over the head making it glisten wetly



“I have never had a day like this before. I thought that it would just be a run out on your bike and maybe a stop for food but I never anticipated us fucking like animals outdoors and losing myself in an orgasm the likes I have never had before. It was being on your bike and feeling the vibrations from the engine that had my pussy soaking wet to start it all. I think it was a lot to do with how happy I used to feel when my dad took me riding when I was younger.”

“I will have to thank him if I ever meet him because it was so intense.”

Elise’s face saddened for a moment and then brightened.



“Make love to me, I don't want you to fuck me but make love to me.”

By now i was fully erect and wanted to be inside of her feeling her tight wetness around my cock.

Elise moved up the bed until her head was on a pillow, her arms were aside her head and she partially spread legs. She looked like a feline that was stretching herself after waking. I leaned across her and kissed her softly with my tongue exploring her mouth. I felt her teeth and the softness of her tongue as it engaged with mine.

My hand caressed her rib cage and slowly massaged her breast and brought a soft moan from her into my mouth. I slid it towards her hip and onto the outside of her thigh feeling her muscles tense in anticipation of more to come. It traveled across her thigh to the soft flesh on the inside and Elise spread her legs wider to give me access to her waiting pussy.

My fingers found her swollen lips making her moan again. I broke the kiss from her mouth and nuzzled her neck.

"That is so good", she said and she ran her fingers through my hair.

My mouth moved to her shoulder as my fingers parted her moist lips to find her pussy wet with her juices.

“Now, Ger, now. I need you to put your cock inside me.”

I moved between her legs and she raised her knees to make easy access to her waiting sex. With my hands on the bed either side of her shoulders I lowered my hips to guide my rigid dick to its destination. Elise reached between us and grasped it pulling back my foreskin exposing the glistening purple head and placed it between her pussy lips and let it go.

Her warm wetness invited me in and I slowly slid into her warm, wet hole parting the folds of her pussy. The feeling on the head of my stiff cock was sensational along with the wet warmth of her.

I was still supporting my upper body away from hers and looked into her eyes. As the last inch or so of my hard dick filled her she put her hands on my butt cheeks and pulled my hips as far as they would go between her thighs.

“Don't move, Ger I want to feel all of you inside me.”

I could feel the muscles of her cunt clench and release on my shaft as it lay inside her warm hole. Her eyes were closed as if she was concentrating on massaging my cock inside her. A few moments passed and she opened her eyes and released her hold on my butt.

Taking my cue from this I slowly withdrew my dick until its head was just inside her pussy lips. With equal slowness I pushed it back in parting her again getting a gasp from Elise. I kept gently stroking my dick inside her and her heart beat faster under those beautiful breasts. Her nipples were fully erect and I longed to take them into my mouth but my position above her stopped that from happening. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me down so she could kiss me. Her kiss was long and slow as I moved inside her. Our mouths parted and she looked into my eyes.

“I don't want to cum fast. I want you to take me there slowly as I want to feel every stroke of your cock.”

“I just hope I can last long enough for you to make that happen, Elise.”

“You will, I know you will.”

I kept up the slow rhythm but angled my shaft on different strokes until I was rubbing her g spot. She gasped and dug her nails into my back. Her neck arched backwards so I eased of the pressure.

“No! Don't stop that, don't!”

I returned to rubbing her g spot with the head of my cock a little faster than before and Elise pulled her head into the crook of my neck and stifled her moans by biting into my neck. Her body started to feel slick as she perspired. She pulled me tighter and squashed her breasts against me. My shoulders were spasming with the effort of keeping my weight off Elise and I went onto my elbows to ease them. I was still stroking her pussy and I felt her lock her ankles in the small of my back. Elise started to push against my strokes making wet sounds every time our groins met. My balls were slapping against her tight ass and were wet from her escaping nectar.

"Make me cum, make me cum, Ger."

I sped up my rhythm and she thrust upwards to match my strokes. I felt her velvet walls tighten on my shaft and her legs clamped me to her like a vice. I felt her nails rake my back as she threw her head back and the sound she let out was primal. Her head came to my shoulder and she bit down hard on it with her body shuddering with her orgasm. I could not move inside her as her eager pussy gripped my dick so tightly and her legs locked me into her.

Elise sagged completely and dropped off me like a rag doll. Her pussy relaxed, releasing my cock and allowing a gush of fluids to run out of her pulsating hole onto the bed. She was lying with her eyes closed and panting heavily.

I moved to her side and cradled her to me.

“Elise? Elise!”

Her eyes slowly opened and focused on my face.

“That was unreal. My god, I felt like I was coming apart and every part of me was having its own orgasm. I'm still feeling your dick in my pussy.”

“I'm just glad that you had what you wanted. I could not believe how tight you became as you came. That must have been something.”

“It was unreal, totally unreal. Better than any drug you could take.”

“Elise, I need to go pee, sorry.”

“Go but get back here fast.”

I got up from the bed and heard Elise gasp.

“Oh my god! I'm so sorry Ger, I had no idea that I did that to you. I'm so sorry.”

I looked at my back in the mirror and could see red weals down it but the skin appeared unbroken. I finished up pissing and washed my cock.

“Let me see your back,” she said as I returned to the bed.

I felt her fingers gently trace over the marks. “Have you got any lotion?”

“Best I can offer is shaving balm.”

“That will have to do.”

I got it from the bathroom and handed it to her.

“Lie down, Ger.”

I lay down on my stomach and Elise straddled me with her wet pussy kissing my butt.

“I'm sorry, Ger. That must have hurt.”

“Well, it did stop me cumming with you.”

“I wouldn't have known even if you did. Not true, your cum would be running out of me and over your ass and balls now.” She laughed.

She gently smoothed the balm onto the weals and it had an instant effect of taking the sting out of them. She continued to apply more and gently smoothed it onto my skin. Her touch was wonderful and I was relaxing as she worked on my back. I felt her apply some to the top of my shoulder over the bite mark.

“Sorry again, I got carried away.”

Elise moved her hands so gently on me that I was relaxing to her touch. A few minutes of this had me almost dropping off when she put her mouth to my ear and said, “Turn over. I'll make it up to you.”

I turned over between her legs and the underside of my softened dick felt her still moist pussy lips. This was enough to have me hardening again and it grew in length to spring up between her pussy and my belly.

Elise stroked my chest looking at me with those eyes as she leant forwards pressing her breasts against me and kissed me slowly. My cock was fully hard again and straining between us. She kissed the bite mark on the top of my shoulder and then trailed her tongue to my right nipple. Covering it with her mouth she sucked strongly on it and flicked her tongue over it. My nipples are not overly sensitive but this felt so good. She moved her mouth over the left one and did the same.

By now I was leaking precum, enough of it to drip onto my belly. Elise sat back and took hold of my hard cock pulling back the foreskin and rubbing its head in my precum.

Still kneeling over me she raised herself and guided me to her pussy still looking at me. She stroked her swollen lips with it coating the head even more. Lowering her hips a little, I felt the head push open the gate to her core. Slowly she impaled herself on my dick making me groan with pleasure.

Elise leant forwards and brushed her nipples on my chest before covering my lips with hers. Her tongue gently probed my mouth and I responded to her intrusion by holding her by the sides of her rib cage. She put both hands to the sides of my face and caressed it gently.

I didn't want to move as being nestled inside her incredible pussy was fantastic and the stimulation from her hands and nipples was amazing.

“Don't move, Ger, I want to apologize for hurting you.”

“You didn't hurt me, you were absolutely beautiful.”

“Alright but let me do this for you because I want to.”

Elise sat up and my cock moved with her body. She slowly raised herself on me and I could feel the cool air on my shaft. She rotated her hips and moved my dick inside her before slowly descending on it again. She kept repeating this while looking at me. She took my hands in hers and pressed them against her beautiful breasts, flattening them under the palms of my hands. I felt them roll around and press into her areola as she did so. She was still slowly manipulating my cock with her pussy and the sensations got more intense.

I would have closed my eyes to cut any distractions but I kept my gaze locked to hers. I could see a fine sheen of perspiration on her top lip and felt her breasts become slick under my hands.

Elise took her hands away from mine and placed them on my knees and leant back still moving slowly up and down my rigid shaft. My hands slipped to her waist and I let them move with her. I looked down to see my wet shaft being covered by her and as she lowered and raised herself her hips making her pussy lips drag up my shaft leaving it glistening and then disappear inside her. This was so fucking horny to watch.

Elise was panting by now and her movements quickened. I knew that she was going to cum again and with the way my balls tightening so would I. I wanted to thrust back, she must have sensed this and shook her head.

“No, Ger, let me do it all for you.”

She started to bounce up and down creating unbearable sensations to my swollen cock head. She was perspiring more and leant forwards with strands of hair sticking to her forehead. By now my balls were ready to explode but I wanted to cum with her.

Elise threw her head back and gave a little cry. Her pussy closed on my cock and this took me over the edge. I felt a surge race up inside my cock and shot what little cum I had left into her.

“Yes! Yes! I felt you cum in me Ger. Oh my god!”

She collapsed onto me, her breath rasping and kissed all over my face before savagely parting my lips and ravaging my mouth.

Her pussy still gripped my dick and held it inside her. I crushed her against me and felt her pounding heart beat with mine. We were covered in the sweat of our labors and the sheet was sticking to me.

Her breathing eased up and her heart pounded a little less as I held her. I could not believe the sexual marathon that we had taken part of in that day. Both of us filling the desires of the other and exhausting ourselves in doing so.

We lay there with me enjoying the full body caress of her. My spent cock fell from her pussy and our combined juices saturated my dick and balls as she slumped to my side. I stroked her hair as I held her and her finger tips played with my bottom lip.

How long we lay like that I cannot remember but Elise must have been feeling cold as her sweat evaporated from her. I gave her ass a little slap and said” Shower.”

She got off the bed and I saw a large damp patch with some gobbets of spunk on the sheet. I pulled the sheets off and I put clean ones on and joined her in the shower within a few minutes.

I stood behind her and pulled her into me with my arms encircling her belly. The water poured over us washing away the evidence of intense love making.

How long this intense affair was going to last I had no idea but I wanted it to be something between us.

We fell into bed after drying ourselves and Elise hugged me to her.

“Ger, I had no idea this morning that things would have happened the way they did but I am glad they did. I have never had any sex as intense as this before and I don't want it to be the last but I can't make any promises as to what might happen between us. I know it won't be a one off but as I said I don't want anything serious.”

“Elise, I now know that. I got fucked over badly by the woman I thought loved me and was going to be with me always. The only saving grace was we had no kids to make it a nightmare when she left. I need to be able to sort things out before I can be free to decide what the future will be.”

“I agree with you and it will go the way it goes.”

Elise kissed me and turned over to push her ass against me and pull my arm around her and she pulled it to her breasts and held onto it. My cock didn't even stir with the touch of her ass against as it must have decided it needed a well-earned rest.

In minutes we were both asleep, fully exhausted from the exertions of the day that we had had spent together.

If this is well received I will consider publishing the whole story.

As I said, it is a mainly true story and spans a good few years.

It has its ups and downs with some twists of fate for good measure.
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