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Wyatt is gifted a Pen with special abilities
Chapter 5

.................Confusion and Questions...................

Kate pulled her shorts down staring at how her cotton panties were slightly wedged in between her pussy lips and just how soaked through they were.

"Look Robyn, what is wrong with me?" She asked as her heart was racing. She pulled the soaked panties from her pussy lips that had a clinging ooze of thick grool wetness.

"Are you daydreaming again?" Robyn asked with a grin as she watched. When time had resumed she swore she could smell kates scent on her. It was so real. But how?

"Well maybe" she smiled, "im sorry Robyn..i know we talked about finding some boy to take my virginity with you and i but, but i want your dad. " she confessed.

"Oh really? Well, that is def a bit to take in but i understand" she said as she rolled her upper lip up sure she was smelling Kate under her nose.

"I think he is really sexy and its your dad so its a part of you, and i know he never would but its a sexy fantasy but i also dont want anything to come between us." she said as she stepped closer to Robyn taking her hand and guiding her fingers into her extremely sticky warm pussy lips, coated in a grool that was beyond sticky.

"See baby, im like a waterfall" she stared at Robyn as she used her fingers to work her pussy lips apart.

"Oh my you are so wet,my god thats so hot Kate." Robyn replied with a slight moan.

"Who was the guy that you said took your cherry babe? I cant rememeber maybe we can have him help us or we can buy a realistic strap on and you can take it " Kate said with a slight gasp as she rocked on Robyns fingers.

"Mmmm oh Kate, it, it was, someone very very special actually but it is a bit strange how it happed and all that." Robyn fought with her emotions to confess who took her own virginity .

"Oh you secretive naughty girl, do tell. But i need to get dressed and we need to get back to your dad he will think we got lost in here"

Pulling Kate into a hug Robyns eyes watered with joy and excitement to confess finally. She wanted for so long to tell kate but didnt know how or if shed accept her. As she hugged her she confessed.

"Kate, babe, my dad took my virginity but he had no idea" she said feeling a wave of relief.

Kate stunned with her mouth hanging open, felt another rush of thick wetness as she whispered " your dad? Oh fuck. How? When? How did he not know? I have so many questions" she said as she stared with such love into robyns eyes.

"Ill explain later, we need to get back to the living room so he doesnt get worried. Come on" she said with a major smile.

"Everyrhing ok?" Wyatt asked from his recliner as he sipped a beer.

"Oh we are great dad. Just girl stuff" Robyn said smiling as rhey sat down on the couch adjacent him.

"Well dont mind me if i doze off" Wyatt said as he closed his eyes and he rolled his head facing away from the girls feeling really relaxed.

Kate watched him seemingly drift to sleep but didnt know Wyatt took a bit to really doze as he like to have his eyes closed and deeply relax as he somewhat listened to a tv show.

Whispering, Kate leaned in to Robyn "so, when was the first time ? Was it painful?"

"I knew i was into girls but wanted to have a boy take my virginity but was not wanting any old boy. Thats when i came up with the idea to use my dad" she began. As she muttered the word dad , it was just loud enough for Wyatt to recognize and his ears slightly perked up.

"Go on, tell me everything" Kate said so giddy now facing Robyn as they had their secret conversation.

"Well i was 18 and working at the practice for my dad. I learned about a powerful sleep seditive and how to use it. So, on a night my mom was working late, i put it in dads beer, along with a double dose of viagra then waited until he was dead asleep and his cock was rock hard. " she told her exhilirating story.

Wyatt again heard dad then mom and viagra. He was curious now. He kept his eyes closed but listened very intensely at this secretive conversation. As kate and robyn talked theybspoke a bit louder as they were getting into this confessional.

"Go on..tell me more. What was it like?" Kate asked speaking a bit louder.

" well, i was so nervous about losing my virginity, but so excited. It was a bit odd as my dad was dead asleep but def a taboo rush. His cock is pretty big and it hurt quite a lot but each time i did it , the better it felt" she explained.

"Your so hot. I had no idea my girllfriend was a dirty little freak" Kate purred.

Wyatts mind erupted. He wanted to sit up and question exactly what she was thinking raping him, but it all was only adding to his own taboo desires. He couldnt believe what secrets his daughyer had and thwt he had been her first.

"I so want him to be my first Robyn, but only if youll allow it and help me" Kate asked holding Robyns hands.

Robyn looked at her dad who was now fake snoring. "Im so happy you dont think im a freak. Id love to share him. You and i will have had the same loving man take our cherries" she giggled.

"Can we do it tonight? I mean is there enough time before your mom gets home?" Kate asked with such thrill.

Robyn looked at her phone seeing it was just past 730 pm. Her mom usuallly got home about 1100 - 1130 pm on her late night classes. She bit her lip pondering. "Well...we can, but you wont have much time, but if you really want to...ill go get the pills and we can wake up my dad and get him drugged" robyn said .

Kate squealed "yes. Please yes. Im so ready to lose my virginity and finally be a real woman for you" she said grabbing Robyn in a big hug.

Wyatt listened. He couldnt believe what his own daughter was about to do, but he was also very thrilled to help without her even knowing.

Chapter 6

............................Sleeping pills...............

Robyn got up and gently rocked her dads shoulder "dad, daddy your dozing off." She said softly as Kate watched doing her best to contain her excitement.

Wyatt slowly opened his eyes, acting the part to a tee he was asleep. "Oh im sorry sweetie. I guess i was pretty beat." He said rubbing his eyes and stretching.

"Kate and i are gonna go to my room, would you like a fresh beer? That new movie you wanted to see is coming on in a few minutes." She said needing him to drink to take her coctail she put together so many times before.

Wyatt smiled knowing already their plans. "Yes. Please. That would be great." He said sitting up fully.

"Ok. Let me go pee first then ill grab your beer daddy" she said as she needed to go to her room to get the pills.

Kate got up and followed Robyn to her room where she got the pills from a midol bottle in her nightstand.

Robyn went back to the kitchen, opened a beer and dropped the pills in it knowing it would take about twenty minutes for them to take effect. She brought the beer in to her dad and set it on the coffee table "here you go dad. Kate and i will be in my room if you need anything. Try and not fall asleep watching rhat movie, you know mom gets so mad when your asleep on the couch. Put the movie on in your room and save the scolding from mom" she said then kissed his cheek and walked off glancing at her phone of the time.

Wyatt smiled staring at the beer bottle. So many times she had got him a beer. Were those the times she used his body. His mind began to piece it together the best he could. He sat thinking but knew to make this really work he had to dump that beer and get a fresh bottle so he would be fully awake for his own secretive plan.

He stopped time, got up went to the kitchen and dumped the beer down the sink. He then grabbed a fresh bottle and swigged about half of it as he walked to Robyns room. He went in and found Robyn and Kate sitting on the bed watching a timer on her phone. It was at the 17 minute mark. Wyatt assumed the pills she gave him took about 20 minutes as to where the timer was frozen in time.

Walking over to the bed standing looking at how Kate and Robyn each sit cross legged facing each other with Robyns phone between them. Climbing on the bed and moving behind Kate, he slippped his hands around her waist and moves them so he is cupping her heavy tits through her tank top. The thought of what his daughter is planning is driving him wild as he moves his hands under her tank and pulls her bra up so her tits fall free. The big heavy globes spill out and his hands cup and massage them as he leans to smell the back of her neck, inhaling her soft perfume.

He pinches each nipple as they become harder, her tiny nipples are smaller than eraser buds and the erectness makes his teeth want to bite down on her neck but he restrains himself as to not leave a mark. With his right hand he slips it down her stomach and under the waistband of of panties moving until his fingers find her clit in the intense warmth and slippery wetness her pussy is releasing. He pinches and tugs her nipple harder yet, twisting it as he rubs her clit and alternates slipping his fingers into her thick puffy swollen meaty pussy lips that are so sticky wet he is able to hear the squishing as he parts her lips to play.

Not wanting to go to far, but just enough to really wind Kate up he pulls his hand from her shorts and pulls her bra down but leaves her nipple he just twisted and tugged sticking out the top of the bra line. He moves off the bed and once again wipes his finger of her scent all across Robyns upper lip and then onto her fingers.

Wyatt walks around her bed to the far side of the room and enters her closet to have a good view and listen when he starts time as the girls anxiously watch the clock counting down. The closet is a walk in and if needed has enough blankets and clothes stored on the floor for him to hide. Cautiously he leans against the door frame and peeks out the vented wood decorative slats offering a decent view of his daughter and Kate as he grips the pen and starts time.

Kate immediately puts her hands to her tits "oh fuck " she says as she laughs.

"What is it? Are you ok?" Robyn asks as she once again recognizes Kates distinct heavy scent is on her lip as she can smell it so clearly.

"Yes. Im fine. I think im just so turned on my body is hyper sensitive and ready to become a woman. "

"I get it. Just wait until you get past the inital pain and then youll really be able to allow all sorts of new sensations" Robyns replies as she looks at the phones timer counting down.

"I am a bit nervous Robyn, im so so wet but youve only fingered me so not to tear my hymen. Your dads cock is a lot bigger im sure. " she said laughing.

"It will be fine. Besides with him passed out lying down. You will control the depth, speed and what to do. " she explained.

"So youve only rode him when passed out? Never been able to have him in a different position? Im just curious about what we can explore later" she asked with a lot of interest.

"No, ive only rode him. " she answered honestly as she glanced at the clock which was down to 9 minutes. "Ok ensure we dont leave any evidence , you need to be naked when we go out there. That way after its over and your on that high, we dont lose any clothing " she teased.

"Ok, but ill feel awkward, will you, will you be naked too? Just to help me feel more comfortable?" She asked with a pleading voice and her hands wrapped in a begging fashion.

"Yes. I suppose, but only because you asked so nicely" Robyn laughed. "Lets get undressed, we have 8 minutes and he should be in a very very deep passed out sleep and his cock ready to make you a woman and take that cherry" Robyn very enthusiastic exclaimed as she stripped her clothes off.

Wyatt watched with his cock raging hard and oozing precum from the tip. Here was his daughter and Kate now undressing side by side giving him a show like no other. Seeing Robyns little tits with the most amazing puffy thick aerolas that engulfed her entire tit almost was mouth watering along kates heavy big D cups that hung with with her tiny perk erect nipples.

He saw their matching tattoos and it only cemented his knowledge they were truly a couple. Kates thin landing strip of pussy hair leading to her thick swollen outer pussy lips a stark contrast to Robyns big v shape of hair almost hiding her tight small mound and hidden pussy lips under her small vulva.

"Robyn, how do i do it? I mean, like do i just climb over him and just sit down on his cock?" She genuinely asked confused at the way to take a mans cock. "Ive never even used tampons just pads during my period to ensure my virginity was taken by a real man"

Robyn gave a warm smile "dont worry ill help you and make sure its a wonderful experience. Here, climb on the bed and sit on your knees next to me" she said as she climbed on the bed, sitting on her kees waving Kate next to her. Kate climbed on and got next to robyn.

"Ok. So basically your going to straddle him. Picture him beneath you now, your knees on each side of his lower chest upper waist. You may need to rest your hands on his chest for balance. So you can control the speed you lower on his cock." She described and showed as she put her hands on a pillow simulating her dads chest. Kate did the same. Now both girls were on their knees , hands down on pillows slightly leaning foward. Both girls asses were pointing out, side by side.

Wyatt swallowed hard. He couldnt believe what he was seeing amd hearing. He clicked the pen and stopped time. He had to take advantage of such a sight close up.

Stepping from the closet, hia heart was pounding, his mout watering, his cock raging hard. Walking to the edge of the bed where the girls asses were on complete display had his knees quivering. Wyatt stood at the edge of bed and stared. Both firm asses on display, each in their own sexy beautiful shape. He looked at how Kates thick meaty pussy hung down and pushed out, totally smooth and glistening wetness as Robyns was a smaller hidden mound with only a visible slit line and also totally shaven clean from this view.

He gripped each ass cheek with a hand and rubbed squeezing and spreading them apart to take notice of the dark black silky hairs that laid along Kates asshole and that Robyns ass hairs were very light and seemed just as wispy soft. As he pulled at each cheek he watched how each girls pussy lips parted slightly and the moist wetness of clingy stickiness was exposed.

Wyatt had to be super careful to not get to distracted as he wanted to see how his daughter actually used his body for her own taboo pleasures, but he wanted to ensure both girls were well aroused. He bent over and with two fingers spread Kates very wet meaty thick pussy lips exposing her very intact hymen. The thin muscous membrane protecting her virginity very evident. He leaned in and inhaled her scent. She smelled of heavy arousal with a hint of pussy musk.

"Mmmm Kate, i cant wait to take this cherry of yours. " he said as he moved over and gripped Robyns ass cheeks and stared deep at his daughters pussy lips that were so tightly sealed. It made him wonder how her pussy was so different from kates when Rbyn was so sexually active. He slid his fingers and spread her pussy lips apart. Her bright pink outer folds revealed a deep dark red hole spreading open as he pulled further. She was indeed no virgin and the amount of wetness was making his mouth water.

Leaning in he inhaled, smelling hints of the sweet warmth and a tang of pussy scent. He extended his tongue and took a slow deep lick of her tasting his own bloodline in such a taboo manner. With her pussy lips parted with his fingers, watched the slow creep of her wetness as it made its way from her dark red tight hole.

Wyatt licked her oozing wetness and traced up to her rosebud tight asshole. The heavy crinkles of skin around her pink hole so tight. He licked her ass as hus chin pressed into her seeping warm pussy, his hands clenching her cheeks tighter as his cock grew harder. Feeling he was about to orgasm just feom tasting his daughters asshole he pulled back admiring how inviting her ass and pussy were to him.

He stood up fight back the urges to shove his thick cock in her waiting holes but knew there was plenty of time for that and also to really not raise too many suspicions or truly spook them.

Wyatt walked from rRobyns room, the wood floor creaking under his foot as he picked up his half drank bottle of beer and proceeded to the masterbedroom. He laid on the bed and swallowed the last of the beer then let it fall to the floor as he positioned himself to look as if he had passed out on the bed watching the tv that was mounted on the wall he turned on. He was laying ontop of the comforter, his cock achingly hard tented in his sweat pants. Wyatt positioned the pen under his pillow with his left arm propped under with it to look as if he had been using his arm to prop himself up when he passed out.

He felt it all seemed normal, well as normal as this situation was at the moment. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes to really seem he was in a deep passed out slumber as he started time.

As time started both Robyn and Kate paused. Each feeling that similiar deep arousal and wetness flowing from their pussies, and Robyn feeling the extra sensations bever felt in her virgin asshole.

"I think we need to just go with it." Robyn said as her body was so turned on and her mind in a fog. She checked the clock on the phone and it read 3 minutes.

"Your right, im just so excited, nervous and beyond turned on you have no idea. Im wetter than ever and i swear my boobs are extra sensitive or something. I feel they have been played with pretty rough" Kate explained.

"I think i am feeling the same Kate. I cant explain it but my body is either super sensitive or im hyper turned on right now. It feels as if youve spent alot of time licking me" she laughed as they climbed off the bed, and hand in hand walked to the master bedroom. as they walked Robyn felt her asshole was very wet, a feeling of new senaations she had never felt as Kate had never licked her ass before even though she had been very curious about it.
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