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The narrative presented within the pages of this book draws inspiration from real-life events and experiences. You can contact me for comments here on XNXX as well as contacting my pet Rebecca at her Account barbarabadgirl, if you wish to see the AI avatars and some real but blurred photos of real events used for illustrating the story.
Part 5-A

Chapter 17

My fucking Mac! -An oversight that ended it all

It was a nice warm evening for us to talk and laugh away from the stress of the jobs we did as a team. Trina, my best friend for years and someone I had helped through the hard time of a divorce that was her fault and to pull her out of a downward spiral of drinking and stealing drugs from the hospital and got her away from her addiction in silence. I kept her confidence and supported her by staying with her and her with me for a few weeks of the hardest time.

My apartment being on the ground floor and near the pool my door was left unlocked for pee breaks and keeping the drinks chilled. The table we used was just across the pool fencing to sit things over onto it. I had music coming out the window. It was a sweet set up. We had done this a few times over the last couple of years.

We all had on damp swimsuits. Being familiar with my house after spending many nights there in the past, Trina thought nothing of going to the closet where she knew some towels would be to use as leg covers or wraps for the cool evening air that was moving in.

I knew to turn off my laptop after making my last entry in my journal to save battery. I hit the off button and closed it as usual but of late it had been running some inner program and not shutting down properly.

I had ***********ed the exact wrong place to put my laptop out of view and for no reason other than my knowing what was on it. I expected it to be shut down but still the guilt of seeing it on my bedroom desk got to me and I picked it up and went to my closet with it. The self with the extra towels was an easy place to slide it under them.

Not being shut down it started running its self diagnostics generating heat under the towels.

It was several minutes before one of the women said “ Where did Trina get to? She didn't leave did she? “

I needed to pee and stood up just as she came out the door and stopped in her tracks and looked at me with a look of utter disbelief that stopped me too. She nodded for me to come in there and turned and went back to my apartment. I could see through the window that she did not stop in the living room and went back to the bedroom with my laptop in her hand.

My gut leapt into my throat.

That fucking Mac! It didn't shut down again! I am so fucked! Fuuuuuck.!!

My mind screamed as I made my way on shaky legs to my bedroom.

As soon as I entered the room, my best friend, the one I had done so much for, slapped me so hard it made me scream and stagger grabbing my face and touching my lip which had started to bleed, I looked at her puzzled, scared. Then she pushed me onto the bed where my laptop was.

“Stay there, damn it. I'll tell our friends that you slipped and twisted your ankle and hit your face on the bed when you fell down. They'll come over, say good night and leave”

Then we'll talk... You sick cunt! What the fuck Becky?! ― She mumbled to me while pointing her index finger at me.

My heart was pounding in my eyes, my hands were sweating, I was playing with my knuckles as I sat on my bed staring at the damn laptop lying next to me with all the evidence of my illness on it, waiting for Trina, every minute was turning into an eternity.

I was lost for a moment staring at a fixed point until a soft rap on my bedroom door woke me from my little trance. Two of my friends came to say bye and wish me well for my ankle. I had to sit as if it hurt and act the part saying good night to them. One friend stayed for a few minutes and helped Trina bring things in from the pool area.

I heard them say bye and the door closing then soon accompanied by the sound of Trina's heels.

I had enough courage to raise my head slightly and see her face full of anger, holding back, she paced up and down the room trying to put into words what she had discovered on my laptop, then she reached over and took the laptop in her hands.

I gulped, there I felt my world slowly fading away. At that moment I wanted to disappear from the face of the earth.

“Can you explain to me what the fuck you've been doing Rebecca? What the fuck is this shit I just saw?” ―She said, shouting no matter what.

“I... that... there's an explanation for everything Trina, that.. I”

Without letting me speak she continues.

“Everything has an explanation? Can you explain to me then what the fuck is going through your fucking head to mess with a girl? A fucking girl and she's your fucking NIECE!, Rebecca! What the fuck is this?”

She kept repeating herself aloud while her expression of hatred was such that my whole body trembled. I had never seen her like that, I had never been so scared in my life.

“If everything has an explanation I want you to explain here and now what the fuck is this? I don't believe you, stop babbling like a bitch and fucking speak up! Speak up!”

Every time she screamed, I looked around trembling and put my hands on my face to protect myself, as I felt she would hit me in the face again.

“Please, Trina, please keep your voice down…” I would say between sobs and whispers.

“Keep my fucking voice down you say?!!!!” ― At that moment she put the laptop on the table and approached me again with the intention of punching me, I covered myself and started to cry helplessly.

“Let the whole world hear what kind of a sick woman you are, I don't give a shit if I raise my voice!” ― She then slams her fist against a wooden shelf with all her might, the sound making me shudder.

With tears in my eyes and a trembling voice I reply: “That's a novel, I've been writing a novel, it's just fantasy, it's a fucking lie, it's, it's not what it looks like, it's just…”

“You're lying!!! goddamn it! you're lying!”

Her screams were so overwhelming that I started sobbing like a little baby as she shook me.

“Do you want to see my stupid face? Do you think I'm stupid?. Let's take it one step at a time here”

After shaking me hard she goes back to the laptop, opens it and starts reading while I can feel the vein in her forehead almost exploding.

She types hard looking for the pages of my "diary". -She then proceeds to read aloud excerpts of what she found in an evidently shocked and angry voice

“Being such a creative and imaginative girl, I knew after a few weeks trying to induce the dreams using the elaborate tale of The Bonders I had made up and in a story on my laptop with some illustrations I had put together to show her as I read the story to her would be embedded in her mind was working. She asked me if it was real or just a fairy tale.

Sweetie there are a lot of things in life that feel like fairy tales but are real and happen in secret. The Bonders are very real. But we will talk about that more later. Now let's get to the story.”

Every word that came out of Trina’s mouth brought more tears to my eyes, and I was bending my head down, feeling defeated and humiliated by my own friend, now feeling that she was removing a thick veil from my eyes, realizing the gravity of my actions all this time.

“You're telling me that you came up with a fucking story of a “secret lesbian cult" and you were slowly feeding it into this poor creature's head so that she would think it was real, like some kind of brainwashing? And now you're telling me it's not true! you were brainwashing a fucking such a sweet girl!!! manipulating her in the most disgusting and degrading way possible, taking advantage of her innocence to manipulate her at your own fucking whim and convenience, for what? to fill your own filthy sick emptiness? to fill your own ego and your own most disgusting primitive desires? The one person she trusted, has you, who trusts you, loves you, who should protect her and love her and is fucking her head off? what a FUCKING SHIT!!!?”

At that moment she grabs me by the hair and slaps me in the face so hard that I fall to the ground.

“There you stay, on the fucking floor, because I'm not finished with you yet”

Trina reading out loud: “Knowing Vanessa's interest in art and coloring an idea came to me when looking at erotic art online and how I could use some line drawings to make a very special naked women in bondage coloring book for her to use her imagination and at the same time lead her malleable mind down some erotic pathways”

“As if that wasn't enough, you used perverse games with her? A fucking BONDAGE coloring book, you tell me it's not true, but here I see pictures of her, pictures and more fucking pictures of her fucking panties, her spreading her legs, in the park, in the house, in the bedroom, you think this is innocent? You were taking pictures of her only with sexual connotations to boast on the sly? you were showing her inappropriate pictures and videos! THAT'S SICK, DAMN IT! You have been abusing your own little niece!”

With those crude words she crouched on the floor, grabs my hair again and pulls my head back. I scream in pain and beg her not to hit me. She grabbed my face hard.

“Look me in the face you sick fucking bitch! If you've been able to come up with this whole disgusting plan and carry it out, you'll be able to fucking face me and look me in the eye”

Sobbing and shrieking. My whole body trembling, I felt cold sweat running down my forehead. My heart was pounding so hard, my face was burning from the slaps, it's a nightmare, it has to be., this is not happening.

“Look me in the fucking face and tell me that's not real. that I'm making up all the evidence that speaks for itself, your many sick confessions in your own words of how you had the best orgasms while breastfeeding her in your sick ANR games, and not just her but Lisa! little Lisa you got her into your twisted games too? You fucking sick piece of shit!”

She started slapping me more and when I saw her fist coming towards me I stopped her with my hand and screamed!

“Stop it please, that's not how it happened, I never hurt Vanessa or Lisa, I would never hurt them, god please”

More uncontrollable sobs and tears, my makeup was a mess, my hair was messed up, I could taste the blood in my mouth.

“You mean to tell me this isn't hurting?”

“I never forced her to do things she didn't want to do, I was always sweet, and I guided her, she was always happy with me, I took care of her, I never hurt her, she thinks it's all a game, it's all stories we created together, I never touched Lisa, I only breastfed her a few times”

Trina was breathing hard and I could even smell her anger, see how her pores emanate heat.

“Games? That's your excuse? you didn't touch her? but you ran around like a bitch in heat using her. I don't know you Rebecca, you disgust me, where is my friend? Where is that loving, honest, kind, caring, honest woman? I dont fucking know you.

Finally she stands up and looks at me with contempt while I'm still on the floor looking at her and crying,

“You fucking disgust me Rebecca. How can you have the nerve to tell me that you didn't hurt the girl, when you're always horny as a cheap whore. It wasn't enough for you to fuck some guy at the bar or at work? you got so tired of dicks that now you have to find little girls and pervert them?, but your own niece, she is like your daughter, making them think that all this shit is normal and that nothing happens?”

Desperate for some kind of answer myself there was one bit of truth I could offer about the bizarre concoction of pills I was taking the past couple of months.

“It's because of the pills Trina, the medication and hormone treatment to be able to produce milk make me have a high libido, as well as some other drugs for dryness and low libido. For the first time in years I was feeling wanted, alive and wanted to even feel sexy again. It was not to be sexy for a little girl”

A lie came to me as I spoke when I remembered something I had told her weeks before.

“I have been seeing someone. That man from the auto shop with dark hair and nice build I told you about a few weeks ago. I have been seeing him and think maybe we could be heading for sex soon and wanting to be ready and be hot for him.”

My own emotion may have helped the lie come across as genuine because for the first time Trina’s look at me softened for a moment. She had said something similar about wanting to feel alive after her drinking and drugging.

I never had intentions of hurting my Vanessa, I love her too much, so fucking much, crying. “I love her with my soul, she's my whole life. I just wanted to help my sister feed the girls, in this game we play. I would never hurt her '' - I repeated over and over again while looking at the ground.

Trina was shaking her head in denial as she pulled out her mobile phone, her hands were shaking too, she was clutching her hair and touching her mouth nervously, in a state of extreme anxiety, thinking.

Still confused, still in shock, now in a state of denial, the reality had hit me so hard, all her words, everything she said to me hit me like sharp blades straight to the heart. I couldn't hold back, I wanted to disappear at that moment.

Trina sits on the corner of the bed and holds her head in both hands, a few more minutes she remains silent and with a defeated voice, and disappointed she looks at me again as I remain on the floor like a piece of drifting meat, I was completely demoralized, everything was spinning, it seemed like nothing more than a nightmare from which I wanted to wake up.

“If I had that girl assessed by a doctor, would you go to jail?” Trina asked in a broken voice, her head staring at a fixed point on the floor on the verge of tears.

I crawled to her and pleaded with her through more sobs and tears.

“NO! please Trina! I did not touch her, I swear to you, I didn't touch that baby, I love her, no! And besides they are both legally adults now even if they have been raised like they are not by my over protective sister.

“Maybe you should go to jail or to a fucking mental hospital, you need professional help as soon as possible, this is not normal, THIS IS WRONG AND SICK!” She pointed her finger at me as she repeated those words that were the ultimate stabbing weapon, piercing me through my body like daggers, my guts were twisting,

“NO! PLEASE I will do whatever you ask, whatever you want, dont do this to me”

“Give me one reason not to call the police for the incest, one fucking reason" Trina said as she held the phone in her hands and showed me the screen.

“Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn't kill you and turn myself in to jail for killing a sick slut? Uh? how can I forget myself leaving you out there, not knowing that you're going to do the same shit with another “willing” girl? If you've been able to do this to your own flesh and blood I can't imagine what else you'd do”

She kept thinking.

“And what if I hadn't found out? if this silly carelessness of yours had never happened? you'd get away with it? you were planning even more, to sink that girl all because of your dirty instincts, all because of thinking with your cunt instead of thinking with your brain.

“It would be the perfect crime, wouldn't it? You'd keep her all for yourself, your little slave? You're crying not for what you've done, not for what you were planning to do. You're crying because you think, shit that fucking TRINA found me out, I'm a fucking fool for letting her ruin my plans.?”

I finally broke down and spilled out my weak confession,

“You are right! You are right I went way too far even if I did stop short of worse harm and acts. I was based in love but still so wrong and so sick of me.

I accept that I need professional help, help me Trina, you are my best friend please, don't take me to jail, Vanessa is fine, she will be fine I swear.” I begged her.

Looking at me with contempt she sneered “You're never going to see Vanessa again alone again you hear me? You are going to take that fucking job in the other side of the country you told me about, you are going to stay away from her, you are going to get therapy.

This is a sick obsession, this is something inconceivable, tell me why you didnt talk to me first? Tell me why you did it, uh? We have shared some good times and bad but this is the worst ever, this is a fucking crime Rebecca, do you know the consequences? You have to face reality, damn you!

Trina started to cry and threw the phone on the bed. I could feel her despair and inner conflict as she spoke.

“You are like a sister to me, you have always been there for me, and look at this shit you do, why? I can't believe it after all these years. This seems almost surreal. What am I going to do with you?”

I finally stand up as I wipe my tears and sit on the bed next to her.

Trina can't find any more words to confront me but already her words of reality have hurt me too much. I did not want to accept my nature, but there she was, my best friend with the biggest face of disappointment and I still could not be completely honest in front of her.

I still could not tell her that I had done more things with Vanessa, luckily those other stories and confessions I had under code in another folder. I could not express my love for my niece or lust for girls that had come over me since being with her. I still felt she would judge me even if I knew it was all wrong, I still found some logic in my love for Vanessa but I had to keep quiet.

“I'm thinking about what I should do with you”

I try to take her hand but she pulls away abruptly and walks around the room pondering her plans for me.

Finally, she looks at me again in a threatening way, one of those withering looks that take your breath away.

“I will not call the police”

I go over to her to hug her. “Thank you, thank you, I promise...I”

“Shut your mouth, I haven't finished talking. I said I won't call the police but that doesn't mean I won't take justice into my own hands. You will take the fucking therapy when you leave but before you go you will have a few weeks to organize everything, your papers, your luggage and during those weeks I will be your fucking executioner, for the things you did to your little niece. If that girl grows up with traumas it is your fucking fault, she is innocent but you are not. You knew perfectly well what you were doing”

I was trembling in the middle of the room not knowing what awaited me while she surrounded me like a tigress groping her prey.

“I'm going to beat your obsession with your little niece out of you. If you like pussy now instead of a cock, why didn't you get with someone your own size? There are plenty of sluts out there just like you who want to experiment, but you had to be so fucking suck whore and you had to pick that baby”

“Trina please forgive me”

“You don't owe me anything. You owe everything to Vanessa. Every tear, every drop of blood, every sob , guilt, will be in honor of her, your beloved princess. I will take care of that for her. You owe her a big apology, but for now your life is in my hands. From now on I am not your friend Trina, I am your last hope for any kind of normal life.

Trina had me pick up some things from my apartment that I would need to stay with her for the week. She also found my small collection of sex toys and ***********ed some things I had in my closet and put them in my backpack.

Punishment begins

Chapter 18

“Come on bitch , lets go” She then had me follow her in my car.

She stopped at two places telling me to wait in my car, but before that she asked me for my credit card or cash. I was so scared that I simply agreed to avoid further trouble. She had taken my phone and laptop in her car.

At her house she does not say a word to me other than to follow her with my bags.

I try to talk to her but she tells me it's best if I don't try to say another word then she slaps and spits in my face.

When we entered her room, she pushed me to the floor in a fit of anger.

“Take off your clothes, you sick little bitch”.

“What?! Wait I..” I stammered.

Her face is filled with contempt. “You're not allowed to talk bitch, remember that you're not in a position to say anything, nor to complain. I have heard fucking enough!

With tears welling up in my eyes and trembling hands I began to take off my blouse as she looked down at me, her hateful words hurt me so much, her gaze piercing me relentlessly, I felt so humiliated and scared.

I unbuttoned my blouse and took off my skirt, I was now in my underwear.

“Stand Up!”― Trina ordered, as I stood in front of her trembling.

“Take off your underwear too.”

I ducked my head and hesitated for a second or more until she shouted again close to my face.

“Take off your underwear or I will rip them off with a pair of scissors.”

Sobbing, I first took off my bra exposing my breasts, the bra fell to the floor along with my heels but I tried to cover my breasts with my hands.

“Why are you covering your boobs with me? Why with a little girl you were able to show them without any shame and now you play the sanctimonious stupid girl here with me. You should be able to mess with someone your own size, so you suck it up for now”

Trina slaps my hands to expose my breasts. I can't keep eye contact with her, I'm embarrassed, and at this point I don't know what she plans to do to me.

She looked me up and down, I had on pantyhose, and red thongs.

"Take that off and put this on” she pulls out the shopping bag she had me make at the previous stops, it was a pink semi-transparent babydoll.

She started to reach around me as she looked me up and down while I put on the baby doll, feeling humiliated, my make-up smeared all over my face, eyes swollen from crying.

“Let's see what I can do with you”

Turn around.

“Trina please I just want you to listen to me…”

“Turn around and shut your mouth”

I turn around and close my eyes and squeeze them tight. She steps behind me, my heart freezes for a few seconds.

“Take out what is in the bag and place it on the bed”

I take the bag and take out various leather artifacts and sex toys one by one arranged on the bed. Then Trina, standing behind me, grabs the back of my neck firmly and speaks in my ear.

“Look what you made me buy, this is all your doing, if you're wondering why? It's because of you. Do you think I wanted this shit? You're turning me into something I didn't want, but I have to, I couldn't forgive myself for leaving you out there without any retribution”

After looking at the toys on the bed and with teary eyes. Trina reaches over and takes the leather gag with a bar and a silicone ball and orders me.

“Open your mouth”

I obey as my breath hitches.

. She tightens it tightly behind my neck and I shudder. I look in both directions. Then she takes my hands and cuffs them behind my back.

Then she spreads my legs as I continue to stand. She straps cuffs to each ankle that she fastens with padlocks and is held in place by an adjustable metal bar that spreads my legs apart and leaves me in that position while she takes pictures of me.

I shudder and swallow. I make some sounds with the gag in my mouth.

She approaches my ear again from behind and runs her hands over my breasts through the thin fabric. I shudder and move a little in discomfort.

“What? Are you uncomfortable, dear Rebecca? You don't like your friend touching you like that? so inappropriate isnt? Oh let me guess, is because I'm not your little niece, you fucking bitch, but you know what the bad news is? I'm not your friend tonight”


As she said this last sentence, gritting her teeth, she pulled my baby doll down a little to expose my breasts, my skin in contact with the cold of the cold air and the nervousness of the moment made my nipples hard.

Trina, without warning and behind me, trapped my nipples with her fingers pulling and pinching them until I writhed in pain, choked moans escaped my mouth as my teeth clenched the gag.

“What was that I heard? Do you want more? It's OK. I have always more for you”

I shook my head in denial several times but this only made Trina grab my nipples harder this time but against her nails and pull.

“Wearing that little pink baby doll and tied up like that, you look so pathetic, even though I'm a condescendent and I bought you your favorite color, pink, what makes you think it's a representation of little Vanessa maybe? Let's find out, but because I'm so fucking mad at you, I don't want to hear you say or utter any words or sounds until I say the opposite”

She then takes me by the waist and directs me to the wooden rails of the bed.

“Lean over there, bend over a little and get that ass in the air where I can see it”

At first I found it hard to give in. That's when I feel her firm hand on my ass and she spanks me hard and it echoes around the room and makes my legs go limp. The woman has strength.

“O..kay , ppleasse, not like--e this, easy”

I leaned over a little more, she pulled the baby doll up a little to expose my ass, I was quite uncomfortable in that position.

“If you're uncomfortable I don't give a shit, that's the point of it all you sick fucking slut”

I watch out of the corner of my eye as she picks up the long leather whip from the bed, as she watches and holds it in her hands she laughs.

“All these toys have cost you a lot of money, what greater satisfaction than to make you buy the implements I'm going to torture you with, you sick little bitch!”

My whole body shuddered with every word that came out of her mouth, a torrent of electricity flooded through me, anguish and humiliation flooding my guilt and feeding my fear. I didn't know Trina at all at this very moment.

“I'll explain the rules to you. It's very simple. I'll give you 13 lashes on your ass and you're going to help me count, I'm so angry I may forget to count.

I don't care if you have a gag in your mouth, you'll have to manage to tell me the numbers, understand bitch?”

“Noo--gmmds, ppleasse,ggplease, noo”

“What? I can't hear you. And for every number I don't hear, I'll whip your legs. Do you understand, you fucking bitch?”

I'm nodding my head, but still pretty scared.

Trina takes the whip firmly and with a flick of her wrist and arm she gives me the first whip on my right buttock,

“oughhf mn-”

I let out a sound of pain and writhe.

“I didn't hear the number…” Trina says as she gives me a whiplash on my left leg.


I say as best I can with my gag clenched, saliva dribbling out.

I feel another whip on the other buttock again, I scream and strain, it feels hot, and then a deep burning that spreads through my whole being. I don't think I can take even 3 more lashes.

Then another whip, stronger than the previous one, another scream! I was already sweating from the pain. I felt that area of my body getting extremely hot and burning like hell,

“TWO! oghh , sobs and crying

And so she went on in my ass, each lash felt stronger than the last, I cried with pain...,


“It's no fun if I’m not able to see your face”

She leaves the whip on the bed and walks over to me, grabs my arms and pushes me on the bed. I was unable to move because of the metal bar holding my legs open, hands cuffed.

Trina stands in front of me and takes me by the chin.

“Show me your crocodile tears, I didn't give you 13 because I don't see fun if I don't see your sick face. Look at you now, so pathetically vulnerable”

At that moment she starts smacking my tits and slaps me in the face, my tits already red with the marks of her fingers.

Every time she hits my breasts she makes me shudder and squeal through my gag. The echoes of the blows through the walls become more evident.

Writhing in pain on the bed I fight against the restraints as Trina slaps me across the face, my body shaking with fear and humiliation.

“I'mm Ngf orry I ucked up.... ease op..."

My voice is a choked sob behind the gag, tears streaming down my cheeks, unable to hide from this merciless woman that now hates me. I swallow hard knowing that more punishment lies ahead but right now it feels like each blow brings another new wave of agony flooding over my sensitive flesh.

Trina ignores my pleas and moves back to those red hot breasts cupping them tightly before giving a brutal pinch to a stiff nipple making me cry out loud.

“You know what happens next?"

She growled menacingly in my ear before delivering more heavy blows across both breasts leaving deep pink marks glowing under Trina’s forceful hands.

Trina at that moment picks up a small white lace cord that was ready on the bed. She took it with both hands and stretched it while she thought about what to do.

“So you like strings... Like in that sick world of drawings you made Vanessa color uh?

I have been online learning all I can about your sick bondage hobby. I don't know how this shit works, but let's see”

She bends down and ties the rope tightly around my breasts which makes me shudder again, despite being inexperienced she manages a method for the rope to stay wrapped around my breasts tightly, getting a little sore because the knots weren't placed correctly but that's the least of her concern.

My body shakes as Trina binds the lace lace cord tightly around my breasts, the discomfort building with every pull.

To be continued...

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