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Three moms get heated up at the male revue.
Toni Smith - Brian

Lea Jones - Mike

Dee Stone - Jeff

Rick, Greg, Jay

“Oh my god this is so much fun,” yelled Toni Smith as she stuffed another dollar down the muscular dancer’s g-string.

“Why are we just now coming to this place,” asked Lea Jones, waving dollars at the dancers. “We should have been coming here every weekend!”

“Because we can’t afford this,” laughed Denise Stone as she ordered the group another round of drinks from a buff waiter.

Earlier that evening, the three women were huddled in front of Toni Smith’s bathroom mirror, applying the last touches of makeup before heading out for the evening. They had been best friends for years and had several things in common. All three were single. Lea Jones and Dee Stone were divorced while Toni was a widower. They all had sons the same age who were also best friends and went to the same school and played varsity sports. Going to games and matches is how they met. All of these things are what created a strong bond between the three.

And the other thing they had in common was that they were all very attractive. They had good genes and worked hard to stay in tremendous shape. The latter was mostly thanks to Toni. She was an athlete and got the other two into running. Soon they were participating in half marathons, marathons, 5ks, and triathlons. They also played in tennis leagues, swam, and hiked. All of the exercises left them with sexy, wiry frames that looked amazing in the slinky cocktail dresses they were all currently wearing. Each of them had a fantastic pair of legs that started with pretty feet, slim ankles, strong calves all leading up to toned thighs, and fantastic asses. Toni had the largest breasts with Lea and Dee having smaller, perky tits.

Toni was a forty-five-year-old brunette with a short, feathered pixie cut that suited her striking features. She had a brilliant smile, high cheekbones, and dimples with almond-colored eyes. She was probably the most even-keeled of the three. Brian was her son.

Dee was a forty-four-year-old dishwater blonde with curly, wavy hair that went just below her shoulders. She had a pretty face with striking blue eyes. Dee was the more conservative and reserved of the three ladies. Jeff was her son.

Lea, at forty-six, was the most striking of the three, mostly because she knew what the three of them all looked like and the effect it had on boys and men. Lea was a redhead and left her curly hair short in a perm just off her shoulders. She had dazzling green eyes and pronounced cheekbones with a killer, sexy smile. Of the three she was the most outgoing and loved to flirt with their sons and their son’s friends. Mike was her boy.

Toni and Dee were both tan from natural skin tones and sunbathing while Lea was very fair-skinned. And the final thing they had in common is that they were all sick of the dating scene. They found most of the single men their age to be very underwhelming. Schlubs with beer bellies who never wanted to do anything and usually needed blue pills for help in the bedroom. All three had gotten fed up and had sworn off dating. Lea had pursued some affairs with younger guys at her gym and encouraged Toni and Dee to do the same.

“But some of those guys are almost half your age,” said Toni as the three finished up with their faces.

“That’s what's so great about it,” said Lea as she applied her eye makeup. “You don’t date them. You just let them bang you senseless and then toss them aside.”

“I could never do that,” said Dee. “It just wouldn’t feel right having someone almost as young as my Jeff in bed with me.”

“I’d let Jeff share my bed,” cracked Lea, causing Toni to chuckle.

“You keep your hands off of my son,” laughed Dee.

“Hell, I’d let Toni’s boy Brian share my bed as well. Maybe even Mike.”

“You are too much Lea,” laughed Toni. “Really? Your own son?”

“What can I say? It’s hard living under the same roof with that stud. Especially when I hear him with a girl in his room. He’s quite skilled from the noises the girls make. Sometimes I wish it was me getting whatever he’s giving.”

“My god, Lea,” laughed Toni. “I just can’t believe you sometimes!”

“Listen, we're about to go get drunk and watch some hardbodies dance for us. But I bet the boys hanging out in the living room right now are in just as good of shape if not better than those dancers who are about to get our dollar bills.”

In Toni’s living room were their three sons as well as three of their sons’ friends, Rick, Greg, and Jay who were also high school athletes. The six boys were waiting for the mothers to leave before breaking out the beer for their party. They had decided on just a guys’ night of drinking beers and playing video games. The six of them were the alphas of their school. They averaged about six feet and one hundred eighty pounds of lean muscle. All six were headed to college on various athletic scholarships such as football, wrestling, and basketball.

Toni’s house was the most popular one for both groups of mothers and boys to hang out. Her late husband had done well for himself and also left them with a large life insurance payout. The house was large with a huge finished basement and a swimming pool.

“They are all gorgeous,” admitted Toni. “At the pool, I can’t help but notice all of those six-pack abs, delts, and pecs on display.”

“It goes both ways you know,” said Lea. “Those boys are constantly checking us out. Face it, girls, we still got it!”

They all whooped and cheered and preened into the mirror. They were quite the sight in their slinky cocktail dresses.

“All right girls, let’s grab another cocktail while we wait for the Uber,” said Toni.

The three beauties left the bathroom and made their way through the living room where their sons and friends were hanging out. The boys immediately started whistling and hollering when they saw the pretty mothers in their sexy dresses, causing the ladies to blush.

“Goddamn, look at these babes,” said Rick.

“Hotter than all of the girls in school,” said Greg.

“Certified MILFs,” Jay catcalled, causing everyone to laugh.

“You boys are just too much,” said a blushing Toni.

Then Toni’s son Brian said, “Have fun at the strip club,” causing all three to get red with embarrassment.

“Dammit Toni,” said Dee. “How does he know that?! This was supposed to be a secret.”

“Relax,” said Lea’s son Mike. “I overheard mom talking to you all about it on the phone. We think it’s great! Go have fun!”

“Yeah, go let those dancers get you all heated up, and then come back to us,” laughed Jay.

The night to go see The Chippendales was Lea’s idea. Something to put a little excitement into their dull sex lives. But it still wasn’t something they wanted their sons to know about.

Toni looked at the boys and said, “So, we’re busted. Yes, we’re going to see a show. And don’t think that I don’t know that you all have a cooler somewhere here full of beer that you guys are going to bring out once we leave. There will be no drinking and driving! We have plenty of room so you can all sleep here.”

The ladies then went and grabbed another glass of wine while they waited for the car. Dee was still very angry about getting busted.

“Their moms going to see the Chippendales is not something our sons should know!”

“Calm down Dee. It’s not a big deal,” said Toni.

“Their mothers should not be going to a sex show!”

“Jesus Christ Dee, it’s not a sex show,” said Lea. “It’s just some erotic dancers.”

“I don’t like it. Maybe we should cancel.”

“Here Dee, have another drink,” said Toni, refilling her friend’s glass.

By the time they got to the club they were feeling pretty loose, and soon had cocktails in hand. The place was packed with horny ladies, all whooping and yelling at the buff men doing dance routines on the stage. In between routines, the dancers would mingle with the women for tips. Lea made sure to give all their dicks a squeeze through their g-strings, much to Toni’s amusement and Dee’s shock.

They were having a blast and getting completely turned on when they went to the bathroom to freshen up during a break in the show. They discovered quite a shock when they opened the door and saw one of the dancers leaning against the sink, his g-string pulled to the side, and two ladies squatting in front of him, taking turns sucking his dick. Dee gasped in surprise. Further down the sink were other girls doing coke.

“Wow, the real party is in here,” joked Toni, causing all three to laugh.

One of the ladies doing coke looked at the three and said, “The actual party is in the dressing room, which is where we’re going. Come check it out!”

She and her friends then led Toni, Dee, and Lea out of the bathroom and to the dressing room. If they thought the bathroom was shocking, the dressing room made all of their chins hit the floor.

The door opened to what could only be described as an orgy. Some of the dancers were getting into outfits for their next routine, but most were in the process of fucking the horny customers. The ladies who were doing coke jumped into the fray.

There were women bent over tables getting fucked. Another was on all fours on the floor, her dress hiked up while two of the dancers spit-roasted her. She was clearly in ecstasy. All manners of sex were happening in the room.

“Well,” said Lea. “Should we jump in and get some?”

“Let’s get out of here,” laughed Dee, pulling her two friends away.

“Holy shit, that’s Mrs. Spaulding,” shouted Toni. “Our boys’ math teacher!”

In the corner, was a pretty middle-aged blonde with one of the dancers. He had her pinned to the wall, her dress skirt hiked up and her legs wrapped around his waist. His hips were pistoning his cock in and out of her, and her eyes were clenched tight, her face an expression of ecstasy.

“Wow! Isn’t she married,” asked Lea.

“Yep! I’m guessing her husband doesn’t know she’s here,” said Dee as she pulled her friends away.

They went back to their seats and enjoyed the rest of the show. When they were headed home they were all drunk and completely turned on.

“Dammit, we should have gone into the dressing room! I’m so damned horny,” laughed Lea.

“Let’s keep the show going when we get home! Let’s make those boys dance for us,” joked Toni.

“Excellent idea,” said Dee, who had made quite the attitude adjustment.

The mothers all practically fell into the house, laughing and whooping it up. The six boys were still there and all were quite amused by the sight of the three, very drunk MILFS.

“Damn, they’re all feeling no pain,” laughed Mike.

“And still looking sexy as hell,” joked Jay.

Dee went to the stereo and turned on music while Toni made them more drinks. Soon they were all mingling and laughing with their sons and their son’s friends.

“How was the strip show,” laughed Brian.

“It’s not over,” said Lea. “All six of you! Off with those shirts! Dance for us!”

“Yeah, dance for us,” laughed Toni.

The boys were game and they all peeled off their shirts and started to gyrate and dance for the ladies. Everyone was laughing and having a good time.

“Damn, they’re even more buff than those dancers,” laughed Dee as she ran her hands along Mike’s washboard abs.

The moms were all feeling good, laughing, drinking, and touching and pinching the biceps, pecs, and delts of the six boys, including their sons. The boys were still drinking beers and getting bolder and bolder with the women. Soon they were all grinding on each other.

Dee’s son Jeff was pressed up against Toni and planted his lips onto hers. Toni shocked herself by reciprocating instead of pushing him away, and soon the two were making out. She then came to her senses and pulled away, and observed the room. Her friend Lea was sandwiched between Brian and Greg who were both grinding on her. Toni’s son Brian was making out with Lea, his hands cupping her breasts over her dress, while Greg was squeezing her ass.

Toni looked over at Dee and was shocked to see what her usually uptight friend was up to. Dee was resting her chin on Rick’s shoulder, her face scrunched up in an expression of ecstasy. Rick’s hand was under her dress and he was manipulating her pussy. Jeff then put his hand on Toni’s cheek and turned her face back to his and resumed his kiss, this time pushing his tongue into her mouth. She just sighed and proceeded to make out with her son’s best friend.

The three mothers were all incredibly turned on as they were kissed and fondled. Toni felt a hand making its way up her shapely leg. Lea was surprised to find herself squeezing Jay’s cock through his jeans as she kissed him. Rick was still fingering Dee but had now managed to free her one tit from her dress, and was sucking on her nipple. Toni’s son Brian was grinding Dee from behind and nuzzling the back of her neck, causing her to coo and moan.

Toni gave out a soft moan as the hand between her legs moved her panties aside and brushed her folds. She surprised herself again by lifting her leg to allow the boy better access. She then looked over at her friend Lea, who was now on her knees and working to unbutton Jay’s jeans. Toni moaned as fingers made their way into her pussy, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Lea. Was she going to do it?

Lea had managed to get Jay’s jeans slid down, releasing what was quite an impressive, rock-hard, eight-inch cock. Her eyes went wide with excitement as she handled the prick. Lea then opened her mouth while leaning forward, causing Toni to finally speak up.

“Lea! No! This is going too far!”

Lea looked at her friend and smiled, and maintained eye contact as she placed her mouth over the boy’s fuckstick and proceeded to fellate him.

“Mmmmmmm….mhhmmmm….” Lea moaned into the boy’s dick as she hungrily sucked his rod.

“Dear god,” thought Toni to herself. It was all proceeding beyond the point of no return. She gave into the moment and rested her head on Jeff’s shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of the three fingers working their way in and out of her wet cunt. She looked over at Dee, who was taking turns kissing Rick and Brian. Both boys had their jeans around their knees and Dee took hold of their cocks and stroked them.

Toni then felt hands on her shoulders as she was gently pushed down onto her knees. This was it. This was the moment when she needed to put a stop to this madness. She was a mother and these were her son’s friends. But she was so excited, so turned on, and also drunk. The truth is, she wanted this.

She went down to her knees and waited as Mike and Jeff undid their jeans and pulled their cocks out. Toni’s eyes went wide with surprise. They both had big, thick erections. “Real pussy pleasers,” Toni thought to herself as she looked at the impressive members. She reached up and took one in each hand, and began to stroke them.

Lea’s son Mike then put his hand on top of Toni’s head, and gently pulled her towards his dick. Toni knew this was her last chance to stop this, but instead, she opened her mouth and began to gently suck the boy's big dick. He had a good eight inches, and she could at first only manage about three in her mouth, using her hand to stroke the rest of his shaft. She couldn’t remember the last time she burned with this much desire.

“Don’t forget about me,” said Jeff. Toni removed her mouth from Mike’s tool and looked up at Dee’s son and then proceeded to suck his seven-inch hammer. She blew him for a bit and then went back to sucking Mike. And then proceeded to go back and forth on the boys. Eventually, she was able to get a good five inches into her mouth, causing the boys to moan in pleasure. Making these boys feel good just turned her on even more.

As Toni sucked the boys’ cocks she glanced around the room. Dee was bent over and sucking on Toni’s son’s dick while behind her Rick had removed her panties and had her dress pushed up over her ass. He was kneeling behind her and had his face buried in her ass, eating her pussy.

Over to the other side of the room Lea was laying on the couch seat with her butt on the edge. Her dress was hiked up around her middle and her panties were off. Kneeling in front of her was Jay, who had three fingers inside of her pussy while he went to town on her clit with his tongue. Her head was turned to the side so that Greg, who was kneeling on the couch by her head, could fuck her mouth. Toni saw Lea begin to orgasm but then heard noises coming from Dee.


Toni’s son Brian had switched with his friend Rick, and now Dee was standing, bent over with Rick’s dick lodged in her mouth. Behind her, Brian had sunk his cock into her and was humping her pussy, both hands on her hips as he thrust back and forth. Toni couldn’t believe it. They let one get a cock in them. Another rubicon had been crossed.

Mike then drew her attention back to his cock that she was sucking on. “That’s it, Toni. Gonna cum! Oh god, you’re sucking so good!”

He blasted off into her sucking mouth. Toni’s eyes went wide with surprise as his jizz filled her mouth.

“Swallow it, Toni! So good! Swallow baby swallow!”

Toni did as she was told and swallowed down the boy’s goo as he continued to shoot more and more into her mouth. Finally, his dick stopped spurting and she started to suck it again. To her amazement, the boy didn’t lose any of his hardness.

“Don’t forget about me, Toni,” said Jeff. Toni pulled her mouth off of Mike’s dong and smiled up at Jeff before putting her lips around his dick. He grabbed her head and aggressively started to fuck her mouth and she was soon swallowing her second load of the night as he shot off into her mouth.

Toni was then pushed down onto the floor and on her back. Mike took hold of her panties and she lifted her ass to help him pull them off. Jeff then pulled her dress up over her head. She was now naked except for her open-toed high-heeled wedge shoes. Jeff squeezed and sucked on her tits as she felt Mike spread her legs.

“What a gorgeous pussy,” Mike said before pressing his face into her gash. Toni had a very fat pussy and she kept her pubic hair closely trimmed. She gave out a pleasurable cry as Mike’s tongue ground into her clit.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” Toni cried out. When her orgasm subsided she lay back to catch her breath. She felt Mike moving up her body and knew what his intentions were. Her mind said she had to stop this, but her body was doing the opposite. She spread her legs and reached down, taking hold of the teenager’s big cock and helping him get it inside of her.

Mike sunk into Toni and pushed Jeff out of the way while saying, “Just wait your turn, bro.”

“Don’t take too long,” said Jeff as he sat back and watched the action.

Mike began to fuck Toni and she put her arms around him. His big rig felt amazing sliding in and out of her pussy, and soon Toni was moaning into his neck.

“Toni, I’ve dreamed about this,” said Mike.

“You have,” said an incredulous Toni.

“We all have! The three of you are some hot fucking MILFs and holy shit do you feel good Toni! Way better than those high school girls.”

Toni blushed and buried her face in his neck. The compliments turned her on even more and she was soon orgasming underneath the muscular teenager.

“Dude, you’re in for a treat,” grunted Mike to his waiting buddy Jeff. “Fuck, I can’t last! Feels too good! Here it comes, Toni.”

“Hurry the fuck up,” yelled Jeff as Mike blasted off inside of his friend’s mother. Toni gyrated underneath him and rubbed down his body and kissed his neck. She wanted to make his orgasm as pleasurable as possible.

Toni’s friends Lea and Dee were in similar predicaments. Dee was on her hands and knees getting spit roasted with Brian fucking her doggy style while Rick fucked her mouth. She was keeping still while they did all of the thrusting. Her dress was off and like Toni, she was naked except for her strapon, open-toed heels.

Lea was on her back with her legs in the air, Greg between them, pumping away at her. Jay was laying on his side, and Lea had her head turned to him so that he could fuck her mouth. She was also down to just her high-heeled wedge sandals.

“I can’t stop! This is such good pussy,” yelled Mike as he continued to fuck Toni, even though his orgasm had subsided. But Jeff had run out of patience.

“Fuck off,” he yelled as she shoved Mike out of Toni. He scrambled between her legs and was so excited he struggled to mount her. Toni thought the teenager’s eager excitement was both flattering and adorable.

“Slow down there, tiger! Just stay still,” she said as she reached down and took hold of his big dick. She placed it inside of her and said, “There we go. Mmmmm, you got a nice one, Jeff!”

As Jeff proceeded to fuck her, Toni’s mind raced. Just how many of these boys were going to have sex with her, she wondered. Was she going to let them all bang her? Where was her son? Why hasn’t she, Lea, and Dee put a stop to this yet? Just then she felt someone take hold of her hand and squeeze it. She turned her head and there on her back next to her was a smiling Lea, legs in the air with Toni’s son Brian on top of her, fucking her hard. The two friends held hands as the boys banged away on top of them.

“How, unh! How are they so good at this,” Lea cried out to her friend, then she turned back to the boy on top of her. “Fuck me, Brian! Give it to me,” she encouraged him while continuing to squeeze his mother’s hand. Toni’s attention was then snapped back to the boy whose cock was pistoning in and out of her soaking pussy.

“I’ve fucking dreamed about this, Toni! Gonna cum! Gonna, uhh…..gonna… argh!!!”

Once again Toni went into the maternal mode, kissing the boy and rubbing her hands all over his body, wanting his orgasm to be as pleasurable as possible. She gasped as she started to feel his ropes shooting into her and she encouraged him along.

“That’s it, Jeff! Give it to me baby! Shoot it all into me!”

All three of the women were now on their backs getting fucked. The six boys kept switching between them, with three having sex while the other three waited for their turns. While Rick was banging Toni, he looked over his shoulder and shouted to the group.

“What do you say, guys? Wanna fuck your moms?”

“Hell yes! Outta the way,” yelled Mike.

Toni, Lea, and Dee found themselves left alone on their back as their sons got into place. Toni once again wondered who was going to put a stop to this, but her friends were down for the taboo act. All three moms were dick drunk at this point and not in their right minds.

“Come on Jeff! Get inside me, baby,” said Dee as she held out her arms as her boy mounted her. “Come fuck Mommy!”

“You’ve been wanting this, haven’t you, you little scamp,” Lea teased her boy Mike as he got into position. “I love catching you stealing peaks at me!”

“Guilty as charged, mom,” said Mike. “It’s all your fault for being the hottest woman in town.”

Brian got on top of his mom and Toni put her hands on his shoulders and held him back, “Brian, are you sure? We can’t take this back!”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything mom,” said Brian as he eased his nine-inch, fat hammer into Toni’s dripping snatch.

Toni gasped as her son bottomed out inside of her. He pressed his chest against hers and she held him tight as he ground his hips into hers, expertly fucking her.

“How, oh god Brian…how are you so good at this,” she hissed into his ear. It was the best dick she had ever had, and the young man it was attached to, her son, knew how to wield it. Toni immediately began to orgasm.

“You’re so fucking beautiful mom,” he grunted into her ear. “So fucking hot! Laying out by the pool in those bikinis, walking around in your running shorts. Those fucking legs! Wearing those high heels in your tight rompers! You drive me crazy and now I’m gonna fuck you all summer!”

“Oh my god,” Toni cried out. Next to Toni her best friends were also committing the taboo act, their sons between their legs with their hips rising and falling, fucking the mothers senseless. Toni began to moan as she had more orgasms, but then Brian stifled her cries by covering her mouth with his, making out with her deeply.

All three of the mothers had their legs pulled back and in the air so that their sons could get as deep as possible inside of them. They wanted their boys to get as much pleasure as possible with nice, long strokes.

Standing up and watching the three couples, the other three boys conversed about the evening and what they were seeing.

“Man, if my mom was as hot as these three I’d fuck her in an instant,” said Greg to agreement from Jay and Rick.

“Just think, they live under the same roof as these MILFs. How awesome would that be? I’d be fucking my mom day and night, every day of the week,” said Jay.

“And that’s exactly what these lucky bastards are going to be doing after tonight. These hot mommas are gonna be getting fucked constantly.”

All three of them were stroking their cocks as they watched the incest on the floor, waiting for their turns.

Jeff was the first to blow his wad, sending his jizz deep into Dee as she cooed into his ear. He was quickly followed by Mike who was then followed by Brian. Brian continued to deeply kiss Toni as he shot his ropes into her pussy. The three mothers held their boys tightly to them as they all bathed in the afterglow. The boys were all gently moving their hips, slowly pulling their still-hard cocks back and forth inside of their mothers’ sopping pussies. Cum was leaking out of all three of them and down their ass cracks onto the carpeted floor. Their three friends allowed them to bask in the aftermath for a few minutes but then started to get impatient.

“Ok lovebirds,” said Jay. “You’ve had your tender, taboo moment. Now it’s time to share those pussies.”

“Yeah, guys. We have all night to fuck these hotties. Let us at ‘em,” said Greg.

“All right, all right,” said Mike as he got off of his mother, followed by Brian and Jeff. “They’re all yours. Come on guys, it’s Miller Time!”

The three moms all sighed in disappointment as they felt their boys pull out of them. But they were then set upon by their sons’ three friends and were getting fucked again.

Brian, Mike, and Jeff grabbed beers and then came back and watched the show as they contemplated what just happened.

“Man, I can’t believe I finally fucked your moms,” joked Brian to laughter from Mike and Jeff.

“So, how do you guys feel? We’re motherfuckers now. Feel any different,” asked Jeff.

“I feel exhilarated and excited. I mean, this ain’t gonna be any one-time deal,” said Jeff. “Watching her do yoga. Seeing her in her swimsuit. Listening to all of my friends talk about how hot she is as if I don’t have eyes. I’ve been jacking it to her and your moms forever, and now I’m gonna fuck her whenever I want.”

“Same here,” said Brian as Mike nodded in agreement.

“And I don’t know why, but their pussies are way better than any of the high school girls I’ve fucked. And we’ve fucked a lot,” said Brian.

“I don’t know about you guys,” said Mike. “But I’m probably dumping my girl tomorrow. I’m gonna spend the rest of this summer banging my mom and hopefully your moms too. This has been the greatest night of my life.”

All three concurred with Mike. They were all sitting on the couch, nursing beers and stroking their cocks as they watched their friends stick it to their moms when Brian yelled out, “Do ‘em doggie style so we can get our dicks sucked!”

Lea, Dee, and Toni were completely cum-drunk as they felt themselves being manhandled. The muscular teenagers flipped them over and set them onto all fours. The mothers loved being tossed around like rag dolls and were soon humping back on the dicks inside of them. Their sons all knelt down in front of them and shoved their hammers into their mothers’ mouths.

“Jesus Christ, can they suck,” said Jeff. All three sons were hard as steel again as they nursed their beers and got their cocks orally loved on.

Rick was fucking Toni and he had spread out her ass cheeks and was staring at her beautiful butthole when he said to Brian, “Hey Brian, do you have any lube?”

“Great idea Rick,” said Brian as he got up, pulling his dick out of Toni’s mouth. She moaned in disappointment at not being able to suck her boy’s cock. Brian ran to his room and came back with a bottle of lube. He opened it and poured some in his hand and greased up his hammer.

“Sons’ privilege guys. We go first,” as he tossed the bottle to Mike.

Their three friends pulled out of their moms and moved to the front to get their cocks sucked. Brian, Mike, and Jeff each got behind their moms. Toni, Lea, and Dee had no idea what was happening due to their dick drunk state and were concentrating on sucking dicks. Dee was the first to cry out, pulling her mouth off of Jay’s rig as she felt her son’s cockhead press into her sphincter.

“No, Jeff! It’s too big! Mommy can’t handle it!”

“Ssshhhhhhhh, mom,” said Jeff as he reached over and pushed her head back onto Jay’s dick. “Just relax and make Jay feel good. Concentrate on working his meat. I promise to be gentle.”

“Hold ‘em, steady guys,” said Mike as he and Brian proceeded to invade their mothers’ tight assholes. Greg was getting his dick sucked by Toni and Rick was getting sucked by Lea. They both put their hands on the mothers’ heads and proceeded to fuck their faces, making sure to hold them tight.

Jeff was balls deep into Dee’s ass as she proceeded to scream onto Jay’s cock. He slowly pulled out and then pushed back in. Toni and Lea’s eyes went wide as they felt their sons’ cockheads get pushed into their rears. All three MILFs were moaning in pain onto the dicks in their mouths. But then Dee started to push back in order to meet her son’s thrusts.

“Check it out man,” said Jay. “Your mom’s getting into it.”

“Just takes a minute or two to get ‘em warmed up,” said Jeff as he speeded up his pace. Soon all three of the women’s moans turned to pleasure and they were all humping back onto their sons’ cocks.

Dee pulled her mouth off of Jay’s dick and cried out, “Harder! Fuck my ass harder! You’re so deep in my ass,” and then plunged her mouth back on Jay’s rod.

“Goddamn is this awesome,” said Mike to agreement all around as he pounded Lea’s asshole.

“Greatest night ever,” said Jeff.

“So fucking tight,” yelled Brian as we wailed away.

All six of the boys had already cum once and for some twice, allowing them to go on and on as Brian, Mike, and Jeff slammed their moms up their asses and their friends fucked their faces. Rick, Greg, and Jay all eventually grew impatient hearing how great the anal was and started to lobby for their turns.

“Come on fellas. Let us have some of that ass,” said Greg as he pushed his dick in and out of Toni’s sucking mouth.

“All right guys, let’s let them have a go,” said Brian as he and his friends pulled out of their mothers’ asses and stepped back. Their friends scrambled to get behind the ladies. The women all sucked in a much-needed breath as the large dicks finally left their mouths. All three were dazed with their heads spinning from all of the sex.

“What’s happening,” said Dee. “Why’d we stop? Why isn’t there a cock in my ass?”

Jay got behind her, and thanks to the ass stretching that Jeff did to her, he easily pushed his cock into her butthole.

“There it is,” Dee grunted. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

Next to Jay and Dee was Lea getting ass fucked by Greg and Toni by Rick. Their sons’ watched the show for a bit, but they eventually didn’t see the point of standing on the sidelines.

“Well, what do you say guys? Should we get back in there,” asked Jeff.

“Fuck yeah. Let’s switch up,” said Brian.

The three boys moved in front of the MILFs and knelt down, Brian shoved his dick in Lea’s mouth, while Jeff took Toni and Mike and shoved his into Dee’s mouth. All three ladies were in a euphoric state. They had no idea which boys were assfucking them and which ones they were sucking off. They were also unaware that the dicks in their mouths had previously just been in each other’s asses. They sucked on them hungrily while they humped back on the cocks fucking their assholes.

The strong boys then started to throw the ladies around like rag dolls, fucking them in all kinds of different positions. In their cum drunk, weakened states, the moms were compliant little fuckdolls, allowing anything and everything to be done to them. Lea ended up on the couch with her butt hanging off the end. Jay was on his knees in front of her, hands on the back of her knees holding her legs up while he sawed his rig in and out of her pretty butthole. Lea had her head to the side so she could suck her son Mike’s dick, who was kneeling on the couch next to her.

On the other side of the big sectional was Toni, on her back with her legs in the air, getting her pussy pounded by her son Brian. On the floor was Dee, riding Greg who was lying on his back. Her son Jeff stepped up behind her and knelt down, putting his hands on her hips.

“Slow down mom,” he told her. “Just sit still on Greg’s dick for a second.” He then pushed his cock into her ass, causing her to gasp.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you guys are doing this to me!”

It was awkward at first, but soon the threesome developed a good rhythm, with Dee riding back and forth as the boys’ rods slid in and out of her pussy and ass. Dee’s eyes glazed over and she pressed her chest to Greg’s and laid her head on his shoulder.

Rick was the odd man out and went to get a beer. He came back and Dee was crying out from her DP.

“So much cock! I have some much cock inside me!”

Rick knelt in front of her and presented her with his dick.

“Here’s even more cock for you Dee,” he said. She hungrily swallowed his dick and was now getting all three of her holes fucked. Rick swigged his beer as he moved his hips, sending his dong back and forth into the turned-on MILF’s mouth. Dee was having orgasm after orgasm as the three large pricks fucked all of her holes.

Jeff soon blew his nuts into his mother’s butthole and was soon followed by Rick who shot off into her mouth. When they were done they stepped back and Greg turned the limp mom over onto her back and proceeded to slam her pussy until he too orgasmed, sending his jizz into her pussy.

On the sectional Brian had just had his third orgasm which he blew inside of Toni, who was cooing into his ear and rubbing his shoulders. Brian kept moving his hips as he raised himself up on his elbows and looked down at Toni’s beautiful face.

“The best mom. This is the best I’ve ever had.”

Toni put her hand behind his head and pulled him down into a passionate kiss. Across from them, Mike had just spewed his third load of the night into Lea’s mouth as Jay continued to fuck her up the ass. Once Mike fell back Jay put his hand around the back of her neck.

“Get ready Lea, you hot bitch! Gonna need that mouth in a second!”

“Do it Jay! Give me that cum,” Lea encouraged the boy as he speeded up his thrusts.

“Right, unh! Right now,” Jay grunted as he pulled his cock out of her ass and stood up, pulling her forward. Lea slid off the couch and fell to her knees, just in time for Jay to shove his orgasming prick into her mouth. She hungrily swallowed as rope after rope of his seed shot down her throat. When his orgasm subsided she continued to suck back and forth on his meat.

Brian surveyed the room. “Time for a beer break,” he said. His friends all nodded in agreement. The boys all disengaged from the exhausted ladies and got fresh beers. Toni was laying on the sectional and both Lea and Dee were on the floor, all breathing heavily, trying to catch their breaths. The boys came back with beers in hand and looked at the exhausted mothers.

“Should we give them a break,” asked Rick.

“Nah. Let’s put ‘em to work,” said Jeff. He, Brian, and Mike then each grabbed their mothers and sat on the sectionals, and arranged their moms so that they were kneeling between their knees. The moms instinctively knew what was wanted from them and all three began to suck cock. All six boys were on the sectional sipping beers, with the three sons’ getting their dicks loved on. They discussed the evening as the women’s heads bobbed up and down.

“Man, you guys finally did it,” said Greg. “You finally fucked your moms.”

“And we finally fucked the hottest MILFs in town,” said Rick.

“I can’t believe we all got to fuck all three of them in one night,” said Brian. “Been dreaming about this forever.”

“And the best part, no condoms,” said Rick to enthusiastic agreement from the other boys.

“Ain’t that the best? My girl usually makes me wear one and it totally sucks,” said Jeff.

“Man, fuck condoms. Nothing but raw dogging for me going forward,” said Brian. “I just love cumming in their pussies.”

“They love it too,” said Greg. “This has just been the best night.”

“And the night’s not over yet,” said Jay. “Speaking of which, do you guys mind sharing?”

“Of course not,” said Jeff who gently pushed Dee off of his dick and then said to the three ladies, “Don’t forget about our friends now. Make sure they get some of that good sucking too.”

Lea, Dee, and Toni then moved on to their sons’ friends and proceeded to suck their cocks as the boys continued to talk about them. Listening to the boys talk about how hot they are and how much they loved having sex with them, as they sucked their dicks kept them completely turned on. Soon they were moving clockwise every few minutes, making sure each boy wasn’t left out of the cocksucking for too long.

“Goddamn this is the greatest night of my life,” said Brian, who was holding his beer on Dee’s head as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his prick. All six boys were rock hard again.

“Best night ever,” Rick concurred as Toni sucked his cock. “And the night isn’t over.”

“Nope. The night is definitely not over,” said Greg as he finished his beer. “All right guys, is it time to fuck these babes some more?”


“Fuck yeah!”

Lea, Toni, and Dee were pushed back onto the carpet. All three of them were exhausted, dazed, and completely dick drunk. They could do little more than lay on their backs, spread their legs, and let the boys go at them. And go at them they did, mounting them over and over again while constantly switching partners. Three boys would be drinking beers while the other three would be on top of the moms.

The guys all knew they probably only had one cum left for each of them, so they’d fuck the moms until they were close to orgasm, and then pull out to cool off, allowing another guy to take their place. For Lea, Dee, and Toni it seemed to go on all night. They kept getting mounted by different boys over and over again. Each of them briefly passed out a few times only to come to and find themselves still getting fucked.

“All right fellas,” said Greg as he got on top of Dee for the umpteenth time that night. “I gotta bust my last nut and crash.” He fucked her until he came to orgasm, only this time he stayed inside of her and blew his final load into her pussy.

The rest of the guys did the same, each mounting one of the moms for the last time and fucking to completion. Rick, Greg, and Jay crashed on the sectionals for the night while Brian, Mike, and Jeff took their mothers to the different bedrooms. All three moms needed help getting up and walking, and Jeff even had to carry Dee. She rested her head on his shoulder as he took her to one of the spare rooms.

“Are you gonna fuck me some more, baby,” she whispered into his ear. “Please tell me you’re gonna fuck me some more.”

“I’m gonna try mom.”

Brian half carried Toni to her room. When they got there he said, “I think I got one more in me, mom,” and had her get on her knees and suck his limp dick. She was on autopilot at this point. It took some time but sure enough, the eighteen-year-old was hard again.

“My god. I’m getting fucked again,” Toni said in astonishment as she got into the bed and spread her legs for her son.

“Again,” smiled Brian as he eased into her and proceeded to fuck her for a very long time. When he finally came, Toni was asleep. He lay next to her and held her as he slept.

To Be Continued...
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