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Wyatt is gifted a pen with special powers
Chapter: 7


Slowly walking in the room Robyn called out "Daddy, daddy, are you asleep?"

Robyn saw the beer bottle on the floor at the side of the bed, his left arm hanging off, fingers spread as if the bottle had fallen as he passed out. She walked up, hands trembling and that recognized thrill as her butterflies erupted in her stomach as they had every time she did this.

Leaning over the side of the bed she whispered in his ear "dad, dad, you fell asleep " she said as she shook his shoulder but was totally unresponsive and taking deep slow sleep breaths. She looked at his chest rising and falling slowly and at how big and hard his tented cock was. She blushed and swallowed that familiar lump of raw lust.

"Ok, he is definetly asleep. I think i mustve really dosed him heavy. His breathing is slower than ever. We are good to go" Robyn said as she looked at Kate who was transfixed staring at Wyatts hard tented cock in his sweatpants.

"Holy shit, is it suppose to be so big and hard? Thats gonna go in me?" She asked baffled.

Wyatt kept his breathing slow and did his best to stay calm as ge heard them. His cock did flex as his own excitement was racing.

"Yes, it will be so good i promise you Kate. Now lets get his sweat pants down" she said as she moved down the side of the bed, gripped the waistband and pulled the sweatpants down releasing his rock hard 6.5 inch cock that was as thick as a remote control for the tv.

"Holy fuck, he is so thick, its thicker than the strapon i use on you" Kate muttered.

"I know, its sexy isnt it. Now climb on the bed with me" Robyn said as she climbed up and sat on her knees at Wyatts right side, her left hand resting on his chest as Kate climbed up and sat next to her.

Kate climbed up and knelt next to her staring at the veiny thick hard cock. "What is leaking from the tip? Has he cum already?" Kate asked

"No. Thats precum and i think it does it everytime, i cant remember. " she stated as she had never seen it happen before. "Before you get on him, i think you and i should lick and suck it a bit. Get it nice and wet so it slides in you easier and is less painful" Robyn said telling a little white lie. Robyn was a bit jealous but so so turned on she was desperately needing to feel that thick cock stretch her apart as she rode to orgasm.

"You can lean in from the side, ill straddle his chest and lean down. That way we arent to crowded" again a white lie as robyn wanted to rub her pussy up and down Wyatts nose and face to help ease her built up lustful want.

Wyatt had to control every part if his being, had to control his want to breathe a gasp of thrill. He couldnt believe what was happening. His cock swelled bigger and throbbed as the blood filled every last vein in his shaft.

"Oh my god is he awake? His cock is twitching" Kate said as she got between his legs and leaned in closer to examine his smooth shaven cock and balls.

"Yes..its normal, the viagra will continue to allow blood to fill every inch of his veins with blood and make him so hard. He has a nice cock doesnt he?" Robyn proudly said as she straddled her dads chest and leaned down and gripped the base of his thick shaft. As she leaned her back arched and her ass slid backwards. Her damp pussy pressed into Wyatts chin.

Robyn moaned as she pressed her pussy firm to her dads chin. Like so many tines she had used his body, this was another way she used to get that release she craved. She was so happy to be able to offer the chance to help her girlfriend become a real woman and to not lose her virginity to someone not special in their lives.

She licked the tip of his cock as she wrapped both hands around the base. "Ok come have a lick. Lets share a first cock kiss" she teased.

Kate leabed in and kissed Robyns soft lips with Wyatts thick circumsized knob cock head between their lips. Robyn rubbed her pussy up and down Wyatts chin and then her clit in circles on his exhaling nose.

"This is so sexy babe, fuckwhat a rush of a chance of getting caught is really making me wet. Im so ready to become a woman" Kate purred as she licked down the shaft staring into Robyns sparkling eyes.

"Mmmm good, now lets get you in position and let you feel that cock in you." Robyn said as she gyrated her pussy harder on Wyatts nose desperate for that orgasmic release of squirting cum.

Wyatt was in heaven. Feeling and smelling Robyns wet warm slick pussy being ground all over his nose was making his cock feel like it was going explode. Her scent was getting richer and more alive, her hint of sweaty musk rising as he was also hearing the slosh of her pussy creaming wetness all over his nose.

Robyn slowed and sat up fully and rolled off Wyatts side "ok babe, now straddle his cock and put your hands on his chest and ill get behind you and aim his cock at your pussy. That way you dont need to worry about the right angle and can hold on for balance and control how much you take at a time" robyn explained as she moved.

Kate did as instructed. She straddled Wyatts cock, her thick heavy swollen meaty pussy lips hovering over his cock head, slick wetness oozing thick white grool from between her lips and dripping onto the tip. She placed her hands on his chest, nails digging in as her nerves were on fire and her breathing so deep and fast. Robyn got behind her, leaning down and holding Wyatts cock. She rubbed it back and forth between her meaty lips getting his cock well lubricated.

"Ok babe, feel that? Im wetting his cock with your flood of wetness. When your ready just slowly start working down. Take your time, we have plenty of time before my mom gets home and the drugs wear off my dad".

Wyatt did his best to remain as if passed out. He also was having a moral issue of if he should stop time and thrust his cock in her and take her cherry so its less painful or let her experience it fully. He decided it was better to let her do it as he didnt want to have either girl getting suspicious of his time stop ability.

Kate slowly lowered her pussy down, feeling the throbbing warm cock head spreading her pussy lips. She took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes feeling the raw emotions and way her own pussy was slowly spreading as she got closer to having her virginiy removed. She felt the tip against her hymen, felt the pressure and a tinge of pain as the cock pressed the skin.

"Mmmmmm, babe, im so scared. I can feel it pressing, im so scared " she stuttered as she gasped , her nails digging deeper into wyatts chest as she held herself at a point of being so close to pushing down ans tearing her hymen away.

Robyn stared at how kates pussy was stretching open, watching the thick wetness of her pussy pressed out the sides of her lips as she hesitated before finally breaking her hymen

"Its ok baby. Just push down, do it, it will hurt for a few minutes then slowly subside." she encouraged as her own pussy was aching to ride his cock and feel that deep stretch she had craved more and more, her own secret deep kinks no one knew

Kate bit her lip, dug her nails so hard wyatt had to fight every morsel of need to scream at the sharp pain her nails were causing and the sensations of how tight her pussy felt was making him in erotic bliss. "Ok, ok, ok" she panted as she pushed down a bit more paused then in a forceful push tore her hymen apart and screamed. "Ahhhhhhh fucccckkkkkk" she screamed at the stinging deep rip, the emotions of finally giving her cherry up. Years of so many turmoils released.

She pushed more then paused panting heavily. Robyn grinned as she saw the first slight ooze of blood seep out from the tight seal of her dads cock in Kates meaty pussy. "Now just move back up and down slowly until it feels really lubricated and better. Youll know what i mean" Robyn explained as her hand released his cock and sat up to watch and rub her own clit as kate finally had achieved what they both had wanted for her.

As Wyatt felt her finally take her own virginity he clicked the pen and froze time. Wyatt slid his hand from under the pillow and gripped each heavy hanging soft tit with a hand. Her nipples were rock hard and her titties hung so firm as he cupped them so firmly. He pulled his hips down and pushed back up feeling the immense wetness of her pussy and how tight her walls clung to his thick shaft. Sliding from her big titties he gripped her soft pale white hips and thrust up harder shoving his cock fully into her then pulled it out until the tip almost came out before plunging back in. He fucked her hard for a few good hard pumps, filling the room with the most intense squishing hed heard in ages. Each hard pump made her big breast sway slowly in the time stop world.

He looked to his daughter whose fingers were rubbing her own swollen pink button clit, her trimmed hairy upper bush parted. He noticed her big aerolas had somewhat shrunk as her nipples hardened atop her micro full A cup breast. It was all beyond erotic. He pumped a bit slower and with full deep thrust before stopping because he felt he was that close to cumming already.

Wyatt repositioned Kate exactly how she was, setting the depth of his cock back where she had left it. He put his right hand back up under the pillow , slowed his breathing then started time.

"Mmmmm fuck! Wow" Kate gasped.

"How is it?" Robyn asked still rubbing her clit as she stared at the reddish wetness on her dads cock seeing Kate only bleeding a tiny bit.

"Mmmm its ok, i feel so stretched, he feels so deep and as if every muscle it being used" she moaned as she slowly worked his cock in and out but only about three inches.

"You will be sore, but it gets easier and easier the more you do it. " Robyn replied as she rubbed her clit in a faster morion and cupped a small tit pulling her thick aerola.

Kate rocked and rose up and down and pushed down a bit then gasping said "im really sore. I think i need to stop." she said as she pulled off his cock with a loud sloshing pop. Her pussy was gaped open and her hole was a deep red quiver as her muscles spasmed.

"Ok. Go get washed up, its probably better we stop before my mom gets home. We cant risk getting caught." Robyn said as her nervous side came out but also the urge to need to just sit on that cock quick, even if for a moment.

"Good idea. Ill be back" Kate said and walked out the room to use the bathroom attached to Robyns room.

Robyn licked her lips "ok dad, I need a quick fix, cant waste this hard cock. I think we have a minute" she whispered as she checked her phone seeing it was early enough and her mom had not texted she was heading home. Her mon was also very safetly conscious and always texted before driving late at night.

Robyn climbed up on he dad and lowered her self on his hard wet blood stained cock. "Mmmmm fuck yesssss thats what i need." She moaned as she held each tit and began rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down.

Wyatt couldnt believe how much robyn seemed to crave cock. Was she like this with other men? He felt her pussy getting so warm, so wet, her hips rocking with such precision as she almost seemed to be in a dance with him.

Her hands slid up into her hair, pulling her strands into the air as she moaned. Wyatt stopped time. He clicked the pen to give him the time he needed. Wyatt sat up and took one of Robyns big puffy aerolas into his mouth and began sucking the entire marshmellow softness into his mouth with angst and hunger as his hands cupped her ass cheeks while his slammed his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

His fingers worked in between her ass cheeks until he was pressing a finger into her tightly clenched rosebud asshole. He was slamming her pussy while sucking and biting her aerola with a hunger, his teeth biting the base of the entire big aerola as his finger pushed into her virging asshole. He was so lost in the wildness he couldnt hold back , it was all too much and his cock began erupting shooting wave after wave of thick ropey gooey cum deeo in her pussy.

Wyatt froze. He had no idea if she was on the pill, or if his body normally orgasmed when she used him. He began to panic. Quickly he laid back, put his hand up under the pillow and restarted time.

Robyn groaned then suddenly dropped her hair and stopped rocking fucking Wyatts cock. Her hands fell to her one tit wyatt had just been sucking, biting and rubbing it. It felt as if it had been bitten and really pulled hard. As she looked down at her tit she simentaneuously felt a stinging burn in her asshole and a throbbing in her pussy. She pulled off her dad and saw the oozing puddle spill from her pussy down his cock.

"Oh fuck. How, why" she nervously said. As she climbed off in a nervous panic her phone began chirping a text.

She saw the text that it was ger mother who was leaving early and on her way home. More panic set in. "Kate! Kate! we gotta stop, come help me " she said nervously as her dads cock was coated in pussy cream, light blood and his cum. Together they got Wyatt cleaned up, his pants back up and tucked in putting a movie on tv totally making it seem he drank himself to sleep.

Once dressed and safe in Robyns room they laughed and enjoyed the total rush of not getting caught, being so naughty and Kate finally becoming a woman.

....Chapter 8

..Chapter 8:.............Nurse Rachel..................................

Wyatt arrived at work and used the day to really absorb and process everything that had happened and just how powerful this pen truly was. He needed to learn more about it and he felt the only way was to find the gem store Robyn went to buy it from.

The day went well and he used the pen to once again assist patients with getting shots or blood drawn allowing them to feel no pain. As the day came to an end Rachel asked him if he could help her carry in a box that had arrived at her house. She had bought a new matress in a box and according to the details of the delivery confirmation was quite heavy. Wyatt naturally agreed as he was known to help anyone in need but this would give him a look into Rachels private life.

He followed her to her house and pulled in behind her in her long driveway of her nestled off the road small cottage home. Rachel got out of her SUV and walked ahead of him her blue scrubs doing a good job of hiding her body underneath as her red hair bobbed,the pony tail swaying.

"Here we go, wow looks bigger than i thought" she laughed as she opened the front door.

"No biggy, we can get it im sure." Wyatt replied as he found the hand holds preknocked out on the box that was about 4ft tall and an even square shape.

"Got it " rachel said as she gripped the handles as wyatt picked up the bottom. They walked toward her bedroom which was on the first floor down a hall.

"Perfect, can you help me get the old matress off as well? Im so sorry i dragged you into my deliveries" she laughed as she began pulling the sheets off the bed.

"Of course, cant let you not have a place to sleep now can we?" He teased as they got the old matress and box spring up and out into the street for pickup.

"Can i offer you a drink? Take a break before we unpack the next matress? Im a sweaty mess" She offered as she walked in her kitchen. Rachels petite size seemed almost like she was dwarfed by her kitchen in a strange way.

"That sounds great" wyatt replied as he leaned against a counter. He noticed her small of her back was a bit damp as the blue material had turned darker. He wondered what her pussy was like. What her body smelled like all sweaty.

As she was pouring two glasses of ice tea he stopped time and grinned. Looking around the small kitchen he didnt see any pictures or any signs of a boyfriend or anyone else who lived there. He stepped up behind her and pulled her blue scrubs down, hungry to same her. He pulled the scrubs down to her ankles revealing her g string wedged between her firm little petite ass cheeks.

As wyatt knelt to admire her ass he noticed something sparkling deep between her soft ass cheeks. He spread them with his fingers and noticed it was a sparkling jewel top of a very obvious butt plug. Grinning he gripped the plug and began twisting in and pushing it in and out fascinated at how her asshole flexed and her lower smooth pussy lips moved.

Pushing the plug in as deep as it could before the beveled large jeweled safety end pressed her rosebud and stopped it, wyatt gripped her hips and turned rachel around to view her panty covered mound. He pulled the soft silky fabric aside revealing her very smooth softly shaven entire pussy mound, outer lips and and even her lower lips of her pussy.

He leaned in, licking the residues of all day wetness, sweat and old piss drips all making his cock ache to sample this pussy as well as experiment with her asshole as Wyatt had never had a woman let him near their ass or even finger one, except for the recent pokes while using this new time stop pen.

Wyatt licked her puffy lips deeply, tasting the salty tang, smelling the heavy pussy scent mixed with sweat and piss. It was all so intoxicating. Pushing his tongue deep into her slit he slurped the wetness , coating his chin before pushing her panties between her smooth wet folds and pulling up her scrubs and facing her back to the counter as he stepped back and started time.

Rachel felt a wave of erotic pleasure and pressure in her ass. It was as if she had worked that plug deeper and had been playing with it as well as her pussy was soaked and her panties wedged into her lips.

She gripped the counter, looking down as she took a deep breath.

"Are you ok Rachel?" Wyatt asked acting totally concerned

"Oh yes, i, i just had a moment. I dont know what came over me, i feel a bit flush" she said not even about to remark her butt plug felt as if it had been used in her, or not remarking how wet her pussy felt, just like it felt when she used a really wet toy to fuck herself.

"Maybe that cool drink will help" Wyatt commented pointing at the teas.

"Yes. I think it may. Im so sorry if i seem such a mess. Actually, would you excuse me while i go change quick? I think these scrubs may be a bit too warm in the house" she said needing to try and grasp what was happening to her.

"Sure. Ill sit here and wait" he said sitting at the kitchen table wanting her to feel he wasnt a danger to her, or rushing her.

Rachel walked to her bedroom and pulled at the door, but it didnt latch staying slightly adjar. She sat on a small end chase lounge pulling off her scrub top, then stood and pushed down her pants kicking them to the side as she was in an almost frenzy to see why her panties were buried between her pussy lips and her butt plug felt deeper than she set it.

She hooked her panties and pulled them down, raising her right foot first to slip that side off then lifted her left side. Just as she was lifting her left foot time froze and she was a stautue in her own room trying to solve this quandry.

Wyatt got up and followed her to her room and carefully watched through the adjar door. As soon as he saw her about to pull left foot from her panties he stopped time.

He stepped in marveling at how incredibly athletic she looked and how her full breast fit her frame so perfectly. With her bent over to slip off her panties he had an even better view of the plug in her tight ass.

Dropping his own kahki pants he pulled out his hard cock and began rubbing it back and forth between her slippery smooth pussy lips. He groaned as he used a hand to pull her butt plug out and push it in, slowly ass fucking her with it as he pushed the tip of his cock in her pussy and felt the contracting quivering tight pussy muscles on his cock. He pulled the plug all the way out and stared at her gaped little dark red stretched ass hole.

Swallowing a nervous lump wyatt pulled his cock head from her wet pussy and pushed it against her still gaped asshole and felt the intemse warmth and different texture and tightness around his cock head. He moaned and pushed it in a bit more then stopped and pulled out. He rubbed his cock back between her soaked slit, coating it with her wetness then pushed his head to her asshole, holding it there until the head fully dissapeared, immersed in Rachels tight ass. Wyatt groaned. He was finally getting to feel his first asshole around his cock and it was amazing. He pushed in and pulled out, slowly fucking her with just the tip and about an inch of cock. It was all too much and to quell his cum he pulled out with a loud pop.

He wanted this to last and decided to slide her plug back in, and leave her as he last stopped time. As he positiined rachel exactly as he found her, he noticed on her nightstand books on summoning a succubae and inccubus as well as books on entities and modern spirital sexal help.

Seeing these books sparked more ideas and even more curosities into rachels life. Quickly He walked back to the kitchen, tucking his pussy coated cock in his pants and sat down as he started time.

Rachel groaned loud as she stood. She resched back at the plug and slowly pulled it out of her very wet ass. Her pussy was soaked and also felt as if it had been used as she felt a dull pressure. Her ass had a stinging burn, as if she had used an even bigger plug or if she had fucked herself with the butt plug. She looked to her books, wondering if she was finally being visited by an incuubus after so many summonings.

She pulled on a pair of shorts, a tee shirt not bothering with panties. She put the butt plug in her dresser drawer with her other array of toys. She gained composure and headed back to the kitchen.

"Ok, much better. I guess i shouldve changed as soon as i got here befrore we started moving the bed."

"Are you ready to tackle getting that new mattress out and on the frame?" Wyatt asked as he stood up.

"Yea, lets get it done. Im sure you need to get going" she replied feeling a bit anxious to try and work on summoning her spirits, especially after this last encounter she thought she had.

"No hurry here rachel. Emily is teaching late classes all semester." He replied as he started opening the box to slide out the matress that was wrapped in the tight celuphane.

"I cant wait to see if this new matress helps my sleep quality" she said as she helped pull at the wrapped matress.

Wyatt grinned, slipped his hand in his pocket and stopped time. He wanted to add to rachels belief in an incubuus spirit entity. He walked to the kitchen and got an ice cube. He came back in the room and while holding the cube in his palm blew across it sending a very icy chill across rachels back of her neck, and arms. He then ate the ice cube and started time.

Wyatt watched closely as Rachel paused and rubbed the back of her neck and down her arms. "Is there a chill in here? I swear i feel a cool draft on me" she exclaimed thinking her entity my be here.

"No. Feels nice in here. Maybe you are just finally cooling off after getting the old matress out and on the street" Wyatt lied as he watched so closely.

They pulled the matress out and cut off the celluphane. As the matress began to slowly inflate from being wrapped up wyatt offered.

"Ill take the box and wrapping to the street and put with old matress and box spring. Save you the trouble" he offered needing to leave rachel alone a minute for his next plan.

Wyatt took the box out and as he entered the house he stopped time. He wanted to give rachel one good last impression of her entity to ponder before he left.

He walked in the bedroom where rachel was against the bed, adjusting the slowly inflating foam matress so popular with people nowadays. Wyatt got behind her, ripped her shorts down, pulled her shirt up and pulled her bra up exposing her full B cup breast. He spun her around and began sucking her tiny eraser pink nipple of her left breast hard and deep, using his teeth to tug and pull to a point wanting her to feel the sharp sting of a bite. His hands slid down and moved to her pussy and pushed her lips apart then with his trimned nails dug along her inner thighs leaving deep red scratches right at the point of breaking skin.

He used a hand to push his pants down again, fish out his hard cock and began rubbing it along her wet parting pussy lips. The super smooth shaven skin like silk. He found the right angle and shoved his cock hard, forcing in her tight wet hole groaning a loud insatiable groan of delight. He pumped her pussy deep as his hands clenched her ass cheeks and slipped two fingers in her asshole spreading it wide and hard. He was grunting, feeling his cum about to erupt so he slowed and pulled from her pussy not wanting leave any evidence behind.

After pulling out and gaining composure, he gripped his cock and rubbed the slippery pussy juice coated tip around her puckered asshole.

He swallowed a lump of pure excitement as he pushed the tip in her ass and felt the intense warmth and tabooness rush into him. He felt the cum rising and had to pull out before leaving her with a cum filled asshole and possibly ruining all his time stop fun. He pulled his cock from her ass watching it slowly retract, the deep red gaped hole saying goodbye. He stepped around and gripped her head and proceeded to wipe his cock along her lips and cleaned his cock along her lips before stopping to get himself dressed and Rachel back to where shebwas when he left.

Wyatt released her tit then put her bra back up, pulled her shirt down and shorts back up. He then spun her and bent her over and put her hands on the matress in front of her. Before he left the room he pressed one of his hands into the foam matress leaving a deep very evident impression. Wyatt needed her to truky believe her entity had visited her. With a massive smile he left the room and stood at the door as he started time.

Rachel gasped. Her entire body shivered as she felt the stinging pain of a bite on her breast, and a searing burn like a scratch between her thighs, and felt the deep stretch sting of as if she had shoved a massive dildo up her snatch, and a sting if pain in her asshole. Rachel tasted a familiar taste and yet smelled a new musk as she experienced the remincene of Wyatts pussy and ass coated juices along her lips. She stared at the hand print embedded in the slowly rising foam. Trembling she looked doen between her thighs seeing the deep scratches causing her to look around the room, trembling until she looked at her books thinking maybe finally a spirit had come to haunt her.

"Rachel i put the box out with the old ..." wyatt began then stopped as he saw her standing still in a shock like state. He took a breath knowing he had to sound real. ...."rachel...are you, are you ok?" He said walking over to her. And putting a hand on her shoulder.

Rachel jumped as she felt his hand "im, im ok. I think im really really tired. Thank you so much for helping today. "

"Well if your ok i think ill get going. See you at work tomm?" Wyatt asked in a calm very normal tone.

Rachel turned "oh yes, i think if i get some good sleep ill be ready for the day tomm." She smiled.

Wyatt said his good bye amd left with a massive grin. He now knew more about rachel and how to use her beliefs and desires to his own advantages.

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