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Mark gets to eat out his boss, then meets his gym crush at her job . .
I woke up Friday morning, showered, located the cards Amanda gave me, and was on my way. My first stop was the hairdresser. I pulled up to the shop in my beat up daily driver and immediately felt out of place. This was a place for rich people, not me. The sign was gold, the floor marble, the seats leather, and the people wealthy. I took a breath, calmed my nerves, and strode inside the double doors. The receptionist was front and center at a large counter. I walked up and asked for Miranda. She gave me a dumbfounded look, but pointed me to the back left corner of the shop. There, a thick and curvy woman with bright yellow hair was waiting. I walked through and introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Mark. Amanda told me that you know what she wants me to look like.” I said, with no hesitation.

Miranda looked taken aback for a second, then studied me. “Really . .” She said, wistfully. She looked me up and down, then smiled wickedly before quickly biting her lip. After a few moments she chuckled. “I guess she found what she was looking for.” She said in a measured tone.

I smiled faintly.

Am I a fantasy for Amanda she finally gets to act on?

Miranda clapped her hands together. “Right! Let’s make you perfect.” She said seductively.

Miranda was thicker and deceptively beautiful. Her features were rounded, her eyes strikingly blue, and her breasts and butt curvy and plump. Once she sat me down in the chair she made sure that I knew that she could play the game. She gave me lingering touches, dragged her large breasts against me, and made pointed comments whenever she noticed a tent forming at my waist.

She designed my hair to be cut shorter on the bottom with a longer flow at the top. It didn't seem like she did much work at all, as most of the time was spent flirting with me, but I looked completely different.

“Okay, here’s your new style. Keep it this way daily so that it starts flowing like this naturally.” She demanded.

“Thank you so much. It looks incredible, really.” I stood up, taken aback by myself in the mirror.

“It looks incredible because it’s on you, pretty boy.” She winked, and moved past me, brushing her ass against my crotch deliberately. I thanked her and paid using Amanda’s card.

“I’ll make Amanda send you to me again soon.” She said mischievously.

“Be careful what you wish for.” I said, flirting back. She faked looking shocked, smiling, then shooed me off.

The next stop was the suit place, which was decidedly less fun. I spent an hour being measured by a grumpy old man, and another waiting for the suit to be tailored. I finally managed to escape with a sharp grey suit and red shirt, and I opted not to get a tie. Since I was only going to be a personal assistant, I figured I could get away with leaving a few shirt buttons undone to show some chest.

I finally drove to the last destination. I entered the coffee shop and was about to order when I realized the cashier was my gym crush. She was 5’6”, around my age, half black with dark green eyes and poofy natural hair. I hadn’t seen her in several days, and getting to talk to her made me excited.

You don’t need to worry about rejection, since you have Amanda.

“Hey! You go to the gym down the street, don’t you? I’m Mark, I’ve seen you there a few times.” I said pleasantly.

She squinted at me. “Um. Yeah, hey.” She pointed to her name tag. It said ‘Kiya’.

“Did you change your hair? It looks really nice.”

“Oh.” She looked surprised. “Well, my friends said I have to stop straightening it and let it go back to being natural, otherwise it’ll get damaged. I’m not sure I like it though.”

I shrugged. “Your friends seem smart, it really suits you.”

She looked down, probably trying to figure out if I was being genuine or not. “Are you ready to order?”

“Right! Sorry.” I pulled a piece of paper from my breast pocket, unfolded it and slid it over the counter.

“They warned me about this order.” She chuckled nervously.

“I thought it would be easier to deal with if it was all written down.”

She took the paper and started tapping on her screen. “It is, actually. So what do you do at this three hundred dollar coffee order company?” She looked me up and down.

Gonna brag or be honest?

“Certified office bitch.” I grinned. “I don’t actually know what this company even does.” I laughed.

She giggled. “Most guys would say they’re the CEO or something.”

I smiled. “I’m patiently waiting for my promotion.” I joked. “Are you gonna hit the gym tonight?”

She looked at me crazy. “It’s Friday night! My friends and I are going to the club.” She finished with the order, and took my card.

“If you change your mind, I’ll be there.” I took the receipt she’d just printed off. “Thank you-“

Is it K-I-ya, or K-ee-ya?

“K-I-ya.” I said confidently.

She beamed at me. “You pronounced it right.”

I smiled, left a generous tip on the receipt, and instead of signing I wrote ‘The gym is way more fun than the club. Promise.’

I said goodbye and took the coffees and left. Soon I made it to the office and passed out everyone’s coffee. I received several compliments from the men about my new look, and many lingering stares from the women. Once I finished handing them out, I made my way to Amanda’s office. Gordon wasn’t at his desk, so I knocked and entered.

Amanda was sitting at her desk speaking on the phone. She watched me enter and gazed at me. She told whoever was on the phone that she would have to call them back later. I turned around and clicked the door lock as she hung up.

“Ma’am, I-“ I stammered.

She waited, twirling her fingers in her hair. She looked me up and down like I was a menu, deciding what she wanted to eat.

“I’d like to repay you for yesterday, Ma’am.” I said purposefully.

Her face lit up. Clearly that had pleased her. She slowly stood, and rearranged her desk so it was clear. She quietly stepped around her desk and I realized that not only was she barefoot again, but she was also wearing the same tight black dress she had during our interview. She walked gingerly to the front of the desk, and deftly pushed herself up so she was sitting on it with her legs dangling off.

She gestured down and whispered, “Partake.”

I swallowed and nodded. I was fully erect in seconds from the mere sight of her like this.

I strode toward the desk, stopping in front of her. I knelt down on my knees and sat on my heels. She hurriedly shimmied her dress above her hips, and I saw her beautiful thighs were squished from her sitting, making them look even bigger. She had her legs pressed together, and I could see skimpy black lace panties clinging to her hips. I started at her knees, my hands traveled up the side of her thighs and hooked her panties, slowly pulling them down as she lifted herself slightly. I pulled them all the way down past her ankles and let them fall.

I saw her feet, and without thinking I cupped her heel and brought her toes to my mouth. I swirled my tongue between her toes as she gasped in surprise.

Not right now. Eat.

I regained my composure and pulled her foot away. I lifted her feet, spread her legs, and draped them over my shoulders. I stared at her pussy. It was pretty and pink and beginning to get wet. Her clit was enormous and swollen, and above she had closely trimmed brown hair.

I lunged at her clit, enveloping it with my mouth and sucking with my tongue, my nose jamming into her abdomen. She squealed in delight. She reached down and ran her fingers through my hair putting gentle pressure on my head when she needed to. Her legs trapped my head, and I could faintly hear her talking through her thigh pillows.

“You are SUCH a good boy!” She cried. “Do you love Mommy’s pussy?”

I nodded. She tasted like forbidden divinity, the Apple in the Garden.

“Oh my god, I’m getting so wet but you just keep drinking it!” She said excitedly. “Yes baby, fuck me with your face you fucking slut!” She moaned, gripping my hair and grinding her pussy into my face. “You’re making me cum. You’re gonna make Mommy cum!” She said with a gasp, and then went silent. Her thighs squeezed tight against my ears. After thirty seconds her thighs relaxed and she started breathing raggedly.

“Oh baby.” She cooed. “My sweet baby boy. You made Mommy cum with just your tongue.” She was twirling her fingers in my hair. “I knew you were cute when I saw you, but I didn’t know you’d make such a good little boy.”

Her thighs released my head and she was allowing me to pull away. I angled my head up and looked into her eyes.

“Please let me make you cum again, Mommy.” I whispered against her pussy.

She shuddered and I dove into her, extending my tongue as far as I could. I licked down to the very bottom of her pussy, nearly reaching her ass, traveled up, plunging my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. I receded then savagely attacked her clit.

“Oh FUCK.” She croaked. She doubled over, her head just above mine as she was reeling from the pleasure. “Please, oh fuck, baby I’m- I’m so sensitive.” Her legs began trembling, and I reached my arms around her legs to grab the top of her thighs. I felt and squeezed her perfect thighs and used them as leverage to pull my face closer into her.

I was Atlas. She was the Universe.

I sucked and licked and nibbled and bit her clit, experimenting with everything I knew how to do. Making her cum was now the center of my being. I was desperately hungry, devouring her sex as though making her cum was paramount to my survival.

I was starving. She was my food.

I relentlessly pleasured her. Amanda could no longer speak filthy to me any longer, she had devolved into weak little cries and moans. Then, I began feeling a small trickle of liquid below my bottom lip, going down my chin.

“Ohhh . . Sweetie . . I haven’t . . So long . . “

I realized what was happening, and quickly opened my mouth wider to receive it. She moaned uncontrollably, shuddered violently, her heels planted into my back, and she clamped her thighs around my head so hard my ears started ringing.

“I’m- I’m-“ She nearly screamed. Then, with a low whisper. “I’m squirtinggggg ohhh fuckkk. Drink my squirt, drink Mommy’s squirt.”

Her cum quickly filled my mouth and I swallowed, greedily. I was drinking her squirt like it was a lost oasis in the desert.

I was thirsty. She was water.

Her delicious orgasm was soon over, and she returned to normal breaths. She pet my hair and relaxed her thighs, letting me back up for air. She looked down at my face between her legs.

“I think that was the best head I’ve ever had.” She said with a weak smile. “Is your cum ready for me?”

I nodded. My cock was steel and leaking precum, it had been since I started. She motioned for me to stand, and slid off the desk. She stood me in front of her, looking into my eyes as she unbuckled and dropped my pants. Then, she gave me a kiss.

She kissed my lips, then licked over all of my face, loving the taste of herself. She grabbed my body and squeezed it against herself, my cock pressing straight up against her stomach. She stood on her toes, grabbed my cock with one hand, and positioned it down. Then, she slid it between her pussy lips and thighs.

I hadn’t entered her. I had slid between her thighs and was lubricated by her cum and my saliva. She put one foot behind the other and crossed her legs, squeezing me even tighter. She grabbed my hips and forced me to fuck her thighs.

I slipped between her thighs over and over, moaning with the incomprehensible sensation. She started moving me faster, moving herself in sync while I clinged to her, paralyzed.

I was on the edge, precum dribbling out of my dick when she arched her back, and the tip of my cock slipped past to the other side of her thighs, resting directly below her ass. Her thighs squeezed harder, stretching and pulling it, until I grunted, pulsing out cum over and over. My cum splashed onto the desk behind her, pooling into a puddle of milky white.

Slowly, she released me, both of us leaning on the desk to support our weight. She smiled deeply. “You were fantastic.”

I grinned back, and shrugged. “You taste amazing.” I leaned back and let out a satisfied moan. “That . . Thigh thing . . That was fucking hot.”

She giggled. I pulled my pants up, and she led me to her secret bathroom. It was a typical secret bathroom, I suppose. Fancy as fuck and full of things I couldn’t afford. Amanda grabbed two plush wash clothes, soaked them in warm water, and we each cleaned ourselves well. After I was done, I buckled my pants, and leaned on the counter with one hand.

I stared at her. “Miss Jo-“ I stopped. “Amanda. I-“

She put her hand on my chest, and nodded. She knew what I needed without me having to speak.

I leaned into her and our lips met. I pulled her body into me and pushed her against the bathroom counter, lifted her legs and sat her on top. She wrapped her legs around me, her tongue around my tongue as I explored her ass with my hands. We fed on each other, consuming our affection. I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t sad, yet tears flowed freely from my eyes. Our lips were sealed together, and for a time we shared the same breath. I exhaled into her, she breathed my air then exhaled back into me. We did this as long as we could until we separated, wet, gasping for oxygen.

She caressed my face, memorizing my features. “I’ve waited for you. For so-“ she brought her fingers, soaked with my tears, to her lips. “Long.”

I nodded. “I feel like. . I’m not as empty anymore.”

She smiled. She gently pushed me back, and hopped off the counter, fixing her dress. I followed her as she walked back into her office. She bent over, in a blatant display, and picked up her panties from the floor. She used them to clean my cum off her desk, and I watched as she licked the cum off of them.

She put her cleaned panties back on and winked at me. “Now, we actually do have work to do.”

Following our insane pseudo-coitus, the remainder of the day was filled with unyielding paperwork and bureaucracy. Spreadsheet after spreadsheet, powerpoint after powerpoint, we dredged through documentation like Sisyphus and his beloved boulder. Reprieve came at lunch time. Amanda had an oversized couch placed on the wall opposite the coffee table. She laid across it on her stomach, and I sat at the other end massaging her feet.

“You’re like a Queen and I’m like a peasant living a fairytale.” I said wistfully.

She giggled. “We’ll make a Prince of you yet.”

Our break ended too soon, and we were back to business. More and more monotony was alleviated only by coffee and flirtatious remarks. It was an eternal suffering, but we suffered together. After some time I checked my phone. Realizing it was almost 8 at night, I rubbed my sore eyes.

“Do you have plans tonight?” Amanda yawned.

“I was going to hit chest.” I said.

“Go then, sweetie.” She smiled.

“Are you sure? I can stay if you need me to.”

“Baby, you basically took half a Master’s degree in one day. Go get strong. I like you strong.” She pressed.

“Okay.” I nodded. I stood up and stretched, then went to kiss her. “Have a good weekend, Mommy.”

As I walked out of her office, she yelled after me. “Monday is the second half!”

I drove home, relaxed with YouTube and ate a small meal. Then I picked my favorite gym fit: an oversized t-shirt and undersized shorts. It made my upper body look big, and showed off my legs. I mixed up my pre-workout and drank it as I drove to the gym.

I arrived when it was getting dark outside, and the parking lot was empty. I scanned my barcode and the glass door to the gym unlocked. I liked going in the middle of the night every once in a while. If I wanted to hit a personal record, no one would be around. The gym was empty and serene like I expected. I sauntered over to the cable machines and started my warmup.

Once I forced some blood into my chest, I felt ready to lift. I went to the flat bench area and set a good starting weight. Finishing a few sets easily, I stepped it up. I managed four repetitions of my maximum weight.

Feeling fantastic, I added ten pounds to the total. Incredibly, I managed to squeeze out two decent reps, blowing past my personal best. I was feeling a little frisky, and decided to risk adding ten more pounds.

Under the weight, I knew it wasn’t going well when I couldn’t slow the decent of the bar as much as I wanted to. I let it sit on my chest for a second, then forced it upward. I only got halfway up, before my screaming muscles began to fail, and the weight settled back on my chest. I had to give considerable effort just to keep pressure off my lungs. The struggle bus was parked at the gym, and I was on it.

If you can coordinate pushing with your chest, pulling with your lats, and a massive sit up, you can probably throw the weight to your hips.

I began breathing fast and deep, trying to oxygenate myself in preparation. Then, I heard a beep from outside. The door opened, a gym bag hit the floor, and someone ran towards me.

Kiya leapt onto the bench and straddled my abdomen. Her feet were planted on the floor and she grabbed the bar, violently trying to pull it up.

“Push! Push!!” She pleaded.

I exploded my arms upward, forcing the bar to slowly moved towards the top. I locked my elbows at the top, and Kiya shoved the bar back into the rack. I finally let go of the weight and it thudded into position, surprising Kiya so much that she lost her footing.

She fell, dropping her ass directly onto my dick. I grunted with the sudden weight, and she threw her arms down to steady herself on my chest. I looked at her in surprise, and she was staring at me, embarrassed. She quickly stood up, swung her leg over and turned around.

“Are you okay?” She squeaked.

“Yes.” I coughed. “I am now, thanks to you.” I reached down and adjusted myself, her sitting on my lap had redirected some blood flow. I sat up, taking a breather after the ordeal. “That.” I chuckled. “That was too much weight.”

“You think?” She turned around and giggled at me.

I stood up and started pulling weights off the bar, putting them back on weight racks. Kiya helped me, but she struggled with the forty five pound plates, so I took those, and she took the smaller ones. As we put the plates away, I stole glances at her. She was wearing a slightly oversized black t-shirt tucked into green workout shorts that stopped just underneath her ass cheeks, lifting and accentuating, making a perfect heart shape. I had to keep myself from staring. Her skin tone was perfectly complemented by the shade of green. Her ass was like the sun during the eclipse; I couldn’t look, but I couldn’t look away.

Soon we were done, and I asked what she was working out today.

“Glutes and hamstrings!” She said proudly.

I couldn’t help but grin.

Of course. This is gonna be hard. YOU’RE gonna be hard.

“I haven’t done legs since last week, so I’ll workout with you.”

She looked very pleased with my answer. We started out doing stretches, and I quickly realized just how inflexible I really was. Most stretches we did, she did them effortlessly. Doing them together, right next to each other on the floor, often placed me in such a position to stare directly at her ass. I couldn’t complain even if I wanted to.

After stretching we started with deadlifts. A few good sets later, we moved on to barbell RDL’s.

“I never feel these in my hamstrings.” She complained. “Only in my lower back.” She finished her first set.

“Hmm.” I was thinking of another hamstring dominant exercise we could do that would refocus her. I shrugged. “We could try doing them on cables.”

I set up a cable machine nearby and demonstrated a cable RDL for her. She watched closely. “Remember, this is a hip hinge, so push your ass back on the way down, stretching your hamstrings. Then squeeze and push your hips forward to come back up.” I said.

“Yes, Sir.” She said seriously.

My cock began to grow rapidly, hearing her call me Sir.

Both sides of the coin, eh?

My shorts were already super tight since I had a leg pump, which made my half erection feel extremely visible. I glanced at her face and she met my eyes. I looked away quickly. I couldn’t tell if she had noticed or not.

Kiya began to mimic my actions, and I could tell she immediately felt the difference. She slowly bent over, her legs shaking slightly. “Oh my god.” She moaned. “I can feel it.”

Jesus Christ.

I was standing in front of her at an angle, and I could see her ass in the mirror behind her. She paused at the bottom of the rep, and I gazed at the back of her legs. I saw her tight calves, and above them, her hamstrings were set in a V, cords of muscle pathing their way up to the bottom of her ass. I imagined palming the side of her thighs, pressing my thumbs into the bottom of the V . . Squeezing up the muscle, her ass inches from my face . . Leaning forward-

Slow your roll. Don’t be a creep.

My eyes snapped to her face, and she met my glance. I looked away again quickly. She had seen me staring this time. She grunted had she stood back up, completing the rep.

“I felt that for sure.” She said, pausing to take a breath. “I need to do these more often.”

She finished her set, and we completed a few more silently. I was about to suggest a new exercise when she spoke.

“Hey, so, since you’re here. Do you think you can spot me so I can do a heavy squat?” She asked, looking up at me.

“Of course!” I said, relieved she broke the silence first.

She moved toward a squat rack, set the bar up to her height, and put on a warm up weight. She completed several reps, then went to add more weight. I saw how much she was putting on, and helped her, loading the other side of the bar. She looked at me for confirmation, and I moved to stand behind her, ready to spot.

Before she started, she pulled off her t-shirt. She was wearing a matching green sports bra underneath. I could see her breasts in the mirror, they were small, perky, and either she was cold, or she had piercings.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Her eyes met mine in the mirror, and I quickly snapped my focus down to the floor. When I looked up, she seemed annoyed for some reason. I refocused, and squatted down a bit, ready to help if she needed me. She set her face, and lifted the bar off the rack.

She started off amazing, doing two complete reps. Her third rep moved to the floor too rapidly, and she struggled getting off the bottom. Thankfully, I didn’t need to grab her to help her up, since the weight was fairly manageable for me. I only had to get a little closer and pull up on the bar. I helped her rack the bar, and she slipped while doing so, shoving her ass back into my crotch.

I was still aroused from earlier, and I knew she had felt it.

It was an accident, don’t get any ideas.

I moved my hips back so her ass wasn’t touching me anymore. I saw her face in the mirror, and she looked embarrassed.

“That might’ve been to much.” She said sheepishly.

I chuckled. I went to both sides of the bar and took off some of the smaller plates. She completed the rest of her sets with no issue.

After we were done, she suggested we finish the workout on the Stairmaster. I hated cardio, but I agreed since she asked. We started the climb, and she made it look effortless. Her cardio was fantastic.

She must play sports.

I, however, started pouring sweat within the first minute. After five minutes, my legs and lungs were on fire and I had to stop.

“I need. .” I choked out. “I’m gonna grab some water and hit the bathroom.” I climbed down from the machine.

“Big strong man can’t climb some stairs?” She giggled. Her laugh was piercingly adorable.

I laughed, and moved towards the water fountain. Upon filling my shaker bottle, I desperately gulped down the entire contents, and had to refill it before using the restroom. I sat at the urinal for much longer than I should’ve. It was difficult to pee, since my mind would drift off thinking about Kiya, my cock would get hard, and my pee would stop. After I forced myself to focus and finish, I washed my hands well and left the bathroom.

Kiya was standing next to the water fountain, rubbing her eyes. “What’s wrong?” I said, concerned.

She looked up at me, her eyes held sadness and fear. She hadn’t been crying, but her eyes were red.

“After today.” She whispered. I could barely hear her. “Are you going to go back to ignoring me?”


“What are you talking about? I don’t-“ I replied, bewildered.

“You barely look at me for more than a second. You don’t even acknowledge my existence.” She said. Her eyes were welling with tears. “I bet you don’t even realize we went to fucking high school together.”

Wait, is that why she always seemed familiar?

“You were always wrapped up with that prissy-ass bitch,” Her Southern Black accent began to emerge, “Who thought she was better than everyone else cause she got into nursing school.”


“But . . I didn’t know-“ I stammered.

“Why do you think I even joined this fucking gym?!” She snarled. She was getting angry. “I’ve been staring at you for fucking YEARS!” Now she was mad.

“Then today, I blew off my friends, I dressed slutty as fuck, I saved your ass on the bench. I fucking pushed up on you-“ She got quiet. “You still won’t make a move. Am I just fucking disgusting to you?” She whispered, her voice cracking.

I stared down at her. Her face was immaculately tortured, tears flowing across her features. Her eyes were drowning in a sea of longing and pain, one that I knew all too well.

Do or die.

She sneered at me. “Do I have to fucking beg you, SIR-“

I raised my hand, took her by the throat, and shoved her against the wall with a thud. I pressed my body against her, and forced my lips against hers. She melted into me, moaning into my mouth. I danced with her tongue, playing with it behind her teeth. Then I broke the kiss. I pulled away, and with my other hand I gently grabbed her hair, pulling her head backwards. Her eyes were closed, tears still flowing, but she wore a smile as she breathed raggedly from her open mouth.

I whispered into her ear. “You’re the first person I look for when I arrive, and the last one I look for when I leave.”

She huffed. She either liked what I said, or didn’t believe me. I let go of her hair and throat, then bent down, grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted. I picked her up easily, and slammed her back into the wall. She yelped, then smacked her mouth into mine, biting my lip. I pulled her ass into me, grinding my dick into her. She whimpered, kissing me, then dug her nails into my back. She was feral, ripping at my skin with razors. I loved it. The fact that she had to cause me pain from being in so much pleasure made me want to cum right then. I was getting close. We weren’t even naked, but I could feel her pussy lips with only a few layers of thin fabric between us.

She slowed her kissing and scratching, then broke free from my mouth and gasped for breath. “Wait.” She whimpered.

Stop. Put her down.

I’d gone too far. I set her down gently, uncupped my hands from her butt, and backed away. I pushed against the wall and released my weight against her.

“Fuck. I’m sorry. I-“ I said.

“No, it’s okay. .” She interjected. She was blushing and wringing her hands.

You dumb, stupid idiot.

I froze. “Oh. Are you still . .” I asked slowly, extremely concerned.

She looked up at my expression, then laughed, her embarrassment passing. She put her hand on my chest. “Yes I’ve had sex before, Mark.” She said smiling. “With you I just . . I think it should be different.” She said thoughtfully.

I smiled. “How about we go to the park tomorrow? It’s supposed to be really nice outside, there will be lots of people, and we’ll be out in public . . So there won’t be any pressure for.” I gestured between us. “This.”

Her face lit up like the Fourth of July in Texas. “That would be so much fun.”

She grabbed her gym bag, I opened the door for her, and walked her to her car. I put my number in her phone, then watched her drive off. I sat in my car, thinking about what had happened. After a few minutes, my phone buzzed, breaking me out of my daydream. It was a text from an unknown number.

Did she change her mind?

I opened my phone and opened the message. It was a picture, an address, and a text.


She had taken a selfie by lowering her phone beneath and behind her. Her black bangs framed her eyes as she peaked over her shoulder down at the phone. She had a pure white nightgown draped over her plump ass, and between her cheeks I could see a hint of a white thong.

The text read ‘Do you need Mommy?’

I replied ‘Fuck yes, I need you.’

I copied the address into maps, and started speeding towards my boss’ house.
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