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Young Tegan is drawn into an incestual relationship by her Uncle and her best friend
Tegan's body was frozen as if she had turned to stone, her mind screaming at her to turn and leave the room but her eyes remained locked on the screen with the only visible movement being her involuntary short jagged breaths and her plump puffy nipples slowly tenting her thin tank top.......

Tegan's widowed mother had flown interstate to be with her father who had fallen seriously ill again, the fourth time during the previous 9 months, and had again imposed on her brother Jerry to care for Tegan. It was an arrangement Tegan enjoyed as her Uncle was a lot of fun to be around and not as strict as her mother was with regard to what she could wear and watch on TV, another plus was that her close friend Jess lived two doors down and often slept over on weekends when Tegan was staying with her Uncle. Jess was a year older than Tegan and Jerry was often called upon by his good friends Jess's parents to care for Jess also as they often flew interstate on business.

So it was Thursday afternoon and Tegan had arrived at Uncle Jerry's after school and let herself in with the key Jerry had left hidden for her as he wouldn't be home from work until around 6pm, she had a snack and took her school bag upstairs to the spare room and shed her school clothes. Tegan had come to enjoy the wicked thrill of being naked when the opportunity arose despite being a little peeved at, in her mind, the agonisingly slow growth of her breasts. As she studied her reflection in the full length mirror she caressed them and tried to convince herself that her little mounds were finally starting to improve in proportion so her puffy nipples didn't look 'too weird'. Ever since becoming friends with Jess she had been jealous of Jess's 'normal' looking boobs with 'normal' nipples. It had never really consoled her that Jess was in awe of Tegan's nipples. Tegan's gaze lowered to her study her pussy which, while puffy like her nipples, she was quite fond of how it looked particularly now it had begun to develop a nice short covering of wispy red down and she had begun to really enjoy gently stroking it to encourage the awesome tingles that would result. She had begun stroking herself much more regularly in recent months as those actions had begun to cause her tight little slit to produce the most wonderfully slippery juice which seemed to enhance the breathtaking tingles as she glided her fingers over her mound.

Tegan reluctantly forced herself to cease her 'wickedness' and pulled her panties on but then remembered that during a previous stay with Uncle Jerry when she had forgotten to bring spare panties that he had bought a couple of pairs of very brief thong panties for her that she had initially been embarrassed to wear as they didn't fully cover her plump little mound and would pull into her slit but then loved them for the sensations they produced as she walked so she discarded her more sedate panties and took a pair of Uncle Jerry's 'wicked' panties out of the drawer and slipped them on, pulling them tightly into her drooling slit, before admiring the result in the mirror before slipping on a loose tank top and heading downstairs. By the time she reached to bottom of the stairs her pussy had a serious case of the tingles again and she contemplated flopping on the couch to play with it again but admonished herself and resolved to tidy Uncle Jerry's desk up as she knew it would be a mess as usual. Jerry often worked from home and invariable left his coffee mug, a half eaten sandwich and other bits and pieces scattered across the desk. She also knew that when Uncle Jerry came home and saw she had cleaned it up for him that he would praise her and call her the sexiest housemaid this side of the state line and best of all pick her up in a bear hug which invariably progressed to a tickling session which would result in his big hands brushing across her nipples and bum causing her to squeal uncontrollably and feel what felt like little electric shocks from head to toe and, in recent times, a warm puddle in her panties....she paused as she recalled her last stay when he had put her down after the hug and tickling session and she landed off balance turning away from him with her legs apart and he had swooped a big hand between her legs from behind and the other across her front which cupped her little tit and lifted her and threw her onto the couch spinning her slightly causing her to land on her back with legs spread sticking straight up....she remembered dreamily the intense tingles that danced through her small frame, particularly the tit that had been in his hand and what she could only describe as a throbbing buzz in her plump little pussy but then the shock of realisation that her pussy felt so wet and the feeling of panic that he might have felt that wetness and think she was some kind of freak. Tegan recalled she jumped up and mumbled she better go and shower before supper and bolted up the stairs hoping he couldn't see what she was sure was a huge wet patch on her shorts.

Tegan admonished herself for reliving that embarrassment...and by doing so, for causing her little pussy to weep more juice into her already sticky panties and marched in to Uncle Jerry's office to begin tidying up his desk which, as she expected, was a mess. Tegan stood in front of the desk, the big chair behind her, and reached across past the laptop that was open, and she assumed turned off, to gather a half eaten apple bumping the edge of the laptop in the process causing the laptop to wake up.....Tegan froze and time seemed to stand still as her mind tried to comprehend what she was looking at...eventually realisation dawned that a video had begun to play and then, as the apple rolled from her hand, Tegan realised she was looking at a cock but then questioned can't looks 'wrong'. Now its not that Tegan hadn't seen a man's cock before, her and Jess had gone online a few months ago and watched a couple of videos during a sleepover. It wasn't the size that confused her, because at this stage she had no context as the video was only showing the man's stomach with the end of his cock and part of the shaft laying across his stomach. What her confused mind was trying to process was that the head of this cock was huge, the cocks she and Jess had watched had heads pretty much the same size as the shaft but this head was at least half as big again as the shaft. As Tegan's shocked mind was slowly starting to absorb this information, a big hand slowly appeared in frame gripping the shaft and sliding towards the head causing the head to enlarge even more turning it to a darker colour and making the ....the....wings of the head was all Tegan's addled mind could come up with, flare and swell so, to her eyes, it looked to be now twice as fat as the shaft.

Tegan' mind registered that the video was being taken from somewhere above the man who was laying on his back on a bed as the hand started sliding back along the shaft and the view widened so she could see it travel back along the shaft to where it joined his stomach and then as the hand squeezed the shaft again and began to move forward it lifted his cock to vertical so she was now looking straight down as the hand came up causing big veins to bulge along the shaft and the head once again began to flare wide and pretty much hide the shaft below it. If Tegan's mind was processing normally she would have known that her normally spongy puffy nipples had swollen bigger than they ever had previously and were visibly pulsing in time with her fast shallow heartbeat while her red furred pussy lips had swollen to the extent that they had parted to the extent that her thong had disappeared completely into her now throbbing cleft. As the hand neared the cock head, and it flared even bigger than before it seemed to Tegan's mind, a large blob of pre-cum began to emerge from the hole before sliding slowly over the side of the huge dome, pausing briefly on the edge of the flared 'wing', before falling onto one of the man's huge balls. As the man's hand began its slow journey downwards again towards the base of his big slab of cock Tegan's consciousness, perhaps sparked by the journey of the man's glistening pre-cum, caused her hand to begin involuntarily moving downwards to investigate the cause of a sensation she began to feel making its way down her inner thighs. Still in a confused daze, her hand reached half way down her inner left thigh and came into contact with it and started moving upwards dragging the trails of her girl juice that had been oozing thickly downwards from the steamy throbbing cleft of her swollen peach.

Her mind still in the grip of this sexually induced daze, Tegan's hand moving slowly upwards as the man's hand had started to stroke the full length of cock a little faster and passing over the swollen flare picking up the copious stream of pre-cum issuing from it and coating the full length of his rock hard member causing to glisten and sparkle from the light of the video camera. Perhaps it was this sparkle effect that caused Tegan's hand to increase the pace of travel up her thigh to her now steaming juice oozing cleft where she tucked her fingers under the soaked thong and, slumping back into the chair, railed them along her pulsing slit just as the monstrous cock began to belch ropes of thick cum skywards which elicited an involuntary noise from Tegan not unlike a garbled moan followed by a series of high pitched yelps as her first orgasm pulsed a series of glistening jets of cunt cream from her virgin cock slot all over Uncle Jerry's leather chair and of those jets almost hitting the lens of the little camera mounted under the desk top.

As Tegan's orgasmic high subsided and she began to become more aware of her surroundings, she grasped the chair's arms and pulled herself to a more upright position and heard a squelchy noise and immediately felt the puddle of her juices that had pooled on the chair and was jolted back to reality...and panic as she noticed the clock on the desk showing 5:45pm. Oh my god she thought to herself, Uncle Jerry will be home any minute as she leapt to her feet and bolted for the door before abruptly stopping as the realisation hit that the office is the first place Uncle Jerry will come to drop his briefcase onto the desk. As she turned back she felt a fresh dollop of congealing pussy juice slither from her red swollen slit, looking down she realised her upper thighs looked like a glazed doughnut and the loose legs of her shorts were soaking wet and clinging to her body lewdly highlighting the obscene bulge of her still swollen pussy. Giving a panicked squeak she ran out and up the stairs to the bathroom, stripped her clothes off and flung them into the hamper and as she turned to hop into the shower realised she didn't have time so grabbed a towel and furiously scrubbed it up and down her thighs and across her plump little pussy almost buckling at the knees from the sensation before throwing the towel onto the hand basin and bolting to her room for clean clothes while letting out a strangled groan has her exertions generated a distracting throb between her legs and a tingle in her fat nipples. Tegan hurriedly threw on a clean her knee length nighty, reaching for a pair of panties decided time was running out and spun back out the door, grabbed the towel from the bathroom hamper, and shot down the stairs to the office where she furiously began to wipe down the chair and the spots of wetness on the carpet. Throwing the towel over her shoulder she quickly gathered an empty coffee mug, shuffled a few sheets of paper into a neat pile and, retrieving the half eaten apple from the floor, rushed out to the kitchen sink to wash the mug just as she heard Uncle Jerry open the front door.

True to form, Gerry walked straight to his office and dropped his briefcase onto the desk. Jerry paused and took a deep breath, a smile slowly forming as he identified the heady scent of pussy cream that faintly wafted into his nostrils, he silently congratulated himself with the knowledge that his elaborate plan had achieved a result, he couldn't wait until later tonight to view the recording made by the camera under the desk. Turning to walk out the door he called loudly "where is my sexy little house maid hiding". Tegan had just turned away from the sink as his deep voice rang out causing a subtle shiver to course through her light frame as she realised her choice of dress wasn't ideal and silently hoped a repeat of the 'hand between legs/throw on the couch" manoeuvre wouldn't be repeated. Tegan replied, "I'm coming Uncle Jerry", as she began to run through the lounge towards the office in the hope of getting far enough past the couch before he intercepted her and thus avoiding the embarrassment of having her bare pussy exposed. She breathed a sigh of relief as she passed through the doorway into the lounge, Jerry had paused at the office doorway to take off his jacket and hang it on the stand and as he turned to continue Tegan had closed the gap and launched herself at him, Jerry caught her easily and engulfed her in his arms as she locked her legs around his back for their traditional greeting. Jerry revelled in the feel of Tegan's breasts pressing against his chest as he silently willed his cock to behave, not that there was any danger of her feeling it straining against his underwear as her tight little ass was above his hips as they embraced. As they kissed each other the cheek Jerry squeezed her tight against him to savour the feel of those plump little nipples pressing into his chest, causing even more strain on his underwear and Tegan to stifle an involuntary squeak from the sensation on her hardening nipples. Their greeting concluded, Jerry lowered her to the floor and released her, "I'm going to shower and change sweetie, how about we order pizza for dinner?". Sounds great Uncle Jerry, Tegan replied, "would it be OK if Jess comes over for a sleep over if she's allowed?". "Sure honey" Jerry replied, his cock flexing against his underwear at the prospect, his plan was progressing nicely he thought.

Tegan raced up the stairs to call Jess, she couldn't wait to tell her about the video she had watched. During a previous sleepover at Jess's place they had been talking about their bodies and sex in general and Jess had showed Tegan a couple of videos of couples fucking which had resulted in them stripping off and comparing their bodies. Tegan was mortified but turned on when Jess had begun to openly play with herself, running her fingers along her slit before plunging one into herself repeatedly until she orgasmed. Tegan had gotten so turned on that she had also started rubbing herself and playing with her puffy nipples but didn't cum. Jess had then started to rub Tegan's tight slit but she freaked out when Jess started licking her pussy so their wicked fun came to a close. Tegan couldn't wait to tell Jess that she had finally had a mind blowing orgasm, and even thought to herself that she might even allow Jess to lick her again. Tegan made the call to Jess and first got the sleep over question confirmed before launching into the story of what had happened in Uncle Jerry's office, she was a bit hesitant at the start, being a little embarrassed of relating such personal secrets but was soon describing her experience in graphic detail. It wasn't until Jess interjected to tell Tegan she was getting so fucking turned on that she was fucking herself with two fingers that Tegan realised that she also had been sliding a finger along her tight little slit while she told her tale to Jess and told her what she was doing. "OMG Tegan you hot little slut" exclaimed Jess, "I am so going to tongue fuck your hot little cunt when I come over, I don't care if you say no, I will tie you up and lick you till you cum all over my face". This outburst from Jess tipped Tegan over the edge and her swollen pussy started pulsing a stream of cum as she orgasmed for the second time that day....and her life. Hearing Tegan's gasps and moans also prompted Jess's orgasm, her more experienced pussy creaming all over her chair. Coincidently, almost at the same time as the two wicked teens' pussies had started convulsing in orgasm, Jerry's huge cock began spewing a stream of cum from its large flared head onto his bare chest as he viewed the final moments of the recording from the camera hidden under his office desk...... "OMG Tegan" panted Jess, "that was so awesome, I am going to bring my vibrator over this weekend and fuck you silly with it, you are so gonna love it". "Wait...what" gasped Tegan, "you have a vibrator?, OMG I don't know, it will hurt won't it?. "He he, well actually I have three vibes of different sizes, we'll start with the small one first and work up to the big one so your hot little pussy will be ready for its first real cock". " Damn, you are too wicked Jess" replied Tegan, "OMG have you been fucked by a real cock" she asked her friend in a quiet shaky voice, what's it like? Jess replied mysteriously "I'll tell you when I come over but I want you to send me a pic of your hot little cunt so I can get off again looking at it". "JESS" exclaimed Tegan, "you are waay wicked" even though she felt a tingle in her creamy pussy as she admonished her friend, she was already spreading her legs and did as her friend asked. Tegan almost dropped her phone as Uncle Jerry's voice boomed up from downstairs, "Pizza has arrived Tegan, come and get it while its hot". "Coming Uncle Jerry" Tegan yelled back and giggled to herself as she thought, yes, cumming again!... and its been HOT all afternoon! The girls said their goodbyes and Tegan headed out the door, stopping by the bathroom to clean herself up with a damp cloth before heading downstairs to eat.

Jerry watched as Tegan skipped own the stairs, still wearing that frustratingly long dress, and felt his cock begin to engorge again, the vision from his hidden camera still vivid in his mind. He had changed into board shorts and a tee an was glad he had opted to wear briefs under his shorts as well which he didn't normally wear in the evenings, didn't want to startle his sexy young niece and undo all his well laid plans. They ate their pizza and chatted about school, work and the upcoming sleepover, Jerry aske if they had decided on any particular activities for the weekend to which Tegan responded they hadn't decided on anything in particular yet. Tegan opened her mouth to speak but closed it again as Jerry's phone pinged, she watched as he picked it up to read the message and frowned as she heard a faint moan from him and saw his eyes widen a little, what she couldn't see was the growing bulge in Jerry's crotch as his great slab threatened to overpower the briefs constraining it. "What is it Uncle Jerry?" she asked, immediately concerned he had gotten some bad news from her mother about her Grandfather. "It's nothing sweetie" Gerry replied, "just a work thing, I'll sort it tomorrow". Gerry felt bad telling the little lie but could hardly tell her he was looking at a photo of her swollen creamy pussy with the caption "Can't wait to watch your big cock pump it full of your yummy cum XOXO"
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