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The story intensifies with mom losing control
The next morning, I woke up and felt amazing. I took my shower and had no hesitation in looking myself in the mirror. I even enjoyed it. I no longer just saw the skinny kid in the mirror, but could see a body that had experienced hands roaming all over it. My dick was not just some malformed, oversized useless appendage, but a powerful tool that impressed even the most experienced of women. I got dressed and chose my clothes with care for the first time in a long time.

Over breakfast, I looked through my socials and was delighted to see that Tina had messaged me on insta to say hi and remind me of her sorority party she mentioned. Without second guessing myself I responded to her message and asked how her job search was going.

I put my phone away when from behind me I heard my mother's door open and close as she came into the room.

"Morning handsome," she said.

"Morning," I replied. "I made you some eggs to. They're on the stove."

"My hero," my mom's voice answered back from behind me.

I heard the clinking of silverware and she served herself. I wondered what phase 3 would bring. Shouldn't I be worried about it like I was with the previous phases? Was I looking forward to it? And why not? Mom's direction hadn't failed me yet. Each step she took me out of my comfort zone had brought me more confidence. And a blowjob to boot!

Mom sat down across from me and when I looked up, I almost dropped my fork. Mom had never been modest in the home, and of course had bared herself to me the other day. But there she was, topless, sitting with me at the breakfast table. Her gorgeous red hair flowed down past her shoulders, her bare shoulders, where they tickled the skin of her bare chest. Her tits, perfect mounds topped with tiny pink nipples, were firm and begged to be sucked.

"Mom?" I said. Asking a question without asking a question.

"What?" she said, looking back at me. Then looking down as if realizing her nudity for the first time, chuckled a bit. "Oh, this? Well, it's just more comfortable this way sometimes? You've never wanted to just strip down and walk around the house before?"

"I mean yea, I have," I said. "But not with you home."

She gave me a flat look. "Really? Are we still hung up on nudity at this point? Honey, I watched you get your dick sucked yesterday." She looked a bit more serious, if not slightly offended, "But OK. If it bothers you, I can go a throw a robe on." She made a move to get up from the table, making her tits jiggle.

"No, no it's fine. You just caught me off guard is all." Part of me knew her offense was a put on. "So is this your famous phase 3?"

She laughed. "Hahaha. No. Maybe 2.5? I'm still working on phase 3. But seriously, I think after everything we've been through these past few days, you're going to be seeing a lot more of me...and I don't think you should mind. People pay a lot of money to see these," she said as she manhandled her breasts. "Plus, there are some things I want to be more open with you about regarding my work, so excuse me for breaking down the walls of vulnerability between us."

"I know, I know. I appreciate everything you are doing. In your own way, you have really helped me with something I struggled with for a long time. So I think I am mostly over trying to resist your help. Whatever you plan, I'll try to be game," I said.

My mom smiled and got up from the table to move to my side. She bent slight, letting her tits hang, as she kissed me on the cheek. "Good boy. Follow mommy, and everything will be ok."

She put her dish in the dishwasher and was headed back to her room. "I'll be busy all day, and working tonight, so I don't think you'll see much of me today," she laughed. "I guess maybe you've seen too much already!"

Mom-jokes. Here door closed behind her and I went back to scrolling my phone. The day past in a blur of friends and homework.

Over the course of the week, true to her word, mom stopped wearing tops almost altogether in the apartment. She had even started encouraging me to take my shirt off to walk around, but never pressed for more than that. On one memorable evening she put some music on, and we danced around the living room, both topless. Her tits bounced and swayed with her to the music, and we laughed about it. She had also begun to get more handsy with my body and to greet me with a kiss on the lips instead of the cheek. She would joke and say we were becoming a very "French" household.

Of course, it worked its magic on me. I was more confident all around. The real test came on a school day that required us to go swimming. Nervous at first, I pushed myself and joined the rest of my class in the pool. And it was great. I had unintentionally built up a mystery behind my refusal to get in, so when I did, girls and guys alike were really complimentary of the body I had hid beneath clothes for so long. I was cured of my shyness. I was basically a stud in the making.

As a few days had already past, I almost forgot about Phase 3. But one day I came home to be greeted by mom in the kitchen, and despite her back being to me, I could see she had taken another new step in our relationship. Not only was she topless, but her panties were missing too.

She turned around hearing the door (my god, what would the neighbors think if they happened to walk by at that moment) and spread her arms to the side as if to give a presentation. "Ta-da," she said.

Like I had seen before, her body was perfect. She was shaved bare, letting me see her little pink slit. Her skin was blemish free and her legs were toned and sexy.

"Wow, mom. So this is new."

"Do you like?" she asked.

Did I like? Openness was one thing, but I was supposed to compliment her now. "Umm, of course I like. You know you are sexy mom."

She smiled and walked over to give me a hug and kiss on the lips. My hand instinctively wrapped around her lower back during the kiss and I resisted the urge to grab her ass.

"Good, now go shower and meet me back here. It's phase 3 day!" she said.

"Ok, just give me a bit," I replied, internally reminding myself of my promise not to second guess her.

"And Josh," she said.


"No clothes. Nothing. OK?"

Fuck. Don't second guess. Don't second guess.

"OK mom."

"Love ya stud. And don't take too long," she said with a wink.

I showered as she asked and found myself looking toward the bathroom door, wondering if she was going to come and join me at some point. Was that phase 3. She never did however, and as I left the shower it felt a bit strange to head for the door without putting anything on. What would be on the other side of the door? I imagined opening the door to find Candy sitting in our living room, ready to finish breaking me in.

I opened the door to see my mom sitting on the couch, looking a little nervous. As soon as she saw me though, her face changed to appear confident. I walked in and made a mental note not to cover myself.

Mom looked me up and down and smiled at the site of my semi-hard dick. "You did it!" she said with satisfaction. She came over to me and gave me another kiss on the lips, this time staying a bit longer.

Then she backed off and took my hand to lead me to her room. I watched her shapely ass jiggle as she stepped and part of me wanted to playfully slap it, but I took a hold of myself. She's your mother. This is already weird and all but it isn't thaaaat weird yet. We are just nudist now I guess? Maybe Candy was in her room?

I had rarely been in her room. It was an unofficial barrier we had put up as a tiny bit of privacy in such a small apartment. I had seen it through the door time and again of course, but at least recently I hadn't really seen inside. unsurprisingly, my mom's room Her bed was laid with silk sheets that looked inviting. Her lighting set a certain mood, and it was appointed with classy little touches. No messy clothes everywhere. No items haphazardly displayed on nightstands. What was surprising was a few new additions that I hadn't seen since the last time I was in here. The computer had a professional webcam set up, with what looked like purposeful lighting fixtures to focus on her when she was seated there. And then there was the sign. On the wall across from the computer was a neon sign on the wall that announced her stage name "Skyler" in bright pink. Next to this, she had a board with what looked like usernames and there were various sex toys lying around. Invisible to the camera were the cleaning supplies to sanitize everything, a notepad that I had various things scribbled on it, and other office supply looking stuff.

She looked like she was running a small business from her bedroom...One that involved a camera and sex toys.

She looked at me while I observed all of this. "Sooo, this is what I wanted to talk to you about before," she said, gesturing.

"Mom...what is this?" Although it was fairly obvious.

"Well, honey, a customer suggested this a while and ago and it was pretty easy to get into. Most days, while you are at school and before I go to the club, I'm here on camera for my fans. What do you think?"

I was stunned. Though why should I be? This was basically the same thing she did in the club, just safer. I guess the thought of it being in our home was just a bit shocking.

"Wow, mom. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. It's..." I reminded myself of everything she did for me and how much of her work was dedicated to giving me a good life. "It's great."

She beamed and jumped over to me to give me a big hug. Our bodies pressed together, reminding me that I was naked in what was essentially a sex dungeon.

"Come, sit," she said, and patted the edge of the bed. I took a seat without question, my dick starting to get hard. She made her way to the nearby closet that housed many themed outfits. She pulled out a sexy green lingerie set and I watched as she gave me a reverse strip show. Somehow in that moment, I felt she was even sexier with her bra and panties on. She plopped down on the computer and began logging in to her cam-site.

"I'm so glad about how supportive you are being. So, I already announced that I would have a special guest on the cam around now," she said without turning around. "It got a really positive response. And yes, I will let you keep any of the money I make today."

"Mom, what the fuck are you talking about?" I rarely used that kind of language in front of her, but I was way too confused.

She turned and frowned at me. "Language, Josh," she said sternly. "I told you. Phase 3. You are so much more comfortable with your body with me, and at school. And you did so well with Candy. But now you have to show it to other people. You need to see how people see you and deal with their reactions." She looked down at my stiff cock, "And I think you are going to be happy about those reactions."

She turned back around and continued to set everything up.

"But mom. That's too much. I can't do that..." I searched my mind for some kind of excuse that she could understand. "Besides! People will know who I am and that I am your son. Isn't that bad?"

She turned in her chair and smiled at me. "They know it's a mostly solo show with a male performer who I am promoting. And you'll be wearing these." She handed me a small mask, kind of like you would see Robin from Batman wearing, and a pair of my boxer briefs.

She had a sincere look on her face again, and placed her hand on my lap in a comforting way. "It's going to be OK. You look great. Just follow my lead and do whatever comes naturally. Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do," I replied. I would say anything to her at this point. She was looking into my eyes with so much care. And I could not ignore how close her hands were to my bare crotch. I imagined I could feel the heat from her palms radiating to my balls.

She gave a big smile. "Good! I think this will be fun."

She thinks?

"Now remember," she said, looking serious again. My name is Skyler, and you are the very sexy Bruno."

Was I actually going to do this? With my mom? This is what she did, day in and out. I knew there was no judgment and that sex work was real work. She saw her son in distress and this was the best way she knew to take care of him. She had brought me this far and I had to trust her. Plus, it felt like to reject this idea would be to reject her and what she did for a living. It would hurt her. Our little family had already come this far in doing fucked up shit, so we might as well keep going. I nodded. "Bruno it is." I put the mask and briefs on.

Mom...Skyler fixed the lights in the room, so we would look best on cam, clicked a button and came to sit next to me on the bed. At first nothing happened. On the screen was a bunch of controls and the public and private text boxes. An image appeared of an attractive couple on a bed. It took me a second to realize that it was us.

I had to admit. We looked really good. This was her space, and she knew how to look damn good in it. Not that she didn't usually. But her pale skin shone bright. Her red hair was sexy and wild. Her body was posed in a seductive way but one that showed she was clearly in charge. The man next to her, me, was lean but fit looking. The light made the contours of his abs stick out. His arms, leaning a bit on the bed, appeared strong with obvious muscles. His chest was broad and sexy. His bulge was prominent in his underwear. My dick had not softened all the way, but was no longer threatening to burst with cum. Nerves had taken care of that. Even still, the briefs were clearly hiding something impressive.

Seeing myself in the cam gave me a burst of confidence I did not know existed. I imagined I even sat a little more upright. This is how she feels all the time.

Soon I could see the number of people in the room fill up and I felt my heart start to race. My mom gave my hand a little squeeze and whispered, "you're going to do great. They'll love you."

She then turned to the camera. "Hi guys!" my mom said in a bubbly voice. "Welcome back. I see so many familiar names." As she spoke I could see the tip amount start to climb. Every now and then there was some different sounding notification to let her know what kind of tips and requests were coming in. She had just said 'hi' so far and that was enough to earn her a few hundred in seconds.

"This is a show you'll never forget. It's young Bruno's first time on cam!" she said as she put her hand on my shoulder and leaned into me. I leaned back, enjoying her touch. "I want you all to give him the same love you give me."

The comments flooded in a rush, as did the tips. People were saying I looked hot, fit, buff, sexy, and tons of other adjectives that flew by. It felt good to get this attention. And my mom's audience was not separated by sex. There was an equal amount of "I'm already dripping wet" comments as well as "Already stroking" comments.

I saw one request for me to turn around, so I obeyed and stood up. That alone caused another flood of tips and emojis. I gave a spin, and made sure to stick out my ass for the camera to mime what I assumed would be showing my body in a sexy way. It worked.

"Oh look at that. I picked a good stud to join me today," my mom exclaimed. She stood next to me, and stroked my arm as I flexed for the camera. I strutted my stuff and enjoyed trying to keep up with the demands of people looking at my body. It felt incredible to have all these people see me and want me.

A sound I hadn't heard before rang out.

"Oh, looks like we reached a goal!" My mom said with some excitement.

I looked in the corner of the screen and saw a notification that let us know that enough money had been paid to reach the first goal.

My mom was dancing a bit, and whispered to me, "I had to quickly adjust the goals to make sense for you. Don't worry, some of the crazier stuff is so high it will never be reached."

I just smiled but I was still confused. What were these goals?

"I get to unwrap our gift!" my mom said, and knelt down next to me. She looked up at me and whispered, "It's ok. Don't worry."

It should have been obvious but I still hadn't put two and two together until she reached out and began gently tugging at my waist band. Holy shit. She was stripping me, live, in front of a huge audience of people foaming at the mouth to catch a glimpse of my dick. The fabric of my briefs was sliding down and stimulating the head of my dick. I felt a charge go through me every time my mom tugged. She really drew it out. She played up her eagerness and licked her lips, as if my cock was a meal she had been craving all day.

In the cam window I could see my cock slowly emerge from my briefs. The comments streamed and the tips poured in. With a few more tugs, my cock head sprung from my briefs and my dick, not fully hard, flopped impressively down.

"Mmm, look at that," my mom purred. "So big and pretty. Bruno, you've got such a handsome cock." She ran her hands over my stomach and thighs, doing everything she could to not actually touch my balls or dick.

Her hands felt so good I couldn't help but get rock hard. "Oh mo...Skyler," I moaned, catching myself at the last second.

"I can see you like that Bruno. Have you ever seen a cock this nice?”

A new sound rang out, indicating we reached another goal. “It’s my turn! Bruno help me unclasp this,” my mom ordered, gesturing to the back of her bra.

I had ready seen her tits but I couldn't believe that I would be now the one to strip her. I obeyed without much thought. I was getting into the show and wanted to keep our fans happy. I stepped up behind her, careful not to impale her on my rock hard dick., and unclasped bra.

The straps loosened but mom kept her hand in front to stop the bra from falling off. “Have a seat Bruno,” she ordered and I immediately listened and sat on the bed. She faced me and turned her back to the camera. She moved her body in slow and sexual movements. She was giving the camera a show, but at the same time, was giving me one too.

Mom gave me a wink and let her bra drop. Released from their cage her tits barely drooped. Perfect orbs topped by bright red, tiny, hard nipples. She stretched her arms out the the side, then brought them in to caress the sides. My dick was throbbing and I wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab her. Mom then used her hands to cover her tits and turned around to the camera. She did a bit more of a dance, drawing out the moment she would drop her hands to reveal her tits to the camera. The tips and comments rolled in.

Mom dropped her hands and bent down to start pulled down her panties. Her pale ass was perfect and round, and to my delight, as her panties came down I was treated to a incredible view of her asshole and pussy. She bent each knee to get her get panties fully off which opened her even more to me. I instinctively grabbed my dick and gave it a slow stroke. All pretense and hesitation was gone. My mother was a woman, and I was a man. It was as simple as that. I was in a trance and all I wanted to do was fuck this heavenly body in front of me. I hadn't forgotten she was my mom. I hadn't forgotten we had an audience staring at my body. It's just that none of that mattered anymore.

Mom looked back to see me gripping my dick, a little surprised. "Looks like Bruno is getting excited. I've got a bull on my hands." She stepped back and sat on the bed with me, our knees touching. I kept my slow stroke on while looking over her gorgeous body. She smiled at me and in a whisper said, "wait for the tips honey. We don't do things for free. We still have a few more goals to get through." She winked at me and turned her attention to the camera. I stopped stroking and just took her in.

My mom spent some time interacting with fans, and periodically showing me off to the camera. She would stroke my arms and chest, but avoided my dick expertly. The people in the chat were going crazy for us. Here I was, sitting next to this goddess, but people still were commenting how sexy I looked as well. They loved my chest and arms. Of course, my cock got a lot of attention too.

We didn't have to wait too long for a new sound to chime. It didn't sound the same as the chime that let us know we had met a goal. My mom read the screen and announced what had been bought. "Oh wow," she said, a little nervously. "You guys are so naughty!" She was in character but I could tell this request was a little different. "Looks like I am getting spanked!" She looked over at me, and I could see a slight apology in her eyes. "You ready to slap this ass, Bruno?"

I stood up from the bed, and to my mother's surprise, I answered, "Bend over and stick out that ass." I tried to muster all my confidence in that one sentence, and felt good about it. Mom's face had a moment of shock that quickly transformed into a wry smile.

"Oh, you are going to punish me hard aren't you."

"We will see. I know you have been a bad girl. And bad girls get spanked."

My mom crawled up on the bed and stuck her ass high in the air. She knew just how to angle herself to allow for both a view of her ass cheeks and let the camera see how her massive tits hung down deliciously. She arched her back and her pussy slit popped into view. My dick ached for her. But I knew that would be crossing an unforgivable line. We were already into some taboo territory, but it's just nudity and spanking for a show. It's not like it means anything.

I repeated this in my head 100 times.

"Give them what they want Bruno. They ordered ten spanks."

I squared up behind my mother. I raised my hand and brought it down on her ass. A light crack of slap sound rang in the air as my mothers ass vibrated under my hand. A slight red mark appeared on her pale, perfect skin.

"Come on Bruno. Harder."

Again I slapped, this time with more force. My mother gave a tiny jump and moaned a little.

"Harder. I've been bad," and she looked back at me to emphasize, "You know I have been bad. Spank me harder."

I slapped her again with more force than I thought would be right. But mom just moaned and hissed in pleasure. Her ass was glaring red.

"More," she begged and waved her ass in my face.

I couldn't believe what a little slut my mom was. I mean I knew what she did for a living. And that she must be good at it because we were never in danger of starving by a long stretch. But the way she enjoyed my slapping her. It felt so dirty. In the back of my mind I knew she was just playing it up for the cam. But maybe not? Maybe she likes this. I pushed myself and gave her an even harder slap.

This time she startled, and her eyes went a bit wide. "Ohh! Mmmmm. That's it baby. Do it again."

I walloped her again, and she arched her back in ecstasy.

"Mmm good boy. Again."

Watching her moan like a whore for my punishments, I got into character too. I grabbed her hips and positioned her ass directly at the camera. "The other cheek now."

I again surprised my mother, and she seemed to love it. She basically purred and shook her ass in anticipation. The tips and comments went wild, especially as I had given them such a nice view of her pussy. I rubbed the virgin ass cheek before I gave it five fast, but ruthless slaps. My mother buried her head in the bed and was breathing hard. Her moans were muffled and it was unclear if it was pleasure or pain she was struggling through.

She lifted her head. Her eyes were watery, but she smiled at me seductively. "Oh, now you've been bad. So good, but so bad." She turned me around and gave one hard slap my ass. My skin burned, but having her do that spontaneously also gave me a huge thrill. She pulled me in close and kissed me deeply but briefly, lost in the moment. She had clear lust in her eyes, while mine I think showed surprise.

"Now we are even," she said, laughing a bit, referring to the slap. She turned to the cam. "Did you enjoy that you masochists?" She came to me and put her arm around my side in a loving hug and put her head on my shoulder. It was an intimate gesture, and I enjoyed the feeling of her still heavy breathing next to me. She put her other arm on my chest and ran her hand absentmindedly around my torso.

"This young buck really abused my ass. We'll be back in five minutes," she said, and clicked a button to go on standby.

She turned to me, still breathing heavily. "So? How do you feel?"

I held nothing back. "Its great mom. I can't believe I am doing it, but I guess I definitely can't say I am shy about my body anymore."

My mom broke out in a huge smile. "That's wonderful sweetheart. That's mostly all I wanted from this. I told you that you had nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sorry I'm not a normal mom. This was the only way I could think to really get you past it."

"Don't apologize. I don't think any amount of talking would have done this much for me. Thank god you aren't a normal mom!"

We shared a laugh and had a glass of water. Mom had me rub her ass with some lotion to ease the burn from my slaps. Kneading into her supple ass definitely kept my dick hard during out break.

"Listen. I can finish out the session if you want to stop," my mom offered.

At that moment my heart sank a bit. Stop? I had assumed we would keep going after the break. "Oh...umm" I stuttered. It made sense. We had done what we came to do, and there was no real reason to keep going. But I didn't want to stop.

"Josh?" my mom said looking at me lovingly.

"I want to keep going. I think this is good for me. And honestly, it's kind of fun. Can I stay on cam with you?"

My mom came close and gave me a big hug. My dick slammed up against us, and I almost came from all the contact.

"Oops," my mom said, backing away, but not all that quickly. "Yes of course. If you think it will keep helping, how can I say no." She smiled at me and got a sudden realization. "Let me just make sure we set some of the goals off. We don't need to encourage them to ask for anymore physical contact between us. Unless..., no lets shut them off. The most intense thing I'll have to leave on is the toys. Just be prepared. If they buy it, you may have to watch your dear old mom take a dildo," she said, winking.

'What the fuck?' should have run through my mind. But my immediate thought was "god I hope so."

"Umm, it's OK. I know it's all part of it."

"And if someone requests a private show, I'll just handle that solo. Those are usually my regulars and I can't piss any of them off. That's a lot of money."

We went back in to her room and started the cam again. For the next twenty minutes or, so we fulfilled peoples requests. I got to watch my mom bend and contort her body in all new ways to satisfy the views and experiences people wished to have. Twice some paid for her to look at her feet, making her take a pose where she lifted both legs so that the camera had a view of her pussy, feet and tits all together. I am not a foot guy, but it was very sexy. I imagined myself sliding into her while holding her legs up in the air.

I even got two requests in. Someone paid to see my asshole, which I obliged. I bent over and my mom surprised me by spreading my ass cheeks. She mimed licking my hairless asshole, but didn't actually get close. Another person asked me to stroke my cock a few times.

At that request I looked to my mom, assuming this would be a bridge too far. She smiled and nodded. "Stroke that cock baby."

I gave the camera what I thought would be a sexy show, stroking my cock a few times, moaning with pleasure and holding my balls. I had gone from feeling shame about my body to needing to on the fly think carefully about how best to make it sexy. After a bit of stroking, I waved my dick to the camera.

"Oh, look at that," my mother cooed. "Bruno is ready to fuck." She gestured to my dick and I noticed that my pre-cum was oozing and making the head of my cock shiny. Mom stayed in character, grabbing my hips and shacking my body so my aching cock waved. "This bull is going to need to cum hard tonight. He's going to fill me up! Look at him drip."

I knew this was a show, but hearing her say this suddenly made me want just that. Badly. Look how far we have come. Why shouldn't we fuck? I was so horny, it only seemed right in my head. It made total sense. But I knew this wouldn't happen. It was a show. My mom had made it clear that she we were going to minimize contact. Fucking was definitely not minimal.

My mom was smiled and enjoying her little game. Then a whole new sound rang out on the computer. My mom's smile turned serious for a brief moment. She looked the screen, and gave a cheer.

"Oh, you're finally here, baby! Sorry everyone. Looks like this show is going private for a while." She said it all with such glee and enthusiasm I smiled as well. I was excited to see what this new part of her work would be. Mom clicked a button and the screen went to a loading phase.

She quickly turned to me, panic in her eyes. "Fuck. We only have a few seconds before the show starts. This is one of my big regulars. Big big. Basically my most important client. He pays huge bucks weekly."

"That's great," I said, oddly excited to meet him as if he was a coworker at a regular office job.

"No, you don't understand. He can, and will, ask for anything. And I have to obey. It's part of what he pays for." A count down had started on the screen. "I am going to just get rid of you at the start of the show in some way, and then we'll talk later. "

Before I could interject, the screen filled up with an image of a shirtless overweight man who was already stroking his engorged cock from outside his sweatpants.

"Hi, darling. I can't wait to spend our special time together," my mom said cheerfully." "I was wondering if you would show up tonight. Let me just get rid of Bruno, and we can get start..."

"I want him to stay," the man said in a way that made it clear it was a demand and not an ask.

"You sure, Steve? You know we already have fun just the two of us? And Bruno is so new to this. I'm not sure he's ready for this kind of show." my mom implored.

I stood there silently, watching my mother try and get this man to let me go. With him in charge, she wouldn't be able to set the pace and control how far things went. She hadn't planned on this at all.

"He stays. You guys make such a hot pair," he said, still stroking himself. "Bruno," he ordered. I snapped to attention, with a mild amount of worry. "Let me see you manhandle Skyler's's tits."

My mom turned to me, and with her face turned away from the camera, mouthed "I'm sorry," to me. The expression she had was one of worry and sadness. My mom was always such a strong woman. I never knew that this could be part of her work too. Her career was built on satisfying the needs of her patrons.

Externally I was terrified. Internally, I was thrilled. I stepped toward my mother and grasped her tits in my hands. They felt incredible. Her skin was soft and her tits molded themselves to my hands as I massaged her. I brushed over her hard nipples, and gave them small flicks and twists with my fingers. On cam, Steve stroked away.

"Mmmm, Bruno," my mom said. She held one hip of mine with one hand and put the other on my shoulder. Her eyes were closed as she seemed to enjoy my touch.

"Good, Bruno. Now give them a good suck," he said, licking his lips.

Holy shit. I bent my head down and my mother's face contorted with worry. "Oh, Bruno. It's not..."

I didn't give her a chance to say anything more. I drew one nipple into my mouth and lightly nibbled at her. I licked and devoured her. Her skin tasted of slight sweat but was sweet at the same time. I massaged and licked her perfect breasts like I had never done before. And technically, I had never done this before. From complete virgin, to cam show porn star. It was incredible. I don't know how far this is going to go, but I didn't want to stop for anything now. In for a penny, in for a pound.

"That's right," Steve moaned. "Mmm Skyler. I wish that was my mouth on your tits." He stroked himself harder now. Mom’s hands held my head as I tongued her body. From Steve’s perspective it would seem like she was fully in the throes of passion. But I could feel her pushing my head slightly away, as if trying to minimize how much her son was being forced to do to her body.

“Bruno, bend Skyler over and spread her cheeks,” Steve demanded.

I pulled away from my mom and saw the look of worry on her face. This was too far for her, but she made no move to stop me as I guided her body down. I made a show of massaging her ass, and spreading her cheeks to reveal her asshole and pussy.

To my surprise, she was soaking wet!

“Look at those juices. She wants you Bruno. Play with her." I reached forward with my hand with no hint of a hesitation that should have been there.

My mom's legs closed shut a bit. "No, Bruno. We can't do that," she said in a soft whimper.

Thinking it was a coy game, Steve laughed and urged me forward. "Oh, man. That's so hot. I've never seen Skyler be so shy." One hand was in his sweatpants now, manipulating his digit. "Go ahead Bruno. But be gentle with our girl," he implored.

"It's OK, naughty girl," I said, trying to play along while also making my mom feel better. "We are going to be OK and just enjoy every moment."

My mom looked back at me and understood. Her eyes still conveyed worry, but her smile let me see that she was accepting our situation.

I reached forward and delicately touched her glistening lips. My mother shuddered in response and opened her legs a bit. She was soaking wet and her pussy lips felt so good. I explored her with my fingers, pulling her lips apart for Steve (and me) to see her and rubbed up and down her slit. My mom buried her head in the bed and opened her legs up even more. She moaned with each touch. I found the tiny ball of her clit and gave it a little touch which made my mom give a big start.

"Oh! Bruno, be careful. I'm sensitive." She was fully in character now as a submissive girl under my hand.

I smiled at her and kept up my exploring, giving periodic touches to her clit. I was entranced by this delicate flower in front of me. If it seemed like I was exploring it for the first time, it's because it was. I felt a bit braver and began to insert my middle finger into her. The sensation that enveloped my finger was hard to describe. It was wet, slippery and gripped and released my finger periodically. My mother continued to moan deeply as I explored deep inside her. I tried two, then three fingers, and noticed that two seemed to be the best for her. I fucked mom with my fingers and enjoyed her raising her ass and seemingly to push herself into my hand.

I noticed that her perfect little asshole was also slightly pulsing, as if begging for attention. I removed my wet fingers from her pussy and tasted her. Her pussy had a slight taste that coated my tongue. I looked down to see my mom watch me lick her off my fingers. "Oh Bruno, you're so naughty, she said. I smiled back at her. 'Oh, she had no idea.' I placed my thumb over her pucker, spreading her own juices and my saliva onto her. My mother yelped with pleasure as I massaged her opening.

After a bit of this, I guess my mom couldn't take it anymore. "Oh fuck it," I heard her say as she turned to her back and faced me. Her face no longer showed any worry or concern. Her breath was heavy and her pale skin was mottled red with arousal. She grabbed my soaking wet hand and raised it to her lips. As she looked me in the eye, she cleaned off our juices from my fingers, then guided my hand back down to her pussy. I needed no more direction and shoved my two fingers back into her. As I fucked her, she arched her back and moaned deeply.

Next she grabbed my neck and surprised me by bringing herself up to kiss me. Here I was, fingering my mom after sucking her tits, and for some reason, this was the biggest turn on for me. I felt her tongue snake into my mouth. The taste of her own pussy had lingered on my tongue and was an intoxicating sharp and sweet at the same time. I drank from her deeply as I shoved my fingers in and out of her.

I could hear Steve's heavy breathing through the computer and knew he was getting his money's worth.

My mom then, in a passion, moved her body away from mine and dropped to her knees. I knew exactly what was coming. She looked me in the eye and brought her face within an inch of my dick. Her green eyes blazed passion, and she dragged her hands and nails down my chest and stomach. Finally, she brought her hand down to grab the shaft of my dick and gave it a few starting strokes.

It took everything I had not to cum right in her face. "Oh fuck," I groaned, which made mom smile a mischievous smile.

She turned to Steve, who was taking his own dick out of his sweatpants, obviously more than satisfied with the direction we had taken the show. "Where do you want it Steve. Down my throat or on my tits. He won't last long with me." Mom was back in control. I could tell she loved being the one to decide things.

"I haven't decided yet. Bruno. Be a good bull and tell me when you are going to cum."

I didn't like being left out. A second ago I had my mom's pussy literally in the palm of my hand. I tried to fake some confidence. "You'll be waiting awhile," I tried to say. But before I could finish the sentence, my mom gripped the base of the shaft in a vice grip, stuck out her long tongue and snaked it from the base to the tip of my dick. I was speechless. When she got to my tip, she took special efforts to lick around my glans, then took my whole cock fully into her mouth and bobbed her head hard.

Electricity shot through my body and one knee buckled for a second before I caught myself to stay upright. I bent both knees and had to use one hand to steady myself on the back of the chair behind me. My mom expertly sucked my dick, using one had to also continuously stroke my dick. She periodically looked up at me with her big green eyes.

With a pop she let me dick go, giving me a break from what was the best feeling I had ever had in my life. "Bruno, I love your cock so much. I could suck this all day."

"Don't stop," I begged her. I needed that feeling to continue.

She smiled and closed her eyes, this time more slowly savoring my cock in her mouth, and gave little moans of pleasure. I wouldn't last much longer. I felt the pressure rise in me, and I was about to let Steve know, as he requested, but he spoke first. "Let me see you 69," he ordered.

Past the point of hesitancy on either of our parts, we obeyed Steve's command. I was thankful for the break, hoping it would help me last longer. Mom took my hand and had me lay down on the large bed, giving Steve a sideways view. I looked at our image reflected in the screen and impressed myself with how huge my dick looked, sticking up at a slight angle. Mom climbed on top and backed her ass into me. Watching her pussy slide up to my face made me salivate, as if I was being served the most delicious meal on the planet. If her pussy tasted as good as it did straight from the source as it had from my fingers, I was in for a treat.

I held mom's ass to spread her a little and took some tentative licks. I felt mom jerk and moan in pleasure. To my delight, she did taste just as good. I let my tongue fully explore her pussy, taking long laps with a broad tongue. I let my tongue enter her and enjoyed the softer skin inside. On her end, mom resumed sucking my cock, only pausing when something I did made her moan and focus on the pleasure.

My face became soaked with her juices as I ate her out. I couldn't believe how much I loved to eat pussy. I focused on sucking her clit when I noticed it gave her so much pleasure that she had to stop sucking altogether. Mom bucked her ass in my face and squeezed her thighs in pleasure. I kept up the pressure and mom's moans became louder and louder. At one point she squeezed her thighs so tight I thought I might suffocate in the best way possible. Mom surprised me by suddenly squeezing so intensely tight, I almost couldn't keep up my pressure on her clit. She had released my dick and was moaning loud. I realized a bit late that she was in the throes of orgasm and her pussy was even more soaked.

Mom seemed to regain her composure and now it was her turn to cause me to pause. She attacked my cock, using two hands to keep jerking me as she sucked. I leaned my head back, feeling the pressure again and a total body warmth that was heavenly. I gripped her hips tight and lost myself in the feeling. I couldn't help but bring my own hips up and inadvertently fuck her face. My reverie was interrupted by Steve.

"Mmmm, I like that. Get up and fuck Skyler's face for me. I want you to unload in her mouth. Swallow every drop Skyler baby."

There was nothing in me that wanted to stop, but my mom released my cock from her mouth and moved off of me and to resume her position on her knees. It was still so shocking to see her so obedient. "Come here, baby. It's ok. Fuck my mouth. I want you to cum," she said. Not that Steve would know, but the way she was speaking to me was as a loving mother. She wanted me to get off and feel good. I loved her so much in that moment.

I got up and brought my cock to her face, expecting her to suck it again. But mom just opened her mouth wide for me and looked up to me expectantly. I slowly brought my cock to her mouth, waiting for her to suck it. She gave a smile, took my hand and placed it on the back of her head and helped me realize what I was to do. I grabbed her head and pushed it toward my cock. Her mouth enveloped me and she bobbed her head. A few more pushes from her hand guiding mine to her head and I understood. Her job was to be a prop and for me to use her as I wished. I started off slow, but picked up rhythm. It felt so good to control the pace of her sucking. I soon discovered how intense it felt to force her head down all the way to take in my full length. Mom was a champ and took it all in. I fucked her face hard until I felt the tension again.

"I'm going to cum," I warned, and began rapidly using her head to get off. Unable to hold back any longer I shot what felt like everything I had in me down my mother's waiting throat. Mom closed her eyes and held my hips to regain some control as I loaded her up. I closed my eyes as I burst into her and waves of pleasure surged through me. I swear I saw sparks as mom took in my load. Just like the night with Candy, but more intense, waves of pleasure passed through me until I felt spent and exhausted.

I released my hold on mom's head, and she licked me clean, seeming to savor the job. I vaguely was aware of some noises before realizing it was Steve who was cumming from the site of us. He closed his laptop, leaving me stunned that he could leave without saying anything. He used us to get off and then was done I guess.

Mom got up, ended her cam show, then took my hand to lead me to the bed. We laid down, and she made content sounds of pleasure, curled up against me. We slept there in her bed like that; messy and nude.


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Sure hope there is part 4 and more. Great story

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