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The story heats up even more in chapter 2
Mrs. Steiner, my former 8th grade math teacher, leaned over my desk. She wore a short skirt that hugged her thick frame, and a light blue, tucked in, button-up shirt with a wide collar. The shirt had just enough buttons undone to show off her massive tits. Her face was framed by a pair of glasses, and her brown hair was in a mess bun on her head, of course with a pencil stuck in it. As a kid she was the source of a lot of masturbatory fantasies since her voluptuous body gave us boys a lot to stare at in class.

Mrs. Steiner leaned over my desk, looking me in the eyes seductively. "So Josh, I am little disappointed in you." She slid over a sheet of paper that was marked all over with red. "We know you can do better than this." She then moved behind me and I could almost feel her breath on my ear. "I think you are lacking some motivation. But I think I know what you want. I can help you, my dear boy."

From behind, my teacher slipped her hands over my shoulders and caressed my body. "Mmm, such a strong boy. You've been hiding something under all these baggy clothes." She unbuttoned my shirt one button at a time and slid her hands over my chest. I turned my head to kiss her and could taste the cigarettes she used to smoke on her lunch break on her tongue. It was acrid and enticing at the same time.

She then moved us to her desk where she sat, open legged on the lip of the table. Between her thick thighs I could see clearly that she wasn't wearing any panties. "I think you've been too distracted by me and just need to clear your head so you can focus. Can I clear your head for you?"

Mrs. Steiner then pulled me by my open shirt closer so that I was between her legs. She ripped my shirt off and with hasty hands unbuckled my belt. My pants hit the floor. I watched her then strip her shirt and skirt to stand before me. Her massive tits sagged a bit and her shapely figure was incredibly enticing. She looked like a fertility doll. She then bent over the desk, exposing her fat ass to me.

My belt in my hand, I knew exactly what to do. I gave her some smacks across that wide ass, and she hissed with pleasure. After I had left some red welts, I dropped the belt and hungrily dove into that waiting ass. The heat coming from her was intense and I buried my tongue into her pussy.

"Oh Josh, yes!," Mrs. Steiner screamed as I tongued and explored, pushing deeper into her.

"Yes, yes! Lick mommy's pussy," came a different voice. My mom's voice. I kept licking but was trying to back away from the massive ass to see her. But I was stuck. "Don't stop baby. Keep going!," the voice cried. But I was shocked. I wanted to keep going but I felt like I was being enveloped. I felt hands push my face deeper into her, until....

I woke up in a sweat from the dream, but within seconds, could hardly remember the details. Was I fucking my teacher? I got up from the bed and felt slightly hung over. I suddenly thought of the previous day and how that too had felt like a weird dream. But that day I remembered clearly and knew was real. My mom had bared herself fully for me and forced me to do the same. I had always known that my experience growing up was different than other kids. That my mom was different than other moms. At first, I assumed it was because my dad was out of the picture, but I have slowly come to realize it is because this is just who mom is. She just isn't hung up on sexual taboos. How she ended up having a kid with body issues is beyond me.

I ruminated over this as I got up and started to get ready for the day. It was the weekend and I had no real plans but to run some chores. As I got ready I looked over my self and my outfit in the mirror and ... and I actually felt different. For the first time I actually kind of thought I might look OK. It was very tentative and I sensed how fragile it was, but there was something there. I wasn't immediately repulsed by the young man in the mirror. Maybe mom's way was not so crazy after all.

I made myself breakfast quietly, knowing that a late shift for mom meant she would be sleeping in. I left the house and met some of my friends at the mall. We tooled around and bought a few things until finally heading to the food court. It felt like it was going to be a good, chill day.

But then I saw her. There in the food court, at the table next door, was Tina. I had had a major crush on her last year, but of course never acted on it. She had graduated and gone on to college, so I hadn't seen her for several months. But she was still as cute as ever. Standing at 5 foot nothing, she had lightly tanned skin, straight black hair, and almond shaped green eyes- a gift from her half Irish, half Japanese heritage. Her body was slim and toned, and it looked like she had kept up her gymnast training. My friends noticed me staring and knew how badly I had lusted after her, so were nudging me and teasing a bit. My friends knew I was shy but didn't truly understand how deep my self-esteem issues went.

I did my best not to stare for too long and fantasize about what I would do to her petite body when she suddenly looked up and saw me. A flash of recognition crossed her face, and she smiled.

"Josh?" she said suddenly. She started walking towards me, and I met her halfway, not wanting my friends to witness whatever was about to go down. Although still shy, I had a quick realization that I was walking toward her and not away. This was new.

"Hi Tina, good to see you," I said, a little proud I didn't stutter or say something moronic right off the bat.

She smiled. "You too! It's been a while. I wasn't even sure you'd remember me."

We had shared a couple classes and had brief interactions, but never spoke for more than a few minutes, and never outside of class. Remember her? Of course I did. I would never admit it, but I had looked her up online now and then to see if she would post any wild college pictures.

"Of course I remember you," I said, internally kicking myself for not playing it cooler. Oh god. I should leave. Find some excuse to get out of there. Abort! But instead of bolting I just asked, "How's life after graduation?"

She smiled. "Great! I'm over at the state school and it's been tough school-wise, but the parties are great!"

We laughed and chatted for a bit longer. Mostly small talk and it felt really...easy. Internally there was a voice screaming at me, but externally I was pulling it off.

"Anyway, I have to go apply for some summer jobs. I am definitely going to need the cash, but it seems like nowhere is hiring. But anyway, my sorority is having a huge party in a few months at the house. Maybe you can come? Do you have insta? I'll DM you. Bye!"

She said this all in one quick rush and I just stood there stunned and nodding my head. "Umm, yea. That'd be great. Bye!" I said, completely taken aback. I watched her walk away, only half my brain remembering to check out her tight ass.

Once she had gone, my friends, who had been watching the whole thing, came to join me. Rounds of back slapping and teasing went around. The general theme was 'finally, Josh comes out of his shell.' We spent a few more hours out and just hanging around, and it was late by the time I got home.

Hearing the door open, my mom left her room, closing the door behind her, to meet me in the living room. She was dressed clearly to go out, with a sexy, short skirt and a tight top that had a V cut through it, showing off plenty of the sides of her ample breasts. "Hi sweetie!"

"Hi mom," I said cheerfully.

She smiled. "Well, someone's a bit cheerful. Good day?"

"Yea, actually. It was. Just hung out with my friends, and saw someone I hadn't seen since she went to college. It was nice."

My mom raised her eyebrow. "Since SHE went to college, ey? Good for you."

I laughed, but felt like I had to let her know how she helped. "Yea. To be honest, I wasn't shy around her at all like I used to be. I think last night really helped me. So...thank you mom," I said, sincerely.

My mom blushed and seemed to get a little misty eyed. "Oh Josh, I am so happy to hear that." She closed the gap between us to give me a hug. She was warm and her body felt good pressed against mine. She pulled back only slightly, still holding on. "If it helps, you are welcome to walk around naked anytime!"

I laughed. "I don't know about that mom, but thank you anyway."

She smiled. "Are you ready for phase 2?"

I looked at her dumbfounded. I tried to break our hug, but she held, making it clear she wasn't ready for it to end. "Phase 2? Mom, I just told you. You helped. I don't think we need a phase 2."

Her face got serious. "Yes, Josh. You do. I need to know you are OK out there, and this is the only way I know how. You are coming out with me tonight. I called out of work and called in some favors. You're only 18, so some places with alcohol are still off limits, but I have some pull."

Was she taking me to a club to meet women? "Mom, seriously, I am ok," I laughed it off. But her face didn't change.

"You are doing this. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Now go shower and put on the outfit I left on your bed."

She was stern and there was no reason to argue. Once she made up her mind, as I saw last night, she wouldn't hear no.

I took my shower, and as I stepped out I took a hesitant look in the mirror. As I mentioned, I usually avoid this as much as possible. Now though, I tried to see what my mother saw yesterday. I let my towel drop and looked over my body. I was not a hulking mass of muscle for sure, as both my mother and father (of what I could see from pictures) were on the lean side. My arms did show off some definition and I did have the abs my mom had mentioned. Memories of her hands running over my body flooded through, causing my dick to stir. And there was that too- my dick. She clearly remarked on how big and nice my cock was. The memory now of her putting her forearm against it to measure made my dick pulse a bit as it grew. I gave it a stroke and could appreciate its girth. It didn't look dissimilar to all the cock in porn that those women seemed to REALLY love.

"Hurry up, Josh," my mom called from the other room. Coming out of my daze, I shoved my meat as best I could into some briefs and put on the outfit my mom had mentioned. I never really went out to anywhere nice, but she had put out a simple , well tailored, white button-up shirt and some stylish back jeans. Looking in the mirror now, the cut of the clothes accentuated my broad shoulders and I had a brief thought... I look, kinda good?

I entered the livinroom and my mom gave me an approving look. "You look great, honey. And I can see the confidence growing in you already. Sometimes you need an outfit to help you see what sweats and T-shirts hide. You never see me wearing those, do you?"

I chuckled. "Mom, I don't think I'll be able to dress like YOU do at school. How would the teachers react to me being basically naked all the time."

She laughed, but then remarked. "I know some of your teachers, hun. They would be fiiinne, if you did that. Off school grounds anyway. I ran in to Mrs. Steiner last month by the way. I forgot to tell you she says hi."

She rushed me out the door and into the car before I could really process that. We chatted a bit and before we knew it we were in a different part of town that I had never been. We pulled into the parking lot of an off the path, dark building with the sign on top, "Silks Gentlemen's Club."

What the fuck. I thought she was taking me dancing, not to a strip club. She worked at a different club called Secrets, so I knew this wasn't even that.

"Mom...why are we at a strip club."

She smiled over at me. "Phase 2 honey. I mean, I couldn't take you to where I worked! But I have a friend here that was willing to help out."

"Ok, but my question wasn't why aren't we at YOUR club. I thought you were taking me dancing. Not to," I pointed, "One of these places."

My mom's face turned serious again. "These places? Watch your tone young man. These places are what have paid your bills since your dad left." She softened, knowing deep down that I wasn't insulting her. "No sweetie. Not a club. I wanted to be able to 100% guarantee you had a good experience. And my friend Candy is a 100% guarantee, I promise."

She exited the car, leaving me without the chance to question her further. I followed her dumbly to the door where we were met by a large, intimidating bouncer. He maintained a harsh scowl as he prepared to take my ID. Would they even let me in?

Seeing my mom his entire face changed. He smiled broadly and exclaimed, "Skyler! Good to see you!" He referred to my mom by her stage name. He opened his arms and enveloped my mom into a huge hug. Her body was tiny compared to him, and she seemed to disappear underneath his grip. He released her and looked over at me. "Who's this lucky young guy with you?"

My mom turned to me to give me a look and said, "I spoke with Candy before and let her know I was coming. This is my...friend," she shot me another look as if to say to play along. "He's from out-of-town so I am showing him around and making sure he has a nice stay."

The bouncer chuckled. "Oh, Candy will make sure he has a great time." He gave me a wink and moved from the door, gesturing us in. "Have fun, playboy. Welcome to town."

Mom took my arm and led me inside. Once past his earshot, mom whispered to me. "Just be cool OK? I obviously couldn't tell them you were my son and that you were 18. Candy thinks you are a young nephew. Just play along and it'll be great."

I was beyond objections now. Anyway, I had always wanted to go to a strip club, but clearly had never wanted to run into mom at work. Although now the thought was a little titillating. Even though I knew this wasn't her place, it was kind of exciting to see the kind of place mom spent her working time. Take your son to work day! Ha.

Oh god. I was laughing about it as if it were a casual thing.

Mom kept her arm in mine as she took me past a curtain that let out into a bar area. Music was thumping loudly, so much so that I knew I would have to yell to be heard by mom. Beyond the bar area was a dimly lit, but luxurious looking lounge, with plush benches against the wall with small tables, and then low top tables with chairs scattered around. Everything, of course, pointed to a large center stage with a pole and a catwalk that led to a curtain for backstage. Curled around the pole was a thick black girl, topless, with a g-string and high heels doing her routine. There was a smattering of guests, all darkened in anonymity. A few girls were walking around, dressed in skimpy clothes, either serving or soliciting dances from the men.

"Oh let's have a seat until Candy can meet us. I know her," she said pointing to the stage. "Stacie's really talented." We had a seat at one of the tables near the stage and I saw that mom was looking up at Stacie and Stacie shot her the briefest of smiles to acknowledge her without getting out of her routine. Mom then was gesturing to the waitstaff for something while I watched the stage. It was hard not to imagine her up there, but also I was thoroughly enjoying the show.

Stacie twirled on the bar, letting it slide along her sex while, with incredible athleticism, she let go with her hands and reached out. She held her self up by her legs and let her body stretch. He natural tits bounced and led down to a toned stomach. She got down from the bar and bent her ass down as she removed her g-string. Her slim waist did nothing to hold back a thick ass that she ran her hands along. She slowly spread her legs apart, giving me a full view of her bare pussy.

"Sexy, isn't she," my mom said close to my ear.

"Umm, yea, she's really hot," I muttered back. What was the protocol here? Was I supposed to talk about what got me hard (which it certainly was doing) to my mom? Was that part of phase 2. I was trying to play it cool since I hadn't had a lot of experience with girls in real life being nude. I had a pretty steep porn habit, and had been at some parties where girls got a little wild and gave the boys a show, but nothing like this.

Soon I heard come clinking as a waitress set some glasses down on the table. "Drink up!," mom ordered.

I was taken aback, since for all her liberalness at home, she had never let me drink before. "But, I'm only..." I started to say before I saw my mom was shooting me a look.

"You are only...21 and so you will drink, right?" she said with mock tension in her voice.

I shrugged and picked up the drink. "A jack and coke," she said. "You should start out slow, but I want you to loosen up a bit."

I took a sip and the mix of caramel sweetness with the burn from the alcohol was terrible...until it wasn't. Soon enough I had finished the drink, having quickly grown a liking to it.

Mom laughed, "Oook, so that was a little fast. But hopefully you can hold your liquor." Her chair was close enough to me that she could lean in and put her arm through mine while we both watch Stacie shake her ass. Mom even got up at one point, cheering for Stacie and making some money rain down on her. Stacie was sexy and completely naked, but I couldn't tear my eyes off my mother's top as her jumping up and down was threatening to make her tits pop out.

After a bit of this, I noticed a sexy young girl walking over to our table. She wore a shiny silver bikini with small triangles covering enormous D-cup tits. Her skin was pale white like my mother's; her hair red like hers as well. Like Stacie, she was wearing high-heels and a g-string, and even from the front I could see that her walk was making her ass shake. Slim and thick, all at once.

"Hi Skyler, is this Bruno?" the girl said, with a slightly Eastern European accent.

Mom gave me a now familiar look and said, "Hi Candy. Yes, this is my Bruno that I told you about. Are you ready for us in the back?"

In the back? Us?

"Yes, of course. I'll take good care of him in my private room."

My mom stood up and started following Candy past the stage to an even darker area. Neither of them waited for me to join them. They of course knew I would. Bruno? Her nephew? How did she come up with these stories? I caught up to my mom and Candy just in time to see them stop at a door with another bouncer who simply nodded and let us both through.

The room was a little more lit than the main stage area, but was similarly lined with plush lounge benches and some small tables. Mom took a seat on a bench close to the door, and I went to sit beside her but was stopped by Candy.

"No," she said. "You sit here." She pointed to the seat across the small room on a different bench. I did as I was told, feeling suddenly nervous. I had heard about back rooms before, but given their reputation, why was mom still here?

"Your auntie tells me you are a little bit of a shy boy. Yes?"

"Um, yea. I guess so," I muttered out. I tried to look past Candy to where my mother was, but could only see the outline of her as it was dark, and she was a little backlit.

Candy raised an eyebrow. "You guess so? I can see what she is talking about. Don't worry. I will help you. You auntie - she helped a nephew of my own once before too. She is a great woman, your auntie."

Helped him like this? What was mom doing? I craned my neck a bit again to try and get a better look at my mom, but Candy sat directly on my lap, blocking my view. "So, tell me Bruno. What is your issue?"

She was so direct.

"Um, well. I guess I just haven't liked my body much and it's got in the way of, you know, dating."

Candy had her arms draped around my shoulders to steady herself as her supple ass was directly over my stiff cock. She periodically shifted, either to get more comfortable, or because she knew how to keep me hard. Her enormous breasts were pushed into me and her pretty face was very close to mine. "Oh, you poor man. So has anyone touched you like this before?" she asked as she played with the hair on the back of my head and pushed herself a bit more into me.

I thought of the night before with mom, but even then it hadn't been like this. This..sexual. It felt really good and I was already as hard as my jeans would let me be. "No. I've never been like this with anyone." Although we had literally just met, everything about her made it easy to open up a bit.

"How does it feel? To be touched like this?" Candy lightly stroked my skin and my neck. "I can feel the answer, but I want you to tell me," she said, purring her words directly into my ear.

" feels really good."

"Yes, it does. I can tell just by feel," she wiggled her ass on my cock, "that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Your auntie told me as much as well. So if it feels good, then keep feeling," she said as she took one of my hands and placed it on her thigh. She guided me to stroke her, then guided my hand up to one of her massive tits. I hesitated and again tried to look past her to my mom.

"But, what about my m---," I started to protest, but Candy quickly and forcefully held my face still to look only into her eyes.

"No. No one else is here. Only you and me. Now feel what you have been missing." Candy again guided my hand up to cup her breast. I did what felt natural and played with her a bit, and Candy whispered encouragements in my ear. "Yes, explore me. Feel my body," she urged and again took my hand to slip my fingers under the tiny triangle to feel her hard nipples.

I let out a little gasp and my dick strained hard against her ass through the fabric. I felt her nipple and pinched and rubbed it. Candy moaned a bit, then shifted to straddle me, one leg on each side. This new view let me see her taut stomach, full tits and bikini clad pussy better. Candy reached up to release the string on her bikini and let it fall. Her gorgeous tits spilled forward, topped by light pink nipples and larger areola than my moms. I needed no encouragement as I used both hands to grope at her. Candy moaned, holding the back of my neck with both hands and gyrated herself on my hard cock. She let me play and explore her body for a bit before letting herself down on her knees.

"Now you will let me see what I have been clearly feeling. I know there is nothing to be ashamed of, big man," Candy said as she unbuckled my belt and undid my pants. I let her. God, what else could I do. I watched her as she moved her face close to my crotch and eased my pants down, realizing too that she had taken my briefs with them. I lifted my ass to let it fall to the floor. My cock looked huge as it sprang forward.

Candy, still on her knees, lifted my shirt to expose my abs with one hand and held my cock in the other. She looked at it lovingly and gave it a kiss on the tip which made me almost shoot my load right then and there.

"Such a nice cock. So big and thick," she said, releasing it and climbing back on top of me to straddle my lap. "I need to feel it against my pussy." Candy pushed her still bikini clad cunt against my shaft, gliding against me, and supporting herself with her hands on my neck and shoulders. The sensation was incredible and the view was even better. Her big tits bounced as I felt her wetness grow on my cock. We both moaned in ecstasy and Candy began to ride faster, until she suddenly remembered herself.

"I could have cum just from using you as a pole young man, but maybe another time. For now, I want you in me to taste," she said, clearly breathing heavily. She moved again to her knees on the dirty strip club floor and took me into her mouth. It was as if sparks were flying in my mind as her wetness and warmth engulfed my cock. Candy moaned, me still in her as she sucked my length. She released me and licked my shaft before taking me in again. Her hands roamed on my abs and reached for my chest. I looked down and was amazed at the site of my muscles tensing and how hot my cock looked in her mouth.

She made eye contact with me and smiled before taking me deep into her. Her nose hitting my skin and staying for a few seconds before pulling out again. She sped up and I could feel the need to cum build up throughout my body.

"I'm going to cum," I warned her, and she sped up while stroking my balls. My cock erupted in her mouth as she continued to suck every last drop from me. Spasms of pleasure rocked my body and I shook a bit as I could feel burst after burst of cum fill her mouth. Candy didn't let a drop go to waste before taking me out of her mouth and licking my cock clean. My body felt numb and barely able to move, as Candy got up from the floor and seemed to slither back up to sit on my lap. Her ass smashed into my still wet cock, smearing her saliva and my cum all over her. She put her head on my shoulder and held herself there, in what felt like a loving embrace, before lifting her chin up to whisper in my ear.

"You come back to see me, yes? I'm not done with that cock of yours," she purred before licking and nibbling on one of my earlobes. Still feeling in some place between life and death, I could only respond with a pleasured "mmm," as I caressed her soft body and fat ass.

After a bit, I heard someone stand on the other side of the room. I had become oblivious to the fact that my mom was still there. Candy got up as well and fixing her bikini back as she went to my mother.

"Thank you, Candy," mom said, giving her a kiss on the lips. Did she taste me?

"It was all my pleasure, Skyler. Your...nephew... is quite the man," she replied before walking out of the room.

Mom walked over to me, more visible as she got closer. "Well, you should probably put that away, so we can get out of here, stud," she said, gesturing to my cock.

I moved slowly, wishing I could stay there longer. Wishing to have more Candy. But I rose, my cock dangling between us before pulling up my pants and covering up my sticky mess of a dick.

My mom took me by the arm again and led me out of the club. The car ride home was mostly silent and when we got home I was making my way to my room before my mom stopped me. She gave me a hug, then pulled back a bit to give me a quick kiss on the lips (not uncommon since I was young). "I'm so proud of my big man. You are going to make a lot of women happy."

I blushed. "Thanks mom. That was incredible. Candy was perfect, and she did make me feel sexy, as weird as that might be to say to you."

"I'm glad you are starting to see yourself as you truly are," she said with a loving smile. Her smile then changed. "Don't worry. I've already started on Phase 3!" she said before leaving to her room and closing the door.
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