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Partly fiction but mostly true. See Ch.1 for details.
Elise Chapter Two.

I awoke from what felt like the most erotic dream I have ever had until I saw Elise curled up asleep beside me. I was semi erect and was thinking of wakening her with my dick pressing against the divide of her ass cheeks but decided to let her sleep.

I had a quick shower cleaning my teeth at the same time. I dried off and padded into my kitchen wearing boxers as I was not going to risk hot oil splashes on my dick.

I made a pot of coffee and filled two glasses with fresh orange juice. I made some pancakes with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon and filled two plates.

I did not know how Elise took her coffee so I put some cream in a little jug and the sugar bowl beside it.

Everything went on a tray and I was about to lift it and take it to the bedroom when two arms encircled my belly and a hand gave my dick a light squeeze as fabric covered breasts flattened on my back.

"Morning, Ger, I slept like a log last night. I woke and you were not there but I followed the smell so here I am."

"Here you are. Morning to you too," as I turned in her arms and put mine around her.

She was wearing one of my t-shirts that I hadn't put away and had been on the back of a chair in the bedroom. I bent to kiss her and she turned her head away.

"Don't, my mouth would repel flies!"

I turned her head back and kissed her lips.

"There is a new toothbrush in the vanity you can have."

"Thanks, Ger, be right back."

I put the breakfast on the table and poured the coffee. It was not long before she was back and she said, "I'm famished."

"Come here first, Elise." I wiped away some dried toothpaste froth from the corner of her mouth and gave her the kiss I wanted to and tasted the mint flavoring of the toothpaste. I broke it off and said, "Breakfast, eat!"

She sat down and poured a little cream into her coffee and heaped sugar into it.

"Sweet tooth?"

"No, I prefer tea in the morning but the sugar makes it bearable."

"I have tea if you want that."

"No, no problem. I'll just have the jitters for a couple of hours."

"I'll make the tea and made to get up."

"Just kidding, coffee is fine."

She attacked the plate and devoured everything on it.

"Now that is breakfast. I usually grab a bagel in the morning near the bar. Talking of which, what time is it?"

"9.30," I replied.

"That's ok, Sean can open up as he has a set of keys. I can start at 12.00 after I go home and change. Not wearing yesterday's clothes or I would smell like a 2 bit hooker. Talking of which, where are my clothes?"

"They are in the wash dryer, should be done in an hour or so."

"Laundry service as well? Wow! What do you suggest we do now as I can't go anywhere in this."

Elise pulled the t-shirt away from herself, giving me a glimpse of the mounds of her breasts.

"Any ideas?"

"Well I have one but it does not involve a t-shirt but involves you."

"I think I know what that might be." She pulled the t-shirt off and threw it over my head.

"Race you!"

By the time I got it off my head she was running to the bedroom. I nearly caught up with her as she dived onto the bed and said,

"I win! My choice!"

I tore off my boxers and joined her on the bed with my dick rising.

"I want you to lick my pussy but not make me come. Think you can do that?"

"That's all?"

"No way, you are going to suck my nipples as well. Then you are going to fuck me until I come. Think you can manage that?"

"I think it is within my limited skills."

By now my dick was fully gorged with blood and stood out from my crotch.

I parted Elise’s thighs and lowered my mouth to her pussy. Already it was moist with her juices and I lapped them up. She put her fingers through my hair and massaged my scalp as my tongue parted her pussy lips and pushed inside her vagina. She tightened her grip on my hair and moaned,

"Oh fuck!" She cried out.

Pushing my tongue up I flicked her clitoris and she jerked on the bed. Long slow strokes of my tongue caressed her clit and then parting her lips again to taste her nectar had her moaning louder; A long slow trip from her wet entrance up to her swelling bud had her tighten her grip of my hair. Alternating between her clit and delicious pussy was increasing her reactions.

She was twisting her hips in an effort to avoid my attentions but I kept up the licking. It wasn't until I sucked her clitoris that she pulled my head away.

"No fair! You were going to cheat!"

"Cheat? I was doing exactly what you told me."

I moved up to her breasts and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it, flicking my tongue over the erect surface and then running it around her areola making her gasp. I did the same to the other one and Elise moaned loudly. I kept alternating between her nipples and slid my fingers into her pussy. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and curled my fingers inside her. By now she was soaking wet and gripping the bedsheet with each hand.

"Ger! Stop! You’re going to make me cum. Put your dick in me, please."

I let her nipple slip from my lips then withdrew my fingers from her soaking pussy and lifted her legs to my shoulders. I guided my rigid dick to her pussy lips and pushed into her velvet lined hole and started to thrust slowly into her.

Barely three strokes and Elise convulsed in a huge orgasm, her pussy clamping down on my dick. She uttered guttural sounds and thrashed her head from side to side. Her legs trembled on my shoulders.

I was shocked as to how hard and quickly she came and didn't try to move inside her.

Her eyes opened and again the green was filled with golden flecks.

Her mouth moved but no sound came out. I was worried in case there was something wrong but she managed to whisper,

"Oh fucking hell. This is not real. What are you doing to me?"

I felt her pussy start to relax and was about to pull out of her.

"No! Don't. Leave it in me. Oh my fucking legs!"

I eased her legs down gently keeping my dick inside her and supported myself with my hands above her.

"Just give me a minute to recover from that. I never thought that it would be the same as yesterday but it was. Oh my god, unreal!"

Elise pulled my head to hers and mashed her mouth against mine, her tongue seeking mine. I responded to her kiss feeling my dick harden even more inside her heavenly pussy.

"You need to cum," she said, breaking the kiss. "Cum inside me, I don't care if I don't cum again but I want you to cum."

Her words had me pumping my dick into her as if it was going to be my last fuck. It just took a couple of minutes of thrusting into the tightness of her before I exploded in her pussy emptying my balls into her. I fell on top of her and she wrapped her arms around me as I gasped for breath.

"I felt every spurt from you in my pussy. They were so hot when they filled me. I'm so glad you came."

"Elise, you would make a dead man cum. You are so fucking hot that a blind man would have a hard on."

She laughed and pushed me off her delicious body releasing a flood of our orgasms onto the sheet.

"More laundry for you, I think! OK, places to go, people to see."

With that she leaned over and took my now limp dick in her hand, kissed the tip of it and said, "Be good and I'll see you soon."

Elise got off the bed and twisted her hair up into a loose coif.

"Shower time."

We got into the shower and cleaned off with no nonsense although it would have been good and probably made Elise late for the bar.

As Elise was toweling I got her clothes from the washer dryer. I put them on the bed that minutes before had been the scene of our passion.

I pulled on fresh jeans, a Pink Floyd t-shirt and black Asics trainers.

Elise put on her panties and posed provocatively in front of me.

She giggled and pulled her jeans on then covered her beautiful breasts with her t-shirt. Boots were next and then her jacket.

"To work, James." She said in a mock English accent.

"Yes, milady," I replied. "It will be the automobile."

Elise threw her arms around my neck and said, "One bike ride is not enough" and crushed my lips with hers.

When we got back last night it was dark and Elise did not really see my car as it was hidden by a dust cover. I pulled it off to reveal the car.

"No way! A Mustang? That is just as good as a Bonnie!"

I owned a fully restored 1967 black convertible Mustang. I had been offered large amounts of money for it but I would never part with it.

"Hop in and we'll go."

Elise grabbed her helmet from the Bonnie and got into the car.

We got to the bar just after 12.

Elise got out and said, "Park it up and I'll make you coffee."

I turned the car into the bar's lot as she disappeared into the bar. I came to the entrance and went in. Funny how bars are never the same in daylight. I could detect the faint smell of stale beer but otherwise it wasn't too bad.

There were a couple of patrons in a booth with shots and beers.

Elise was behind the bar at an Italian coffee machine.

"Expresso or an Americano?"

"Americano, please."

She busied herself at the machine as it hissed steam into a little jug of milk.

She put the coffee and milk on the bar and came around to my side of it.

"Best ever coffee, Brazilian. Costs more but worth it. Enjoy."

The barman I recognised from my previous visit to the bar came out of the stockroom with an armful of liquor bottles.

"Oh! Look what the cat dragged in. Afternoon, boss!" His accent wasn't American but I was sure English was his native tongue.

"Are you really looking for a pink slip, Sean?"

"No boss. Yessum boss. Whatever you say boss."

He laughed and racked the liquor bottles.

"You just can't get the staff these days and have to put up with a shit like him. A likable shit but still a shit."

"If you didn't pay so well I'd be off like a rocket."

"Nobody in this town would hire you. You know what side your bread is buttered on and would never go."

Boss?" I questioned.

"Yup, boss. This is my bar and I own it all, warts and cheeky bartenders included."

I was dumb with shock at the revelation that the bar belonged to her. Elise could not have been older than 30 by my reckoning, maybe younger.

"If you are wondering, it was my dad's bar and I inherited it when he died a couple of years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Elise. That must have been hard on you at the time."

My mind worked out that it happened while I was still with Julie and I never knew about it.

"Well it is the past and nothing can take away my memories and love of my dad. He brought me up single handed when my so called mother fucked off when I was two."

I could hear the vehemence in her voice.

"She nearly broke my dad but he was strong enough to overcome it and give me a life that I would not trade for anything. He was more than just my dad, he was my best friend as I grew up. I loved him so much until he died of a heart attack."

I saw Elise's eyes well up and got up to comfort her.

"Don't, Ger, I'll be ok. Right, that is enough maudling shit for one day."

Elise looked at the bar and saw a business card tucked into the bar towel.



"Has that fucking asshole been in here again?"

"Yes, he was in earlier looking for you but I told him you were away. He said to call him."

"The fuck I will. This bar has been independent since it opened and it is going to stay that way despite those corporate bastards trying to wheedle their way in."

"Ger, I'm sorry but I need to do the work thing now. Come round on Friday night, there is a great band playing."

With that she kissed me deeply and went through the bar to a door at the back of it.

Sean looked at me and said in his accent quietly, "You must be something special as she never brings anyone to the bar let alone kiss somebody in front of me. She is totally business in here. Might chat to customers but keeps herself to herself. You are the first guy I have ever seen her with in a long time. You are privileged indeed."

He headed back to the other side of the bar.

I finished my coffee and went to the car. I sat there and realized I knew virtually nothing about Elise apart from what she told me today. I was still getting over the fact that she owned the bar. This accounted a lot for her self-assurance and directness.

Four days can either be a short time or it could be forever depending on circumstances. For me it felt like forever until it passed. I didn't phone Elise as I did not have her number. I could have phoned the bar but that would seem like an intrusion into her space so I toughed it out until Friday came.

I'm not a clothes horse. My preferred attire when I am not working is t-shirts and 501s. Buttons over zips anytime as I once caught my foreskin in a zip, a painful experience never to be repeated.

Yes, I can wear pants and jackets, even suits but mainly for work as I said. As a senior commissioning engineer I was not expected to get down and dirty on installs but liaise with the customer's reps and maintenance management. I always had coveralls in my travel gear and would help out the install squad if there wasn't much to do with the customer. I did their job long enough before getting pushed up a few rungs within the company.

Tonight was my time so it was my go to clothes. Just a plain black t-shirt, black 501s and black boots were the choice. A blue denim Levi jacket completed

I wasn't wanting to get to the bar too early so I waited until about 8.30pm before taking a taxi to it. I got out at the bar and paid my fare, tipping the driver ten bucks. He thanked me and said, "Any time, buddy."

I entered the bar and took in the view. The first time I was here I just went straight to the bar and ordered. I noticed that flanking the door were two well-built security guys wearing dark blue polo shirts with the bar logo. They were on stools and for comparison looked like those stone lions that flank pseudo mansion driveways except these 'lions' were constantly alert scanning the bar area and incoming patrons.

The interior was more or less what a bar should look like. Booths against the street wall, a darkened stage to the left, a pool table well to the right, a mix of stand ups and tables with chairs in the middle and about a ten foot gap between them and the bar with another three well-spaced stand ups.

The bar took up most of the rear wall area with three sets of beer fonts placed along it. Mirrored back wall with liquor racks, glass fronted beer fridges and two very modern electronic tills that were operated by key cards held by the staff. Serving hatches at each end of the bar. I could see the signs for the washrooms, guys to right and women to the left. Sensible as they would not have negotiate the pool players, leave that for the guys.

In all it was a well laid out bar.

I could see Elise busy serving customers but she had obviously seen me entering and beamed a huge smile at me pointing towards the left of the bar. I made my way there and there was a stool with a reserved plaque on it. That made me smile as the bar was quite full even at that time with most of the seating and stand ups in use as well as a good few folks in the bar front area. There were four people behind the bar including Elise and Sean. Three waitresses were transporting drinks and empties. All of the staff, apart from Elise, had on the same blue polo shirts and wore blue jeans with the waitresses sporting a front facing fanny pack around their waists. Obviously for collecting tabs and dispensing change to customers.

I sat down and a beer appeared in front of me with Sean saying,

"Elise says to make sure you don't go thirsty."

I raised the bottle in thanks to Sean and took a swig. Ice cold and full of flavor. I looked at the label and saw the name Budweiser. I thought maybe they had managed to make a real beer then taking my hand off the bottle the word 'Budvar' appeared then it clicked. This was the original Budweiser from Czechoslovakia, not the supposed 'King of Beers'.

"Have a 'Bud' with your bud" came to mind. That made me chuckle as I disliked the stuff preferring imported beers and those from micro breweries even though they cost more.

"Hello stranger " Elise's voice surprised me from behind. "I see the Johnny Cash look is fashionable again."

I spun on the stool to see her grinning.

"I wore black because I liked it." I drawled in my poor imitation of the man in black.

"I wouldn't give up the day job just yet if I were you!"

Elise gave me a quick kiss on the lips and whispered in my ear,

"We are going to be hectic tonight but I'll make it up to you."

And she eased herself through the patrons to the hatch and started filling an order from a customer. She glanced across at me smiling and gave me a slow wink followed by a blown kiss.

Already my dick was semi-hard from her brief kiss and that wink made me think of delights to come.

I finished my beer and signaled for another to Sean. He brought another one of those Budvar beers and was about to walk away when I asked him to open a tab for me.

"No need, the boss says to keep you happy."

"Sean, I'll be happy if you open that tab. I'm not a freeloader and always pay my way."

"I'll do that for you but someone might get irked about it." He nodded his head in Elise's direction down the bar. I handed him one of my credit cards.

"Let me worry about that, thanks, Sean."

"No worries mate"

With that phrase I recognised his accent now, Australian.

Crocodile Dundee sprang to mind! He left and zipped my card down the side of the till display, keyed in the beer and slipped my card into what looked like a business card folder but with bigger pockets with blank strips where he wrote my name. He moved off to deal with another customer.

I was enjoying the taste of this beer and made a mental note to get some next time I did the groceries.

I looked down the bar where Elise was constantly dealing with patrons as were the rest of the bartenders, now I know what she meant about getting hectic.

Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail exposing her face. No heavy eye makeup tonight, just eyeshadow and a pale lipstick. She had a discrete comms unit on her right ear and I noticed that all the staff had them. She kept up a constant flow of chatter into it and also with customers ensuring they got served and moved away to allow others to reach the bar. She and the other bartenders would pick up signals from the waitresses and fill a tray with drinks ready for them when they reached the bar with a tray of empties. How they never spilled the drinks as they passed through the thickening crowd was a wonder.

I raised my empty bottle for a new one and this time it was Elise herself that brought me a replacement. She pressed a button on the comms unit,

"Privacy mode," she said across the background chatter of the bar.

"Mr Independent are we?"


"A girl offers to ply you with free booze and you turn it down? There would be some guys that would top shelf on that but you, no."

"Elise, I pay my way and don't take advantage of people."

"I'll let you off on that but what you putting across the bar goes to my guys tip jar so sup it up, Johnny!"

Her grin lit her face up and I so desperately wanted to hold and kiss her.

"The band will be on in an hour or so and the counter work will drop off a bit so I'll have a bit of space and can get to your side of the bar for a break."

"I think I have a space between appointments tonight that I could fit you in for if that suits."

Elise brought up a mixer dispensing gun and aimed it at me.

"You were saying?"

"Oh, looking at my diary again it would appear that they have all cancelled and I am free all night."

She lowered the dispenser and said, “Lucky me then! OK, I need to get back to it. Later then. Mwah!"

She had given me one of those celebrity air kisses and clicked on her comms unit and headed down the bar after making a very deliberate performance of racking up my beer to my tab.

I was enjoying the taste of the beer quite a bit and felt a very light buzz from it. I was going to pace myself but enjoy it at the same time as I am not a big beer drinker.

I had to pee and headed to the john. It was amazingly clean with no dropped towels on the floor. There were small signs above the urinals and you had to get close to read the small print. The one above mine said, ' Stand closer, it is not as big as you think it is.' I had to laugh at that. Washing my hands I was thinking that the other signs must be along the same vein. Probably I would have the chance to find out later.

Returning to my stool I drained my beer and signaled for another. This time it was one of the girls that served me. She had bobbed blond hair and was quite cute in a bubbly sort of way. She smiled as she left the beer and went to the till to charge it to me.

A single tight spotlight beam blazed on to the stage and this brought on whistling and clapping from the crowd. The crowd deepened around the stage making a bit of space near me. The beam of the spotlight swept back and forth over the stage revealing instruments but no musicians.

It blinked off and then I could make out the band taking positions. The stage flooded with light to reveal two guitarists, a bass player, keyboard player, drummer and a diminutive, young female vocalist with electric blue hair at the front mike.

The crowd burst into applause and the vocalist smiled back at them.

"Good evening people. I hope you are here for us and not the beer!"

The crowd erupted with cheering and whistling.

"Alright then, here we go. You know this one."

She turned to the band as she held the mike stand.

"Let's go boys!"

The band hit a bunch of repetitive chords and the girl launched straight into Janis Joplin's Cry Baby.

Her voice was incredible as she hit all the notes.

The crowd went wild and she raised her hand in acknowledgement and the tumult died down and let her rip into the song.

I thought what a sensational opener and she could really sing.

The song progressed and as it ended the audience roared and clapped.

With very little pause they tore into Joan Jett's I Love Rock and Roll bringing more appreciation from the crowd.

The next number they slowed it down a bit with a song I had never heard before.

"Well. What do you think?" Elise's voice at my side startled me.

I hadn't noticed her coming as I was watching the band.

"Damned good. I wasn't expecting her voice to be like that. Just a little thing and belting it out full blast."

"Susanne is only nineteen and could make it if she got the breaks."

She nudged my arm that my beer was being held in. "Finish that and come with me."

As there was only a mouthful left I emptied it and left the bottle on the bar. I followed her through the hatch and into the office at the end.

As soon as the door closed Elise threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hungrily pressing herself against me.

My arms encircled her and pulled her tight to me as I responded to her kiss.

She broke it off and said, "I wanted to do that as soon as you came in tonight. My mind has been doing flips all this time and I had to control myself."

"You are not alone with that. Watching you behind the bar, so close but out of reach is torture."

"It is going to be like that for the next three hours too. The bar comes first when I am here as it is my livelihood."

"That is not a problem for me as I know how hard owning a bar is."

"Just as long as you understand then things are fine."

She crushed her mouth against me and slipped her hand onto the bulge developing on my jeans and rubbed it. She broke the kiss and said,

"This will have its work cut out for later. OK, back to the grind."

Back in front of the bar it was proving difficult to get comfortable after her hand had aroused me.

The next song from the band was You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. I noticed that the song choices were from powerful female singers and this little girl, Susanne, was capable of doing a great version of the songs so far.

I ordered another beer and again it was the little blond bar person serving me. A bigger smile this time as she turned away. Cute but not my type. I have never really gone for blonds as I prefer darker haired women.

The band brought a change in tempo for the next song, Peter Green's Need Your Love So Bad with the lead guitarist taking the vocals. This was followed by another song I didn’t know with Susanne singing again.

Time seemed to pass slowly with me enjoying the music and the beer and feeling quite relaxed. A lot more relaxed than I had been for some time.

Elise came up her side of the bar and leaned over to talk to me.

"The band has about another hour and the bar will wind down a bit. These guys always pull in a big crowd doing covers and original songs and they are well worth their fee. Hopefully I can be on your side of the bar if it is not too busy."

"I will be hoping for that too, Elise."

"OK, we'll see how it goes."

She went to serve more customers down the bar.

I could not stop looking at her and was desperately wanting time to fly by.

About 40 minutes later the singer, Susanne, was at the mike.

"Folks, last two numbers coming up and we're done for this time. We hope you enjoyed tonight and hopefully we will see you soon but before we go we have a treat for you. Elise, come on up girl."

I saw Elise behind the bar laughing and shaking her head.

"Folks, she needs a bit of encouragement, give her a hand."

The crowd whistled and clapped with some chants of 'Elise, Elise!'

Elise looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and made her way onto the stage. The crowd got more enthusiastic as she and the singer talked off mike. Susanne nodded and spoke to the band who also nodded. The lead guitarist brought his mike up front next to the singers and adjusted the height.

The band launched into the driving beat of the Cranberries song Dreams. Elise was holding onto the mike and looked down nodding slightly to the intro. When the opening verse was to start, I was open jawed as Elise raised her head and moving to the mike started off the song. The singer joined in with the harmonizing in the verse and covered the vocal solo with Elise again singing the opening lyrics of the second verse and the singer harmonizing again. Same for the third verse. Both of them joined in for the outro. The band brought the song to a chord crashing end instead of the fade of the actual tune.

The crowd erupted as Elise hugged Susanne and gave the band thumbs up as she left the stage.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was amazed that this green eyed angel had a talent like that. Between the two of them they had made a more than passable cover of the song.

The band played their final two songs and if someone were to ask me what they were I'd have no idea as I was stunned at what I had just witnessed.

The bar crowd slowly dissipated until there were about thirty people left. Another half hour saw the bar cleared apart from the staff, Elise and myself. I was nursing my beer as the waiting staff dropped off their fanny packs behind the bar and got ready to leave. The other two barmaids got ready to leave while Elise and Sean got the takings print out from the tills. Sean removed the money drawers and took them and the packs into the office.

Elise shut down the main lighting and left just the exit signs glowing.

"Sean, just put them in the safe and I'll tally up tomorrow. You can get away when done."

Sean came out the office with his jacket over his shoulder. "See you tomorrow," and to me he said "Have a dinkum night, mate!" Then he left.

After Sean had departed Elise locked the bar doors and from the bar pressed a button and shuttering rolled down all the windows. She took two Budvars from the fridge and set them on the bar. She came to my side and handed me one clinking her bottle against mine, taking a long pull from it before setting it down.

"Say something then, Ger."

"Fucking hell!"

Elise burst out laughing and sat astride my thighs with her arms around my neck.

"Well that is certainly something."

She pulled my head to her and rested her forehead against mine.

"It is a blue moon before I get up to sing so you were in luck tonight."

"You have an incredible voice. That song is not one of the easiest to sing."

"It Is if you wear out the cd listening to it. I love the sound of her voice."

"Any more surprises for me? Can you bend steel bars and see through walls?"

"Anybody can sing, it is not that hard."

"It is if you sound like a strangled frog like me. I am still stunned."

"Drink that beer and get unstunned as we are going to bed."

"I'll call a taxi, where to?"

"Forget the taxi, we can walk there quicker."


"Next floor dufus! I live above the bar. Give me a decent kiss and I'll show you my nest."

I lifted her chin up and looked into her gorgeous eyes before softly placing my lips on hers. My hands under her arms and on her back let me gradually pull her closer to me. My tongue parted her lips and I ran it over her even teeth before encountering hers. This was a gentle play between our tongues and so enjoyable. I slid my hands into her hair and released the tie holding it in the ponytail. I let it fall on her shoulders. My hands held her face to me as I laid little kisses all over it before returning to her mouth.

Elise responded hungrily and tightened her arms on my neck. This kiss had urgency about it as she moaned into my mouth and crushed her breasts against me.

She slid off my thighs and pulled me off the stool by the neck of my t-shirt. We went into the office. Elise locked the door and set a sophisticated alarm system. On my brief visit here earlier I didn't notice a door but at the rear of the office was one that blended into the wall. Through this we went up a flight of stairs to a landing with two doors. One plain and the other a solid looking hardwood door with a sophisticated keypad. Elise keyed in some digits and the door clicked. She pushed it open and entered.

Turning around she said, "Welcome to my little nest."

I followed her into a wide corridor with several doors leading off. After she closed the entry door she led me by the hand to the last door on the right.

It opened into a huge bedroom lit by subdued lights embedded in the wall. There was an antique looking dressing table with a big oval mirror, two chrome steel clothes racks on castors, a massive bookcase with books, cds, records filling the shelves, a Technics sound system with every module you can get with a tran***********or deck and huge Wharfedale speakers. Central in the room was a king sized bed with pale blue linen.

"Bathroom is through there," Elise pointed, "kitchen is down the hall on the left, sitting room is on the right. That's the tour so what say we shower and get into bed?"

"I'm not going to refuse that."

I wanted Elise so much I wanted her body next to mine and to be pleasuring her. She had slipped her boots off and I was pulling mine off as she unbuttoned her shirt revealing her beautiful breasts. My t-shirt was off in seconds. It was a dead heat with the jeans as my swelling dick was freed.

She was in the shower first and held the door open for me. No cold shock but pleasantly warm.

Elise wrapped her arms around me and hooked a leg behind my knee pressing her mound into my thigh. My now rigid dick was pressed against her belly with her hard nipples squashed by her breasts on my chest.



"I have wanted you all this week like no-one before. I told you that I don't want anything serious but I want you."

"Elise, you can have me always. I'll be there for you when you need me."

She crushed her mouth against mine and her kiss was hungry as she pressed my head to her. My hands went to her ass cheeks and pulled her tight

"I want you in me, Ger, I need you to fuck me now and make me cum!"

With her arms around my neck I lowered my hips and put my hands under her thighs and lifted Elise. She wrapped her legs around my waist, freeing my hard dick which rested against her pussy lips. Elise released one arm and with her hand around my shaft guided my dick to her opening as the water cascaded down on us. I felt my swollen head meet the lips of her moist opening and pushed it into her.

Elise let go of my dick and kissed me savagely, I held the smooth globes of her ass to ease the strain on her thighs and pushed her back against the shower wall. Less water spilled on us and I thrust my dick home. She moaned with pleasure at being filled by my dick and ground her clit on the base of my shaft. My swollen dick felt her moist heat surround it with the softness of her pussy walls pulsing along my shaft.

Her mouth went to the juncture of my neck and shoulder and I felt her teeth graze my skin as she stifled a moan. I slowly pulled out of her and started a slow rhythm in and out of her. Elise responded by grinding against me each time I filled her. Her heart beat increased behind her squashed breasts and she dug her nails into my shoulders. My balls were tightening and I knew my dick would shoot their contents into her soon.

Elise's pussy was clenching and unclenching my dick and she tipped her head back with her eyes closed. She started to shake against me and I knew she was going to cum. I thrust harder to catch up with her, making her utter small cries of pleasure. Her pussy clamped down on me as she came and this triggered the release of my load into her.

I felt the surges jet out from my dick and force their way into her soaking pussy that was pulsating against it. The sheer force of my ejaculation made me weak at the knees and I sank down on them while Elise's back slid down the tiles.

Still coupled together I thrust my mouth against hers and her tongue invaded my mouth instantly. Her hands grabbed my head on each side and held my mouth to hers. I needed to come up for air and Elise panted open mouthed in my ear.

"Oh my god! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" She panted, "I'm shattered. I wanted this all week and it was so good. The feel of you inside me and you cumming with me was what I wanted. I'm shaking from it."

"You think you were the only one that needed this? I dreamt of being with you every night and woke up with my dick as solid as a rock in the mornings. I would have jacked myself off but it would have taken away the memories of Sunday and dirtied them. Waiting was worth having swollen balls."

"I'm glad you didn't and kept it all for me."

My dick dropped out of her and a flood of mingled cum slid onto my thighs and the shower water washed it to the floor. I eased the wet hair that was plastered to her face and breasts away and she kissed me slowly. After kissing me, Elise pushed herself to her feet making her pussy level with my head. I could not resist covering her sex with my mouth and sucking on her hooded clit. She purred with pleasure as I sought it out with my tongue and stroked it tasting the diluted emissions of us both.

Her hands pressed my head to her and my tongue parted her pussy lips. I ran it up and down from bottom to her clit making her shudder. More of her sweet juice flowed from her and I lapped it up. She was trembling now and her hands pushed my head harder against her. I was trying to get my tongue as deep inside as I could and she was pushing her swollen lips against mine as I penetrated her wet hole. I pulled my tongue out of her and licked my way slowly up to her erect nub and lashed it with the tip of my tongue. She writhed against me with her hands gripping my head and gasped aloud.

I kept flicking the nub of her clit with the tip of my tongue and she was moaning from the intense pleasure of it. Sucking hard I nibbled it with my teeth and took her over the edge into another orgasm that shook her whole body. I kept licking her clit until she pulled my head from her sex.

"Oh my god! No more, Ger, I am too sensitive just now. Oh shit!"

Elise slid down the tiles and sat on my thighs, her arms going to my neck and her mouth to mine. The water still fell on us but we didn't notice it as our tongues played with each other. Eventually Elise said, "I think we need to get out of here before we grow gills." She got up and helped me get up as my legs were going numb.

We spent ten minutes or so washing each other. It would have been shorter if not from all the kissing and fondling of our bodies that left my dick swelling up. She gave it a tug and said, "We have all night, no need to wear it out just now."

After drying off Elise sat in front of the vanity and blasted her hair dry with a powerful dryer as I watched her breasts move with her arm movements. Her nipples had shrunk to their normal size but still protruded from her areola. She shut it off and picked up a brush and eased out the tangles with it. As she brushed it forwards it formed a curtain over her breasts, she leant back and her nipples poked through her hair. She quickly brushed it back and secured it in a loose ponytail.

"Food? I have not eaten since I started last night."

"Sounds a good idea to me."

She got up and we went into the bedroom as she pulled loose fitting wrap around kimono style robes off their hangers. She looked at them and at me and gave me a black one with gold dragons while she put on a vivid red one with silver lion heads on it.

I put it on and it just went to my mid-thigh while hers reached her knees.

"Well it at least protects your modesty, just!"

Laughing she took my arm and we went into the hallway to reach the kitchen. Entering the kitchen the lights came on automatically and revealed a fair sized room appointed with sleek black units with a black marble topped centre island with chrome stools around it.


Elise opened one side of a double doored fridge freezer.

"Stroganoff or chicken fricassee?"

"Stroganoff would be preferable."

"Two stroganoffs it is then."

She took two unlabeled and sealed food trays out and closed the door with her heel as she moved to a built-in microwave. Putting one down she opened the door and placed them side by side after peeling open venting tabs. Closing it she pushed a couple of buttons and it came to life with a quiet hum.

"Wine or beer?"

"Wine would be ok."

Opening the other side of the refrigerator she pulled out an almost full bottle of red wine. Opened a unit door and withdrew two large goblet glasses.

"Be a gentleman and pour please, I'll get cutlery."

I poured the wine noting that it was a Merlot, ideal to accompany stroganoff with its peppery finish. Serving it cold makes the finish better.

Dropping the cutlery on the marble Elise took the glass and gulped half of it down in one go.

"That's what I need, I don't normally drink in the bar as a rule as it becomes a downwards slope. Much better to drink up here or out with company."

I had to agree with her,

"Makes sense when you are surrounded by alcohol all of the time."

"My dad taught me that and I won't break it."

She filled her glass and took a more ladylike mouthful of the wine. She moved between my thighs and the kimono I was wearing barely covered my dick. The stools were low enough that we were face to face. With her wine in one hand she stroked my face while looking into my eyes. My glass was on the counter so I put my hands on her waist.



"My dad would have liked you. You remind me of him in some ways. Polite, considerate and gentlemanly. He would have had so much in common with you."

I noticed her eyes well up a little. I said to her, "If he would have approved of me and the thought makes you happy then I am happy for you too."

She put her glass down and buried her head into my neck, hugging me. I felt her give a little sob and I held her too me. She sniffed and raised her head and wiped her eyes with her fingers.

"I'm sorry I just miss him in my life."

"Don't be, he will always be part of your life.

The microwave beeped and Elise went to get the food. She dropped the trays on the counter saying, "Fuck, they’re hot!"

I was going to make a smart remark but refrained.

Pulling the lids off released a pleasant smell and for microwave food it looked good.

"This is not your Cosco crap, I get them from a deli freshly made and freeze them."

I tasted mine and it was full of flavor with tender beef and perfect rice.

We ate in silence as food was really needed

Finishing up Elise dumped the trays into a bin and the cutlery into the dishwasher. I emptied the bottle into our glasses. Elise got another bottle and beckoned me to bring the glasses with us.

She opened another door that was the lounge come sitting room and again the lights came on automatically. They were uplighters set at floor level with tall art deco fans in front of the lamps. The light rose in columns between fabric wall coverings. A massive Welsh dresser sat against the wall covered in photos and small art deco statues. In front of this was a deep sofa in a pale coffee color with art deco panels on the faces of the arms. A low natural wood coffee table was close to it. The wall opposite had a huge flat screen tv a with surround sound unit below it. I could not see any speakers but guessed the were behind the wall fabrics. The floor was fully covered with a thick piled deep rose colored carpet

Closing the door Elise picked up a remote and dimmed the lights to a soft glow which had the effect of making the room smaller.

"Put them on the table," she said, putting the bottle within reach from the sofa." Make yourself comfortable." Pressing some more buttons on the remote brought music into the room, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here started with Shine On You Crazy Diamond, at a low volume.

I sat three quarters into the corner of the sofa and Elise came and lay alongside against the back of the sofa with her head on my chest facing outwards and with my left arm under her shoulders and under her arm resting on her ribs leaving my right one capable of reaching the glasses.

She idly played with the hair on the centre of my chest. I was fully content with the feel of her against me. My hand just rested on her warm covered breast without moving and I could feel the even beat of her heart.

"Ger, tell me about you."

"Well I am nearing thirty, single."

My de***********ion of myself was interrupted with a sharp tug on my chest hair

"No! Tell me about you, not a resume."

"What do you want to know about me Elise?"

"I want to know what makes you the you that you are."

I had to take a moment to collect my thoughts.

"I suppose you could say that I was lucky with the decisions I have made in my life so far although one or two didn't pan out the way I thought they would."

Elise raised her hand and caressed my face knowingly.

"In the main though the choices I made have been the right things to do. My folks weren't rich by any means but comfortably off. They made sure that I got a good education and put me through college. I got my qualifications easily as I had a knack with engineering science and physics. I got a good job in a company that paid well and when my parents died in an auto crash I was the sole beneficiary. I got their house and my dad had had a seven figure policy that paid out and made me secure financially. I remodeled the house a bit, bought the Mustang and the T140. I didn't need to but they were things I wanted. The rest of the money was invested and after tax I get a steady additional income.

I thought my life was made, I did not want for anything but at the same time I appreciated that you still needed to earn things. I met Julie and thought that she would make my life complete. It seemed as though it was until it fell apart. I was going to marry her and hope for a couple of kids. Mr & Mrs Average but you know how sour that went. I was close to losing my self-esteem until I took myself out of the spiral I was on and made an effort to live again.

I was bruised but bruises fade, you know you had them but the longer the time the less the pain they give."

I drank the rest of my wine and said.

"Then something came along that threw me a curve ball. You.

When I talked to you in the Cracked Pot I had no idea that it would lead to the most intense thing I have experienced. It is not the sex, it is not your body, it is not your openness but all of them condensed into the most vivacious person I have ever met. Your straight talking and open mind make you out as being completely in control of your life knowing what you want and what you don't. At the same time there is the soft part of you that slips out although you try to keep it hidden."

Elise was silent and her fingers had stopped moving on my face. I was unsure about what her reaction was going to be. Possibly I had gone too far in saying what I did.

She sat up and reached for the bottle of wine and opened it. She filled her glass and gulped it down. She sat there toying with the empty glass. She put the glass down and turned to me. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and falling on the kimono. The sadness I saw in her face startled me. She let out a sob and the tears flowed faster. I was unsure as to what to do when she flung herself on me and buried her face against my chest. I felt her hot tears on my skin as she cried. I put my arm around her and held her. The crying quietened and she pushed up from me and wiped her eyes with the heel of her hand.

"Why can't you be a bastard of a mistake that I made so that I can tell to fuck off and leave me alone?"

She sniffed and went on.

"I told you I did not want anything serious and I thought that would be great just being friends with benefits. So why am I crying like a stupid little teenager? Being with you less than three days I'm becoming an emotional mess. It is not the mind blowing sex we have. It's because in that impossibly short time you have gotten under my skin and I don't want to scratch the itch you have given me. I want it to keep itching. Before you came into the bar last night I was constantly looking at who came through the door. The later it got the more agitated I got and was thinking 'he's not coming, you fool. Forget about him'. When you did come in it was pure relief seeing you. My heart was hammering and I wanted to run across to you."

My mind gave a huge sigh of relief.

Elise hammered on my chest with her fist and then stopped.

"I wasn’t wanting it to be like this, I thought it would just be a friendship with sex. Ger, please don't hurt me. I couldn't stand you doing that to me now. Promise me that, please."

"Elise, I don't have to promise as I know I won't but I'll make that promise anyway. I promise I will never hurt you, Elise."

I smoothed away the last of her tears and saw the sadness lift from her face.

"Let's get drunk and not give a fuck." She said filling the glasses. She took a mouthful of wine and then bent to kiss me. She let the wine trickle from her mouth into mine and followed it with her hungry tongue.

I wanted to make love to her so badly after seeing her become vulnerable. I wanted the intimacy of her body, not just for now but for as long as possible. There was no rush as we had all night together so the bottle of wine gradually emptied to be replaced by another.

Lying with me in the same position, Elise said, "What are we going to do about us? We both have our independence and I don't think that rushing it would be a good idea. Now we know how we feel about each other. I think it would be for the best if this is allowed to flow slowly. What do you think?"

"As sudden and intense it is I agree with you and we should date, as corny as it sounds. That would let us grow together and not burn out."

"Date? Oh my god! I can just see you coming with the chocolates and flowers!" Elise erupted into laughter and slopped some wine onto her kimono. "Oh fuck!" She got up and slipped it off and put it on the coffee table.

"Well, I'm naked so what are you going to do about it?" Striking a pouting pose akin to a pinup.


I sat up and grabbed around her thighs and tipped her over my shoulder and stood up.

Elise put on a mock heroine in distress voice.

"Help me! Help me! Somebody save me. I'm being kidnapped!"

I headed to the bedroom with her legs kicking and her clenched fists feebly hammering on my butt cheeks. "Let me go you brute! You will not have your wicked way with me."

"No-one can hear you, scream all you want but you're mine now."

Getting to the bed I tossed her onto it and pulled off my kimono. My dick had started to swell when she had stripped of her kimono and now it was throbbing at the sight of her spread-eagled on the bed. I got on top of her and pinned her outstretched arms and said, "No use struggling, my pretty. You will never get free."

Elise just cracked up laughing.

I could not keep up the pretence and joined in then rolled to her side and pulled her to me. Her laughing reduced to little sniggers and her eyes sparkled.

"Well it is twice as obvious now that you need to keep the day job."

She toyed with my hair and stared into my eyes. "Promise?"


With that she curled fingers in my hair and brought her mouth to mine and softly kissed me.

My free arm went around her and pressed her breasts against me. I could feel her hard nipples poke into my chest. I stroked her back slowly increasing the area my fingers covered until I reached her cute ass. The tips of my fingers glided down her butt crack onto the back of her thigh missing the edge of her pussy. My hand reached the back of her knee and I brought it back even slower. My fingertips went deeper along her thigh and brushed against her sex making her wriggle her ass inviting me to go deeper. Pushing them in a little further I felt her outer lips which were moist with her secretions. I let my hand move up to the mound of her ass cheek and I kneaded it pulling it away from the other one.

Elise moaned at this, holding it apart with my palm. My fingers made better contact with her lips, enough for them to part and let me feel more of her wetness. She pushed her hips back against my fingers wanting more as her kiss became more demanding and tightened her grip in my hair.

My dick was jammed against her belly leaking precum.

Elise released my hair and reached down between us and grasped my hard shaft. She rubbed it across her belly, making me gasp.

Breaking the kiss she said, "Share?



With this she pushed me onto my back and straddled me with her pussy above my head while stroking my dick slowly. I got the hint and put my head between her thighs smelling her beautiful pussy. I licked from her clit to the bottom of her slit. My nose was nudging her puckered asshole. Licking down I teased her clit before pushing my tongue between her lips to taste her juices. At the same time, Elise was sliding my foreskin back and forth over the head of my dick using my precum as lubricant. This felt so good. She was moaning as my tongue kept licking her.

"Oh fucking god!" She said in reaction to me stabbing my tongue into her asshole which spasmed tightly closed. "That was like an electric shock. Nobody has done that before. Wow!"

Elise pulled my foreskin back and covered the head of my dick with her lips and circled it with her tongue and probed the slit with the tip of it. That made my hips jerk and more of my dick went into her mouth. She sucked on it while playing with my balls and stroking the rest of my shaft with a couple of fingers and her thumb. My dick was as hard as it could be with her actions.

She raised her head and turned to look at me as she lifted her pussy from my mouth.

"I need you inside of me, I want to feel the way you fill me."

I made to move but she pressed down on my chest.

"No, I want to make love to you. I want to look into your eyes as I do."

Elise reversed her position to straddle me sitting her ass on my knees and facing me.

She moved up and held my dick upright positioning her pussy lips on its head. Lowering herself a little to make the head of my dick part her pussy lips she let go of my shaft and cupped her breasts, playing with her nipples she looked directly into my eyes. Her mouth opened a little as she slowly lowered herself and made my dick slide into her.

I was enthralled by the eroticism of her, my dick felt as though it would burst if it got any harder.

Elise had now taken all of me inside her. She let go of her breasts and put her hands to my chest and leant forwards, her hair falling over her shoulders framing her face. She put her lips against mine as her hair made a zone of privacy for us and slowly forced mine apart with her tongue. I let her explore my mouth before meeting hers with mine as I held her under her armpits.

She had no intention of relinquishing control of our entanglement and sat up again making my dick move inside her pussy. Her hands pressed on my chest as she raised her hips and slid up my dick to the head. She held herself there for a moment and her pussy took me in again as she descended down my shaft. Her nipples were so erect as they pushed through her hair. She flicked her hair over her shoulders to reveal her beautiful firm breasts. She cupped them and offered them to me. I strained from my position until my mouth almost reached her right nipple. Elise took my head after releasing her breast and pulled me to her nipple forcing it into my mouth. I sucked on it hard, making her whimper with delight. She pulled my head back and pushed it onto her left breast with me sucking just as hard.

She lowered my head and her nipples glistened with my saliva. Leaning back with her hands on my knees she began to thrust herself up and down my dick at a faster pace. Her top lip glistened with tiny beads of perspiration. She licked it slowly, her eyes locked to mine. I could see her heart pulse under her breasts and hear her breathing get quicker. I knew she was getting close to coming and I was not far off either. My balls were so tight and the friction of her wet and warm pussy on me was out of this world.

Elise started to make gasping noises and she was forcing her pussy on me harder. My balls spasmed and the first spurts of my come shot from me. This must have been what Elise was waiting for as her pussy clamped down on me as I came and she let out a short cry as she threw her head back forcing her breasts to stretch on her chest.

Her pussy fluttered on my shaft as the last of my come jetted into her. She remained arched back gripping my knees and trembling from her orgasm, gasping for breath. A bead of perspiration trickled between her breasts and down her flat stomach to get trapped in her belly button.

Elise pushed herself off my knees and fell onto me with her head in the crook of my neck still panting. My arms went around her and held her close as she regained herself. She raised her head and sunk her lips to mine and kissed me deeply for a long time before coming up for air. Her hair was plastered to her forehead and she pushed it to one side.

She had her breathing under control again and said, "I need a drink." She extricated herself and released a flood of cum that coated my dick, balls and upper thighs.

Elise looked and said laughing, "My turn for laundry I guess. Use the sheet as you are not dripping that on my carpet!"

I wiped myself clean with the sheet and got off the bed to join her.


We padded naked holding each other to the kitchen. She went to the refrigerator with two glasses, pressed for ice and filled them from the water dispenser. She handed me one and gulped hers down. I finished mine and put the glass on the island top.

"Are you hungry?"

I realized I was ravenous despite the stroganoff earlier.

"You could say that."

"OK I have a solution. Get dressed."

"What? It's three thirty am!"

"Not a problem, come on get your clothes on."

I got into my clothes as Elise pulled a t-shirt dress on, her nipples tenting it. After pulling her boots on she grabbed her biker jacket.

"Let's go!"

"No panties?"

"You’re not the only one that can go commando!" She laughed.

Getting out the bar was the reverse of her locking up. She keyed a pad outside the bar that was in a lock box set into the wall.

Pulling my arm over her shoulder she hooked hers around my waist. To all extents we looked like any other couple strolling but this was nearing four am.

A few turns and we arrived at a neon lit hole in the wall Chinese place. The lights were on and I could hear the chatter of several voices. Elise thumped the door with her fist.

"Police! Open up!"

The voices fell silent and the door cracked open with a middle aged Chinese face in the gap. I could see relief cross his countenance and he turned to say something in Mandarin to whoever else was there. Laughing broke out behind him and he opened the door fully to let us in.

"I tell you not do that, Elise. You gonna make me old."

Elise hugged him and said, "I promise not to do it again."

"You promised the last time too."

"Ger, meet Charlie. Best real Chinese food for miles around."

"Hello Charlie " I said.

"Herro, Mr. Ger."



"Drop the act. It doesn't suit you."

"If you say so, Elise. What can I do for you?"

I smiled at his pure and flawless West Coast accent.

"Noodles with water chestnut, bamboo shoots, those skinny mushrooms, and fried pork. Twice."

"Have a seat Elise and I'll get Felix to make it . Beer? Tsing Tsao?"


Charlie went to the table of Mahjong players and spoke to the youngest. He got up and went to the open kitchen and fired up burners under two large woks.

He went to a cooler and brought out two bottles of Tsing Tsao, deftly flicking off the caps.

"Enjoy." He went back to the game and the chatter resumed.

"OK, I take it you have been here a few times."

"Sometimes I will stay up after the bar is closed and do the books. I always end up hungry and can't be bothered to even microwave so I come here and get the best food ever. They play Mahjong every night and I love it. Not some pseudo place with those damn waving cats but honest and popular with the community."

"Places like that are hard to find but they are great." I replied.

I saw the flash of flame at the wok station as Felix deftly prepared the food. A hiss of steam as he added chicken stock that sizzled in the wok, he threw noodles and vegetables into it agitating it before flipping the pork steaks in the other one. He gave them a couple of minutes before taking them out and chopping them into cubes with a cleaver. They went back into the wok and got tossed with sesame seeds and honey. He scooped the noodles into two large bowls and added the stock and then split the sizzling pork between them and then topped the bowls with some shredded spring onion.

He brought the steaming bowls to our table along with chopsticks and soy sauce.

"Here you go, Elise. Crackers?"


"Sorry, I forgot. Enjoy."

He left us and took his place at the Mahjong game waiting for the next restart.

The bowls smelled incredible and the taste of the coated pork was full of flavor.

It did not take long to demolish the bowls. A second Tsing Tsao was enough to round the meal off.

"What about the bill?"

"Charlie, how much?"

"For you, forty bucks."

"Ger, be a gent and leave a fifty."

To me a huge bowl of excellent food and two beers each made this cheap so I left sixty.

"You know he will charge me more now the next time I get hungry?"

"To me that was worth every cent and I would not underpay for that quality."

"OK, Mr high and mighty. Take me home."

We said goodbye and walked back to the bar. As Elise was opening up the door a cop cruiser stopped across the road and the window rolled down. The cop eyed me up and down before turning his head towards Elise.

"Late one, Elise?"

"Yup, just back from Charlies, Eddy"

"OK, take care, Elise." He rolled slowly away.

Back upstairs, "Shower time. I am in serious need of sleep."

After a slightly no nonsense shower Elise dragged the sheets off the bed and as she took them to the utility room I remade the bed.

We got into bed after Elise activated the sound system at a low volume replaying Wish You Were Here.

"You are here and that is all that matters to me. She kissed me softly turned and snuggled her ass up to me holding my arms around her. As I watched her breathing relax and I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Falling asleep to the music with Elise in my arms. What could have been better?
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