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Preparing Tegan
Having finished his Pizza, Jerry stood as he asked Tegan if she wanted to watch a movie with him before bed, Tegan raised her eyes to answer but her words seemed to catch in her throat as she saw the pronounced bulge in Uncle Jerry's crotch and instantly recognised that Uncle Jerry had a boner....but why would he have a boner she thought, understandably, as she wasn't privy to the content of the message Jerry had received less than a minute ago. Tegan feigned a cough as if she had a bit of pizza stuck in her throat before answering, "sure Uncle Jerry, what do you want to watch" to which Jerry replied " lady's choice tonight sweetie" secretly hoping she would choose something a little on the raunchy side. Tegan, feeling chuffed with Jerry's choice of words, 'lady's choice', which made her feel more mature, and without realising straightened her back which pushed her sensitive nipples against her top which didn't escape Jerry's lustful gaze and caused his cock to flex against his straining briefs. Tegan blushed a little, she had seen the movement in Uncle Jerry's crotch and felt the hardening of her nipples and the tightening of her pussy lips as they engorged with blood in arousal. Tegan's flushed face and hardening nipples didn't go unnoticed by Jerry as he turned deliberately slowly to give Tegan a good side profile view of his aching bulge as he gathered the empty pizza box to take to the trash bin. Tegan's young mind was in turmoil as it tried to process her feelings of what she had just seen so she called after Jerry "I'm going to have a shower and change into my jammies before I pick a movie". "Take your time dear, I will do the same" replied Jerry being fairly certain his sexy little niece needed to quell the fire raging in her tight little cleft, he was definitely sure he needed to release the pressure boiling in his big balls.

Jerry didn't hear the soft moan from Tegan as she began to climb the stairs two at a time thus causing her rapidly swelling lips to rub and begin to weep girly pre-cum, she cupped herself with a hand for fear of leaving a trail of drips up the stairs, raced into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her and leant back against the door letting herself slide down it until seated on the floor, knees up and spread wide before attacking her pulsating gash with one hand while mashing her puffy nipples with the other and doing her best to not make noise. Jerry ascended the stairs half a minute later and stopped abruptly outside the bathroom door on hearing Tegan's stifled moans and gasps from behind the door, he fought back a groan of his own as he dropped his board shorts and released his helmeted monster from his briefs as he pressed his ear to the door. He resisted the urge to stroke his aching cock knowing the slightest touch would result in a spray of cum onto the door as he could now hear the wet fapping of Tegan's fingers assaulting her drooling cunt, his big flared cock head twitching and pulsing like a bloodhound's nose that had caught the scent of its prey and was moving in for the kill. It took all his willpower to not break the door open and ram his cock into her obviously well greased virgin cunt. His cockhead pulsed dangerously and a steady stream of pre-cum oozed down his shaft as he heard his niece's squeaks and gasps as her superheated pussy gushed its cream in orgasm. Jerry quickly pulled his shorts up and hurried to his bedroom ensuite and gave his throbbing cockhead a single stroke before it erupted a gushing stream of cum onto the shower wall.

Meanwhile Tegan, coming down from her orgasmic high was gazing down at her freshly abused pussy glistening lewdly with her juices and thinking, despite having a comparatively large puffy pussy for as long as she could remember, "OMG have I damaged it, it looks soo swollen". She struggled weakly to her feet, the effort expelling a fresh dollop of cunt cream which hung briefly in the cleft of her swollen peach before dropping to the tile floor with a faint plop, and unsteadily clambered into the shower to bathe gasping in shock as the needle like shower jets struck her sensitive nipples and cunt lips. Tegan lathered herself in soap and slowly began to feel 'normal' again, at least until she looked down. She had always been able to see her mons sitting quite prominently between her hips but now she could also see the top of her swollen labia and the beginning of her cleft before it dipped below out of sight. Tegan shut the water off and then panicked realising she had forgotten to grab her towel from her room, she briefly contemplated making a naked run for it down the hall but not knowing where Uncle Jerry was she ruled that idea out. Cracking the door open a couple of inches she called for Uncle Jerry who, having just finished his shower, called back. "Can you bring me a towel please Uncle Jerry" she called, "no problem sweetie" he called back. In readiness for the towel delivery, Tegan opened the door about half way and stood behind it and waited, in her flustered post orgasmic state she failed to realise that the mirror was above the hand basin opposite the doorway. Jerry approached and seeing the door open said "are you in there Tegan?", "yes I'm behind the door, pass it around please". Jerry, just with his towel around his hips, turned into the doorway half a step and froze, his towel beginning to tent as the glorious vision of Tegan's naked body facing the mirror with her head turned towards the end of the door where she was expecting the towel to appear thus oblivious to her reflection. In the brief seconds before Jerry reached his hand around the door for Tegan to grab his eyes drank in the vision of her puffy nipples sitting proudly atop her tiny mounds completely defying gravity, her wet glistening torso and the perfect jewel of her swollen freshly self abused cunt. Jerry was proud, yet a little disappointed, that his willpower prevented him from dropping his towel and barging in to pick her up and fuck her silly on the vanity unit. "See you downstairs soon" he said a little shakily and rushed back to his room to unload another torrent of cum down the sink as he imagined it squirting deep into Tegan's swollen cunt.

Tegan wrapped herself in the towel and went to her room to dress, she put on her usual nightwear that was always left at Uncle Jerry's place for those times she stayed, a pair of reasonably modest panties and a loose tee and checked her reflection in the mirror as she passed it on the way out but stopped abruptly as she spied the bottom half of her pussy bulge below the tee, geez I must have gotten a bit taller she mused and turned back intending to find something else a bit more modest. Rummaging in the drawer she decided to keep the tee and changed her panties for a pair of sports shorts that, if she was honest, were a bit too short and tight to be anywhere near modest for a young girl with a plump pussy. She headed out the door tugging the tee lower stretching it enough to cover her mound telling herself Uncle Jerry was pretty cool and never chastised her for wearing revealing clothes like her parents did. Meanwhile Jerry was also having trouble deciding what to wear, he had decided to play it safe and wear tight briefs under his usual robe but decided he had had enough of the discomfort of them squeezing the life out of his oversized cock and opted for a pair of loose boxers under his robe then headed down to join Tegan in the lounge. As he arrived Tegan was flicking through the movie guide on the big screen TV searching for something to watch, " would you like some popcorn sweetie" he asked, "of course silly" she replied, "you can't watch a movie without popcorn!" Jerry tousled her hair as he walked past her sitting on the edge of the couch, catching a brief glimpse of her delicious prominent camel toe in her pale blue shorts and the enticing tents her nipples made in her loose tee....gawd he thought, maybe I should have worn tighter briefs!! as he went to the kitchen to put popcorn on. He returned to the lounge walking up behind the couch where Tegan had slumped further back in the couch as she read the de***********ion of a movie she had paused on and not realising her crotch was fully exposed and her perky nipples even more prominent under the tee, Jerry almost groaned aloud as he drank in the view of the plainly visible cleft nestled between her lips as he willed his tumescent cock to behave, "have you decided on a movie" he asked. "This one looks good" she replied, She had settled on a foreign M rated movie Jerry noted with relish, while not full on porno they quite often got pretty explicit. "there's our popcorn" he said as the microwave pinged, "I might have a beer too. would you like something to drink sweetie" he asked as he headed to the kitchen, "umm, could I maybe have a beer too" Tegan asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice, "I guess one won't do you any harm" replied Jerry, "but promise you won't breath a word to your mum or she will kill me". "I promise, thanks Uncle Jerry you're the best". Ohh you have no idea Jerry thought to himself as he grabbed two beers and the bowl of popcorn and returned to the couch placing the popcorn on the couch beside Tegan and her beer in the holder on couch's armrest while keeping hold of his own. "OK young lady, assume the position" said, referring to their usual movie watching seating arrangement of Jerry sitting with Tegan sitting between his spread legs leaning back against his chest, she stood to let him sit then sat back down and scooted back against his broad chest as he brought his spare arm around to envelop her small frame just below her perky little titties, she sighed contentedly and hit the play button for the movie as Jerry tried not to gaze at her luscious mound and dwell on the feel of the underside of her small breasts resting on his arm. The opening scene of the movie took Jerry by surprise, and Tegan too it seemed as he felt her stiffen was of two young women probably very early 20s with C cup breasts Jerry mused and, while not visible in the scene, the redhead had obviously just been giving the blonde a jolly good licking and was now just raising her head from between her lover's spread legs to kiss her way up the blonde's stomach and slowly begin running her tongue around a nipple before engulfing the whole breast in her mouth which elicited an erotic squeal from the blonde which invoked an involuntary jerk from Jerry's hardening cock. It didn't help his situation as he felt Tegan's breath flutter as a faint sigh escaped her lips and from his vantage point Jerry saw the movement under Tegan's tee as her nipples extended.

Tegan was mesmerised by the scene taking place on the screen and identified with the redhead thinking hopefully that her breasts would match the actress's in a few years, taking a big swig of her beer, she said quietly with out thinking "Uncle Jerry, that redheaded woman has really nice breasts don't you think, I so hope mine will look that nice when I grow up?" then immediately felt embarrassed for saying it. Jerry snapped out of the daze he was in, it wasn't a daze induced by the happenings on the screen but by the view of Tegan's mound and the fact that he could now see the light blue panties had turned a much darker where they creased into her tight little cleft as her pussy began weeping with the arousal. "Umm..umm Jerry stammered, yes sweetie she does have very nice breasts", but not wanting her to feel inadequate he added, "but I don't think they hold a candle to yours". Tegan felt a thrill but then her brow furrowed slightly and she twisted her body to look back at him and asked "how can you say that, you haven't seen mine so you don't really know what they look like?" Jerry stammered, wanting to buy some time to come up with a plausible answer, saying "let me get another beer first and I will explain", "I'll get it" said Tegan as she stood, glugged the last of her beer, and reached out her hand for Jerry's empty". "Uncle Jerry!" Tegan said raising her voice a little, give your empty please", Jerry snapped back to reality(Tegan's movement of sliding her ass forward on the couch to stand had pulled her panties tighter into her cleft separating her plump lips further which had Jerry's full attention). "Sorry sweetie, here you go as he passed her the bottle as he mused that the damp spot in her slit had grown. "Can I have another too please" Tegan called as she left the lounge, Jerry heard but didn't immediately answer as he was desperately trying to rearrange his hardening cock, it had been tucked half under his thigh and was getting very uncomfortable, the only choice he had was to lay it up along his belly and hope the waistband of his shorts would keep it from being obvious, if he kept his robe tightly closed it should be safe he thought despite at least four inches of it poked above his shorts. "Uncle Jerry" Tegan called louder, "sorry sweetie, umm are you sure you should have another, I don't want you getting tipsy and maybe sick". Pffft Tegan retorted, "you're the one that seems to be off with the fairies at the moment". Jerry chuckled to himself and replied " OK you can have another but not a word to your parents!" Tegan was back in a flash with two beers, taking a swig of hers before putting it in the holder and passing Jerry his she straddled his legs facing him and said "OK mister, so how do you know what my titties look like". "Well sweetie" Jerry began, "a guy my age has seen lots of titties both clothed and naked so we just kinda know how nice they are even when clothed". Pfft exclaimed Tegan again, "I have my own titties you know! and they don't look the same when I look in the mirror with a shirt on as they do when I'm naked!" Jerry knew he was in a corner, took a swig of beer and said "OK, so if I pull your tee tight against them like this", as he cupped his big hands in a circle and slowly forced the tee against her chest around one of her delicious mounds, I can clearly tell how they look". Tegan's eyes widened as the pressure of the taught tee against her nipple sent a tingle through her body then, emboldened by the effects of the beer, retorted "rubbish, that squashes it out of shape so looks nothing like normal". Jerry, getting exasperated now, mainly due to the reaction of his cock which was jerking under his robe, retorted "well believe me sweetie you have way sexier titties than the woman in the movie". Not really understanding why but probably because she genuinely didn't believe they were as perfect as Uncle Jerry was insisting , Tegan groaned in frustration at his reply then grasped the bottom of her tee with both hands and pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor before arching her chest towards Jerry's body saying "do you still think they're sexy?" Jerry uttered an involuntary guttural groan as his cock flexed violently against the restraining waist band of his shorts as he drank in the vision of Tegan's tight little breasts topped with those large puffy nipples covered in tiny little bumps as Tegan, without even realising, slowly slid her hands up the underside of her mounds and across the nipples making them visibly swell which forced a lewd moan from her lips. "Ohh jeezus" whispered Jerry, "they are even more perfect than I thought" and without thinking leant forward and softly ran his tongue softly around her swollen nipple before sucking it fully into his mouth before gently dragging is teeth as he released it. It was impossible to describe the sound that came from Tegan as what felt like an electric shock jolted her body from her nipple down to her throbbing leaking cunt. Jerry gasped, "Oh god sweetie, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that, please don't be mad". Tegan's glazed eyes looked back at him as she said haltingly " the other one". Jerry couldn't believe his ears at her invitation and brought his hand up to caress the other breast before sucking it into his mouth to suck and nibble it causing her to gasp and shudder as her cunt leaked into her sodden panties.

Jerry reluctantly released her delicious little breast, he felt he could happily mouth her titties all night but wanted to keep her humming along at at that certain level of arousal which would hopefully keep her open to further lecherous exploration. He leant back and pulled her to his chest and hugged her tight and kissed her lightly and briefly full on the lips then said "sweetie, you truly are the most beautiful and sexy young lady I know". Tegan hugged him tighter and mewled into his neck and then leant back a little with a pensive look on her face, "umm..Uncle Jerry, that was like a waay naughty thing we just did wasn't it? then hastily added, "but I am soo glad we did it" blushing profusely. "Yes sweetie" replied Jerry, "it was terribly wicked and I am also very glad we did it but you must promise me you will never tell anyone. "Oh I would never do that, I promise" she replied sincerely. Jerry kissed her softly again then moved his mouth close to her ear and whispered "you know there is somewhere else I could lick and suck that I think you will like even more"....Tegan moved her body back and looked into Jerry's eyes a little quizzically then Jerry saw her eyes widen then look downwards as she realized where he was suggesting, "Oooooh, th..that would be a reeealy naughty thing to do wouldn't it" she stated more to herself than Jerry, her quiet voice catching slightly as her swollen little pussy spasmed as she looked back into Jerry's eyes and said so softly that Jerry barely heard her "I..i....umm...think I would like that", "like what" asked Jerry deliberately, he wanted her to 'own' her decision..."I w..want you to lick my p...pussy.....please" she whispered blushing profusely.

Jerry scooted foreword to the edge of the couch taking Tegan with him as he stood and walked to the end of the couch where he laid her gently lengthwise along the couch positioning her pert little butt on the arm of the couch, raised her legs bending them at the knees to place her feet on the arm either side of her butt. Although while they were hugging he had felt the pressure of her body on his aching cock it seemed Tegan hadn't registered its presence yet and he wanted to keep it that way so as not to panic her so he was careful to hunch forward a little as he carried her to the end of the couch, the last thing he wanted to do was freak her out with the sight of his big drooling cock thus undoing the progress he had made. Jerry leant forward between Tegan's spread legs, forcing himself to not look at her quivering snatch, to place a cushion under her head before kissing her softly on the mouth then trailing soft kisses down her body to a tight breast and sucked it strongly into his mouth while circling her glorious nipple with his tongue, Tegan's hands flew to his head pushing it against her as she arched her chest against his face, Jerry almost blew his load as she squeaked and mewled breathlessly from his expert ministrations. He released her engorged breast and trailed his tongue slowly downwards, across her naval, before raising his head and sank to his knees to gaze lustfully at Tegan's throbbing crotch while caressing a hand up either leg and slowly back down. He noted with satisfaction that her once pale blue panties were now dark with her cunt juice from the waist band down to where her pert little ass met the couch as he inhaled the intoxicating scent of her juices. He brought his hands around each side of her legs before softly placing a finger from each hand on the waistband and dragged them slowly apart along the band towards her hips, tucking them under the waist at her flanks, he looked up towards Tegan's face, her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted with her puffy nipples quivering stiffly with each short sharp breath, "tuck your knees back sweetie and straighten your legs upward and together please" he whispered. Tegan complied, a soft moan escaping her lips as her breath caught as Jerry dragged her sodden panties slowly under her butt and up her legs to slip them past her feet and drop them to the floor. He grasped her ankles, slowly lowering them to the couch into their previous position before focussing his lustful eyes on the feast that awaited. Her whole crotch glistened with her juices that had been weeping from her steadily since he had first sucked her little breast, he marvelled at her mons with its red down now plastered to it by cunt juice, lower his gaze travelled to the her tight weeping cleft dividing her gloriously plump labia, "Ohh darling" he whispered in awe, "you have the sexiest most delicious looking pussy I have EVER laid eyes on". Tegan's small frame shivered as his words brought a throaty moan to her lips. Jerry, knowing what was about to happen, wrapped a big hand around each mid thigh to hold her legs tightly before bringing his mouth to within an inch of the top of her slit, took a deep breath, and blew softly onto her cleft moving downwards as he blew to finish at her tight little rose bud.

He would have achieved the same reaction if he had zapped her ass with an electric prod.....Tegan's eyes and mouth flew open as her whole body spasmed violently as a strangled squeal erupted from her wide open mouth and her pussy pulsed a dollop of cunt cream and its puffy lips swelled even more, not to mention the flaring of Jerry's throbbing cock head as a stream of pre-cum slid out and down his fat shaft. "Fuck..fuck" exclaimed Tegan as she caught her breath, "what the fuck you do to me" she gasped. Jerry moved his head between her shaking legs to bring his mouth to her ear "just trying to make you feel good darling, did you enjoy that" he whispered before kissing her passionately on the lips. "OMG YES she squealed breathlessly breaking the kiss, " do more pleeese" Jerry smiled as he moved back down, there was no need to hold Tegan's legs apart now, she had thrown them wide apart in anticipation of what might come next. Jerry extended his tongue and started tracing it wetly down the junction of her left thigh and back up then dragged it across her mons just above her cleft and down the other side, he back tracked his tongue along the same path, with a little difficulty as Tegan began bucking, he grabbed her ass to steady her thrusting as her returned to left side down beside her tight little starfish as a steady stream of her sticky cream ooze from her tight slit. Time for the fireworks Jerry thought to himself as he grasped her quivering ass tighter, stiffened his tongue, and paced it firmly on her asshole giving it 3 rapid strokes before flattening his tongue and slithered it upwards, fighting to control Tegan's thrashing, to her quivering slit where he stiffened it and punched it into her tight greasy tunnel a few times to ravish her swollen clit now standing proud. He lost control of her ass as she thrashed violently thrusting against his mouth as her orgasm exploded upon her, Jerry managed to cover her pulsing cunt with his mouth and drank her cunt cream as it gushed forth from her virgin depths.

As her tremors subsided, Jerry crawled up onto the couch beside her hugging her tightly and kissing her softly, transferring her sticky cum from his face to her cheek and lips. "Thank you so much for allowing me to pleasure you like that he whispered, it was amazing. "Oooh gaawd" gasped Tegan, "thank YOU for doing it to me, I had no idea anything could feel that good". During his oral ministrations on Tegan's juicy pussy and as he had crawled up to her side his robe sash had come undone so his bare chest and stomach was now pressed against Tegan's naked body as they embraced, Tegan, her post orgasmic brain regaining some clarity, began feel a wetness and a hard flinching 'thing' pressing on her stomach. Her eyes widened as she realised what it was, "Uncle Jerry" she asked in a whisper, "is that your umm thingy I can feel?". Jerry pulled his head back to look into her eyes and said cheekily "thingy!!, I don't have a thingy!" adding quickly as he saw confusion in her eyes, "but I do have a big hard COCK, is that what you can feel?"
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