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My name is Sally and this is how I discovered that, deep down, I was a slut. But let’s go back to the beginning. I was 19, a virgin and my sexual experience was limited to fondling in the back seats of cars and more than occasional masturbation sessions in my room. Guys liked my 5’8” and 34c 22 32 figure. My parents were very strict and basically frightened away any boy that seemed to be getting interested in me. I had to hide my wanton moments by lying. Not nice, I guess, but necessary.

One night I got home from work to be told by dad that he and mum were going on holidays. It was weird because they never went on holidays. But they would be away for 4 weeks. I envisaged 4 weeks of freedom until dad said I would be staying with Uncle Sidney and Aunty Sue. I said I didn’t need baby-sitters but dad was adamant. Now Uncle Sidney and Aunty Sue were not really related. They were friends of dad and mum. They were in their 30’s and seemed nice. I guess it could have been worse so I surrendered.

It was Saturday when dad and mum packed for the holiday I packed for my change of address. As my baby-sitters were at least 10 years younger than my parents I thought they would probably be less strict. Dad drove me over to their house and Aunty Sue showed me my room. It had a nice comfortable double bed and its own bathroom. There was even a wardrobe to hang up my clothes. I unpacked and headed to the living room. Uncle Sidney said lunch was ready and we sat down to eat. After lunch I said I was going to go for a walk to look around. Aunty Sue said she would come with me to keep me safe. I soon realised that I wasn’t to get too much freedom. This was re-enforced when Uncle Sidney said that they had promised to keep an eye on me at all times. Damn.

It was hot outside and the walk was very pleasant. We stopped at the park and sat on a bench and talked. Aunty Sue asked me about work and boys. She seemed to be fishing. Maybe she was acting on advice from mum. I answered the questions carefully. Then she laughed and said “Sally let’s drop the Uncle and Aunty titles. You are a bit old for that". I was grateful for that. We walked back home and I sat on the back porch enjoying the sunshine. I actually fell asleep and was awakened by Sue telling me dinner was ready. One day almost down and 27 to go.

After dinner we all watched some TV but I was bored. Finally I went and had a shower. Touching myself made me horny so after my shower I laid on the bed, naked, and began to pleasure myself. I heard Sid and Sue go into their bedroom. I realised there was only a wall between the two bedrooms. As I began to tremble close to orgasm I heard them. They were having sex. I heard Sue moan and urge Sid on. That pushed me over the edge. But their noisy love making caused me to keep going. Sue was moaning louder now and then she squealed “I am cumming darling. Fuck me harder”. As she orgasmed and then Sid did the same I had my second. Although there was a wall between us it was like I was in there with them.

I slept soundly and it was Sue who woke me up. “Come on sleepy head, breakfast is on the table”. I waited until she had left the room before getting out of bed. I put on my bathrobe and went into the dining room. “Sleep well honey” said Sue and after Sid went into the kitchen for another coffee she whispered “I hope we were not noisy last night”. I blushed and shook my head but I don’t think she believed me. Nothing more was said as Sid came back with his coffee but her smile spoke a thousand words. I couldn’t help but wonder how it must feel to be that excited having sex.

Sid said he had work to do in the garden so Sue suggested she and I go shopping. I wasn’t that keen but said yes and off we went. We did some grocery shopping and then, after putting that in the car, she suggested a walk around. We went into the dress shop and she asked if there was anything I needed. “How about this” she said, holding up a sheer nighty. “My mum would have a heart attack if I wore that” I said. Sue laughed “I think I will buy it anyway. I like it” she said. We walked back to the car and headed home. We had lunch and then I laid down on the back deck while watching Sid in the garden. At one stage he took off his T-shirt. I admit that I liked what I saw. My pussy was humming. “Shit” I thought “control yourself”.

I stayed laying in the sun until dinner time. Same routine, eat and then TV. Sid said he was a bit grubby and said he would have a shower and go to bed. Very shortly after Sue said she might turn in as well. I was watching TV but I was really thinking “are they going to do it again”. I snuck off to my room and heard Sue giggling. I got undressed and laid on the bed. Sure enough Sue started moaning and then groaning. “Oh Sid you are nasty” I heard her say. By this time my hand was buried in my crotch and I was starting to shake. Then I was the one who moaned as my orgasm washed over me.

Suddenly the door opened. I looked up and it was Sid wearing a dressing gown. “What have we here” he said “you naughty girl. Playing with yourself are you?” I was mortified. “I bet your mum doesn’t know what you do” he continued. I was so shocked I couldn’t speak. He stood there casting his eyes over my naked body. “You are so beautiful” he said “it is a shame you have to play with yourself. You need a man to really satisfy you”. With that he slipped of the dressing gown. He was naked and his cock was erect. “Don’t” I managed to say “please what will Sue think”. He just smiled and got onto the bed.

Pulling my legs apart he buried his head in my crotch. “Please no Sid I am a virgin” I screamed, as if that was some sort of reason he should stop. He didn’t. Instead he began to lick my pussy. It was like flicking a switch. One minute I was telling him to stop and the next second I was moaning for more. I had never had oral sex before and the feeling was amazing. Then his tongue began to circle my clit. All pretence of wanting him to stop evaporated. “Oh yes do it like that” I moaned “make me cum like that”. He reached up as he tongue fucked me and began to fondle my breasts. I moaned louder. I felt something growing inside of me. It was my orgasm building but nothing like I had felt before. When it hit it was like an explosion that started in my crotch and crashed into my brain. “Oh God” I screamed “don’t stop. Please don’t you dare stop”.

It was maybe a minute of intense pleasure before I began to climb down from my high. Sid looked up and smiled. He then turned his head. I followed his gaze to see Sue standing by the bed. I hadn’t heard her come in the room. “What is going on here Sid darling” she said, her voice not raised or stressed. “I found this poor girl getting herself off so I thought I would help”. Sue laughed “and did it work Sally” she said, asking me. I was again speechless. Sid answered for me. “Yes I reckon it did honey. Would you like to taste this virgin pussy?” he asked. “I should before you pop her cherry shouldn’t I” she said and as I lay there in shock Sue prepared to take Sid position between my still trembling thighs.
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