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Chapter 2. Check out chapter 1 first
As soon as the morning light peaked from behind my curtains, I was wide awake. I had barely slept with all the thoughts Beth racing through my mind. I put on some jogging bottoms and went to take a piss, scrolling through the dirty photos Beth had sent me the day before. She really did know how to take a great photo, I thought to myself, as I admired her tight petite figure.

There was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Alright in there mate?”. It was Dan. I had lost track of time scrolling through all the photos and realised I must have been in there about 10 minutes.

“Sorry pal, almost finished” I replied. I looked down and realised I was now holding a full boner. I quickly flushed the toilets and washed my hands before tucking my erection away and heading out into the hallway where Dan was patiently waiting to use the facilities.

“Dropping the kids off at the pool?” he smirked “should I give it a minute?”

“No no, just distracted by my phone. Sorry for the delay” I lied.

“No worries man. Didn’t want to rush you but need to get a shower before I head off to this conference…” as he said conference he winked “…and I can’t be late”. I just chuckled and rolled my eyes at him in response and he disappeared into the bathroom.

I saw my opportunity and went to say good morning to Beth. Before going into her bedroom, I made a quick stop in my own to pick up the purple dildo she had left under my pillow. As I opened the bedroom door, Beth was sat on the edge of her bed wrapped only in a towel that barely covered her torso despite her petite frame. She must have been in the shower before I woke up, her black hair was wet and fell to the side of her face and over her left shoulder. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the dildo in my hand.

“I think you left this in the spare room”

“Oli! What are you doing? We might get caug-“ I put my finger up to her lips to cut her off.

“Don’t worry he is in the shower, now where should I put this?” I said, motioning at the sex toy in my hand. Beth bit her bottom lip. As nervous as she was, I could feel her excitement.

“My toys all live in the bottom draw” she motioned to the dresser “over there”. I opened the draw, and what can only be described a treasure trove of sex toys greeted me, it was practically busting with various sex toys. I could see at least 3 other vibrators of different shapes and sizes, hand cuffs and some things I’d never seen before.

“Christ Beth! It’s like a sex warehouse in here”

“Shhhh!” Beth sprang from the bed and came over to try and shut the drawer. I leaned in and kissed her. S]She didn’t resist and I enjoyed feeling her pushing up against me. I reached around and untucked her towel. She tried half heartedly to stop it from falling but as it fell. Her perky tits were there for me to enjoy and her nipples as hard as my cock.

Reaching into the drawer I picked up what looked like a small plastic egg.

“I don’t even know what this is!” holding it up in front of her face.

“It’s a love egg” Beth explained that you can put them in your vagina and it vibrates. She reached into the drawer and pulled out the remote control that came with the egg, demonstrating. As she flicked the switch up the egg vibrated, vibrating more forcefully the further she moved the switch.

“I can show you later, but we need to wait for Dan to go”. I dropped the egg back into the drawer and kicked it closed. My erection was still throbbing in my pants. I could hear the shower was still on.

“Fuck waiting, I have my slut whenever I want”. With that I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her forcefully. Once again, she didn’t fight. I grabbed her hand and put it on my hard cock and she instantly started stroking it up and down though the fabric of my pants. She kissed me and I reached down to the wetness between her legs. I ran my finger up her pussy and pressed into her clit, making her gasp.

“You don’t want me to stop do you?” I asked. She shook her head so I pushed my fingers further down. When I felt how wet her pussy was, I pushed two fingers inside her. Beth let out a gasp of pleasure and started to kiss me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Beth still had her hand on my dick but she stopped stroking as I sped up my fingers. My hand was now soaked with her juices and I pushed deeper. Beth let out an excited moan then quickly bit her lip to try and stop the noise. She arched her back and let go of my now throbbing duck. She dug her nails into my back as I pushed deeper and finally let out a muffled moan as and started to shake.

“Oli!” she gasped. “We can’t!! He will be gone in an hour, lets just wait until then. I’ll do anything you want, anything!”. I pinned her back against the wall.

“What are you?” I said firmly. Pushing her harder back with my fingers still in her warm wet cunt. She didn’t reply so I repeated. “What. Are. You… Say it”

“I’m your slut” she whispered. As she said it, her hand and started slowly stroking my dick again. Beth pulled back from me and sunk to her knees without me saying a word. She pulled my jogging bottoms down and my hard cock sprung out into view.

“I can’t believe we are doing this with him in the house!” she whispered. I could hear the shower was still on down the hallway.

“You’d better hurry up slut. We’ve only got the time it takes him to shower”. With that she licked up the length my shaft to then take it deep into her mouth. She started working up and down, sucking hard on the tip. She gazed up at me as she took me deep into her throat and working her hand up and down my rock hard shaft. She pulled her head away, cocking her had to the door to check the shower was still going. It was.

“Usually, I’d like to take my time and tease you. But I think the situation calls for a quickie”. Taking just the tip in her mouth, her hand increased the pace.

“oh yes” I moaned. I could feel her tongue against my bell end and the waves of pleasure roll over me as her speed increased. I could feel my balls tighten as I came close to climax and Beth must have sensed it because she sucked harder. As I was about to cum, I grabbed her head, pushing my dick deep down into her throat. I felt her body jerk as she gagged when I shot my load into her throat. My knees bucked and I fell back onto the wardrobe to stop from falling. I relaxed my grip and pulled away. Her eyes were watering, but there was a clear look of pride in them. My cum was running down her chin where some had leaked from the corner of her mouth. She mopped it up onto her finger then sucked it back up and swallowed. She stood up and hugged me, kissing my neck. Then she suddenly jolted, pushing me back.

“Shit!” she whispered frantically “The shower is off! How long has it been off??”

Our question was part answered by the click of the bathroom lock and the creak as the door swung open. Dan was coming, there was no way I could get back into the hall without him seeing I’d been in the bedroom. Without hesitation Beth spun me around, opened the wardrobe door and pushed me inside. I stood there in total darkness standing on top of some shoes and shoved in between Beth’s dresses hanging on the rail. I realised my pants were still around my ankles as I heard Dan enter the room.

“you alright?” I heard him ask “you look a bit flushed”

“yes I’m fine, it’s just from the shower” Beth replied curtly.

I heard the hair dryer turn on, drowning out anything else I would have been able to hear for the next five minutes. I tried to compose myself but my heart was still racing in my chest. I daren’t even move to pull my pants up. Eventually, the hair dryer turned off.

“I’ll go make some breakfast” Beth said casually, though I was sure her heart must be racing as much as mine. “Do you want a cup of tea?”

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute. Just need to finish packing my case”.

I heard Beth leave the room and go down the stairs. I hoped to God that he wouldn’t need anything from the wardrobe I was currently stood half naked in. I stood there frozen in fear, wondering what I would do if I got caught… I could hear Dan zipping his case and hoped that signalled he had finished his packing. Then just silence. My heart was pounding in my chest. I prayed he wasn’t going to open the wardrobe.

*buuuzzzz buzzzzz*

The noise of a phone vibrating.

*Buuzzzzz Buzzzzzzz*

My instant reaction was to feel for my pocket, only reminding myself that my pants were around my ankles. I looked down at them, frantically trying to think if I had put my phone in my pocket before going to see Beth.

“Hi babe” I heard dan say in a hushed voice, which told me it had been his phone vibrating. My panic had been so complete that it took me a moment to compose myself. My heart was pounding in my ears.

“… love it when you talk like that. Well we have all weekend don’t we?...” He was clearly talking to Tina. “No, she doesn’t even know you’re coming on the trip. I’ve actually arranged for a friend to come babysit her for the weekend so she won’t bother me”. I knew he was my best mate but he really was a bastard at times. Not that I was in much position to comment, hiding in his wardrobe half naked and planning spending a weekend doing very similar activities to him by the sounds of it.

“we don’t want her ringing me while you have my cock in your mouth again do we?... oh you liked that? Well maybe I’ll ring to check in on her then”. Dan chuckled in response to something she said. “on that note, I will be round yours in 20 minutes. See you soon babe”.

Then came a clunk as he picked up his case and I heard him exit the room and heard the stairs creak as he went downstairs. I waited another 30 seconds to makes sure he wasn’t coming back then let myself out of the wardrobe as quietly as I could, very grateful to be able to pull my pants up. I paused at the bedroom door to peer out and check the coast was clear. Just before I was poised to make my get away, I had an idea. I darted back into the room, opening Beth’s sex drawer and grabbing what I needed.

I now realised that any conscience I had was gone. I’d justified it to myself in terms of his infidelity but I think I knew that the excitement of having her submit to me and nearly getting caught was more than I could resist. I needed to see how far I could push her.

I got changed and head downstairs. As I walked into the kitchen Dan was stood at the hob cooking some eggs and bacon. Beth was sat at the kitchen table, browsing Instagram on her phone.

“Alright, how did you sleep?” dan asked as I walked into the room.

“Well thanks” I replied as I took a seat next to Beth. As I sat down, her eyes flicked up from her phone and she shot me a sly smile. Then slowly reached her finger up to the side of her mouth and mimicked wiping something off her lip as she had done earlier.

“Do you want some breakfast? I’ve made plenty” Dan called over from the other side of the room. I glanced over and nodded that I did. When I looked back to Beth she was back focusing on her phone screen as if nothing had happened. So she wanted to be a little tease, I thought, two can play at that game. I took up a seat opposite her, reached into my pocket to pull out the love egg and placed it on the table between us. Beth looked up at me, eyes wide in shock.

“Need a hand with the cooking mate? I’m really in the mood for an egg” I called across to Dan. Anticipating his glance over, Beth’s hand shot out and scooped up the sex toy as she shot an angry look my way.

“No, no. I’ve got it all under control” Dan replied. I reached back into my pocket where the love egg control was and flicked it on then off. A noticeable “buzz” filled the room. Beth’s eyes widened again. Fixed on me, urging me to stop. I flicked the switch again- buzz buzz. Beth shot another incredulous look at me, she had dropped her phone to the table as she cradled the toy in both hands to muffle it’s sound. She mouthed “stop” at me across the table. I shook my head and flicked the switch again. The egg mad another buzz but this time she managed to muffle most of the sound with her hands

“Someone’s popular, who’s sending you so many texts at this time?” I said so Dan could hear. Beths glared at me in disbelief, a flash of fury across her face.

“Oh it’s just the girls group chat she said” trying to sound casual. Dan barely looked up from the frying pain.

“Put it in” I mouthed soundlessly. Beth shook her head, still clamping the egg in her hands to hide it. I flicked the switch again. She looked panicked. “Put. It. In” I mouthed again. She still didn’t move so I made showed her the remote control, making a show of going to press the button again.

“Shh!” Beth held up her hand. Motioning me to give her a second. Glancing briefly over her shoulder to make sure Dan wasn’t looking. She stood slightly from her chair, pulled the short playsuit she was wearing to the side, giving me a flash of her pussy as I saw the egg disappear inside her. Sitting back down she smoothed out her outfit and stared intently at me. I pressed the button. No sound could be heard this time, but Beth squirmed a little in her seat and her cheeks blushed a deep red.

“Butter on your toast you two?” Dan called over from the hob. We both answered yes, though Beth’s voice broke a little as I buzzed the egg as she went to answer.

I got up and helped Dan carry the breakfast over. Me and Dan made small talk but Beth sat silent. I could feel the tension in her.

“So what will you two get up to this weekend while I’m at work?” Dan asked. I’d finished eating by now so slipped my hand into my pocket onto the remote control.

“Dunno” I said “Probably just have a quiet one eh Beth?”. I pressed the button as I asked. She sat up suddenly in the chair as if started by an electric shock, letting out a small squeak. I saw her hand jump down to cover her pussy.

“Beth…” Dan said after she hadn’t responded. She looked up, seeming to snap out of her trace.

“Oli is the guest so I’ve said I’ll do anything that he wants” not breaking eye contact with me as she said it. I buzzed the egg again twice but she didn’t flinch at all. “Anyway, I’m going to go finish getting ready. Have a good trip Dan honey”. She kissed Dan on the cheek as she walked by and went upstairs. I pressed the remote control a few more times as she went out of view for good measure.

“Urgh, she’s pissed off at me” said Dan “she barely said a word for the whole of Breakfast. Ahh fuck it, I’ll deal with that when I get back. Right mate, I’d best be getting off. See you Monday, try and cheer her up will you?”

“I’ll do my best” I promised and went to the door with him, trying to contain my excitement. As the door shut behind him. At almost the exact moment I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. It was a message from Beth. Just a video. She was upstairs in lingerie and stockings. The video just showed her removing the love egg from her soaked pussy. Then she licked her cum off it, looked straight into the camera and said ....“your slut is ready for you, Sir”
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