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Tegan is learning
Tegan's soaked pussy tingled at Jerry's reply and , her voice soft and halting, she said "umm...errr...Uncle Jerry, ccould I maybe see it please?", blushing beet red she averted her eyes in embarrassment. Jerry took her face in his hands so as to look her in the eyes and said "Sweetie, I would love for you to see it" and kissed her softly. Jerry sat up bringing Tegan up as he did and released her saying "scoot back on my legs a bit and have a peek". Tegan did so and as her eyes dropped her eyes bugged and her mouth opened wide as if to say ooooo but no sound came forth, as if in a trance she gazed at Jerry's big thick rod that was sticking out above the waist band of his shorts, the huge flared head glistening with precum as a sound as she finally found her voice, "fuuuck" she whispered, its h..huge". Jerry chuckled, "that's only half of it sweetie, why don't you pull my shorts off so you can see it all". Her hands shaking a little, Tegan reached across and grasped his waistband and, as Jerry lifted his ass, slowly pulled his shorts down, gasping wide eyed as his full eight and a bit inches came into view, his big aching balls tight up against the base as he was so close to cumming. Tegan was as if in a trance as her mind attempted to process the image before her eyes, "take my shorts right off sweetie" Jerry said quietly, Tegan heard his voice but didn't register the words - nor the pulsing of her dripping pussy and hardening nipples. Jerry repeated a little louder, Tegan flinched as she snapped out of her lustful trance, moved back and stood as she dragged Jerry's shorts completely off. Jerry's cock throbbed as he spied the thin rivulet of cream oozing from the tight cleft between her puffy lips and spied her plump little clit peeking out, "now hop up and sit on my stomach with your back to me sweetie" instructed Jerry as he gingerly grasped his cock shaft and pulled it forward as she sat shakily onto his stomach knees up and spread wide, her eyes never leaving his cock head and her mouth opening and closing silently like a fish out of water. "Now sweetie" Jerry said, scoot your ass down until your hot little pussy is almost touching my cock". As Tegan complied he said "now I am going to let my cock rest back on your hot little pussy and I want you to slowly rub it up and down my hard cock". Tegan groaned throatily and her whole body spasmed as her steaming cunt came into contact with Jerry's hard shaft...then she jerkily raised her ass, Jerry grabbed her firm ass cheeks to control her ascent, sliding her divine lips up his cock stopping agonisingly short of its drooling head, Jerry using all his willpower to fight back his cum, as he slid her down again and started back up as her body started spasming. This time he slid her slimy cunt lips up onto his throbbing flared head, his cock spasmed violently, its head caressing her clit as he emptied his aching balls up her chest and face and beyond as Tegan began squealing as if in pain as her overheated cunt exploded in orgasm flooding his cock with her juices.

Jerry held her tight as they both shuddered and panted from the intensity of their orgasms, Tegan shakily straightening her legs and bringing them together trapping Jerry's still twitching cock hard against her slimy tingling cunt as she gazed in awe at his huge lump of meat towering above her sated crotch. "OMG that was soo fucking intense" she gasped lewdly, "I've had lots of amazing cums before but that has to be the best ever " replied Jerry as he hugged her tightly squashing her heaving tits against her chest. Jerry sat up and scooted forward to stand easily lifting her as he did, holding her tightly so as not to dislodge her legs' grip on his cock, the movement on her pussy causing Tegan to gasp and flinch as he carried her upstairs to his ensuite. "I think we need a shower" he chuckled, "then we both need to sleep, you have school tomorrow young lady and I have to work. "Awww, can't we stay home tomorrow and have fun all day pleeeese" she implored. "No way" replied Jerry, your mother would go ballistic if I let you miss school and I might loose my job, oh and don't forget Jess is sleeping over too". "Damn" cussed Tegan, "I forgot about Jess coming, that's gonna be a drag coz I won't be able to play some more with your awesome cock!!" "Well", said Jerry as they stepped under the shower, "look on the bright side, it just might turn out to be TWICE the fun!!"

Tegan and Jerry showered, she couldn't seem to drag her eyes away from Jerry's cock as he soaped it and his big heavy balls which now hung low, and dried off before climbing into Jerry's bed. Jerry arranging her on her side facing away from him and wrapped an arm over her to softly cup a firm little tit, Tegan began to scoot down lower with the intention of lifting a leg and putting Jerry's cock between them to rest against her pussy but Jerry reluctantly stopped her, "c'mon you little sex maniac" he chuckled "its late and I don't want you nodding off in school tomorrow, I promise we'll find a way to have more fun tomorrow night". "Sleep tight my sexy little lady he whispered", "goodnight my sexy dirty old man" Tegan whispered cheekily as she yawned deeply and soon fell asleep.

Jerry's alarm roused him at 6am and he shut it off quickly so as not to wake Tegan, gazed longingly at her now on her back with the covers off her upper body, those delicious puffy nipples standing proud like mini light houses atop her chest causing his cock to stiffen. Jerry fought back the urge to suckle them, things to do before she wakes he admonished himself and got quietly out of bed, he had set the alarm early to make preparations that would solve the matter of Jess arriving home with Tegan tomorrow and with luck result in his cock pumping a massive load, or several, into Tegan's tight little cunt in the evening. He padded down the stairs to his office to sit at his desk and got to work on is laptop. half an hour later he was satisfied with his efforts and climbed the stairs, his cock stiffening with every step, and slid back into bed. He gently rolled Tegan onto her side facing away from him and drew her body close, gently lifted her, pushed his hard cock through the gap and up against her swollen pussy lips before hugging her to his body with a hand on a tit. Tegan stirred and stretched as she began to awaken, moaning softly as she became aware of the hot pressure between her slim legs and a hand began subconsciously moving downwards to scratch the itch her half awake mind had perceived. Well before it reached the 'itch' her hand was blocked by the big rubbery head of Jerry's cock, she gasped as she woke fully at the realisation of what it was and the memories of the previous night flooding through her mind. " Mmmm good morning Mr. Naughty cock" she whispered as she began grinding her pert little ass back against Jerry as she stroked his pulsing member. "Good morning to you Miss Naughty pussy" Jerry replied chuckling as he fondled her stiffening nipples and started thrusting his hard cock slowly with short movements as her tight little slit began to moisten. Tegan gasped and panted with each movement, "ooohh that's sooo nice, I sooo love the feel of your cock on my pussy" she groaned as she rubbed her hand around his knob and down the shaft spreading his pre-cum. With the rapidly increasing lubrication from Jerry's cock and Tegan's pulsing little pussy Jerry lengthened his stokes, thrusting upwards to saviour the feel of her soft hands on his knob and shaft then back to graze his throbbing knob down her sticky cleft, Tegan catching on quickly and each time Jerry's knob approached her slit she pushed it hard onto herself to stimulate her tingling clit, Jerry pinching a nipple as his cock head dragged on her swelling nubbin. As her moans an gasps increased, Jerry increased the speed of his thrusts. "god, ohh god gasped Tegan with each thrust as she felt her cunt begin to spasm as an orgasm began to build deep in her body, her juices flowing freely making lewd squelching sounds has Jerry's throbbing cock massaged her tight slit and swollen clit. Jerry felt her impending climax and fought back his own, Tegan began squealing and thrusting against Jerry's cock as her orgasm washing over her as her body bucked and spasmed. Jerry held her tightly as her spasms slowed and her breathing began to normalise, "seems like you're really beginning to enjoy getting of on my hard cock" he chuckled," mmmm yesss" Tegan replied. "Would you like to try licking my cock and make it cum" he whispered, "ohh fuck yes please" replied Tegan, Jerry rolled onto his back and Tegan straddled his legs eagerly as she gazed down on the slimy glistening monster that had just blown her young mind. "How should I do it" she asked hesitantly, "just lick it like a lollipop along the shaft and around the top" Jerry replied, "you've made me so hot and horny that it won't take much for it to cum, you can fondle my balls too while you're licking if you like". Tegan licked her lips and lowered her face, eyes wide and gingerly placed her lips on his shaft then poked the tip of her tongue out and softly slid it upwards, Jerry's cock jerked violently pushing her tongue back into her mouth and bumping her nose causing a drop of pre-cum to lob onto her forehead, Tegan let out a startled squeal and jerked back. "Sorry she gasped, it startled me" as she lowered her face again to continue. This time she turned her head sideways a little to wrap her lips over his shaft and began to slide them up and down as a hand caressed his aching balls. "Ohh fuck sweetie, that feels so damn good" groaned Jerry as he felt his heavy balls begin to tighten and boil. Tegan got her rhythm going sliding her tongue and lips up and down then began to go over the top of his flare to slurp up the pre-cum oozing from Jerry's cock head causing Jerry's toes to curl as he fought back the inevitable. As Tegan's mouth slid over his cock head for the fourth time Jerry lost the battle, the first hot thick stream of cum half filled Tegan's mouth, startled she raised her head and the second stream hit her under the chin then loosing her balance she fell forward onto Jerry as his pulsing cock squirted four more ropes of hot cum between her pert little titties, "Ohh baby, you did that perfect" gasped Jerry. As he held her hot body against him, Jerry glanced across at the bedside clock, "c'mon sweetie, we better get moving and shower and have some breakfast or we will both be late.

After breakfast Tegan rushed upstairs to clean her teeth and grab her school backpack, as she got back to the top of the stairs she saw Jerry was waiting at the bottom for her. Feeling wicked, she pranced down the stairs lifting her knees higher than was required causing her school skirt to flap up at the front with each step giving Jerry a good view of her plump little mound causing his cock to stir. He held his arms out to her and she leapt into them from 3 steps up. "Mmmm", groaned Jerry, "you little tease, I've a good mind to give you a good TONGE lashing young lady, I hope you don't walk down stairs at school like that". Tegan giggled as she hugged him, "don't make promises you won't keep" she quipped cheekily. Jerry's cock was straining painfully in his briefs by now, "Oh I always keep my promises sweetie" he said huskily as he carried her to the dining table and stood her on it and without warning pulled the front of her skirt up and tucked it into her waistband, ripped her panties down and off one leg, and moved to spread her feet apart but Tegan was already spreading them....damn thought Jerry, she's a fucking quick learner. Jerry grasped her tight little ass and drove his tongue as deep as he could into her tight little cunt causing her to gasp and grab the back of his head as her knees almost buckled from the assault of Jerry's tongue on her juicy sex. Jerry alternated between tonguing her steamy cunt deep and sliding it up and down between her puffy lips flicking it across her rock hard clit causing her to groan, squeak and shudder simultaneously. Jerry slid a hand between her legs and dragged her pussy cream back across her tight little asshole and proceeded to massage that hole with a finger as well. Jerry Sucked her whole plump pussy mound hard into his mouth while running his tongue up and down her tight slit while gradually applying more pressure with the finger he was massaging her butthole with. He felt Tegan's legs begin to shudder and her creamy cunt swell and tighten, without warning, Jerry pushed his finger into her tight little asshole up to the first knuckle while pulling her hard against his face with the other hand as her orgasm hit her like a freight train flooding his mouth with her sweet cunt cream.

Jerry held her upright, his mouth still over her pulsing sex, as he drank her juices down. As Tegan's legs regained their strength and her breathing slowed, Jerry became aware of how painfully his cock was straining in his pants. He stepped back and undid his trousers dropping them and worked his fat slimy cock out of his boxers before stepping forward again. Without his support, Tegan had slumped to her knees on the table, her eyes locked on Jerry's throbbing cock. She shuffled back a little and leant forward to wrap both hands around it and drew it to her hungry mouth. Jerry was struck by the look on her face as she pulled him to her, a look of pure lust the likes of which he had only seen before in older women. Tegan engulfed his fat cockhead like a starving baby on a teat causing Jerry to almost buckle at the knees with bliss. Tegan worked the dribbling cock with her tongue taking it in her mouth until her lips bumped on her top hand, almost gagging as she did but she persisted and slid her hands up and down the fat slippery shaft as she bobbed her head. "Ohhh fuck Tegan, that is fucking amazing" Jerry gasped as he felt his balls tighten. Tegan gurgled as if to say something but wasn't about to release her new favourite toy. "Oh baby I'm going to cum" groaned Jerry as his fat cockhead swelled, Tegan groaned and quickened her pace as Jerry's cock spasmed shooting a blast of thick cum down her throat, her eyes widened as she gagged, Jerry's second blast hit the back of her throat as she was pulling her head back, her gag reflex causing her to cough causing Jerry's thick cum to spurt out past her lips and out her nostrils and the last few ropes hitting her face as her mouth cleared his pulsing cock. As Tegan made to sit back on her haunches Jerry said "no, stay there, it will drip down on your clothes. Wait there sweetie I'll get a cloth. Jerry stepped out of his trousers and rushed to the kitchen, returning with a damp cloth, his big cock hanging straight out swinging as he hurried back, Tegan, with cum dripping off her face, smiled and said " Oh god you have the most yummy cock" blushing slightly as she said it. "And you my little sex maniac, have the most yummy little cunt I have ever tasted" replied Jerry as he wiped his incestuous seed from her glowing sweet face before wiping her glazed pussy and ass. "Ohh god" gasped Tegan as the cloth rubbed over her cunt, "that feels sooo nice". " Enough of that you wicked little minx" admonished Jerry, "we need to hurry, put your panties on NOW! we have to go, but you better run upstairs and get a spare pair because I bet your wicked mind will have your pussy drooling into those before the day is out". Tegan rushed upstairs to get a spare pair as Jerry headed for his office to grab his briefcase. Meeting Tegan at the door he gave her a big hug and kissed her on the lips, "I might be a little later this afternoon" he said just as Tegan's phone chimed. "Omg she said as they walked out, Jess messaged, the bus is at the stop". "Never mind" said Jerry, I will drive you to school.

Jess was standing at the curb as Jerry and Tegan pulled in, Tegan leaned across to give Jerry a kiss on the cheek "see you this afternoon Uncle Jerry" she said and stepped out of the car, Jess poked her head through the window, well actually her head and upper body, giving Jerry a peek at her ripe little titties straining against her low cut bra, "Hi Mr. J, see you tonight" she said cheerily, licking her lips seductively, "Hey Jess" he replied and giving her a wink added "looking forward to it". Jess and Tegan headed into school arm in arm, "Gawd I can't wait for this afternoon" whispered Jess, "I'm so gonna make you cream on my dildos". "JESS" Tegan admonished as she slapped her friend's arm, "you are way too wicked". "You have no idea" giggled Jess, "we are gonna have soo much fun this weekend". They parted ways to go to their classes, Tegan thinking to herself that perhaps she should have brought 4 spare panties with her as she felt a tingle between her legs.

The hours seemed to drag by in slow motion for Jess, she did her best to focus on the lessons so as to keep her mind from reliving the wicked stuff she had done with Uncle Jerry...and the wicked stuff that Jess was going to do to her! She rushed to the toilets at lunch recess to change her damp panties, at least I didn't leak all over my chair she thought to herself. At last the bell rang signalling the end of the last class for the day, Tegan breathed a sigh of relief and shoved her books into her bag and bolted for the door and arrived at the bus just behind Jess. "Gawd is it just me or is this bus going slower than usual" groaned Tegan to Jess, "it's just you" Jess whispered, "your yummy little pussy is just aching for me to lick it". "JESS" Tegan squealed and slapped her leg, "it is not" she whispered back unconvincingly. Arriving at their stop, the girls hurried off the bus and walked the two blocks to Jess's door in record time, Jess opened her front door and threw her school bag inside and grabbed her 'weekend' bag that she had left just inside the door that morning and they both skipped the two doors up to Jerry's house. Tegan unlocked the door and they rushed in slamming it behind them and dropped their bags on the floor. Tegan made to walk further but Jess grabbed her arm pulling her around to face her and, putting a hand behind Tegan's head and the other under her skirt on her pert little ass cheek, pulled her in to kiss her softly on the lips. Tegan made to protest but involuntarily moaned instead as Jess's hand began to caress her ass cleft causing her pussy to tingle deliciously. Jess moved her hands to the front of Tegan's skirt unbuttoning it and letting it fall to the floor before unbuttoning the blouse and pushing it back over Tegan's shoulders before reaching around to unclip the training bra, Tegan shimmied her arms and body causing her blouse to fall to the floor allowing Jess to remove her bra. "Undress me now" whispered Jess breathlessly as she broke their kiss and took half a step back. Tegan, her hands shaking a little from nervousness and lust, clumsily unbuttoned Jess's blouse and pushed it over Jess's shoulders dropping it to the floor before reaching around to unclasp the bra and pulling it free. She tipped her head forward and down to take Jess's nipple in her mouth sucking it gently prompting a lustful moan from Jess. As she worked on Jess's nipple she unbuttoned Jess's skirt dropping it free and softly ran a hand into Jess's panties and across her dripping slit almost causing Jess to buckle at the knees. Jess grasped Tegan's head and pulled it up to kiss her passionately on the lips before dropping to her knees and slowly lowered Tegan's soaked panties inhaling the heady scent of Tegan's swollen dripping cunt before running her tongue between the puffy lips of her friend's steamy pussy. Tegan let out a strangled squeal as her pussy spasmed, placing her hands on top of Jess's head to support her shaking legs, "lets go upstairs" she whispered shakily. "Not yet" replied Jess huskily as she got to her feet and ran her hands across Tegan's puffy nipples and leant in to kiss her passionately, "lets go and see if we can find that movie you told me about". Jess dropped her panties to the floor and, taking Tegan's hand, led her into Jerry's office.

Tegan lifted the lid of Jerry's laptop as Jess caressed Tegan's firm little butt, as it did before the screen came to life and a video began to play. "Ohh thats yummy" said Jess, Tegan gasped and stammered "that's u...." she closed her mouth as the realisation dawned, she was about to blurt out that it was Uncle Jerry's cock in the video but caught herself not wanting to spill the beans about what her and Jerry had been doing, she couldn't believe that with everything Uncle Jerry had done with her that she hadn't recognised it was his cock in the video. "That's what?" prompted Jess, "umm that's the one I saw" Tegan answered lamely her eyes glued to the image of Jerry's hand sliding slowly up and down his big cock. Jess sat down on the chair pulling Tegan down with her and cupped a hand between Tegan's legs and pushed her index finger along her slippery slit. Tegan closed her eyes in bliss and moaned as Jess moved her finger ever so slightly along her wet slit. Jess's voice jolted her out of her bliss, "pause it for a minute, I want to get something" said Jess as she leapt up and rushed out of the office. Tegan softly stroked her tingly pussy as she gazed at the still of Jerry's flared knob and tried to imagine it stretching her little cunt open and sliding in before Jess reappeared and stood three dildos on the edge of the desk. "Which one do you want to try first?" she asked. Tegan sat bolt upright, "definitely not that big one" she gasped causing Jess to giggle, "we can work you up to it, you'll love it coz it vibrates too" she replied, "if you want to fuck a yummy cock like that one in the video you'll have to practice on the big one", Jess reached for the smallest and restarted the video before kneeling before Tegan and began to slide the tip of the dildo along her slimy slit and applying slight pressure each time it was at her cunt hole. without realising, Tegan splayed her legs wide and began to hump forward slightly, panting and moaning, on each pass as her pulsing pussy responded to her primal urges. Seemingly with a mind of its own, her hand had moved onto Jess's hand and began to apply more pressure. "Tegan" said Jess quietly, "look, open your eyes". Tegan opened her eyes and looked down to see only 2 inches of the 6 inch dildo protruding from her drooling cunt. She had been so focussed on the sensations she was feeling that she hadn't realised that Jess had removed her hand, paused the video, and was sitting on the edge of the desk legs spread, not wanting to impede the view of the little camera under the desk, with the biggest dildo buried in her pussy as she pinched her nipples. Jess picked up the 7 inch, and slightly fatter, dildo and offered it to Tegan, " here, you'll like this one more, fuck your yummy little cunt with it and cum with me" she urged. At this stage Tegan's plump little pussy had a mind of its own, in her lustful daze she took the dildo from Jess, pulled the one out of her throbbing pussy and without hesitation plunged the bigger one 6 inches into her greasy hole causing herself to squeal loudly as her hole was stretched wider. She paused for a moment then on seeing Jess fucking herself rapidly with the vibrating monster she mimicked her friend's action moaning loudly as her orgasm began to surge from deep within. Both girls fucked themselves furiously, their cunt cream frothing over their stretched lips as they spasmed and squealed in orgasm. Tegan lay panting and shuddering as she watched Jess slide her dildo out and slip down off the desk to lap the juices off Tegan's steamy lips, she slowly removed Tegan's dildo and kissed her pulsing lips tenderly. " Gawd you taste sooo yummy" she whispered then moved up to kiss Tegan's hard puffy nipples then kissed her passionately on the lips.

The girls cuddled on the big chair as they recovered then Jess jumped up and restarted the video, grabbed her big dildo and sat back down beside Tegan. "that's some awsum cock isn't it" she whispered to Tegan as she began to run the vibrator across Tegan's puffy nipples bringing a moan from Tegan as they swelled and hardened before running it down to rest on Tegan's mound above her still oozing slit. Tegan was focussed on Jerry's cock trying to imagine how she could possible fit it in her but at the same time wishing it was thrusting deep into her and filling her with hot cum. "What!....this isn't the video I saw before" Tegan said, someone else had walked into the edge of the view, as the person moved further into view back to the camera and bent forward towards the chair, "that's a girl she gasped" as she saw moisture glistening on a pussy between the legs. "Wow" whispered Jess, "I hope we get to see her get fucked by that big cock". The girl stepped up onto the chair and turned to face the camera before reaching down to pull the cock forward and sitting down with Jerry's hard cock now covering her wet pussy. They could only just see the bottom of the girl's firm breasts in the frame, "she kinda looks fairly young" whispered Tegan, "you think he's gonna fuck her?". "Oh for sure" whispered Jess, "bet he fucks that big ole cock right into her wet little cunt and fills it with hot cum" as she slid the vibrator down across one of Tegan's puffy lips and across onto her oozing slit causing her to splay her legs wide and involuntarily moan. "Here, you hold it on your pussy" said Jess, "I want both hands to play with myself". In a daze Tegan grasped the big dildo with both hands and pushed it harder between her puffy cunt lips and onto her twitching and recently stretched hole, her eyes glued to the screen as the girl raised herself up until Jerry's fat cockhead wedged between her dripping lips, "oh fuck he's gonna do her" she gasped as her own dripping lips parted further from the pressure she was gradually applying to the dildo in her dazed arousal. They both heard the girl's pained gasps as she slowly let her weight down onto Jerry's cockhead, they saw Jerry's big hands grasp her thighs and spread them wider then lift her slightly almost dislodging his cock but allowing her cunt cream and his precum to drizzle over his knob and down his fat shaft before lowering her again until his knob disappeared between her tightly stretched lips, the girl groaned loudly, Tegan groaned louder, the girl now had 2 inches of Jerry's cock in her and Tegan had involuntarily pushed 2 inches of her toy into her lusty little cunt. Jess, who had been watching Tegan's progress closely, dipped two fingers into her own oozing twat and brought them to the shaft of the dildo to lube it and Tegan's drum tight cunt lips then flicked Tegan's swollen clit with her creamy fingers causing her to flinch and thus 2 more inches of the toy disappeared. At first glance it appeared Tegan was oblivious to her surroundings however she was very aware of what was happening on the screen as Jerry lifted the girl again almost to the point of withdrawal and lowering her again to the 4 inch mark and lifting her again then dropping her to 6 inches, a squeal from Tegan indicating she was still on autopilot. Jerry began slow 1/4 inch pumps, the girl gasping in unison as her orgasm began to build. The girl's climax hit her hard and she wailed as her young body thrashed violently tipping Jerry over the edge, his cock spewing forcefully into his lover's spasming cunt as her spasms allowed a further 1/2 inch of Jerry's throbbing meat into her depths. Tegan was a minute behind with her orgasm, as it began to hit her Jess took control of the dildo as a precaution against Tegan hurting herself with it in the throes of climax, there was more fun to be had and didn't want Tegan to be too sore to participate. The girls snuggled together on the big chair to watch the closing minutes of the video, Jerry's cock was showing signs of softening and his creamy cum began to slowly appear around the edges of the pussy lips of his freshly fucked lover, he slowly withdrew his cock until the flared head began to appear and the girl's pussy gave one last spasm forcing it out with an audible pop as the flood of cum gushed out of her stretched tunnel. "How would you like that cock to pump a load like that in your hot little pussy?" whispered Jess as she gently caressed Tegan's slimy swollen lips, "Oh fuck YESS" answered Tegan as she absentmindedly stroked her friend's equally slimy pussy. The girl rolled onto her stomach and began to slide down Jerry's stomach, place her feet on the floor and raised her ass and began to lick Jerry's cock clean, Tegan stared lustfully at her pussy which was now centre of screen with remnants of Jerry's cum still dripping out, she then dropped her ass down allowing a view of the back of her head as she continued cleaning Jerry's cock, Tegan's brow furrowed slightly as she viewed the back of the girl's head....the girl then turned slowly and smiled into the camera. "W....w....WTF" exclaimed Tegan,....there on the screen was Jess's face smiling happily at her, just as Jess was smiling at her sitting beside her.
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