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Please enjoy, might do another part. Let me know your thoughts, hopefully positive.
Day One

Rose was nervous, fidgeting with her nails the entire flight. It was a short flight since her master only lived a state away but all she could think was how crazy it was that he paid to fly her out and actually wanted to meet her. Millions of questions ran through her head.

Would he look just as handsome in person like over their video calls… would she? Is he as domineering in person like he was over text? Would he be sweet after using her like a dirty whore?

The flight flew by, and a text was waiting for Rose already once switching her phone off of airplane mode. They were instructions from her master.

‘Come to parking garage B’

Reading the signs, she easily found her way to the parking garage and saw master’s sports car. The back was already open so she put her suitcase in and shut it, then walked around to the passenger door. She thought he would be a gentleman for their first official meeting and open her door or something. Boy was she wrong.

“What the hell-“ the window was down but the door was locked.

Master tsked at her. “Don’t start off the weekend like a cunt. Start undressing one item at a time and then hand them to me through the window.”

“But Sam-“

“You don’t want me to get out of this car and do it myself.” Rose definitely didn’t want that. “Hurry up.”

Rose looked around the parking garage, slipping off her shoes first and passed them to her master. No one was around so she continued to strip herself of her clothes, embarrassed because public play wasn’t her thing but it was her masters’. He loved to see her squirm and knew her thong was soaked.

“We don’t have all fucking day, whore. Go faster or I leave you here and make you walk.” Rose knew he wasn’t kidding. He meant what he said and kept his word. Within a few seconds she was naked and tried to hand the whole thing of clothes to her master. “What did I say?”

She flinched at his voice. “One at a time, sir.”

“If you know, then fucking do it.” One at a time she handed the clothes through the window, looking around for anyone. “Open the door but don’t get in.”

“Yes, sir.”

With the door open now, master could see his property… Rose’s tan skin of her completely shaved body, her B cup tits that were pierced were hard, and her pussy was wet.

“Turn around, spread your ass and piss for me.”

Rose didn’t object, knowing he would leave her or punish her another way, so she turned around and spread her ass. She smiled when she heard him mutter ‘fuck’ and started to pee, her warm stream going down her legs and sometimes hitting the asphalt with a splash.

As soon as she was done, she moved to sit when master said, “Don’t even think about it, piss whore. Get on your knees on the floor, lean over the seat.”

It was dangerous but Rose listened. He wasn’t joking when he said she would be on her knees most of the weekend. Her tits and face were flat on the seat, looking up at her master who didn’t pay her any attention except for the occasional caress of her hair. God, did he love her long black hair that she kept straight just for him.

After a few minutes of being on the floor, Sam patted the leather passenger seat and said, “Stay on your knees, suck my cock baby.”

With a ‘yes, sir’ Rose did as told because she wasn’t asked. That’s what turned her on most, being told what to do. Fully submitting to a man made her think she was less than. What would others think if they knew just how submissive of a woman she was? She did care, and always demonstrated how strong and independent she was in public but a little secret didn’t hurt. Everyone had their skeletons.

Now on the seat, bent over the console and shifter, Rose took her master’s thick cock out from his jeans. A thick uncircumcised white cock that slightly curved to the left. Rose had seen her master’s cock over picture and video, jerking off to her, cumming from her, and finally was the moment to have him in her mouth. All of him because neither of them expected anything less, especially her master.

Wrapping her bee-stung thick lips around his cock, Rose hollowed out her cheeks savoring the feel and taste of her first uncircumcised cock while master wrapped her long black hair around his fist and tried to concentrate on driving.

Rose had given blowjobs before to boyfriends but with her master was different and she really wanted to be a good girl for him. She used a hand to stroke the base of his cock as she attempted to deepthroat most of the length.

“Keep sucking, whore.”

Was he close? Rose couldn’t tell since this was their first physical encounter, but she kept going even if her jaw hurt. Most guys before him didn’t last long or head was that good, either way she kept going until she heard grunts and the fist in her hair tightened.

Rose swallowed every bit he gave her, letting her taste the thick cum she has always seen over the phone. Roughly grabbing her chin he said, “Open.” She opened her mouth, eyes closed from the grip he had on her, and made sure all the cum went down her throat. Sam spit into her mouth, “Back on the floor.”

Rose listened and sat on the rubber mat, tits and face pressed flat on the leather seats again. He didn’t even touch her body which upset her but he would over the three days they had so she kept silent for once.

Sam set her clothes and shoes on the seat, “Get dressed.”

“I need more room-“

“I was going to give you permission to sit on the seat. Now you can stay there, bitch.”

Her heart dropped at his tone, in a good way. Almost like she loved to hear degrading names but hated it at the same time.

Once she was dressed, he got out of the car and she followed him into a store. A sex store. Rose had only seen them in the movies and boy was it overwhelming. She looked up at him, because she was much shorter, and he gestured for her to go look with a basket in hand.

Knowing some of the things master wanted, she grabbed some sexy outfits that left nothing to the imagination, cute butt plugs, and then went to find her master who wasn’t near her.

In the basket was much more than she found; a paddle, ball gag, blindfold, cuffs, duct tape, zip ties, nipple clamps, a suctioning dildo, and a collar with a leash.

Rose gulped and followed Sam to the checkout. She had never done this in person, only watching it on porn sites. Could she handle it?

“C-can I sit on the seat now?” Was the first thing she asked.

“You may.” Master replied, sensing her nervousness.

By the time Sam put all the toys in the back, Rose was buckled, sitting silently while staring out the window while fidgeting with her nails again.

The hotel master took her to was very fancy with a valet and bag boys. It was a lot but he must really like me, she thought, which calmed her a bit.

Getting out of the car, master led her inside the hotel through revolving doors that made her giddy. “When I check in, get on your knees next to me.”

In public? Was he insane?


“Don’t make me punish you in front of them.”

Looking around, there weren't many people besides some staff. Being on her knees was better than whatever punishment he could think of. By the time she contemplated listening or being punished, they were at the desk and she dropped to her knees. With a wink, master checked them in.

When Sam finished talking with the front desk, he helped her up and ushered her to the elevator. “Start undressing, maybe next time you’ll think about questioning me.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be better.” That translated to ‘I’m sorry.’

Rose didn’t know what floor they were staying on but prayed that no one else would need a ride up. Thankfully, no one did.

They must have been close because Sam said, “Here’s a key, good luck finding the room.” The doors opened and Rose sprinted to the right, hoping master got her clothes and shoes. After ten tries, a door flashed green and she went in.

All their bags were in the room already. Master was acting nonchalant without a care in the world of what he just made her do. In fact, he was hard.

“What have I told you about thinking?”

“You told me not to. That you would think for me, sir.”

“That’s right. You’re thinking, that’s why you didn’t hear the room number huh dumb cunt?”

All Rose could do was nod.

“You also know better than to be enjoying the bed.” Rose was relaxing on the bed, out of breath and heart pumping still. Quickly she got to her knees. “Good whore.”

Digging into one of his duffel bags, he found the collar and leash. Rose held her hair up so Sam could put the collar on, then attach the leash. He yanked and she fell forward, catching the fall with her hands.

“Let’s go, I need to piss.”

Rose crawled behind him on the hard vinyl floors into the extravagant bathroom. Opening the glass shower door, she crawled in and sat on on her knees.

Sam wasted no time and got his cock out, “Mouth open.” This was a first for Rose but did as told, wanting to experience the degrading parts of piss play.

The warm stream hit her pierced tits first. They were the perfect size and natural. Rose could feel the piss glide down from her stomach to her pussy and then puddle at her legs till it went down the drain. Eventually the stream started to go up from her chest to her lower neck and then mouth. He didn’t make her swallow but she had gotten to taste all of him now which made both of them happy.

Rose didn’t know why Sam bought outfits at all when she wouldn’t be wearing them most likely. They had just walked, well she crawled and he walked, back to the bedroom area of the hotel room. She was face down and ass up at the foot of the bed and her master had just finished zip tying her small wrists and feet.

A tongue to her ass was felt before Rose could even ask a question. Sam wasted no time after securing his property, wanting to spread those tan cheeks and eat out her virgin ass.

It was hard for Rose to concentrate with master’s tongue working its magic inside of her. She couldn’t help but wonder if he had seen an ass and pussy as pretty as hers like he always claimed. Was she the tightest he would feel? He was older so probably not, she thought to herself.

She heard the sound of spit before she felt it on her asshole, making it pucker. What was he going to do?

A plug was placed in front of her face as an answer. She didn’t need to be told to open her mouth and suck it. It was small, about a thumb size.

Rose couldn’t move and had wanted to. She was scared of the pain and if it would ruin her pretty holes and body.

Knowing his slave's body language well, Sam said, “Relax.” Large hands caressed her round ass that was still in the air. “Breathe, Rose.”

It was rare for him to use her name but that definitely calmed her as the smaller rounded tip of the butt plug invaded her ass. Master kept saying encouraging words, and went in and out slowly, giving more and more with each thrust until the bigger part in the middle went past her sphincter. The whole plug was in, and the flat end was flush.

“Good job, whore.” A finger went into her pussy, which was tighter than usual with the small plug just a wall over. “Tight little thing…taste.” Wrapping her mouth around master’s finger, she could taste how sweet she was with him compared to other men. A lot more wet too.

“Thank you, sir.”

After ten minutes of having the plug in, Sam took it out and easily moved her higher up the bed so he could get behind her. His thick cock entered her soaked pussy, making Rose cry out from the stretch. How could someone feel so good?

Using her tied wrists, Sam held onto them like a handle and pounded into her from behind, making Rose cry out in ecstasy. He didn’t stop hitting the right spot until she came all over his cock, the lovely sensation last for what seemed like forever while master came deep in her pussy. Sam made her push out his cum and had her slurp it from his hand.

“Good girl. Put on the burgundy dress in the closet and black heels.”

Rose went to the closet once her wrists were free while Sam went to the bathroom to get dressed. The long dress was beautiful and of course tight at the top but flared out. Rose hated dresses; especially ones like this. Not wanting to get slapped, she put on the dress.

Master very much enjoyed the gown he picked out and was impressed that she kept her leash and collar on, he unclipped the leash and led her out of the room and to the valet so he could treat her to dinner.

During the dinner, Sam was a gentleman and treated her like an equal but she was sure people knew the type of relationship they had with the collar around her neck.

Master did a good job picking it out, he knew her well when it came to the things that made her horny. The collar was black leather, no jewels but it did have a metal hoop on the front for her leash.

Rose enjoyed being treated like royalty for the one hour during dinner; doors being opened, chair pulled out, and the bill paid for all by her master. He loved doing it too, seeing her all dolled up and a big smile on her face that showed off her pearly whites.

After dinner, the valet brought master’s sports car around while Rose leaned on Sam since she drank a little too much and couldn’t balance well on the high platforms. Thankfully, the car appeared a moment later, he opened the passenger door for her and then got into the driver seat. She immediately started to kiss his neck, “You taste so good, daddy.”

She liked to call her master ‘daddy’ when she felt bad sometimes, or wanted to get her way which rarely worked.

Sam did get hard, she could see it through his slacks. “May I suck your cock, daddy?”

He chuckled, “Don’t ask dumb questions.” Rose smiled at that and sucked master’s cock while he drove, he came just before they got back to the hotel. He was handsy and couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room.

“Undress, put everything back the way you found it.” Master was very particular about being clean. She turned around, rolling her eyes but listened, slipping off the dress to hang up, and put the heels back in the box.

When Rose turned around, master was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, before she could move he sternly said, “Crawl.”

Not needing to be told twice, Rose got on her hands and knees and crawled to her master, stopping at his feet. She wasted no time, her thin fingers undoing the belt, the button, and then the zipper. Sam helped, lifting his hips so she could pull the pants and boxers down, his cock springing free. Her right hand wrapped around the top part, pulling back the foreskin then took him in her mouth.

Rose looked up, watching her master lean his head back in pleasure when she started to suck the tip. Sam didn’t want her in control very long, especially after treating her to dinner and her thinking she could do what she wanted, so he took her long hair in his hand and made a make-shift ponytail.

“Good whore,” master said when she opened her mouth and throat for him. Ready for him to use her like a fuck toy.

Rose tried her best to take master’s thick cock as he forced her up and down by her hair but she couldn’t help that her hands tried to push him away. She knew better too.

Master pushed her away and stood up, looking down at her on her knees. “Look at me.” Rose looked up just when she caught her breath and felt master slap her, hard enough for her to know that she fucked up. No one had grinded his gears or pissed him off like Rose did, yet he still wanted her.

He duct taped her wrists, and started to use her again. Sounds of Rose gagging and choking on cock filled the room while she was used as just a hole. She looked up at him with watery eyes and her spit going down from her chin to her tits.

Once Sam had enough of that, he dug into the duffel bag and got the ball gag. Rose had never worn one… what if she needed to say something when it was on?

“This is for my enjoyment and for you to remember your place.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.” Master secured the ball gag into her mouth and around her head. This was partly because of all the times she had an attitude or pissed her master off, part of her enjoyed it.

Like the night before, he put in a plug after she sucked it and it was slightly bigger. Finally, master could have her pussy again. Sam wanted to see her face with the ball gag and smeared eye makeup so he positioned her in a cowgirl position.

Sam thought she looked beautiful in this state, one she was born to be in. That’s what he always said and she believed it but only with him. Rose kept moving her hips while master held her on each side, the short but curvy girl was moving to please him. Never herself unless told. Her pierced nipples kept bouncing in front of them. After months online, they could experience him sucking, kissing, and biting her nipples. Sometimes slapping them or her ass, making her squeal.

Master got off the bed, pulling on her legs till they were on the floor and the rest of her was bent over the bed. His cock entered her wet pussy with a swift thrust, and pulled her hair making her head look back at him while he pounded her from behind.

Master came deep in her pussy again. She could feel how warm and thick it was, and loved the grunting sounds he made when he filled her to the brim.

Rose followed him on her leash, crawling with her hands freed, to the bathroom where he pissed on her again with the ball gag still in her mouth. It was so degrading but she loved it so much and was confused when he joined her on the tile floor of the large shower.

“Remove the plug, clean yourself and rinse off, then come piss in my mouth, whore.”

Rose knew he had wanted for her to piss in his mouth at some point. She wasn’t into piss play before her master came along, though she had watched it before in porn.

Once rinsed off, he pulled her to his face by her hips. Being nervous the pee wasn’t coming right away and he smacked her ass, telling her to hurry. Finally the stream came out from her pretty tan-ish pink pussy, master beneath her with his mouth sometimes open or right up against her. When there was no more, he continued to lick her pussy and went up to her ass. She must have tasted good because he was stroking his thick cock again beneath her, a sight she loved to see.

“On your knees.” Rose got back down and master stood up, cumming all over her face and tits. He wanted her to be marked everywhere but saved her ass for last. It would be his favorite thing to break her in anally and cum in her for the first time.

They both washed off, dried and then Rose crawled to the bed. Sam was sweet and let her wear his t shirt to bed, holding her all night. She wanted to talk even though he wasn’t much of one but ended up falling asleep from the exhausting day.

Day Two

Rose liked to think she knew Sam well. After a couple months of knowing each other and talking when not playing, she knew the first thing to do when she woke up.

Carefully, Rose set down the fresh coffee with only some sugar, just how master liked it and then gently pulled down the bed covers. She admired how he slept, his dark hair a mess while the rest of his naked body stayed perfect from working out constantly. It was impressive with the age difference how hot he was.

Master’s cock wasn’t hard but he was still bigger than most even in that state. Rose pulled back the foreskin and started to suck until his hands combed through her hair and made a ponytail.

“Good morning.” His voice sounded so deep and hot in the morning.

“Good morning, daddy.” Rose smiled up at him. “I got you coffee.”

Looking next to him, master reached over and grabbed the cup from the night stand. “Such a good girl.”

Rose kept sucking till he finished his coffee and then they fucked all over the hotel room. Ending with his cum in per pussy.

Master was taking her to the golf course, for his enjoyment of course. Rose did get to enjoy her outfit and pleasing master. He did a great job finding a cute pleated white skirt and light pink top that showed her nipple piercings and brought out her tan skin better.

Rose was the perfect cart girl and caddie, getting whatever Sam needed while teasing him. She had no underwear on, and butt plug in her ass that he placed in the car.

“Come suck my cock, on your knees.” Rose looked around the tree they were at, his ball not far. “Hurry, no one’s around.”

Rose quickly got to her knees, pleasing master with her mouth while looking up at him with her big brown eyes. He stopped her when he knew the people behind them were close. The next hole, he took her up against a tree and came in pussy. Little games were played along the whole course at every hole there.

Lunch. It’s all Rose could think about after a long day at the golf course, and she didn’t even play! Sam took her to a nice rooftop terrace restaurant and bar.

“You did good, get whatever you want.” Rose kissed her master instead of saying thanks, while he toyed with her under the table. “You’re still fucking wet, whore.” She licked his fingers clean when he put them in her mouth. “Meet me in the bathroom, I’ll order.” He pointed her in the direction of the bathroom after telling him what she wanted.

It didn’t take long for Rose to get undressed and get on her knees in the single bathroom, it was perfect timing when master knocked.

Rose let him in, and loved the site of her on the bathroom floor. She was a dirty whore doing this on the floor of a bathroom…who knows when it was last cleaned? At least, it looked clean.

“Bend over the toilet.” She crawled over, placing her torso over the opening and gripped the top part. Master gently pulled the plug out of her tight ass and tongue fucked her while holding the plug to her mouth.

Sam knew they didn’t have long and plunged into her pussy, giving her pump after pump and then lined up the plug. Rose was a moaning and whimpering as he started to fuck her ass with the plug. The sound of it plopping in out of her ass was so hot to Sam, he found a good and sexy young sub who was eager to please him.

They enjoyed their meal and after that, Sam took her around the town to look at some things. It was their last night before Rose had to go back home.

Master didn’t want to miss a single moment of their opportunity so when they entered the room, he dragged her to the bathroom to piss all over her in the cute clothes.

Rose didn’t want to ruin the moment, clothes could be washed. She enjoyed the warm stream that soaked her clothes and opened her mouth when he got to her face.

“Fuck, such a beautiful whore.” Master caressed her face and she smiled up at him, thankful for anything she could get Sam. He had a certain way of showing affection and Rose was slowly getting used to it. She would do anything for him, for his happiness.

“Wash up, then get a bikini on, we’re going to the hot tub.”

“Yes, sir.”

It was just the two of them in the hot tub, a fancy indoor one. Sam couldn’t keep his hands off her. His property. Rose loved it, whether he was gentle or rough.

Sam got up, sitting on the edge of the tub and took his cock out. Rose hesitated. “Better hurry before someone comes in.” Why was he always right? Procrastination wouldn’t help in this situation.

Rose moved between his legs and took his cock into her ready mouth. She sucked and slurped for who knows how long till master stopped her.

“Let’s go back to the room. I need your ass.”

Rose swallowed hard. Was she ready? She had trained for a while now, always sending videos of her wearing the plug or taking it out, spreading her tan ass for master to see the small gape of her asshole. She got wet just thinking about it finally being a cock. Master’s cock.

Sam had Rose completely free, laying down on the bed with her face down and ass up. The plug came out, and master made a noise of approval. She smiled, knowing he loved her ass.

The squeeze of lube filled her ears, master rubbing it on all of his length. He squirted more onto his fingers and started to rub her asshole.

“Are you ready?”


Master was right at her hole.

“No, what do you say?”

“Yes, sir. I’m ready.”

“Good girl. Breathe, I’ll go slow.”

Rose trusted Sam very much, and he her. Foreskin pulled back, master pushed the tip in making Rose wine as she tried to breath through the pain of stretching so she could get to the pleasure aspect of anal.


As he said, master went in slowly, in and out until he was all the way in. Rose never felt so full, and she loved how his cock felt in her ass though it hurt. All the plug training served as a reminder that she was owned but also so he could be the first to take her ass. Something sacred.

Day Three

The night before was great but when they both work up, Rose and Sam were a bit sad that it ended so soon. She still brought him coffee, gave him head, and then he fucked her some more, not wanting to say goodbye to her tight young pussy or pretty face.

Master helped her pack after pissing on her during her shower before they left for the airport.

Rose didn’t know how master felt about her kissing him but she couldn’t help but do it again and again before she got out of his car and he drove off back to reality. Meanwhile, she flew back to her reality a state over.

For the both of them, it was back to only communicating online but they would remember the time they spent together forever.
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