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I guess that is a more common fantasy than I ever realized for men to envision their wives being fucked by other men, particularly old friends of the husband. I had often fantasized about such an encounter with my wife, Cindy; however, whenever I brought up the matter of a threesome and bringing another man into our sexual adventures, my wife was firmly against it.

This was rather curious since we were hardly prudes. We had an ongoing swapping relationship with another couple for quite some time. In that case, however, it was a matter of each of the couples switching spouses and then retiring to separate bedrooms for a wild session of fucking and sucking. Consequently, I did not have the opportunity to actually watch the two of them in action.

Even the concept of a threesome was not unfamiliar. However, that was a threesome with another woman. We had a long, steamy weekend with her older sister during her visit to our home. Well, that latter session is altogether another story in itself.

Regardless, for whatever reason, Cindy was certainly not inclined to have a threesome with another man. In spite of her rejection, I was not going to be deterred. I decided that our old friend Steve would be the participant for my goal of watching another man fucking my wife. Steve and I met in the army and had been friends for years. Actually, we had socialized on many occasions and he had been a frequent visitor to our house over the years.

Steve was somewhat of a ladies man with a well earned reputation around town for his many conquests. Initiating my plan, I approached him on the matter of a threesome and he was initially somewhat hesitant.

“Are you really sure that you want me to fuck Cindy?” he asked incredulously.

“This is something I’ve fantasized about for years,” I said, “and you, old buddy, are going to help me fulfill my dream.” Once he felt reassured by my admission, Steve was enthused at the prospect of fucking my attractive wife. He understood that we’d have to create just the appropriate circumstances to get her in the right mood.

We finalized the arrangement for the following Saturday night. I explained that it would certainly be an experimental effort the first time, since Cindy was so reluctant. I knew the only possible way that I would be successful would be to ensure that Cindy was sufficiently inebriated. Whenever she was drunk, she became increasingly amorous and that just might provide the opportunity for my fantasy.

Steve arrived at our house late in the afternoon that next Saturday. Cindy welcomed him and teased him about not having a date. “What’s the matter, Steve, losing your touch?” she giggled. He chuckled and said that he certainly preferred sharing her with me. Cindy laughed, not realizing that was indeed my goal for the evening’s activities.

Steve and I grilled steaks for the meal and had a few drinks while Cindy prepared the rest of the meal. “Do you think your plan will work?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to try and grease the skids with plenty of alcohol.”

The atmosphere was light and easy throughout supper and later when we lounged around the living room with after-dinner drinks. I had prepared several cocktails for Cindy while she worked in the kitchen and then throughout the meal the liquor was carefully dispensed. I surreptitiously reduced the amount that I gave Steve and myself, while Cindy’s almost imperceptivity increased.

We were all sitting on the couch in the living room and Steve and I held a spirited conversation on the upcoming ACC football season. As an UNC grad, I stoutly promoted the Tarheels. Steve had attended Clemson and just as resolutely supported his Tigers. Cindy listened and occasionally would offer a remark or ask a question; however, with the passage of time, it was quite apparent that she was feeling no pain.

Perhaps this would be a good time to identify the three participants. As I said, Steve had worked for me in the army at Ft. Bragg and had settled in Chapel Hill after he was separated from the service. He was of average height; about 5 foot 9, but stocky and powerfully built.

My attractive wife, Cindy, was a nursing supervisor at the hospital, five foot five and a trim 125 pounds, hazel eyes, and shoulder length light brown hair. Although certainly not buxom, her breasts were suitably proportioned for her slender figure and she had a particularly nice ass. At that point in my life, I was in pretty good shape for an 35 year old guy, six foot tall and a solid 175 pounds.

Cindy sat between us, sipping her drink as Steve and I continued talking. As I checked her condition, I realized that she had almost reached the point of inebriation that I was hoping to achieve. Her eye lids were heavy and would close them for longer periods of time before opening again. I knew that I needed to act quickly before she passed out. I discreetly slid my hand under her skirt and started rubbing her pussy lips through her panties. She smiled drunkenly and then spread her legs slightly, giving me better access.

Steve was surreptitiously watching my actions and I could see that he was fidgeting and squirming in his seat I was quite sure that his dick was either getting hard or was hard already. I subtly shook my head, indicating that the time was getting close for some action, but was not yet quite desirable. He seemed to relax somewhat as he struggled to force his eagerness to diminish.

I slipped my fingers under the elastic of Cindy’s panties and spread her pussy lips gradually working my finger tips slowly and gently inside. Meanwhile, she smiled as she more rapidly sipped at her cocktail. She quickly finished her drink and murmured, “I think ill fix another one.” Having made the announcement, she loudly whispered in my ear, “Get Steve out of here so we can fuck.” Giggling, she drunkenly weaved toward the kitchen.

Steve intently looked at her. “Mmmmm,” he whispered approvingly, “I can hardly wait to fuck her! Is it time to make our move?”

I quietly responded, “I think so, but let’s just see what the next few minutes will bring.”

“Are you really all right with this, man?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, this is exactly what I want to do.” After a few minutes, Cindy returned and slipped back between us. She was really quite drunk now and I realized that she had slipped her panties off while she was in the kitchen. Thus unfettered, I was easily able to slide my hand back between her spread legs and resumed caressing her extremely wet pussy.

I began to gently slide my middle finger into her and then almost immediately added a second. As I began to finger fuck her, thrusting a little harder she spread her legs further apart and lay her head on the back of the couch. I had an easy time as her juices were freely flowing by this point. She once again drunkenly leaned over and muttered in my ear “Steve’s still here … Why is he still here? I want to fuck and I want to fuck right now! Why he is still here?”

“Well,” I responded, “maybe he’d just like to watch us fuck.”

She had a somewhat befuddled expression on her face as she struggled to process my answer. “Watch us fuck?” She murmured, “Watch us fuck?”

I resumed my manipulation as I spread her pussy lips even further apart, sliding a third finger inside as I massaged her clitoris with my thumb. She responded with a soft moan. Abruptly she turned her head and passionately began to kiss me. Her hand immediately went to my crotch and squeezed my dick through the fabric of my khakis. At the same time, I continued to firmly pump her pussy with my fingers. By now her miniskirt was scrunched up around her waist and she had spread her legs open so far that one of her thighs was draped over my leg and her other thigh over Steve’s.

Steve evidently decided that this was an appropriate time to get involved in the action and gently placed his hand on her inner thigh. Cindy’s body seemed to briefly tense in shock at being touched by someone else, but I felt an eager shudder run through her body as she kissed me more intently.

Steve continued softly caressing her, running his hand over her thigh and down to her ankle. She was undoubtedly excited by the hands that were eagerly working on her body. I had pushed her hand away briefly while I unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped my khakis. She quickly reached into my pants and firmly grasped my cock. After a few moments I stopped my caressing again and pushed down my pants and boxers exposing my fully hardened shaft. She stopped kissing me and dazedly stared at my dick. She began masturbating me slowly pumping her fist up and down on my shaft. Gradually her tempo increased as she determinedly and tightly gripped my dick.

Steve was becoming bolder. He had opened Cindy’s blouse and reached behind her to unsnap her bra. In her excitement Cindy was cooperating, easing her body forward to assist him in releasing her breast free from the confining bra.

Steve began by gently caressing her hardened nipple. Cindy seemed further excited by what was happening as he leaned in and began suckling at her breast. Moments later he let loose his own belt opened his pants and freed his own rigid cock.

Cindy exhaled loudly and turned to look at him. Her eyes were glazed full of drunken lust, but she still seemed bewildered and uncertain of exactly what to do. Her hand persisted in working my dick but the motion had slowed and she seemed confused and perplexed with what was happening to her.

As I watched she hesitantly placed her free hand on Steve’s dick and wrapped her fingers around it. She hesitated briefly and then started slowly masturbating him.

“Good,” I thought to myself. “Maybe I’m going to see Steve fucking her yet. Gotta be careful and not push her too hard or too fast.”

Her motion was unhurried and light at first, but then became increasingly faster and more determined. Cindy’s hand on my dick sped up, as well and she now seemed to enjoy the fact that she had a firm cock in each hand.

As I looked in her eyes I realized that I had achieved my goal. Although she was obviously drunk, I knew that it was only a matter of time before we would both be fucking her. I softly whispered, “I think that it might be better if we all got rid of these clothes.” Cindy seemed unwilling to release our dicks, but she did so as we helped her out of her clothing. We then hurriedly shed our own remaining clothes and Steve sat down on the couch with her. He grabbed Cindy’s hand and rewrapped it around his cock.

I didn’t immediately join them on the couch, since I was going to increase the intensity of our sexual adventure. I dropped to my knees in front of her and, even in her inebriated state, Cindy knew immediately what my intentions were. Her free hand went to the back of my head as she unsteadily guided me to her pussy. I was pleased to see that she was seeping her juices and that a thin stream was actually trickling between her lips. “Hmmm,” I murmured delightedly as I started by gently sucking on her clitoris. At the same time I intently watched how Steve was progressing.

Cindy had closed her eyes in pleasure and her mouth had opened as her breathing became louder and more ragged. I continued to leisurely lick on her clitoris and waited until Steve’s lips and tongue had started to work on her breast before I plunged back between her pussy lips.

The powerful feeling of her clitoris and nipple being sucked on at the same time caused her to arch her back in obvious sensual pleasure. Steve was intently caressing her tits as she firmly and eagerly stroked his cock. I smiled to myself as I spread her pussy lips and determinedly thrust my tongue inside her. After a few moments I resumed sucking her clitoris and begin to gently finger fuck her again I soon had three fingers stretching her pussy lips, preparing her for the fucking that I was planning.

However, Cindy suddenly pushed me back. “Don’t! Don’t!” she drunkenly moaned. “I don’t wanna cum yet. Can’t cum yet. Don’t wanna cum yet.” Damn I was aggravated by the slow progress of getting her fucked by Steve.

I thought for a moment and decided to take a different approach. I rose off the floor and slid back alongside her on the couch, grasping her hand and wrapping it around my cock once again. Her eyes opened and she resumed stroking my shaft and began passionately kissing me.

In moments I was groaning in pleasure while struggling to hold back my own nearing orgasm. “Calm down, boy,” I thought, “can’t get too carried away this soon.”

I watched as Cindy continued to firmly stroke Steve’s dick. In spite of the booze and everything that had happened so far, I still wasn’t certain if I had excited Cindy to the point that she’d want to fuck our friend.

I had warned Steve that there was no guarantee that I’d get Cindy to fuck him, but he was certainly enjoying Cindy’s hand job, regardless. I guess that he had assumed that he probably wasn’t going to get anything more tonight, so why not thoroughly enjoy this experience.

Then the situation changed radically and toward my goal in a most spectacular manner. Cindy quizzically looked at me and then stared at Steve’s dick. She stopped her jacking of my dick and seemed to hesitate as she tried to process something in her alcohol befuddled mind. “What’s the matter,” I whispered.

“I think I wanna to suck Steve’s cock,” she murmured in her slurred speaking voice.

“Whoa!” I thought as my dick hardened even more. “Things are working out perfectly.” This was exactly what I wanted to see. I wanted to watch my wife sucking on my friend’s cock and having her mouth filled with his semen.

“Is that okay with you?” she quietly murmured.

“Absolutely,” I quickly responded. “Go suck his cock. Suck him off.” Amazed by this sudden change in the direction of the evening, Steve eased back on the couch as he spread his legs slightly apart in order to give Cindy better access to his stiff cock.

“I can’t give her time to think about this,” I thought. “She might still change her mind.” I gently encouraged her as I slid my hand behind her neck and softly pushed her head downward toward his rigid shaft. She leaned her body over slightly so that her face hovered directly over his cock, not more than four or five inches from its head.

“Damn,” I thought as she hesitated again. She was too befuddled by the liquor and still not quite sure if she wanted to go through with it. This time Steve took over putting his hand on the back of her head and tenderly pulled her face towards him. She was so close to fulfilling my desire that I knew that I had to do something to push her over the edge.

I slipped off the couch and onto my knees a second time, spread her thighs, and returned to caressing her pussy, sucking on her clitoris and avidly licking her slash. By now her juices were in full flow and my lips and face were soon covered Cindy was moaning in pleasure, but hadn’t moved and was still staring at Steve’s cock.

Slowly, she bent forward, ever closer to his throbbing shaft. Her body began to writhe in pleasure, whimpering and moaning as my efforts had obviously thoroughly excited her. I realized that she was ready. “Go ahead, Cindy,” I whispered “suck his cock.”

I slowly eased back on my haunches and watched the closing stages of my fantasy. I worried somewhat when she seemed to hesitate again, but then she finally lowered her head and took his dick into her mouth. She started slowly as she wrapped her hand tightly around the shaft and encircled his fat cockhead with her lips.

“Damn!” I murmured. I watched in frustration as she just held the tip of Steve’s cock in her mouth for several more moments, not moving at all. Then she slowly slid her mouth down the shaft a short distance and then pulled back a little. Then she repeated the action again, taking a little bit more.

She stopped briefly and opened her mouth and licked the head and sides of the shaft for several moments. She then finally enthusiastically sucked his cockhead back in and began avidly sucking while firmly jacking on the base of his rigid shaft.

I decided to resume sucking on her clitoris while I watched her exercising her considerable cocksucking skills on Steve. As I gripped her hips I felt her body tremble and quiver with pent up sexual energy. I knew that Cindy was rapidly approaching her climax and would soon burst in a massive orgasm.

By now she was bobbing her head up and down in a frenzied fucking of Steve’s cock with her mouth. Briefly stopping my ministrations I softly encouraged her. “Suck him off, Cindy. Let him fill your mouth with his warm, milky cum.” She was approaching an unquestionable frenzy now as she sucked his cock while fresh juices were absolutely streaming from her pussy.

Cindy’s moans were muffled by Steve’s thick dick firmly filling her mouth as her head was frenetically moving up and down up and down. Her moans were further exciting me, as well, as I watched her lips expertly work on Steve’s cock. “Suck him off, Cindy.” I whispered “You want to feel his sperm spurting into your mouth. You want to swallow all of his warm semen.”

Just at that moment she reached her first orgasm, moaning loudly around her cock-filled lips. Steve had reached such a state of stimulation that he suddenly started to face fuck her. He firmly grabbed the sides of her head, grasping her thick hair as he fucked her mouth. He obviously realized that he was quickly approaching his climax.

“Aaaahhhh! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! I’m going to cum!” he groaned. I could see the muscles of his asscheeks tighten as his hips lifted up and off the couch. He moaned and started cumming, obviously flooding her mouth as she eagerly swallowed his entire load. “Suck it, Cindy! Suck it!,” he shouted.

By now Cindy was in an uncontrollable frenzied state. Once she had drained him she shrieked “Hank! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she slipped to the floor, wriggled around and got on all fours.

I was soon in position behind her and my dick was hard and throbbing as I easily slipped in her sodden pussy. She squealed in delight as I penetrated her. I started with a steady rhythm at first then gradually increased in both momentum and intensity as I kept pounding away, pumping deep in my wife’s pussy.

By now Cindy was incessantly moaning her eyes closed in sheer ecstasy. Steve sat on the couch gleefully watching as my frenzied fucking caused Cindy to experience yet another orgasm. Observing the exciting scene before him had amazingly revived his sagging cock and soon he was stroking it, endeavoring to restore its harness. Moments later I reached my own orgasm and I squirted my milky load inside her, flooding her already soggy pussy accompanied by Cindy’s wails of pleasure. What seemed to be a steady series of orgasms coursed through her body.

“I want to fuck Steve” she squealed. “I want to fuck him! Steve, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Cindy was completely out of control, her eyes blazing in uncontrolled lust. She scrambled to her feet as I pulled out and swung one leg across Steve’s lap as he sat on the couch, straddling his hips. On her knees, she steadied herself on the back of the couch and firmly gripped his cock. She anxiously rubbed his cockhead back and forth along her pussy lips and then eased the head inside, still struggling to steady herself.

Even though he’d just climaxed moments before, Steve’s dick was now hard enough and easily slipped in her sodden pussy. They both gasped in delight as she slid down his shaft, fully impaling herself. “Oh man,” I thought to myself, “this is working better than I ever imagined!”

Steve was excitedly driving his hips upward determined to fuck my sex-obsessed wife. The full length of his cock soon disappeared until only his balls were visible. I sat on the floor watching the furious action. I was anxious, too - eager to see my wife being fucked and another man’s cock flooding her pussy with his cum.

Soon the two of them were fucking in a frantic rhythm as Cindy screamed in overpowering sensual delight. By now, her body was constantly writhing as she moaned and her quivering pussy was thrusting up and down on his stiff dick. Moments later she began to rotate her hips as Steve continued to drive his cock into her pussy.

Crouched on the floor in front of the couch, I had a great view of the lewd action. I watched excitedly as Steve’s fat cock, glistening with Cindy’s juices, stretched her pussy lips as her slash repeatedly swallowed the full length of his shaft. Even though his earlier climax had obviously slowed his ejaculation, Steve soon was approaching a second orgasm.

Cindy straightened her body, steadying herself on the back of the couch and enthusiastically rocked her hips working his thrusting dick in and out of her pussy. I watched, savoring the sight of my friend’s frenzied fucking of my over-sexed spouse.

Cindy’s head was flung back as she shrieked in uncontrolled sexual delight. “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! I’m cummmmiiinnngg!” she howled, “Oh, fuck me! Steve, I want all of your cock!” Steve responded by ramming home his rock hard dick deep within her body, groaning in unrestrained pleasure as he pumped my wife’s pussy. Cindy’s eyes were tightly closed as she reveled in the sheer ecstasy of the moment. She was shrieking in overpowering excitement as yet another orgasm coursed through her trembling body.

Steve groaned as he began cumming in concert with her, squirting his creamy load inside her, flooding her already soggy pussy. “Oh fuck, Cindy! Oh, fuck!” he moaned, unloading his cum. “Ohhhh, fuck! Ohhh, shit! Hank, she’s sucking me with her pussy! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

I scrambled off the floor and stood beside the couch, my now rigid dick at just about the level of my wife’s mouth and my hand resting on the back of the couch behind her head. Opening her eyes she moaned, “I want your cock!” Cindy gazed down to Steve’s shaft continuing to fuck her, then turned her head and looked closely at my cock quivering in front of her face.

My dick was throbbing and pulsing as I grabbed Cindy’s face and guided her mouth over my swollen shaft. She responded by greedily sucking it in. “Suck my cock, Cindy! I want you to suck me dry, you cocksucking bitch! You like having two dicks in you at the same time, don’t you?” I shouted. “You like Steve fucking you while you suck my cock, don’t you!”

She briefly moaned a response “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck!” and resumed sucking my cock. Within moments I was receiving a complete mouth-fucking. Cindy suddenly stopped sucking and squealed, “Oooohhhhh! Shoot, Hank! I want you to cum in my mouth!”

Steve had gripped her waist with both hands and was fucking her by driving her body up and down on his still rigid cock. What a wicked sight it must have been! Moments later I reached my climax, groaned and started cumming in her mouth “aaaahhhh! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” I moaned as I squirted my sticky cum past her sucking lips.

Cindy briefly gagged on my dick and the spurting cum that flooded her mouth but she rapidly recovered and swallowed the whole load, squealing in licentious delight. Exhausted, I flopped back to the floor fatigued by my efforts.

The three of just sat there recovering from the massive exertion as the sexual tension eased. Cindy had apparently sobered up from the liquor, but now was now consumed by a totally different and powerful intoxication. Her eyes were on fire with unquenchable sexual desire.

Steve unsteadily rose to his feet, as if to leave. “Where are you going?” Cindy howled. “You’ve got to fuck me again! You both must fuck me again!” she shrieked. Steve looked at my wife in amazement and then sat back down.

Almost immediately, Cindy started to forcefully stroke his flaccid cock. Cindy’s efforts increased in intensity as she purposefully jerked “Get hard! Get hard!” she screamed in demand. “Steve, I want you to fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Amazingly, after several moments Steve cock began to revive. I didn’t know about his condition, but my nuts were aching. He lay back on the couch and pulled her on top of his body as her thighs easily straddled his hips.

She reached down between her legs and gripping his rising cock, directed it back into her saturated slash. She purposefully eased down the full length of his shaft and then started bucking up and down, obviously seeking an ever more intense orgasm and wanting to prolong the sensual experience as long as possible.

Steve may have been approaching exhaustion from his earlier orgasms, but started vigorously pumping and fucking her as her pelvis frenetically thrust back against his battering cock. Cindy was constantly moaning as her eyes once again closed in sheer ecstasy. I was jacking away on my dick endeavoring to restore it to hardness as I watched the electrifying scene unfolding.

Cindy turned her head toward me. “I want you and Steve to fuck me at the same time! I want to be filled up like I never have been before! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! I need to feel your cock in my ass.” I’d seen Cindy sexually driven before, but never in such a wicked state. She normally didn’t like to be fucked in the ass, yet now she was demanding it.

Not wishing to miss this tempting opportunity, I moved around in front of her and shoved my cock toward her mouth. “Suck it, Cindy!” I demanded. “Get it wet for me!” she quickly responded by greedily sucking my cock while Steve continued to thrust his cock in and out of her sodden pussy. Moments later I was satisfied that I was sufficiently lubricated and scrambled behind her on the couch, pushed her forward onto Steve’s chest, and pressed my throbbing cock against her anus. She briefly paused her fucking motion with Steve as I began to ease my shaft into her rectum. “Nnnngggghhhh,” she groaned.

Moments later she began with a gentle rocking that ultimately allowed me to sink my cock all the way in. I was now buried balls-deep in my wife’s ass as she moaned in delight. She let out a satisfied “ohhhhhhh” and then resumed fucking Steve, soon increasing the intensity of her actions. I just momentarily held my cock in deep, taking full pleasure in the sensation that my penetration provided.

I could feel Steve penetrating her through the thin membrane separating us. “Man,” I thought, “this is better than I ever imagined!” Even after all that had happened to slow me down, I was so turned on by this encounter and my sex-crazed wife that I realized that I was going to experience another orgasm.

Cindy now found herself sandwiched between the two of us. I was rapidly thrusting forward as I fucked her ass while Steve thrust upward pounding her pussy. She increased her moaning as she responded, moving rhythmically between the two of us.

Cindy continued to pick up the speed and intensity of her fucking, totally lost in this experience. She was chanting a cadenced “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Then shouted, “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” as she reached another orgasm. I felt her rectum tensing around my cock. Steve started grunting and I could feel him thrusting up hard into my wife’s pussy. “Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” he moaned, amazed at his stamina as began flooding her pussy once more even after two powerful orgasms.

Cindy turned her face back toward me, her eyes filled with lust. “Come in my ass!” she wailed. “I want to feel you shoot in my ass while Steve fills my pussy!” I had incredibly reached the point of my own third climax as well and I thrust as deep as I could. “Aaaahhhh! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” I groaned, blasting my load deep into her ass. The room was filled with the screams of uninhibited sexual pleasure as the three of us reached yet another lustful plateau.

Moments later I slowly pulled my shrinking cock out and sat on the couch to recover. Cindy, her hair disheveled, dismounted from Steve and collapsed next to me. She kissed me and then snuggled against my chest as she drifted off into an exhausted sleep. Steve got up as a satisfied smile traced across his face. “Well, Hank,” he said, “Your plan was a complete success.”

“Oh yeah,” I whispered, “better than I ever imagined!” He scooped up his clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. I must have briefly fallen asleep, as well, because when I woke some time later Steve had left. I helped the thoroughly exhausted Cindy to her feet and led her to bed.

Hours later, as dawn began to creep across the bedroom, I became aware that Cindy had grasped my cock in her hand and began to gently stroke the shaft. After several moments I had achieved full erection and asked if she enjoyed last night’s activities “Oh, very much!” she enthusiastically responded.

“What do you think? Would you be interested in having more adventures with Steve in the future?”

She softly murmured an “Oh, yes,” as her lips once again closed around my swollen shaft.

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