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Fucking mom and daughter, side by side.
Chapter 34:

Time For Dessert

It’s not often that I find myself in such a position. My mind was thrashing around, confusing itself. Of course, the effects of the coke and liquor had merged, confusing me even more. Still stroking my dick, I reviewed how I got here. Picked up the barmaid, got a blowjob, got to eat pussy, got fucked by mom and daughter.

Now I was presented with two pussies, two assholes, round bottoms and glorious hips to hold on to as I fucked and pounded these enticing holes. The outer lips of Ginny's cunt were large, glistening with fuck juice, and protruding from between her thighs. Her curly bush hairs covered the top part of her slit but thinned out as they tapered into her fuckbox approaching her asshole. Her asshole was in the middle of a dark patch of skin, highlighting it as the target, and she was tightening and relaxing those muscles, making her anus twitch and quiver. She made her equipment look very inviting, glistening and wet. Easy to fuck.

I was familiar with Donna’s cunt, having licked and tongued it earlier. Her pussy was clean shaven, smooth, and nubile. Her outer pussy lips were not as evident as her mom’s but I knew they were there. I wanted to know what that delicious, tight cunt would feel like wrapped around my dick doggy style.

“What’s the holdup, Sailor? I have Partner duties in an hour” Ginny said. Donna chimed in, too. “Come on, Sailor. Since swallowing your dick earlier, all I’ve thought about is having you ram your talents deep into my pussy, my ass. But take my mom first. She has a Partner duty soon.” “You whores got any lube?” “In the top side table drawer.”

First, I lathered up my dick, then got a gob on my fingers. Starting with Ginny, I pushed a finger into her puckered asshole. I worked it in and out, then pushed a second finger up her ass. As I started fingerfucking her tight anus, I basically repeated the process on Donna’s teenage hole. Once I got two fingers up each asshole, I started working them in and out in unison. The girls started wiggling and writhing, letting out moans of pleasure. I saw Ginny reach between her legs to rub her clit as she barked out “OK, Sailor, OK. Now use your cock. Either hole. I need that cock to fill me up now!”

I slapped Donna’s bottom hard as I pulled my fingers out of her ass; she let out a whelp and cry. Then I guided my stiff cock into Ginny’s cunt. It was all wet and primed. Ready to go. My dick slid right in I started with a slow but full-blown tip to balls ramming, going as deep as I could.

I had my hands on Ginny’s hips pulling her back toward my groin when suddenly Donna grabbed my hand and put it on her ass. The intent was obvious. As I pounded Ginny’s cunt, I forced three fingers up Donna’s puckered asshole and started fingerfucking it again. After a dozen or so thrusts deep in Ginny’s cunt, I pulled it out and stepped behind Donna. I guided my still hard dick to her tiny, brown asshole and started pushing it in. There was resistance and Donna had a pained look on her face. But as soon as I got my cock into her hole and started pumping, she let out some long sighs of satisfaction.

“Oh, yes, Sailor. Oh my God, yes. Your dick feels so fucking good in my ass. Keep it going. Keep fucking my dirty, skanky asshole. Then pound my pussy.” I was enjoying this so much – I barely heard a word she said. I pulled my dick out of her ass and thrust it into her cunt. Just once, balls deep. It was warm, wet and tighter than Ginny’s.

When I pulled out, I stepped to the side, headed for Ginny’s ass. There was no need for more lube as I slid my rigid rod into Ginny’s tiny hole. There was no resistance. Just a wide open hole that needed a hard cock. I slammed my dick up her ass, as if I was trying to find bottom. After I had given her ass a couple dozen pumps, I went back to Donna. She had her hand down there, playing with her clit as I entered her teenage pussy. I grabbed her hips and gave her cunt a thrashing, over and over. I continued alternating between Donna and Ginny, first one hole, then another, then the other, back and forth.

Glorious as this was, I knew I couldn’t keep going as hard and fast as I was for long. Ginny was the one who had an ‘engagement’, so I concentrated my efforts on making her cum. She had her hand between her legs, fingers on her clit, my dick pounding her pussy. I reached under her torso and grabbed her boobs, pinching her nipples hard and twirling them between my fingers.

As I manhandled her tits and slammed into her dripping wet pussy, she started to moan and heave. She bucked her hips in a short spasm and cried out “Holy shit, YES!! YES!! YES!!” Then she squirted a strong stream from her pussy, gave another involuntary buck of her hips and collapsed on the couch, panting and moaning sighs of relief.

I was out of breath and just wanted to collapse as well, yet Donna was still in position on her hands and knees. I lay down on the floor and told Donna to straddle me and wash my face with her pussy. She obliged and soon I had her luscious, teenage cunt positioned right over my face, rubbing up and down. I grabbed her hips and helped guide her movements for maximum enjoyment.

After a few minutes, I gasped for air and grunted that I wanted her to cum on my face. She obliged by pushing her fuckbox on my face hard and quickened her pace. She was furiously working on her clit, rubbing it side to side, hard and very fast. She didn’t last long, squealing out “Fuck Yeah! Holy Fuck! Oh shit, I can’t contain myself. I’m gonna CUM!” The words had just tumbled out of her mouth when she let out three small squirts in rapid succession.
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