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Ashley has trouble babysitting
My Summer At The Hansons

I had just finished the school year and was looking for a summer job. I woke up one Saturday morning, making my way to the kitchen. My mom was at the kitchen table talking to our neighbor, Mrs. Hanson, who lived across the street.

"Ashley, can you come here for a minute," My mom called out.

"What's up, Mom?" I asked, walking over to them.

"Honey, Natalie was looking for a Nannie for her kids this summer and was wondering if you'd be open to it," My mom told me.

"Um, yeah, I sure would," I said, excited.

Great, Ashley; when you get time this weekend, come over, and I'll introduce you to the family and lay out the requirements for you.

"Great, I'll stop over this morning," I said excitedly.

Later that day, I walked across the street to the Hanson's and met the family: Mr. Hanson, who seemed too busy to talk. Brad, who was six, and Beth, who was four, and their nine-month-old Great Dane Brutus. Brutus was a rambunctious male who weighed eighty-five pounds and stood about waist level with me. He spun in circles and barked at me until Mrs. Hanson grabbed and threw him outside.

"Ashley, he's a handful. He's a bigger baby than the kids. He's the son of the neighbor's dog, Pilot," she laughed.

"Yeah, he's like a tornado," I laughed.

"If he gives you trouble, just put him outside. He loves the ladies," she said, laughing.

Mrs Hanson went over the rules for the kids and my responsibilities. I went home, ready to start my first day of work on Monday. I woke up Monday morning and packed a bag with my clothes, figuring I'd shower and change at the Hanson's because I had to be there at six am, and I just thought I could sleep a while.

I walked into their kitchen in my nightshirt and sat in the kitchen at the breakfast bar on one of the stools. Mrs. Hanson was dressed for work, and her husband left for a business trip on Sunday. Brutus came into the room and greeted me, and I ruffed up his head as Mrs. Hanson told me the kid's daily schedule; I had my feet on the foot of the bar stool with my knees spread a bit.

I noticed Brutus sniffing me between my legs as I spoke with Mrs Hanson. I sipped my coffee and almost jumped out of my chair. Brutus had snuck his nose under my nightshirt and shoved his nose into my pussy, giving me a big snort. I jumped, spilling my coffee on the counter and standing up quickly.

"Are you ok, Ashley, Mrs. Hanson asked?

"Um, yeah, Brutus just startled me," I said, confused at what happened.

"Brutus, get out of here, leave Ashley alone," she scolded him.

"Bad dog," I whispered to him.

Mrs Hanson left, and the kids wouldn't be up for hours, so I grabbed a box of the kids' cereal and headed to the family room to watch TV. I threw a body pillow against an ottoman in front of an overstuffed chair and turned on the TV. I was lying on the pillow with my feet on the floor and my legs apart, my nightshirt falling to my waist, my bald pussy and ass peeking out, my knees swaying back and forth. I was munching on cereal and watching TV when Brutus wandered into the room, settling in front of me, lying down facing me a couple of feet in front of me. I ignored him at first, but then I noticed him slowly sneaking closer to me.

"What are you up to, you sneaky bastard? I see you sneaking closer. I told him.

I watched as he slowly crept closer and closer. I let him go to see what he wanted. His head ended up inches away from my thighs, sniffing at me.

"Does my pussy smell or something Brutus," I asked him.

My body stiffened as I felt his cold nose on my pussy.

"Bad boy Brutus, bad no pussy," I scolded him.

He kept his nose there sniffing me, and then he pushed his nose into my pussy lips, and his long rough tongue took a big swipe thru my butt hole and pussy. I jumped, dropping the box of cereal and jumping up on the Ottoman.

"What the fuck, dude? What's wrong with you? I'm going to put you outside if you don't behave. I wagged my finger.

Brutus got up and sat in front of the Ottoman between my spread legs. I lifted my nightshirt, noticing I was getting wet, wondering what was happening. Brutus put his head on the Ottoman, inches from my pussy. He was restless, fidgeting as he stared at my twat.

"I'm not a lady dog, Brutus. You don't get my pussy," I tried to explain to him.

Brutus pushed his head forward as I watched the horny dog.

No, Brutus, bad dog, I scolded him. I got up and shooed him away, lying back on the body pillow, trying to relax. I watched TV but grew sleepy and eventually fell asleep. I was having a dream. I was in a pool full of warm water, and waves were rolling over me. It felt so good, I became hot.

"Umm, Umm, I moaned.

I felt my hips moving, and I woke suddenly.

"Oh My God," my eyes shot open to see Brutus's head under my nightshirt licking my pussy, my hips pushing forward. I froze, trying to figure out what was happening. I grabbed Brutus by the neck and pulled on his neck. His head appeared from under my nightshirt, bared his teeth, and growled at me. I let go of his neck and threw my arms back behind my head. Brutus regained his composure, and his head dipped between my legs, and he continued eating my pussy. I was scared to move as the dog's strong rough tongue dug into my pussy as he lapped my juice up.

"Oh, Oh," I moaned.

Fuck what was going on with me? I was getting aroused at a dog eating my pussy. I closed my eyes and spread my legs open for Brutus, which laid my pussy open to his desire.

Oh, God," I moaned as his tongue dug into my fuck hole.

Oh fuck I was going to cum; what the fuck, I thought. I pulled up my nightshirt and lifted my butt into the air a bit, and His tongue slapped my clit, launching me into a colossal orgasm.

'Oh, oh, oh fuck," I squealed as a wave of pleasure rolled over me.

I regained my composure after experiencing the biggest orgasm of my life. Brutus was still licking my clit, which was now on overdrive, I couldn't stand anymore, so I flipped over on my knees to get Brutus away from my clit. I lay on the Ottoman panting as Brutus began to lick my butt hole.

"Fuck, don't they feed you, Brutus," I moaned as my rosebud began to unfurl. His tongue was so strong it made my body rock.

"Are you that hungry? You want to eat my ass here," I scolded him as I pulled up my night shirt and spread my legs wide.

His tongue wormed its way into my butt and probed deep inside me; he was driving me wild. I closed my eyes and let him eat to his heart's content. A moment later, I felt he'd stopped. I lay there wondering what happened when I felt the world's weight on me. It was hairy, and it was Brutus crawling up my back.

"Get the fuck off me, Brutus," I screamed.

His legs were moving, trying to climb higher, and something was poking me between my legs. I tried to stand up.

" Holy fuck, Brutus, I screamed.

Standing up had put me right in his wheelhouse, and he drove his huge, thick angry cock right into my quivering pussy.

"No, no, bad dog," I cried.

It was too late; his fat long cock was pounding my pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuck," I moaned.

There was something back there that kept slapping my pussy opening, and he pressed it into me. I felt my twat begin to open, and the lump popped into me.

"Oh holy fuck, get it out, get it out, I cried.

It began to grow in my pussy, and it got bigger and bigger.

"Oh, holy fuck, what is that?" I cried.

Brutus was fucking me senseless, my body crushed under his weight; I was helpless to stop him, so he fucked me.

"Oh, oh, yeah fuck me, fuck me, I moaned.

I was so hot, I felt so dirty, it felt so good, I surrendered to him.

"Yeah fuck your slut, fuck her good, boy," I moaned.

I was getting ready to blow a gasket as he hammered my snatch, his head on my shoulder and his tongue hanging out.

"Oh, fuck I'm coming I screamed as I felt his warm sperm filling my pussy.

I was awash with pleasure, thinking about having a litter of puppies and how cool that would be.

Brutus was finished with me and wanted to get off my back, but he couldn't pull his junk out of my pussy. He turned to the side and slipped off my back, trying to walk away. I ended up being dragged around the family room until his lump shrunk, and he slipped out of my sore pussy. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to shower and check the damage to my pussy.

I dressed and waited for the kids to wake up; mentally, I was a wreck. I'd never slept with a boy on our first or second date, yet I let Brutus fuck me, and he was a DOG!! I struggled through the day, and when the kids entered the family pool, I stayed dressed in shorts and a shirt. The kids settled in front of the TV about when their mom was home.

I was sitting in a chair with them when Brutus came in and sat in front of me, and his red cock popped out of its sheath and pulsed in front of me. The door opened, and Mrs. Hanson walked in; the kids ran and hugged her, telling her how much fun they had with me. I was still seated with the boner dog sitting in front of me. Mrs. Hanson walked in, and her jaw dropped.

"Oh my God, Brutus! Put that away," She scolded him.

She shooed him out of the room, then returned.

"Oh, Ashley, I'm so sorry. I don't know what gets into that dog sometimes. I want to get him fixed, but Dave wants to breed him first," she went on.

"It's ok," I answered, knowing what had gotten into him or me.

After that, I fled home and went to my room to research "sex with animals." I thought it would be rare, but I was shocked to see how mainstream it was. Article after article and dirty videos of girls fucking their dogs, horses, and more. I was taken by girls who sucked their dog's cocks, and watched quite a few of those.

I was mesmerized by the site of that. I wasn't sure how that made me feel; I was part of a dark part of society or a sicko. Finally, I figured, Ashley, you're an adult kinda, take charge. Brutus is only a dog. The next day, I'd put that bad puppy in his place and put an end to his hijinks.

I awoke, grabbed my bag, and walked across the street to the Hanson's, noticing that Brutus was playing with Pilot between the fences in the backyard. Mrs. Hanson made me coffee, and I sat on the bar stool like I had the day before.

"Ashley, would you let Brutus in? I don't want him barking and waking the kids," she asked.

"Sure, Mrs. H," I said, getting up.

I opened the door and called Brutus, and the big gangly dork came flopping my way. He stopped by me, and I rubbed him up as he danced and his tail pounded the door and wall.

"Are you going to be a good boy today," I asked as I petted him.

He had a wild look in his eyes, and it put me off for a moment. I turned and took five steps back to the breakfast bar, and Brutus's nose lifted the back of my nightshirt, and his cold nose lodged between my butt cheeks.

"Oh!" I jumped up, alarmed.

"Are you ok, Ashley?" Mrs Hanson asked, with her back turned to me.

"Um, yeah, Brutus just startled me," I replied.

"Oh, Ashley, I forgot to ask. Dave, the neighbors, and I are taking our kids to the dunes for the weekend. Can you babysit Brutus and Pilot for us?" she asked.

"Um, sure, I don't have any plans," I replied.

"Wonderful, of course. We'll both pay you," she said, preparing to leave for the day.

I sat on the stool, drinking my coffee as Brutus sat before me, studying my every move.

"Ok, look, pal. I'm the human, and you're a dog. You do what I say, not the other way around. I'm not wearing panties with my nightshirt because you like the smell and taste of pussy and ass, got it," I whispered to him, laying down the law.

I entered the family room and turned on the TV, sitting in an over-stuffed chair, swinging my legs over each arm. I loved the freedom of having my pussy out, I hated clothes, but I got yelled at by my mom for flashing it around the house with my brother and dad there. Although I didn't care if they saw it. I watched TV for a while and got up to get another cup of coffee. Brutus was on his bed but got up when he saw me. As I returned to the family room, he approached me and grabbed the bottom of my nightshirt.

"Hey, what the fuck, dude," I yelled as he began to pull on it.

"Stop it, you'll rip it," I scolded him.

I put my coffee on the closest counter, turned toward Brutus, and bent over. My nightshirt was pulled up over my chest. I straightened out my arms, and instead of letting him rip it, I made it so Brutus could pull it off me, leaving me naked.

"You fuck, give that back," I screamed.

I stepped toward him to get my shirt, and he started to growl at me.

"Stop it, you're scaring me I began to cry.

"I reached for my shirt, and he snapped at me. I reached again, grabbed it, and put it back on.

"You're a psycho, Brutus," I cried as I returned to the family room.

I was now afraid of Brutus. I sat back down and wiped my eyes as Brutus came in and sat in front of me.

"No, Brutus, go away, bad dog," I began to cry again.

Brutus began to bark and snarl at me, baring his teeth at me.

"Stop it, stop it, you'll wake the kids," I cried.

He kept it up as I became more and more afraid.

"Stop, stop, please, I cried.

But he wouldn't. My head was spinning. He was scaring me, and I didn't want him to bite me or wake the children. I was freaking out, shaking my head, trying to figure out how to stop him. I had reached my breaking point; I pulled off my nightshirt, flopped in the chair, put each leg over an arm of the chair, and scooted forward, exposing my pussy to the angry dog. He stopped barking and walked up to me, shoving his cold nose into my snatch. I jumped when I felt it and knew what was coming next. He sniffed me then his long, strong, rough tongue swiped through the lips of my pussy

“Oh, oh," I jumped again.

Brutus went to work on my pussy, and my poor clit was paying the price. My pussy lips exploded apart, allowing him total access to my sensitive bits.

Um, Brutus, stop; you'll make me cum," I cried.

His tongue found the entrance to my baby maker, and he roughly pushed inside, lapping up my sex juice. I reached under my knees and pulled my legs back, exposing my entire party zone to the sex-crazed dog. I slid forward to keep him from getting the chair wet.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah," I moaned as he ate me out.

I was going to come and worried about what he'd want next. I didn't want that huge cock and knot inside my tiny pussy again if I could help it. I remember girls sucking dog's cocks and wondered if I could do that. Brutus pushed me over the cliff, and an enormous orgasm gripped me. My teeth chattered as I came.

"Eh, eh, eh, eh," I moaned from my throat.

"Oh fuck that was unbelievable," I moaned as it ended.

I was breathing hard as I let my legs go, and they fell to the floor as my body slid out of the chair. Brutus was standing, his hard, angry purple pointy cock throbbing between his legs. I knew what he wanted, but my pussy couldn't take his cock and knot again so soon. I was going to have to suck his cock.

I crawled over to him, hugged his neck, and wrestled him to the floor; he didn't put up any resistance. His eyes never left me as I lifted his back leg and got a close look at his massive cock.

Oh, God, Ashley," I cried.

I bent over Brutus, and my hand grabbed the base of his cock, it throbbed in my hand. I lowered my face to it, looking at the doggy dong. I stuck my tongue out and touched the tip, getting a little taste. I pulled my tongue, and it didn't taste bad. It certainly didn't taste like chicken, so I closed my eyes.

"Oh fuck," I exhaled as my lips touched the tip of his cock, and it slid into my mouth. Brutus jumped a bit. He was panting, and his tongue hung out the side of his mouth. I felt the pointy tip tickling my throat as I began to bob my head on the dog's cock. I could immediately taste something leaking into my mouth and swallowed his offering. I didn't think it was his cum, but a lubricant used to get his cock in a female dog.

It didn't taste bad, so I kept going bobbing my head, sucking my first dog's cock. I hoped Brutus was enjoying his blowjob, as I wasn't very experienced at it. He would soon show his appreciation for my effort His cock jerked slightly in my mouth, and a volley of very warm thin sperm shot into my throat, surprising me. I gagged, and my mouth opened, and it flowed from my mouth onto the floor.

I quickly recovered for the next shot and closed my mouth on his cock again. I swallowed his cum, continuing to bob my head on his cock, milking his balls till they were empty and the contents in my stomach. I ate his final spurts and pulled my mouth off his cock. Brutus immediately got up and left the room; I fell back against the chair, thinking, "Yeah, you showed him who was boss, Ashley." I survived the rest of the week, letting Brutus eat my pussy and saving my pussy, by giving him blowjobs. Tomorrow, I will babysit both the Great Danes for the weekend. I can't imagine what a shit show that will be.

I awoke Saturday morning dreading being alone with the two Great Danes for the weekend. I couldn't control Brutus. What would happen if Pilot wanted to get in on the action? I walked across the street, and the Hanson's house was chaos. The kids were screaming, the dogs were barking, and Mrs. Hanson was about to melt down. I went and let the dogs out in the yard, picked up the youngest kid, and tried to soothe her.

"Oh my God, Ashley, thank you. I thought I would lose my mind for a minute there," Mrs. H said.

I smiled at her and sat down, letting her daughter go as she ran down the hall.

Feel free to use the pool this weekend. There won't be anyone home on either side of us," Mrs. H. alerted me.

"Oh, ok, cool," I said as my mind thought of skinny dipping.

They were packed and on the road, and the dogs were happy in the yard, so I decided to watch some TV. It wasn't long until I heard a dog scratching on the back door, so I got up and let them in. I returned to the family room and lay on the couch again. The dogs had lay down and were sleeping, and I enjoyed myself for a while. I decided to take a dip in the pool, so I slipped out of my nightshirt and went outside to swim.

After a couple of hours of swimming and sunning, I decided to get some lunch. So, I walked into the kitchen and was met by Pilot and Brutus.

"Hello, boys, did you have a good nap," I said as I made a sandwich and chips.

I took my plate to the family room, followed by the Pilot and Brutus. I just had a towel around me as I sat down. As I ate my lunch, the dogs sat and watched my every move, creeping ever closer to me. By the time I finished eating, they were sitting by the arms of the easy chair I was sitting in. Brutus shuffled his hind end and whined at me while Pilot watched intently.

"No, Brutus, no pussy today," I said sternly.

I looked between his legs, and he had his red rocket out, pulsing up and down.

"No, Brutus, no pussy," I said again.

Then he started barking at me while Pilot bared his teeth, scaring the shit out of me.

"Fine, you big baby, I'll blow you, ok?" I said angrily.

I got out of my chair and wrestled him to the floor, making sure my pussy wasn't a target for his dad. I pushed his leg open and slid my mouth over the head of his fat long cock, and began to bob my head up and down on it. I started tasting his juice and swallowed it when I got a mouth full. Pilot watched me sucking off his son as he sniffed my pussy and ass.

I could tell my pussy was dripping, and the Pilot was looking for a way to get a taste of his soon-to-be bitch. I opened my towel up, and it fell to my sides; I lifted my leg and opened up my pussy to him while lying next to Brutus. Pilot took a couple of sniffs, and his hot rough tongue split my pussy lips apart, and he tasted my honeypot. I was sucking Brutus like he was my boyfriend, my lips begging him to fill my mouth with his bitter seed. Brutus rewarded me for my hard work by flooding my mouth with his hot cum.

"Umm, umm," I moaned as I sucked off one dog while the other one was driving me wild, eating my pussy. I was in heaven, sandwiched between the two giant dogs. Then I looked at Pilot and saw something that scared me to death. Between his legs was the largest cock I'd ever seen, super fat, veiny, an angry red color, and close to a foot long. I pulled off Brutus's cock and slid under Pilot, bracing myself on my elbows and spreading my knees to let Brutus finish what Pilot started. Brutus took no time getting his tongue into my twat.

"Um, um, fuck dog, you drive me wild," I moaned.

I was staring at the largest cock I'd ever seen in the face as I tilted my head up and took the pointed tip into my mouth. It was a long way to his knot, and I seriously doubted I could take it all. I slid it into my mouth, the cock stretching my lips obscenely out of proportion. Pilot stood still, panting as I sucked his cock, his lube dripping

into my throat.

"Um, um, um, I moaned in pleasure as one dog ate my box while I sucked off the other.

I was about to have a serious orgasm as more of Pilot's massive cock filled my throat. He was dripping like crazy, and I let it slide down into my stomach While Brutus drove me off the cliff and into the abyss of a giant orgasm. My body shook as I came tightening my grip on Pilots cock, as my mouth worked double time.

"Um, um, um," I moaned, willing Pilot to give me what I expected would be a massive load of hot dog cum.

Pilot shuffled his back paws, and a tidal wave of dog sperm shot into my throat as I struggled to keep up swallowing it.

"Ummm," I moaned in satisfaction as I ate his ghizz.

I sucked him till he stopped leaking into my mouth and then pulled my mouth off the spent dog cock. I slid my butt back on the Ottoman and into the chair.

"Fuck guys, that was awesome," I exclaimed, licking dog cum off my chin.

The dogs left the room after licking their cocks, and I thought," Hey, that's a job," I watched TV for a while before falling asleep naked on the chair. I was awakened hours later by the dogs barking. I opened my eyes to Brutus and Pilot standing at the foot of the Ottoman, both snarling and baring their teeth.

"No, go away, you got blowjobs today, leave me alone," I cried.

The Pilot stood up and grabbed my ankle in his mouth, not biting it but holding it.

"Hey, stop, let me go," I screamed, becoming alarmed.

Pilot pulled on my foot, and his teeth scratched my ankle, so I slid down onto the Ottoman to relieve the pressure. Then he pulled my left leg over my right leg, and I rolled onto my stomach. He kept pulling till my legs were off the Ottoman, and when Pilot let go of my ankle, my knees hit the floor. I had my legs closed as the dogs began barking and snarling at me.

"Stop it, stop it, your cocks are too big, you can't have pussy," I cried, as I became deathly afraid of them.

Pilot came up by my face and bared his teeth at me, I was scared to death, so I crawled up on the Ottoman and spread my legs apart, giving them access to my pussy.

"No, no, please don't. You're too big for me," I pleaded.

Brutus began licking my wet pussy and butthole as I cried, knowing my pussy was about to be destroyed by the enormous dog cocks.

"Oh, oh, Brutus, I cried as his rough tongue worked over my tender pussy and asshole.

Then I was crushed into the Ottoman as Brutus mounted his bitch.

"Oh, oh, fuck, no Brutus, no pussy, no pussy," I begged him.

His first thrust slid between my butt cheeks and almost found my bunghole. I raised up a bit, not wanting him to bury his bone in my butt, and on his second thrust, he hit paydirt, slamming into my tight snatch.

"Ow, ow, ow, easy," I cried.

Brutus buried his cock in me quickly and went to work pounding his knot into my tiny pink fuckhole, slowly making it open to his yet-to-be-swollen knot. I could feel my tender pink opening giving way, and with a faint "pop," his knot entered my cunt.

"Oh, Oh, oh, fuck me," I moaned as it stretched me out painfully.

Brutus was fucking me senseless as his knot swelled in me, and my body lunged forward with each of his thrusts. My pussy clung to his cock as he fucked me.

"Oh, oh, oh, yeah," I moaned as he was working me toward an orgasm.

My moaning, Brutus grunting, and the slapping sound of our bodies colliding filled the room as Pilot sat there and waited his turn to breed me. I couldn't take anymore and launched into another orgasm, my body shaking and pleasure coursing through my body.

"Oh, fuck yeah, fuck me, baby," I begged him as he made me cum.

I was sweating lying underneath the dog, and I felt his cock jerk inside me, and his hot cum shot stream after stream into my baby maker Brutus finally stopped pumping his sperm into me, and we both lay there exhausted, waiting for his knot to deflate.

I immediately began to worry about his dad's cock inside me. It was quite a bit larger than Brutus's cock, and his knot, when expanded, would surely destroy my little infrequently used pussy. Brutus finally was able to dis-mount me, and his cum poured down my leg onto the floor. I watched as Pilot got up and walked around me, and began licking my butthole with his strong, rough tongue.

His saliva had my rosebud nice and juicy, and it decided it would unfurl and let Pilot's fat, long tongue inside.

"Umm," I groaned as his tongue wiggled inside of me, tasting my bitter fruit.

"Oh, fuck, easy, buddy, I'm a virgin back there," I cautioned.

I felt my anus expanding as his tongue worked up inside my butthole, and it felt terrific; my pussy was dripping. I was being bred by dogs, and I was their bitch now. And I was resigned to them breeding me as they desired. The Pilot had eaten enough of my butt, and he wanted to fuck his bitch now. I felt empty as he pulled his tongue off of me and climbed on my back.

I felt his huge cock slid between my legs as he got into position. I hadn't risen up like I did with Brutus and would pay the price. My pussy was too low for Pilots massive cock to find, and when he lunged forward the first time, he dove his cock right up my butthole.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, get it out of there I screamed.

On his third thrust, his eleven inches cock was buried in my bowels as I screamed in pain for mercy. I was pounding my fist on the Ottoman, trying to wiggle out from under him, but his weight was too much for my thin, light frame to move. Pilot literally began fucking the shit out of me as his large knot slapped on my rosebud.

"pop, pop, pop, pop," He tried to force the large ball inside me.

I could feel his pounding me was making headway as I could feel the edges of it beginning to force me open. A moment later, I felt my butthole open and swallow the enormous dog knot.

"Ow, ow, fuck, you, Pilot, that fucking hurts," I squealed.

I was in agony when the knot began to swell and rip my rosebud in the process. Pilot was really laying the pipe to me, and I was sweating profusely as he destroyed my anus. I was sobbing in pain when he began to flood my bowels with hot dog cum, his cock jerking with every volley. I was in too much pain to gain pleasure from being sodomized by the eleven-inch monster. It took ten minutes for Pilot's knot to deflate and pull out of my ass with a "plop."

Dog cum and blood poured from my asshole as I ran to the bathroom. I wiped my butt, the toilet paper red with my blood and dog cum. I stepped in the shower and washed with cold water, making me feel better. I put a cold washcloth on my butthole and found an extra large t-shirt of Mr. H's, and put it on. And then cleaned up our mess on the floor.

I cried as I wondered how I could let two dogs force me to have sex with them. I knew I was powerless to stop them. Their barks and growls scared me to death. And they were so much bigger and powerful than I was. How could I refuse them? I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge, sitting on a stool and wondering how long it would be before the dogs bred me again.

I wouldn't have to wait too long. When I walked back into the family room, the Great Danes were there to meet me. They followed my every move, their steely brown eyes piercing through me, shattering my self-confidence and making me bow my head not to meet theirs.

I knew then I was their bitch, and I'd have to submit to their will. The dogs stood up and began barking at me, and I burst out in tears.

"No, not again, it hurts," I sobbed.

I walked to the dogs and fell on my back, attempting to give them blowjobs, but they stepped back from me. They didn't want blowjobs, they wanted my pussy. I stood up, wailing, and walked to the Ottoman, took off my t-shirt, and crawled on, spreading my legs for them to enter.

"No, no. bad dogs," I howled.

I felt the crush of Pilot's body on my back and his hips bucking franticly, searching for his cunt to fuck. I lifted up slightly, and he drove his eleven-inch dagger home.

"A-wooo," I screamed as he ripped my sore pussy lips apart.

He fucked me savagely as his knot pounded my labia and forced my pussy to open for it. Even under the total weight of the dog, my body rocked. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as his drool dripped on my back. The pain eased as he shot his lubricant inside my straining snatch, and I began to feel a warm feeling in my loins.

"Um, Um, oh," I moaned as the dog's cock pierced my cervix with the tip.

"Oh, ow, oh," I moaned.

Trapped in my cunt by his knot, Pilot fucked me to my first orgasm. My body shuddered as the pleasure spread through my belly.

"Oh, yeah, fuck yeah," I bellowed as the dog drove me over the brink.

And then I felt his warm sperm beginning to fill my stuffed cunt. We were coming together as if we were lovers.

"Yeah, cum in me, cum in me," I begged Pilot.

I was sweating and delirious when he stopped fucking me. Pilot trying to dismount me quickly turned, and we were ass to ass. He painfully pulled me off the Ottoman as we remained knotted. We stood there for a good five minutes before he was able to pull the orange-sized ball out of my over-stuffed pussy.

I fell flat on the floor, exhausted from servicing the dogs, but Brutus's sharp, high-pitched bark told me I wasn't finished yet. I slowly crawled back to the Ottoman and laid back down, legs spread, offering my sore pussy to the other dog.

Brutus took no time jumping on my back, I was already in the position to take his cock, and he nailed the entry on the first thrust.

"Oh, holy fuck," I screamed as he buried his bone deep in my cunt.

My pussy helpless to resist accepted his knot, and my fucking began.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," I cried as my pussy was torn apart again by a giant dog cock and knot.

My head shook as Brutus laid his pipe to me, and I heard him panting. My poor snatch was so full of cock, I thought it might explode. My loins were tingling, and I knew a dog would do again what no boy had been able to. Make me cum.

Fuck me, Oh, oh, yeah," I cried as I launched into another colossal orgasm.

My legs went straight, and the dog's body crushed me into the Ottoman as my body responded to being fucked by the dog's cock. Brutus continued to franticly fuck me as my orgasm subsided, and my mind began to wander. I imagined being pregnant by the dogs and having my doctor tell me I would have a litter of puppies.

For a moment, I smiled, and then I felt Brutus filling my belly with hot dog sperm. It felt so good being flooded with his cum. I lay there and let him finish, and we remained knotted for some time. Eventually, Brutus pulled his oversized package out of my loosening twat, and I lay there waiting for Pilot to take another turn on me.

But neither of the dogs tried to mount me again, so I slowly returned to the shower. I wondered if they'd had enough pussy for the day or were just taking a break for a while. And I wondered if my poor pussy could survive another full day with them tomorrow.
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