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A neglected wife sends a surprise to her husband's hotel room since he's out of town for their anniversary
Tom was sitting alone in his hotel room when there was a knock on his door. Work had kept him away from home for over 3-weeks, but every night he called his wife, Sherry, to see how she was doing. During their nightly call she had asked if he had any plans for the evening, and he’d responded by saying he was staying in and watching a movie.

Dining out and aimlessly wandering around a strange city had lost its appeal after 4-years of seemingly unending work trips. Sherry understood travel was part of his job, but that didn't make the continual distance any easier for her. To make things worse, it was their anniversary.

Instead of celebrating this special day together, they’d both woken up alone, spent the day alone, and soon, they’d fall asleep alone. Their days of wild sex ended when Tom accepted this job, and on the rare occasion they did have sex, they fell into a worn routine that lacked spontaneity and passion. Every night on the road Tom turned to his hand for relief, and he often wondered if his wife did the same, or was she content to go without.

The knock came again and this time Tom got up to open the door. This wouldn’t be the first time a drunk businessman had forgotten his room number, but he never understood why they knocked after their keycard didn't work.

To his surprise, a sultry redhead, with an hourglass figure stood on the other side of the door, and her piercing blue eyes lit up when she saw him. He didn't know who she was, but he couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement at seeing such a nubile woman.

"Hello Tom," she purred as she slipped past him. Once inside his room she pushed the door closed with her foot and said, "I'm Amber, Sherry's friend from college."

Tom's heart raced as he took in her seductive smile and the way her dress clung to every curve of her body. He couldn't deny the instant attraction he felt towards her, and briefly he wondered if his wife had seen too many “loyalty test” reels on social media and was conducting her own experiment.

Tom retreated into the room, and away from the provocative enchantress, and cautiously asked, "So. what are you doing here?".

Amber chuckled softly and closed the distance between them until their bodies were almost touching. "Sherry told me that you've been lonely without her," she said huskily. "Since I live nearby she asked if I'd stop by and offer you some company tonight. It is your anniversary after all."

Tom's heart raced as Amber's words hung in the air. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lonely? Company? Anniversary? He felt a mixture of emotions, ranging from confusion to desire, but he knew he needed to keep his wits about him as this felt like a trap.

He backed again, creating some distance between them. "Amber, I don't know what to say," he stammered, trying to find his footing. "This is. unexpected."

Amber's laugh was anything but innocent, her eyes smoldered with carnality. "Oh, come on, Tom," she cooed, taking a step closer again. "Don't be shy now. Sherry knows just how much you miss her touch."

Tom's mind was spinning with conflicting thoughts. He couldn't deny the allure of Amber's presence or the arousal that coursed through his veins, but he also couldn't ignore the nagging feeling that something wasn't right.

"I don't recall Sherry ever mentioning a friend named Amber. How exactly did you know her?" he asked, hoping to shed some light on his predicament.

Amber smirked, her eyes piercing his veil. "I became friends with Sherry after we discovered we were both fucking with the same guy," she said. Biting her lower hip she added, "Funny how life circles back sometimes."

Tom's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He hadn't expected that answer. His mind raced as he tried to process the implications of what Amber had just revealed.

"Wait, are you saying.?" he started to ask, but Amber cut him off with a seductive laugh.

"No need for all that guessing," she announced, taking a step closer again. "I'm here to give you the pleasure you deserve. You do like pleasure, right?"

Tom hesitated for a moment, torn between his curiosity and his reservations. The situation felt too strange and complex to fully comprehend.

"I. I don't know if this is a good idea," he muttered. Turning his head, he nervously looked around, hoping to find an answer, but if his suitcase held the key, it was remaining silent.

Amber let out an exasperated sigh and crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh come on," she scoffed impatiently. "Do you really think your wife asked me to stop by on your anniversary to share college stories?"

Tom looked at her blankly, afraid to give an answer. "Seriously, Tom? Can't you take a hint?" she snapped. "Your wife gave me your room number so I could seduce you "

Tom's heart raced as he watched Amber pull out her phone and start scrolling. His mind was spinning with conflicting thoughts, desire battling against the nagging feeling that he was missing some important detail.

"Here it is," Amber said, holding up the phone so Tom could see the text messages.

Sherry: So you’ll do it?

Amber: Of course. After all we’ve been through, seducing your the least I can do

Sherry: u really don’t mind that he's married?

Amber: Married? Please. If I limited myself to single men I’d never get any action

Sherry: lol u haven’t changed

Amber: Seriously?

Sherry: lol

Amber: Sooooo whens this happening

Sherry: Wednesday, it’s our anniversary

Amber: Kinky, I love it girl

Sherry: Thought u would. One last thing

Amber: Spill

Sherry: If u manage to seduce him, I want u to fuck him

Amber: There’s no if. I got ya.

Amber tossed her phone to the bed, preventing him from reading more, but that conversation snippet had been enough. Tom felt both confusion and arousal wash over him as he considered the indecent request his own wife had made.

"But why would Sherry want me to be with you?" he stammered, his voice barely audible.

Amber chuckled softly, her eyes sparkling mischievously as she stepped even closer to Tom. "Oh, come on now, Tom," she purred seductively. "Do you want to get buried in analysis or just enjoy the anniversary gift your wife thinks you deserve?"

Tom took another step back and his mind raced as he tried to make sense of the situation, but he simply couldn't get past the feeling that this was all too good to be true. He knew his wife, or at least he thought he did. Wasn’t his wife the woman who didn’t like to roleplay because that meant he was focusing on pleasing a fantasy woman instead of her? How could she possibly go from thinking like that to bringing a roleplay scenario to life, with a real woman?

Tom's hesitation was palpable, causing Amber to chuckle once more, "Now Tom," she replied, closing the distance between them again. "Don't you want to experience pleasure like this? To have someone who knows exactly how to make you feel good?"

Tom's mind continued to spin uncontrollably. He knew he should resist, but his body yearned for the touch of a woman. The allure of Amber's presence was too strong to ignore.

"I. I don't know," he stammered, his voice filled with uncertainty. "This somehow feels wrong."

Amber rolled her eyes dramatically and let out an exasperated sigh. "Tommm," she said, drawing his name out slowly. "Are you seriously going to refuse this? You can’t deny how much you miss having your wife next to you in bed. You miss her, and all the things she can do for you.”

Amber placed her hand on his arm and started rubbing it slowly. “I came here to give you a taste of what you've been missing, and to remind you how much it sucks to be alone." The corners of her mouth curled and she licked her lips as she added, “Being alone sucks….and so do I.”

Tom's body froze as he watched Amber reach up and undo a strap going over her shoulder. One side of her dress tumbled down, as if in slow motion, and he found himself unable to look away as a single breast became exposed.

Reflexively Tom swallowed as he reveled in the site before him. Amber hadn’t needed a bra because, even without support, her round tender flesh stood firm, begging for his mouth to worship it.

"I don't know," he muttered hesitantly,"This feels. different."

Amber wasn’t deterred and she stepped even closer to him. Placing both hands on his chest she violently pulled his dress shirt open, causing a button to fly across the room. Inching closer her breast made contact with his skin, causing his heart to race and his fitness tracker to log a strenuous activity event.

"Pleassse," she cooed, trailing a finger along his jawline. "Don't you want to feel pleasure like this? To experience something new and exciting?"

Tom's body responded instinctively to the sensation of skin-on-skin, but his mind was filled with doubts and uncertainty.

"I. I don't know if I can go through with this," he stammered, as he struggled to get those words out.

Amber smirked, her eyes glinting as she continued to caress Tom's face. She knew exactly how to push his buttons and ignite the previously extinguished fire within him. With a devilish grin she slid her hand between his legs and pressed her palm over his throbbing cock.

"Stop thinking so much," Amber enticed, her voice dripping with desire. "Just let go."

Tom's hesitation melted away as Amber's words echoed in his mind. The desire to experience something new and exciting overpowered his reluctance. He could feel himself surrendering to the temptation that lay before him.

In one swift motion, Amber pressed her lips against Tom's, their tongues tangling in a passionate dance. Their kisses were impassioned and demanding, leaving no room for doubt or innocence.

As their bodies moved in sync, Amber's hands explored every inch of Tom's body with a skill that left his head spinning. The way she touched him was calculated and deliberate, and for a moment, he thought his legs would give out beneath him.

Tom's hand pawed at Amber's breasts as he kissed her lips and neck, his mouth hungry for her taste. His fingers traced down her side, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. Amber smirked, her eyes alight with excitement as she opened his pants and started stroking his cock with both hands.

"Fuck," Tom groaned, his voice filled with both pleasure and indecision. "I..I don't think we should do this."

Amber chuckled softly, her touch growing more urgent as she continued to stroke him. "Oh come on, Tom," she teased. "You've been craving this for so long. Don't deny yourself the pleasure."

"I…I don't want Sherry to find out," he admitted.

Amber smirked, her blue eyes glinting with a certainty of knowledge as she held him captive with her gaze . "Listen here, Tom," she said in an aggressively erotic tone. "The only thing that'll upset Sherry is finding out I left your room without fucking you."

Tom's heart raced at Amber's words, but years of faithfulness was still holding him back. He knew that the right decision, the moral decision, was to tell Amber to leave, but there was a spell in her presence which wouldn’t let him say those words..

Amber released him from her grasp and stepped back, wickedly grinning as she grew more determined to break his will. Slowly, she unhooked the other strap on her dress, revealing her other breast. She had never regretted the money it’d taken to ensure her breasts were perfect, and she didn’t believe Tom would be the first man capable of resisting them.

Tom's mind raced as he watched Amber’s fingers circle her nipples while her dress defiantly clung to her waist. When he tried to speak Amber walked over and pushed him back onto the bed with a force that surprised him.

"Oh, Tom," she cooed in the voice of a cruel temptress."This was inevitable from the moment you opened the door." She slowly climbed onto the bed, each movement sending a jolt of anticipation coursing through his veins.

Tom's breath hitched in his throat as Amber straddled him, her bare breasts swaying enticingly above him. Her eyes locked onto his, filled with both desire and control.

"I know exactly what you want," she hissed huskily, her fingers trailing along his bare chest. "I know exactly how to please a man. I can please you in ways no woman ever has." She reached down and pulled his hand up to her milky white breast as she teased, "Not even your wife can make you feel the way I’m going to."

Tom's hesitation lingered in the air as he looked up at Amber's perfect figure. His mind raced with conflicting thoughts - guilt mingled with unquenchable lust.

"But. but Sherry," he stammered weakly, desperately searching for an escape from this impossibly tempting scenario.

Amber rolled her eyes, her smile fading from her lips. "Oh, spare me your pathetic excuses," she scoffed. "You're such a fucking hypocrite, Tom. You haven’t seen your wife in nearly a month, you talk to her less than an hour a week, and you’ve only fucked her twice this year. And now you’re trying to cling to your fucking principles like you’re some kind of attentive husband?" Reaching behind her she lifted the back of her dress up and then she pressed her panty-clad ass against his throbbing cock, causing him to gasp.

Tom's hesitation waned as desire took over, but guilt clawed at his conscience like a persistent itch. He kept telling himself to resist Amber's advances, but the allure of forbidden pleasure was clearly taking hold.

"Forget about Sherry," Amber insisted as she lifted off of him and went to her knees next to the bed. Her voice called out to him, a siren’s song as she begged, "I’m here now, Tom. Enjoy this moment while you can."

Tom's mind screamed for him to run, but he remained motionless as Amber pulled his pants to the floor. Looking down he saw her mouth open just before her tongue began to trace circles around his balls. As if possessed, he reached down and placed his hands on the sides of head. "I can't do this," he managed to stammer out, but instead of pushing her away, he held her in place.

Amber looked up at him from between his legs, "Oh, come on," she said, her voice etched with frustration. "Don't tell me you're going to let some fucking misplaced guilt ruin this for you." She pulled her mouth away from his engorged balls and flashed him the innocent smile of a virgin. "You want it, don't you? You want to feel me take you into my mouth? How about my throat?” She didn’t break eye contact as the tip of her tongue lightly glided along the underside of his shaft. Her voice remained soft and intoxicating as she added, “You can have that, and more…once you stop fighting the inevitable."

Before he could weakly object again, Amber growled, "I said, enjoy it." Grabbing Tom's cock she guided it into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around him tightly as she began to suck and stroke him with an aggressive fervor that forced a groan from his depths.

Her tongue danced around the head as she sucked him deeper into her mouth until the head of his cock reached her throat. The sensation sent shivers of pleasure coursing through Tom's body, erasing his lingering reservations.

Tom leaned back on the bed, groaning in pleasure and gripping the sheets as Amber continued to orally assault his cock. Her lips encapsulated him, her tongue dancing with a fervor that made his feet go numb. Tom tried to sit up, but Amber pushed him back down with another show of force.

"No, no," she growled, her voice betraying her own arousal. "You can't leave now. I'm enjoying this too much."

Tom's mind was consumed by the overwhelming sensations coursing through his body. His guilt and morality were momentarily forgotten as he surrendered to the pleasure Amber was providing.

Amber's eyes sparkled with glee as she resumed her relentless campaign on Tom's throbbing member. She took him into her mouth again, her tongue teasing the head before letting him slip back out.

Tom's breath caught in his throat as he struggled to find words amidst the whirlwind of sensations. With the conflict within him abandoned, his desire for more grew unchecked.

"Fuck," he managed to utter between ragged breaths. "I can't. I can't believe how good you are."

Amber's mouth continued its quest to free Tom's cum from his throbbing member, her tongue moving with an expertise that left his heart visibly pounding in his chest. She knew exactly what to do and how to bring him to the edge, but she always pulled back so he remained teetering on the precipice of release.

Tom's eyes narrowed with frustration as Amber continued to edge him closer and closer to the point of no return. The tension in his body built with each passing second, making it difficult for him to focus on anything else.

"Fuck," he muttered through gritted teeth, his voice conveying the unfulfilled need within him,. "You're driving me fucking insane."

Amber smirked, her eyes gleaming with wildness as she licked his shaft in a way that made him squirm.

"Good," she whimpered sarcastically, running her tongue along her lips suggestively. "That means I'm doing my job."

"Fuck," Tom groaned, his voice revealing the unity of frustration and longing building inside of him. "How can you do this to me?"

Amber paused for a moment, fire flickering in her eyes as she looked over at him. "Because I know exactly what it takes to bring a man pleasure," she replied, her voice draped in confidence. "And trust me, there's nothing better than watching you squirm like a fucking helpless bitch."

Tom's eyes closed in frustration as he tried to process the overwhelming sensations coursing through his body. Somewhere in the back of his mind morality tried to reassert its presence, but its voice was being drowned out by that need threatening to explode from him, at the promise of Amber’s next touch.

"I can't," he somehow muttered through gritted teeth, his voice conflicted as he added. "I can't believe I'm..I’m."

Amber’s eyes were ablaze as she looked at him. Teasingly she said, "Are you trying to tell me you don’t want this? If so, your cock doesn’t seem to agree."

Without waiting for a reply, Amber resumed feasting on him, her lips working his throbbing cock with a fervor that made his head spin.

"Fuck," Tom groaned, frustration and desire serving as his only motivators. "Please. Please, don't stop."

Amber chuckled darkly, her eyes sparkling as she pulled back once more. She leaned on the bed and exhaled into Tom's ear, "Beg for me to keep going," she urged. "Promise you'll do anything, if I just keep going."

Tom's mind raced as he searched for the words that would satisfy Amber. The wave of emotions within him threatened to consume him, but the pulsing ache between his legs pushed him into submission.

"Please," he finally managed to choke out, his voice thick with a mixture of desperation and longing. "I'll do anything. Just keep going."

Amber went back to her knees and sucked him deeper into her mouth, her lips enveloping him completely as she dutifully used her tongue to stimulate him in ways no other woman ever had. Tom's body tensed with anticipation as he felt himself inch closer and closer to the point of no return.

But Amber wouldn't let him cum.

She vacillated between cruel breaks and merciless pleasure, keeping him on the brink of release. Tom found himself so close to the edge that he believed a single warm breath across his cock might be enough to make him explode, if only she’d grant him that kindness.

"Tell me," she purred seductively, running her hands along his thighs. "Tell me how much you want this."

"I. I can't believe I'm actually saying this," Tom stammered. He pushed his fears aside, giving way to the depravity consuming him, "But fuck, Amber, I need you. I need you so fucking bad."

Amber's eyes gleamed with an unquenchable hunger as she climbed back onto the bed, leaned forward, and pressed her lips against Tom's ear. Seductively, she whispered, "Tell me what you want. Admit it. Hear yourself say it."

Tom hesitated for a moment before surrendering to the overwhelming desire coursing through every cell of his body. His voice was filled with desperation and impulsiveness as he confessed, "I want your mouth on my cock, I want your breasts against my skin. I need to feel myself deep inside you. I need you to make me cum. Fucking please, let me cum."

A wicked smile spread across Amber's face as she wrapped her fingers around Tom's throbbing shaft once more.

Amber's hand moved with a skilled rhythm, her fingers expertly working Tom's cock as she continued to torment him. She sensed a little of his hesitation and reluctance still holding on, but that knowledge only fueled her desire to push him further.

"You're so fucking desperate," Amber taunted, "Tell me how badly you really want this. Convince me."

"Please," he groaned through gritted teeth, consumed by a combination of desperation and longing. "I'll do anything. Anything. just make me cum."

Amber's eyes glinted as she straddled Tom's pulsing member, her panty-clad ass once more grinding against his engorged cock. The sensation sent shivers down his spine, but Amber was determined to keep him on that edge of pleasure and frustration.

With a sinful smile playing on her lips, she pushed his shoulders firmly against the bed as she started to slide up his body, inching closer to his face. As she moved up, she pinned Tom’s arms under her legs, covertly trapping him beneath her.

Tom's breath hitched in anticipation as Amber's body pressed against his. He could feel the warmth radiating from her and the intoxicating scent of desire surrounding him. His body ached for relief, but he knew that this was just the next step in whatever Amber’s plans were.

"Tell me," she sighed huskily,"Tell me how badly you want to bury your face between my legs. Beg for the privilege to do for me, what I've already done for you."

Tom’s need burned within him and he couldn’t think any longer. All he could do was meekly beg, "Please."

Something in the way he said that word let her know she had finally won. She’d seen that look and heard that tone before. It wasn’t defeat, it was acceptance. A more dominant man would have forcefully fucked her face and cum down her throat the first time she tried to edge him, but years of marriage had suppressed his sexually dominant instincts. He viewed women as the gatekeepers of sex and he was finally ready to do whatever it took to earn his release from this woman.

Seductively Amber slid her hands along her body. Her fingers paused to tease and massage her breasts. She gasped and her back arched as she pinched her nipples, and once the pleasurable sensation faded, she did it again.

Her red dress still clung to her hips, covering everything below her ample breasts, but the need for modesty was over. Lowering one hand she slowly took the hem of her dress in her fingers and pulled the fabric up, and out of the way. Her eyes danced with excitement as she straddled Tom's chest and she watched for his reaction as she brazenly let him see her silk panties and the secret they held.

With her dress removed as a visual obstacle, the bulge in her red silk panties was unmistakable. Tom's eyes went wide as he realized that Amber had a cock.

"You see that?" she asked, a wicked smile playing on her lips. "You've been begging for this, haven't you? Begging to taste me like a proper slut."

Tom's shock was evident as he stared up at Amber, his mind racing with conflicting emotions. At no point in the evening had he ever considered the possibility that she wasn't fully female.

Amber leaned down until their faces were inches apart, her lips brushing against Tom's ear. Her voice was seductive as she whispered, "Do you want it? Do you want to take me into your mouth and suck me like the desperate little slut your wife thinks you are?"

Tom momentarily stopped breathing at the mention of his wife. Somehow he'd forgotten all about her, but suddenly new questions filled his mind. Before he could ask any of them Amber replied, "Sherry has always been supportive of my transition from Adam to Amber. So not only does she know, it's why she asked me to seduce you."

Tom's mind raced as he processed Amber's words. The very idea that Amber’s cock was the reason his wife wanted her to seduce him, didn’t make sense.

With her red dress resting high on her thighs, Amber decided to put an end to Tom's internal struggle. With an immoral look in her eyes, she reached down and hooked a finger under the elastic band of her panties. Slowly, she pulled them to the side, revealing a thick cock that throbbed with anticipation.

"Oh fuck," Tom muttered under his breath, his voice tinted with both awe and apprehension. He had never expected this level of debauchery from Sherry, but now that it was staring him in the face, he found himself unable to tear his gaze away.

Amber pressed her cock against Tom's lips, teasingly tempting him to indulge in his dark lust. Lightly taunting him she asked, "Do you want it? Do you want to taste me like the desperate little slut you truly are? After all, you promised you’d do anything."

Amber's cock pushed against Tom's lips harder, a challenge in its demand for him to submit. Tom hesitated for a moment, still processing the realization that Sherry had effectively asked her college friend, Adam, to seduce him. Tom didn't understand why his wife wanted this, but deep down he knew that he knew he was too turned on to resist.

Eventually, Tom parted his lips and he took Amber's thick cock into his mouth. The taste was salty and musky, sending shivers down his spine as he began to suck on this foreign object. Amber moaned above him, her hands gripping the bed sheets tightly as she rocked her hips against Tom's increasingly eager mouth.

As Tom continued to suck on Amber's cock, a mischievous smile played on her lips. She knew exactly what she wanted - to push Tom further into this forbidden territory. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she reached over and picked up her phone.

Tom sensed something was amiss when he felt her lightly touch the side of his face. Pulling his head back some he looked up at Amber and saw her phone pointing directly at him.

Amber's smile widened as she moved her finger over the screen. The thought of her capturing this moment, this act of debauchery, sent a shockwave of fear through his body. He knew that if a photo was sent to his family or friends, his life would be ruined.

As the unease welled up inside him as he muttered, "Are you really going to blackmail me?" He tried to regain a sense of control by adding, "You're playing a dangerous game, Amber."

Amber chuckled darkly, her eyes an ocean of deception. "Oh darling," she replied whimsically, "you have no idea what game is even being played." She made a show of tapping the screen, and in that moment, Tom knew she'd taken a picture.

Amber kept the phone pointed at him, and in her most seductive voice she teased, "Go on, show your wife what a good cock sucker you are."

The words had no sooner left Amber's lips before Tom heard his wife's voice coming through the speakers of the phone. Sherry's voice sounded playful as she said, "Happy Anniversary. I see you got my present."

Tom's heart raced as he struggled to free himself from under Amber, but her bent legs held his arms firmly in place as she sat on his chest. The room seemed to spin around him as he tried to process the shocking turn of events.

His mind raced with a torrent of emotions, wondering why his wife would have orchestrated this. He didn’t want to believe she would stoop so low, especially after all their years together,but deep down, he knew that his wife had always enjoyed manipulation and the darker sides of sex.

Just as Tom was about to protest, Sherry's voice came through the phone, her tone oozing sarcasm. "Well, well, well," she said, "looks like my little husband has been caught indulging his desires. Go back to what you were doing, darling, but this time, I want to watch."

Tom felt a surge of rage bubble up inside him at Sherry's taunting words. How could she want to watch this? He clenched his fists in frustration and tried to find an escape route from Amber's relentless hold.

Amber's weight on Tom's arm increased as she leaned forward to press her cock back to his lips. "Give your wife what she wants," she demanded. “Just suck my cock the way you were right before the video call.”

Sherry's voice came through the phone, teasing, "Come on, darling," she pleaded. "Show me how much you love it. Show me how desperate you really are." Suddenly her tone became threatening as she added, "Or do I need to add your mom to this call?"

A new surge of fear washed over Tom as he wondered if Sherry was kidding. He glanced at Amber, and she didn't appear to be surprised by this latest threat. The only thing he saw in her eyes was wicked amusement.

Tom had never known his wife to bluff, but was she really willing to humiliate him just to carry out some twisted scheme? The truth was, Sherry could be stubborn and if he insisted she would never call his mom, she’d do it just to prove him wrong.

The time Tom spent thinking about his predicament was perceived as defiance by his wife so she said, “I won’t wait forever.” Upon hearing those words he knew that it was the woman that was 1,200 miles away that had trapped him, not the one straddling his chest Accepting defeat, he exhaled and then opened his mouth, an unspoken invitation.

Reluctantly, Tom resumed sucking on Amber's cock, his tongue swirling around the head as he tried to find a rhythm that would please her. He could feel Amber's hips thrusting against his face as her grip tightened on his hair. The taste of her salty pre-cum joined with the growing scent of sex which was filling his nostrils and driving him deeper into submission.

Sherry watched from the phone screen, an excited smile lighting up her face as she urged Tom to keep going. "That's it, baby," she coaxed bitingly. "Show your wife how much you love that big cock."

Amber's fingers tangled in Tom's hair, guiding him with a firm grip as she ground herself against his mouth. The pressure against his lips intensified, pushing him further into obedience. Tom couldn't deny the pleasure building within him - it was undeniable and intoxicating.

Sherry's voice came through the phone, amusement emanating from her words. "Oh darling," she taunted, "I think it's time for you to take your place on your knees. Show me that you want to suck that cock, even when it’s not being fed to you."

Tom's heart raced as Amber let him up so he could move to the floor and drop to his knees. When Amber stood up next to him she pushed down on her dress, causing it to fall to the ground. Stepping out of her panties she stood completely naked before him, her body glistening with a sheen of sweat as her thick cock glistened in the light.

Tom hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do next. He took a moment to take in Amber’s body and he saw how much of an enigma it truly was. She had sensual lines, dangerous curves, feminine features, a seductive presence, and two memorizing breasts. The only thing out of place was her hard and throbbing cock.

His wife had sent a nearly perfect specimen to his room, in hopes that the sexual energy she exuded would excite him. Since Amber had proven he could be tempted, his wife wanted him to finish what they’d started, despite the fact there was one part of this woman that was anything but feminine.

Tom’s mind worked quickly as he tried to decode the puzzle before him. Why would his wife want any of this? Why would she threaten him? Why would she want to see him with another woman? Why would she tell him to suck a cock? Why? Why would she…

Suddenly a thought leapt into his mind. Maybe his first instinct about the night had been correct. Perhaps this was a loyalty test, only this test wasn’t designed to see if he’d resist the advances of another woman, maybe she was trying to see how far he’d go for his wife.

Thinking back, he realized that from the moment Amber arrived she had made it clear that Sherry wanted this. His wife could have asked him to buy her expensive gifts, paint the house or complete any number of other tasks, but what would that have proven? As a husband he’d do any number of things for her because he felt like it was his duty, so she had decided to tell him to do something he’d typically reject vehemently.

Was that all this was? Did she just want to see if he would do this? How did bullying him into sucking Amber’s cock prove anything other than his willingness to succumb to the leverage she held over him? As he pondered that, he remembered something else. Amber had made a point of telling him to enjoy it. She wanted him to enjoy the situation, the feeling, the need. She wanted him to beg.

That was it. Amber had said those things to him because those were Sherry’s words. His wife didn’t want to see if he could be blackmailed, she wanted to see if he was capable of enjoying something, simply because she told him to. She had to wonder if, after all these years together, could the thought of pleasing her still motivate him? If she wanted something, would her desire be enough to make him embrace, and enjoy it, no matter what it was?

Feeling like he was starting to understand, he reached out and took Amber’s cock in his hand. He glanced up at the phone, hoping his wife would see his acceptance, and then he leaned forward, welcoming Amber’s cock into his mouth. As he felt the warm flesh pass over his tongue, he told himself he was doing this for a wife he loved, and he should relish the experience, because that’s what she wanted for him.

Sherry's voice cut through the air like a whip cracking against bare flesh. "That's it, darling," she quipped. "Show me just how desperate you are for that big cock."

As he embraced the idea of pleasing his wife, Tom found himself becoming more turned as she controlled his actions through the phone. The combination of Amber's dominant presence and Sherry's sadistic instructions pushed him further into a state of subservient need. He couldn't deny the excitement that was building within him, even though a lifetime of cultivated instincts told him this was wrong.

Amber stopped moving her hips, allowing Tom to take control. With a hunger in his eyes, he eagerly went down on her cock, taking as much of it into his mouth as he could. He found himself licking the length of her shaft as he tried to explore every inch of her cock. Going lower he licked and sucked on her balls, savoring the unfamiliar taste as he gave himself over to his wanton desires.

Sherry watched from the phone screen, a satisfied smile adorning her face as she urged Tom to keep going. "That's it, baby," she demanded. "Show me how much you love that big cock."

Tom's hesitation wavered for a moment as doubt crept into his mind, but he pushed it aside. Surrendering himself to the taboo pleasure that had overtaken him, Tom fervently worked Amber's cock, his movements appearing urgent and desperate.

Tom could sense Amber's cock starting to expand as she neared orgasm. His eyes watered with the intensity of her movements, so he tried to pull away, desperate for a moment of respite. But Amber's grip on his hair tightened, forcing her cock deeper into his mouth.

"Fuck, baby," Amber growled, her voice dripping with desire. "You want it, don't you? You want my cum in your fucking mouth."

Sherry continued to direct her husband through the phone as she watched the scene unfold before her eyes. "Oh darling," she cheered. "You're such a submissive slut for her big cock, aren’t you?"

Her words hit Tom like a slap in the face, reminding him of all the vile things he’d said about others that engaged in acts like this. He had called it wrong and unnatural, but he couldn’t deny how turned on he was by the thought of pleasing his wife by making Amber cum.

Amber held Tom’s head in place as she continued to thrust her cock deep into his mouth. Her moans grew louder and more desperate, signaling that she was close to her own release.

Sherry eagerly watched through the phone screen as she urged Tom to keep going. "That's it, baby," she commanded, "Prove to me I was right. Show your wife how badly you crave a big cock."

Tom fellated Amber's cock with fervor, his movements taking on a will all their own.

Amber could feel herself teetering on the edge of climax. Her hips bucked uncontrollably against Tom's face, propelling her closer and closer to release. "You want it, don't you?" she growled through gritted teeth. "You want me to cum in your mouth?"

The instant she uttered those words, Amber's cock erupted, unleashing a torrent of hot cum. Through the phone, Sherry demanded that he swallow Amber's cum, but that was one order he didn’t need to hear.

Tom knew what his wife expected him to do, long before the words formed on her lips. Lost in his need to give Sherry what she wanted, Tom had started to swallow the instant the first drop of cum reached his tongue.

Tom knew that just swallowing her cum wouldn’t be good enough, so he opened his throat and greedily welcomed the salty jizz, savoring every drop that flooded senses. With each contraction of Amber’s cock, a new wave of cum erupted into his mouth, filling him with a fusion of satisfaction, pride, and guilt. When the spasms stopped, he gripped her cock and vigorously pumped the shaft in an effort to coax every drop from her, ensuring he’d taken it all.

The reality of what he had done hit him like a punch to the gut once the raw intensity of the moment had passed. However, he was unable to deny the uncomfortable truth of how good it had made him feel to let go and do something so taboo for his wife.

Amber looked down as she withdrew herself from Tom’s mouth, a self-righteous look adorning her face. "That's my good boy," she said, her voice deceptively innocent. "I must say, you went from committed husband to thirsty sock sucker with almost no effort." Reaching down she touched the side of his face and said, “It looks like your wife was right about you.”
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