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Sometimes chatting can have extraordinary results. The person in our story gets bored of jerking off online and starts looking for someone to chat with, and more.
Chapter 1

My wife is a nurse and I am a salesman in a hardware store. We are very ordinary, living in an apartment building. The apartment has two bedrooms, a living room, a combined

kitchen and a bathroom. The building has five floors, and our apartment is on the third floor. I am a middle-aged, slightly overweight, bald man. The height of an ordinary man

and the appearance of an ordinary man, so you could say that I am average in every way. Neighbors and co-workers probably think I'm the kind of trustworthy and responsible

father in the family. And that's what I think I am. At least when I am asked.

My wife is a few years younger than me. Not slim, but not fat either. She is quite short, pretty nice ass but small tits; a normal woman with brown hair and glasses. She's not

very sexually active, which sometimes annoys me. I've fucked whores, but it wasn't my thing; I gave up that hobby pretty soon, but I discovered a new area of interest.

I have a son, eighteen-year-old Jackson, Jack as we call him. He is a mediocre student in senior high school; not bad, but by no means excellent. He's not dumb, certainly not, but he

can't concentrate on anything other than what interests him. Comics, computers, hanging with friends, football. All of these things are typical for a old boy of his age. He is not very athletic, but slim and sinewy. And that's how I was when I was a young man too.

Our daughter is Tina, a fourteen year old teenage girl who is angry all the time. She gets mad at everything and nothing is ever right and think she's sometimes too funny. She wears too tight clothes to be fourteen, and her mother lets her; my opinion wasn’t asked. The girl has small pretty tits and a pretty tiny ass, and sometimes when I look at her, I get strange thoughts, but I get them out of my head and try to think of something else. Anyway, she looks like every young stud in town would want to fuck her.

Like I said, my sex life with my wife has diminished. We have sex maybe a couple of times a month, and as a man with normal desires, I had to come up with something else.

I started watching porn, but even that felt dull after a while. I once accidentally followed a link to a gay porn site. There were banners flashing with boys or men doing it with each

other. I don't know what happened, but I noticed that I got an erection. I have never experienced myself as homosexual, but the thought of having sex with another man become to arouse me. I watched the videos and felt a compelling need to burst out.

The rest of the family was already asleep; it seemed halfway through the night when I sneaked into the bathroom and got the toilet paper. The computer was placed in the living room, which has no doors to the hallway or kitchen. I clicked on a video of two men my age kissing and fondling each other. Their stiff cocks were touching, and it was so exciting to me that I cum immediately.

I stayed at the computer for a while, then closed the video, and wondered if I was becoming gay. I hadn't lost my interest in women, so I thought it was just a passing phase. But it wasn’t temporary. I started watching videos almost every day, sometimes several times a day.

I did it whenever the opportunity arose, and began to feel kind of stupid that I was wasting my sexuality by masturbating in front of a PC. At the same time, I might be able to set up something more concrete with the same device. So I googled dating sites and found a few. At first I just chatted with other men, until I found the video chats. I masturbated with the men, but even that felt empty, and left me wanting more.

Finally, I decided to be encouraged and asked a man out on a date who was my age and whose body was similar to mine. Stubble, short hair…. That's what this guy was like. He had an insanely large penis that almost didn't fit in my mouth. Sucking a man's organ for the first time was a different experience than I had imagined; the cock was somehow soft, even though it was hard. The man sucked me better than anyone had ever sucked me before, he really knew what he was doing. He swallowed all my cum that I shot into his mouth.

Like I said, he had a really big dick. And he wanted to fuck me with it. It was scary, but at the same time exciting to think of such a big piece of flesh coming inside me and letting him enjoy my ass. I got down on all fours and he carefully lubricated his cock and pushed it slowly but firmly into me. At some point I was sure my anus would tear, but he told me to relax, and when I did, everything became easier. He fucked me hard, and with each thrust, I moved forward a few inches. It felt crazy that what I was usually doing to my wife in bed was now happening to me.

He grabbed my cock as he fucked the virginity out of my ass, and I shot my seed onto the sheets and pillow. He picked up the pace, and at some point his swollen cock began to swell even more in my ass and began to spurt cum. I felt it inside me. It was incredibly arousing to think that another man's semen was deep inside my anus. I met this man a few more

times, and he taught me all about male sex and how two men can pleasurably satisfy each other.

I continued to chat and met a few other men, and all I was doing was just meeting up to get laid. I didn't

want to create any emotional feelings with these men; somehow it felt against my character. One day, while I was at work, I was setting up the storage area of the shop and was left alone. It gave me a chance to get into a chat and see if I could find someone who was interested in fucking. By googling I found a new chat where I could choose a chat partner based on his age.

I never thought I would fuck younger guys, but in this chat I could set the age limit to eighteen. I never had any serious thoughts about a search at that age, but I did it just for fun. So I set the age limit to exactly eighteen, not up from it, and waited for it. Since I was in my fifties, I had no expectations and just continued shelving.

I had been working for about fifteen minutes when I heard a small "ding" coming from the computer. I sat down at the desk and saw that a chat box had pop up on the page.

It said, "Bigboy wants to chat with you.”

I thought about what to say, but couldn't think of anything clever.

>> Hi Bigboy, what's up? - I thought for a moment before replying.

Okay, so curiosity brought you here to see what's going on?

> So what are you looking for? Just a friend? Sex? Relationship?

Why is that? I guess not many guys your age are interested in older guys.

I'm not going anywhere, but I just wonder… I have a son of your age and… I find it hard to imagine him being interested in these things.

Of my dick?

> Heh, you are wanking.

> This is just for us... I would love too, but I'm sitting in a cafe. - I started to get into a mood where I couldn't control myself. Then my phone rang. My wife called and asked if I was coming home and gave me a list of things to pick up at the store on the way home. I promised the guy we would be back as soon as possible. I started to feel like there was only one way I could get out of it.

At night I sat in the corner of the couch. My wife was watching some stupid reality show and I was playing with my phone. I opened the Duck Duck browser and searched for

images with the keyword 18 yo boy. Thousands of images came up, of course. I imagined what it would be like to share an intimate moment with someone in the pictures. I found a lot of pics of boys just in their swimsuits.

Firm and slender bodies, tanned skin, tight butts. Some bulges in the trunks. I liked what I saw. It felt crazy that just a few days ago I wouldn't have reacted at all to pictures

like that, because I was into men of my age. I told my wife I was going to clean up a bit, and jerked off shooting my cum on the shower wall. Then I shaved my genitals and took a picture. After the shower I went to the balcony to cool off and then I sent the boy a short and simple message with a picture:

>> Would you like to meet me? Just before I went to bed I checked my emails, the boy had replied with just a one word:
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